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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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breaking news tonight, california in flames. raging infernos exploding from north to south, people found dead in their cars on roads cut off in massive struggle to escape. up and down the coast, it's paradise lost. entire cities burned to the ground, homes torched in malibu and beyond. >> this massive fire here in southeca lifornia has now jumped the 101. it is making a run towards the ocean. >> tonight, firefighters overwhelmed, flames scorching the size of 80 football fields every minute. a war of words erupts, the nra versus doctors fed up and speaking up after the latest ms shooting in america.
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and a mom whose son survived the vegas massacre only to die in the bar issues a thundering call to iction. >> aon't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control, and i hope tgod body else sends me anymore prayers. new turns in the election cliffhangers in florida, arizona and georgia. votes still being counted and lawsuits flying. michelle obama getting personal likve before tearing into president trump d revealing a painful chapter in her marriage. you? is recording new rules that everyone who uses uber should know. at price you pay could mean an early present for families. and lady gaga's private battle and new message inspirmig llions. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lesteholt reporting tonight from pacific california. g d evening. as we come on air, the malibu coastline and a rising tower of smoke. there is flames up and
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down hard to reach canyons and hard to reach homes. the fire cutting a destructive path to the ocean by dry san ana oceans. and the pacific cot ghway, the primary e ror 13,000 under mandatory evacuation orde, all lanes southbounds toward saty. there are six major fires burning and 240,000 people forced from their homes. the largest fire burning hundreds of miles to the north claiming the lives of five people found dead in cars. apparently unable to outrun thes. our team has it all covered starting with gadi schwartz in west lake village. >> reporter: good evening, lester. this is a serine scene. especially for those of us that live here. flames.consumed by this is a hotel, firefiters are working to knock out the fire before it
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spreads to complexes nearby and this is just one of the 75,000ct stes in this area that is currently under threat. the wall of flames came in the dead ogh t, two fast-moving firestorms within miles. firefighters unable to stop their advance, instead focussing on evacuations. says get out.rtment he says you're going to get trapped, the fire is on us. >> reporter: the 10 freeway, one of the most traveled in america shut down in both directions as flames jump the road making a run for the ast. this is an erie sight. it is burning towards the ocean. >> oh my god. >> reporter: in the community of west lake villa, neighbors watch fire natos rip h their canyons. did you get everything
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out? >> just my papers. >> reporter: she says she's worried her home of 35 years might be lost. >> are you scared? >> yes. absolutely. well, we're safe, ? ok we're safe. >> reporter: others evacuated with everythiy could including horses. >> the fire was all around me. i couldn't change smoke and fire. >> reporter: right now, we're seeing people that waited for the last possible minute getting out while thes get so close. >> reporter: on the ridges above, firefighters work to beat back flames tfet like a blast furnace. just like that the fire comes up the ridge, we're falling back for safety.>> evacuate the area. >> reporter: in malibu, nic as a plume of smoke threatened more destruction. the entire ocean city ordered to evacuate ing traffic jams before the flames moved in. >> it feels like the garden of eden turned into the ges of
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hell. >> reporter: kim and kanye west and caitlyn jenner's home ne reportedly bto the ground. also destroyed, the paramount ranch. >> you can see the potential for this fire. >> reporter: forcing the closure of the l.a. zoo and evacuation of animals. uthern california's santa ana winds unrelenting and the fire uncontained. >> as we move forward, you know, we have predictions but we t doow what mother nature is going to give us. >> reporter: communities now praying for relief from more tragedy and loss. gadi swartz, nbc news, west lake village, california. i'm miguel almaguer. el> heavenly father, pleasep us. >> reporter: these are the terrifying moments families fled the flames in northern california. g > there are embers blowder my car. >> reporter: some the city of paradise living in hell, narrowly escaping with their lives. >> we're going to get fire. >> no, we'reoing to get out of here. >> reporter: as fire closes in, joe allen
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trying to keep 3-year-old daughter olivia calm with song. ♪ baby it will be all right ♪ >> reporter: the allens making it to htsafety but tonig five bodies were discovered in vehicles consumed by flames. the inferno moving at 80 football fields a minute. >> we're trying to protect stctures. >> reporter: in the heart of the fire fight, an hour outside sacramento, crs are losing ground. kathy park in the city. >> you can see how intense the flames are right now couming this home. you can possibly see a propane tank going up in flames. the flames continue to consume this area. >> repter: tonight it's feared the number of fatalities could grow. for crews it's too dangerous to look for the missinlaces like this. a >> just hugend said we'll all die, we got to get out ohere. >> reporter: exploding
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from ten acres to more than 70,000 in a matter of hours, firefighters are out manned and over matched. >> that fire from the second it started wa off to the races quickly grew within minutes and well off to burning at dangerous rates of spread. >> reporter: with 50,000 evacuated, most of the cit paradise is gone. so-called campfirema ging. tonight evacuates and firefighters are amoth e injured and it's unclear how many have beenilled. a hospital evacuated, the elderly rushed to safer ground. >> our ranch is on fire. my houses on fire. everything. >> reporter: with families like the allens narrowly escaping with their lives.>> west past it. we're out of it. or> yay. >> repr: they may have lost it all but still have each other after fleeing paradise. miguel almaguer, nbc news. ia>> here in southern califos the flames are spreading, we were a short distance away la night reporting from the scene of the bar massacre that left 12 dead.
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the gunmted on social media as he carried out his rampage saying he was bored but sane. a is motive however stilstery. as we know the identities of the 12 killed including a police officer, a father of two and college students. the nra s not commented on the massacre but something the gun lobby group tweeted has a fierce e feud with many of th doctors. catie beck explains. >> reporte this 27-year-old was killed wednesday night. one of a dozen lives lost in california's borderne club shooting. he survives a las vegas concert shooting last year but sadly not this time. his mother susan tells kabc tv she wants change. >> i want gun control, and i hope to god
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nobody else sends any more prayers. gu want gun control. no mor. >> reporter: parents are part of a growing chorus of concern over gun violence, one that cludes doctors. do you think gun violence is a public health issue? >> it's a public health crisis. >> reporter: new a war of words raging on social media between the national rifle association and doctors. on wednesday before the california shooting, the nra firing back on twitter against a doctor group that said physicians should be talking to patients about gun safety. someone should tell gun doctors to say in their lane. the tweet sparking fury in doctors across the country. we're not anti gun, we're anti bullet holes in our patients. do you know how many bullets i pull out of corpseweekly? >> when we're dealing with this on a daily basis, the trama that we're seeing, we're the voice. >> repter: but still, a fierce debate with no solution in
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sight. catie beck, nbc news. more breaking news tonight, those election cliff hangers, major races still not called in florida, georgia and arizona. votes are still bein counted and now lawsuits are flying. here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: tonight it's florida, florida, florida again. >> tho votes be declared invalid. >> reporter: at issued nd tens of thou uncounted votes. >> let's get to work. >> reporter: for senate candidate republican governor aick scott, the vote tota narrowing from a 56,000 vote lead election night to a 30,000 gap the next day and tonight, less than 15,000 votes. >> i will t sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal the election. >> reporter: scott without evidence blaming democrats. president trump toda >> all of a sudden, they are finding votes out of nowhere, although, i hear -- i don't know, you tell me. >> reporter: incumbent senator bill nelson
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says you can't claim victory without having a complete vote count. >> votes are not being found, they are being counted. >> reporter: the confusion in florida in several counties. >> that vote is invalid. >> reporter: it likee 00 presidential meltdown, only this time no hanging chads. in the hotly contested governor's race in georgia, stacy abram challenging the result hoping for a race off with brian kemp and a razor tight race as hundreds of thousands of votes are being counted. by tomorrow afternoon florida ma no e hoice but to order a statewcount. lester? >> kerry sanders, thanks. with his pick for acting attorney general under fire, president trump is alefending his choice while seeming to
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stance himself from the new man overseeing mueller. the president saying he doesn't know matt whittaker, eveafter saying exactly the opposite. here is peter alexander. >> reporter: president trump arriving tonight in paris, hours after lashing out when asked if he wants matt whittaker, his acting attorney general to reign in the russia investigation. >> what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. but i watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> reporter: whittaker sided with the president arguing the mueller investigation goes too far evegg ting ways to undermine it. mr. trump today insisting he hasn't spoken to whittaker about being involved with the probe. >> that's up to him. >> reporter: and trying to put distance between himself and the man running the justice department. >> i don'tw matt whittaker matt whittaker worked for jeff sessions and always extremely highly thought of and he still is but i didn't know matt whittaker. >> reporter: that's not what he told fox
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news a month ago. r > i can tell you matt whitta a great guy. >> reporter: with demonstrators rallying to be protecte they are calling on him to recuse himself. don't think we can expect matt whittaker can fairly oversee an investigation when he doesn't think it's necessary. >> reporter: as for a permanent a.g., the president says there is no rush. peter alexander, nbc news, the house. as all that plays out, the president has just touched down in paris and already a swing at his host. kristen welker is there for us tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: lester, striking that t is president trump is lashing out at french id prt emanuel macron. he's here to celebrate peace among allies, the world of world war i. this started when macron said europe should build its own military to protect against outside forces including the u.s. president trtwp ted out that's very insulting. they were ce so close their relationship was a bromance but that's fizzling, setting the stage for high diplomatic drama this weekend.
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>> kristen welker, thank you. former first lady michelle obama is opening up she reveals the thing she'll never forgive and her private battle with something many families struggle with. llere is andrea mitc >> our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> reporr: after fiercely guarding her privacy in the white house years, the most revealing memoir written by a former first lady ripping president trump's false accusaons out her husband's citizenshias bigoted and dangerous. what if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to washington and wentok g for our girls, donald trump with his loud and reckless sayings are putting us at risk and for this i never forgive him. the buzzed with furry after the "access hollywood" te. a candidate for president of the united states has
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bragged about sexual assaulting women. >> reporter: today present trump hit back. >> i guess she wrote a got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always insist you come up with controversial. >> reporter: most of obama's book focuses on her life story and details with a miscarriage. >> i felt lost and alone and felt like i failed because i didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk about them. >> reporter: conceiving her two izirls through in vitro fertion. even they struggleed to make it work. >> marriage counseling for us is a way where we learned how to talk out dierences. >> reporter: andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. tonight supreme court justice ruth gader ginsburg is out of the hospital. she's doing well and working from home.
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what you say in an uber could come back to haunt you. ask members of an nhl term that learned the hard way after video of their recent ride was leaked. as jo ling kent explains, uber is changing polic >> reporter: it's something so many of us have done. >> if you actually do pay attention, he doesn't ever teach you anything. off in an uber nding thinking it's a hlrivate place. herelayers complained about their assistant coach. >> i haven't paid attention in three weeks. >> reporter: little do they know the driver's camera was recording every word later posting their highrofile dirty laundry online going viral. >> ihink it's a violation of your privacy. >> i wouldn't want to be recorded without knowing. >> reporter: a driver said he had the camera in his vehicle for tsprotection and reg posting the video. it comes after another uber driver in st.
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louis streamed over 700 rides without is peon. uber changed rules saying broadcasting a person's image, audio or video recording is a violation of terms and may result in loss mpf account access. the y banned the drivers permanently. the new policy does not ban drivers from recording passengers for secueasons. the bottom line, watch what you say a where you say it. jo ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. also tonight, just in time for thanksgiving travel, good news at the gas pump. the powerful message and super star hitting home for so many. you're headed down the highway
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we're back now with an early now christmas gift for american families two weeks from the thanksgiving travel rush. gas prices are tanking, which means more money in your pocket. there could be trouble ahead. with more, here is tom costello. >> reporter: it's happened so fast, you may not have even noticed, pump price haves dropped like a rock down six cents in a week, 17 cents in a month. unleaded $2.72 a gallon nationwide, the lowest since april.
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the world market. n >> the country is saving $75 million a day, versus what we're shelling out four weeks ago. the average household, well, call it about 2 to $3 every tank they are saving. reporter: prices could continue to drop as aaa predicts a cord 48.5 million of ths will clog the roads for anksgiving. that's 5% more traffic than last year. >> dropped down by nine, ten cents. good holidays. >> reporter: experts say gas prices could go back up by christmas as u.s. sanctions curtail iranian oil exports and oil-producing countries coider cutting back. tom costello, washington. up next, the dramatic rescue caught on camera, stay with us. with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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here is joe fryer. >> reporter: in front of an audience, lady gaga received an award and delia message. >> when it comes to mental health, we can and we will make it a priority by leading the way. >> reporter: that topic was the focus of her 23-minute speech at a foundation award ceremony lady gaga opened up about her mental health battles including depression and suicidal thoughts. >> we need to share our stories so global mental hno longer resides and festers in the daness. >> reporter: last night, she referenced ngrecent mass shoo including wednesday's bar massacre in california. investigators still don't know the gunman's motive but id the veteran might be suffering from ptsd. >> which is a mental issue. we know it's dangerous and important and we
7:25 pm
have to pay attention to it. >> i don't sing my own songs. >> why? >> i just don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: the singer turned actress has a leading role in "a star is born," it deals with mental and by speaking out she wants to raise awareness. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. i want to show you an amazing rescue caht on dashcam. two troopers racing to safe a man who was unconscious and had his foot on the gas pedal. with the flames growing, they managed to pull him out. luckily, nobody was seriously injured by a couple heroes. we're back with more from southern california after this. ongest. jimmy (shouting): james! he's survived record rain and a supplier that went belly up. so while he's proud to have helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own.
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