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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 17, 2018 9:00am-9:30am EST

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and after we saw our first snow this past week, i think a lot of you will welcomend the weeke forecast. >> let's check in with lauryn ricketts in the storm team 4 weather center. you threw us off when you said snow again. >> i di i did say snow again. i will show you that ten-day foreca coming up in just a few minutes. but let's talk about what's ing on out there right now. no snow. so that's a good thing thank goodness compared to thursday. we have cloudy conditions out there right now. again, these are clouds that are around the d.c. area and points to the north. you may be seeing sunshine ifa your a is south of d.c. all of us will see sunshine later toda temperatures in t mid 40s right now. the winds on the light side ank goodness especially compared to yesterday when it was blustery out ther they'll be coming sunny. more clouds tomorrow. now we're dry all through the weekend but we have small rain chances l cominge on monday. so we will be talking about that
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and talk about any snow, also sgiving forecast black friday forecast, a lot going on this week in a few minutes. >> yookay. than lauren. wf> well, we've already seen our significant sl just this week. the dmv had an early glimpse of winter. >> d.c. officials discussing how to handle severe weather winter.ns this good morning. >> good morning. we're outside nats park.ea we did hr lauryn talking about that four letter word snow. it is the season. and d.c. officials are taking thato heart now. what we did is we got a taste earlier that week, of course, with that snow. and that was not a big event, but it was enough to get some equipment out on the streys. toda officials from the department of transportation, department of public works, even the department of homeland security are here. d they're talking about what c.'s snow plan is. earlier this week on thursday, they got a bit of d a run.
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>> as the snow-eam was our operation was on display earlier this week on thursday with 125 plow on district streets in over 1,000 tons of salt spread throughout thecity, you saw it, even though mother nature may have surpred us, that we are certainly ready for the season t >> ae a look there. you're looking at a piece of the new equipment that t this is made specifically so they can hit the network of bike nes growing up in the city as well as the adc ramp, the accs ramps on the curbs. tho want t make sure they're getting around is as safe as possible. of course, with all ofy that the are urging folks to stay off the roads as much as possible when we do have a significant snow event. it's important that emergency equipment and things like that are able to get around as well. but again, 800 or so folks are here today to work pn thens
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to see that it is safe once that white stuff does inevitably gin tofall. live outside nats park, derek ward, news 4. back to you. >> we had a taste of it. lauren rickets will tell us what to expect in the tenda at 9:03 on this saturday morning, developing the search is on for a gunman after a police standoff ended this in temple hill. >> it all started just before 1:30 this morning. misresponded to a shooting to a house on summit drive near fair lawnstreet. investigators tell us that one man was shot but police bieve the suspect then barricaded himself inside the house. four hours later police managed to get iide but the gunman was gone. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life esreatening inju we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest information. > and let's get to this all new this morning a bicyclist fighting for theife after montgomeryrs say a police officer hit them. 11:00 p.m. t after last night. you're looking at connecticut
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avenue and jones bridge road. it is not clear what led up to this crash, but we're told the bicyclist is in the hospital with life threateningin ries. in capital heights a crash left a police officer and another person hurt. authorities tell us that a district heights police cruiser and another vehicle were ainvolved in wreck at central avenue last night. we're told that bh people survived but there's still no word on their conditions. exactly what t causeds wreck is still under investigation. several people are out of their t homess morning after a fire ripped through a silver spring apartment building. we're told flames broke out:3 around p.m. last night. this is the northwest park apartments on north hampton drive. fire officials say the fire burned through the second and third stories of that building. we're told the fire started in a microwave. crews had to rescue several people, but thkfully no one got hurt. 9:04 right now. also on new hampshire avenueaue this is north of the belt way toward white oak late last
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the 16 inch water main was fixed and the road was reopened this morning. the death toll for the campfire in northernalifornia is now at 71. and authorities estimate more 00than people are still unaccounted for. of the 71 remains, 58 have been identified. officials say it's tricky to figure outpl how many p are actually missing at this hour. so that list they expt will change from day to day. now president trump is on his way to california t survey some of that damage. a former high ranking montgomery county employee admits to embezzling nearly $7 million from the county. according topeter's plea agreement, he stole the money over the course ofix years while serving as the chiefer ating officer for the department of economic development. investigators say that position helped him redirect all that money. he tas only caught after irs noticed he was spending a lot of that money gambling but had not reported all of his income. >> a bulk of the money, vast it
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majority of appears to be gone and appears to be gone in gambling casinos across the country. >> well, eroutgoing montg county made several rule changes to prevent this in the future. bang meanwhile 4 faces up to years in prison. new information this morning surrounding the death of e udi journalist in turkey. the cia says saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the hit on jamal khashoggi. nbc news has confirmed the cia assessment first reported byng "the wasn post" that contradicts saudi claims that the crown prince had nothing to do with the killing. khashoggi was a columnist for the post and often criticized the royal family. this revelation tns up the pressure on the trump administration to further punish a close ally. take a lisn to erin burnett outfront last night. >> there is a phone call from inside the consulate we understand from our sources from one of the individuals part of this hit teamli cal
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back to saudi arabia trm con to a senior aide to mohammed bin sa tanhat the assassination had taken place. >> now, this is interesting. the postlso says that the saudi ambassador to the u.s. urged khashoggi to go to istanbul and assured him that he would be safe there. the ambassador has now denied those claims. 9:07. president trump says he's very easily he answered written questions in the mueller investigation, but he says he kesn't submitted them yet. the president so reporters from the oval office yesterday after a bill signing. d hen't say when he would send in those answers, but he assured people his attorneys did not write out the answers, he did. >> t'm surey're tricked up because they like to catch people -- ge was the weather sunny or was it rainy? he said it may have been a good day. it was rainy, therefore he told a lie, he perjured himself. okay. so, you know, you have to be careful when you answer
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questions with people that probably have bad intentions. >> well, on thursday, president trump lashed out in a sere ries tweets c it a total mess. angie, a big night at capital one arena.s it iold out tonight, but this is not for a sporting event or orconcert. it's former first lady michelle obama talking about her nein memoir "becg." the event starts at 8:00 p.m. and mod vated by valerie jarrett. michelle obama will return to capital arena on november 25th for another discussion. again, both events are sold out. tickets rep ftedly goingor hundreds, even thousands of dollars online. 9:08 is your time. if you're still making plans for the day ahead, well, be sure to give a friend a call. after the fbreak, we'lll you in on a new study that says chatting it up with your buddies, well, that could save your life. interesting, huh? i have to be more social now. more on that ahead on news 4 today on this sa
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it was like a scene out of an action movie out in california.a igh speed chase through a los angeles highway led to some here yesterday afternoon. you can see the vantage point here from the chopper 4 out there at nbc l.a. zooming down the road, eventually coming to a stop. authorities say this guy exceeded 120 miles per hour at one point. police saying that the spect stole that white lexus from a they took him away.. still no word on the exact charges, but thankfully nobody was hurt. >> yeah, good thing there. now to what some are calling a major victory forra ve. a federal judge in connecticut ruling that thousands of navy ord marine vets can sue the military for being denied health sbenefits. tht alleges many of them who fought in iraq and
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afghanistan developed ptsd and were denied those veteran benefits. a class action lawsuit against the navy's secretary after veterans said that they were given less than honorable discharges from minor offenses that were linked to untreated mental health problems. the discharge prevented them g fromting health benefits. >> now we have news for your health. get out there and socialize. doctors say it just mig save your life. >> are you talking to me? >> yeah, david. you have to get off facebook. you have to talk to these people in real life. >> all right. face to face. >> so t science supports this american cancer society reporting now that researcher say being loner can be bad for your health. they studied 580,000 people over 30 years. those who were more socially isolated were more likely to die prematurely, they found. those who were lonely were also at aigr risk for heart disease. there's something to be said aboutchhe human t and interaction. >> clearly you're directing that story right at n.
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it loneliness. >> thank you for taking my call. >> it's solitude. i likehe lence. more science for you this one is tough to get through this story. we have girl outs here. hopefully they can help me through it, too. callt ground breakingoverhall to the international system of measurements. the kilogram will be redefined. yesterday ien france ssts from all over the world approved to retire the grand klo kiam, a solid cylinder of precious metals, angie which has been the world sole true kilo in 1889. i know all of this as long as there's n math and big numbers, we're good. the change will not van impact for most people. don't worry. they say the new formula will be more accurate. you can check them on that, an zw ji. >> a car once owned by lebron the is going back o auction block. check it out. this is a 2003 h2 hummer. the basketball star actually got
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this for his 18th birthday. yeah. nice gift. the auctioneers say they believe they can get at least six figures for it. december n ends o 8th. good luck. >> i think i got a fitbit for my 18th birthday, not a hummer. that's nice. 9:14. looks like we have cloud cover in the sky. 45 degrees, but lauryn ricketts has big promises this weekend. she said all ofs could see the sun today. her you know when you're at ross
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this morning, there are seven more recipients awarigd with thest civilian honor. the presidential medal of freedom. president trump honoring three posthumous posthumouslyhe >> includingate justice antonin scalia. i spoke with one of his son's about his father's legacy and whatessons we can learn in is a increasingly political divided climate. >> maureen scalia stands in the very spot where 32 years earlier antonin scalia became a u.s. supreme court justic justice scalia became known as one of the court's most outspoken conservatives but at home to his nine children, he was dad. >> the moments where you want to share something and you wan w t speah the person and you can't. >> reporter: in february, 2016, justice scalia passed away
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suddenly, his son a priest with the catholic diocese wants his dad to be remembered for his many contributions. >> he was a man of faith. >> he cherished family and friendships. his close relationship with his high court colleague, justice ruth bader ginsburg >> he had a store of lines that could ease tense moments. >> reporter:he nation isn the midst of the tense moments, sitting in the east room for the medaleceremony, sho were part of a recent nomination process that exposed deep and bitter divides within our country. whileot speaking to t specifics of those hearings, father scalia believes in this deeply divisive political climate. others could learn from his dad's approach. >> he h some pretty strongly held views, but that didn't prevent him from, you know, liking and appreciating other people who had -- who held thei opposite just as strongly. >> the late justice among three
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reiving the medal posthumously this year angside babe ruth and elvis presley. >> do you think when people think of your father they think of babe ruth and elvis presley? >> i don't think so. various dimensions of american public life. >> here is what's interesting, when it comes to bridgingli cal divides, father scalia says his father sauchb quoted as saying he attacks ideas not people. some very good people in his opinion hadome very bad ideas. but i like how he separates the two. you have to do that. >> yeah. but when your dealing with any polarizing issues, you can't help but feel like it's. person >> weather is among those issues. >> i know. >> sometimes we just want you to go away. >> i don't think anybody liked us on thursday. >> my kids my did. >> anybody that was still school age did. anybody that actually had tohe drive som did not like us. >> it was a mess.
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>> it was crazy on thursday. i was just telling our girl scout friends here - that we thursday was a difficult forecast because as we know around here, we get those wintry mix events and have the warm air that.ill come it's hard to figure out how that will erode and see in the upper levels. nothing like that. >> the sleet afterwards. >> and the rain after that. whe i left h it was pouring rain. >> it was so ugly. >> you are so positive today. >> happy saturday. >> today is looking better. >> yes, thank u, david, for being the voice of reason right now. you can see we have the clouds. amelia draper just texted me and said, these clouds are hanging tough. >> yes, they are. >> but we're hoping they'll get out of he. u can see some sunshine back here. there we go. we have some sunshine back the. i d think these close will start to erode and get some sunshine. i know some areas are seeing some sunshine out there today. so still going with my forecast later on this afternoon all sunshine. sunday we will have cloud cover with usgh all thrt the day. most of monday will be dry. we have a chance of showers late
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on monday into early tuesday morning. but then we clear through the day on tuesday. rrent temperatures out there right now, it doesn't feel too bad. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we have a light wind. no rain. we're dry on the radar right now. and we' headed to right around 50 degrees. which is about 10 degrees below normal. again a much lighter wind out there. we have those sunny skies by this afternoon. it will begorgeous. sun goes down at just about 10 minutes until 4:00 ghm. to so it is going to be pretty dark early out ere. as far as your weekend outlook, if you want to exercise this morning, looking good and dry, but going to be a beautiful afternoon. now car wash, go ahead and get it done because we do have that chance of awe s late on monday, but that's it. and then yard work, again, not as breezy out there today. so leaves aren't blowing everywhere. 51 wl be our daytime high tomorrow. very similar, same ballpark is what we're in today but a little more cloud cover holding on throughout the day. headed to fedex field for our win against the texans, yeah,
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yes, i'm hopin that we get this one, my redskins looking good. temperatures will be in the 40s for that. light wind may get up to around 50 degrees. we won't have the wl,d ch just get the clouds around. the day and evening we'll see rain, but even the evening commute ot looking toobad. a few showers. that's what it looks like right now. it will beec rainse we'll be just too darn warm for anything else. then we start to clear out on tuesday and wednesday. fineng thanksgi high pressure in charge and we have plenty of sunshine aroundf thanksgiving. temperatures are going to be in the low 40s. by the evening, those temperatures are in the 30s. so again, we will get some sunshine later on this afternoon, but at least it will be dry out theretoday. and then temperatures in the low 50s for tomorrow with morear cloudsnd. that chance of a late day rain shower late on monday. and then possibly early morning rain on tuesday. but we dry out tuesday
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afternoon. wednesy looking good. a little cool. and then we head into your thursday thanksgiving not looking too bad. we have plenty of sunshine on thursday and then maybe if you're headed off shopping black friday, temperatures right around the freezing mark. then we drop a little bit as we coinue through the overnight hours, but then plenty of sunshine for black friday. we've had chilly black fridays, but today -- on friday it's not going to be quite as cold as past black fridays. and then we'll have more clouds sticking aroundat onday with our next chances of rain returning as we getun intoy and possibly even monday of next week. we've got more news on the other side of this. u 'll see yo waiting for a liver transplant..
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♪ at 9:26, four things to know on this saturday. we start you off in montgomery county, where police there are investigating after an officer hit a bicyclist in ce.vy ch this is connecticut avenue a jones bridge road where the person is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. new hampshire avenue, crews wrapped up their work on the broken water main. the 16 inch water main was fixed and the road is now open. former first lady michelle obama bringing her book tour to the distalct. she'll tk about her new memoir "becoming" at a sold out capital oneara. >> join us for turkey and food drive.
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we're hoping to feed thousands of people. on monday, drop off canned and boxed food, cash or checkst capital one arena and donate by our website and please say hello to pat lawson se. >> get a picture with her, too. help folks out. lauryn ricketts, it's oldhi out there morning. >> sit chilly. temperatures in the 30s and 40s on our way to 50 degrees. we'll have more sunshine this afternoon. keep your fingers crossed. temperatures we'll be dry this weekend. more clouds around tomorrow, low 50 and rain late on monday. >> all right. thanks so much. and thank you so much for joining us here and online. we'll be back tomorro morning.
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what's up redskins nation, the redskins are finding ways to get the job done, and last week was no different. on the road, the redskins defeat the tampa bay buccaneers and improve to six and three. before we focus on houston, let's take a look back at the trip to tampa bay. >> they had to put three players on ir. >> the o-line lost three of five starters. this is a b


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