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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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manassas city, manassas park city, washington county, in la mary, washington and frederick county schools will open 2 hours late. the federal govennment is >> for the most part, the decision to cancel classes was made pyetty early erday. the rain fell late into the night. and some places even saw snow through midnight. this morning team 4 has of the weather and that commute. >> we're looking at the areas o you'll want avoid this morning but first we'll check in with chuck bell for your recast. good morning. >> good morning. >> that is our winter storm that's now out of the mid-atlantic and headed up into parts of the northeast. ou're traveling today toward philadelphia, new york, or into boston. there could be significant aiine delays.
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but our local three airports shrold have nole getting people in and out today. the last of the snow is pulling out of northeastern maryland. maybe a few flying in northerny maryland couut it's an improving weather picture at this point in time. current tempature, above freezing now across much of the area. manassas at the freezing mark. if you're living or traveling here across parts oforthern virginia this morning, just assume that whatever looks wet could be ice just to be on the safe side. the sun is up at 6:52. temperatures will clio the mid and upper 40s today. it will be blustery. >> good to know. taking a look at the roads here soutbw parkway. diverted right now. lanes are blocked by a crash because a tow truck there on the scene trying to get this out of the way.
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you can see the wet roads here are in the distance there. inner loop and outerloop, everything else is looking good there on the belt way. 66 and 95 look okay right now but we do hav a brand new problem an overturned tractor-trailer. >> thank you. we're tracking thets in and out of our area. we just checked flight aware. it shows all flights in and out of a reagan nationa dulles international are on time. bwiarall airport is currently experiencing some arrival delays in about 3 minutes. be sure to check your flight today. they had 150 flights grounded and flights at dulles were also
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>> the storm became especially rough in the bethesda area. peop were insi at the time and no oneur was though. >> alexandria delays. the latest in the app. >> 5:00 a.m. ge startting the changes. we'll let you know as soon as we hear them. >> people traveling through frederick maryland may have seen the worst. >> the weather caused one of the worst back ups on i-70 in quite awhile. the ice coved roa caused a string of crashes. many drivers wound up stranded for hours. look at that mess. w snowplowsked through the night to clear the rest of the major roads in that >> another area hit hard was loudoun county. they scrambled late in theha morning toe their 2-hour kilay to a full closure.
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sidewalks, p lot, cars were completely covered in wet snow. drivers say the w roadsen't any better. >> what are you sees?g ch >> up until now, no big problems. the roads are definitely wet as aaron mentioned, but this lkeks fter any rain and we hadn't run into any ice and mix of flush and freezing rain that we saw yesterday. >> this is the first problem. we're on northbound 2 5. there's some flooding on northbound 295 and we have slowed to a crawl going about 2 miles per hour here. so tha tells me a little bit up ahead, folks are either trying to get around that flooding or
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inching very, very sloy to get through it. so northbound 295. that's going to be a problem area. we'll see how bad it is right here. we're heading out the door right now, i'd say try to find a route th avoids going up this part of 295. we'll stay on top of it for you. live in sourth wethwest d.c. >> thank you. it's 5:05. want to show you how the icy rain will impact your morning commute. we'll go live to megan in fairfax county. how are things looking there? >> well, good mornin we're here in the herndon area where it's a little bit above eezing which is good news. on the major roadshere, this is centerville road you're seeing right beside me here. we are seeing ice on the
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sidewalks. you can see the ice accumulated here. but you can see there's areas that are covered here again. this is why the school system is on a two-hour delay today. to try to give the schools and the neighborh a little bit of a chance to let things warm up and to get backn here and clear the sidewalks and stuff. lots of snow in the area. icy conditions as people went out about their business yesterday. so very very slippery and of course we had cold temperatures overnight as well. sohopefully the two-hour delay will help this morning. take it easy o on the roads. >> we'll add one more school district to the delay list stafford county schools will open 2ours late today.
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ouril coverage continue throughout the morning and all day. get updates on nbc and the app. >> developing thismorninore than 600 people are unaccounted for. here is a look at some of the damage left i behind paradise. entire neighborhoods have been turned into ash. last nightire officials said the death toll rose to 63 people in northern california campfire. more than 9,700 homes have been destroyed and the fire is less than half contained. president trump plans to visit tomorrow to meet with people impacted by this fire. de now to the election still being ded. the race for one of florida's for senate seats is heading another recount. ballot countying machines show republican rick scott leading bill nelson by few than 13,000
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votes. but there's been problems witth recount. officials missed the deadline by 2 minutes yesterday and state officials refused toccept the results. palm beach officials said they couldn't finish their recount in time because their machines broke down. ate officials ordered a man yule recount now and the deadline for getting that done sunday. meanwhile, the hotly contested race for governor, a recount confirms ron desantis defeated andrew gillum. however gillum said it's not over until every legally cast vote is co ated. >> it' growing epidemic that has people choosing to sleep outside to raise awareness. news 4's justin finch reports on this nationwide eort that aims to help youth facing homelessness. >> for too many young people this or something like it is a bed. ca cardboard for a ybmatress.
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a sleeping bag to keep warm. >> they're trying to keep warm and they're trying to eep out of the elements and this istu ally a luxury if they d have a sleeping bag. >> as ceo of covet house of greater washington, it's a story she knows far too well. >> when you think about people having to sleep in those coitions night afterit night has to be heartbreaking. >> it is. so you see them creating solutions, often. trying to accommodate for the weather. >> as the cold blows in, volunteers are taking part in sleeput america. experiencing for one night what it's like to live on the street. raising awareness about youth homelessness and money to help turn their young lives around. >> these folks help to support ut it'sy their housing, their job readiness and education opportunities that we're preparing them to move
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forward. >> just recely, covet house was there for jamal who field talent and bright future were nearly sidelined becaudi he 't have a home. >> we heard aboutamal on nbc 4. we stepped in to help give him some support. >> that includes a place to call home, time to focusis on senior year and follow his dream of going to college with football scholarship. >> and a bit of a change for this year's sleep out c. the weather forced organizers the to call it earlier but great news here is they were alle to more than surpass their $200,000 that money goes to not only house homeless youth, but to t also givem supportive services like education and career path training and youoo can still give as well. we have that info on our nbc washingtonapp. in northeast, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> we did that once.
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>> it is an eye opening experience to experience that condition of being homeless, sleeping outside. it's much worse for people that have to do i on a regular basis, but it shows just how important organizations are helping people find a place tov >> really incredible work. >> this morning, the government cracks down on bigtobacco. >> the popular products among smokers that will soon be banned. plus why some of us need moreee co to wake us up in the morning. y our taste buds play a big role in how caffeece eff us. >> an iconic toy store reopens it's doors just in time for the holidays. chuck. >> good morning, everybody. we'll be back to sunshine byr lan today. a lot of big things going on this weekend including the united states naval academy playing host to the tulsa hurricanes a a saturdayernoon at 3:30 in annapolis. you'll need to bundle up if you're fog to tgoing to the gam.
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it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. >> in virginia, winchesr city, frederick, warren, clark, paged schools clotoday. in maryland, allegany county schools are closed, jefferson, berkeley, grant, hardy.
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>> now culpeper manassas city, prince park city, william, fairfax, loudoun, arlington, alexandria city all open two hours late. washington and frederick county schools also open two h late. >> the federal government is open today. >> new efforts from the food and drug administration to crack down on teen smoking. the fda is working to ban menthol and min in cigarettes. a move that could take years to put in place. th'll also limit where flavored e-cigarettes can be purchased. those restrictions could kick in within a few months. the federal study found that 3 millio stountudents in middle o high school are using e-cigarettes. >> if you need more than one cup of coffee to get youray ing, it might be your dna's fault. the more sensitiveso a p is to the bitter taste of caffeine, the more coffee they drink.
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that might seem counter intuitive but coffee lovers learn to associate that bitter taste with the boost that our boes get fromhe caffeine. all right. if you're heading to the new york for the high scho notice something different. >> one of the most iconic toy stores in the country will open it's d today. it's back open for business. it has a new location inside rockerfeller center. the 156-year-old store closed few years ago but it promised to be back. it will feature it's giant dance on piano made famous in the movie big. >> iconic scene there. >> i hadtu a great oppty to moderate a panel of experts on online safety for families at the u.s. institute of peace yesterday for the family online safety institute. and the experts had great research and insight into how families view technology.
5:18 am
we can't gett away from now. our kids are just native users so we as parents and users have to do a better jobf monitoring and doing it together so it's not like you can't do it and it's you against me. together.o do it help our parents navigate it and help our kids. it's a lot of work. we have to so vigilant and we're going through it thto. >> the temperatures went way down and that's what changed everything over. we really thought it might start as a little rain. it started as just a little rain andent over t snow yesterday and added up todaily snowfall records at all three airports yesterday. 1.4 at natio airport. 1.7 at bwi and 3 inches on the no at dulles airport yesterday. all of those were daily records but thise early in winter season, it's not that hard to set a snow record. in january that will be more of
5:19 am
a hill to climb. right now, though, temperatures mostly above freezing. that is excellent now these are at the local airports but individual neighborhoods, particularly in some ohe cold valleys could still be down at or below the freezing mark. so just be very careful this g. morn just assume that the pavement is slippery and dry. slow down. temperatures will be in the low to mid 40s through the morning hours. sun is up at t52. on sun is up that will start to improve things. a gusty northwest w5d at miles per hour. more at times will actually blow that pavement dry. so ith will be a m easier commute home today but not much of a warm up. ewe'll stay in mid 40s for afternoon temperatures today. if you're traveling up toward new york city, hartford or boston, significant travel delays but from washington and points south, it's all smooth sailing from here. future weather then bring us back to mostly sunny skies for your friday and a bright and sunny day coming upor tomorrow
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as we. 48 and breezy today. 49 and sunny tomorrow. 49 with a lot of clouds on sunday but very, very dry weather and then dry weather n continues eart week. coming up in the next half hour, we give you thetrhanksgiving el weather. >> all right. sounds like a plan. taking a look in sterling. northbound 28. ound 7.p to wes ramp is blocked right now because of icy conditions and the report of multiple spi outs. so be careful. there's lots of spots that just looket and the could have that ice, especially those bridges and overpasses. we know those all free first. 270 motrose road northbound and southbound. no problem. just wet roads along 270 in rockville. bladensburg, lanes still blocked by the crash there. and clinton northbound branch
5:21 am
avenue, blocked. >> i'm going to bring you some >> thank you. >> still ahead, we're wrapping up our series of reports on >> this morning, how the position you sleep in and the pillow you use may prevent fou fromling asleep. >> later today on ellen. >> hey, everybody, dewaynehn n here. also known as the rock, box office heavy weight they say. box office king. alive.t man host and creator of the biggest, baddest, athletic competition ever on television called the titan games. >> and'm andy. >> i think the rockas a n show. ellen sent average andy out to hang with dewayne the rock johnson as he previews his show the titan game. ellen airs on nbc 4 at00 and then stick around for news 4 at 4:00.
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we're wrapping up our series withhyore on your pillow and sleep position matter. angie goff sowws us h the wrong combination can be a real pain in the neck and more. >> waking up is tough wn you sleep like a baby but most people don't and their position may be the problem. >> you have to turn your neck to the right or to the left, you have to breathe. >> which c hurt your neck and back. on your back he says is the bes
5:25 am
way to sleep, but watch the pillows. >> we have been on our phones all day, o the computer all day glounow you're going to puln the bad position for the neck. >> what's your suggestion for this? >> support the natural curve of the neck here and get a pillow for under the knee. that supports. he ba >> same set up for side sleepers. add a third pillow behind your shoulder. picking that pillow is important too. the national sleep foundation recommends back sleepers use thinner styles or memory foam. side sleepers go firmer. on your tummy still, try the thinnest pillow you can find or don't use one at all. and what about that mattress? >> go to thend mattress store get your spouse, get your partner, and get on them and let your body tell you, don't read the labels that say firm or soft. let your body just tell you what's better for you. >> angie goff, news 4. >> it's 5:25. coming up, fund-raiser fraud. it was a stoou thated millions and raised thousands of
5:26 am
dollars. turns out, it wasfake. what happens next to all the donations? >> a blustery and told into the weekend we go. saturday bright and sunny. on the chilly side, though. a perfect day to go out to college park. the buckeye are in town tomorrow. it's a noon kick off. it will be sunny and chilly with temperatures in the 40s. yourt 10-day forecasmi up in theng n
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in virginia, winchester, frederick, war reason e clark,
5:30 am
page are closed. >> in maryland, allegany county schools are closed. jefferson, grant, mineral and morgan county schools are all closed. >> in virginia, culpeper, manassas city, manassas park city, prince william, fafax, loudoun, arlington, alandria city and stafford county schools all 2 hours late. >> in maryland, washington ande erick county will open late. >> many school a districts being extra cautious. nif you went out o the roads yesterday you likely saw a lot of cars and even school buses weren't able to make it through the fhest snow of season. we're working for you to get you through it today. we have tovmage spread out across the area. ll us in on ill the trouble spots she sees in first four traffic. expect t, what we can for the weekend forecast. things are getting better. >> absolutely, right. things are looking up for your
5:31 am
friday. all the snow and the rain is gone now. a temperatur mostly above freezing, so the roads are wet for sure. some of the neiborhood sidewalks and side streets, especially if they were untreated could still have a f spots of ice on them. be careful. winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour now. the biggest weather story for tousy, the northwest wind. skies will clear. we'll have plenty of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures mostly in the mid 30s this morning. 34 now in leesburg. almost 6 inches of snow yenerday. 32 warrenton and manassas. so there could be icy sidewalks here. prince william county, down to culpeper county. school day forecast, a lot of schools are either closed or on a delay. cold and br temperatures in the low to mid 40s for most of the area today. the kids will needin ther coat and the hat and need their sunglasses for today as well. i'm optimistic that you'll like the weekend. i'll give you the rest coming
5:32 am
up. >> sterling northbound 28 ramp to westbound 7. ramp blocked is very icy there and report of multipl spin outs. be careful as you head out. it might look wet. hunter mill eastbound toll road before centreville road. 66 and 95 don't look so bad. malcolm x avenue left lane is the ongy thing gety the high standing water. the flooding there this southbound bw parkway, those lanes blocked byas a you can get around it there and get back on. it's because a w truck is still out there on the scene. beltity at unive boulevard. moisture on the roadway. no slow down on the beltway. >> thank you, 5:32 now. continuing our team coverage on this weather alemo this ing. melissa warned us to be careful on the roads. take a look at the mess on i-70 in frederick county yesterday. that road ispe back after
5:33 am
being shutdown for hours. our cameras caught a lot ofiv s waiting outside of their cars. things started moving latern the evening. snowplows worked through the night. >> we have team cserage of t morning's road conditions. chris lawrence is monitoring the slick spots in d.c. but we begin with megan who is live in loudoun n, how are things looking where you are? >> well, i have to tell you, we just slid a little bit on the dull green way aew minutes ago and we're in a heavy live truck here. but as we went over an overpass that freezes as a different n temperature the regular ground, we slid a little bit. not extreme, butnough to remind you that there's slick conditions out there. we just got on to route 7. we're here in the leesburg area, you can see that the pavementet here is much just wet, but there are slick spots in the bridges and overpass andamps are a bit of a problem still. in fact, we're making our way to
5:34 am
a situation that's going on in the sterling area. apparently the northbound ramp from 28 to the westbound lan of route 7, that ramp is closed because of some icy conditions. so we'll check that out. people are going to keep in mind that things are not yet perfectb they'rter than they were yesterday but we're still seeing slick spots here and there. back to you guys. >> thank u, gan. we continue our team coverage in d.c. now. chris lawrenc is checking out the roads for us. chris, what are you seeing? >> trying to give you a better look at that northbound 295. something melissa mentioned in the first four traffic report a couple of minutes ago. take a look out here. it gives you a better i how much standing water is here on the side of the road here on the police have that area blocked off, but only the left lane getting by.
5:35 am
fortunately, this time of the day, there's not a tremendous amount of traffic. so it's not too bad but if that water is still there in an hour, hour and aalf or so, this is definitely an area you'll want to avoid because it was backi up pretty bad there. other than that, roads not oking too d. wet, yeah, but nothing we haven't seen after a good rain. weaven't seen a lot of freezing, ice, none of that mess that we saw yesterday. we'll keep an eye on it for you, drive around a little bit more. for now, live in southwest chd., ris lawrence, news 4. >> thank you, chris. the snow didn't just cause chaos in our area. look at this mess. this was the case all the way up the east coast. already packed new york treats were worse yesterday and this morning, the city'sublic transportation is taking a beating on twitter. many stations hado be shutdown as they became overcrowded. often and buses were taking triple their usual time to complete roots and because federal law requires a man dated
5:36 am
rest period for ivers, there's expected to be a shortage this morning. that means there's a good chance today will be another rough commute. feeling for our friends. stay with us, stillhead on news 4 today, we'll have team coverage of this winter storm all morning long. >> we turn to californiath wher death toll from the wildfires is now at 66 statewide. the campfire in northern california has killed at least 63 people. the deadly woolsey fire is 60% contained this morning and as progress is made crews are searching through the rubble in the city of paradise, california. more than00 people are unaccounted for after the campfire destroyed that city. more than 9,700 homes are destroyed and the fire is less than halfco ained. president trump will visit california tomorrow. >> it's 5:36. he are your other top stories. today auspected white tionalist facing firearms charges could be ordered to
5:37 am
remain in jail until trial. jeffrey clark will have hisrt first c appearance this morning in d.c. he is linked on social media to the suspected gunman in the pittsburgh synagogue shooting. that's according to federal authorities. news 4 was first to show you images of items investigators say they found in clark's northwest d.c. home. they includezi na flag, ammunition, body armor and a noose. >> the race for florida's u.s. senate seat is heading for another recount. republican rick scott ahead of bill nelson by fewer than 13,00e there's already been a machine yul tcounnd are ncount. the results for those unrecots are due on sunday. much more news, weather, and traffic, and of course that important weekend focast comireng
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>> they made up a feel good story tor raise than $400,000 through a go fund me account. >> this is being referred to as a go scam me story. all 14,000 donors will be refunded their money. the new jersey woman said she ran out of gas in philly and the homeless man gave her his last $20 so she couldet ga they started this go fund me count to supposedly hp him out. here's how officials nailed down this scam. >> the entire campaign was predicated on a lie. less than an hour after the go fund m page went lie, the story was a fake. >> things went sideways when they were accused o keeping some of the money from the man they were supposed to be all three have been charged with
5:42 am
theft and conspiracy. >> and the go scam me trio also faces jail time. >> 5:42 right now. another school delay to tell you about, falls church city schoo on a two-hour delay. >> good information to know there. the complete list of delays and closings are on the bottom of your screen and available on our nbc washington app. colle football tomorrow. virginia tech hosting the miami hurricanes. sunny and chilly but great weather for football there tomorrow and right her on fedex field on sunday, washington hosting the houston texans. it wl beloudy but dry and chilly. your ten-day forecast coming up when i see you next. >> can this workout help me fight the pounds before the holidays? i'm going toutheck it o as we
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melissa is keeping an eye on the commute this morning. chuck wl have theeekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> with the icy roads a lot of schools are delayed or closed rnis g. you can see them at the bottom of the screen and in the nbc washington app. >> a f school districts that didn't close yesterday received a lot of push back from ary parents whose kids were stranded waiting for the bus. the school district issued an apology saying some couldn't make their stops because they were so bad. >> prince george's county schools also apologizing to parentsor not cancelling school yesterday. in a statement, ceo monica goldson said weather decisions are never easy, however i will commit toer ng on the side of
5:47 am
caution for weather decisions movingforward. >> the president went after the special counsel again on te tw he called robert mueller's team absolutely nuts and a disgrace to our nation. all aw a s down builds on capitol hill over protecting that russia investigation and the ident's controversial border wall. >> tracie potts is joining us olve now from capill with more on this. tracy, could this lead to another government shutdown? it's possible. the thing they're trying to avoid, three weeks from today, budget deadline or we will see a partial government shutdown wrapped up in those negotiations. two things you mentioned, the border wall and how muchhe funding will be. the houseays one thingnd the senate has another idea but also protecting then charge of the russia investigation. democrats want to tack that on to the budget and now some republicans backing them either saying they think t's a good idea to protect robert mueller's job so the
5:48 am
investigation can get wrapped up or that they s willnd in the way of that vote. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. tracy, thank you. a good news to report fro developing story coming out of chicago. six people who were trapped for hours one of the tallest buildings in the country are now out. tourists from mexico became stuck inside what was once known as the handcock building for two hours. firefighters told our sister stations two cables snapped wnd thatt caused the elevator to stop. they cut through a wall near the 11th floor and pulled everyone outdi inc a pregnant woman all safely. the building is 100 stories tall. the group had been visiting a restaurant on the top oor. i can only imagine how scary that was. >> yeah. >> homelessness is a growing concern for millions of young people. >> which ispl why p chose to sleep outside to raise awareness and money. news 4'sustin finch reports. >> so no surprise of course that
5:49 am
weather was an issue for this year's sleep more on that in a second, but the good news here is that covet house of greater washington met and surpassed it's $200,000 goal but you can still give. more on that coming up too. but i want to introduce you to sony that spent the night out here. what made you want to do this? >> well, i was inspired by the personal stories of my colleagues and friends in d.c. >> the wther was a trip. >> it was unbelievable. we did describe it as being grateful for it because it really allowed us to experience what it's really le to be in a homeless situation. we tried tarps, we tried garbage
5:50 am
bags, nothing was keepi from getting wet. >> i can totally relate. thank you so much. it truly was an uphill battle given the conditions out here. we had rain. we had wind. we had a wintry mix so it was his year.rly the first time ever for sleep out here in d.c., but the good news again is they did raise more than $200,000 to house youth and also to have supptive services, education and career services to help them move ahead in and the good news here too is you can still give. we'll have moren that o our nbc washington app. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> it's 5:50. back to the storm team 4 weather alert. we have one d.c. resident that enjoyed the earlier than usual check this out. he's the youngest panda resident spending time-outdoors yesterday.
5:51 am
>> you have to wonder what was going through his head when it started snowing. >> listen, if you're not like crazy panda lady like me, y can still tell that he is having a great time and loving it ando look h cute he is. >> the only thing missing is -- >> he's aheeats bamboo and hone water. >> he'll claw you t pieces. just because. >> dangerous wild animal/bear. >> guys. >> the snowfall was imessive, indeed. daily snowfall records set at all three of our major recording airports. reagan national officially 1.4 ches of snowyesterday. bwi marshall 1.7, dulles international 3.0. those are all daily records for november 15th, and it was our biggest november snowfall b sin juore thanksgiving in 1989. so nearly 3 yearsince we had that much of a snowfall in
5:52 am
november.ha and november 89 followed by ecember '89 which was ridiculously cold. we were down in the single digits multiple times in december o '89. no indication yet if it's going to be that cold next month, but thats an ominous time for sure. right now 37 so it's cold,stut areas are above freezing. that's excellent news. manassas 32, so there could be e williamspots in pri and culpeper county. closer to the metro area here. as long as it was treated with chemical, it's probably just wet this morning, but watch out for a few slick spots here between now and the time the sun comes mostly a sunny day today. we will be wind blown and dry by the end of the day. northwest winds today up around 15 tour 25 miles per daytime highs mid to upper 40s for today. if you're traveling toward new york city or boston, significant avel dela are still a real possibility if you go north of philadelphia traveling today.
5:53 am
but around here, future weather shows it, mostly sunny, breezy, chilly for today. your in-day forecast going to be cool all weekend. our average high now is none of the numbers for the next son days are even close to average. far colder than average pattern is locked in place, but it will be dry andhat's good news for thanksgiving travellers next week. now let's go over toirst four traffic. >> that's good news for next week. taking a look in thest ct, 295 north, just got off the phone with police. traffic is stopped. no injuries. crash is on thee left sut it is stopped for right now and that's just in addition to the n problem north 295 at malcolm x avenue where we do s have the hignding water in the right lane. gainsville westbound 66 so ramp 29.southbound blocking the left lane there. sterling northbound 28. the ramp to westbound 7. chopper 4 headed to that on multiple spin outs reported through that area this morning. huntertb mill, end toll road
5:54 am
before llcentre road. and southbound bw parkway, all lanes shutdown by that crash. dunkirk between wardnd road mount harmony, all lanes blocked and your travel times look good on the mai routes in maryland and virginia. remember to listen to wtop 10 .5 yfm when hop in your car. >> fighting the fat before the holidays. we'r showing younother interesting workout to help you out before you have your thanksgiving dinner. >> they are showing us how barre can help us counter the calories. hey guys. >> hey, goomorning. this is my first time ever in this kind of class. lauren rickets of course is the instructor here at xtend barre arlington. we're excited to try this out to fight the fat before we get into the holida. we have a miss virginia
5:55 am
contestant in this class. she's working it out trying to contest ape for that next week and so much more to talk about as you can join me in a class f like this aht the fat over the holidays. all that and more. >> we'll see you. >> we'll see you in a littl bit melissa. >> i've done a lot of different exercise classes. want to go. >> good morning. if you want to buy all the items in the 12 days of christmas song, expec to pay pretty penny. the 35th annual christmas index. the total price for all 364 gifts is now $450 more than last year. 7 items have stayed the same price. the pear trees, the turtle doves, french hens, maids a
5:56 am
milking, five are more expensive. the five gold rings are nine% less than lastyear. with your bc morning business report, i'm frank holland. partridge in a pear tree went up. gold rings go down. still a lot of money for all of those presents. >> are you looking for ways to give back this holiday season? join us for our annual food for families food drive. we're trying to raise money and donation provide a thanksgiving meal for 4,000 area families this ye you can drop off food on monday at the capital one arena or make a $20 donation that will buy a turkey and sides for a family innei in need. >> next at 6:00, sinll our report in our week long series on getting you the best possible sleep. >> why you may want to change
5:57 am
the position you're sleeping in. if you have trouble drifting off. plus yesterday's snowstorm left local roads and highways a mess. this morning icy conditions may make some travel treacherous. we're live with the areas you're goin to want to avoid when news 4 today continues. stay with us.
5:58 am
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the icy roads already lead to school closures and delays. in virginia, firsthe city of winchester, frederick, warren, clark, page they're all closed. in maryland, allegany county schools, jefferson, berkeley, grant, hardy. mineralorndn county schools are all closed today. >> now to the delays in virginia. culpeper, manassas city, manassas park city, prince williams, fairfax, loudoun, arlington, alexandria city, stafford county and falls church schools all open 2 hours late. in maryland, washington and frederick county schools will open 2 hours late as well. the federal government is open. >> now for the most part, the decision to cancel classes was made pretty rains fell into the night. some places


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