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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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semeetary issued a sta saying, quote, there must be decorum at the white house. >> and wle most reporters would agree with that, some wonder if it goes both ways. blayne ale the latest developments. blayne? >> reporr: doreen, certainly a lot of people have been watching this very closely. jim acosta, that cnn reporter, was banned from white house grounds for more than week. during that me, we saw a number of news outlets, cluding nbc come out in support of him and cnn. they say what happens ins his case setlarger precedent. cnn reporter jim acosta back on white house grounds. a fedinal judge order his press pass rerned, at least temporarily, ruling the white house cannot revoke it without due process. >> that's my cue to go back to work. >> reporter: the white house enatching his pass after this contentious exchaast week. >> that's enough. that's enough. that's enough! >> reporter: today's ruling a victory for cnn, claiming in a lawsuit the pass was taken as
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punishment for critical reporting. but the white house says it'seh about properior. >> people have to have. we want total freedom of the press. that's very important to >> reporter: today president trump promising tighter rules for more orderly press conference. but with this warning. >> if they don't listen to the rules and regulations, we'll end up back in court, and we'll win. >> reporter: the president's frequent fights with the press have been a trademark of his time in office. we are fighting the fake news. it's fake, phony. >> reporter: dubbing news outlets the enemy of the people, hurling insults on twitter and face-to-face. >> you're a dishonest guy you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> reporter: but the court battle escalated the fight to a new level. yat message does today's ruling send? can't be deprived of something and punished because you criticize the government or becausyou criticize the presiden a >> reporte other news outlets agree, speaking out in support of cnn. and today the president also
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threatened that he and members of his team could simply get up eave press events if they feel they're not being treated roppe ea leon? >> that's not toned after that story. we'll see where it goes. thanks, blayne. a former high-ranking montgomery county employee admits to embezzling nearly $7 million from the county. according to peter bang's plea atreement, stole oney over the course of six years while serving as the chief operating officer for the department of economicdevelopment. that position helped him redirect the money, and he was only caught aer the irs noticed that he was spending a lot of money gambling, but hasn't report all of his income. >> a bk of the money, the vast majority of it appears to be gone, and appears to be gone ina gambling casinoss the country. >> outgoing montgomeryounty executive ike leggett says they have made several rule changes to pvent an embezzlement case like this in the future. bang is facing up to 40 years in prison. a major trouble spot for
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commuters in montgomery county. a water main busting open and flooding new hampshire avenue.e lanes till closed right now for about a mile near powder mill road,s but at t hour, crews are finally starting to make some news4's spencer has an update for us. darcy, it's looking a little better. >> it is, doreen. it's good news for putple who co through this area and people who live in this area. take a look behind me here. one lane northbound new hampshire avenue has reopened. and i believe we have some video fr chopper 4 also. wssc is now here with their heavy equipment and their workers. they're just nowha using equipment to dig the hole to reach that pipe and get it fixed. northbound new hampshire have a nubuckle as water rushed from a broken water main, pieces of the roadway scattered. this major commuter route shut down as thousands of drivers who
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use this road every day try to get home and start their weekend. we found people walking t pick up children from a pre-k that was blocked off because the road was closed. it took you an extra hour? >> oh,yeah, because i only live seven minutes from here. so, yes, it took an extra hour. >> this is a big impact for the school. >> it has been, yes. today our parents are calling an are veryonfused about what to do and where to go. >> reporter: wssc says a 16-inch e minister burst. that's small, but it's a big problem for anyone who lives in this area, or if their commute takes them through here. some cut through side thstreets. man is trying to visit someone in a nursing home. how much extra time will tha take? >> about 30 minutes, 45 minutes. >> reporter: but you've got to see? >> oh, i've goter to see every day. >> reporter: crews used a pipe finder and the begandigging. we found many drivers didn't know how to get around the closure. itends for about a mile from
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powder mill road by the beltway to chalmers road. we didn't seeny detour signs, just big trucks blocking roads. >> i'm followingwaze. >> so waze will get you around this hopefully? >> it doesn't look like it. it's telling me to go left, be left is blocked. >> reporter: for some it meant cutting downsidestreets, getting back on the beltway, or even ditching the car and walking to where they need to go. >> reporting.rcy spencer now to the day after our november nor'easter yohere. know the signs that warn you about bridges freezing before road surfaces? you're tbe see. slick bridges caused a lot of trouble during that morning commute. take a look at ithis. th the aftermath of a chain reaction crash that ultimately involved eight vehicles on gloucester parkway in ashburn. one driver who spun out there told us he realized his disabled car was going get hit by
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approaching vehicles so, h jumped over a guardrail and went down to a walkway on the bridge, and then boom, three more carsn barreledhis vehicle. no one was hurt. yesterday's weather also sent a tree into aome in northwest d.c. you can see it here. it comes crashing down, taking out part of the deck there, also going straight into theou. no word yet on if anyone was hurt at this home but it definitely did serious edamage. n as we dry out from that first snowstorm of the season, we could beom seeinge colder temperatures tonight. amelia is in the storm center with more about that. hi, amelia. good evening, doreen. today we had temperatures in the upper 40s and 50sfio, we tely had a lot of melting going on. and tonight especially north and west ofshington, temperatures are going to dip below freezing. so a refreeze is likely overnight tonight. so anything that is wet rnoht could be ice out there tomorrow morning. it's not going to be a huge
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issue, but if you are heading out and about, you cld encounter ice on your saturday morning. right now we're at 46 degrees with maiy clear skies. 7:00 p.m. we'll be down around 45, and then 9:00 p.m., it' cold. temperatures already in the low 40s by 11:00 p.m. a temperature around0 degrees. and then this is what you should anticipate as you're stepping out the door tomorrow morning at a.m. 38 in the district, and then northout the temperatures and west. 21 in winchester. 30 in gaithersburg and fredfrck. rick coming in at 34, but it is a dry night out there. however, i'mraing a very small chance for rain this weekend. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:25. >> okay, thanks, amelia. now we turn to some breaking news in aigh profile case. a bullet fired in this shoot-out you see here killed 10-year-old makiyah wilson. for four months, police have been hunting for the peopl in this video. now there was news of yet another arrest in the case as news4's meagan fitzgerald explains, theeh person bind bar
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news isn't much older than his victim. >> reporter: police say it was a school resource officer who helped them to arrest this 16-year-old suspect. now early their afternoon, i talked to makiyah's mother she says these latest arrests bring her just one step closer to justice for her little girl. it was a crime that devastated the entirecity, four gunman hopping out of a blackin ii and opening fire in this clay terrace neighborhood in july. 10-year-old makiyah wilson, heading to get ice cream, struck and killed on her front step. the latest arrest came this afternoon. a 16-year-old is being charged as an adult. p yesterdayice arrested 24-year-old mark price of southeast. andhi earlier week, three other suspects charged with her murderur appeared in a judge reviewed the evidence and determined they were a danger to the community and held them without bond. according to courtnt docu quinton michaels was the ringleader who organized the shooti because of a beef he had with someone in makiyah's
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neighborhood. the 16-year-old suspect and mark price, who was arrested yesterday are both expected to appear in court monday morning. reporting in northwest, meagan fitzgerald, news4. a judge has ordered asp ted white nationalist from d.c. to remain in jail. jerey clark faces firearms charges. news4's scott macfarlane joins us to tell us why federal authorities think clark is so dangerous. scott? >> doreen, good evening.os utors told a judge jeffrey clark is himself a bomb, danger to d.c. inside his home in northwest, agents say they foundfirearms, hollow point ammo, body armor, a news and on social media ngatforms they found threate messages, including one called the october pipe bomb mailing case out of florida a quote, dry run. clark pleaded not guilty this afternoon. his attorneys asked him to be released int the care of his father. a federal judge asked if his dad
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was the one who turned clark in. prosecutors answered no. the judge then ordered clark held, saying it seems like you were planning something. in the newsroom, scott macfarlane, news4. >> you got it. thank you. eight days after a ferocious wildfire all but erased the city of paradise in northern california, drone is providing these haunting images of the burned out bits that are left behind. they call this the camp fire. it is s sprawling, the heroic fire crews there on the front line say it's only about half contained at this point. and as for t human toll, the latest numbers are truly staggering and dif to bear. search teams have confirmed 63 deaths, but 631 people are unaccounted for. authorities are hoping that p thosple evacuate safely and just haven't checked in yet. >> scary. next and new at 6:00, one man tries to swallow somepo ant evidence. wait until you hear what polic founthey closed in on a murder suspect. >> he was a suspect for months
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in his ex-girlfriend'death. today in court we heard about the confession he gave to detectives once he was arrested. coming up, a chilling details of how an argument between two teenagers led to an alleged murder. f andlaring tempers inside the white house. what the president's mood could reveal asuestions swirl q
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his lawyers this week to answer a list of written questions from special counsel robert mueller. the president also launched personal attacks on the mueller team, leading to speculation that there may be something on the horizon there. >> meanwhile, cnn wins the first round in a legal battle with the white house. jim acosta's press pass has been restored, for now anyway. >> acy n pelosi presided over the biggest democratic gain since watergate. will she prevail in the race to become the next speaker of the house? >> chuck todd is the nbc news political director and the moderator of "meet the press." let's start with the president. so he said today tha he wrote all the ansrs to the special prosecutor's questions himself. and what are we to make ofst th tweets he was sending out to mueller yesterday? >> it's possible he is in the middle of a take-home test. it's an open book. he doesn't have to go into the grand jury room.he obviouslidn't like the
6:15 pm
questions, that's my guess. and you could feel hisat frusn and, look, our own reporting says he we knew he has been working with his wyers. he says he was himself. which by the way doe put him in tricky territory. he owns these answer news whenever the repor comes out. he can't somehow claim oh, the lawyer did it for me and misspoke. but i do think that we now understand where the theory came from. it's when theay lawyers areing well, there is a gap there, what's thatp. and we know how he gets it, and he gets very frustrate and flustered over this. look, the thing, we only know e version that he's providing. we only know the version that dy giuliani is providing. we have no idea whether he is doing this to try to prevent a subpoena.f we don't know this is being done under the threat of a subpoena. we don't knoif theres a whole bunch of other questions that mueller has that he is refusing to answer, which is likely anything that happe hd whil was president, the obstruction of justice questions, which they have said they don't believe they have to answer. since he was head of the
6:16 pm
executive branch. so -- one of the things i aution everybody is we don't know howhe's answering this question. under threat of subpoena, under a subpoenaalready, whatever that is, there is a lot of stuff we don't knowhi in other than obviously he's trying to get something t mueller said. >> we've gone down that. i went down that road one time too. re are the known knowns of mueller and theton known unknowns. >> do we know about the state of e first amendment that the white house has lost the battle with the court to keep cnn's jim acosta out of there. and the thing is, if he doesn't like cnn and doesn't like j acosta, why does he call on him? he is the one who determinesho gets called on. >> which is the trump-appointed judge pointed ow. is interesting what he avoided answering. he didn't answer the first amendment aspect of the question, the judge, essentially saying they were given no due
6:17 pm
process which leads someone to elieve, okay, i'll be honest, where i thought cnn's case was strongest was, you know, it was on the first amendment grounds. they don't get to decide. cnn is an accredited newsza orgaon. they don't get to decide who cnn sends. the question was that hard pass. i have one of those hard passes. it is not my property. it is the property of thenited states government. it even says on here, if lost, it has an address to the washington navy yard that it gets sent to. it does not belong to me. it is my identification tf i go into white house. so that's where i think he didn't and they weren't -- so i'll be curious. does the white house pursue that further, create a s of standards, and then try to use that as a reason to pull hard passes?nt that will beesting if they do that. i do think we get caught up in the specifics. when trump feels like he won, the minute cnn decided to sue. he now gets to tell people what? i fight them.
6:18 pm
i fight them all the me. don't give an inch. that's all his people want to hear. >> but he lost. >> , no, no, no, he didn't. in his mind, he won. >> because he foughtback. >> he fought back. that's all that matters. >> the enemy of the people. >> well, you know, of course the media is using the courts and the deep state of trump appointees to get their way. but the point is that that's where i think we miss. they donare -- he didn't care that he lost. he cared that he didn' >> yeah. >> let's get to nancy pelosi. by allaccounts, her supporters believe she is a brilliant tactician. she grew up in a political family. >> right up the street. >> in baltimore and all of thatt and she clait she will be the next speaker. but there are people in her own party who t ank it's time for change. will she prevail? >> i'm still f trying tod the election. in the state of nevada they have above."f the but ultimately, if you're going to beat somebody, you have to beat body. there is nobody running. it is only about 25 people tblt
6:19 pm
are comfor publicly saying they're uncomfortable with her. i do think if the number were 50 or 60, some bigr names with a little more gravitas to take her on would be willing top up. but when you're looking at a public base of just 25 or 30, yore talking 230 is your pool of voters here, okay. when you'reralking 25 30, that's not a good place to begin a campaign that in the old adage, especially someone who has been there as long as she has,nho is operator a bit. there is an oldifsaying. ou're going to shoot at the king, you better not miss. and there is a lot of people who, you kn, haveeen their careers basically stop in their tracks after losing to nancy pelosi. i think that's what gives h toughness. this is the old machine, the daughter of the machine politician back i the days of baltimore. she is tough as nails. my only question is it's for the national democratic party, which
6:20 pm
probably hand, she is the best person to run that house for the democrats. the question is in 21st nty, where she also has to be the spokesperson, is she the bt okesperson? she can say i'm going to put other people in the lead to be the spokesperson. she has said and there is certainly going to be this entire presidential campaign that is going to be a campaign to decide. but that is probably where there is some nervousnessmo some democrats about her being the fopresident's . the way newt gingrich bill clinton's foil. newt gingrich wasill clinton's best friend in 1996. >> all right. >> thank you, chuck. >> sounds like you think she is going to be back. thank you, chuck. >> something we don't know would ve to happen. "meet the press" airs 10:30 sunday morning here on nbc4. we'll see you then, chuck. the medal of freedom awarded to the late justice antonin scalia. up, his son talks about how his father was a i believe to turn ideological i foento
6:21 pm
friends in thear ping time. it's an interesting conversation. and get your puffy coatat a your ready ar e.
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well, as nasty as yesterday was, today was just that nice. >> it looks like nothing happened. >> sunshine. >> when you walked outside today, it looked like nothing ever happened. >> amelia, it was great to see warm sunshine to make some of that nasty frozen stuff disappear. >> absolutely. and then the winds as well to help dry out the ground. but i do want the stress there could be isolated slick spots out there tomorrow morning, especially north and inwest of waon. let's take look at your weather headlines. as we look to the wet end, looking mainly dry out there. small chare for a sho out there sunday night. but all of saturday going to be dry. plenty of sunshine, me clouds move in on sunday. it's a cool weekend, guys. our normal high tempeture this time of year near 60 degrees this weekend. highs only in the 40s to near 50 degrees. can't rule out anla id shower on monday. so have that small umbrella handy. as we look to thanksgiving, i know we're all talking about it here in the studio, it is looking pleant for your thursday. and travel weather wednesday is
6:25 pm
y quiet.fai good news there. currently temperatures are coming in in the 30s and 40s. from 46 in washington to 38 degrees in manassas. 43 up indr fk. we'll have mainly clear to partly cloudy skies overnight. 7:00 a.m., we're starting off cold. with a temperature around 36 degrees, that's in washington, though, in the suburbs will have temperatures around 30. by lunchtime a temperature of47 but plenty of sunshine out there on your saturday. you definitely need the sunglasses tomorrow. with a high around 50 degrees. tomorrow night, it's dry. it's cold again. 43 degrees at 7:00 p.m. so the weather having a pretty low impact on your weekoud. oor exercise, we have the cold mornings and pleasant afternoons to get the out or go for a run. but the ground, i was out there today running is extremely muddy with all of the rain we've had. we're now the fifth wettest year on cord. getting the car washed this weekend, there is a small shower channt chance sunday monday. it's going to be better saturday
6:26 pm
with more sunshine. but for the most part nice both days. if you're heading to fedexfield for the redskins, temperatures for the game are going to be in the 40s. you want the puffy coat. and if you get chilly easily, i would recommend the gloves and ear warme as well. here is a look at your four-day forecast. have i the ten-da coming up around 6:45. but 50s this weekend. 40s in the suburbor 52 a high on monday with that isolated shower and then tuesday, it's a cold day. 47 for a hill. >> a right. the weekend looking pretty good, thanks, new clues revealed inte cou the murder of a fairfax county teenager allegedly at tnd s of herex how investigators say he went to great lengths to cover up the crime. a lasting legacy. justice antonin scalia's sonut father's his faith, family and service on the high court as he is honored with high court as he is honored with the medal of freedom. denise?
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the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on little salad bar garden salad mix. now just .79 cents aldi. shop differentli. > i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we continue to monitor this water main break in silver spring. we've been kee eng an on it since about 11:00 this morning, and this is a big probl night. so this is chopper 4 over the scene at new hampshire avenue chalmers road. you can see just how big the problem is there. when chopper 4 zooms out, now we start to see thebackup here,
6:30 pm
northbound new hampshi avenue fomiles. oh my goodness. we cannot catch a break. yesterday was a rough day on the road with theweather. and tonight is not any better with this water main break once again in silver spring. new hampshire avenue at chalmers road. from the live sk, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you guys in the studio. >> now at 6:30, disturbing new details about the death of fairfax county teenager, jholie moussa was just 16 when her ex-boyfriend allegedly kled her. prosecutors presented key evidence to a judge today. >> bureau chief julie carey reports and included a description of the teen spect's full confession. >> reporter: detectives say nebu ebrahim tried to cover up his crime, tried to cover up what happened in woodlawn park last he told them he took the victim's cell phone from her lifeless body, removing the sim car, putting it in a weighted bag and tossing it into thi pond.
6:31 pm
he didn't want anyone to know the two had been on snapchat the night she disappeared. the 16-year-old's body was found two weeks allater. especily him was a suspect from the beginningau bec he had assaulted his girlfriend befoes. he was arrted for her murder in august after he finishe erving time for the earlier assault. in a preliminary hearing today, a fairfax county detective confession.ahim's the day she went missing he met park. woodlawn he felt there would be an argument. he was angry because after his first attack on h moussa was transferred to an alternative school. he said at one point as they oslked, moussa tried to nudge him, her balance and stumbled. that's when ebrahim placed her in an mma chokehold. she lost consciousness and fell to the ground. ebrahim then told detectives he then choked moussawo more times. after that he drag herd body off the walking path and intohe
6:32 pm
woods, covering her up with leaves. some of jholie moussa's relatives wept. but they return a verdictaying there is enough evidence to move is to the next step. julie carey, news4. new information in the murder of an 82-year-old grandfather over the summer. court documents reveal the victim, jerryal scottd alexandria police four days before he was shot t ath. to tell them his grandson had threatened to kill him. a telephone muer, police began to do surveillance on the suspect, dallas smith,nd say he tried to swallow items when they arrested him. turns out they were codes to a storag facility. guns and magazines were also found in that storage unit. smith's phone also included linkto how to destroy your rifle, and how does one destroy a gun barrel so that a ballistic test can't link a barrel to a projectile recov crime scene. tonight there were seven
6:33 pm
more recipients awarded the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freeumm. president honoring three posthumously including the late justice antonin scalia. tonight only on news4, our david culver speaks with one of the justice's son about the legacy his father leaves behind and the lessons we can learn in this icincreasingly divided pol climate. >> reporter: receiving the nation's highest civilian honor on behalf of her husband, maureen scalia stands in the very spot where 32 years earlier antonin scalia became a supreme court justice. justice scalia became known asf onee court's most outspoken conservatives, but at home to his nine children, he was dat. >> theoments where you want to share something and you can't. >> reporter: in february 2016, justice scalia passed away
6:34 pm
suddenly. ants his dad to be remembered for more than his many legal contributi as. >> io want him and i think he will be remembered as a man of faith. reporter: justice scalia also cherished family and friendships. most surprising to some, his close relatiohip with justice ruth bader ginsbu h. had a store of lines that can ease tense moments. s ineporter: the nation the midst of tense moments. sitting in the east room some who are part of a recent nomination process that exposed deep and bitter divides in our untry. while not speaking to the specific of those hearings, father scalia believes in this deeply divisale polit climate others would learn from his dad's approach. >> he had some pretty strongly held views, but that didn't prevent him from, you know, liking and rating other peoe whad -- who held the opposite views just as strongly. >> reporter: the latece among three receiving the medal posthumously alongside babe ruth and elvis presley. do you think when people think
6:35 pm
of your ther, they think of babe ruth and elvis presley? >> i don't -- i don't think so. you know, various dimensions of lerican public life, right? >> reporter: aacy shaped by family and faith. david culver, news4. >> when it comes to bridging political divides,ather scalia told our david culver that his father was often quoted ast saying t attacks ideas, not people. and some very goo some very bad ideas. >> that's a position a lot people would like to see more of nowadays. >> the approach served himth we wi his time with the court, that's for sure >> indeed. up next, a call toction after young accountant was shot and killed by park police. plus, help for people who may be suffering in silence, and you can get it right from your smartphone. ndamelia? leon, here is the latest check of storm team 4 radar. we'r completely dry out there. but check this out. nine of the last 12 fridays, we've had rain in the area. i'm going to be
6:36 pm
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at ross. yes for less. a local case is the inspiration for a bill ay in congresses. it requires all federal law enforcement officers to wear body cameras. deteriorate eleanor holmes norton say by jan geyser's death was the catalyst for this legislation. ye was unarmed when he was shot and killed b u.s. park police last year after he sped away from a traffic stop. bodyameras on fairfax county officers rorded some of the incident, but the park police officer there's at the scene did not have cameras. his family claims key details of the case are being kept from the public. the stigma surrounding mentaln health the african american community can leave people reluctant to ask for help. but tonight a washington, d.c. startup has developed an app that brings therapy directly to men who might otherwise be suffering in silence.
6:39 pm
news4's cory smith shows us how it works. >> i was easily agitated, very easily frustrated. i started to not want to be around people. >> reporter: kevin durden's mental health journey is not unique. despite being a successful businessman and father, he fell intdepression two yea ago. >> and i said to myself i'm not going to do anything today. and then i realized i had been saying that for months, that sothing was wrong and i needed help. >> reporter: durden says ndmitting he needed help was actually easier t finding it. he saw three different therapists, but felt none derstood the stress and emotions unique to black men. >> i felt , liay, what ju happened? i wasted a actual time again. >> bringing 2 mental help black men need. on the other side therapists like dr. candace williams. moshe is the 3% of
6:40 pm
therapists in the whitehouse are minorities. >> she says patients feel more comfortable when they can talk toomeone that looks likthem. >> with this app you see everything and everything about it says we're here for you, by dyou, because we understhat you're going through as a black man. >> after finding the help he needed, durden was ableo pull his life together. he got back in the business world and became an executive. he is the ceo of henry health. >> once we become aware of our own suffering and we've suffered, then we can see that so many others are suffering, .nd we're empowered to do something about it >> reporter: cory smith, news4. >> i you or someone you know is suffering, we have a list of helpful resources ourrea on our nbc washington app. to check them out orre to sha with your loved ones, just search "changing mi ns." to an interesting study for parents. researchers say that your germs can protect your baby from developing allergies or asthma.
6:41 pm
picture this. your baby is sucking on a pacifier and the thing pops and hits the floor. it happens all the time. well, as a parent, do youst erilize it, rinse it off in the sink or put it into your own mouth to clean it? doctors say that last option may be the best one. >> no! >> yes. by popping the pacifiernto yo mouth, you're passing along your good germs. >> ok w. >>ch help children build up their immune system. a small study is part of a growing piece of evidence that shows early exposure to microbes can prevent allergies. >> would you do that? would you have done that? >> i'm really glad i don't have to make that decision. my babies are in their 20s. but no, ew. ew. >> listen, fellows, the doc says put it in the mom's >> no, it does not say that it doesn't say that at all. maybe that's a job for the dad to take care of. coming up next. >> dog hairs. carpet fuzz, no thanks.
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>> this is a little more upliftinghere. an unusual scholarship requirement that is helping students move beyond their families' troubled past by investing in their futures. and snow is felting away acrossbuur region the colder temperatures are here to stay. amelia is tr
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e>> some big breaking news right now. ia says the saudi crown prince ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey. "the washington post" reports the spy agency's conclusion contradicts saudi claims that mohammed bin salman was not involved in the murder. "the post" says the top saudi official urged khashoggi to go to istanbul and assured h he
6:45 pm
would be safe. the new developmentsic complate the trump administration's relationship with a clo ally. nbc news has not confirmed this report. we have got some more breaking news here. chopper 4 flying over a police cruiser crash in capital heights. two vehicles collided at central avenue and richie ad. a officer and one other person are injured we're told, no word on how badly they're hurt. we'll update you as soon as we learn more. this time of year high scho seniors are busy filling out college applications. many will also be applying for scholarships that are available to help with all that expensive tuition. >> that's right. whilehere are thousands of monetary awards, grants and gifts available, they each can have their own set of requirements. barbara harrison here is to tell us one wh a unique pr prerequisi prerequisite. >> reporter: this young woman has been workiel hard to students pay to go to college. she created a scholarship
6:46 pm
prtiram with thelation that the candidate has to be in one way just like her. they are an unusual fraternity of scholars. friends formed by an alliance that at one time neither would have wanted to admit to. >> something i didn't want to speak about, coming from a place of hurt and just trying to move forward in my life. >> reporter: like raymond, myrna, durante and yasmin all wanted to move forward, shutting out a sad secret in their lives and making college their goal. >> we didn't know how we were going to pay for college at all. >> i was scholarship searching online to see how i was going to find a wayo pay for school. >> reporter: she read about a scholarship with a requirement that surprised her, created by someone she had somhing in common with. that was yasmin arrington, who turned her own life around when she signed up for program called learn serve in high school. >> in learn serve, the ask us to identify an issue in our community or in our personal
6:47 pm
lives that makes us angry or something that we want to see changed a improve. and the issue i identified is mass incarceration, or more specifically, the effects of incarceration of children in families. >> reporter: yasmine had a reason toare about that. >> my biological father has been in and out of both jail and federal priso most of mylife. after about 3 years old, i didn't see my father. i didn't see my father until i was a teenager. >> reporter: she knew there had to be other kids with the same secret she had been ashamed to share. >> there are2.3 million youth in the united states that have an incarcerated parent. >> reporter: while still in high hool, she created a program called scholar chips. >> the chip stands for children of incarcerated parent. >> reporter: with her grant of $1,000 from the learn serve pr ram, yasmine went out looking for donations, and she found sik many kids herself. >> my father has been in prison all my life.
6:48 pm
>> my mom was incarcerated. >> my brother. >> he is still incarcerated. i go sn him w can. >> reporter: in the seven years yasmine's program has beenfu raisins and handing out small scholarships, she has raised and awarded more than 100,0 to 51 students. so far 13 have already graduated. reina, who i in law school now says it's been more than just financial help. >> it actually got comfortable talking about having an incarcerated parent. >> and pute in group of people to know and understand. >>ou going t similar things or situations like myself. >> reporter: and most of them have found a wre to nnect with a family member they had wanted to erase from their lives. yasmi yasmine's father is back. >> now he hasov back to washington, d.c., and he is working two jobs. he is doing very well, and i'm veud of him. and i know he is proud of me, but i'm proud of him. >> for more information about the scholar chips ogram, head to our website and learn how to donate. there is a freeonference
6:49 pm
coming up for high school seniors too. that's at the latin ameutcan center on saturday, the 24th of november. very impressive, isn't it? >> it's beautiful. that is so liberating for the kids, i'm guessing for them to have that stigm removed. and then to be armed with an education to improve their lives and their fa. >> all of them are doing very well. the scholarships are not enough obviouslyo cover the costs, but it helps a lot. >> and making the kekz connecti almost more important. >> it lifts a big burden off their shoulders to mow that theythank you, b'rarebara. >>hank you, barbara. >> thanks. all right. let's check on the weather now. end of the week here, going for the weekend. things are going to be at least dry, right? >> it's going to be dry, and it's going to be cold this weekend. and i have to say with barbara's story, in the season of giving what a spectacular to owe ite. check it out. on to the weather. we're in pfy coat season.
6:50 pm
we're going to be in the 50s for high temperatures tomorrow and sunday. monday there mig be a shower out there. so you might want to grab the taall umbrella. and before w more about the weather, we'll check it out. 'tis the season. ice dowt the national harbor. charlie brown's christmas is the theme this i know doug is going to be down there. he always does a live shot down there during e holiday season, and it is so spectacular. i love this time of year, right? anyways, on to the weather. now we're going to have the small chance for a shower on monday, and then tuesday we're on tracking hig temperatures in the upper 40s. currently right now our temperatures are in the t l mid-40s across the area, from 42 degrees in camp springs, 46 in washington. 43 in leesburg. gaithersburg already down to 39 degrs. so friday night lights tonight, it's a cold one out there. 8:00, a temperature around 40 degrees. a 39 as the gam wrapping up at 9:00 p.m., with mainly clear skies. and tonight one of the big games, south lake at west field in virginia. as we look to your weekend
6:51 pm
tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. mostly sunny skies in the forecast. but we do have more clouds out there on sunday. pecially during the second half of the day, and maybe an isolated shower out thereyoor sunday night. if you're heading out this weekend to check out the ag fo well, know west and north of washington we are past peak at this point. you can see this by theoloring on the map. this comes from the foliage network. here in the district southern maryland, parts of virginia at peak. and down around the northern neck, stillt high color. so they'll be heading toward peak over the next few dis. but this wasiahe f network's last report for the season. so that just kind of givesou an idea for where we're at, looking toward the end of fall and the beginning of december outhere. here is your storm team 4 four-day forecast. 51 on. sund 52 on monday. normally the high this time of year coming in at about 58 degrees. so we're running a 10 degrees almost below normalhis weekend. isolated shower chance out there on monday. we are now the fourth wettest
6:52 pm
year on record after yesterday'o wintry mes there. we're not really going to add anything to that on monday. only about a 20% chance that you're dealing with a shower. on tuesday, a high temperature 47. so it's it's even colder on wednesday with the high of 43. we have a mix of clouds and sun. thanksgiving, partly sunny skies with af high temperature 48. on friday, a high of 52. so looking good for all of the shoppers outthere. and then next weekend, saturday and sunday, you're heading home. well, there is the chance rain both days with the storm system is, and high temperatures s. the low 50 doreen and leon? >> everybody traveling and we'll want to keep ane. ey >> hopefully that will move onshore. >> thanks, amelia. injuries they are mounting for the capitals. nge starters who are goi to
6:53 pm
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>> cap fans may notice a couple of fesiliar n in goal tonight for the opposing team. flip grubauer helped them win the cup last season he'll get is the farther for colorado over semien varlamov, who also started his career in washington. tonight the avalanche will have two goalies with more caps experience than the caps actuallydo. the caps will be miss league key starters, t.j. oshie, evgeny kuznetsov and brade holtby. slammed to the isolate in the third. morrsey was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct. this is especially scary considering he has already had four reported concussions in his career. kuzie received an elbow to the face against winnipeg. he was also checked for concussion and holtby was injured before the jets game wednesday will, be out again. the puck drops at 9:00 tonight on nbc sports washington.
6:57 pm
edskins will have their hands full sunday. deandre hopkins is a mismatch for any team in the league. fifth in yardsou anddowns with four games of 100 yards or more. now after facing odell beckham jr., julio jones, mike evans, this is the fourth straight week the redskins face off against one of the nfl's best s,receiver which you might know from your fantasy team. josh norman will be tasked with stopping hopkins, but he knows it's not going to be easy. >> his uncanny ability to catch us in traffic and make acrobatic wowing cashes, even when thes defende draped on him. he does a great job of all those things. well just have to be mindful of it and try to impose what wedo so not try to take too much ofh what he s to do. and we'll be okay. >> llhopefully they' be okay. hey, the bowie state bulldogs are okay they're ready to dance into a
6:58 pm
big weend fresh o their first ciia championship. they will host west alabaman the fir round of the division ii play-offs this saturday. quarterback holloway has led the way witow 28 touchdns. most of the guys on this roster represent maryland and d.c., something they're certainly prideful about. >> it's great. i took the job ten years ago just for moments like this. we said we were going to build this program inside the state, and we call ourselves.c the d. maryland all-stars. and if you look at our team, the most of the bulk of our guys are from the d.c./maryland area. we're very excit to have these guys matriculate and play here at buoyer state unty. >> you can see when you watch us play, we with a lot of emotion.n you c see how guys come together all from the same areah ust drift action tonight, looking forfo their th straight win. they're hosting the nets. we'll have that at 0.11 but how about bowie state. they've got moves! >> yes. >> i like that. i cannot do that. i'm always envious.
6:59 pm
>> see if you can learn during the game. >> thanks. stay with us. "nightly news" starts in 60 seconds. >> we heop w
7:00 pm
tonight, chaos and confusion and cities tonight, chaos and confusion and cities caught off guard. how several inches of travel nightmare.ssive >> tempers flaring as thousands of flights are delayed and cancelled. ogridlock for hou the road and the blame game is just getting started. the staggering 600 people missing or unaccounted for in california and many who barelyed the fire living in the adow of paradise lost. new details in the bombshell revelation, wikileaks founder julian assange charged by the u.s. an incredible survivor story you have to see. the young congressional aid shot ef five times andto die near jonestown. >> i was lying on the airstrip with my head


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