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tv   News4 Your Sunday  NBC  November 11, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. oomorning, this is news 4 your sunday. >> hello, i'm pat lawson muse. thanksgiving i less than two weeks away now and many of us are planning our big turkey nunner but for many of our neighbors here in the dmv, thanksgivingjus another day. for many, a day without enough food on the table and fome a day of hunger. we have the power to help change that scenario for thousands, and today we are talking about our annual food for famngies thanksgiood drive. and how you can help the more than 85 organizations with whom work. churches, community centers, social service agencies and other on the ground organizations to provide the turkeys and the side dishes the the people serve. joining us right now is shaza anderson who is preside of the
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washington first youth foundation. she is one of food 4 family's most generous sup through the years. it's always good to see you. >> thank you so much for having od here. >> so grateful for your support. you're a long-timeer suppo for food 4 families. where does your passion for this project come from? >>well, i've always admired all the work you all do at nbc4 here. and what i thought about is partnering with you to make a greater impact to ourd ommunity wo better than having to do little things all over the area so we started partnering with you about five years ago, andou can tellhat we couldn't be more proud about all the work that we've been able to accomplish. we've been able to help feed over 14u p over 100,0ple the past few years we've been involved. it's been a blessing and we love being with you. >> that's a wonderful number. what are some of the other projects and organizations that washington first youth foundation supports through the
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year? >> no, this is great. washington first youth foundation, we started it to help kids in our community, and we have partnered with anova pediatric hematology department. our fus is on wellness and health. and we've partnered with the redskins charitable 'vfoundatio. partnered with the mark griffinda foon, youth for tomorrow. we've partnered with many organizations that really help support children and ensure that their lives are better in our community. >> you made arrangements with penn fed credit union to serve as foodct family food coln sites this year. how did that come about? >> well, this is a great example of how we partner with other companies in our market to try and make a difference in our it comm and when i mentioned penn fed ceo james, that we're looking for a partner, he stepped right up and said w penn if i hadld
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love to do it. so we're excited about the partnership. they're collecting food at all their branch locations. and this market, our food drive is still open. we're collecting food all the way through the 16th. and hoping tt bringwn to you, pat, on the 19th so we can distribute it t all these families. >> yes. and you're collecting around the region. >> we are. >>ow do you knowany branches there are >> there are 13 locations around the washington med poll tan arol. they arecting at their headquarters. we have other smaller partners that are helping us as well. >> i know a lot of the customers of penn fed will go in and drop off food and there's alway a collection box there. >> yes. a >> sometimes they'll go in and say, well, i don't have food, but i'd like to donate cash. >> absolutely. you can do -- donate food, cash, we'r hpy to receive your donation and we're thankful for it and the families are thankful for it. >> you know, one of the things
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about this project that gives us so much joy ishat people seem to be so anxious to and so willing to donate and t help those who are in need. but is it te that there's a minority of people who actually do the majority of the giving? >> well, we've had our fountion for the last ten years, and we've been involved with many -- various organizations, i would say. and you always find the same people that ar doing mosf the work, so that 20/80% rule applies here as well. t i hope more people could get involved and could be supportive because it's right here. it's i our backyard. and i hope that they'll have, i guess, something in their hearts to give a to be able to feel good about this holiday season. >> what t do yonk the key is to convincing the 80% to dive in and to help out? >> well, i think what you're
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doing right now, pat, is wonderful, sort of a call for help. and i think the more people that we get involved, the better the more we talk about it and advertise it. when i say advertise it, word of mouth, the better. because a lot of people don'tre ize how many families are in our backyard that needis and if you could support one family, that's one family that you could feel good about helping. >> you're aolutely right. well, thank you again so much for bei with us, and happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you so much. happy thanksgiving to everyone. >> thank you for the work you do. >> yes. >> and next, one of the organizations receiving donated food, we'll introduce youho to on's kids. be right back.
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hahn ton's kids helps local children by focusing on three
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areas. academic, youth development and help in basic needs. here now to explain how food 4 families hps with that third area is robin berkeley, who is executive director of horton's kids. nice to see you, robin. >> thank you. thanksg for hav. >> so, how does food 4 families meet some of your children's basic needs? >> we couldn't be more grateful for this donation. horton's kids seeks to empower children living in under remote or under c resourcedmunity, graduate from high school and go on to be successful in college career and life. i think a lot of people in the city may not realizerehat t are a fair number who are food insecure and many of the families who community that we serve are among them. we're just about two miles from the cab tapital, but the averag the families we serve is less than $10,000 per year. that would make it very hard to go out and purchase a turkey and all the fixings for thanksgiving
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and, youknow, i think a great american tradition lgie thanng shouldn't be dependent on your income. f everily in america should be able to celebrate this holiday. >> and doll of your kids get thanksgiving dinner -- >> they do. children enrolledur in program gets a turkey thanks to your wonderful c as the inf who is pitching in with some of the fixings. >> and c how manyldren and families are we talking about? >> so, we will receive turkeys, so we'll distribute all 90 to different families. and that's both children who are enrolled in our program and the broadereighborhood that we serve. >> tell us about some of the other programs that you run. you help in the area of meeti the basic needs, food, and lsdressing food insecurity. but you have great academic and youth development programs. >> we do. so, we recognize that comprehensive supports and re opportunities really important in helping the children in the community that we serve go on and be successful
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in life. these are incredibly intelligent, curious, hopeful children and they have big dreams just like your my kids.d but they do need opportunities and supports. and so we sk to provide those. so we do after-school tutoring, we have an-te library and computer center. we offer mentoring, college and career coaching, career exposure, a whole list of enrichment activities including field trips and team sports. really all of the supports and needs that every child should have in order to go on and fulfill their potential. >> all of that, of course, helps the kids and, of course, the families. >> yes. our goal is really to help these children become all that they can be, and to break a cycle of adversity that is far too common in theua southeastant of the city. >> what are the ages of your children? >> so, we ser children starting in pre-k all the way through 12th and continue to support children as they go
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on to e,coll or to a job. and i'm proud to say last year we had 100% graduation rate. >> fantastic. >> yes. and we are continuing to support all of those children in their host-high school endeavors. most of a them in college and some of them are working. >> that's a great record. i'mhecurious, does the name horton come from? >> it's from a favorite children'sook and there is a line in that book about a person is a person no matter how small. and tthink we reallye that to heart. >> i would imagine the children you serve have comeep tod on -- and these families have come to depend on you. >> um, i think that that's fair. i think that we get a lot from the community as well. it can be a vy warm ace, and there's a wonderful sense of neighborlingss and support a the people who live there. but i do think that horton's has been there 30 years and we have very deep relationships with the families who live there. and i think that they do rely, at least for some of what they
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need,>>n us. yeah. well, i'm sure they're very grateful for -- to have you >> we're grateful to you. >> and you also get a chance to give them back packs, we should mention. >> we do. at the beginning of the school year. >> thanks to you all as well. distribution eds based on what we know children are going to need. h course, august and september, kids areding back to school, so we make sure that they have back packs filled with school supplies so they can be successful. >> thank you forelping the kids. >> thank you for having us and for everything you do. >> robin berkeley, horton's kids. >> thank you. >> up next, how food 4 families helps our veterans.
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the community resource and referral center, crrc, works to prevent homelessness among our veterans. unr the direction of the washington, d.c. veterans affairs medical center, crrc offers care, services, and a lot of compassion.
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gloria hair anistston, good to you with us. how does this help the famies at you serve? >> you would be amazed. our veterans are 100% completely thankful for full bask, the turkey, the trimmings, and it serves those veterans who are either homeless or under ployed or in need throughout prince george's county as well as the district of columbia. >>hat's crrc's- the group that crrc helps? >> yes. so, our health care for homeless program has a component. they're combineia of s workers, mental health providers, and professionals. but their daily job is to comb the streets and find veterans themselvesneed, deem at risk for homelessness or under employed. and then our job is to collaborate with our media constituents such asouelf,
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u.s. ability 1, with employment, and finding food for families at this e time. ande totally happy to see the faces of the veteran families when we knock with back kets and say, here's your turkey, here's the trimmings, here's your food. some have received vouchers and are new housed. can you imagine not only transitioning from being homeless to having a cplete me to prepare for the family? >> it would make thanksgiving a very special time for them. you have lots of other services that you offer at the cc -- crrc centers, and you have t of them in prince george's county. tell us what goes on there. >> sure. ineorincee's county we have a community-based outpatient clinic which is collated with the facility,
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andrews air force base, joint base eandrews. andlso have our vet center. the vet center serves hs a or a location for combat veterans to receivel men health treatment, to come together with support groups and any counseling services they may need there at the community -- at the vet cter in prince george's county which is in clinton, maryland. and our community-based outpatientlinic islmost comprehensive health care because we have telehealth. so veterans can go to the community-based outpatient clinic i camp springs and get their health care without having to go into d.c. to the main medical facility. >> it is so important for them. and as we prepare t honor our vetera veterans for veteran's day, it's a good thing to kno there are services like this out there for ople who don't get or don't always feel they get all of the props and all of theti apprec that they certainly deserve. and at this time of year, t holidays, getting a meal, turkey
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and all the trimmings justakes a wor of difference. ow many will get turkeys this year >> so, this year we're looking to feed at least 150 to 200 families throughout prince george's county, which is our largest population of veterans that we service at the washington, d.c. v.a. medical center. we care for veterans in d.c., urryland and virginia, northern virginia, but largest population are those veterans who live in prince georgs county. so we are going to feed at least 150 families in prince george's county, as well as gold star families. and the good thing about collaboration such as this with food 4 fam uies a. ability 1, is th the to fill us being a federal medical center, we're to car for veterans. but veterans come with families. they're not alone.
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so when we have our collaborations in our community, stakeholders with us, we're able to fill the gaps and care for the entire family. and feeding a full family at thanksgiving i going toring joy to our staff who will be there volunteering to deliver these baskets. it's going to be just beautiful and the families are sol thank every year, because this is not the first year you all haveth de for us. >> no, it isn't. we know it's not going to be the last because people are so generare so generous a willing togive. how can they reach crrc? >> in the district of columbia, but it's 24/7/365. we don'ts.lose the do it is an opportunity for any veteran who deems themselves -- who dm themselves under employed, at-risk for homelessness, homeless, or just in need. we're there 24 hours a day, and they can walk io 1500 franklin street, northeast, or they can reach us by phone.
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202-745-8 thousand. that's 202-745-8000. all right gloria hairston, thank helping our servicemen and women. >> i'd like to thank you and u.s. ability 1 and you and all those who make thissi pe. >> up next, a group that helps us do all the hvy lifting, the boys and girls club of greater washington. we'll be right back. having a working smoke alarm in your home more than doubles your chance of escape in case of a smoke alarms cande an haearly warning if you followin these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years. if they're old an discolored it's time to replace them.
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from covergirl. the boys and girls club on ortheast has been the center of our thanksgiving basket bagging and distribarion for joining us now is danica wicker for the boys and girls club of greater washington. happy thanksgiving in advance. >> thank you. before we get to food 4 families and how the boys and girls clubs are involved, let's talk about the club.
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how many youth are you sutving throughe area? >> throughout the dmv, we go as far as manassas through germantown, maryland. so we have a widng range of y people we serve. on average throughout the year, we serve a little over 1200 young people every day. >> and you have great programs. what are some of the key programs? >> absolutely. our priority outcomes, we have three, health and life-style, good character and citizenship, and ademic success. and so it's important for all of our young people toeceive those three outcomes every year that they attend the boys and c girlsb. >> you work very closely with families. tell us about the work you do with them. >> absolutely. so, with o families, many people know us as serving youngb people we like to have a holistic approach. we understand that in order to reach our young people, it is important that we reach our familiesf and so all our club directors have great relationships with not onlyhe youth that they
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serve, but the families as well. >> all right. well, w mentioned that you do the heavy lifting. between sunday, november 18tay and tuehe 20th, a whole lot goes on at the boys and girls clubs. tell us about that. >> absolutely. so k we'red of the main hub for the distribution. so, on osunday, hundreds volunteers will arrive in order to help put thanksgiving baskets for families. so that will happen on sunday. and then we begin distribution. and so all theeamilies h different times that they can come to retrieve their baskets, and so it's just a great assembly line of wonderful people who are -- who have agreed toer volunn the community to help distribute baskets and what we really want to do this year is get our young people involved so they really understand how important it is to give back to the community. >> it's quite an operation. if you've ever been there, it's a wonder to behold. takes a lot of elbow grease and
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great big hrts. seven clubhouses also get turkeys. hoyou identify the families and how many families will actually get baskets? ti>> great qu. so, we have a total of 13 clubsc seven of obs are closer to the d.c. area if not in d.c. proper, and so we will be giving 105 baskets to seven of our clubs. weify family as those that are in need. we understand there are somre s are single parents, also maybe low income, and this is a timeavhat they don't to worry about that holiday meal. theyse know during touple days that their children are off of school, that they will have l nice f sit-down dinner together, and it's so amazing to be able to provide that to them. >> and they look forward to don't they? >> every year, they look forward to it every year. we partner with food for families for many years now. and sre our s, they were already asking in september, you know, will i be able to get a
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basket? because it's important that parents are able to feed the d familiing the holiday time. >> all right. we can't tell you how thrilled we are to have you with us again with this wonderful endeavor. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> all right, danica. we'll see you o 18th of boys and girls club of greater washington. go to and search community. you can make a tax ductible or debit card donation. each $20 donation will buy aco lete turkey dinner with all the sides. so, we encourage you to be generous. and on monday, the 19th, one week from tomorrow, i'm going to be down there accepting your food, cash and check donations in person from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 m. on f street northwest between 6th and 7th so i hope to see you there. and some of my n 4 and telemundo colleagues will be there as well. come by and say hello.
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i'm pat lawson muse. thank you so much for watching. why shop marshalls?
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v. developing this morning. police in tennessee a scrambling to track down a gunman who shot half a dozen people overnight, leaving at least two people. de the first cold snap of the season caught plenty of people off guard. lauryn ricketts is here with whether the sun will go up and a holiday for the bravest among us. veterans day weekend is under way. find out how you can help honor tho serve. welcome in on this sunday morning. thank you for being with us, i'm adam tuss. >> and'm angie goff. and boy we were talking about how hotcoffee, pumpkin spice latte. it's time. >> hot


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