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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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you can see through it. >> rht now on news4, a mother ercome with emotion after losing the home she raised her kids in andin bre tonight, the dead tsel from the california wildfiresor mthan doubles. the coldest air of the season so far set to blow into our region. are live with how people are dealing with the chill. a gunman shoots a dog when the
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pet tried to protect a d.c. man who had just been robbed. >> news4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> oh, my gosh, have you been outside today? punishing winds driving down the temperatures as a freeze warning goes into effect. we are in weather alert mode because of the cold air moving in. in a moment, darcy spencer will show us how people are braving theements. we want to start with meteorologist clay anderson. some areas are already reaching the below the freezing mark. soo talk about how cold it's going to get throughout the evening and how longshis sti around. >> well, we're now in day three of the storm team weather alert. we had very col m airing in. we had heavy rain for friday and now temperatures willotm out tonight. we'll look for temperatures to drop into the 20s and with a freeze warning is in effect. now, forhose west of
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interstate 95, they've already experienced the temperatures below the freezing mark. for us now, i-95here, washington, d.c., again if you cross highway 50 from annapolis into the maryland eastern shore down to the virginia northern neck, yes, it's going to be col, tonielow freezing for the entire region. how long will the cold air last? when will we get warmth? more rain is on the way. all the details coming up in the west your weekend forecast. >> all right, clark, tchnk you so our team coverage of this cold continues with darcy spencer who is out in old town, alexandria. i wasn't quiteo expecting see nut hat and gloves already. but i guess the time has come, hasn't it? >> reporter: that's right, erika. i don't knowbout you, but i had to go into the storage to get the hat, gloves, s therf today. i just wasn't ready. i can tell you a lot of wther peopen't tonight either. we're live in old town,
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alexandria. not a lot of people out tonight. as one man told me, the cold tonight is a shocker. >> plaeng corn h is one way to stay war on a nearly freezing cold night. he's fro new york. >> have to buy any extra accessories? >> yeah, we had to buy a couple hats andes glov but we're making the best of it. >> he's an exchange student from australia. >> what's it like back home? right now, it's probably like 100 degrees snirnt i don't think we'll see temperatures anytime soon. people had to break out the hats, gloonz puffy coats to enjoy a night out in old town. dogs had to be prepared with a coat and bling. if this sudden blast of cold air wasn't enough, the wind made me want to rush back inside. >> reporter: what's bringing you tonighhe cold >> work. we just got off. >> reporter: going someplace
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warm i assume? >> yeah. >> it's refreshing. >> reporter: you're ready for the cold. >> absolutely. do i look ready? >> reporter: kind of. this couple visiting from kansas city, taken by surprise. >> when i was here last your this time of year, the weather was glorious. it was like upper 70 lower it's the whole week. so this is a bit of a shocker. >> reporter: i just pulled u the nbc washington app. it's 34 degrees in old town, exandria, but it feels like 30. that 4 degreeifference might not sound like a lot but i can feel it below freezing here tonight. >> i'm with you. i too have to look for the winter coat. >> we want to switch gears. breaking news. 14 additional victims found in northern california bringin the death toll from the california wildfires to 25.nb s jay gray shows us how the weather could play a big factor in t coming urs.
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>> paradise is gone. >> reporter: the scope confident wildfires is overwhelming. with the loss like the flames, still growing. investigators confirming at least 23 people have died in the camp fire north of sa lamento. st two more victims perished in the woolsey fire, burning out of control along with the hill fire outside los angeles. >> frankly, folks, i don't like having to get up here every night and tell you about more bodies we're recovering. we're serious about that. when we give aat eion order, we mean it. >> reporter: more than a quarter of a million have already been pushed from homes and more evacuations are expected. as strike teams continue. wlam to this point has been a losi battle against the raging infer know. >> our num pr oneority is life and property. >> reporter: president trump has signed a disaster declaration to help with the fight but traveling overseas he's lashed out online, blaming the fires on gross mismanagement of
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california forests and threatening to withhold f funds if it's not corrected. strike teams along the front lines and commanders coordinating the effort don't have time for a political war of words. >> i'm not at a point to address his . comments >> reporter: because right now, fire teams are engaged in a life and death battle with mother nature with e winds and flames expected to intensify over the next several days. jay gray, nbc news mrks los angeles. and our hearts are all with theirs this even. stay with us. news4 at 11:00 is coming back , you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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months, a prince joshlgs county police officer has bee suspended. the latest investigation involves an officer accused of soliciting roadside bribes for cash. chief hank aswin ski s the officer allegedly took money in exchange for not writing citations. ame officer say the solicited bribes over the past two weeks. stawinski didn't give lot of details into the investigation today and says there's a robe for that. >> i do not want to warn anyone who may beolluding with this sister. >> the police department suspended another officer oro months a allegedly sexually assaulting an undocumented woman during a traffic stop. a frightening ordeal turns into heart break after a man's dog gets shot during a robbery on franklin street in northeast d.c. last night. h the victi just gotten out of his car when a man approached, pointed something in
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his back and then took his iphone and cash. the suspect ran to a getaway car. that's when police say the victim's dog, a tbull, ran after the guy. another man in the car shot the dog in the face. and the two suspects droveoff. the dog's injuries are described vere. animal control came and picked up the
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breaking news out of memphis, tennessee. a massing has left six people sh v. twotims are dead. the call came in about three
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hours ago. the victims ranging from 13 to 21 years of age. investigatorsre not saying what led up to the gunfire. nobody has been arrested. staying on top of the story and we'll bring you updates on air and through our nbc washington ap frencresident emmanuel macron warns his fellow world leaders against takgrg peace for ted. macron is hosting events to commemorate the end of w ald car i spoke at a dinner in parisat included president trump. mr. trump's decision to skip a visit to a cemetery in france for fallen american soldiers is overshadowing his trip. the presidentas scheduled to take a helicopter ride to the cemetery today but scrapd the plans because of a rainy hrecast. overseas ande in the states, people on both sides of the aisle are ripping the pr a member of the british parliament and grandson of british prime minister winston churchill called trump "pathetic," because the
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president couldn't deal with the weather to pay his respects to the fallen. the white house was asked why the presidente didn't t a motorcade. the press secretary suggested they didn't want t shu down the city and use u.s. security resources. new tonight, what does0 ars of friendship look and sound like? one group of nursing classmates showeds this evening. >> how are you? >> good to see r:u. >> reporhe washington hospital center's class of 1968 held their 50th reunion tonight. the former nursing students often meet up to reminisce on the good old days. among the group joann joyner mcneill, the first black student to graduate from that practice. she says the dorms were segregate add i and sto get special permission to room with her friend who was white. >>w african-americans kow to persist. we've had to learn how to keep
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moving. you know, no matter what. >> many of the women includinga went on to become nurses, some still are today and plan to keep in touch for years to come. we are working for you in the community. and we want to thank everybody who came out to our final nbc4 allstate community shred for the year. doreen gentzlerreeted people in line at fedexfield this morning. close to 3,000 cars can came througng shreddi sensitive documents like old bank statements is the easiest way to prevent identity theft. hence the long lines. >> let's get back to our top story tonight. time to check back in with clay anderson with tonight' weather alert. hi, clay. >> good evening, everyone. as we talk about what's goingron the area, yes, current temperatures right now current temperatur are in the 30s across our area. but they're going to be dropping and dropping. we'll talk about how that is
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going tec a us over the next several days. this is what it feels like now outside. when you're outside, you're not worried about the current temperature. iu want to know does it feel like 26 degre leesburg, 20 degrees in gaithersburg and 22 degrees in manassas. that's what it feels like now. t it's going feel colder as we continue across the area. things we need to know, temperatures, they're definitely going to tumble tonight. news.row goo not as windy as it was today. we had gusts of 40 miles per hour today at ragin tional. monday, rain returns and hangs around. that tuesday rain, it'soing to be a cold rain, everyone. future cast we'll tell you still talking about what it's going to feel like over the next 24 to 3 hours. tomorrow the warmest part of the day feels like the 4. feels like the 30s across the potomac highlands. we continue into monday. monday afternoon. about as warm as it's going to get into the 50s for us.
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advance of clouds. still in the 40s. to our west andgh monday still on the cool side with that as we talk about the clouds a they move in. notice rain showers engulf account area. light rain for washington annapolis. but the rain will continue acrore the down to our south and west. it starts tonvade from waldorf moving in from areas of virginia into our region and will continue. so it does look likeor tuesday, we will continue to look at another rainy couple of ys. and then after that, it gets tcold. >> we'k about the forecast in a minute. continuing to show rain showers ther for your forecast for vet rands day, tomorrow, in the low to mid 40s. location, location, location. hef sunshine but still on the chilly side. but theil flagsbe waving and folks will be happy. hopefully you enjoy your day . tomorr now, talking about winter, i guess with the temperatures i was talking aboutwinter. with that, doug is going to have
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his winter forecast prediction. it starts on monday,m storm t 4 at 4:00 p.m. he's been working dil yently with the team and goi to talk about what we can expect throughout the winter heperiod. 's the forecast, everyone, for the rest of the week and beyond. d talbout the cold air in place. it's going to stay in place unfortunately. 47 degrees. we'll dn in t to 30 degrees. 53 seems we'll hav winter outlook for you. erica, , 46 degrees high temperatures. cold. okay? and then we'll warm up a little bit but it continues to be on theid cool for the next several days. >> i don't know. i don't think the puffy coae going anywhere anytime soon. >> i don't think so. >> thank you so very ch. so the wizards have been one of the worst teams in the nba this year. we just said. it why tonight though could be the
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start of things turning arou. next in ndsp
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this is the xfity sportsdesk. >> hey. it's not so bad for the wizards tonight. take it away, george. you sound like everybody around town. i know you keep telling yoursel it's early. the 2-9 wizards have time to turnhings around. 11 games is a small sample size. but the wizards need to start doing things like 48 minutes of defense and not giving up 120 points a game. tonight, the third of a three-game road tri ending up in miami. let's go down to miami. end of the first. ha bradley beal in the lane.
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awkward shot falls. heanted a foul. wizards down four. final seconds of the half. otto portser bucket and foul. wizards down three at the half. thirduarter the wizards take the lead. beal knocks down the corner three. washington leads by two. inhe fourth, wall alley-oopo jeff green. later in the fourth quarter, rodney b off dwight howard's shoe. left-handed slam. wizards by eight.w up 11, john wall left alone from beyond the arc. buries a three to give the wizards a -p14oint lead. wall had 28. wizards win and improve to 3-9, 116-110 overam college basketball, patrick ewing in georgetown hosting central connecticut state. capitalne arena. first half, james comesway with the steal. attention it back for reverse
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layup. he13 had hoyas up 11 at the break. georgetown only up two. jesse govan three of his game high 26. georgetown by five and pulls away 85-78. college football matt canada and maryland can become bowlh eligible wit win at sediana. nd quarter terps trailing. ca sim hill keeps it scrambling left. goes down awkwardly. he had to be helped off the field. did not return. tyrel pigrome sxwerz. long second and goal. to jones along the sideline. stretches it for the touchdown. maryland takes a 32-31 lead late. he hoosiers' field goal gives them a two-point lead. pigrome trying to make thing happen. out. comes maryland falling 34-32 in bloomington. virginia playing a late season
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nonconference game against liberty. first quart tied at seven. bryce perkins takes off for the end zone. he had two rushing touchdowns, two passing tohdowns. 14-7 virginia. watch th, open kickoff for the thr.d quar virginia up 24-17. joe reed takes 'sit. he not touched. 90 yar for the touchdown. virginia beats liberty, 45-24. navy having a rough year. didn't get easier against unbeaten central florida. nights by 14 in the second quarter. milton to an open frederick. 21-zip. navy trying to come ba. mike martin touchdown run. midshipmen cut it to 11. milton to any son again. navy falls to 2-8 on the year. ucf undefeated, 35-24 the final. virginia tech visiting pitt. fourth quart panthers by 23.
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akesan the hdoff from his own three. kaleb farley to beat. throws him to the ground. get out of my way. goes 97 ya and wait for it, you got to the flip in the end zone. pi runs for 492 yards. they beat virginia tech 52-22. and congrats to buoy state football for winning with the cia conference championshipver fayetteville state today into thank you so very much. thank you for j
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>> jeff, jeff?ar you in here?


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