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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 16, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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here's full list of school closings and delays. warren, page, clark, they're all closed. allegany county schools in maryland. mineral and morgan couy schools. >> culpper, manassas, prince william, fairfax and loudoun county schools will all open 2 hours late. the federal government will open on time. many school districts are being cautious. if you went out on the roads yesterday, you likely saw a lot of cs and school buses weren't able to make it through the first snow of the season. we're working for you to get you through it toda >> melissa will fill us in on ts
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trouble spo she has seen. first to chuck bell with more on what we should expect for our weekend forecast. >> i'm very optimistic you're going to like the weekend it will be dry. chilly, yes, but certaly dry. back to sunshine in the next couple of hours. temperatures he held steady or inched their way up a little bit overnight. that's eellent news. very few spots below freezing this morning. now up to 33 in gaithersburg. still 34 now. we'll beoay up i the 40s later on today. assumethat anything t looks wet might be slippery this morning but a gusty northwest wind will blow that pavement dry by mid to late morning. we'll be back in sunshine here eter on in afternoon. dylan would love to help keep you company through the colder wio come. he's available for adoption at the humane rescue allian t. lo mid 40s this morning. mid to upper 40s at the peak of
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the afternoon heating. back in the mid 40s later motonight. gooding, melissa, happy friday. >> good morning. taking a look right now, western avenue at wisconsin here in c northwest, y see we do have the wet roads and even rain drops here on the lenses. so it's going to be yucky out thse but that good we're seeing the rain instead of the ice in most spots. inner loop after new hampshire avenue, right side blocked by a crash crash. all lanes are blocked there because of downed wires here this morning. something else to tell youbout here, we do have one other situation on 295 with some flooding. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> take a look at the mess on i-70 in frederick county,
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maryland yesterday. many drivers were waiting outside of their cars. sst tired ofting in their cars. things started moving much later in the evening. snowplows moved through t night. >> we saw mixed reaction from people in northern virginia that ha to deal with the mid november snow. traffic problems and delays caused a wholef lot frustration but plenty of people were happy to see the first snowfall of the year so soon. >> i lov snow andhe wintertime in general. i'm so ready for it. >> i say absolutely not. i mean, i think it's lik miserable to walk in and drive n >> i love snow but to say you're 15th.for it on november i get the snow loving, but could we maybe have thanksgiving? i'm with you on that. >> it's 4:33. several school districts made the last minute decision to close yesterday once officials saw how bad the conditionswere. >> tho that did not got a lot
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of push back from angry parents whose kids wer strande waiting for the bus. this happened in arlington county. the school district issued an apology saying some couldn't make their stop because they other buses were stuck along their routes and had technical difficulties. prince george's county schools are also apologizing for not cancelli in a statement, the ceo said weather decisions are never easy. however i will commit to erring caution forof weather decisions moving forward. all the school closings are at theottom of your screen for today and you can see the full list of closures in the nbc washington app. >> well, theid snow dt just cause chaos in our area. that was the case all the way up the east coast. already packed new york streets were even worse yestsday. >> thimorning, the city's public transportation is taking a beating on twitter. many stationsad to be shutdown as they became overcrowded.
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look at these crowds. trains auses were often taking triple the usual time to complete rautes and bec federal law requires a man dated rest period for drivers, there's a shortage this morning as well. we're talkinghe about people rely on public transportation to get everywhere. >> let's start withor cala where the death toll from the deadly wildfires now stands at statewide. the campfire in northern california killed at least 63 peoplee, south of the deadly woosley fire is 60% contained this morning. ews are looking through the rubble in paradise, california. 600 people areunaccounted for after the campfire destroyed more than 9,700 homes were destroyed and the fire is less than half contained. president trump will visit
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california tomorrow. >> it's 4:35 today a suspected white nationalist facing firearms chargesould berdered to remain in jail until his trial. he'll have his first court appearance thi morning. he's linked on social media to the suspectedn gunmane pittsburgh synagogue shooting according to federal news 4 was first to show you images of items investigators say they in clark's northwest washington home. they include a nazi flag, ammunition, body armor and a noose. >> other top stories this morning, a 4th pson was arrested in the death of l 10-year-oltle girl killed on her way to an ice cream truck in july. police charged mark price with murder. on wednesday three other suspects appea in urt. one more person is at large. >> a pilot from maryland died c aftershing at a texas airrc base.of
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cials say he was one of two pilots inside the plane thatsd crashed t night. the other pilot survived. >> the race for florida's u.s. senate seat is headi for another recount. ballot machines show republican bill scott ahead of democrat bill nelson by fewer than3,000 votes. there's been a machine recount already. now officials ordered a man yule recount. the deadline for those results is sunday. >> 4:37 now. still ahead, it's supposed to be for security butne doorbell alarm just caught a good deed in progress. we'll show you the man that one d.c. woman is trying to track down to say thank you. t >> we'recking the roads near your home on this weather alert morning. if you're jt wakingup, be careful out there. it's still icy in some places. f yourl forecast is coming up. yourl forecast is coming up. stay wit
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thi happened at a dunkin donuts in fairfax. the owner told them they needed to buy something to use the wifi. the owner said it's a safety issue and she's had problems with people loiterring in the past. >> i hadn't committed a crime. i wasn't yelling. i wasn'tdisruptive. i wasn't rudei dn't deserve to treated that way. >> dunkin donut's corporate office issued an apology. yesterday he sat in the store for 20 minutes without ordering
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anything. he was told he did not have to buy anythin to use the wifi ewere. there is a sign hanging that says people must make a purchase to sit in the store. >> 42 rightnow, we just learned that arlington county schools are on a two-hour delay today. chuck is here with a look at the weather. >> that's not a bad plan. be on the lookout. some sidewalks could be slippery this morning. big game at fedex field. houston and washington at 1:00. oudy and chilly but rain free forhe game t ♪ when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name...
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>> melissa is keeping an eye on the roads for us and chuck will weekend forecast comin up in a few minutes. >> the president went after the special counsel's investigation again on twitter, a series of furious tweets calling his team absolutely nut and a disgrace to our nation. all as a show down is over protecting that investigation and the president's controversial border wall. tracy, could this be leading tog anotherernment shutdown? >> it could if they don't get that budget in place thr from today. that's the deadline. and the tweets that you just talked about, that's why democrats are concerned the president might fire rober mueller from heading the russia investigation even though he said repeatedly he won't do that, but he continues to try to discredit mueller and the investigation. now they want to add in a provision that willct prote the job and at least two republicans on board say they will support it or won't stand in the way of a vote.
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>> tracie potts live for us onp l hill, thank you. >> 4:47 right now, a budget short fall may fce a catholic school in prince george's county to close it's doors. the school h s a figure deficit to overcome. our county bureau chief explai s why theool is having problems and how other people can help. >> for more than 60 years this ivate school has been an institution in prince george's coun, but now it's looking at the possibility of closing it's doors if it doesn't get the money it needs. >> holy family catholic school is facing a $200,000 deficit. the school is part of the archdiocese of washington and while it helps to supplement funding, it's not enough. oorents are actively working to save the s and it's more than 130 students. >> there's been plenty of sleepless nights trying to figure o what aree going to do because we're at the point now that if we don't have this money by fruary 15th, we need
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to start looking at alternative schools for our children. >> holy family has until february 15th to raise the $200,000 they need. they're well underway but definitely need more tlp. goo nbc washington and search school help. >> an upd we now ont is being called go scam me. officials confirm a new jersey and a homeless man actually made up a feel good story and raised more than $400,000 through a go fund me account. all 14,000 donors will be refunded. you'll remember a new jersey woman said she ran out of gas in philly and the homeless man gave her his last $20 t get gas. they in-turn started a go fund me account to help them out. here's how officials figured out the scam. >> the entire campaign w predicated on a lie. less than an hour after their go
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fund me page went nlife, an exchange with a friend said the story was fake. >> things went sideways when they were accused of keeping some of thero money the man they were supposed to be helping. all three have now been charged with theft andcy cons. >> the go scam me trio also facing jail ti. >> back n to that storm 4 weather alert. one d.c. resident enjoyed the eaier than usual snow. he's one of our favorite residents. this is bei bei. he's a cub. the experts say h ssnding timeutdoors just frolicking and having the best time ever. so even if you're not a panda enthusiast like i am, come on, that's cute -- look at him. that's some cute stuff. bei bei is a big baby.
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>> like bear sized. >> don't you want to give him a hug? he's ati cue. >> pat collins snow stick, morgan i belie of ash buburn, virginia. she had the closest prediction. her guess was 11:00 a.m. there was an inch by 10:15. more tn 200 people entered this first snow stick challenge and as we heard the winter weatr outlook earlier this week, it sounds like there will be several more chances to win. >> had to waitntil january the last couple of years. so nice and early. but you can agree with me even as a snow lover that this is a little bit unreasonable to have snow this early on. >> it's not like it's 2 feet of snow and we'll be dealing with it for days. >> for some people 2 inches and 2 feet are the same drama. >> it was a good practice run
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way. at's coming our >> we want to mention that washington county schools and maryland arewo county late today. >> okay. hit the snooze. that's the best thing about the two-hour delays. yesterday record amounts. grante snowfall recordshis early in the winter season are relatively low but all three of our airports reported a daily hecord for snowfall. 1.4 i at reagan national. 1.7 inches at abwi-marsha 3 inches on the nose at dulles international erport. that mt our biggest november snowfall since just before thanksgiving of 1989 when she was just a wee child. didn't even remember that one and j yt to give the heads up, what follows the november as89 snow a crazy cold december all the way down to record low temperatures in the sile
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if you anywhere on the east coast, you remember that one. 38 in washington with a west wind at 8:00. tho those winds will be houliwling this afternoon. fortunately theemperatures ve mostly gone above frzing. 34 atsawin chester, leesburg temperatures above freezing this morning. fair amount of sunshine.hw not winds up near 25 to 30 miles per hour. you can always use o nbc washington app to stay ahead of the weather. you can also tweet me @chuck bell 4. so the weather song of the day today is from'nsync. bye bye bye. away it goes. we'll be dry foroday and look at this sunday forecast. it's goiro to be dry aund here for quite sometime to come.
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the computer finally gave me the ten-day forecast. a week from hatomorrow,s good news. >> that is good news. iking a look right now at the roads,er loop at new hampshire avenue, we did have an earlier issue. looked like that probably cleared out of the way. nothinglse in the way there on the beltway. as we zoom in here for just a minute, westbound, east capitol street. the ramp to minnesota avenue. a ramp blocked by a crash ther coming back out here, hyattsville, southbound bw parkway before 50 and in dunkirk maryland between ward road a mount harmony road had all lanes downed you can see the slow down here. on the the power compa scene hoping this will be reopen before the morning commute. >> thank you melissa. a d.c. woman wants to repay an on her indness caught front door security .came
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at first glance you may think the man is u to no good. but he was doi the woman a big favor. timeime can strike at any that's why a lot of folks invest in the doorbell cameras. it helps to try to package stuff. >> that's usually the type of crime that happens around her northeast neighborhood. so she got an alert on her phone and saw this video of this man walking up to her porch and walking around. this man found her wallet on the street, stopped his car, despite the freezing temperature and was looking around for a safe place to leave it. these cameras are supposed to catch the bad guys, but in a refreshing twist it caught a
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goodis samaratan going out of h way to dohe right thing. >> she is searching for himnd uld like to thank him for the kind deed. >> we are trying to raise money and donations to provide a thanksgiving meal for 4,000 area families this year. search food for families in the nbc washington app toake a t deductible donation. >> we're continuing our fighting the fat sies before the holidays. we're checking oqu unie workouts to help you counter the calories. she tried her hand at tax throwing which burned 300 calories per session. that was really hard. >> this morning, she will join a
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familiar face. >> lauren will show us how they can trim down before you chao down coming up in the next hour. >> can you imagine how it's going to be? >> i have no idea what it's like. >> still ahead this morning,ur final report in our week long series of helping you getbehe possible sleep. >> this morning, why you may want to change the position you' sleeping in. plus yesterday's snowsto left highways a big mess. plus conditions may make travel treacher.s. stay with
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>> that wintertorm may have ssed but icy roads and a treacherous commute are a big concer >> the icy roads already lead to many school closures and delays let's run down the list for you so far. we'll start in virginia. winchester ty,frederick, warren, clark, page are all closed. over to ma sland,ools are closed today in west virginia, berkeley, grant, hardy andne
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l and morgan county schools are all closed. >> now to delays, culpeper, manassas city, manassas park city, washington county, in la mary, washington and frederick county schools will open 2 hours late. the federal govennment is >> for the most part, the decision to cancel classes was made pyetty early erday. the rain fell late into the night. and some places even saw snow through midnight. this morning team 4 has of the weather and that commute. >> we're looking at the areas o you'll want avoid this morning but first we'll check in with chuck bell for your recast. good morning. >> good morning. >> that is our winter storm that's now out of the mid-atlantic and headed up into parts of the northeast. ou're traveling today toward philadelphia, new york, or into bo.


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