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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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agait one of president trump's biggest foes. tonight, michael avenatti goes before cameras to defend himself. plus don't feel guilty about having thalate-night snack. >> this is a terrible idea. >> the foods you can eat before bed that won't interfere with a good night's sleep. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. hi, everybody, it's been a while, look outside now, no sign of trouble, but when you wake up, you may find rain, may find ice, some snow outside your window. >> yeah, winter's first blow is going to be a mix of all of the above. it's serious enough to force some schools to change their schedules already. the counties here in red from prince ailliam loudoun to west virginia have closed school tomorrow. schools in fairfax county and manassas shaded in yellow are on a noo-hour delay. ord yet from d.c. or most of the districts in maryland.
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>> we'll keep you up to date on the closures and delays running at the bottom of the screen. they're also in our nbc washington app. right now we'ng wor for you with team coverage. shamari stone is tracking efforts to keep the roads safe out >>there. first chief meteorologist doug kammerer. doug, sounds like we're in for a little of everything. >> we really are. tomorrow is goindaif be a nasty temperature rise right now, 40 degrees in d.c. the temperatureare everything th this storm. notice just to the north, 3 hagerstown degrees. farther north in the 20s uco around stateege. this cold air continues to creep to the south. at the same time, we're watching our moisture move up from the south. as well moving to the north. so that's going to collide and that's why we have that situation. youan see the storm back around st. louis. bringing up all this moisture. making its way our y. and b this time tomorrow morning, well, it's going to be a meor. actually b that. about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. notice snow, even inside the districtdo rain and sno to the south. just plain rain a little bitrt
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r south. snow, ice and rain, all three making for a big mess. area rightmost o the now under a winter weather advisory along i-95 and points to the west. a wint storm warning big-time impacts farther to the west. i'm going to break it down for you, let you know what to expect when you wake up tomorrow morning and points beyond. i'll take you hour by hour. don't want to miss it, guys t a lot going orrow on your thursday. i'll be here to guide you through it coming up in ten minutes. >> doug, thank you. tonight we alrnow that this storm system headed our way can be two people died today when a tour bus overturned on an icy highway in mississippi just south of memphis. it was sleing at the tim and highway officials blame the weather for the cras 44 people were injured. oews 4's shamari stone is in alexandria tonighthow us what crews around here are doing w to keep roads safe tomor morning. shomari? >> reporter: good evening, vdot is determined to do what they can toe keep peo safe on the
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roadways. i'm here in alexandria. this is ae huge salt d behind me. one of the main hubs where they come in here, get salt, to treat the roads for northern virginia. there is 30,000 ton of salt here and a vdot official tells me it's so big in size they could actually fit ae jet ins this salt dome. now, tonight, there are people who wish they cld stay inside tomorrow morning dreading the potentialet s and snow that doug was telling you they decided t their tanks so they won't do it tomorrow to avoidhe mess. >> bring it on. bring it on. >> reporter: george is ready for winter weather. he filled up his tank before the expected snow, sleet and freezing rain arrives in loudoun county. he's most concerned about -- >> the people that really don't ow how to drive in it on a regular basis. >> reporter: crews pretreateds rond bridges. vdot told us more than 2,500 crews are readyor snow
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removal. >> we're concerned with the temperature overnight and the precipitation coming in and the timing of it all. we know it's going to be rush hour and people are on the roads and likely this time of year they're not fully focused on there being a winter storm coming. we take as many precauti s as n. >> i hope everybody takes precautions. >> reporter: dawn drives to work leesburg >> i have four-wheel drive. i'll head out a little later in the morning. >> another day at the office. >> reporter: yeah, just another day at the office. that a lot of us wish we could avoid. now, i'm heren alexandria, and there are hundreds ofck tl expected to come tomorrow. they're on standby to treat the in northern virginia. you can actually feel this cold right now. live inal andria, shomari stone, news 4. >> i'm glad they're out there. . we're all out ofractice drividriv driving in it. thanks so much. news 4 is working with you tracking the storm all night long. starting aor4:00 a.m.
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meogist chuck bell will have the latest forecast and melissa will be all over first 4 traffic for you and check for any new school closings or delays. "news 4 today" starts at 4:00 a.m. leon harris at the lye desk. the attorney representing stormy daniels in her bitter court battle with president trump faces a high-profile of his own. michael avenatti says he's innocent of felony domestic violence charges. new video you see here shows him smiling after he was released on bond in los angeles. officers arrested and booked him unidentified n victim filed a police rept last night. >> i have never struck a woman. i am looking forward to a full investigation at which point i am confident tt i will be fully exonerated. >> well, despite some initial reporting, avenatti's two ex-wives defended him and said in statements they were not the
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victims. both said he'd never bebu physicallive to them. avenatti is the lawyer for the adult film star who claims she had a relationship with theen pres avenatti has flirted with a 2020 presidential run as a democrat on his own. 'll see how things play out from re. back to you. >> the prince georges county school district reassigned a librarian accused of using racial slur during a parking lot confrontation. >> did you just call her husband the "n" word? >> yeah, i did. >> the woman holding the camera facebook this video on it went viral. she says she and her family were outside a charles county store. she says she couldn't belief what she heard and was expecting the librarian toapologize. >> i was hoping that she would say, you know what, i was upset. i'm sorry. but you see from the video that she was -- what she was saying and she was proud of what e said.
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>> the school district says diversity and tolerance are core values of the the librarian works at potomac landing elementary in ft. washington. she'seen pulled from working inside any school pendingn investigation. new at 11:00 tonight, a montgomery county man pleaded guilty today to federal child pornography charges. prosecutors sayast summer, jonathan olddale hid cameras in e bathroom of his chevy chase home and secretly videotaped children. as part of pisa agreement, oldale has to register as a sex offender in maryend. 55-year-old also faces 25 years in prison. sentencing is set for april. a germantown man facing six unts of first-degree assault tonight after a police-involved shooting. 26-year-old devon brunner isse ac of pointing his gun at several homes and a resident on cross laurel court this past sunday. police tell us brunner then
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pointed his gun atic os and they shot him. brunner was treated at the hospital. the officers weren't hurt. new tonight, investigators tell us brunner's gun told out to be a replica. the officers who fired their guns are on paid administrative leave, standard procedure. brunner is being held without bond. a man found dead in montgomery county may have been run over by a box trk. how he ended up underneath it still a mystery tonight. investigators found dammeon powell dead in the fwer hill neighborhood of gaithersburg on tuesday morning. witnesses reportedel seeing p lying underneath a delivery truck similar to this one. they thought he was asleepr passed out. today, his mother sat on a curbi next to a me where he died covered in a shawl, grieving. powell was her youngest sol ese children. one of his sibmangs trying to sense of it all. >> you realize how precious life
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is. how quickly it can be gone from not one day to the next day, but from second to second. s>> no on been arrested in powell's death.ti police are invting the possibility that the drivers of the box truck didn't know he'd run over someone. brace ty significant toll increases are on the way forl dulles t road. don't be surprised when you see prices go up in the new year. there will be a 75-centincrease at the main toll plaza then 50-cent hik at those off ramps. that's an additional $1.25 per day f some drivers. $2.50 f round trips. the money will be used to help fund the silverxt lineension to dulles airport. that's set to open in 2020. we're working for you tonight to support our military families. >> we want to show you a -c linging moment for one local vet today. >> is onehalf of jpmorgan chase and operation home front family, welcome to your home in
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buoy, maryland. >> thank you. >> that's army veteran brian a sarens his wife, allison. our own leon harris was there today as they walked into their new home. brian is a purple heart recipient. he was wounded during a tour in afghanistan. >> but now thanks to operation home front and jpm gan chase, he and hisife are now first-time homeowners. >> decide to go back to school, we don't have to worry about workingull time. you know, we don't have any kids, but it's something we'd like to do. so this is going to help us build a family. >> good for them. thanks to operation home front, they are now mortgage-free. this is the 1,000th home the organization has awarded to militaryie famils. caught on camera.r a police offin a dramatic shootout. what happened when the gunshots d. do you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind raci? a doctor reveals the foods that
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new video shows a wild shooto between a suspect and sheriff's deputy in northwest lekansas. the deputy p the guy over for a traffic violation on sunday, but the driver took off, led the officer on a chase then pulled over and started shooting. watching the video, it's hard to believe that the deputy wasn't hurt. the suspect eventuall
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surrendered. he faces a bunch of charges including attempted capital murder. president trump is now cking a bipartisan bill for prison reform. the lawmakers who worked on it agree it would give inmates a second chance at life outside of prison. it would also give judges more discretion when sentencing nonviolent the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, has been working on this issue for months now. some conservatives are.till cautio and a senate vote may not happen until early january. if you eat better, you will sleep better. that much we know is true. >> but what about thos midnight munchies out there? tonight in her quest for better sleep, news 4's angie ff shows us the best foods to eat before bedtime and which os to avoid. millers.ter: meet the reese, harper, hudson, wyatt, two pups, a dad a one busy mom. you must be sleeping often. >> i don't know what sleep is at
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this point. >> rorter: after survivoring the day, morgan miller finds peace at night preparing for tomorrow. packing healthyd foo followed by a bad habit. you do this every night. >> yeah, all different types of ice cream from key lime to cotton candy to vanilla. this is kindf my secret sundae bar here. you will see that h ie all different toppings. the whole time i'm eating it i'm like this is a terrible idea. d>> reporter: it is, say barnard for the 70 million sleep-deprived americans. he stopped by and shared how what we eat affects how we slt'p. >> before you go to bed, for your evening mea have it be something starchier, have your pasta not with a meat sauce, have it with a tomato sauce. have rice not with the meat. have bean dishes. the starchy foods trigger release of serotonin in the brain. that's the sleep chemical. >> reporter: foods filled with transfat, saturated fat or sugar
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like everything in morgan'sgh y dessert reduce seroton serotonin. skip the soda, alcohol, and coffee, too. all cause lighter sleep. having italian roots, morgan liked m t of what sheard. >> if i can eat more pasta and that's okay, i'll do th>>. eporter: as for swapping that sunday night ritual for a few more winks? >> maybe i'll have a half a scoop instead? >> reporter: so what can you do when you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep? dr. barnard says this is the secret eat two slices of white bread and he says you'll be back out in ten minutes. angie goff, news 4. >> i like that. that fdge looks just like mine. i got to say, goodness gracious. >> i'm thinking if i eat two slices of white bread in the middle of the night, i'll need a new wardinbe. >> that'resting. >> okay. soonight maybe we'll get a little better sleep, maybe some ofs will beleeping in. >> i know a lot of us, you know, fairfax county, a lot of the
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coties we have out thehat are getting two-hour delays and closures tomorrow, montgomery county parents, of course, waiting to hear what they're going to be doing, so, yeah, we'll be wakg up early tomorrow to see what's happening. the snow making its way in. around 5:00, 6:00,omorrow rning. it will be sleet followed by snow. back to sleet. and then rain. let's take a look, show you what's h pening outside right now. you see cloudy skies. temperature wise, we're sitting right now at 40 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 12 miles per hour. this will bece a nor'easte off the coast. that's why we have the northeasterly winds. that high pressure tohe north driving down the colder air. look, 37 in baltimore. already dn to5 in gaithersburg. 32 winchester. this is where i think we could really see some problems. right now, 40egrees in washington. nothing on the radar now. we've got a couple more hours before we start to see it move in, but there it is. it's close. it's really clos the heaviest stuff toward
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nashville, the atlanta area. down around jarcksonville. heavy snow, st. loui cincinnati severe weather to the south. for , this is moving into much colder air. once again playing this through as we move through the overni at. here's 6:0. notice, guys, we may go through a brief period of sleet then o snow for most of the area here. and this lasts for a couple hours. here's 8:30. that's 2 1/2 hours of snow. places like leesburg, places ike washington, so maybe som snow on the grassy surfaces. now i still don't think we'll be below freezing in these that's why i think most of the roads will be okay for the monk emmute. howeven with rain, you know it's much slower, so imagine what it's going to be like with some moderate snow coming down early in the morning. now y 10:00m., where's the rain/snow line? it's north and west of washington. some sleet movin in. heavy rain down to the south. rain/snow line continues. here we are at 1:00. still snowing back toward the west with some ice back toward winchester and over toward hagersto hagerstown. along i-ou. that's whyolks are under the winter storm warning now because of the snow as well as the ice. upwards of a quarter inch of ice.
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at is significant icing. could be trees down.we por lines as well. for the rest ogh us thr 6:00, it is all just rain. for the evening rush,ugain th 11:00, rain but look what's happening. the cold air is moving back in. back to snow on the back side. even around 2:00 or 3:00, we get a little burst of snow coming throughreas like frederick and baltimore before friday morning it's all said and done. it is out of here. we turn breezy, we turn cold again during the day on friday. t here it is. the winter storm warning for areas back here in winchester, toward petersburg, west virginia, romney, over toward martinsburg. shepherdstown. hagerstown. frederick, leesburg, to the east,t's all a winter weather advisory for these areas. as we will see the sleet and snow transfer to rai rin most of thion. now, how much snow are we expecting? well, i'm rain to the an inch or less d.c. to the north. so, yeah, there could be a coating on some of the grassy surfaces. 1 to fderick, leesburg and winchester behind this area, 3 to 5 inches plus and involves
11:21 pm
some sleet here. really, once again, watch out tomorrow goingo be a mess 39 for a high tomorrow. that's in the city. most areas won't even get there. 50 degrees on friday. with that wind. turday looks grea a high of 52. sunshine. even though that's still well below average. 51 on sunday. next week, cold again on tuesday. high of only 45 after another front moves through monday. right now, thanksgiving lookingd okay, ever hey, look, another storm next friday/saturday. >> friday. >> after thanksgiving. >> okay, thank you, doug. coming up -- go figure -- the wizards turning heads at
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this is the desk.ity sports
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>> turns out caps really needed holtby but got somebody else. >> yeah, somebody. they found somebody. crazy. only in hockey, so caps goalie braden holtby was a late scratch for tonight's game against thes jets bec of an upper body injury. so washington called 31-year-old winnipeg resident gavin mckale, the goaltending coach of the university of manitoba women's hock ey team. ir emergency goalie >> you can do that? >> sure can. only in hockey. fun facts, he's 6'7". a self-described ne. . was actually an emergency goalie fo the avalanche last february. this happed twice for this guy. >> there you go. >> first period, bad news. k uznetsov takes an elbow to the head. left the game. team saying it was precautionary. better news here. jacob vrana, he shoots, scores. caps take a 1-0 lead. to the third. nicklas backstrom on the breakaway. check out this sh.
11:26 pm
how did that not go in? take another closer lo. it hits the goalie. looks like it crossed the line. >> yeah. >> but apparently, it did not. yeah. no. caps would not get closer. no questioning this one. ben tchiarot, that's game winner. the jets would addth anoer one. and beat the caps. sadly. 3-1. wizards. hey. they've been winning, guys. jeff green ugoing upis own squad, the cavaliers. bradley biel, you deserve to hang on the rim for that one. nice play by beal. cavs looking for an alley-oop. here come the wiz. to dwight how hd. ♪ this you do it >> having a party here. third quarter, wiz up big. beal going to put a boit.
11:27 pm
wizards win 119-95. their first three-game winningr since last february. >> wow. >> yes. getting it done. also getting it done, women's college hoops. the ninth ranked maryland terrps, 69-30 over george washington in foggy bottom. over on the men's sidlso a score to report. mt. saint mary's loses to mar squln sha marshall. redskins practed today. rookie wide receiver trey quinn returned to the field. quinn activat off injured reserve since being out week one with an ankle injury. d.j. swearinger does not need a boost, facing off against the team who drafted him. d.j. called out the texbis head coacll o'brien on social media for how his time ended in houston. the high energy safety has plenty of motivation for sunday. >> didn't end on a good note. it was personal. i feel like it won personal. ne reason i why i got cut. everything happe for a
11:28 pm
reason. it wl probably be one of the best games you've seenri swnger play in a long time. but you know, i'm gng to trynt to keep thatensity going after i played great this we f. mymer team, of course, this is definitely, it will be 3-0 for my revenge. >> whoa. >> getback time. >> i'm thinking about gavin mckale, only in hockey, you can find somebody and put him on there. >> he's the women's college -- >> women's college -- >> manitoba. >> exactly, universityf o t
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at's going to do it for us. stay warm out there and dry be "the tonight show" is next. >> that's right, with a guy who was the fish. yeah. i mean, come on. what more could you want? we'll u e yotomorrow. you don't just want easy. you want "streaming all your favorite netflix shows on fast internet" easy. you want "internet that helps you save on mobile" easy. you want "the best wifi you can pause with a tap."
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael shannon, ashley graham,


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