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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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e entertaining easy, leaving more time for those closest to you, during the holidays. z319wz z16fz y319wy y16fy breaking now at 11:00, amazon's decision is in. the announcement coming tomorrow, and reports say one of the ginia is big winners. a dangerous night for ssdestrians ac the dmv. at least ten people hit on our streets. six in a single county.
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another pinned under a bus. >> disaster declared in california. fire warnings extended for days. >> i am surrounded by fire. >> but danger far from over. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> first up tonight, breaking news that is big news for northern rginia. >> t competition was stiff, but after 11 months of salesmanship, from 20 markets around north america, there are reports tonight that amazon isp ing nova. and they're announcing it tomorrow. that's according to "the wall street journal" tonight. nbc news and "the new york eek thateported last the two favorites were crystal city, virgia and long island city in new york. that's an estimated 25,000 new jobs to each location. >> amazon still hasn't confirmed any of this, but announcement is expected tomorrow. it's a win for the d.c. metro region, which had three
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finalists in amazon's top 20 list. we'll talk more about the attraction specifically to crystal city in a couple of minutes. more breaking new right now, to what has turned out to be a dangerous night on our areaed radi. lots of rain, poor visibility and at least ten -- ten pedestrians hit across our regi. this is n video from north capital street and new york avenue in d.c. firefighters pulling a woman out from underneath a bus here around 9:00 tonight. it was a d.c. trails bus that operates between d.c. and new york city. at woman was critically injured. >> and that crash in the district just one of at least ten pedestrians hit on aa roadways tonight. some first responders are blaming the weather. >> ye, take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. we have seen steady rain night. the earlier snelt, the darkness, no help with that evening commute. check this out. six of those pedestrianraes tonight occurred in montgomery
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county. all between 5:00 and 8:00. there were two more people hit in d.c. and one in fairfax. >> we have tea of the rain and reports of what could be the first cold weather death of the season. we starts with n 4's meagan fitzgerald in rockville. meagan? >> reporter: it's been a dangerous night here in montgomery county. one of the latest crashes happened just behind me here, right here in the rockville town center. montgomery county police s there could be a couple of contributing factors. raining,fact that it's but also, that it's getting darker earlier. a crumpled umbrella laying next the wheel of the vehicle police say struck a woman just before 5:30 this evening. >> she was on the ground and she cold.ike, out she was not moving at all. >> reporter: it was a traumatizing site foralana, who happened to be walking by moments after the crash. >> that's pretty scary.
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like, i feel really, really bad for her. i don't knowf she got hit and was, like, thrown. >> reporter: police say the woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. while the collision reconstruction team at the montgomery county police department started third investigation. this was just one of six pedestrian crashes in three hours across the county. >> i think this is unfortunately a perfect storm, d to the fact that it is getting darker earlier, it is raining, it is cold. >> reporter: and it's starting to become a concerning trend, which is why many folks say they're constantly on guard. >> i'm still going to l be a more careful walking around here. >> reportew, it's still unclear if the driver was speeding or if this victim was in the crosswalk when she got struck, because it's just a couple of yards away from where that driver stopped. but we know that victim is exriencing serious injuries tonight. back to you.
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>> all right, meagaanfitzgerald. you. and you can tell that rain is still coming down. tit's find out if all that rain is going to around for your morning commute tomorrow. >> what do you think, doug? >> well, i think it's going to be a mess all night tonight and through tomorrow morning. it's not just a ra a, it's cold rain at that. take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. you see the rain everywhere. through d.c., some of the heavier rain up aroun frederick and hagerstown. it i still steady. not heavy, heavy rain. and most areas have already seet clos half an inch of rain. we have more rain to go, more rain down to the south. and you s some snow back here. that tells you how cold things are. w winc that is a nasty night for sure. most of this should move out by morning, but again, more rain overnighnight. mainly dry for tomorrow, but well.nto wednesday, as wednesday is looking really cold. and that sents the stage for what ce a wintry mix on thursday.
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that's right. r reallyt taste of win coming up on thursday, but guys, taste of winter out there >>ght,00036 and rain, that's nasty. it is, indeed. we'll see you in a bit, doug. well, we don't often think of the dangers of cold weather in early november, but d.c.s officie looking into the possibility that someone died of hypothermia sunday outside of union station. news 4's jackie bsen spoke to that woman who called 911 for help. jackie? >> reporter: well, jim, let me make it very clear, we do not know how this woman died, what we do know is that temperatures early sunday morning here in the adow of the u.s. capitol had a wind chill in the 20s. >> it was frigid, my hands were ngling. i w bundling up like this. and that's why i looked out and went, this doesn't make anyns >> reporter: d.c. advisory neighborhood commissioner den s
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ise was headed out of town 6:45 sunday morning when he noticed woman on a bench out front. the granite benches are a frequent sleeping place for homeless people. she says the woman appeared to ebe in her l 30s or 40s, and she quickly realized the woman was not asleep, butun nscious. >> she was barely wearing, you know, clothes, maybe a light ir t- light pants. it was 32 degrees outside, and called 911. said, need help. there i a d.c resident here that does not look good. >> reporter: a 911 call summo the d.c. ambulance to the scene, but efforts to revive the woman were unsuccessful, the commissioner later learned. she says she reins ang and frustrated at the circumstances that claimed a life sunday morning. she was a woman who had parents, probably a woman who had family and she's dead. so, i want to make sure that nobody else dies, i mean, i want o make sure that we have the shelters in place for our homeless people, that we have affordable housing for people,
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that we have services for people that have needs. >> reporter: d. police are investigating, and it is standard procedure in cases like this for anop a to be conducted. live outside union station, jackie bensen, news ll4. >> a right, jackie, thank you. we have more details now on the breaking news from the top of this broadcast, amazon g reportedly mov into crystal city. >> yeah, "the wall street journal" broke the news an hour ago. tomorrow morning, amazon will announce it is splitting its seco headquarters between queens, new york, and northern virginia. >> butwhy, out of all the proposals in the dmv, is crystal ty the winner? news 4's adam tuff has the report. >> reporter: ah, good old crystal city. when i say say -- l city, you >> i'm not -- underground, i don't -- isn't that awful? i think of it underground. >> reporter: let's try it when i say crystal city, you say --
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>> the airport? what are you looking f amazon ter: well, what is looking for isn't a secret. lots of buildin spac good access to public transit and the potential to grow.y crystal c checks those boxes. >> i think it makes sense. it's close to d.c. >> reporter: strictly from a transportation perspective, some say crystal city is perfectly suited. >> we he the infrastructure, we have metro, we have the new expansion on bus rapid transit. we have the capacity to absorb this. >> reporter: terry clouer is the director of george mason's universi center for regional analysis. >> the other side to it, though, is, whas theuture of transportation anyhow? because if we're talkingth abou hitting 50,000 over a 20-year period, in 20 years, are we all in autonomous ubers?ac >> reporter: b on the street, many welcome what amazon could mean for this sleepy mix of blocky office buildings. >> maybe shey gete cool restaurants and fun happy hour scene? >> reporter: so, one more time --
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>> when i say crystal city, you say -- >> close by. >> reporter: a that may be the biggest reason of all that this location could be in cry city, adam tuff, news 4. >> hey, it's our region. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of this bigun anment tomorrow. we expect information to come out overnight, so, wake up with news 4 today starting at4:00 a.m., and watch for special coverage tomorrow afternoon and evening, right here on nbc 4. > leon harris here at the live desk with more breaking news. at least 42 peopl have lost their lives in those fires ravaging inlifornia. wihe last 90 minutes, we also learned the camp fire in asnorthern california destroyed more than 6,000 homes, and there doesn'to appear t be any relief in sight any ime soon, because that area may not seen any rain until after thanksgiving. overnight, the conditions may worsen in southern california, we're learning. areas around los angeles are under a red flag warning through
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wednesday evening, which means more people could be forced out of their hom. >> the lights in front of me on the vehic in front ofme, they were melting. two firemen came out a of truck, picked me up and put me into the trk and put aire blanket over me and they said, you're ok, you're okay. learnedate tonight, we that federal help is coming to california. president donald trump tweeted that he's approved a major disaster declaration for the state, which frees up more money to help with sources and recovery costs there. doreen, back to you. >> all right, thank you, leon. democrats have gainedhe an senate seat tonight. nearly a week after election ley, the arizona senate race has been c for democrat kyrsten sinema. sinema defeated republican martha mcsally, flipping the seat that belonged to jeff flake. democrats control 47 senate seats to republicans 51, with
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daseats in flori and misssippi still undecided. it's sleep week here on news 4. next at 11:00, angie goff digs into theeason why women have more trouble sleeping than men. >> 100% effects my productivity. >> what the perts say, and some tricks women use to get their zs. wonderingom about s snow days? maybe some winter travel plans? don't miss doug's winterfo cast. >> two words. itas an h
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t enough winks. >> guess who tosses and turns the most? that would be women. according to the national sleep foundation, 63% of women compared to 54% of men report having a hard time sleeping. a >>ng those ladies, news 4's angie goff, who is on a week-long mission to find the cc gth to sleep s. >> reporter: do y enough sleep? >> absolutely not. >> define enough, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: t sleep struggle is real for these mommas, and science says they're noton years of research reveal women are sleeping worse than men. >> i feel after i had children, too, like, i wake up toli every le sound, so, i hear something and i think it's the baby. >> i think it's a veryeal phenomenon. >> reporter: sleep expert dr. helene enselem believes it goes back to gender difference s wir in the brain. >> women's thresholds are lower
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and they more easily wake up. they had a child rearing responsibility in different eys, when we didn't h the wonderful husbands of the day who also get up. >> reporter: the doc says stress is a big reason many women struggle to stay asleep. u if i wake at any point during the night, i can be up for two to three hours at a stretch, just with my mind active of all the things i need to do for wor t or aroun house. >> reporter: today, women continue to shoulder a lot of the home and child rearing duties on top ofcareers. eep is often sack rificedsacrif at a cost. >> 100% effects my productivity. >> i didn't realize how much sleep is tied s many thing in our body. i was having some auto immune issues., >> reporter: hat's helped these ladies? >> running help. >> i practice yoga breathing. >> understandt t sleep is still a team effort in your relationship, especially as moms. >> i spray with lavender mist. >> reporter: and then, there's letting go, which, like good
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sleep, is easier said than done. >> it's a constant reminder of, i'm going to a complet these things today and if i don't complete these things, there's always tomorrow. >> reporter: up next, have we uncovered the secret to getting utgood night's sleep? we set o to fix this problem and discovered how dangerous it is when we don't sleep. tomorrow, news 4 packs a bag, we stay overnight in a sleep lab. in our next record, the results, the risks and the resources and gadgets we found that can really help. angie goff, news 4. >> okay, those wires strapped to my head aren't going to help. i can tell you that. >> but i'm in, man. anything to help. >> interesting to hearing what she cupes with >> catching more zs. >> and we've been interested in hear what you're coming up with for the winter ahead. yikes. >> yeah. came out with the winter forecast tonight, talking about winter in just two days. right now, temperatures in the 30s and rain. it is >> and dangerous. >> and dangerous, extremely dangerous. yeah, obviously, the fact that the rain is coming down, also, a
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lot of leaves on the roadways, es it harder to stop. any time the rain is down on the harder it makes it a lot to see at night. much darker than if you had less cloud cover out there than you do out there right now. outside currently, we're looking at that unin, a storm team 4 radar. all that rain coming down across the entire area. as far as what we're seeing here, we're starting to see the back edge make its way closer towards our region. we still got a lot of rain to go. a lot of rain down the i-95 corridor, making its way our way. over half an inc of rain in some locations. and look how big this storm is. here's the interesting part. this is one part of it, we see another storm develop along the carolinas, that moves out. but there's actually a storm back here. this is the one that's goi to sit back for awhile and then eventually move our way thursday. let's take you through hour by hour. 45rst off, though, look at the numbers. n d.c. 41 in hagerstown. only 39 in martinsburg. that is a very nasty rain, so,
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you know tomorrow morning is going to be a has i the art. here's 11:00 tonight, here's the rain. tomorrow morning, 2 cl:00 a.m., starting to see the back edge. by 8:00 a.m., showers in southern zones, but most are on the dry side. with t wet roads, you'll need to take some extra time. the rain moves out. most of tomy.row is not expecting a lot of sunshine. but we could see some. still going to be a cool day. not the best out there fortu day. wednesday's dry, and then we get to wednesday, rather, thursday. here's thursday at 1:00 a.m. wee got clod cover moving in. notice by 6:00 a.m., rain in d.c. look at the c mixing right on through. and notice at 10:00 a.m., thisu co model bringing a mix, which would most likely be sleet, i don't think freezing rain, sleet around the d.c. metro area, baltimore, leesburg, and snow to the north here. day, the e through the rain starts to move back to the north and west. i'm not worried about accumulating snowfall, but we'll have to watch. the computers continue to get
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colder and colder with this system, so, we're going to be t watchis one very closely. if it does turn to more ice and snow, we could be looking at cancellations or delays on thursday. how aboutthat? yeah, right out of the gate here. 43 on wednesday, that's a nasty day, too, rather breezy and wind wednesday, very much like it was just two days ago on saturday. cold andny r with that wintry mix. a high of 39 on thursday. that's just sty, too. 50 degrees on friday, but some evenolr weather to the west, we could see early morning freezing 54 on saturday. saturday looks good, before another little system moves up there. cools us again, we're only in the 40s and then back into the s. remember, our average high is near 60 degrees. so, what do you know? i givhe winter forecast, and we start to get winter-like we ther. let'k about this winter. what are we expecting re i mentioned the warm blob, also el neo. but these factors coming together are really the big ones i see here. because of that warm tblob,t
11:21 pm
jet stream goes way up boo alaska and canada, it is able to drop down into the middle of the country. the el nino createsn a south branch of the jet stream that is much stronger than average. because of that, and the w fact get colder than average hair coming down, in january and february, that could lead to snowstorms we're tacking nor'easters around our region, and you know what that means. snow, and potentially a lot of it. we average 15 inches a year in the d.c. metro area. i'm going for double that amount, about 30 inches in d.c., close to 40 potentily out towards dulles airport. and leesburg. so, guys, it's going to be a rather -- a snowy winter, but once again, i do think it will be thelf latter january, february. >> i'm forecasting a run on snow shelves at the >> me, too.tore. i have some stock in that, and -- >> smart move. >> tha you, doug. coming up, the redskins off to their best start in a decade. but there still looking for some love from the home crowd. >>. sports next ,
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> the great stan lee died earlier today. ten years ago, "ironman," a lee comic book creaedon, debn theaters. it was the first movie in the marvel cinematic universe which now has 20 movies and has made over $17.5 billion worldwide. now, that same year, 2008, was also the last time thein red started a season this well. >> i'm glad, you know, we're winning, witho a doubt. fe're 6-3, in first place, that's a heck o a deal.t also am excited for the fact that westave not played our be yet. andt i think the bis yet to
11:26 pm
come. o it's job as coaches to make sure we do the best we can to get it out >> we're halfway through the nfl season. it's time for us to let the defe te -- takehe game off their shoulders. we got to come together and put our best foot forward. >> so, the redskins are 1 on the road this season. plenty of support down in tampa yesterday, to the point where josh norman said he'd pfer to play their games on the road t becaus home crowds aren't showing up, and when they do, many are booing, n supporting them or, even worse, cheering for the other team. now, runng back chris thompson, who earlier this seasonotaid he's n a fan of the home crowd booing their team, gave us his thoughts >> dgood, the best that, since i've been here, best record since i've been here and it eust wt our crowd t be. t annddhi have ouru fans supporting us right now. that's it.
11:27 pm
>> we need the fans to come out and be supportive, have a blast, man, you know what i mean, go get some hot dogs or whatever it may be, that everybody, you know, get nice and ready at the tailgate and get in there and let's have a blast together. hoops. dwight howard and the wizards looking for their first back-to-back wins of the season, hosting the magic, who they lost to on friday. john wall, jeff green, connecting here. green burying the triple. was six of seven in the game, only missed one shot. as accurate as doug's weather forecast. and how about green wit the alley-oop. nice feed from wall. wiz up five. a few plays later, wall going to do it himself. little step-back fade. 25 tepoints. assists for wall. then, john's just going to show off., i've got handlall.ok lo at that. dribbling through, guess what, won --o say, the wizar >> all right! >> they beat the-1magic, 117.
11:28 pm
some college hoops. undefeated maryland hosting north carolina a&t. this one, all rps. first half, jaylon smith with thelush and one. take another look. 12 points for the mcdonald's all-american from baltimore. in the second hatch, bruno fand fernando's turn. one hand slam. he had game high 17 points, 12 boards. terps cruise in this one, 82-59. >> i like that, b tt is yeto come. >> thank you, cary. >> thank you, cary. we'l
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we thank you for joining us on this veterans day. xtmie foxx joins jimmy on "the tonight show" >> that's coming up next, and we'll see you tomorrow. good night. (music throughout)
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jamie foxx,


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