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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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record. this was lot to deal with. >> the one word that we kept using, nasty. and that's what it has been. >>,loun upper montgomery counties, i-81, that's where the travelhe will be most treacherous overnight and tomorrow morning. we see the rain to the south, the snow and sleet, you see it right back toward the shenandoah valley. if you live to the west, around ymartinsburg, you rea want to think about driving. it will be a i about 10:00, 11:00. some areas of izzle.
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rain though toward d.c. the snow is on the ground the temperatures are on the warm side and then you have the sleet and snow. a major issue. the temperatures. close t or below freezing. if youive in this area, please think about just staying home tonight even into early tomorrow morning. we could see delays a cancellations. in northern virginia, the schools went from two-hour commute to a full on closure. you didn't have to drive far to see it. >> julie, what are you seeing in percentville?te
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>> repor well, the roads are mostly wet but here's a look at when we're worried about. the ice already building up on these trees. v-dot saying they're worried about a refreeze. everybody hoping we don't see a replay of what that this morning. take a look. for those who ventured out on the road, it was a challenging journey. all the way into a house. this commuter drovell the way into west virginia and was o y an hour from work. he tried to avoid a crash. >> he put me into hydroplane. spinning sideways. >> there was nothing could i do. >> still snow covered early this
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afternoon. it made for a rough day for thid truckver who delivers eating oil. he had only managed one drop-off. >> i can't deliver anything if people don't let me get to their driveway. >> others bravedo it get their caffei fix. >>ya y or nay to snow in november? >> i love it. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: because? >> i think it is miserable to walk in and drive >> reporter: this person had high hopes of sledding. >> i tried getting down. it didn't go well. the tnow is soft. >> reporter: i had to give it a shot myself. he was right. definitely tough sledding. so we settled for the lovely views created by the rare november snow with brilliantav
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on the trees or settling softly on to the blanket o white. news4. c on thisd and snowy day, warm gestures along the roads. >> i pulled over because of an accident. i was coming over t make sure the personal was all right. >> reporter: and he wasn't the only good samaritan. when this man saw them stranded, he didn't hesitate tohelp. >> i have a four wel drive and may be i can help them out.or >> rr: eventually he did help them out. >> i'm just thankful, my cs fine, i'm fine. it's beautiful. the snow is beautiful. >> reporter: cars weren't the only ones running off the throa. is fire truck was on its wfo maintenance when it overturned. luckily no one was hurt.
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and as people an to brahe storm and head to work, mother nature has other ans. >> i texted my boss. i'll going to ditch. i'm not coming. >>le they c and he said i'll go in a little while. >> a call off the whole day and i won't be paid. >> and to give you some perspective how dangerous these roads are, the police said this morning alone they responded to 97 crashes and 14 disabled vehicles. so allow for some extra time and slow down. >> first 4 traffic melissa joins us with a look ahead. r
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orter: we'll be talking about downed trees and wires and all sorts of things. take a look. there 70 between meyersville and frederick. still a lot of lays. just be aware, you don't want to head out late tonight or early tomorrow. the roads will be really slick. we had a bad crash a i-70. southbound aft66, we have a total shut down crash there. that's a mess as well. taking a look at the screen, 81, soh of 66, just a mess.
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in damascus, we've been tweeting about this. we still have all les shut down. that's a big issue that we understand. it could last a couple hours. it isn't normally what you would see on your average thursday but because of all the slowdowns, as far as travel time. as y can see, it is showing you we still have rain or sleet falling so it will cause problems pretty much no matter where you're headed.yu y tomorrow morning but we'll be up early for you. >> we appreciate all your hard work. thanks and good luck tomorrow morning. bad driving weaer means
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bad flying weather. passengers are waiting patiently, keepi a close eye on their flights. flight aware is showing nearly 150 cancellations today at dca. right now, delaying average about an hour for arrivals and departures. our weather alert covntage ues 24/7 even when we're not on the air. you can open the n. washington app for hour by hour forecast and the latest conditions near you. we've learned, prosecutors are holding a white nationalist. just minutes ago, the feds released images of what they found in bloomingdale. ai n flag, body armor, a noose, and a sketch of a man shooting a person of jewish
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faith. >> the suspected tree of life gunman, robert bowers, and a him. to they suggested his anger at jewish people and the migrant w caravae motives for the shooting spree. f clark'ily declined to comment. he'll be in court tomorrow at 1:45 whenlhe judge w decide if he must be held. back to you. an emergency hearing about the university of maryland football scandal. speaking to legislators, the board of regents admitted it made a mistake by bringing back the coach dj durkin after the death ofn mcnair. that move sparked outrage and was revsed 24 hours later. tonight they univers president wallace loh said he warned the
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board but they didn't listen. >> i said, if you bring him back, quote, all hell wil break loose. >> after beingverruled by the boar of regents, he announced he would retire this year. today, our report he asked if he is reconsidering that wdecisio. ld only say no comment. d.c. police arrested a suspect in the death of ol 10-yea makiyah wilson. just yesterday, three other suspects appeared in court onrd charges. police say last july they fired more than 60 shots on an apartment complex in northeast washington. she was out to get some ice cream. she was hit and killed. she was not their intended our i-team uncovers the
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hidden affair that lasted until his death and why his children are opening up about their family secrets. new fears the death toll will continue to climb with the fires in california. see what's being done to help the peopln danger. and major schools were closed today because of wintryi cond. doug and amelia track this storm over the next several hours to make sure you're prepared.
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our region getting hit with an early taste of winter but many of you didn't mind. we're monitoring the school closings and pleas keep sending us your photos. >> we're not the only ones seeing snow. take a look at how this first big storm hit st. louis. you have to go back to 1951 to find the snowfall with higher totals. >> this nasty northeaster is causing problems, taking out trees and knocking out power.
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and ice led to treacherous conditions. drivers were stuck in a grid lock when interstate 40 was shut down because of an icy bridge. as snow fell gently on the white house, the president hit send on a new tweet storm. he had several choice words for rob mueller today and the federal investigators. it made democrats even more determined to protect the russia probe. >> reporter:ing aut robert mueller's investigation calling the team absolutely nuts. a disgraced to our nation. >> i think the america people n be confident that we'll continue to cooperate. >> reporter: but the president's tw upping the ant as
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democrats increased the call. >> an all out campaign to obstruct the mueller investigation. >> the urgency after the recent firing of jeff sessions and the appointment of mt whitaker. today, lindsey graham sd there's no need for congressnal action. >> holding his own party's feet to the fire. >> the priority here has to be to protect theco special unsel. >> thought setting up a tug-of-war on capitolill ahead of the december 7th deadline to pass a spending bill and demand a shutdown. t
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the. the white house officials say president trump will go to california on saturday to meet with people affected by the terrible wildfires. he sparked outrage when he t saenltet that contained misleading claims about the f usee fire that devastated town of paradise, california, n believed to be the nation's deadliest wildfire in a ntury. at least 56 people were killed. as many as 300 more are still unaccounted for. meanwhile in southern california, the flames have swept through malibu and killed at least two people and fires in that area are still burning. from fire to ice. we are in weather alert mode to mark the firstw s our season. >> looking ahead to what's nextr we're wed about this overnight freeze. >> to the northnd west. i'm not worried about it and i have to say that.
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e gone upratures h and they'll continue to chime tonight. even around the metroarea. i'm not worried about the metro area. however, farther west, that's ere we are concerned. >> you want to anticipate it tonight and tomorrow morning. we had a lot of people off area roads because of the snow. because of the ice on area roadways.ak now a look at this camera. this is from i-81 south of 66. complete shutdown now. southbound. we've sustain miles and miles. something else to look at. lookt the wind. 33 in ocean city.
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we've seen near ou50-mile-an winds toward annapolis and ocean city. once again, a nor'easter. that's what has been happening. now freezing rain back to e west. mostly around d.c. if you live in leesburg, blooma, back toward the area. winchester all reporting freezing rain andl this wil a major issue. into early tomorrow morning. >> so we put together an impact map on icy conditions. take a look. know where you live and see where it is. you want to avoid t ivel at all possle. western loudoun, fquier county, there includes central
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and southern montgomery, fairfax, princewi iam, know that you will be dealing with thesconditions. down through southern maryland. you're absolutely fine. we're only tracking the wet areas. you're in the areas in red, i think there's a hall highli lihood of school cancellations tomorrow morning, carroll county, around the i-81 corridor. we're already getting delays in for those areas. raahannock, around montgomery, howard and baltimore counties as well. so we'll continue to track that. >> if you can get to work
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tomorrow, you'll be fine getting home. we'll see some sunshine with the day. monday coming in at 5 degrees. we're talking more about thanksgiving. what is that going to be? and we'll talk more about what to expect overnight tonight and rniday g, too. i like the call of fantastic fridays. we haven't seen a lot of them. av>> we't seen them in a long time. >> thank you. up next, the story we love. the search for a good samaritan as a local man goes above and beyond to help a complete stranger. >> plus, what the fda homes to
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. we want to get you another look now, live on what's happenin in i-270. it has been a day full of back-ups and crashes. pictures. live the snow and ice are causing huge problems. some folks tell us they've been stuck on three hours west of >> it looks like it is moving
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now. the frustration on the streets of tsarlington, paraid students were stranded on school bus that's got stuck in the snow. >> and arlington has issued an apology that their mmunications system had a problem. and trying to crack down on smoking. first the fda is working to ban menthol in cigarettes. second, theilgency limit the flavor of ecigarettes to young people in stores and online. those restrictions could kick in within months. one reason for the urgency. a federal study finds 3 million students in middle school or high school are using ecigarnotes used as vaping. that's a 78% incree in the past year. next, a november nor'easter
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brgs snowo our region for the first time this season. doug is tracking the potential for icy spots tonight into the morning and the impact it could have on schoolng clo and delays. stay tuned. and lk who we have there. pat collins. >>nt is not e thanksgiving and we have a new pat collins snowstorm wner. stick inar
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there's an awfulf lot love from people on social media who are not i their cars right now. >> a lot of people didn't believe it would happen but yes, d.c. got snow today. check it out. snow on the grassy areas. slushy mess o a the sidewalks and roadway. and d.c. snow team put down more than 1,0 tons of salt on the roads, the bridges, the bike lanes, the make the streets safe and drivable throughout the day. shopping center parking lots and other areas, mostly wet
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right now. the snow plow today, piled up high on the ground. here's the danger ahead. you can see on it this tree. the ice already building up and the worry is we'll see that ice on the road. the snow sent so many drivers off the road. it was a day when there was a lot of beauty to behold in this early november snow. >> reporter: it is makg for some very difficult conditions. i'll give you a look at the roads behinme. you can see people are going slow. you can see the accidents throughout frederick county. a lot of good samaritans. so i'm going to keepn mind the possibility of refreeze.
6:31 pm
it makes for dangerous conditions into tomorrow morning. aimee cho. >> and we have incredible pictures to show you of a tree that went down at the bethesda area. it lootd like sliced right into this house. we understand there were peoe the house. thankfully they're okay. they will not be able to go back into that house. incredible scenes there. something that is happeni to the north as well. a lot of people reporting a lot of trees coming down. >> it doesn't feel like winter until pat collins brings out his
6:32 pm
snow stick. >> we're lking at that rain coming in as freezing rain. the snow is just abo out of re across the entire area. plus, just plain rain. this is all rain as well. and this area rdht aro where we're seeing some freezing rain. if you live farther st, toward frederick, leesburg, this is all falling as freezing rain. the big deal, we'reg still see some wind. we could see the trees come down. the surface low, the nor'easter making its way up the winds. and look at the numbers.
6:33 pm
still below freezing. if you live in this area, frederick county, even montgomery county, stay inside. 've got some great showsed l up, o. it feels like we're doing this bit earlier than usual. reporter: man! we started this challenge on monday. we only ran the promo one time. i thought we had a little breathing room and then all of a sudden, winter! ladies and gentlemen, welco to
6:34 pm
the first official pat collins snow stick this season. 20-year-old morganm fro ashburn, virginia. excited? >> yes. >> how excited are yo >> i'm very excite. >> reporter: this all start monday with the winter weather forecast. how do you like that? you picked the day and time. 2 y212. how did pick 11:00 in the morning? >> i just think 11:00 is my lucky number tnd i pickedoday because it my brother's wirth >> reporter: she is an accomplished snow challenger. she's done all sorts of things to try win the official snow stick but sadly she never made
6:35 pm
the finals, until today. here in the rain, morgan with our very own pat collins snow stick. just between you and me. en do you think the next snowstor will be? >> there you go. you heardt first. >> i think this is a sign from the weather guy. i think i'm going to be giving away a lot of these babies this year. so start your envines. >> what is her system? w did she figure this out so
6:36 pm
quickly? >> it is her brother's birtay. that's her favorite number, 11, but to come in for the others, i want to know what her powerball numbers are. >> i'm going to pcil that in. 11:00. >> i'm taking off that day. always fun. >> we have another closing to tell you about. >> sorry if i got you excited about that. and others on a twhour delay tomorrow morning. keep it herero thughout the evening. i'm sure there will be plenty still ahead, the act of kindness captured on a door bell camera. ave priest who a double
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a localomwner is helping to repay an act of kindness. you may think the guy in the video is up to no good. >> but had a a miss the surprise. he is actually doing her a b favor. >> reporter: crime can strike any neiborhood at a time. that's why a lot of folks invented this door bell camera. sh says that'ssually the time of crime that happens around her northeast d.c. neighborhood.s so trning she got an alert on her phone wit a video of a man walking up to her front
6:40 pm
porch andng seemingly loo around. >> the first thing i see is someone shoving somhingn my mailbox. i couldn't really tell what it was. then he sorted put it under the mat. >> it turned out this man saw her wallet on the street. stopped the car despite the freezing temperature and was looking around for a safe place to lve it. not one thing was stolen. >> i have my i.d. hese cameras supposed to catch the g bads but in a refreshing twist, it caught a good samaritan doing the right thing. negativity so mu going on. to catch someone in the act of doing something really gd was amazing. >> in the district, meagan fitzgerald. news4.>> she wants to thank that good
6:41 pm
samaritan. >> i hope she finds him. two siblings are coming forward to tell the truth about their father. >> still seeing some ice out there. loudoun county, fairfax, prince william, all two-hour delayfor william, all two-hour delayfor tomorrs ow
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decades leaves a brother and sister trying to trace their roots. >> thousands of families congss facing the same fate. >> jodi has the story and why they couldn't reveal their truth until now. >> reporter: death isn't always the end of a story. especially when it comes to family secrets. >>ish i had got to know him better. >> reporter: there was a lot ey didn't kno growing up. >> there's my mom. >> reporter: the roots of their family tree date back to the early1960s. they lived with their mom and two older siblings their dad had returned from the korean war with mental issues and was in and out of the hospital. it was hard. i want that had love and affection from my father. >> jim said that relationship tore at himor years. as a teen, he even went to jail.
6:45 pm
his sister had started to notice something. >> like a little girl. >> they called him uncle ralph. the friendly catholic priest from the church. he was around a lot for as long as they could remember. >> it didn't dawn on me as a little kid. i just thought he was from the church and here to help. >> they say mheirher finally came clean when they ar teenagers. her mother intervened saying his path to priest hood was more an impo decades later when she was a mother of two with a husband in the hospital, she went to a maryland church looking for help. >> i think that was fate. it was meant to be. nfession,tunning they say their mom told them father ralph was their actual father. >> i wanted to ask him but my
6:46 pm
mom told me to never say anything. he felt uncomfortable. they're not supposed to have children. >> with catholic university, it is far more serious than that to have a rationship with a woman is a crime. >> they grew up without t full active participation of their father in their life. they know that's not good. >> it was t same time they were born. but they told the i-team there's nothinghi i record that indicate a move for any other reason than what might be a utine rotation between parishes. in the late '60s, he became the priest at our lady's parish.
6:47 pm
when he dd in 1982, he said he and his mom attended the funeral. he rests in the shadow of that cathic church today. he said she spoke fondly of him until her death in 2016. >> they were ver careful about it. my mom took lotf pictures of us. >> wencered this seven months after father ralph died. in it, a psychiatrist noted his natural father was a caceased olic priest and his mother an ongoing affair forany years. the sincelings have a few memories.
6:48 pm
>> it was a special place to all of us. >> his mother said he planned to retire and grow old with her there. but when he died there was no mention of h it in will. >> i think it hurt her. because his memories would still be there in the house. >> reporter: they said father ralph should have left the church to take care of his he believes thousands of priests have struggled with the decision. >>hy which is they wanted to tell their stories.e >> smiled and when he smiled he had a twinkle in his eyes. he was very gentle. >> some might see it as abuse but for him it is much more
6:49 pm
complicated. >> he was not supposed to have children but he was a good person. >> the arch diocese of washington said he was an exemplary priest and beloved parish pastor and that there is no record of ever being made aware of relationships or any miscondu. we did reach one of his nieces. e said since he isn't here to hifend elf, she will continue to believe the best. >> if you have any story, just clic on investigations. back to our weather now. doug and amelia track the first snowstorm of the season. >> what to expect next. >> the snow has come to anen we're seeing rain and freezing rain across the area.
6:50 pm
>> it was really beautiful out there today. take a look and enjoy it. >> we all know they start out the size of a stick of butter. >> i have not heard that. >> you must not have listened during pandemonium. >> if i ever get that question on jeopardy, i'll know. a stick of butter. one to they have inches toward fredericwinchester, and then three to if i have or more toward the west. this is what we should have done last night.tu the tempes are a little bit colder.
6:51 pm
o inches at the airport. eight to nine incs around winchester, frederick. not a bad forecast but it cou have been worse. the twrms a little bit lower. right now, the big thing is freezing rain. roads could be an issue right through tomorrow morning. more on that in the forecast. the biggest concerns when he he could s a tench to a quarter inch. you could want to avoid travel.
6:52 pm
cancellations are highly likell you. tomorrow morning, between about 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. in our weste zone, frederick, fauquier, culpeper, orange county, a wintry mix. mainly freezing rain. that will last until about0 7 a.m. tomorrow. highly likely we'll see delays and canceltions. slick roads into tomorrow morning. in the d.c. metro area, we're tracking a bit of a wintry mix bu plain rain out there. in prince william county and upper montgomery county, anne arundel county, you're looking absolutely fine out there. just maybe se we ha roads. this whole event has only been about the rain for y and i continues to be about the rain as it dries out with no
6:53 pm
problems. by tomorrow afternoon, we're not dealing with any problems weather wise across the area. >> fairfax knows they won't see ch in the way of ice. they're giving the buses some time and then with the kids to get it going. clearingzyrather br 50 degrees on saturday. 51 on sunday. next week, another cool day. tuesday and wednesday. really chilly. that will mean a chilly thanksgiving, too. at least we're looking at some sunshine. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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the players are still looking for support from their own fans. they feel love on the road. so for sunday's game against the texans at home, players literally giving away tickets to the game. this sparked by comments made by josh. the guys are looking for fans to show up and be heard at fedex field. >> do this here. you can tell difference. i can't tellhe differce. off en't felt like i fed the crowd yet. >> we do want people in the buildi building. support us in the biggest way at ho. >> a good point. they canin ditely get on the
6:58 pm
feet for it. the special teams playe of the week has been tom nighting the tome. it is startinhow off a little bit and continues to praise ways, citing how important iis for the position battle really is. and he knows he is not the most popular guy in the b field he is moving up. >> i'm the dude that gives it to the other team. >> hey, we love u. we home we don't see you that much. there was a five jersey. i saw the jersey and i'm like, o this is really cool. i turn around. it's mcnabb. so to see the real 5 jersey. so to see the real 5 jersey. things are moving up.
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(laughing) get fast, reliable internet and add tv and voice for a low price. call now. comcast business. beyond fast. breaking news tonight, a major winter blast hitting tens of millions. the first maive storm from north so south. deadly train reactions avn the road and a tr nightmare at the airport. schools closed, power knocked out and a nasty turn to come. chilling n murder charges, two members of seal team 6 and two u.s.arines charged with killing bene of their own, a green t strangled in his sleep. gu an ivy lea professor accused of sexual assaulting students. ey say it was like a 21st century animal house they say. a feel good story


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