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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we'll see you for football night in america at 7:00 p.m. thanks to our entire team, kathryn tappen, doug flutie, mikeco ti thank you for watching notre dame football on nbc.
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rig now a 6:00, one year after their loved one was shot and killed by park apolice, grieving family continues their desperate search for an wers, an are live with how relatives are honoring his memory. a placef sanctuary. getting ready for potential tragedy. we're going to take you to a
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local preparing something they pray will never happen. and tonight, president trump gets an up close look at the fires in california, as the death toll teas and missing people totals spike once again. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. >> goodin ev a local family seeking justice, one year after pk police sho and killed their loved one. his relatives coming together right now to celebrate his life. news 4's darcy spencer is live near the lincoln memorial with the growing calls for answers this evening. darcy? >> reporter: that's right. this family is still seahing for answers, like you said. they said they just want even basic infor ntion like thees of the officers who were involved in this they areng up right now for a candlelight vigil. we want to show you that. yo can see the candles here. there is a banner already. dozens of people have shown up
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for this vigil, waiting for the family to arrive in their continued quest for justice. now, ghaisar was not ar sd, poli he had been rear ended, but left the scene of the crash and was chased by officers. video was released, but the family wants more information from u.s. park police iluding identifying the officers involved and to explain their actions. the fbi is investigating this case, and while fairfax county assisted, it was u.s. park police that opened fire. the family has fired a $25 million lawsuit and it's continued to demand aners. my wife and i live out in the familyty where bijan's lives and where he grew up, and we feel like what happened was a shock and a wakeup call to all of us and we wanted to come down and show our support to the family.
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>> reporter: so, you know there ar members of the community who are here, as well as family members and friends, as they sentinue to seek t answers. we are right here outside of the lincoln morial waiting for the family to show up. we'll have more on news 4 at 11:00. back to you. >> darcy, thank >you. e have breaking news this evening. president trump touring the vastation caused by california's historic and deadly wildfires. we are now learning that at least 74 peopl have been killed. 71 of those victims died in the northern part of the state. more than 1,000 others are unaccounted for. the president visitedrt two norn california towns that are nothing more than a pile of ash tonight. mr. trump flew over paradise, areas. the hardest hit he camp fire has forced 50,000 people to evacuate. >> i will say, i think you're going to have, hopefully this is goingo be the last of these, because this was a really, really bad one.
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>> the president later spoke with fema and state officials and will fly down to the los anges area next. mr. trump is also meeting with victims from this month's barho shooting inand oaks, california, where a gunman killed 12 people. thedire has forome of the shooting survivors and their families to evacuate that area. the u.s. state department disputes reports that theia s concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman gave the order to kill a sau journalist. the state department says the trump administration is still gathering information and has not made a final conclusion. hamaloggi was killed at the saudi consulate in turkey. president trump spoke on air force one withhe cia director and secretary of state mike pompeo. white house offsaials are not ng what came of those conversations. defending yourself from gunfire inside places of worship. it is aty rea that many in america now face. today in d.c., worshippers found
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out how to help victims if a gunman attas. as news 4's derek ward explains, church leaders are hoping tt theseso-called soft targets become more difficult for shooters. >> shooter comes in the room, shot people, he left. >>ereporter: like church shooter, words that would rarely be used together, have crepted into the vernacular, and sessions like this. active shooting trainer for schools, agencies and houses of worship are becoming common place. >> it's amazing that we have to do that now days. >> reporter: but in the wake of incidents like the charleston church t shooting and shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue, for the people of temple of praise church in southeast, it's prudent. >> we wanted to do this, because it was necessary for us to protect our congregants and provide protection for them, information and knowledge just in case. take the ggauze, you'reng to go like this and go inside like that.
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pack the pounwound. >> reporter: it's anor e to see that so-called soft targets are a little bit harder. that would be-victims are not so easilyed victim >> we have to do these things continuously in our communities, in our churches and schools. >> active shooter killings are a tragic, unpredictable reality and one thags becominore common. >> reporter: not the kind of thing you usually see at church, but it drives home an important message. just being prepared. derek ward, news 4. a member of a protected spee spees lands in some trouble today. the race to rescue a local bald eagle. not i everyones thrilled with amazon's sarrival, ande of those critics are making
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heard. oices marylanderps go toe to toe with one of the best college football teams iny.he co the heartbreaking finish ahead in sports. we're going to tke a l at a few changes coming up for the second half of your weekend, the second half of your weekend, and i'll even give y aou
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a bald eagle is on the mend
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after falling into a creek at a park in clarksburg day. montgomery county fire rescue tweeting out this video of that re taking place. the eagle fell into the water at little bennett regional park. animal rescue specialists were able to scoop the eagle out of the water, but a fire department spokesperson said the bird does have someie serious injurs, so, we hope to hear good news there. amazon's announcement about its new headquarters coming to crystal city came with big fanfare this week. but not everybody is welcoming its arrival. a group of virginia residents and activists spoke arlington county's board meeting today, and they're asking for more transparency about any large subsidies that are being promised to amazon. >> we have come before the brd on several occasions to express our concerns about the economic wisdom of incentive packages for large corporations and the potential negative impacts on the most vulnerable communities in our county. >> arlington residents are
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asking for an independent study onwhahq-2's impact. bc adoption day is today. d barbara sits down with an adorable little girl that's looking forward to a brand new life.> big night at the capital one arena, but not because of a hockey game o a concert. hockey game o a concert. i'm amy cho.z3 vz z16fz
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. a highly anticipated book tour is in d.c. tonight. formy first lichelle obama will speak in less than two hours at capital one arena. herbook, "becoming," was already a number one seller on amazon before its release on tuesday. news 4's amy cho is live outsida ca one arena for this highly anticipated visit. alright, y, let's talk about it, and i presume there's going to be some crowds there already. >> reporter: hey, erika. yeah, a little earlier today, we saw a number of people showing up, even though therm perce doesn't start until 8:00. lots of excitement out here. we met people who flew in from as far as atlanta tomi see elle obama tonight. we also met one --
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>> i think we've loste amy's mie th there we go. >> oh, yeah, as i wassaying, you know, a lot of people we talk to said they appreciated how open mmahelle oas in her book, talking about all the different things she's been through in her life and theai people they're looking forward to hearing more of that tonight. >> all right, amy, thank you so much. >> and the show will be starting at 8:00 p.m. >> all right, amy cho, thank you so very much. it is adoption day in the district, and right now, dozens of kids are spending the evening with their forever families. news 4's barbara harrison hosted the adoptio ceremony at d.c. superior court. in all, 27 children now have permanent homes. barbara caught up with one little girl asking her, what's so special about her new mom? >> she's an awesome lady. she's hispanic, proud latina. >> olivia is a walking
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embodiment of joy, so -- the moment i met her, i knew, she was a special person and that we're going to go on a really good journey together. >> she's so well-spoken, this little girl, my goodness. right now, the city is looking for homes for more children currently in the d.c. foster care system. i'm so glad we got to hear from her. d.c. mayor mursel bowr and her new daughter, miranda elizabeth, attending the ceremony. she adopted miranda in may. anda,ells barb she has changed her 12-hour a day schedule and is now on miranda's sked y50 schedule, that may be, miss miranda. hose cheeks. soadorable. cooler t, let's talk weather. but at least we're not talking about rain, we're not talking nott messy roads, we're talking about snow this weekend. >> yeah. it's been a beautiful saturday. >> it has. >> just a little bit of a bite
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to the now, what we are looking at for sunday is a lot like toy, b a few differences you're going to notice. i'll get to that in a moment. for now, let'ah go d and give this forecast out to the evening revelers who are going to be stepping ou take a look at the current temperatures. now, ke, 45 degrees right pretty chilly, but 39 in gaithersburg, we're at 39 in frederick, maryland, down to 43 in manassas and 44 in quantico. so, if you are headed out tonight, here's what you need to know. bundleceup. e hit the 30s, it's really cold out there. tonight, we're going to get a lot oloud coverage in the area. the clouds are going to be building as we head through the overnight hours. but notice here, we are staying dry. so. that's go just as erika said, we don't have to worry or contend with any rain or snow. going to be a dry night. planng out your sunday the major difference you're going to notice is the cloud coverage. it's going t be mostly cloudy tomorrow. today, we had brilliant sunshine. far as the temps go, it's
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going to feel very similar. k in the res will p upper 40s, around 50 degrees inside the beltway. but we do have the clouds building. so, not as much sunshine for your sunday. future see it here on cast, a lost of the clouds starting to move in closer to midnight. we get some breaks in the clouds, so by theit time we -- this is fast forwarded to 11:00 a.m. on monday, and that bring me t the next point, the rain chances, what are going to go up on monday. we should be dry sunday. not until we move to monday night where we do get chance for rain. here's a look at your rain outlook. we are going to be dry through tonight, tomorrow, monday again, night is when we are expecting the showers. my tuesday, the day before thanksgiving, we're looking dry. al travel the opt weather that we need. so, here's a sneak peek at your holiday fo. later on tonight, i'll give you a look at your black friday forecast. now, here you go. thanksgiving day, we're going to be bright, y.beautiful, su temperatures in the low to mid 40s. it is going to be coldre while yooing from house to
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house. that's what i'm going to be doing. point be co won't be cooking. >> you are a smart lady. >> your ten-day outlook, you can seehere, we do have chances for rain holding off until monday night, and theft again thanksgiving day, so, next weekend, so, i think it's a really good week overall for traveling. not just in the mid-atlantic, but also up the eastern seaboardma >> justng to see what a couple of days can do. we were talking about snow and frigid temperatures and next week, we're looking at the 50s. >> that time of the year. >> and practally into december. all right. well,thanksgiving, nbc 4 has been proudly helping people enjoy a talnksgiving and we're hoping you can give us a hand this year. jo us for our turkey and food drive. we are hoping to feed thousands of people, so, on monday, you can come out,ou can meet us and drop off can or boxed food,
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this is the xfinity sports desk. to say it's been an emotional year for maryland football would b a huge understatement. tragic death of a teammate. abuseegations and investigation. the firing of a head coach. but despite all that, the are a win away from being bowl eligible, and today, poised to pull off one of the biggest upsets of the year tagainst numberen ohio state. senior year in clege park. darnell savage jr. and the senior class being honored, but it was a freshman making the biggest impact early on. on the first drive, anthony mcfarland, 75 yards to the house. he had231 rushing yards in the first half. finished with 298. opening drive o the third quarter, terps up. dwayne haskins picked up by ravon davis. he's thinking end zone -- there
6:25 pm
you go, ddy. pick six puts maryland up by two scores. but yobuckeyes had three turnovs in this game. i urban meyer like, oh, i didn't expect it to go like this. the buckeyes would tie it up again, but jones, initiallyll down at the 1 -- was then ruled a touchdown after this review. so, the terps back up, 181 passing yards in this game. but guess at? the bucks tie it up again. so, davis gets the han--ff, fumbles but maryland jumps on the ball in the end zone for the score. that's exactly how coach matt canada had planned that. but with less than a minute to go, haskins, a one-time maryland commit, finds benjamin victor, and guess what? free football! overtime. ohio state is up first. haskins keeps it himself for the go ahead score. but maryland gets a chance to match. so, fleet davis -- does just
6:26 pm
that. terps down one, but coacha can decides to go for two, and on the conversion, jones is open, he can't hit him! that would do it, a valiant effort. maryland falls short, 52-51. >> it's been a long season. and theyy worked rea hard. they practiced really hard. they believe in each other. they leanedhe on each ot they trusted each other. n'm just -- i'm disappointed that we did win the game. because all that stuff is fine and the less son iois, i'm prou them. that's what i told them, e're really proud of them. they played really hard. >> what a game. l right, bowie state taking on west alabama in the first round of the division ii playoffs. bulldogs down by one. amir hall keeps it himself from five yards out -- he finds the end zone. after the extra point, bowie state up by six. ensuing possession for west
6:27 pm
alabama. roger richardson, he reading it. and he likes this literature. 36 yards for the pick six. bulldogs up by.wo scor that would be enough. bowie stateinit, 35-6. redskinsosting the texans tomorrow. tes native adrian peterson will be ready. the 33-year-old has carrish ington's struggling offense so far this year. in the skins sixwins, a.d. has rushed for at least 90 yards five of those times. in their three losses, he gained a combined 43 yards. after hurting his shoulder and knee in week fo, peterson is feeling healthy once again. good.m feeling you know, last week, i actually started feeling, you know, all the way heal you know, my shoulder, i'm back to being fresh. i haven't felt that in three it weeks. was a grind the first eight weeks. here now, as i stand in front,f you guys my body feeling amazing, you ow? so -- that's big, seeing that we
6:28 pm
rted the second stretch and we have a big game coming up howard football also in action this afternoon. the bison dro a heartbreaker. they finish the season at 4-6. >> all right, cary, thank you. >> ilbiter there with maryland. >> definitely was. all right, thank you so very much for joining 's the news for now. "nightly news" is coming up next and we'll see you again for news 4 at 11:00. until then, good night, everybody. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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yes for less. w tonighs it a royal hit job? the cia says saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the brutal killing of a journalist. after calling the saudi's a great ally. is presidnt trump convinced? the desperate search for more than 1,000 people still unaccounted for for california's deadliest wildfire. thousands of central american migrants arrive at the u.s. border. voters ban a controversial sport, anhat will happen to thousds of dogs now that their racing days are over. weddingfl owers and weed? how so couples are


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