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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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wildfires in southern california spread, and the entire town of malibu forced to evacuate again. >> als stunning twist. >> i cannot believe it. it's just unreal. to me. >> a woman now accused o killing her mother and sister, and then staging it to look like a rd-suicide. how the crime was uncovered. president trump both defending and dtancing himself from the acting attorney general he's named. >> i didn't speak to matt whitakerbout it. i don't know matt whitaker. ? ky tell you matt whitaker is a great guy. i mean, i know matt whitaker. >> and we're tracking dramatic temperature swings as we head into the weekend. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> this should come as no surprise. atake a look the radar behind us. rain is fallinghe forvening commute. >> but it's what's coming next, fos, that could be aeal shock to your system. let's begin with doug who's tracking a bigea freezed our
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way. doug? >> some really cold air coming in during the day tomorrow. we've got the rain coming down across the region. for the most part it's a lot lighter than it was a couple of hours ago. here's storm tea 4 radar. around montgomery county, howard ounty around the baltimore area, not much left in northern virginia. however, if you're driving out there where we still got the windshield wipers going a little bit, especially along 60, over toward route 7. the wider picture showing where most of the rain is well to the north and east. now up towards new york and big time thunderstorms off the coast of ocean city right now. we have to wait for this cold front. this will be the last chance we have for any shower activity during the night tonight, but it also brings in mh colder air. so cold that we have a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow night and that includes areas along and east of i-95 including d.c., arlington county, all of southern maryland down towards parts of the northern neck, too. it's the temperatures tomorrow and then tomorrow night that will really make you feel a
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little bit othe cold side. we're talking winter-like temperatures, not just tomorrow, but into next week a well much more on thatouincluding tht winter outlook coming up in just about ten minutes. i'm erika gonzalez here at the live desk. we have got an absolute mess on the i roads tonight virginia. so a few things have come together to kind of make the perfect storm on this friday night rush ur, and its not what we want to hear. we've got track work that was scheduled foren this we you've got the rain and a holiday weekend on top of all of that, so metroti closed ss at reagan national airport and crystal city, and we are hear reports that people have been standing in line like this. this is i believe at pentagon city mall, hundreds of people stan to get to the airport. we have crews that are trying to make their way to the scmse, but they tves are also stuck in traffic. jackie bensen reporting seeing
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people fleeing or running out of eir cars and running to the gates to try to make their flights this evening. the maps here showing gridlock expected for hours. so stay with us, a developing story, but a very nasty night to be out on the roads. back over you. thank you. a woman is in custody now charged with killing her mother and sister inside their home in lean. it's a crime made more troubling given the fact police believe she staged the scene to look like a .murder-suicide david culver is at police headquarters with these new developments. david? >> reporter: dore, police tracked down the suspect, megan hargan about three and a half hours from where we aren fairfax, well into west virginia. sources telling us late today that police said that she had ghter just-old d dropped off at school when they pulled over the suspected
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killer. >> fairfax county police detectives in questioning megan hargan. tonight the 35-year-old charged with two counts of first degree murder. >> on july 14th, 2017, 23-year-old helen hargan ander mother, 63-year-old pamela hargan were fou deadn home. >> police initially believing it was a murder suicide. it looked a though helenargan shot and killed her mother pamela inside their mclean home and then turned the gun on herself. a narrative that did not seem right to neighbors. >> i cannot believe it. it's just unreal to me. >> police staed questioning it too, and quickly uncovered a family drama involving money.or investig began checking pamela's bank account ask p noticed suspicious transactions. theyir quickly turned t attention to pamela's older daughter, megan, helen's sister. >> megan hargan attempted fraudulent money transfers from her mother's account on the day
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of the murders as well as the day beccre. >>ding to search warrants, money appeared to be the motive. shortly after the murders, search warrants filed suggested the crime scene may have been altered or staged. >> and made to appear to be a murder suicide. >> reporter: i asked investigators if more charges could be coming in this case.m, hey tell me tonight the case is still very active. as mor bringingan hargan back here to fairfax county, tho extraditionss is going to get underway next week. > what a twist to this case. david culver in northern virginia for us. now to the breaking news out west. dry brush is fueling wildfires across california. strong winds are fanning the flames high into the air. take a look at these live pictures. tens of thousands of people have now been chased from their homes,nd more are preparing to flee. >> among those rushing to evacuate are celebrities who live imalibu, at leastive people have been found dead
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inside burned out cars, and lanight firefighters on the ground tell us thes are raging out of control. nbc's jay gray has the developments from southern california where crews are battling the ndwoolsey hill fire. >> look at that, that's flames hundreds of fee high. an orange glow across thede goln state atovernight. least three major wildfires exploding out of control pushed by santa ana winds, gusting at timesr o 60 miles an hour. firefighters rushing in as tens of thousands were forced out of their homes. >> the fire was all around me, and it's kind of frightening. i couldn't -- i couldn'yt see ng except the smoke and the fire. >> many. >> oh, my god, i can't even see it's so smoky. >> barely escaping tfl es. >> dear father, please help au
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ut 180 milesortheast of san francisco. >> chaos, total chaos. >> the town of paradise ith for most part lost. >> a considerable portion of the town was destroyed. >> reporter: sunrise reveals the extent of the damag and provides a clear picture of exactly what strike teams are dealing with here. raging flames swirling, firenados. >> wow, unbelievable. >> reporter: right now mother nature clearly i controls fire swallows huge chunks of the state with the massive infernos still growing. there.
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that was jay gray reporting. just utter devastation th ve. >> theeo coming out of there was just frightening. here's amelia now with a closer look at what's fueling these fires and the impact that we could see here. fire videooming out of california, we have three major fires burning there, one in northern california and two in southernw,california. ll of these fires started yesterday, a lookt how muc damage they've already done. now the campfire in northern california is aboutive times the size of manhattan and hst yed nearly 2,000 structures earlier today. that count was 1,000. now it's upo about 2,000. the fire is only about 5% contained, and it could be one of the top five most destructive fires in california history. again, that's theampfire. now, the hill fire has burned over 6,000 acres with full
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containment expected on thursday, and the woolsey fire has led to evacuations in ventura and los angeles counties including all of malibu, that just coming in this afternoon. t least 75,000 residents are under evacuate orders from this fire. now, the hill and woolsey fires are being fueledy the santa ana winds. check this out, exactly what the santa ana winds are. high pressure located in thert deas winds spinning around it clockwise. what happens with these winds as they spin clockwise and the air comes dhe mountains, the air dries and warms, and you see the wind speed pick up to 40 to 60 miles an hour, and that leads to high danger across the area. what we see with the santa ana rinds, it out the vegetation and accelerates the speeds of thesere wild back here at home, the smoke from these fires may lead some haze in our later next week. i'm seeing thatwe arriving esday potentially into thursday, guys. >> amelia, thanks. lester holt is in los
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theses tonight monitorin fires. he'll bring you the latest on the death toll and new evacuations on nbc nightly news at 7:00. president trump and first lady melania tnmp are france right now for celebrations to mark the end of world war i. before the president left washington, he contradicted hhimself on controversial choice to lead the justice departxant. blayne aer is here with details. >> that choice is matthew whitaker.oi he's to be leading the doj, at least on a temporary basis. today the president ho a lot say about his pick, and he explained why he put him position, but said that it had nothing to do with the russia investigation. >> president trump defiantly denying allegations that he chose mat whittaker as acting attorney general as a way t undermine robert mueller's russia investigation. >> matt whitaker is a very smart man. he is a very respected man inaw
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thenforcement community. >> the president in the same breath praising, then putting distance between himself and whitaker insisting the two havr ne discussed mueller's investigation. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don'know matt whitaker. >> but just last month in a phone interview on fox news. >> i can tell you matt aker's a great guy. i mean, i know matt whitaker. >> whitaker facing fierce calls from democrats to recuse himself. very worried that mueller's work is going to be hampered. fromis after past comments whitaker criticizing the russia investigation and thissu estion made as a cable news pundit to cut mueller's budget. >> his invtigation grinds to almost a halt. >> i see different people at different times going on shows. am i supposed to say, oh, now he's never qualified to serve in government? >> president trump also talking immigration signing ati procla to limit asylum seekers. >> people can come in, but they have to come through t port os of entry. >> and putting a positive spin w on a appeal's court decision
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that block hisis admination from ending daca protection for here as children, the president saying he wants to see it go before the supreme court. >> blayne alexander reporting. thank you. it's one of our area's most notorious crimes. >> up next at 6:00, the heartbreaking messa from the ctim's family as her daughter's killer learns his fate. id michelle obama's ca confession, what she reveals about the struggle to start a fami family. >> plus the congressman wakes up to something we can a relate to. rising real estate prices here. no
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a live look at the city on is rain nasty friday night. tonight a storm team 4 weath w alert ot's going to be a wet start to our weekend, and tomorrow a big change. doug is tracking t all still ahead. so election night was just three days ago. it's hard to believe, and we could do a whole hour on just what's happened since then, but we've only got five minutes. >> here it goes. the house turned blue with the help of some voters who want a check on the esident, but he's threatening to use the senate to with smoke clearing from thi
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midterms, sal counsel robert mueller is coming into view again. and it used to be just florida, florida, florida, but now there are three ballot battles underway andnc big ns about a replay of the 2000 psidential election. chuck todd is the nbc news political director and the moderato of "meet the press" let's start with the democrats taking control of the house. we know that they want theirer ght to be stepped up. the president is talking about using terms like war-like posture. i tmean, wre we looking at? >> i think the president, i think it was very interesting to watc him on wednesday after the election. he felt both emboldened and i think bit vulnerable and he's clearly seeing vulnerable. he knows the house docrats have subpoena power and are going to look at things like is he using the white house to make money for his hotel, things like that, never mind the mueller probe and such. but he also feels emboldened because a republican majoreny in the se owes him.
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okay? i was him that got those victoriesn indiana and missouri and s, you know, drove up the base turnout necessary to maybe win florida, although that's a -- we'll see there. that's why i tnk he's oddly emboldened. he feels as if he's got people there to protect him in the senate, but he's feeling very vulnerable because he knows that the house is going to be in his kitchen, if you will, when it comes to both his persol busine dealings and of course his actions as president. >> let's talk more about you mentioned russia investigation, matthew whitaker appointed, he bypassed the normal annels, the president did. laitaker appears to have some conflicts but no to recuse himself. what happens next? >> we're going to find out. i think th mueller's investigation - has been he's protected himself from this moment. i think the abruptness was surprising, which is why i think jeff sessions made it clear that
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he was forced to resign. i think had the president waited until after thanksgiving, maybe jeff sessions would have said, yes, i resigned. t wanted to make sure news was he was fired, not resigned. that wasli just le dig, i think from sessions. he's tired of the mistreatment, but it did put, i think, this new acting attorney general mr. whitaker in a worse position than he was even going to be put into. look, muellerin has put cer parts of this investigation with the southern district of new york, certain parts with the eastern distritt of virginia. s protected from too much interference, and in fairness to mr. whitaker he'a former u.s. attorney. he's taken that oath before and worked for the justice department. we don't know what actions he might take after mr. mueller briefs him on what he actually has versus all the mythology that the echoe chamber of right has created. i think let's at least wait for him to do an action, wait for th problem to catchp with your outrage? >> you know, it's i sort of,s like, and i do think people
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started to jump on this. well, he hasn't done anything yet. >> that's a good point, chuck. >> wait for the actions to catch up with your outrage. >> can i follow up with something there? if mueller does brief him, which he will. >> he has to. >> that's his boss. can he share that information with anyone in the white house? >> see, now thas -- can he? sure. should he? you know, that's -- there's certainly, you know, what's illegal and what'hiunl? >> right. >> but things that are unethical don't make them illegal. ultimately that may be what mr. whitaker's job is which is to be the eyes and ears of the president. what does mueller have, what doesn't he have, what is he doing. maybe that's all the president cares. maybe he doesn't want whitaker to try t fire him. frankly that would cost -- i mean, republicans in thewoenate d sort of cringe at that. you even saw -- >> they're calling for an investigation.
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>> people like thom tillis, a republican from north in a swing state up in 2020. you're going to have certain, you know -- i think the president you would think -- i have to tell you, it is odd toe me they ahead with this choice and never vetted him. he wasn on musing about how an acting attorney general could defund p the muellbe and you're just going couldn't you have found somebody that didn't have that public track record? he has by everytsefinition m the criteria for recusal. obviouslyin he's not to do it because that's why he got the job, but this really smacks of just a really poorly vetted decision by this white house. >> lots of drama after that conference andws the pulling the press credentials of jim acosta. there's aal lot ofabout outrage. there is a lot of outrage about that. >> there is a lot of outrage. i think my fellow colleagues in that
6:21 pm
press corps, i've been in thats prrps, obviously not with this president. this president's come after me. we're all human beings. it's not easy. a real challenge for the press not to take the bait. the president is trying to make e press his opponent, and sometimes some of our colleagues help do that for him, and i think that what i am mindfulan you two are mindful of is we don't justepresent ourselves, we represent the press corps's credibility, and i just wantn everybod that room to know that they have y credibility, your credibility, and my credibility in their hands, ant. you've got to keep that in mind. do whatever you cannot to be the story. we know what the president is trying to do. it's a tough box. we'reanll hbeings. i get it. i get angry, too, when i get personalized. we d't like our credibility questioned when we feel like we've done our job correctly, p and you knowple don't know what they're doing.
6:22 pm
don't become the story. try not to become the story. report it in context. report factually what the presiden is trying to do. create this phony controversy between the press and the president, but i would say is we know what they're doing, and it's outrageous that they're playing these games. the press corps shouldn't help >> all right, a measured response. >> exactly. >> chuck todd, thank you. we'll have a brand new edition of "meet the press" on sunday morning at 10:30. you can catch it right here on nbcll4. micobama's highly anticipated memoir "becoming" debuts next week. it's getting a lot of buzz over excerpts f am theociated press and "the washingt o post." opens up about struggling to get pregnant and even experiencing a miscarriage. she writes that she and the have, president used i if, with their two daughters, sasha and malia. mrs. obama also calls out the rhetoric of current president trump criticizing his obsession
6:23 pm
with the birther conspiracy theory. she calls it, quote, dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wing nuts and kooks adding, quote, donald trump with his loud and recklessos i was putting my family at risk, a for this i'd never forgive hm. we connue to follow that breaking news, a white knuckle, high anxiety commuter nightmare unfolding around reagan national airport right now tonight. a combination of rain, the closure of metro stations there has triggered massive backups. it's creating a major ripple effect right now. we'll have a live report coming up. and we're tracking that rain and the cooler temperatures coming in for the weekend. doug is nt with you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say.
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6:27 pm
we're in weather alert mode because of the rain and because of the cold. you can see the rain just about ou r activitysome sho in montgomery county north of washington. notice how it's starting to pull away. the system, however, is moving off to the north and east. you notic big time thunderstorms off the coast here. for us we're starting to get into drier air. we'll still see some drizzle clouds and fog until this comes through. this is the back of a cold front. once this moves through, the shower activity will diminish and that's when the coldir moves in. how cold? well, cold enough for lake effect snow upow hereds the great lakes, and for us it's going to be not just cold but very windy as well. temperatures out there right now, 50 degrees. winds out of the northwest at nine miles an hour. the rest of the area already 39 in winchester, 41 in martinsburg. a very cold night tonight and lder during the d tomorrow. your forecast tomorrow, 45 degrees, breezy and cold, and yes, it is puffy coat ti. you will definitely need the big coats had you step out the front look at the windchill, i'm
6:28 pm
forecasting for about 11:00 tomorrow. 29 in leesburg, a very cold day for sure on saturday. cold on sunday, but sunshine and low wind not too bad there. andhen the winter outlook coming up on monday, more rain, bigger storm on tuesday. all right, doug, thank you. sounds like it's going to be cold for the shredding at fedex field tomorrow morning. >> you'll be there. >> i'll be there. the politics of real estate, up next a congresswoman's confession about therice of housing here in d.c. g and now it's getting attention from a local celebrity. >> i'm juliearey in fairfax county, it isf nee most notorious gang murders in our area. one teenage girl attacks another, cutting off her tattoo, stabbing her 13 times. today
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traffic nightmare here at reagan national airport and neighborhoods all around that airport. >> it is a real mess out thereg t now. metro closewo stations for track work on a friday evening rush hour, taking a look at the 4first traffic map, vehicles are backed up well onto gw parkway. jackie bensen says there's a huge gridlock in downtown crystal city. >> she joins us live with an date. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, my gosh, i'm going to show you what you're leing. take aook at this. this is 23rd street south and
6:32 pm
south eves street, and these are folks who he been through residential neighborhoods in etlington trying to g to reagan national aiort. route 1 is just a half a block om us. these people are all trying to essenttelly get to rou 1, and you can just take a look at this. every cycle of the light people are sitting like this. owe also want t show you some ivideo of thempactnt in peagon city at the metro. people wting for the bus bridges that metro puts in when stations are closed. we underand that there are t tremendous,remendous long lines at thoseti locaons. so basically the buses are not getting around any faster than the cars, and a short time ago we talked to someone who was trying to get to national airport. i believe we have the sound of that to play for you.
6:33 pm
>> well, weo had t wait for the elevator. there was auge long line. they weren't letting people up the escalators unless you were getting on the shuttle buses so they were trying to manage that, but i don't think tystem was working that well. so i tried to get an uber. it was like $70, and i have to tch a flight in like an hour and 20 minutes so i just started hoofing it hoping to catch a taxi. i haven't caught one yet. >> reporter: oh, wow. i did not know what sound we were going to play because we've interviewed a bunch of people. that woman is elizabeth mcdowell. she had what looked to me to be like a 4-month-d baby in that stroller. she's trying to get a flight. she left the navy yard. she's trying to get a flight to yndiana, and she is now with that b walking from crystal city where we talked to her right here to reagan national airport. that gives you a feeling for wh's going on here. i watched her thread that stroller through thi mtraffic
6:34 pm
behiwith my heart in my mouth. you know, i know there's not much law enforcement can wow, it is really bad out here. live in arlington, news 4. bensen >> it's created a dangerous eopletion for a lot of getting around on foot. you saw some people on gw parkway with their rolling luggage case. >> oh, my gosh, and start of a holiday weekend, too. we're hoping metro is watching this and maybe do something aboutit. >> reporter: yeah, it's awfully dark out here. you know, the people are getting frustrated, and they are not paying attention to pedestrians, and you know, you can look. behind me those people are threading their way through the cars, and it's a scary, scary situation. >> and pple are probably looking at their cell phones checking the information about their flights and trying t communicate with people. it is a dangerous situation over there. jackie bensen, you be kaucarefu. thanteyou. >> rep we will, we will.
6:35 pm
a grieving mother gets the chance to confront her teenage daughter's killer. tic moment came today in a fairfax county courtroom. an 18-year-old girl was er sentenced for role in a gruesome gang murder, all of it ptured on cell phone video. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports. this was the first time the killer expressed any remorse for what she did. >> the teenaged killer in one of her last moments of freedomack 2017. venus iraheta was on the run after the murder and news 4 as therem when a plea fror mom lured her bam home. the teen was arrested soon after confessing to police about how she and other gang members abducted 15-year-old damaris reyes rivas who they believed wa involved in the death of air hay iraheta's boyfriend. >> what did you do? >> i killed her. >> how did you kill her? >> with aknife. >> this photo captured from the cell phone video that documents
6:36 pm
the murder shows a fearful damaris reyes just moments before the torture began before iraheta cut off reyes's tattoo and stabbed her3 times, air h iraheta telling the vic see her in hell. she pleaded guilty to first degree murder. today in court she sobbed before the jud pleading f mercy, illing the victim's mother i want her to know iould i would give my life to bring her back. i am sorry, i am so sorry. >> it struck me as crocodile tears. it's sort of i got caught. now i'm in etrouble, let try to minimize the consequence. >> but the victim's mother got her chance to speak about how the loss of her daughter has destroyed her family saying, my life is no life without my thlittle girl. she turned to directly face her daughter's killer through tears saying i want to tell her that my daughter is not in hell as you said. so you will know she is in heaven because she's shown me through many dreams.
6:37 pm
hell will be lived by you, not by her. >> the judge's sentence, 40 opars, a punishment the prosecutor sends a message to other violent gang members. >> if you commit a crime like eris in northern virginia, we're going to come aou hard, and we're going to pursue severe sentences. >> reporter: in and ten dets were charged and convicted in connection with the teen's murder, just one left to be sentenced. in fairfax county, i'mie j carey. this is one of the hottest stories on a newly elected congresswoman says she can'tfford to move here. real estate company zumper puts the median rent for a bedroom part in d.c. at more than $2,000 a month. alexandria aocasio-cortez she can't pay that until she begins collecting her until then chef jose andres isn offe to help out offering a place in his home until she can get on her feet. it's not every daeeyou get
6:38 pm
to giant panda up close and i mean really close. but news 4's eun yang came within arm's reach of tian tian today. the panda got a checkup yesterday. it was the first time visitors were allowed in to observe the physical. zoo officials told her notspo k in case she startled the panda. they fed him honey water to get him to still for the procedure. >> pandas are very food motivated. he knows if he teracts that there's a reward at the end of it. he's chill a'sut it. used to it. >> tian tian's keepers tell us he is a very agreeable they found nothing abnormal, just typical signs of ageing. he is now1 2years old. >> look at eun yang, look at that. >> i know, that was quite the close-up of his mouth. >> i don't think we'vevercl
6:39 pm
gotten te. you think you're doing a good deed, but it could end up backfiring our consumer team has the warning for venmo use. and i'm tracking the raing exithe area for now. still a couple of showers as we move through the rest of the night until the cold front moves through. once that moves through, the cold air comes along with it. we'll show you what to expect for your weekend and even colder
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a consumer alert tonight about two popular paymentps >> a new scam is targeting venmo users and paypal users are receiving e-mails that may raise some redflags. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you to protect your money. >> so these are tery important alerts thatsh you reay ld hear about. let's start with that paypal e-mail. here's what it looks like. ctthe sub line tells you you need to take action by january 27th in order toarry a paypal
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yourself. open the settings in the venmo app and turn on tch i. and pin. you will have to enter your pin every time you send money now, but you willt least be protected, and of course if you do let a stranger use your ee phone, an eye on what they're doing. you never ow back to you. thank you, susan. we're staying on top of the breaking news, the big traffic mess createds reagan national airport, and for miles around. look at the traffic situation there. this is a problem apparently there's construction at reagan national, which s has beenwing down traffic for quite a while. now metro has closed the metro stop there for repairs, exaggerating the problem tenfold it would appear. the rain probably isn't helping either. we'll have another live rort from jackie bensen from the from jackie bensen from the sceneoming up in c a
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traffic nightmare is here at foran national airport, and miles around the airport. >> and it's all because two metro stations havbeenlosed for track work on a friday right here at rush hour, folks. taking a look at the first 4 traffic map, vehicles are backed up well onto the gw parkway. we've seen a lot ofe peo on foot hoofing it trying to catch flights putting themselves in danger. jackie bensen says there's huge gridlock downtown c stal city where you are still. that's going to take a while? >> reporter: well, take look hind me. it's not getting any better, ani whatave been learning from people as we see them rolling their wheely bags through here
6:47 pm
ishat people have been able to get as far as the pentagon city station and then they are taking themselves out of the station on foot and attempting to walk to reagan national airport. we have some pictures, i wthink t it looks like inside the pentagon city station as people are trying to wait to get on a shuttle to take them to th next station. we're hearing about ry, very long lines. i canha tell you just a short time ago we talked to someone who was waiting here in traffic. obviously very, very f lstrated, taketen to what they had to say. >> traffic is terrible, and you know wt's really badhen they're talking on the radio and the news shows up. >> where were you trying to get to? >> i was trying to pick my brother up from the airport, but i'm probably going to t l him to take a cab and go the other way. >> so you can take a live look right now. i
6:48 pm
this the line of traffic trying to get on to jefferson davis highway. that is the way people have been threading through arlington. we see uber drivers. we see cabs. we see passenger vehicles trying to get to reagan national airport, but all of the neighborhood right around this area thoroughly grid locked righ i now. lin arlington, jackie bensen news 4back to you. >> all right, thank you. and on twitter no real word from tro yet. the last thing they tweeted was about h sevenrs ago about veterans day. they put the closure on there as a re-tweet, but tno reflection f the chaos down there. >> you would think if they're doing repairs down there, that nkst were starting this afternoon, you'd they would be able to put a hold on that now that we can see what a huge problem is out there. back with a storm team 4 weather report. a rainy start to our weekend, and tomorrow windy and cold with
6:49 pm
even a freeze on the way. ug andamelia, timing out the temperature drop in just three minutes. loverere are a few music who haven't heard the name wenton marcellus. his genius on the trump is halebrated all over the world. >> another name rises to the top of the jazz world, the two of them were in town performing for a full house of invited guests. >> our barbara harrison is here to tell us y. barbara. >> the russian ambassador about the current state of affairs.s between the and his country? >> i would like to say tha not easy for me of course taking into account irritants that we have with the united states, but it seems will survive, and i hope that our presi tdent will help us to improve our relations. >> and washington he says is
6:50 pm
very different from other places in the country he's visited. >> frankly, i don't want to offend anybody, but you'll see that there is no toxic atmosphere in san francisco or in salt lake city that i feel here. >> but perhaps the atmosphere felt less toxic for the ambassador at thi event where the dialogue between the two super pows played outith a decidedly upbeattone. with russian egor butman on sax phone and wentonarcellus on trumpet the action from those esent of all political persuasions here in washington was audibly positive. dialogue through cultural interchanges is a mission of philanthropist susan caramel. >> they're great artists. they're grea'rfriends. they great humanitarians, they're great educatorsend
6:51 pm
theyreat leaders. >> they are almost exactly the same age, both born this october of 1961 on both sides of the globe they saw prejudice and repression. >> we have anti-semitism. my father is jewish. my mother is russian. >> when you're a kid you don't realize. you think things are about you. a z you gro and get more experiences, you realize this is all a pary of the hist the world. >> egor says as a young musician in russia he got his early lessons in jazz. >> asng you trumpet player. >> i heard about him befmee i him and knew him. man, there's a guy in russia that can pli. >>. >> a mutual admiration has led to a great friendship despite the distance and continuien issues betheir countries. >> we speak a common language and we love that.
6:52 pm
>> it was quite a cothert. shared the dialogue award. they were recognized for theirn monu contributions in bridging the divides that separate their countries. our country and theirs through music. and it was really a wonderful evening. >> so nice to see and hear their friendship. >> absolutely. >> it reallyomes through. great piece. >> they're terrific guys. >> barbara, thank you. >> you're welcome. we're in weather alert mode tonight. let's check in with doug and amelia tracking conditions from storm center 4. >> the p onet of the alert is just about done. the rain's aboutheone but next thing is the cold. >> it's going to be the coldest weekend so far this season. >> most of the rain moving out of the area. we still have some locations with some drizzle, some fog out there right now. n youice all the rain well to the north and west here, the wider view showing the rain we saw heavy rain now over towards the eastern shore, over towards the delaware beaches and new jersey beaches.
6:53 pm
this is what we have to wait to go through. this is a cold front. once this moves through, we'lln see the r come to an end. there's not much out there tonight, so for the high school otball games, here's another game going on tonight. mt. vernon, cool andhower activity, but not a lot of rain. take the umbrella just in case the big deal is going to be the cold weather we've got comingn in here. speaking of cold, only in the 30s to the north, 37 state college, and amelia many areas tomorrow will not make it out of the 30s with the windchill. >> we're going to see the winds pick up overnight tonight, and then it's windy throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow and even on sunday, it is definitely puffy ct kind o weather. you even want the gloves out there sunday morning with temperatures in e 20s and 30s on monday, we get a bit of a break, we have rain on tuesday, d then it is extremely cold on wednesday and thursday. doug's goi o to have mor that coming up in a second. check out the feels-like mperatures tomorrow around 3:00 in the afternoon. feeling 2kein winchester, 39 in the district, and 34 in frederick, so yeah, it's going
6:54 pm
to be a cold day out ther it's still cold out there on sunday, but with a lighter wind. start. frigid the areas here in purple are under a freeze warning. this includes thedistrict, arlington, alexandria, and all of the counties east of i-95. again, a freeze warning is going to be in effect saturday night the windchills in the 30s tomorrow certainly going to be a shock to the system. >> a shocko the system tomorrow, and then even colder, we think, on wednesday. so again, 45 tomorrow with windchills in the 30s. 47 on monday or on sunday. monday a high of 53, the winter outlook coming u up on monday. tuesday a high of 53 that's the next real big storm. 41.esday a high o many of you may not make it to 40 on wednesday
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
part of a month long initiative >> raise cancer awareness in the hockey. pecial night, hockey fights cancer night. for 20 years the league and the caps have de a brilliant job with hockey fights cancer and this is special for the locklin family tonight. >> there's so many people affected throught the dmv and around the world, and this initiative by the nhl and the nhl players association is very special, and i'm looking forward to tonight. >> t capitals a entertaining the columbus blue jackets. the blue jackets come in with a very hard-earned, hardworking reputation. they always give the caps a good battle. >> the caps have had their number here in this building, and i think there's some bad blood that came through the playoffs last year when the capitals ousted them. they've got a lot of talent. the capitals have to shut down one guy, i call him the bread man, timmypaneran. >> there were some hard feelings between the caps and the blue jacket should be a real fun game
6:59 pm
tonight in washington. back to the studio now. >> and you'll see plenty of signs like tt.s there toni it's going to be a great
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight, california in flames. raging infernos exploding from north to south, people found dead in their cars on roads cut off in massive struggle to escape. up and down the coast, it's paradise lost. entire cities burned to the ground, homes torched in malibu and beyond. >> this massive fire here in southeca lifornia has now jumped the 101. it is making a run towards the ocean. >> tonight, firefighters overwhelmed, flames scorching the size of 80 football fields every minute. a war of words erupts, the nra versus doctors fed up and speaking up after the latest ms shooting in america.


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