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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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clip. g notice, we'ten a lot of scattered areas of rain now. it's not rain everywhere. thevi ht of the rain we saw earlier today is now out of here, and this is actually thec edge of what will be most of the rain. we've got another little area back to the west. th is t actual front that's going to come through and give aus chan us a chance for more showers. watch here, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 now right up towards the philadelphia area, a line ofvy very hain in that region. but we're starting to see the s backside we'll start drying out this evening. that's good, and then the cold air moves in tomorrow. we've got a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow night into early sundaor morning everybody along and east of i-95 including d.c., arlington county, all of southern maryland, part, of the northern neck. a very cold one tomorrow, very cold tomorrow night and even colder next week. the ten-day forecast, the cold ten-day for iast coming upn minutes. here we go. we'll see you in a bit. thank you. baking right now at 5:00, an absolute traffic nightmare
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here atat reagannal airport because of metro closures. reporter adaation tuss tells us the gridlock could last for hours through the night. metro is closing the reagan national airport and crystal city stations along the blue and yellow lin from today through monday. crews are going to be doing stre k work, and taking a look at the first 4 traffic map, vehicles are backed up well on to the gwy. park extra shuttle buses are running into that area. news 4's jackie bensen is on the way to the airport right now, and you'll see her live report as soon as she's able to get there. now we have a astwist. iteen more than a year after a suspected case of er muuicide in fairfax county, but tonight a woman is in custody. she's o accused killing her mother, killing her sister, and th staging the crime scene so it looked like a murder-suicide. our northern virginia bureau areporter david culver g update from police, and he joins
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us in fairfaxounty with the details on this. >> reporter: a bizarre one here. we know that police trackedth dn suspect into west virginia about three and a half hours from where we are, and right now at this late hour, detectives from fairfax county are in west virginia. it's there they're questioning the alleged killer. >> the july 2017 deaths of pamela hargan and her 23-year-old daughter helen shocked the quiet mclean community. >> i cannot believe it. it's just unreal to me. >> reporter: inside the home detectives found pamela dead in the laundry rs her daughter helen eling lifeless alongside a gun. tonight policeng us that they quickly realized someone else was involved. >> dectives determined early in the investigation that the scene was staged and made to appear to be a murder-suicide. >> reporter:ga invesrs began checking pamela's bank account
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and noticed suspicious ckly turneds that q their attention to pamela's older daughter, megan, hen's sister. >> megan harlan attempted fraudulent money transfers from her mother's account on the day of the murders as well as the befo >> reporter: according to search warrants, money appeared to be the motive. on thursday a multijurisdictional grand jury indicted megan hargan chargeing her for the murders of her ownt moer and sister. fairfax county police had units in west virginia to make the arrest. >> we were prepared and ready go once word came down of the indictment. >> reporter: tonighthose detectives questioning a 35-year-old suspect working to extradite her back to fairfax county. and police tell me here that they areorking early next week to try toga extradite megan h back here to fairfax county. it's there eventually she'll got through the c system in our area and face those two counts of first degree murder. >> what today.development david culver, thank you. nty teacher n c
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under arrest accused of having a relationship with a student. kierly winters taught at parkview high school in sterling. the 32-year-old allegedly had a three-month sexual relationship with a juvenile student th winters is charged with indecent liberties by a cu bodian. she'seen held at the loudoun county adult detention center. checking in with those deadly california -- that deadly california bar shooting.or investigats in thousand oaks are desperately searching for a motive or any red flags in the shooter's past, but new tonight, president trump weighing in. erika gonzalez is following the new developments. she's at our live >> reporter: president trump now blaming mental illness for this latest mass shooting. on wednesday night 28-year-old marine corps veteran ian david long walked into the borderline bar and grill and unleashed a hail of bullets into the crowd. when it was over 13 people were dead including the gunman.
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law enforcement says long posted a message on social media during the time of the shooting saying th he was bored but sane and that he believed his mental state would beebated for years. speaking to reporters today, president trump said long, who served a tour in afghanistan, was never the same when he came back. >> it's a mental health probm. he is very sick puppy. it was a very, very sick guy, not too many people knew about it, but now that they're starting to see he had a will the of problems, a lot of trouble. >> reporter: the president went ondm to say hisistration is looking into laws and funding for mental health. investigators, meanwhile, have not commented on a motive for whether mental illness played a role. jim. >> thank you. to the victims now, tonight we're learning of a tragic connection between t las vegas massacre a year ago and what happened yesterday at the borderline bar. a man who survived the root 91
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shooting was killed this week in california. nbc's hedi chang spoke to his heartbroken father. >> outside theborderline, a line of flowers. what was once a place of solace for so my survivors of the route 91 las vegas massacre, now ved the where many re same horrific chaos. 27-year-old te lem kas or fa knows survived the las vegas shooting but not the one in his own hometown. >> how ironic, my son is a survivor of las vegas and was a bit of a gun enthusiast should be killed this way. >> the irony. the shoer a former marine. >> i'm not going to vilify this kid. he's got parents that are -- he's got parents that are o, grieving, and i feel sorry for them as well. >> the irony also hitting close to home for the family of daniel
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manrique, also a marine veteran. his sister telling us the 33-year-old was a radio tech. manrique just b transitionek to civilian life and dedicated his life toelping other veterans get back on their feet. manrique's family said he would have been devastated to know h could np everyone, including the fellow marine who took his life. >> s one of 12 people who lost their lives. you can learn about all the victims on the nbc washington app. st> fresh off her win in virginia's 10th ct, jennifer wexton talked about the shooting today in an interview with msnbc saying the commonwealth is a destination forriminals to buy and distribute guns, and that gun laws need to change at all levels of government. >> you know, this is one of those things that caused me to run for office in the first place when virginia repealed
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their one handgun a month law, and now virginia's a destination for criminals to buy their handguns in bulk andistribute them throughout the country. if we get strong laws at the federal lel, that will help the entire nation. >> wexton joins congress in january. he s she will be the first democrat to representrginia's 10th district in nearly 40 years. members of a baptist church believe their ancestors' remains beied underneath a parking lot. the church's fight to save the sacred ground just earned a powerful ally today, the battle is over a plot here in bethesda. new at 5:00 tonight, our chris gordon explains why there is newfound hope for those fighting to save the african-american metery. newly elected executive mark elliott as he walked into this meeting on wednesday. for two years members of the macedonia baptist church have been fighting to save the afycan-american cemeter they say lies beneath this parking lot in bethesda near their
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church on river road. elthey want to stop devment here and reclaim the cemetery with a memorial and museum honoring their ceors. elridge says he believes a excellen comprehensive study can end this dispute. >> in my mind theextent of the study is whatever it takes to definitively answer the question, are their bodies under there or not and what'sofhe stathe cemetery. that seems to be pretty straightforward. >> the church committee leading e fight says it has a study. >> there is no doubt that moses cemetery exists. we have an archaeological report. have eyewitnesses, oral history, so we know that those there. are >> the housing opportunities commission operates the apartment building herend owns ie land. it has own study suggesting that it may be a htoric site, but that an advisory committee should determine thet b eshoc t
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affordable housing in montgomery county. members of the macedonia baptist church say after their long struggle, they are now hopeful that this matter can be put to sest, that the cemetery can be reclaimed and t chapter of black history can be saved. reportin from bethesda, chris gordon news 4. an alarming health trend, doctors say a new generation is addicted to stnicotine. l ahead, how the government plans to reverse that damas. p a one on one with the incoming state's attorney in prince george's county, the two issues she wants to tackle right away. and countdown is on, thanksgiving only 13 days away, so what can you expect weathe
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right now you can see rain all over storm team 4 radar. it's theig kind of to make you want to make indoor plans. doug's back with more on the freeze that's heading our way for the weekend. a very different story out west. these are livetu ps of wildfires in california. take a look. e diedst five people h so far, thousands of hes are in that fire's direct path. wendme we have ew information from the d.c. court today on that deadly stabbing of the young woman, wendy martinez. today a judge ordered the defendant anthony crawford held without bail untilis trial.
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despite the defense pleas that crawford be place instead a mental health facility. a homicide detective testified that dna from crawford and martinez was found on the murder weapon and on the suspect's sweater after the attack, which occurred in september. >> it has been a roller coaster of emotions for the trtinez famiough these two days of hearings. >> our lives were forever changed. our grief has no limits, and nothing can make us who again or undo the senseless violence perpetrated against a pure victim. >> today we also learned that crawford tested positive for cocaine when he wa few days after the killing. new restrictions on those e-cigarettes, the food and drug administration now planning to ban t sale of most e-cigarettes at convenience stores and gas stations. products likeuul will still be available at tobacco and vap shops. the move comes in response to an
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alarming increase in vape by teena teenagers. another health t alertt could impact thanksgiving dinner. the cdc warning of a deadly salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey. at least one person has died, more than 100 others are neck. the sala was found in multiple products including ground turkey and turkey patties. health officials say cooking will destroy the bacteria. remember to wash your hands, even if you do touch the raw meat. thanksgiving is than two weeks away now. >> and you may already be making travel plans. i hope so because it is less than two weeks storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper has an early thanksgiving forecast for you. >> what should we all expect if we're heading out, flying out or driving out? >> i think on travel wednesday we could be dealing with some rain, not just here but the east on halfthe united
5:16 pm
states might be dealing with a storm system. i took a look at some factors to termine exactly what the forecast could be and i want to warn you, this is a ways away.'s oing to continue to evolve. rolooked at the average high and low temperatured thanksgiving, and that's about 55 for an average high and 40 degrees for an average lo l iked at our long-range computer models, one of them american, o of them european, and i also looked at similar years past. this year aligns two years back in the future. i'm not going to tell you which one, it's t one that doug used in his winter forecast which comesay out on mo that is a great analog year, a great comparison year that gives us an ia of what we can expect. here's what i'm seeing. there is a rain cnce on trave wednesday. you want to keep that in mind up around the great lakes maybe some snow mixing in up there wither cooler teures, but then the rest of the weekend thanksgiving, black friday, saturday and sundaykis l drwe llin,y. they're n lookingm?
5:17 pm
well, i put together a planner for you.f wednesday,ou're traveling, it is looking like rain right now. and again, that could tange. now it's looking like rain, and not just here but in the midwest, up and down the easter seaboard, up through the great lakes and the northeast. temperatures in the 60s and potentially upper 60s to near 70 degrees on wednesday as that m system moves through. it cools us down on thanksgiving with temperatures in the 50s, a bit breezynn and partly as well. then we have black fridaydi if you're h out shopping, well, the weather not looking to be a factor right now with temperatures in the 50s and a mix of clouds and sunshine as we look to saturday, even sunday, it looks like ouremperatures stay in the 50s. soow rightagain, it's looking like some rain for travel weather. on you get to your destination, the weather is looking fairly quiet, guys. >> oh, good, thanks amelia. aer winningheir elections this week, these newly elected officials across the pa country are png to take office, and for the first time in eight years prince george's county is going to have ae' new
5:18 pm
stattorney. bureau chief tray sicy. >> maryland states attorneys are meeting far training. among them aisha braveboy, prince george's county incoming state's attorney. >> it's just a privilege, a real privilege to serve my community. >> as a former two-term delegate, braveboy hasdvated for her native prince george's county for more than a decade. she says as stats attorney s will use her platform to focus on two years, first juvenile justice reform. >> when they c you know,e in contact with the criminal justice system, we don'cowant them t become as adults. >> her second area of, oc us llioyme lost a couvin to domestience, and it was the most devastating thing that ever happened to our family. >>braveboy lost her run for maryland attorney general to brian frost four years ago, but handedly won to become the
5:19 pm
second woman state's attorney for prince george's county, the first woman to hold that seat is angela alsobrook moving on to become the county's first female executive. braveboy says s grateful for her legacy. >> allowing the public to see a woman functioning in what is a traditionally male role and doing so so ll, i think it definitely gave the public a different perspective on what women can do. >> braveboy wonome 98% of the vote here in prince george's county, but unli her predecessor she does not have expeosence as a utor. she has spent most of her career working to reduce juvenile crime with a nonprofit. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins news 4. >> braveboy will be sworn in in december. she officially takes the helm as state's attorney on january 7th. we can expect some heavy -- look at that, heavy rain for most of the rest of the night, and then that bigfreeze. doug's up next with the winter
5:20 pm
weather in o very near future. >> aren't you glad we're indoors? >>rightening new video of those deadly wildfires in california. the communities now in the direct line of these killer and new at 5:00, dramatic testimony as a member of ms-13 answers for her crime. it's
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weather world, doug. >> yeah, all you have to do is look at tha picture. you know? unfortunately we've seen that picture so many times look like this lately. so many fridays have seen rain, quite a bit of those. as a matter of fact we looked all the way back, 11 l of thet 16 fridays. >> wow. >> that goes back four months, ande've seen plenty of rain really since june we've seen a lot of rain around the area, upwards of 40, 50 inches of rain, and now closing in on a top five wettest year ever across our region. let's look outside right now, still raining in parts of the area, especially along i-270, the western portion of the beltway. a lot more dry area now than we've seen throughout the day. the rain will continue. you can actually see the drying starting to make its way in here from the south and west. tinow, we'll see some showers and areas of drizzle through the night tonight. this is b thek edge, and this is where the front is. once this goes through, then we'rethdone. is still way back to the west. there's still some showers tonight. look at the heavy y,in, he heavy rain.
5:24 pm
philadelphia right on down some thunderstorm activity down around ocean city, maryland. the current temperature tre at 62. look at these storms, take a peek. look at this one right there. that one's got pretty good lightning associated with it too. you've got thunderstorms in the southern part of the system, snow in the northern part of the system, and they' picking up accumulating snow towards new york. back here towards michigan some lake effect snow. anytime you getnoake effect you're talking cold air. picture out there tonight, 51 degrees, winds og the rain acror region. look at the numbers only 41 in martinsburg. 41 in leesburg, 41 gaithersburg. that is really cool air with the rain coming down. that makes for a nasty friday ght. we've got football games tonight, a lot of friday night-lights goingn tonight. tomorrow breezy and cold, and it'soa puffy ct time, everybody. 45 degrees. that is not really the story . he the winds are the big story, and that combined with the temperatures, look at the
5:25 pm
windchill. here's tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m., 37 the windchill,. d 24 in winchester. if you've got some events tomorrow, my daughter's got a soccer game tomorrow. the season was supposed th be over a mgo, but because of all the cancellations we continue to have games this weekend. i'm sure many of you are the same way. make sure ythe kids have extra layers on. tomorrow night a freeze warning in effect for all of southern mary nd towards the northern neck. it does include d.c. and arlington. just because you're not in the b freeze warnik to the west, northern virginia, western rt maryland, of west virginia, you're still going to get well below freezing. the growing season is over for you. that's why you're not under a warning. colder it will be even there. temperatures in the 20s. down to the south we're looking at those temperatures around that freezing mark, maybe around 30, 32 degrees. 45 tomorrow, 47 on your sunday. the winter outlook, 53 degrees comes out on monday,everybody.
5:26 pm
the winter forecast, if you want to know how much snow you're going to see in your area, if you're talking about how much cold air i going to behere, too, for the winter, i've got that down for you, even which weeks could see some snowfall. wou want a little bit of a hint about how much se're going to get? >> yeah. >> that's your hint. that's the him sure most of you know what that means. next week, it's just on the cold side. we get another big storm on tuesday. temperatures only around 53 ,grees, but lo only 41 on wednesday. windchills in the 20s and 30s again. overnight low temperatures are freezing. if we do not freeze on sunday in aye city, i think we definitely get there wednento thursday. next friday is actually the best day on the ten-day forecast, and that's still five to ten degrees below average. >> but it's not raining. >> but it's not s ining. and i friday, so i should have put nice right there. beautiful next friday. >> thank you, doug. big surprise for some students from virginia. check it out, a red skin star in
5:27 pm
the classroom with a special assignment for these little learners. >> a heads-up for your weekend, traffic could be so very bad around reagan national. jackie bensen is trying to get there, and she's having problems. we're going to talk to her right after this. i'm julie ceyarn i fairfax county, notorious gang murders in our area, one teenage girl attacks another, cutting off her tattoo, stabbing her 13 tis. today aft a tearful plea, she
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical despite a isorder. stronger is finding it earlier ...mi and co home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want yourids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. it's our top stot, tonigh weather alert, a cold, wet, nasty start to your weekend. doug and amelia keeping us th updated on forecast in the storm center. stay tuned to updates right here on news 4. a teenage mother and her baby are still i missing maryland. wendy hernandez is just 15 years old, her son jason two months old. they left their home on valley wood drive in wheaton on tuesday morning and haven't been seen since. d.c. police hope surveillance video can help them track down people in connection to a shooting just a block from ga gaulladet university. this is along owen place in northeast dc from late wednesday evening.
5:31 pm
we wanted to take gau live to r national airport where metro's closures are causing tremendous traffic gridlock. >> it's a mess, folk, jackie bensen is trying t get to the scene there, but she is stuck in traffic as you might imagine. she joins us live on the phone. jackie, just how bad i is where you are? >> reporter: it's bad, and it got very bad very quickly. we are hearing reports that people are grabbing their wheely bags and running across gw parkway to make their flwehts. e heard of things like that before, but in the rain and in the dark that is something that is dangerous. the biggest delay that we're hearing getting into the ort, and of course it's because metro is -- the stations are going to be closed, you know, this weeken so the only way in there is by the -- you know, in a vehicle. its backed up. metro transit, excuse me, i'm po sorry, a police we're told
5:32 pm
are trying to sort of like time the vehicles com tg in there cut down the gridlock on the airport proper, but the biggest delays we're told at this point are coming in from d.c., so going south on the gw parkway to the airport. you know, people are being advised to try and call their airports or airlines rather. tell them we're uck, maybe consider take aing a later flight. it's one of those things we see haen in d.c. all the time, you know, the combination of rain, rush ur, a this closure meaning everybody's trying to gethere in vehicles is jus creating a nightmare situation for people. >> it's the perfect storm. all right, good luck. we will check back in withou to s if you're making any progress. they pick wonder why a friday. it's always bad on a friday evening rush hour. >> plus, when it's raining and people are trying to get home. there's commuters that aren't
5:33 pm
even trying to get to the airport. they just have to drive by the airport. well, it was one of the most gruesome murders in our region carrie out b gang members captured on cell phone video. >> this is the chillinger confession of that teenage girl who tortured and stabbed a 15-year-old girl from gaithersburg. that killer learned her sentence today. >> and our bureau chiefre julie reports that the victim's mother got a chance to speak in court. >> reporter: this is a photo capt ced from thel phone video that documented the murder of5-year-old damaris reyes rivas. you can see the fearful look just moments before the torture began before 17-year-old took a knife, cut off reyes's tattoo and stabbed her 13 times. after her arrest, iraheta calmly confesses to detectives. >> and then what did you do? >> i killed her. >> how did you kill her?
5:34 pm
>> with a knife. >> asked if it bothered her, she shakes her head no. she says she told her victim she'd quote, see her in hell. earlier this year iraheta pleaded guilty to first degree murder. today in court she sobbed before the judge pleading for mercy telling the victim's mother, i want her to know if i could i would give my life to bring her back. i am sorry. i'm so sorry. the prosecutor, not buying theo y. >> it struck me as crocodile tears, you know, it's sort of i got caught. now i'm introuble, let me try to minimize the consequence. >> but the victim's mother got her chance to speak about how the loss of her daughter has destroyeder family saying my life is no life without m little girl. then she turned to directly face her daughter's killer. through tears saying i want to tell her that myr daugh not in hell as she said, so you will know she is in heaven because she's shown mdrthrough many eams. you, notl be lived by by her. the judge's ntsece, 40 years, a punishment hopes the
5:35 pm
prosecutor sends a message to other violent gang members. >> if you commit a crime like this in northern virginia, we're going to come aft you hard and pursue severe sentences. >> it's likely after iraheta serves her 40 years, she'll be deported back to el salvador. as we prepare to honor the men and women who served our country, a group of veterans is getting some extra special treatment right here in the nation's capital. about two dozen veterans enjoyed a he's welcome near the world war ii memorial today. t they're part of the honor flight. they arrived from kaas. hundreds of 7th graders from lake braddock secondary school greeted them one by one. >> always such an t.ev redskins quarterback colt mccoy will be sporting some new cleats on the fie in a couple of weeks. the designers, some local students. mccoy paide visit her to guilford elementary school in loudounounty today. the kids are part of the
5:36 pm
edskins read program, which i the cause mccoy picked for a special nfl initiative. the students helped himp come with designs for the cleats he will wear during week 13 >> gaining knowledge and wisdom i think is so crucial, so important, and these kids have such creative minds. some of the digns i'm seeing right now a awesome. >> kids also got to chow down on some pizza. that's an incentive, too. the nfl's my cause, my cleats players that campaign features more thanoo 800tball stars who wear customo cleats show off causes that are important to them. again,uring week 13 it is coming up. next and new at 5:00, pairing pets with veterans. it's a t new programt brings some furry friends into some local veterans' ahomes. we've got an early look at michelle obama's revealing new memoir, the very persona struggle she shares with hopes of helping hers.
5:37 pm
he is on the fbi's most wanted list and he is operating right here in o area. coming up we go on the trail of the beltway bank bandit. and here's the latest on storm team 4 radar, the steady showers pushing out of the area. still maybe a few showers overnight tonight. this is going to have big impacts on our temperatures
5:38 pm
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notoriously challenging intersection. arlington's clarendon circle, one of the county's busiest and amost comple safety concern for drivers, bikers and pedestrians alike. among thechanges, part of north irving street will be closed to reduce the number of streets at this is what it will look like with the improvements. there will be upgraded signals, wider b medians ande lanes, too. the project is expected to be finished by next fall. and with veterans day coming up o monday, news 4 is honoring all that the members of the military do, and one group, pets for patriots, helps veterans adopt shelter animals for a discount. news 4's aimee cho visited a veteran in lortonay who her friends have changed her life for the better. >> you just don't like that thunder. you don't like that thunder. >> from the cuddles to the kisses. >> hey buddy. likeere's nothing qui the love of a dog. romi dover has two. >> are you piling all your ties
5:41 pm
up? >> that's rt and that's muchacho. >> and as they tussle over toys, it's been a long path that brought him into her life. she served 20 years as an-ray tech in the army. >> it's hard to be away from yourtoids. it's hare away from your spouse, those soldiers, those airmen who are deployed, they arein m a huge sacrifice. >> that service, that sacrifice, it's why the humane rescue alliance and the pets for atriots project wants to help veterans adopt four-legged friends. >> veterans are coming from such a difficult experience. they provide so much healing and purpose and hope to veterans. >> when i've had those extremely stressful ys, he has been just that little piece that likes to cuddle up and says mom, it's going to be>>okay. over recently had to have foot surgery. e also suffers from joint pain, but through it all mu acho has been by her side.
5:42 pm
>> having him in my life completely changed everything for me. it made life a lot more. positive >> little paws making a big difference. >> oh, sorry. >> aimee cho news 4. >> how cute is that. >> awesome program. up next at 5:00, an update on this nas friday night we're dealing with. doug and amelia join us live with who could see the most rain tonight. plus, the parts of our area under a freeze warning tomorrow. also, wildfir growing at pl explosive rate in california, one of them quaing in size in less than 24 hours. the focus of fifighters now t
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
cking rain right now as it covers the storm team 4 radar. lo at it, folks. you may want to cancel any outdoor plans you had tonight. doug and amelia are back soon with the big chill after the
5:45 pm
storm. michelle obama's higy anticipated memoir debuts next week. it's entitled "becoming." in it she opens up about growing up in chicago, meeting her husband, dealing with issues o a race, startifamily. mrs. obama also offers a stinging rebuke of hers husband' successor. in excerpts obtained by "the associated press" and " pe washingtonost" she writes that she thought donald trump was grand standing when he launched his presidential campaign. she called his obsession with the birther conspiracy very quote, dangerous, delib tately mean stir up the wing nuts and kooks. sheed a that she feared his words could lead an unstable person to tget her family, quote, for this i never forgive him. mrs. obama also discusses having a miscarriage. she and the former president ed iv to conceive their two daughters. she also struggles with being the first black first lady,
5:46 pm
quoted i was female,black, and nlrong, which to certain people translated to angry. she went on to say that she started to feel, quote, a bit angry, which made me feel worse as if i were fulfilling some prophesy laid out for me by the haters. rts. obama launches a book tour next tuesday stag with an event in chicago, which is moderatedby, who else, oprah winfrey. well, it is a rainy night out there in our area. doug and amelia are here now. you guys say it's rained ninef the past 11 friday nights? >> yeah. >> what is this now?s >> this 11 out of that. continue toing to come down for the next couple of hours. we're done with the heaviest rain, but we' not in this weather alert because of the rain. we've got something else moving in. >> the cold is moving in an b moving in in way. tomorrow we're going to have feels-like temperatures in the 30s, a then a freezearning for some of us sunday morning. >> some of us may not make it to
5:47 pm
30 for the windchill during the day tomorrow. that's the kind of cold air we have. int's focus on the you can see that rain in howard county, montgomery county downfa through fa this is the last portion of it. this is the edge of the rain making its way hein, leading edge of the drier air trying to move in. even here, i think we're going to see more shower activity during the evening hours tonight. the wideriew showing this continuing to build in towards our region. the heaviest rain is nowell to our north and east over towards the delmarva, over towards ocean city. some thunderstorms in that area. for us we're watching this front. this has to move by before we're done with the rain. that's not going to comehrough for another couple of hours. if you're heading to some of the football games, got another one for you. prince george's county, sch flowers a big time game here, only one loss between these two schools. 45 degrees at7:00. ke the umbrella and take the coat. it will be chilly, and you'll see showers. the heaviest rain is over with. maybe we can get a little bit of the passing game going and not just the running game.
5:48 pm
temperatures by the end of the game 40 degrees andbreezy. windchills in the 30s. notice back to the west. 37 state college, 42 in pittsburgh. that air, that air is making its way in here, and we'll continue to watch that move on in., amelia the cold air really nd it's not just the air, morrow thesinds pick up well. we're going to see the wind start to pick up around midnight tonigh and then it's windy throughout the day tomorrow. that's why we have those l temperatures only i the 30s throughout the day. it is puffy coat weather for sure, not just tomorrow but sunday as well. sunday morning, i'd grab the gloves with temperatures starting off in the 20sow and 30s across the entire area. monday we get a bit of a break, fall jacket is going to be just fine. on tuesday, though, more rain in e forecast and thenednesday and thursday. here's what you're waking up to morrow morning. this is the feels-like temperatu temperature. this is what happens when you factor in the wind. it's going to be feeling like 29 manassas and 35 in the
5:49 pm
district. as le move towards thechtime hours, feels-like temperatures still in the 20s and 30s. check out winchester tomorrow at noon, only feeling a degrees during the afternoon hours. it's still pretty brutal out there, and as we head into tomorrow night, we really see our temperatures plummet, sch o that the areas here in purple including the district, arlington, and counties east of 95 are under arnreeze g. the growing season likely comes to an end for everybody this weekend. and again, just signs that the cold is coming. 3ndchills in the tomorrow. widespread freeze out there sunday morning. we're running a good 10 t 20 degrees below normal this weekend, and then doug on wednesday, we'reng to have windchill temperatures in the degrees.near 30 >> as cold as it tormorrow it gets colder next week. 45 on saturday, 47 on sunday, 53 on monday. that when we have our storm team 4 winter weather outlook coming for you on tuesday. that's when the rain comes. we'll see heavy rain, cld see
5:50 pm
another half inch to an inch of rain on tuesday before even colder air moves in. going f a high of 41 on wednesday, but if it's 41 in the city some of you may not make it out of the 30s during the day on wednesday and overnight low temperatures will be in the low nd mid-20s both wednesday a thursday really cold air making its way in, not just tomorrow but the middle of next week, too. we have some breaking news, the city known for swanky celebrity homes, beautiful beaches has been ordered to evacuate. we are talking about malibu, and thedi surro areas. the people there told to leave cause of these deadly wildfires. erika gonzalez at the live desk with the situation right now. >> hi wendy, the wildfire th atening malibu now is moving so fast, celebrities like alyssa mill la know and rain wilson have left their homes for the woolsey fire is consuming everything in its path. as of this morning that fire had ravaged 14,000 acres, thousands upon thousands of homes in jeopardy.
5:51 pm
the whippingm winds anywhere f 40 to 50 miles per hour fueling this fire. a los angeles county fire department battalion chief says the flames could burn for days. he entire malibu city area forced to evacuate. sheriff's officials in northern california say the five people found dead in vehicles torched by wildfires could not immediately be identified because their burns are so bad. autopsies wilucbe cod. the victims were found in the same area in the town of pair ri -- paradise n main thoroughfare. anople evacuating got stuck in traffic, and some ned their vehicles to flee on foot, if you can imagine. the fire has consumed thousands of buildings in that city. definitely a developing story, and one we will be watc tng. back ove you. that is terrifying. oh, my gosh. >> unslievable pictu there. shifting gears now, remember getting your first bicycle? maybe that first taste of
5:52 pm
freedom. >> there are a lot of other ways to get around these days, but one arlington organization is omeping that fre on two wheels alive. >> leon harris is here now with this week's harris's heroes. g this ad one. >> yes, it is. they're keeping that sense of freedom but with a purpose here. phoenix bikes is the name of this group. they don't just t ch kids how to ride bikes. they teach kids everything about how a bike works, how to take one apart, how to build them. the kids are also building up homething within themselves in the process, and pix bikes is this week's harris's hero. >> the tinkering, the rotating. it's all in a day's work here at phoenix bikes in arlington, but you'd be surprised to learn the ranks of the mechanics here include more than adults. like 13-year-old caleb. >> after that we need to check the br >> and his 11-year-oldrother al legislati alex. >> it's kind of fun to see how it works, what it'i' doing whil m pedaling my feet. >> nots slippery, you're
5:53 pm
right. they're learning how to build bikes from the frame up. this free bike education program has been around since 2007. >> all the proceeds from the community bike shop, 100% go to fund the youth program. >> kids keepoming back because they're learning a real life skill that can change their lives. >> i have learned a whole lot about bikes in the two weeks that i've been here. i spent a week before this trying to learn brakes. phoenix bikes taught me in two days. >> grit and confidence and self-reliance. we're excited how bicycles merge those thingsr. toget >> they're also working towards earning their own bike. >> it's a checklist they go through of bike skills and mechanics skills it they need to refurbish a bike. >> it takes 25 hours, and it's not just about them. >> the first bike they refurbish is called a giver bike, and it goes to one of our 12 partner nonprofits. >> they get to keep the second bike they rebuild. >> there's a lot of kind of therapy, if you will, in bicycle
5:54 pm
mechanics and bicycle riding that we're able to provide for them. >> many former students come ck and work in the shop as adults. and that's the most amazing thing about phoenix. a' it's a place where you cfethey part of something. >> i love it when youth either come in timid or they were kind of forced by their parents like, oh, this is a cool opportunity, go do it. k they start like draggi their feet through the door. within a week or two they' like super motivated. >> it doesn't feel like work. it's like you're having fun. ik >> sounds they're fixing a lot more than tbikes. bike shop really runs on donations. if you've got an old bike laying around the house or in the garage, phoenix bikes would love to take it off your hands. wee got information on how you can donate it in the nbc washington app. >> ooh, that's wonderful. not only does it create some experiences for the kids, but you get to recycle your bicycles. >> you get to clean up your own
5:55 pm
place. >> those t lessons are goi stay with them for life. two wheels are more popular than fouror a lot of people. >> by giving away the first one they learn they get what they want by serving others. he has been dubbed the beltway bank bandit. >> and he's suspected of 14 hits in one area alone. his signature move, how the fbi is hoping to crack this case. and all n at 6:00, two musical geniuses come together musical geniuses come together to play for
5:56 pm
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a serial robber nicknamed the beltway bank bandit is a wanted man. corey smith has new surveillance pictures for you. >> do not look the funny looking disguises fool you. the beltway bank bandit is no joke. since last year he's been a aadache for the washington field office,nd investigators like assistant special agent in charge terry d. patteason. >> our concern is the serial nature of the offenses. so again, responsiblenk for 14 ba robberies in the area over the course of 11 months. he is using notes to alert the bankye emp that he is committing a robbery. >> his first target was this bb&t bank in fairfax in december of last year. he slipped a note to a teller and was in and out in a flash. his next attempt this now shuttered bank.
5:59 pm
the bandit went to maryland where he hit seven banks seven months before crossing back into virginia and hitting another bb&t bank, this o in alexandria. and finally, his most recent stop, thisank of america in springfield, virginia, same m.o., same result. the fbi says he's walked away with nrly0,000. >>nd him, then we will have solved many of our unsolved cases here in the metro area. >> patterson says so far the bandit hasn't used violence, but that is still a concern. she says anyone who comes face-to-face with him should just do what he says. >> remain sain, re calm. try to identify him or try tot least observe as much as you can again so that you can contact law enfothement. >> i district, corey smith, news 4. a nightmare for commuters in our area as the situation out west goes from bad to even worse. >> it's ugly out there, folks. here's a look at tonight on news 4 at 6:00. >> the death toll is rising as
6:00 pm
wildfires in southern california spread, and the entire town of malibu forced to evacuate again. >> als stunning twist. >> i cannot believe it. it's just unreal. to me. >> a woman now accused o killing her mother and sister, and then staging it to look like a rd-suicide. how the crime was uncovered. president trump both defending and dtancing himself from the acting attorney general he's named. >> i didn't speak to matt whitakerbout it. i don't know matt whitaker. ? ky tell you matt whitaker is a great guy. i mean, i know matt whitaker. >> and we're tracking dramatic temperature swings as we head into the weekend. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> this should come as no surprise. atake a look the radar behind us. rain is fallinghe forvening commute. >> but it's what's coming next, fos, that could be aeal shock to your system. let's begin with doug who's tracking a bigea freeze o


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