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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, traffic nightma nightmare. >> it's really bad when they are talking on the r and the news shows up. >>rain, road work, track work. the perfect storm at reagan national vairport. neweo you will only see on
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news 4. the images and the audio thated heonvict a man of murder and a mother listens to her son's heartbeating in a young girl's chest. her emotional reunion with the part of him that lives on. >> mole meadow said it was the rain and they said it was metro. the trafficbelieve, and transit nightmare in arlington was one for the ages. for hours tonight, the traffic barely moved around reagan national airport. jackie got caught up in it all where things have finally stted to calm down. what a night, jackie. >>t i has been a night.
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traffic calmed down, but you can hear it and take a look over there. you can see it. that is the work that metro is doing tonight that led to this epic traffic jam. it got very bad very fast. the friday ening closure of the reagan national airport and crystal city metro stations was like putting a cork in ae bottl of fizzy water and shaking it. hard. b traffick up spilled out in every direction. the rush hour did not help. drivers trying to get ttthe airpor began threading their way through residential streets and tempers grew short. there were several minor collisions.av >> webeen here for over an hour. >> long lines seen here oned social posts started growing for the schultz buses fthat take peoplem the pentagon city station and the
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airport and stations south. esthe bus were caught up in the same traffic as everyone else. the lines began stretching around the station. by 6:00 p.m., south of theon pentag and east of army-navy drive and west of-mile run was in gridlock. many gave up waiting and began on foot. >> i tried to get a besh and it was like $70. i just started hoofing it hoping to catch a taxi. i haven't caught one yet. >> the lower levelja remained ed with the passengers waiting for the shuttles. metro tweeted a statement that ad in part, the mix of traffic and weather are impacting the ability to continuously move our schultzes. we apologize for the delay. metro said this is a four-day projecthere. they wanted to do it over a holiday weekend. it's ayveteran's so that only
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one commuting day, today, tonight would be impacted. live at reagan national airport. news 4. >> boy, was it. thank you. >> the weather was a factor. >> it sure was. >> talking about the weather, we alert for her tomorrow morning. >> we are not worried about the rain so much anymore, but it's getting cold out there. >> for sure. you mentioned the weather bei a factor and weather had a part in it. that was a well forecast weather event. just to throw it out there, we are talking about the chance of rain for well over a week. we knew we would see heavy rain. a half inch to an take a look at the storm making its way through northeast. still shower activity around our area. the front right in here making its way this is the cold air behind the secondary front that is tryg to move through. the rain moved out and look at snow in parts of new england. the lake effect snow to the west. right now we are close t 50. 56 in ocean city. that's nice, but 33 in columbus,
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ohio. 36 inpittsburgh. the cold air is moving in and that's why manyw areas tomor under a freeze warning. we will talk about that and the wind chills. they are going to be hefty as well. even colder air next week. >> you got it. we will check back with you in a bit. only on news 4, a fairfax county jury found a man guilty of second-degree murder for shooting his friend in annd argument a it was caught on video. they argued that he fired in self defense. the victim pulled a knife before the shooting in a bait t shops past march. two men and two other friends got into aneated debate w the shooter and 21-year-old got into a scuffle. the friends say that van brought out his knife and say he was not threatening. video evidence from inside the store shows what happened next. we won't show it here, but he fired one shot into van's chest.
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rithe other fends called 911 and started cpr, but there was nothing they could do. he even admitted to the shoot with 911 dispatchers. take a listen. >> we got in an argument and a weapon was pulled i have been trained and -- [inaudible] >> the jury did not buy the self defense argument. again, convicting him of second-degree murder. they recommended aghentence of years in prison. a mother killed her may have staged it to look like a murder-suicide. officers arrested megan hargue an in west virginia and she faces two counts ofeg firste murder. they believe helen hargan shot and killed her mother and turned
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the gun on herself in july of 2017. then they uncovered a family drama invving money. meganhargan attempted fraudulent money transfers on the day of the murders as well as the day before. >> search warrants suggest the crime scene may have been altered or staged. more changes could be filed. >> breaking tonight, the wildfires in california continue to rage on and continue to kill. at least nine people are confir qd dead. rter of a million people are under evacuation rsorde unbelievable video like this showing fmes chewing through people's homes and devouring forests. the camp fire burning in northern california is blamed for all nine of the confirmed at hs. five of the victims were found n vehicles that couldn't escape. they were so badly burned, they
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couldn't even be identified. the hill fire and woolsey fire areurng in southern california. kim kardashian and lady gaga were forced out. thousand oaks under evacuation orders, the same town that is reeling from the mass shting. aoman who live there is said e twin disasters "it's like welcome toll as the town evacuates, they are looking into the possibility that the gunman in thousand may have thought his ex-girlfriend was in the bar wednesday night. ian long shond killed 12 people at the border line bar-and-grill in surban l.a. before taking his own life the marine veteran posted on social media during the rampage sayiwas bored, but sane. today presint trump blamed mental illness for the massacre. the gunman's former roommate thinks the government is
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ultimately responsible. >> well obviously h has an illness. you guys referred to it a ptsd. the government should be fixing that. >> in awapril, long a mental health specialist who worries the veteranad post traumatic stress disorder. president trump defended his choice of matthew whitaker to serve as acting attorney general. he declared whitaker highly respected,ng contradic statements that he didn't know him well. he madehem on fox just last month. >> i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. he worked for jeff sessions. i didn' know matt whitaker. >> he is a great gu i knowmatt whitaker. >> that are clip was from fox oand frien october 11th, less than a month ago. critics of the president have e himself him to rec
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from the mueller investigation because of comments made on cnn aboutow to end the investigation by defunding it. tonight on new a 4 6:00, political director chuck todd joined us and here's what he had to say about the response to inwhitaker's apent. >> in fairness to him, he is a former u.s. attorney he took the oath and worked for the justice department. we don't know what action actions he might take. let's at least wait for the problem to catch up with your out rage. i think people started to jump on this. he hasn't donein anyg yet. i have to tell you, it is odd they went ahead with this choice and never vetted him. he was talking about how anti attorney general could defund the probe. could you have foundatomebody th didn't have that public track record talking about that? he has byry e definition meets
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the criteria for recusal. he is not going to do it because that's why he t the job. th smacks of a really poorly vetted decision by this white house. >> more to come from chuck sunday morning on "meet the press." every sunday at 10:30 here on nbc 4. fans of former first lady michelle obama had to get through the holiday weekend before picking up her new book. the memoire becoming is available on tuesday. mrs. obama shared new insights into her private life as a mother and wife andrites about going to marriage counselling and struggling through miscarriage and ivf. the book tourncluding two days in d.c. and tickets are available at capital one arena on november 17th and the 25th. >> next at 11:00, a local mom's reunion with son's still-beating heart. >> his life was not completely over. >> the thank you tonight from
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the family he saved. plus,pe acial veteran's day episode of the tonight show. a maryland vetalled up on stage with jimmy. >> this is for
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tonight one family's heart break brings hope for a happy and healthy ture. xavier young's life was cut short by a bullet, butn death he gave others life. his mother met a girl whos alive today because xavier's heartbeats inse her. darcy spencer was there for i
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heart felt meeting. >> oh, sweetheart. you tok amazing. y are meeting for the first time, the mother of a murder victim and the teen who received her son's heart. ng perso an amazing y and i just wanted to be around her. and hear my son's heartbeat. >> using a stethoscope, jennifer young was able to hear her s xavier's heartbeat. a cancer survivor at the age of 13 received his heart in a ansplant. it was a moment young had been waiting for since her son's death aear ago, but nothing could prepare her for this. >>amazing. thank you so much. >> the meeting between young, gwen and gwen's parents and siblings was set up through j n johns hopkins hospital. she hopes it will encourageot rs to be a donor. >> out of your tragedy y are
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givinglife. as a mother it gave me sanity to know that pieces of my child are stillve that helped me to get through the grieving process easier. >> xavier was shot and killed in laurel. he was just 14 years old. gwen's parents know their daughter received the gift ofe rom someone who lost his so violently. >> with her heart and the joy we feel, we have to remember that theer side of it is that it was a tragedy and there is always going to be a grieving family. >> gwen will head to eighth grade and she heads home with the reassurance of her son's memory living on through the life he saved. darcy spencer.4. news >> what are an incredible moment. tonight is a specialto on the ght show starring jimmy fallon. in honor of veteran's day, the
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studio audience will be packed vth active duty military members,erans and families. one of the people in the audience is from maryland. e joined jimmy for a game called thesp w challenge. >> your husband is behind you. >> huh? >> your -- >> tore? >> what a great surprise for her. do not miss her reaction. we are going to save that for s "the tonigw" after our newscast. that was prettybrilliant. >> that was awesome. >> who is overdressed here? >> this is the definition of a bad sign. >> don't put the hood on. >> you won'teed that. you will need hats. i th what they got here. telemundo 44. this is a place for my hat and
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they have plenty o places for goffs. you will need it all. this is the cold air we are talking out. look at the latest information. 30 to 40 me an hour winds with temperatures only in the low to mid 40s. it really will be this col am i'm not joking here. as we move out, out there right now -- >> now it's there with the heat down. we are sitting at 49 degrees and winds atho 7 miles per. temperatures will not fall much. we saw the cloud cover and we are in the 40s around winchester. we will see cooler weather and we will show you the front. one front came through and ere is showeivity along i-95 and most of us are on the dry side. here's the next area. the cold air with this front back to the west.ds
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in tow pennsylvania and the buffalo area. once this moved through, the cold air moved in and here's thatda bo. notice behind it, we are at 33 degrees. the winds are picking up. 36 in pittsburgh. many of our areas will be in the 30s and theic windsup and we are looking at a cold day. high of only 45. we are warmer than that right no breezy and cold and windy. 30 miles per hour and maybe 40. puffy coat time. look at w thed chills. 37 in the d.c. area. 24 in winchester. 29 in leesburg. they do not improve all that much. the windom does comerow night and you think that's good. that allows temperatures to be even colder and because of that, we have f aeze warning for
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areas south and east of i-95. d.c., arlington and all of southern maryland. if you are not f in aeze warning, the growing seasons over and you will not see any more freeze warnings, you will be just as cold if not temperatn the 20s in many areas. temperatures around 53. speak of monday, i have to do it real quick. the winter outlook and you want to find outow much snow 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, join us for the latest on the winter forecast. on queue, winter moves back in on wednesday after a strong front on tuesday. wednesday is going to be another tremely cold day. >> thank you, doug. >> see my jacket? >> yeah. there on the floor. coming up, huge night fors spo around the dmv. the caps, wizards and the terps an all the rest of the games out there tonight. everyone was in action.
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first here's more jimmy fallon. >> we have a special verans day show. day show. mark wahlberg is with u
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...on furniture that's already marked down. it's savings on top of savings!ve ys. #lifelooksgood. the kin of guys that like good hockey fights. they got in and gave us a good one. >> a big figth and not like . it's cancer night at capitol one. a month long initiative with this. like they say i fight for this one
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representing my buddy who died at skin cancer at age 18 has since beat skin cancer multiple times. the warm up jerseys as part of the cancer campaign. eirst here is no score. columbus on th power play. oliver goes johnny walker blue. the blue jackets and the cavs get it back on the power play. the third goal of the season and tied at one. that's again on the power play. off the d.reboun sneaks it in. that b will the difference maker. that was not enough. caps fall 2-1. dwight howard and the wizards taking on the magic. he spent eight years in orlando and would save his best years. magic up 25. th the triple.
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magic shot 51% from the fieldon and washingt struggled and bradley beal not struggling. 27 points and ve-point game. washington trying to mound a come back. they get the turn over and here comes john getting fancy. coast to coast. he had 19 points and 12 times. in the end, d.j. there and theo wiz le and drop to 2-9 on the year. college hoops. maryland weapon navy. johnam ma was honored. his seat left empty early on. t theerps with smith with t ard and the bounce. put marylandig up by e at the half. anthony cowen with the steal. going the other way. find darrell.
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cowan with 24 points and six dimes. terps end up winning big.78 -57. to the women, ninth ranked maryland opening theirso sean against college park. it was all terps from the get . maryland scored 31 points in t opening quarter and never looked back. freshman taylor micele had the way to 18 points. 93-36 win.s that how you do it.lf that's top s for sure. high schoolfootball, guys. st. charles in waldorf. cameron blouns keeps it in. the fourth10nd . that crowd is rolling. it's ae- onint game. no extra points. patriots going for two and fleming for the walk off win.
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saint charles playoff debut. 15-14. check out this display of sportsmanship after the game was ending. a tough loss. >> another big day in sports, bowie state against fayetteville state. good luck to the bulldogs. action packed a lady terps. the ladies. that's what we like to see. that's what we like to see. >> j
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