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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rig now at 6:00, we're working some big stories for you. first, a prince george's county police officer suspended from the force. what the chief said the officer demanded during traffic stops. >> looking live outside our studios in northwest d.c. you felt the chill today for sure, and temperatures arest falling we are in weather alert mode tonight. two people dead and a tvird im fighting for his life after a crash involving a grocery delivery truck in montgomery county. b reaking tonight, the death toll rising in those devastating wildfires tearing through california. and president trump causing a big controversy during an overseas trip because of what he didn't do. we begin with a prince
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george's couy police officer suspended. accused of taking money in exchange f not writing citations. good evening, i'm ericka gonzalez. news4's derrick ward with the police chief who fears the scandal could be deeper and involve even more people. >> reporter: allegations now, not proven but serious enough for the police chief tothake public. >> that an on-duty uniformed prince george's county police officer had demanded cash in exchange for leniency with citations.traffic >> reporter: the chief said that the claim wasn't just made once but twice, two separate citizens on two separate occasions, having similar run-ins with the same officer over the past coup ofeks. that officer is now suspended. the announcement camehe as investigation was less than 24 hours old. it wasn't a lot -- there wasn't lot in the way of details. the chief says he knows he's being vague, not giving a lot of information, at least not making it public like the name of the
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officer, the times or places of the alleged offenses. he says there's a reason for that -- >> i do notant to warn anyone who may be polluting this.r: >> reportee wants to find out ifth there are oer allegation, other citizens who were offered a pass on citations in exchange forhat's describe as hundreds of dollars in wcas. they't get into trouble. >> they are not culpable bause of the force of authority that an officer has. i completely understand that dynamic. that citizen, if proven to be true, will not be held responsible. >> reporter: the accused officer is described as having years on the county police force. in prince george's county, derrick ward, news4. all right. get ready for the coldest d of the season so far. this area is one of many in our region that will soon be under a freeze warning. fast.that happened storm team 4 meteorologist clay anderson shows that's leading to
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a weather alt. clay? good evening. hi, everyone. we're talking about day three of really looking at a storm alert that we have to take a look at. friday, heavy rains across the area. for today, wind and cold. and tomorrow, definitely cold in the morning. with fthat, aeze warning in effect. this freeze warning is east of interstate 95. so inside washington to annapolis, across highway 50, along the maryland eastern shore. we're taking aook at some areas, leonardtown, calvert beach, in that ea, is because of temperatures dropping below freezing in these areas. now already west of town, temperatures have already fallen to the west. they've already had freezing. for us right now, 37 degrees in college park. 40 inwashington. we'll give you a complete forecast, how long the cold air sets in in a moment. >> see you then. meanwhile, two people dead after a crash involving a pea pod truck in maryland. they were in a car trying to make a turn on north hampton
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drive, this is near new hampshire drive, when the truck hit theirvehicle. news4's darcy spencer's in montgomery county with more on the investigation now. >> reporter: it happened at this intersection inontgomery county early this morning. you can see utility crews are still here restoring traffic lights in the area. montgomery county police are still investigating what caud is deadly collision involving a foodelivery truck. video shows the toyota corolla and a pea pod by giant food truck here at intersection of new hampshire avenue and nor northampton drive. the driver of the truck struck the car i as was making a left turn. police are not saying who was at fault. the driver of the toy woman who was a passenger in the car died. another passenger in the corolla has life-threatening injuries. the driver othe peapod truck was not hurt. eo far montgomery county pol have not identified the victims. they say they're still trying to
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notify their families. in montgomery county, darcy sp cer, news4. here's what we've heard from giant in a statement to news4 that reads in part, quote, we are aware of this unfortunate situation. we are fully cooperating with local authorities and have placed the driver on administrative lea during the investigation, unquote. they sayhe t thoughts are with all those involved. breaking news to get to now. devastation in partsn of north and southern california tonight. wildfires have killed 11 people. nine peoplor dead in theern part of the state. two others killed not far from loangeles. in a few minutes, jay gray will give us an update on h weather will play a crucial factor the next 24 hours. tensionseemed to ea somewhat as president trump met with fnch president emmanuel macron today. mr. trump is in france ahead of memoration to mark the centennial of world wi. mr. trump tweeted overthat
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macron's -- overnight that macron's deals were insulting and macron said he misunderstood e statement. he said he and mr. trump had a great lunchon in paristh along heir wives. most u.s. presidents have visited a cemetery for americand kin world war i while visiting france. president trump has chosen not to go today. the white house canceled the trip citing bad weather. instead, the white hofse sent chietaff john mccain wi-- chieff john kelly. he says he sentf two the best marines in the united states with th. a formespeechwriter for president bush asylumed the decision calling it incredible. in the tweet that you see. we learned that president trump and fir lady melania trump are not staying in a eahotel. instd they'll be staying at the u.s. ambassador's residence
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in paris. ore honors for our country's heroes. how a group is commemorating veterans day and helping a d.c. community hit hard by tragedy. oneer day aft metro closings caused a traffic mess for the ages -- you remember this, right -- we'll see how cars, buses, and passengers are moving around you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less.
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national airport are running a lot smoother today after yesterday's commuting nightmare and gridlock. metro says you should still give are you extra time i planning to catch a flight tonight. today metro added more shuttle buses to help people get around. the metro stations at the airport and crystal city shudo yesterday for construction. they're going to stay that way through veterans day, as well. this was the scene, though, last night. people were tweeting their frustrations. metr is apologizing -- that's a woman that's actually walking to the airport. metro's apologizing sayinghe mix of traffic and we had the l bad weathert night, caused the delays. that rippled through arlington. you can find details on the closures and the workaround in the nbc washing n app, search "met "metro." as the country gets ready to honor o m service and women this veterans day, some folks in our area including veterans spent the day giving back to the community. teers helped vol spruce up a neighborhoodn clay terrace. this is the same neighborhood
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where a w 10-year-o struck and killed by a stray bullet over the summer. the mission continues. the nonprofit organized the event today. >> we've identified need. we have a crew of veterans and family and neighbors who wantsao ifice their saturday to take the skills that they learned in the military and to pay it forward to a community that needs help. >> we thank you for doing that. the mission continues is a nonprofit that helps vetreans who a adjusting to life at home. > three vietnam-era helicopters have landed in d.c. to help commemorate veterans day for the secondear in a row. the national archives invited the aircraft to be placedn its front lawn. the display coincides with a vietnam exhibit featured at the ives right now. if you stop by, you can chat up former vietnam pilots andju eve inside the choppers. the helicopters will be there through november 16th. like the garden of eden
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tu oed into the gf hell. >> as crews in california fight these destructive ldfires, another battle is brewing. president trump'senxplosive co about the tragedy and how firefighters are hitting back. and maryland fishermen say they haven't seen anything like this in decades. we'll reveal what' threatening we'll reveal what' threatening s ♪ we'll reveal what' threatening s if we want to stop cancer, why not use the body's immune system to fight it in new ways? if we want transplanted organs to thrive, why not convince the body they're compatible? if we want to unlock the mysteries of aging, why not look at them in a new way? at upmc, we question everything. we are uncommon to the core.
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we are upmc.
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>> day has turned to night in parts of california. ouldfires are barreling t the northern and southern parts of the state. 11 people have been killed. nine victimsn northern california. as nbc's jay gray explains, firefighters battle some of the worst wildfires in california's stor history. >> reporter: for a few hours today -- >> we know mother nature has given us a little reprieve today -- >>dseporter: the santa ana w have eased a bit. but the flames that ight here have not. >> our number-one priority is lives and property. >> reporter: as three major wildfires continue to burn out of control. the woolsey, hill fires in the t the camp blaze to the north, where at least nine people have died and close to 7,000 structures have been swallowed by the flames making it the most destructive wildfire inhe history of the state. president trump has signed a dl disaster declaration to help with the fight. traveling overseas, he's lashed out on line blang theires on
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gross mismanagement of california forests and threatening to withhold federal funds if it's not corrected. strike teams along the front lines and commanders coordinating the effort don't have time for a political war of words. >> i'm not at a point to address his comments. >> reporecr:se right now fire teams are engaged in a life-and-death battle with mother nature, with the winds and flames expected to intensify over the next several days. jay gray, nbc news, los angeles. after president trump blasted lifornia's forest management in a tweet this morning for its handling of the fires,he union representing firefighters fired back. brian riceaid that firefighters need encouragement, not blame. in the last 45minutes, mr. trump tweeted that the destructio is catastrophic and god bless them all. all right. florida voters wl have to wait
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a little longer to learn who won the state's governor and senate races. the secretary of state orders a recount. today's decision is a unprecedented review of two major races in the state that took five weeks to decide the 2000 presidential election. republican ron desantis barely leads democrat andrew gillum in the governor's race. democratic senator bill nelson trai thegop's rick scott in the senate contest. it's that time of year open enrollment. d.c. help link wants residents to sign up if already. residents can choose between 25 plans. enrollment ends january 21st. you can sign up at d.c.healthlinkeom. we orking for you in the community and want to thank everybody who came out to the final nbc 4 all-state community shreds for this year at least. doreen gentzler was greeting folks in line atld fedex fie this morning.
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close 3,000 cars came through. this is a big deal for so many people in our area shredding sensitive documents like old bank statements, it really is just the easiest way to prevent identity thef and a these people in line g that message. the next time that you eat tsters from the chesapeake bay, they may not hav taste that you're looking for. a new report says that heavier rains could affect thi year's harvest. coordinating to "the baltimore sun," rains in the bay and tributaries make oysters less salty. salt is a must for oysters to drive. an oyster harvester told the paper his oysters the normal spring growth spurt this yea and said he hasn't experienced that in 20 years. we talked about heavy rains on friday. strong winds today. d day three of a news4 storm weather alert. the reason for that is ur temper. and temperatures will continue to fall. now we should be about 61gr s for our high temperature today.
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we only made the low 40s. 40% in town, 34 in gaithersburg. temperatures in the0s everywhere you look. even annapolis coming in at 39 degrees. with that the freeze warning, as i said. folks to the west of town,ea they've a experienced temperatures below freezing. but for us, inside the beltway, across highway 50, maryland, eastern shore, it's n your turn. temperatures, they're going to take a plunge. toght and over the next several days. the feel-like temperature, we call it the windchill it feels like 31 in manassas. in the 20s across the potomac highlands. already that col air continu to work its way in across the region. so things you need to know -- over the next several days, for tonight, temperatures take a tumble. tomorrow will be breezy but not necessarily wind a great veterans day and again, veterans day to all of you. moay, rain, aold rain. monday night into tuesday. that's right, make sure you have the galoshes and the long coat.
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weep talk we talked aut the wind gusts, bringing feels-like temperatures down. mile-per-hour gusts. across our area, windchills for tomorrow morning, these are windchills. low freezing. below freezing. and much colder as we go to our west. even into monday, as i said, start to work, start to school, everyone, it's going to feel like iemperatures the 30s. make sure you bring that coat, everyone. with that let's start theking about forecast. we'll continue to show you that for monday, increasing clouds. to our west, rain showers start to move in. by the evening, overnight, monday, that cold rain sets in. so another rainy day, everyone, from monday into tuesday. so we're going to keep an eye on that, and it doesn't start to clear until later. with that, 30 degrees, temperatures tumble. a freeze warning starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. we'real gra getting to above freezing in the east. tomorrow, salute to the enveterans, the men and who have served our armed forces. myself included.
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40 degrees will be temperatures, mid 40s, thas about it, everyone. sunshine, but on the chilly side. for doug, he's going to have his winter weather forecast coming up. it will start monday at 4:00 and end quickly. n for thet several days, cool, cool, cold, and cold. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. not much change over t several days. >> you said you're a veteran, clay? >> yes. >> i did not know that. thank you for your >>service. hank you. u.s. air force, 20 years. >> thank you, sir. thank you. coming up in sports, maryland is just o ainy from becoming bowl eligible. why they had to rely oir t backup quarterback against indiana.
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z31blz z10rz
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y31bly y10ry it's really hard to believe with everything tt has happened to this maryland football team, the terps are one win from being bowl eligible with three gamesleft. games against ohio state and penn state to follow. today's game at indiana seed like a pretty good opportunity to get a win and bounce back from last week's disappointment. could they do it two to indiana we go, matt canada and maryland looking for their first conference road win of the season.
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second quarter, tps trailing 21-6. cassim hill keeps it. taken down awkwardly.g. holds the he did not return. needed help walking off the field. tyrell pigram enters the field. same drive ads hill went out.da vis punches it in from three rds out. missed extra point, however. terps trailing by nine. fourth quarter, maryland down five. the long second and goal. to jones along the sideline -- look at that extra effo. gets . touchdown maryland. they take the 32-31 lead. a hoosiers field goal gave them the two-point lead. minute left for maryland. pigram hit in the pokd, trying to make something happen -- in pocket, tto make something happen. maryland cannot pull off the comeba comeback. they fall 34-32 in bloomington. the redskins are heading for weather in tampa tomorrow. not bad, right? trying to get back in the win column and move on after losing threesive starters for the year due to injury.
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the talk all year has been talk of offense and ready for it t put up points on a consistent wbasis. tomorrill be no different. the redskins' the focus yet again. averaging 20 points a game which is just 25th in the league, by the way, wksle the buc have lost five of the last six. their offense, however, isex plosive. the redskins fall by an early, could be an early day. they have not won after trailing at any point. alex smith knows the key is getting off to a good start. >> we've learned our lessons as a team especiall offensively. we've got to execute and can't have the negative plu s. yocan't. it's too hard to against good football teams. yeah, imptant to go out and get, i think,nto a rhythm early. . reporter: to the nba, there's not much more to say about the wizards. last night they lost by nine to the magic, fall to 2-9 on the the wizards are the only team in league allowing 120oi ps per -
6:27 pm
game. the cavs and suns didn't have much expectations coming intoe season at all. hoping to make noise in the east with lebron he conference. and you can feel the frustration in bradleybeale'svoice. >> the definition of insanity, i guess. just got to d it man. just got to do it. -t it done. nothing nothing else to say. nothing else to even talk about. go g the damn job done. do whatever io takes to it. get it done. win games. that's what we've got to do. >> simple, just win games. congrats to bowie state. they won cia championship. their first conference title since their vacated championship in 1989. and women's r soccer, firstnd of the college cup, georgetown advanced 3-1 over central connecticut. while hallor was eliminated by north carolina. >> all right, george, thank you very much. all right, guys. hang in there.
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literally, puffy coat weathno time >> yes. >> for sure -- >> definitely find the ct and scarf. over the next several days, in fact, as you look atte eratures, normally for reagan national we should be 61 degrees. i don't see any 61 degrees -- i don't see any 50 degrees. i see a bunch of 40s and then those 30s. so yes, you still have a few more days, to find it -- go get them out and send them to the cleaners. thank you very much. that's the news fnow. we'll see you tonight after notre dame football.
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tonight, the infernos in california. wildfires claiming more lives and property up and down the coast. >> i'm devastated, i'm heartbroken, alone, i'm scared. >> we're in one town reeling from back-to-back disasters this week. returnf the florida recount. when will elections for governor and senator of the sunshine state finally be settled? >> commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i, a solemn american memorial, the president absent, as new questions surface about the balance ofe power in eur and in the world. with warmings water off the coast of maine, what will become of the state's billion-dollar lobster industry? plus,


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