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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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nature's promise turkey is afree from antibiotics. they're not talking, because they're eating. oh, hello. at giant, it's the little things that make mealtime easy, leaving more time for those closest to you, during the holidays. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now with concerns over messages of hate. >> they're back on doorsteps across our area. recruiting flyers for the kkk. weighed down with birdseed, in nearly half a dozen couies in matter of days.
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a teenager walking and talking again after getting hit by a car at the bus stop. his story leading to a in a push to make our roads safer for everyone. and the news b ke last night, but there were signs as far back as a year ago that amazon would pick arlington f its new headquarters. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. our first real chance of winter weather this seasonocs ng on the door. >> yeah, we could see snow, sleet, rain or a mix of it all on thursday. it's gotur attention and doug kammerer's too. folks, it's going to be a mess out there. he's tracking it all from the storm center. >> doug, the wintry mix coming on thursday, but the cold, it's already here. >> yeah, it temperatomorrow are going to be in the upper 30s to low 40s. wind clls all day tomorrow are only going to be in the 30s. going to be a very cool dale across our region. a very chilly day out there on your wednesday. and that sets the stage for what we've got. out there right now, storm team 4 dar, not showing anything.
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we've got shower activity out to the south and st. that's with a front that moved through here. the storm system itself this is tomorrow. here's tomorrow at 6:00. thte storm sysm itself is wail down to the south. but it's going to be making its way our way. because the cold is ishere, is going to start, this is thursday at 9:00 a.m., snow, ice and rain our area, and that's why we have a winter storm watch, not for d.c., but for areas to the west, including frederick county, over to warren county, page county and everybody owe to the . we're going to talk about what this means to your thursday, and what i think about this area right here. that's montgomery, fairfax, many others. see you in ten minutes. >> doug, thank you. new tonight, there are disturbing reports of families in our area receiving flyers for the kkk. >> and a d.c. man arrested on gun charges. hthorities say he ties to the suspect in the pittsburgh synagogue shooting. >> all of i coming on the day we learned hate crime reports are up for the third year in
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row. the fbi today h said thate crimes went up 17% last year, more thand 7,000 reporound the country. of 5 target people because their race, 1 in 5 because of religion. >> news 4's shomari stone begins our coverage with more on the s flyerswing up in at least fi maryland counties this recent days. irritating. >> reporter: that's how raymond kennerly feels after picking up a kkk recruitment flyer in a plastic bag with birdseed right belo his mailbox. >> picked it up and looked at it, saw it was the kkk and didn't read the rest of it. p >> reporteice say someone scattered nearly 30 kkk hate pampets i residential driveways on sunday. brandon strong found one. i >> a howard university graduate, i'm kind of appalled that anybody would come to my neighborhood. all o us get ong. >> reporter: it's not just maryland.
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kkk flyers were found in lerthern virginia last week. to the people wh this on your driveway, what do you say them? >> i'm not interested in any of it. move on some place relse. orter: law enforcement agencies are investigating all the cases. now, there is a no hate in st. mary's uorty vigil tw at 6:00 in the evening at the leonard town square. everyone is invite as for the flyers that were found here in upper marlboro, well, raymond says they belong in one place -- the garbage. in upper marlboro and prince george's county, i'm shomari stone, news >>4. now to the connection between a d.c. man and the suspect in that pittsburoo synagogue ng. the news 4 i-team's scottrl mcd broke that story. the d.c. suspect is now facing gun charges and he allegedly called the pittsburgh shoer a hero. >> reporter: federal agents have arrested a man named jeffrey clark, suspected of having g
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illega parts and illegal ammunition. according to theirfi vit, they suspect he was a social media friend of robert bowers, the man suspected of the synagogue shootings at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburghd acg to the affidavit from the feds, witnesses, or some type of associate of jeffrey clarkned him into the feds, concerned he might b a white nationaladt, h anti-semitic views and may have illegal weapons. e arrest of jeffrey clark, al made by feder agents in the district of columbia and they say he was a social media friend of robert bowers, suspected in the free of life synagogue shooting. clark's in court friday in d.c. scott mcfarland, news 4. now to the news that has dominated this day, amazon choosing northern virginia for one of its two new headquarters. >> oh, it's big. the move cel brated not only leaders in the commonwealth, but also d.c.'s mayor and maryland's governor. also a win for our entire region.
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>> here's the promise. 25,000 new jobs with an average annual salary of $150,000. the cost to virginia taxpayers, up to $550 million, if amazon delivers on the promise of all those jobs. >> and it all takes over parts of crystal city. pentagon city. and potomac yard now renamed national landing. there were clues that amazon could pick lington, as far back as a year ago. news 4's jackie bensen is live with that piece of the story for us. jackie? >> reporter: well, take a look behind me. this fence, part of the land that is available for this soon to be renamed crystal city area that's goingo amazon. a relatively minor story about an environmental award helped a local online news organization become the first to report arlington wason in very s consideration. >> this is going to keep us really busy.
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>> reporter: aington now publisher scott notes that in november 2017, his online news organization reported that an arlingn/al sand dree ya combination appeared to be in strong consideration for a.m.son hq-2. staffers puzzling over why a four-month old story why arlington winning the award became the website's most popular story. >> hundreds of people were clicking on a link on an internal amazon site. reporter: with the official announcement finally confirming arlington, broadbeck is looking to beef ust his f, and he's not the only one. when virginia-bas coffee rosters chose the area as the site of their first coffee shop, the owners were concerned there might not the in they are thrilled they sit now
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in the middle ofhe hq-2 site. >> our business is providing nitro-cold brew on tap to oorporate offices. we hope to d a lot of business with amazon and the businesses they're going to bring to the area. >> reporte and you seehese bicycles behind me, they are part of an art installation, but they a also a symbol of arlington's progressive transportation policy, part of the reason that azon said they wanted to be here. live in arlington, jackie been, news 4. >> those coffee baristas could be rolling it in. news 4's had this covers from every angle. >> from tans pransportation to to what w called national landing. and yes, the opposition, too. >> our team coverage tonights tonight with more ot you should know about this huge change for our whole region. >> i'm adam tuss.
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metro improvements, roadway improvements a pedestrian bridge to reagan nationa airport rectly from crystal city, all of that is planned transportation-wise, with t new infusion of money that's going to be coming here no northern virginia, and get this. metro's leaderay he believes metro was one of the selling points that landed amazon here. >> if you recall, when they first visited here, the first thing they did was they got on metro. so, it was front and center in their mind. >> reporter: a lot of t trabs poration projects in this area were just in the planning stages, but now, they're goi to be fast-tracked. >> reporter: this is chris gordon, at the future virginia tech innovation campus. it will teach the skills amazon employees need. >> the plans were already in place, and amazon was a catalyst for this. >> this innovatn campus is really focused on creating more tech talent that will serve not only amon, but t existing and future business community. >> reporter: amazon begins to
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hire locally next year. >> reporter: i'm cory smith in crystal city, or, should i say, national landing. yep, that is the name amazon is callin h the newe of hq-2.e not every is onboard with the new name just yet. >> i understand that amazon wants to take the world over, t they don't need to change everything. >> glen levis loves it. >> it's tired, it's worn. start fresh, start new. it's amazon, man >> reporter: i'm david culver in the roslyn part of arlington county, where not everybody is loving this idea of amazon bringing their second headquarters to our region. one group launched a campaign several months back, trying to keep amazon from deciding on nortrn virginia as their hq-2 location. >> we're going to see, i think, n explosion in rents and housing prices. >> reporter: more than ever, they're concerd, they're worried that aman will bring employeesof well-paid
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who will settle in our area and ultimately push out lower income families. >> our team coverageoesn't end here. we've got a fascinating story on our nbc washington app about amazon owner jeff bezos history, and what amazon's arrival could mean for your home's value. they're easy to search, just search amazon. i'm leon harris with breaking news here at the live desk. in just the last 24 hours, over 1,000 more families have lost their homes to the wildfire ravaging northern california. the number of homestr ded is close to 8,000. e vac c queuvacuees slowly bein backt the water isfe for them to drink there. police are warning residents they may find victims in the rubble. tonight, the death toll from the camp fire jumped to 48.
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most of the dead are from the town of paradise. two people are confirmed dead in southern california. the twin fires burning there have destroyed at least 0 homes. tonight, the los angeles county fire chief says the wind is pushing the flames up into the mountains, away from neighborhoods. that's allowing many of the evacuees to return home. ted exp rain next week could help firefighters gain control of the flames, but could also lead to mudslides. so, the emergency situation there, not eveclose to being er. doreen, jim, backn,o you. >> leo thank you. > new at 11:00, a story of survival. these are pictures of devin garcia before a car hit him and three other kennedy high school students waiting for a bus last month. now, garcia is walking and talking again. his mother shared this photo with ourisr station telemundo 44, from her son's rehab in baltimore. garcia suffered a brain and internalin bleedg iningn t crash on georgia avenue.
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his mother says he's now able to have short conversations. >> recovery's number one. but the looks of it, you know,et he's gng there. and he's going to get there really soon. >> that crash last month prompted callses for pian safety in montgomery county. today, the county council met with the state highway administration. it argued for lower speed limits, morcrosswalks and new curb markings on state roads in both english and spanish. 11 pedestrians have died in montgomery county this year, the same number as last year. next at :0 tonight, our series on getting a good night's sleep continues, with news 4's angie goff. spending a night at a sleep lab. >> now we're going to g meet with the doctor and see what the data shows. cing up, some tricks you can use to tell your brain it's can use to tell your brain it's .ime for bed
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can use to tell your brain it's .ime for bed (music throughout)
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tonight, our series on sleep continues, with sething man of us are always looking for, the secret to a good night' sleep. >> the centers for disease control say about 70 million americans aren't get recommended amount of rest. news 4's angie goff went to a sleep lab looking for some solutions. >> reporter: see new the morning? >> see you in the morning. goodgh >> reporter: good night. getting a full night's sleep has never been easy. hang to wake forork in the middle of the night doesn't help. so, i checked into the center for sleep and wake disorders. hi. hi. >> reporter: and learned, i'm a completee rec for rest disaster. now we're going to meet with the tctor and see what the data
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shows. s is one tired person whose brain actual ly hasn't gotten enough sleep. >> reporter: this sleep expert believes i have a soer, based off some bad habits, starting with no etbedtime and an average of four hours a sleep a nigh >> the brain knows what youpe . >> reporter: that means sleeping and going to sleep at the same time every day, even on weekends. then there's the kids in the bed, drinking coffee all day and using my phone a lot at night. >> light is a drug that promotes wakefulness. this takes the light signal, depresses the se cession of mel toe anyone, which cld trigger sleepiness. >> reporter: common mistakes that can berr coected. starting with a pair of these glasses a couple hours before bed. >> they're amazing and they fier out the blue light. >> reporter: turns out there are
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special light bulbs to help turn the lights off in the brain, too. all things to try, knowing the risks of not sleeping. sleep abopnea and dangerous driving, and the long links to die bee tees, obesity and heart disease. >> we sleep to reset ourselves physically and mentally. we sleep to and we're going to live longer if we sleep enough. >> reporter: well, the sleep doc had a few othertips. take a warm shower to wind down, keep space aro bd your organized and the room dark, quiet and cool. i and still anxious, doctors say leap sleep apps may help. you can experiment with music or a podcast.ot so, i the glasses. these are you just wear them a few hours before bed. bulbs. can change your these strip the blue light and only cost about ten bucks. so, forg don't forget, a set sc
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is key. angie gotch, neff, news >> kay then. we'll get the glasses. >> for sure. >> so, we're going to need -- maybe we'll need snow goggles. >> thoseth might work for , too. >> i mean, this is really quite amaze what we've got coming in here. the last time we saw a snow event this time of year was 2014, just befe thanksgiving. that one, we had more than six inches of snow in our western zone. this time, we could have about the same. >> whoa. >> yeah, it's really that system, of a storm making its way our way. not now, though. it's a nice night. temperatures haven't moved all that much. it was 48 degrees at 6:00 tonight, it's now46. the reason why? well, we've got that cloud cover, once again, the clouds act as a blanket to keep temperatures on the milder side. on the t radar, nothing show currently. we have had showers down to the south. that's with a cold front. you could see, that's still making its way off t coast. but it's stalling and what's going to happen is, we're watching ln area of
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pressure. you can just start to see it bringing in snow. look at i this, snownto parts of texas. we had sleet in the houston area today. look at that snow breaking out in arkansas. breaking out in towards louisiana.po shre had snow today. that's the storm system that's going to move our way. because of that, we have a w winter stoch in effect for the day on thursday, includes everybody st, ong and west of the blue ridge. so, including areas along 81, st of our west virginia counties, as well. now, areas that are not under the watch, you're not under the watch because this will happen tomorrow. i definitely expect this to become a possible winter storm warning and maybe a weather advisory for areas west of ai-95. this is for snow, sleet and freezing rain. snow to rain from d.c. south and eastward. let's tak you hour by hour. here's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. on thursday. tomorrow, no problem, again. it's uray. snow beginning around the d.c. metro area, most of northern virgia, but wat what
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happens, as it starts to increase in intensity, it keeps thend temperatures down it stays snow for a couple of hours in parts of the area, while down to t south,it's all rain. now, eventually in the d.c. metro area, it becomes all rain and it is just a nasty, nasty day. but we could see some snow accumulating back to the west. and the big potential here for icing back to thewest, as well. that could be aisigger e. by friday morning, it's all out of here. let's talk about the for snow.l this says 1.3 inches, that's how much might fall, but it's all going to melt in d.c. this area is the area i'm worried about. seve inches in man trtinsbural i would go of that. and this is the impact that we have on thursday. low impact down to the south. we're looking at a high impact event. hagerstown, frederick, leesburg and winchester. moderate impact in wesrn fairfax county. so, this is going to be a very high iminct event d the day on thursday. a little bit better on friday.
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a little bit better, actually, a lot better on sunshine, a high of 54. and then much cooler as we head towards nexwe week. e going to stay cool all the way through thanksgiving. thanksgiving right now, 53 and sunny. we'll take it. >> we like that. but thursday sounds like no joke. >> it's b going to nasty. >> weather alert day. coming up, agh hi-flying tonight. ls the show plus, the return of tom wilson does not
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this is the xfinity sports desk. reunited and it feels so good. capitals forward tom wilson back on the ice after missing the
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first 1 games to a suspension which ended early.n wilson already midseason form and the caps seemingly juvenated with his return. wilson getting back in his pregroe utine. tom just can't help but smile. late first period, caps up 1-0, pug it up the ice.ov dmitry o with the puck, over to tom wilson, and he scores. wilson getting his first goal on the se even taking out the goalie. the goal counts, b while celebrating, wilson finds out c he'sled for interference, i, happy one second, pleading another, and thenn the box. but caps up 2-0. second period now, wilso getting a welcome back from marcus foligno. tou aren't yappy he's back? third now, capitals up 3-1, on the atta. alex ovechkin, down the wing.
11:27 pm
he crosses to orlov and he finds the back of the net.or lov, two goals and an ps go on to win it, 5-2. >> all right. now, to college hoops. illinois fans fired up, hosting georgetown. the hoyas spoiling the fun first half. orgetown on the run. matt mcclung, check out that reverse. if you guys haven't heard of him, you will see him all season. georgetownp two at halftime. now, second half, georgetown forcing the turnover, and watch mcclung with the chas it down and showing off the hops. >> oh, whoa. >> high-flying hoya throwing it down. y'all, this is all over social lumedia. m with 12 points. hoyas up three. under a minute to gewn with a one-point lead. plits the "d," puts the shot up. a little contact, he hits. three-point plait for the hm fresan. team high 19 points. georgetown now 3-0 after the
11:28 pm
88-80 win. here's a couple other local scores for you. george mason falls to georgia southern, 98-89. paiots off to an0-3 start. and howard bison blowing out regent unit 108-51. es, it is early, but it is college basketbalason. >> hoyas going to be fun to watch with him. >> incredible game. they keep rolling like this, i have to b a hoya crewneck or something. >> he's 6'2", he's my si
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t' and t going to do it for us on this historic, no doubt exciting day for our region. >> it has been quite a day. ight show" is coming up next. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move.. karate helps relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? en doing it for years. w'm calling geico right good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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