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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 13, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EST

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posting this photo with the caption -- "i owet al it was a tornado. i mean, it wasn't going like it was swirling. >> a virtual vortex of flames. survivors with harrowing as the death toll rises, and the damage reaches unimaginable levels never reached before in california. >> new report that the newestf member trump administration on the chopping block is none other than homeland security's kiersten n kirstjen nielsen. >> el chapo, one of the most notorious accused drug lords in history, is set to begin. >> we'll take a look back at the legendary career of one of hollywood's greatest imaginations and innovators. remember the great stan lee. >> and meet the newly divorced woma who decid to use 20
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pounds of explosives on her wedding dress. "early tay" starts right now. >> good tuesday morning. i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm marlie ha. the massive campfire burning in northern california has now ecome the deadliest in state history. the remains of 13 more bodies were found monday, bring being ire death toll from that alone to 42. more resources are being brought in to help identify the remains. meanwhilne official is promising the hard-hit town of paradise will rebuild. >> for those of us that did not lose our lives, we are considering ourselves survivors, and we will come back. from the ashes. >> the flames and smoke from the campfire are so thick, they can be seen from r,space. so it has destroyed 117,000 acres and almost,0 structures. >> and in southern california, the woolsey fire has now grown to more than3,000 acre two deaths have been linked to that blaze. li mandatory evacuation orders
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are ed, residents there are returning home to see what, if anything, is left. nbc's miguel almaguer has more from west lake village. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: marlie and phillip, good morning. this is what it looks like imu some cties here in southern california. block after block, reduced to rubble. it and it's those santa ana winds tt remain serious threat today. we can see so much more of this. this is what the fire fight looks like in the mountains outse los angeles. the air attackswo sing in, just above fiery ridges. multi-million dollar homes on the brink ofr. dis >> i am surrounde by fire. >> reporter: many neighborhoods overrun by an unstoppable wall of fire, vortex of smoke and flames closing in. >> it was a tornado. i mean, it wasn't going like this. it was swirling. >> reporter: with embers raining down,irighters face a hell scape, losing more homes over the weekend and two new flare-ups causing panic on the freeway. ine neighborhoods lik this one
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where brush fires are burning, they could easily ignite nearby homes. across the state, the damage and devastation is staggering. more than 7,000 structures have burned, while cross california, 70,000 homes are still in the path of fire. how quickly is this fire jumping fromill to hill? >> very fast, very fast. reporter: destroying subdivisions in the west valley, and mansions in malibu, neil young,iley cyrus and actor gerard butler, all lost theirme >> welcome to my home in malibu. >> reporter: everyon grateful for first responders, including the president, who himself came under fireor blaming the blaze on california's management of forest land. critics blasting back calling the statement illtimed. but on the front lines, no time for politics for thoseacing peril. >> there i's nothing left of anything.
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>> reporter: with the loss here mounting, danger is looming. the windshreatening to unleash hell on earth again. miguel a. miguel almaguer, malibu. >> reporter: i'm steve patterson near paradise, california, where the entire town has been incinerated by towering flames. crews pushing the front of the fire back with an aerial assault. >> the fire took everything. >> reporter: the campfire destroying all of it. in paradise blocks gutted it, whole neighborhoods reduced to wins. edis ist's left in the wake of terrifi residents trying to escape, a site we've seen all over town. cars discarded along theof sid the road as so many became trapped and some were burned alive. this rural town now transformed, the images stunning. even the golden arches are all that's left of this mcdonald's. >> oh, my d. >> reporter: we were with jordana as she came back for the first time. her home in ashes.
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>> it's like a movie you don't want to be in. >> reporter: at paradise elementary, teachers embrace next to the ruins of a school that stood for 82 years. as this community comes to grip with what's lost, crews continue to search for the missing as more than 5,0 firefighters battle the most destructive fire in california's history. >> that was steve patterson reporting. with first responders giving their all to fight back the flames, some celebrities are doing their gupart. fieri surprised some of them with a pulled pork dinner. the butteounty sheriff's office thanked him on twitter for filling their bell iz and lifting their spirits. and neighbors are thanking kim kardashian west and kanye west for helping save their homes. according to tmz, as flames approached their own home, the wests hired a private fire department to fight them back which may have helped save the pighborhood. sident trump reportedly planning to clear out another cabinet member.o accordinge "washington post," the president has told advisors he decided to oust homeland security secretary
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kiersten nielsen. the post said they were told by several and former white house official shake up could come in weeks if not sooner. the president is reportedly disappointed with nielsen's immigration enforcement and implementing his more hardline policy ideas.e according to post, chief of staff john kelly is pushing back against her removal, butls ther is speculation kelly is on shaky ground within the administration as well, says the paper citing three white house official >> after ove year of waiting, amazon is set to announce the locations for itst new h q2 today. that is according to a "wall street journal" ouport. thees say amazon has picked long island city in new york and crystal city in virginia. the seah for theirewest headquarters began in september of last year wh 238 cities bidding for those coveted spots. cities like dallas, atlanta and toronto made the final 20. the tech giant is set to invest $5 billion in construction and create as many a 50,000
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high-paying jobs in those new offices. the "wall street journal" reports other cities may receive major amazon facilities. >> a historic win for democrats one week after therm mid nbc news has declared kyrsten sinema the a winner in thezona senate race, giving her a narrow victory over republican congresswoman martha mcsally.ot sinema only flipped jeff flake's republican seat, she will also make history as the state's first-ever female senator. mcsally conceded, tweeting her congratulations. she wished sinema luck and said she was grateful to those who pported her. meanwhile, the clock is ticking in the florida senate race where republican rick scott holds a narrow lead over democratic senator bill nelson. the state has to recount 8 milliovotes before the thursday deadline, but legal ttles risk overshadowing the election altogether. as nbc's kerry sanders reports, there are heated accusations flying around on both sides of the ticket. >> reporter: in florida, a race
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to recount 8 million votes before thursday, republican rick scott had narrowly edged out democrat senator bil nelson on election night. but a judge refusing acott quest to impound counting tchines in democratic broward county wheny're not in use. instead, requesting three sheriff's deputies guard ballots and issuing this warning. >> ramp down the rhetoric. >> reporter: that c after scott charged nelson with fraud. >> bill nelson is clearly a sore loser. resident trumpnd tweeting an honest vote count is no lodger possible. ballots massive infected. must go with election night. but so far no law enforcementen has found any evidence of fraud, causing them to launch an investigation. republican questions largely surround broward county, and its embattled election supervisor democrat brenda snipes whose office in 2016 was found to have desroyed ballots and t year admitting she counted 22 provisional ballots that had
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already been rejected. >> have there been mistakes? >> there have been t issueshat did not go the way we wanted, so we can call it amistake. >> reporter: democrats firing back. >> one fact is that rick scott isn' interested in making sure every lawful ve is counted. >> reporter: nelson's campaign believes one machine in broward malfunctioned, skipping close to 25,000 votes. rskerry san nbc news, broward coty, florida. >> a massive market sell off on monday. >> the dow diving more than 600 points dragged down by apple and amazon shares. mounting geopolitical concerns and a strengthening dollar. the s&p and nasdaq were also down. right now u.s. futures are pointing to a modest rebound. it is a wintry wonder land in new mexico as areas saw its first big snow of the year. forecasters sayfhe land o
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enchantment could see up to inches. and a magnificent lightning strike lit up the night sky in argentina. the wild bolts came after heavy storms. >> what have we got going on in the states this tuesday? toss it over to. bill kari good morning. >> good morning. active weather continues across e country in sections of the northeast now. we have a lot of rain from the southeast, even a tornado watch in eastern carolina till 8:00 a.m. this morning. there's thenow in blue throughout central new england. it's going to change over to rain in th morning. only northern portions of new england will get accumulating snow. the adirondacks,ou skiry will do well with that. look how cold it is, too. it is like decemr cold in chicago, st. louis. oklahoma state right n oklahoma city, 8. that's a l story of the day.her now here's a closer look at your day ahead. this is about as cold as it gets for a sunny day in texa w temperaturl be in the 30s and 40s and the wind will be
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brisk coming out of the north. 'll watch rain and snow exiting quickly in the northeast today as we go throughout the morning. and weot had atial for a nor'easter with more snow and rain in the east on friday. >>ng a lot gon. bill, thank you. monday night football was played in the bay area last night with ndres raging to the north and the south smoke in the air. the game still went on between niners.nts and new york down by 3 as eli manning connects with odell beckham, jr. right here. that would give the gias the lead.rt and in the fouh, the niners were up by three. manning hits sterling shepherd for the winning toudown. halfti score new york giants win 27-23. >> up next what's okethe d as congress gets back to work this morning and remembering the man behind marvel's incredibl creations.
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joaquin el chapo guzman. he is accused of tfficking 40,000 pounds of cocaine among other drugs. >> jeffrey seiglerho shot at a black teenager who knocked on his door asking for directions will be sentenced in michigan. seigler was fnd guiltyf assault with intent to do great bodily harmless than murder. >> and the tsa is expecting more than 25 million travelers to pass through airport securit nes this thanksgiving season. making it one othe agency's busiest holidays on record. >> congress heads back to work this morning for the first time since last week's historic midterms. democrats will officially take control othe house in january, but you can expect plenty of fireworks during the lam duck session, especially with several races still up in the air. ttnbc's tracie joining us now from capitol hill with more. tracie, is it true we mightee a partial government shutdown in the coming weeks? >> reporter: well, phillip and parly, it's possible because congress is facing a hard deadline, less than a month from
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ember 7th is the day they kept kicking that can down the road. and now it's about to happen again. either fund the government -- und this budget or come up with -- or face a possible government shutdown. beenlawmakers have negotiating over this, but there is a big sticking point here. refunding for thedent's border wall. both sides, the house and the senate, have mey built in for that, but onere is times the amount of the other when it comes to border security. democrats say they actually had a good deal going with republicans on border security, but the wall specifically, which is part of that, is what could cause the problem here. president trump h said that he will fight for that wall funding. democrats are h warning to stay out of it if they wanto try to get something done on that. andy extension, get a budget in place and avoid this shutdown in just over three oweeks. back you. >> the d.c. drama resumes. tracie, thank you. >> cing up, forget shotgun weddings. how about dynamite divorces?
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one woman in texas decided to end her divorce with a bang. kimberly packedf 20 pounds dynamite into her wedding dress. the explosion was felt for miles and heard all around medina
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county. she initially wanted to burn the dress and her dad and brother decided to a up the an add explosives. on saturday she threw a divorce bash on her family's farm. 40 family members and friends were there. she had been married 14 years. >> that's one way to get closure. >> one, she's from two, she s delightful. and three, you know the next guy knows she's not playing around d she has access to explosive. >> there you go. d family and friends will help her. well, tributes are pouring in for an american stan lee, the visionary behind spider man and leng endri universe of superheroes has died. actor chris hemsworth posting thishoto saying, rest in peace, my friend. "deadpool" star ryan reynolds saying, thanks for everything. andronman act robert downey, jr., saying i owe it all to you. >> here's nbc's harry smith on lee's lasting imprint on american >> reporter: stan lee was the man. he created o co-created most the roster of marvel comics
3:50 am
pantheon of superheroes. ider man, the hull being, the fantastic 4. x man, ironman and more. each a kind of outsider with a very believable inside. >> it's no fun reading about somebody who is perfect. you want to read about peopleth you can identify with because we've all got problems and we've all -- we're all awed. >> reporter: marvel comics started in the early '60s. lee and hisat collabrs were risk take, writing their characters far beyond the range of their comic book rivals. the brand would grow so attractive, disney purchased it. in 2009 for $4 billion. >> enough of this. >> reporter: and since then, marvel movies and franchises have dominated the superhero world. i >> my t is your time. >> reporter: lee,e l alfred hitchcock, put himself in many a film. >> stan lee. r orter: and in the end, lee couldn't help but marvel at his
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success. >> i still sometimes have trouble b believing itause all i was doing was trying to just make a so all i was doing was having fun. >> enough said. >> reporter: harry smith, nbc new york. >> marvel comics legend stan lee dead at the age of 95. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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thank you ♪ ♪ >> ariana grande has something else to be thankful for other than her ex, that is. the song, thank you, next, shot to 100 on thebillboard. it's her first and she tweeted out her excitement. >> more pular thanever. bill is back with us with another look at the forecast. latet's talk about this week storm. we'll watch this moving across the country from the rockies today. it's going to dip dive into areas of texas. pull up that tropical moisture ahead of it. r mon in the southeast especially wednesday into thursday. it's going to be cold enough for some snow on the backside. watch out from memphis somewhere maybe just south of st. louis. that area could get a couple inches ofaccumulation. and then on thursday, a blast of snow first in e northeast changing over to rain for many areas. messy thursday night, friday morning. >> all right, bill, thanks for the heads up. just ahead, a gruesome moment from a budding nba star. plus outrage over this disturbing photo here. am i willing to pay the price for loving you? you'll make my morning, but ruin my day.
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>> today amazon will name northern virginia as the site for one of its headquaters. >> we'll look t at whathat means for us, but first, a check on your forecast. we begin with storm team 4og meteort chuck bell and all the rain we're getting again. it's a good thing we like you, chuck. >> you know why i'm smiling. you know why, there maybe, emphasis on might be, a little chance for some snow coming up before this week is thrgh. don't bet on it yet, but there's plenty of cold air coming and plenty of moisture in place as well. this morning, no snow to worry about today. closest snow to us northwestern pennsylvania, southern parts of oilinois. not to effect us. what we do have to worry about this morning is an ugly start to the day. no sunshine today. the steadier rain is starting to move out. a tapering of rainnao occas showers. mist and drizzle and all of that for the remainder of the day, but it's a wettart and c


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