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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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ea coast and we've got all the angles covered. ag crown gem for crystal city. >> amazon has found its next home for innovation right here in our commonwealth of rginia. >> the excitement. >> i think it's good. it's great. >> the worri ahead of a landmark transformation. parki is difficult as it is. where will we park? >> and the new neighborhood name s everybody confused. >> start fresh. start new. >> it's amazon! >> they're hook to make a big splash. >> the impact, amazon's arrival. live team coverage right now. first at 6:00, a lookorther. amazon released these renderhags. >> hugees are on the way and we have a team of reporters cover every angle of the
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transformation. >> we start with julie carey. reporter: hey, national landing? i think it will take a little while to get used to at. i want to call your attention on a dark space behind me. there is an old paneled ond warehouse. pretty soon, it is coming down and the new amazon east coast headquarters will take their place. >> reporter: these renderings give you a look at how the new amazon headquarters are expected to transform crystal city, pentagon city and potomac yard. it will fill up t vak an office spaces here. >> that's why i'm proud today to announce that amazon f hasnd its next hole for innovation right here in our commonwealth of virginia. >> amazon officials citing the
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work force as a factor. >> in this location amazon will be able to attract the top tier talent that will help innovate. >> the package worth hundreds of iallions. virgill pay $22,000 for each high paying job created. up to $550 million. and the figure could g even higher as the work force expands. a pipeline of talent to fill the jobs. part of that, they will open a new innovation camp along the route one corridor. >> one of the most premier companie >> and he points out the much of the money promisedoesn't go directly to amazon with you inte community. >> infrastructure, affordable
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housing, whether amazon is coming, this is something w need to do for virginia. >> something that will reshape the commonwealth. >> the other big partner, which a lot of the office huildings wih vacancy rates, amazon is buying some of the buildings and moving in and leasing others. the 25,000 jobs coming to crystal city will be high-te and white collar. most will have six figure average salaries and virginia says it b hasig man's to create the pipeline. starting as early as high school. >> reporter: this is the virginia tech innovation campus. it doesn't look like much right now and that's because it is
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basicallyou wish for a local market. use yourmagination as you look. it will be transformed into a university and graduate school, training many of the engineers who will work for the hq2. >> reporter: the campus wil offer masters and doctoral degrees. any will get jobs with hq2, software development, artificial intelligence, user expernce design. >> we were already thinking about expanding inorthern virginia. building a campus. >> it begins in high school wh stemnd computer science curriculum and teacher training. amazon p hns toe 25,000 employees with an average annual sal rif $150,000.
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>> we have a really low unemployment rate. this is really created to help the tech talent with the existing and future business communities. m >>y have jobs but some say they are interested. >> i'll update my resume. >> tens of thousands of additional jobs for maryland and d.c. as well asvirginia. >> it is a win/win for all of us. >> reporter: amazon plans to begin hiring for hq2 next year. chris gordon, news4. northern virginiaeporter
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david culver in ross lynne. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this stemsrom what chris was just talked about. the thousands of employees. it is thought that they'll be well paid a settle here and that could push out lower income families. >> that well known voice touted the company line, painting the second headquarters as a plus for any community. at the time she would not say where would it land. >> sorry. i don't know that. but it was a lack of transparency from the human at amazon that became nova says no. >> thas the campaign you went for. they have decided, they're coming here. is the fight over? >> no. absolutely not.
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>> he is part of the democratic social i haves of america. hey fear low income families will get pushed out. the fear of getting priced out is already impacting alexandria's del rey neighborhood. jen walker telling me the so-called amazon effect swayed buyers. >> they woke up this morning ana saw then announcement and decided to move forward with the contract. >> reporter: but she does not anticipate it will be quick. >> amazon selected new york city and arlington, virginia as the locations for the new headquarters. >> it only took ten months.
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>> group stressed, while they couldn't stop amazon from coming here, that they'll serve as a watch dog of sorts, hoping to keep them on live up to theirpr ises. >> that's not a bad thing from whichever side you look at the story. thank you, david culver. >> the second part of the hq2 will go up in mostly an industrial part of queens. >> our correspondent explains ow new york is preparing f amazon's arrival. hello, rana! >> reporter: gooevening. even though long island city is an historically industrial the
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area, there have been a lot of changes. take a look at howlo cse we are. you can see the skyline here. and as the photographer panels across, this is area that amazon will build its new headquarters. i have to tell that you the back lash has been almost immediate. a lot of people are concerned about what this will do for the neighborhood. they're mainly concerned that transportation issues, seewag that the s and traffic is already a nightmare. they wtder wha 25,000 new employees and a new headquarters will mean for transportation. they're also concerned about housing obms, that their rents will go too high and th'll be driven out all together. amazon today held a press conferen with the mayor of new york saying that they'll try to deal wit some of these
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infrastructure issues. and the traenitits are why they picked it in the first place.>> all right. thank we'll look at the impact of our rails. what iseing don to ease the coming congestion? an a speci report on all this, look at jeff bezos, the founder of amazon, and what it means to you. be sure to tune in after "nightly news." now for a big heads up, a ch winter storm w heading our way. just a few scattered showers on storm team 4 radar. doug kammerer? >> we have some shower activity to the south.
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that's where the storm is now.av we a winter storm watch for everybody along and west of the blue ridhe including i-81 corridor from winch down to the. so i fully expect this to be expanded into a winter weather advisory. prince george's county, montgomery county, we'll talk about that and show what you this means. we've got a majortorm moving in. i'll see you back here in about ten minutes. it is free and easy to download. it is also how you'll hear about school delays thursday morning. still ahead, h of escape from the deadly western wildfires. plus, a change in local
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classrooms. some parents may not like it. >> our coverage of amazon's arrival in northern virginia continues. one person posted a gift and writes, stop trying to make national landing happen.
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right now, some scattered showers on storm-team 4 radar. a nasty night liv over the district and it is what is in store for us. doug is kaming back to time out the chances of a storm. now to california where the death toll from these massive wildfires continues to rise. a least 44 people have tied and ev more areissing. the fires are still huge.p president trum has approved disaster aid for the state now. some people are returning to sat left of their jenns live now in los angeles. >> reporter: there's not much left for so many people trying to return home. they find nothing there. it has been a difficu day. winds are still continuing to
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blow. th death toll now at 44. statewide, it is still 100 people left unaccounted for. but still, people who survived s the fir are coming home t their neighborhoods. >> reporter:his fireicked up. >> a massive show of force in the air northwest of los angeles winds blow t inferno from ridge line to ridge line. this is 65% of the woolsey fire that has no containment line. >> my wedding invitation. >> reporter: as residents trickle in, they're shocked to find nothing left even though they knew what they would come home sto. >> it weird the watch on it tv and see that was your suse. it alw happens to someone else and it is weird when it happens to you. >> the horror stories fromhe fire, still fresh. joanar ga thought she and her daughter would die in their car
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surround by flames. >> i kept playing, lord jesus, keeps safe, keep my car running, get us out of here. >> reporter: they made it. dozen of others did not. investigators are looking at dna remains. >> this is unprecedented. the tragedy. you have to be resolution. >> evacuees from the hardest hit areas. >> the dangerous fire, if you'rh beingd back, your life and the lives of your family and neighbors are still in danger. >> reporter: these dry winds continue on whip up from the east. we're expecting in the next 24 to 48 hours the offshore flow to come in and give us more of ano
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n influence. it is little comfort for people in the path of theire right now. back to you. >> thanks so much. lawmakers return to washington for the lame duck session of congress. the incoming members next arrive for the new year. >> reporter: it is no secret pitol hill we've seen a lot of bitter divide over the past few years but newembers say they're hook forward to hopefully changing the tone here if washington. >> reporter: back to work. the final push before a new congress in january. for the dozen of newly elected houseermembs, it is freshman orientation. li>> i'm f ready for this.
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>> reporter: excitement popping up on social media. at it iseady down to business. new members bringing a new message -- >> a taste of what's to meur ro investigation. part of it is oversight. a lot of it is to get some gi ioslleasat pns this country. >> as for the races without aer wi both candidates are invited. florida republican rick scott announcing, he will attend senate orientation. even as his race is undecided. demanding when will democratic senator bill nelson concede? >> reporter: the president hoping the gainnother seat in his column after the senate race
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flip that had seat fm red to blue. >> and a week after election day, the state of georgia is without a democrats had not conceded saying she wants to make sure all the provisional ballots were counted. the state has to wait until friday to certify the results. >> all right. u.ank d.c. public school will offer a third gender option next ye t. in additio male or female, students will be able to select nonbinary. according to the center for transgender this say most people are eitr malr female but some don't fit neatly. people whose gender is not male or female use different terms with nonbinary bng one of the most common. d.c. schools say they want to make sure gender and nonbinary
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students feel the loved, challenged and prepared to positively influence society and thrive in life. big changes in the forecast. >> doug is back to talkbout sleet and may be even snow. you could get rainn or e a wintry mix. we've got new renderings fromamazon. and as we look into the developments of amazon, do you remember where it began? it was an online book store.
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this is the forecastobody nts to hear. not the snow lovers, nobody. >> that's a ver good point. i love winter weather. >> it a nasty mess and it is dangerous. >> it is. that's what we'll be dealing with on thursday. it is looking mor and more
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likely this will affect morning commute. if this was at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m., it looks like w itl be 6:00 or 7:00 many other thursday. right snow,ome shower activity, southern cal vert county, toward northern neck and the eastern shore. you see that system moving through. still some showers. well to the south and east. this was a coldha frontt moved in. 43, martinsburg, 46 in culpeper. it is a cold night. the big otstory, much here but back to the west. a winter storm effect late tomorrow night into the day on thursday. for everybody you see, right along and west of the blue ridge. if you look west, there. tomorrow, a it could be as early as tomorrow morning, butri think tom afternoon, most of the area. maybe montgomery coty, maybe
6:26 pm
as far east as fairfax, there b wille a winter weather advisory. we've got the cloud cover and the rain to the south. as it makes its way into colder air, it is starting offd aro portions of northern virginia. and snow,sleet, rain, oh, yeah. just nasty for ansure. then all rain into the d.c. metro area. back to the west, we could have accumulating snow for the first times season. most like oh grassy surfaces. it is something we'll be tracking. a hig o ofy 39. 50 degrees on friday. to the west, even colder than that and then a high of 34.
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a prime amazon's second headquarters is coming to northern virginia. >> next, me lessons we could learn from seattle. the tecgi ant's home city. >> amazonnd crystal city. we you told it could be happening. is your commute about to get better or worse? at children's national,
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we're back with our top story. amazon coming to northern virginia. we've talked gbout thed things to come, good things expected to come. >> having one of the world's largest companiesn your backyard can bring some growing pains, some headaches. we'll looks at the traffic impact. >> first, some lessons from amazon's original home. seattle. amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the its major headquarters is in seattle a that infused $38 billion into the economy between 2010 and 2016. but it has also transformedt into a bustingransportation center. the traffic has gotten worse.
6:31 pm
the high paid techies make but that 15% of the work force and a majority are young and single renters. >> the local market hasn't pen able to add that. >> you have to live well outsidt city l and the increasing number is cloing the interstate. we're trying to build out our rail system. >> attention around there as seattle struggled t aress the homelessness crisis. amazon remains major player. they have more square footage an 7 different madison square gardens and could hold re water than 10,000 olympic pools.
6:32 pm
>> more people on our buss and trains. >> it seems a little bit scary. all these new jobs coming to the area. tter traffic flow. metro improvement. all of that is now being fast tracked. >> fantastic. welcome to amazon. >> what a great day. >> fantastic. on the streets. some see a looming traffic nightmare. >> don't be lg. traffic is aifficult it is. i can't imagine. >> metro will be a huge player.
6:33 pm
>> are youne ous? ? >> and it will be an upgreat. there will be two entrances instead of one. metro's g station will be part of it. >> it was front and center. >> reporter: and take a look at this. a gleaming new pedestrian bridge from crystal cit directly to reagan nationalt. airp why do you think they want to walk to the airport? it's great but why is that a requirement? >> well, given the traffic last friday, it iseagr i think they're very concerned out the environment. >> reporter: worth noting that route oneill be getting
6:34 pm
traffic upgrades. >> reporter: we won't know what it will be like until day one. this is an area thatost thousands of jobs in base re ignment. >> anything will be better. odbye, crystalcity. hello, national landing. a bit of a curveball. still to come in our continuing coverage, the now name that has everybody talking. >> and we hope you'll stay with us for a special report. we'll be going in depth. we'll look at jeff bezos.
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breaking news at the live desk. federal agents have arrested a man named jeffrey clark suspected of having illegal gun parts and illegal ammunition. they suspect he was a social media friend of robert bowers,p the sus in the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. someone turned anymore. the arrest of jeffrey clark made by federal agents in the district of columbia andhe say he was a social media friend of rober bowers. in court friday in d.c. news4. and you've heard about the
6:36 pm
wintery mix on .thursd >> what is a wintery mix? >> when we talk about a wintery mix, we're talking about four types. rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. in the lower one to two miles of the atmosphere, it is ra know what that is withreezing rain you have warm air just above us. and then right at the surfac the temperature is freezing. 32 degrees or en lower. so as it falls, it freezes o contact. then we get on sheet. what does this mean? well, sheet are the things that ng pong. it actually mets.
6:37 pm
but as it fall to the ground. you have cold air to the surface so it freezacup. we know what snow is. doug will have the outlook on that thursday. coming up in a few minutes. >> that's areatgraphic. six siblings. now that we knowmazon is here to stay, what new building where they are building their rsheadquar >> and did you know amazon ships about 608 million package as year on average? that translateso about you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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they weren the front row there. they gathered we know what their classmates for a school ad ion. with veterans, others are deployed. their kids sit in place on the stage. you can see the six siblings beginning to recognize the familiar face from the other end of this gym. wow! that's pretty cool. casey was deployed to korea. he wasn't supposed to be home for several more weeks. he hugged each of his six kids on the stage as their classmates cheered them on. the travel season is expected to be the busiyest on record. the transportation administration expects 25 million of us to pass through
6:41 pm
security screening check points over the holiday travel period. the friday before the holiday, this friday, also, the day before t'thanksgiving, t next wednesday, and the busiest day of all, the sunday tha follows thanksgiving. that's when 2.7 million travels will all be flying home. good luck out there, people. this says it all. snow, ice, rain, all within the next 36 to8 hour we've got a winter storm watchful i'll let you know what to expect. we'll take you hour by hour here. a big mess. and our coverage of amazon's arrivall w continue. amazon founder jeff bos
6:42 pm
says he picked the name amazon because it is exotic. it is
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6:44 pm
some sadness around the country as many places learned they didn't win amazon. so what a madeington a better choice? we asked why our area came out top. >> well, i just did an interview
6:45 pm
with jeff bezos and he said it was about cpeting the best. it has been a great place for them to recruit some of the people they need to run and make sure your packages get from a to b quickly enough. that's theay not reasoning. >> you can hear her full report coming up on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. well, it is also bringing a rain change. these are renderings of what will soon be nationalland. nat landing. >> reporter: when you're out here on the street asking qutions, you can get some strange looks bac inour direction. that's what happened when i asked people, can you show me where national landing is?
6:46 pm
you know macy, nordstrom and you know amazon. do you know national landing? u it's a made-up name. >> reporter: do ink it is good, bad? >> i've been here a long time. i want to keep crystal city. >> reporter: they are now rolled up into one convenient location. it wilbe right next to reagan national airport. >> like ay runwa landing? that's hilarious. aittle corny but i'll let it pass. >> i understand amazon wants to take theorld over but they don't need to change everything. >> reporter: but he believes -- >> if they can go ahead and rebrand something and make it eir own, that's a big deal.
6:47 pm
>> they'll call it whateazr wants. >> if amazon makes a big splash, calling itill be national landing. >> reporter: so what will you call it? >> crystal city. >> reporter: just to stay on villone's good side as the new guy, i think it may grow onme. i don't want to anger the locals. >> i think people will be reluctant to if i have up crystal city. >> more on our weather for the national landing. >> national landing, national harbor, national airport, all will have some issues. special highway thursday. tomorrow is no problem except for the fact it is 33 with a
6:48 pm
windchill of 45. day bits t storm watch in effect. over toward the eastern shore and gmbridge. showore rain in our southernzone. even around atlanta, most of georgia. you see the green here. that's a flood watch. why? we have a major storm that will develop down toward the southeast and move right into our region into the day on thursday. not today though. we're a-okay as long asav you the jackets. we have the cloudcover. it will be a cold night. a stormy week. here's tomorrow at 6:00.
6:49 pm
no rain tomorrow. one day ofhe rain. we get snow and ice and rain. and even the d.c. metro area. we could see a little snow at the onset before it changes to all rain if d.c. south and to the west, a little story out here. we have a winter stormatch in effect. including frederick county and virginia. down toward parts of page county. ywhere west of the blue ridge. and it is really there. the potential for snow, sleet and freezing rain. d.c. but we may be under a winter weather advisory. th is where we think it will be. this is the biggest impact. south and east, we'll call it low but it will be a big impact
6:50 pm
in our area. we're talking about heavy rain again. in the yellow areas. howard county, fairfax, loudoun, toward the middle portion of fauquier. moderate impact. we have the best chance for significant icing. the best chance for significant snowfall. look around stwinc. we fully etexpd ind to be under a winter storm warning, we have a lot on thursday. 39 for a high on aythur that's just nasty. saturday looking great. next week,n we'ree drier side of things and maybe even some sunshine asea we to thanksgiving. below average. 53 with some sun any time.
6:51 pm
nbc 4 has been helping those in need on hel t fillles on thanksgiving. and you can help us feed thousands in the dmv by joining us for our annual food for families. a $20 donation buys a turkey and sides to make a tax deductible donation. >> so many people making a big difference. oming up, the capitals
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ . remember the name tom wilson it has been a while. >>nehis hap to start last season. and the records aren't too
6:55 pm
different. if you're superstitious, this might work in your favor. fans are requesting this. your wishes are granted. the caps forward returns to the ice. wilson wh a b grin on the ice atnorning skate i minnesota today. a neutral arbitrator reduced his suspension from 20 gameso 14 and he alrea served 16 games for his pre season hit on the blues' oscar sunqvist so he is back on the with alex ovechkin and kuznetsov. he is happy to be back. he knows he has to do what he snow stay this. >> it wa definitely a nice thing on get. and the possibility of tonight and starting on the right foot. and i'm excited to be playing hockey again.
6:56 pm
missing 15, 16 games, it can't happen. that's on me and i have to make >> he is such a big part of the way we py and the culture and on and off the ice that we've been missing something. it is great to have them >> the cams at minnesota wild. the maryland football team has been playing this season. despite the tough circumstances, the terps are one win away from becoming bowl eligible. they'll have to do that without their starting quarterbac matt announcing that the quarterback tore his acl in his left knee in saturday's game against indiana. he tore his acl in his right knee last year. he will start against ohio state thisweekend. this is now s theth quarterback acl tear in the last seven years. now, thanksgiving is around the
6:57 pm
corner. today redskins are doing their part to help the local fals at the 16th annual harvest fest. dan schneider hing with players and community volunteers giving out thanksgiving food baskets and turning toys 2,500 prince george's county residents. there were some high fives, a couple of hugs. thehalayersd with nns sports washington. >> i get a good kick out of seeing people smile and having a good time. >> just being a part of an organization that likes to do things. these familiesill be very happy tow sim happy to be a part of it. >> and speaking of doing good, e former washington bullet
6:58 pm
harvey encourage d the wheelchar basketball game. part of the nba's hoops for troops. they are hosting throughout the week. a fun and much needed day for all involved. >> we ten on get sck in our rooms and our beds and feel sorry for ousoelves. this gives us an under the. i waseally excited about th . >> my grandfather was marine in lot orean war so i have a of respect for them. >> okay. meanwhile, at 7:30, we hope you can stay with us and join us for amazon's aarrival. ews4 special report. we'll be here.
6:59 pm
>> we'll be here at 7:30.
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. an extraordinary power struggle bursting into e open. nbc news breaking the story of clashes nbetween melania trump and j kelly. why the chief of staff y bonn his way out as the first lady oakes a stunning move tot a top official, saying she no longer derves the hoonor of serving the white use. the deadliest firein alifornia history. hundre unaccounted for and new evacuations night. a surprise twist at thetart of the el chapo trial. why two jurors were dismissed. did boeing fail to warn pilots about a major


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