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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 19, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> it is it will be a cold start to the holiday week. the good news, ough, no snow like we saw lastweek. >> we should not be having snow in the middle of november. 're going toforget that ever happened. >> just move on. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. >> we're working for you o this monday morning. skins fans, we are feeling your painer aft alex smith season ending injury. first thouno, i it's terrible, just awful to watch. but check on your forecast continues. >> melissa is keeping an eye on the roads for us. first chuck bell and that storm team 4 forecast. 42 degrees right now. >> it's not too bad. >> it is bad. >> it's colder in the summer. that's for sure. and there's w colder air coming our way for thanksgiving
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day itself. it's a chilly /cold start this morning and a fair amount of sunshine not too much of struggle today and sunglasses at least for the ride in much colder weaer settles in here for wednesday and thanksgiving day. you said it was 33 years ago to e day that he broke his leg? >> it's unbelievable for me. sad for both of them. angie is t going give us more
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details coming up in second. northbound 270 as you're approaching montrose. still have road work happening in the northbound lanes. in the southbound lanes, left side there is blocked by a sabled vehicle. we'll try to get more information on that one and southbound d.c., 295 before the beltway, left lane getting by the crash there. >> thank you. more on that breaking news in montgomery county now. police are investigating a seriousedtrian hit-and-run. angie is at the live desk with th latest. >> we want to bring you the details that we discovpled. two p have life threatening injuries. if you take a look at the maps here, montgomery county police say they responded to a single car crash only to discer that one of the okay you pants, one of the pitple there had been by the driver of another car.
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investigators say that the person that wasad hit just gotten out of their car after it crashed. was the only car involved. but police say when itirst got out, that's when they were hit by a driver of a car they believe is a dark colored ford mustang. that car took off in the direction ofhe gaburg. so a lot of details at this point but nicole jacobs is give us the scene to more details. so keep us posted. >> it's the latest in washington redskins on going saga. >> the team's quarterback is out for the rest of the season. alex smith broke two bones in his leg after a third-quarter sack in yesterday's loss against the texans. two texans players fell on his leg after the play. one of whom was the nearly 300 pound j.j.watt. smith was carted off, dreams of leading the team into the playoff seem to thvanish. e team now has to rely on ct
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mccoy. coach jay gruden says he wishes this under different circumstances, but says that colt was up for the job. >> i'm a believer in colt mccoy and his ability to play football in the national football league. this is anortunity of a lifetime for him. i know he would l ie itn different circumstances.s but t happen for a reason and it's an opportunity for colt and i think he'll take advanta of >> the skins are still number one in the division. they have another huge game coming up this week. they take on theys cow on thanksgiving day. we'll have continuing coverage on the skins and alex smith's injury throughout the morning. chris lawrence is live with how fans are reacting this hour. the ri circumstances surrounding the fact that his leg was inj on the same day 33 years ago. >> the sheriff's office is suspecti searching for a suspected killer. this man shot and killed someone at the exxon on warrenton road
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yesterday morning. the sheriff's office says the gunman took off in a black nissan. >> today the m accused of murdering three people during an argument at a reatauranty two years ago will learn his fate. authorities say karlief moye worked at the blue sunday bar and grill in bowie. as upset about his pay and fought with three people inside the managers office. he left and then retned with a gun, shot the three men, and again.he money and left as officers tried to arrest him, he shot himself twice but recovered. he faces three life sentences. >> it's now 4:35. this next story is a tragic reminder, never drink or drive or ride with someone that may be impaired. a woman is killed in a crash in woodbridge and police say she was riding with a drunk the accident happened on dale boulevard yesterday. the mini-cooper was mangled. police william county police say
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slammed int the back of a tractor-trailer that was parked on the shoulder without lights or signals. the passenger in the car died at the scene. neither driver was injured. gonzalez was charged with drunk driving. the driver of the tractor-trailer was cited for failing to use emergency ewuipment. >> we're learning details in a terrible crash in pennsylvania. the bride-to-be was killed in this crash on i-78 thisweekend. she was a george washington university graduate. ire and her fiancee were on their way to t wedding in pittsburgh when a tractor-ailer plowed int their car. it pushed their car into another fire.sparking a they were both killed. three other people were hurt. >> it is 4:36 now. we start t your other stories, the latest on the campfire in northern california. it's now killed at least 77
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people. president trump visited california this weekend to survey the damagen paradise. officials say about 1,000 people are still missing. >> the family of a 6-year-old girl shot and critically hurt at mgm national harbor is planning to sue. she was electrocuted in june when she grabbed an tdoor hand rail at the hotel. an investigation into the incident found important were cut during instruction including improper electrical wiring. the hotel said it will respond to a lawsuit in court. >> president trump is not saying what he will do if saudi arabia's crowned prince lied to him about the death of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. he denied ave invnt but the cia concluded that the nce himself ordered the killing. we'll have more on the president's comments coming up in a leport from tracie potts. >> coming up, it's a picassois masterpieceng for years. now a woman says she tracked it
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down in a bizarre hiding spot. >> ps from d.c. to baltimore in 15 minutes. the new details on the high speed train that's
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>> that startedescue operations that lasted two days before she was reunited with her owner. look how happy she in new jersey, firefighters were worried that a wall of an old building above that hole would o llapse. crews began digging again yesterday. and look, they're finally able to free her. glad that d a happy ending. >> a stolen picasso painting may
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have turpd in an unlikely played. buried in eastern europe. >> the 1971 painting snatched from a museum in the netherlands in 2012 along with six other mast masterpieces, a fiction writer found it based on an anonymous tip. some alrdy raised skepticism. she is a fiction writer. >> i'm going to start digging in rock creek park and i'm going to find my picasso. >> you're going to get arrested digging in roc creek park. >> by the looks of that picture, one of your ks could paint it. >> i'm just teasing, picasso fans, don't harass me. gilda available for adoption. she would make a lovely companion on thanksgiving.
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a cold start this morning. clouds thickening up by eveng clouds thickening up by eveng ti
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>> the cia proved that saudi arabia's crowned prince ordered the killing. >> why would this create diplomatic problem for the president? >> the president looks to reserve o relationship with the saudis as allies. pointing the finger could cause ripples there. lawmakers are ready to break ties with saudi arabia if the cia has found. one source telling us the cia says it was the crowned prince that order this hit. others saying that there's no smoking gun here. so we'll wait to see what happens. the president says he expects a full report sometime today or tomorrow. >> andac president trump
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says he would turnover the written answersopecial counsel robert mueller's questions before thanksgiving. >> the president said over the weekend in an interview it wasn't a bigeal. he dictated the answers but will not be doing a sit down interview. >> thank you. >> 4:47 now and the man that shot president reagan in an assassination attempt more than 30 years ago will have are bit mo freedom. on friday, a judge loosened the restrictionsn john hinckley. two years ago it was agreed to let him live with his mother n he allowed to live alone and drive up to 75 miles independently and make fewervi sits to his doctors in d.c. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting in 1981.
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>> here at the live desk with breaking news to report. they're urging tenomnities in guatemala to evacuate due to volcano fire. the volcano fire is one of the st active in central america. an eruption from the same volcano in june killed 194 people. >> thank you. the temple with it's architecture is among the mosti recole building in the d.c. area but a planned construction project behind the building has some residents saying not in our backyard. homeowners protested behind the building. they say the proposeduxury high-rise apartments will overwhelm the nehborhood. >> the train from d.c. that could have you in baltimore in 15 minutess one step closer to
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reality. the mt. vernon square has been chosen aor the spot f the d.c. stop. maglev trains can stop speeds of 300 miles per hour and lelevita. it could begin as soon as 2020 and begin operating by 2027 according to the washington post. >> right now two turkeys, and i'm not talking about chuck and aaron, are awaiting their big day. the pardoning from the president. the treatment they get later this morning, they will announce the names of the turkeys and the white house will let everyone pick which turkey will serve as the national thanksgiving turkey. tada. >> we'reoting on which one to -- >> i know. >> nice way to put that. no,no, they both have the special day in the hotel. they're treated to this special food and then they go a live on turkey farm. >> both of them.
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>> yes. >> that's what they say anyway. for the children. so we don'tll believe the be on somebody's thanksgiving table. right chuck. >> but their cousins will be. 4:50 right now. >> we don't like to talk about those things. >> well, mean, at the end of the day, it's a good bird. >> right. >> mostly clear outside this morning. will be more clouds coming in later on in the day today. you could probably get away -- you don't have your umbrella at home, if you left it at work on friday, you can get away without it for much of the day today. our tiny rain chance comes in well after the sun goes down this evening. it's a chilly start. inleesburg. 34 in charlestown west virginia. also smpe ature, 34 in warrenton. as you're planning out your day today, a fair amount of sunshine here this morning. we actually may be above average today. that's nice.
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this will be the first time we have been colder than average the last ten days in a row. so 57 today, that' bonus material right now. clouds on the increase and any chance for aworop or of rain doesn't really arrive until after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. there it is, a moisturrv s cool front well to our north. it's just inching it's way in our general direction. so it's in no parti lar hurry to get here and the air mass overhead is relatively dry. so you'd have s somecess eating up any real chance for rain drops, so anything we get this evening won't add up to much. 12:30 noontime today. cloudsic ning. not much of a rain chance during the daylight hours today. a few sprinkles possible, especially up across parts of northern maryland. here's your ten-day forecast. not bad today.te bl as the colder air masses move in. fanksgiving will be cold this year. a high on thanksgiving day, down into the mid 20s by early friday rning. next chances for serious amounts
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of rain comes up late saturday and sunday for evedy trying to get back home from thanksgiving. good morning,melissa. >> good morning, mr. bell. still have this problem, muncaster road shutdown between echdale and rock creek park road. we'll have a crew out there here in just ami te. northbound 270, still have some road work happening as you're approaching montrose road this morning. southbound 295, just got off the phone with poli. they sayhat has cleared. one left lane blocked by the crash. that's now open. inner loop and outerloop, no major issues.
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>> exandria families held a march through old town er yesty. they wanted to raise awareness for pedestrian and cyclist safety. among those in the crowd,ateople ost family members in crashes or survived crashes themselves. >> i didn't know if i would be able to work or walk.n' doctors cou tell me. and i thought i wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy, and som had to be done. >> the group is based in alexandria but advocates for fety in the d.c. area. >> it's 4:53. we're always working for you. a story about a local business accused of deceiving seniors out of thousands of dollars. now more accusations and outrage. susan is working on the story you'll only see on news 4. >> we first told you about this
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about two years agth owner was accused of taking thousands of dollars from senioric for m equipment like stair lifts and wheelchair ramps but never delivering them. we decided to bring these people together. mission. on a they want to make sure that other families don't ever have to deal with the frustration they went through. >> it's almost chill think about it. the way he could tell lies. conscience. >> but all of these complaints may have finallyit caught up the owner. tomorrow on news 4 at 5:00, see what our investigati uncovered. back to you. >> all right. so the cleveland browns are bad. is that okay ty? >> sure. >> sorry browns fans. >> but are they so bad that they need former national security?
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>> the cleveland browns are denying that former secretary of state condeleeza ric was a candidate for their new head coach. the browns say she is not being considered. she is a lifelong browns fan. she tweeted she i not ready to coach but wishes the eague would consider more women in coaching roles. >> a crazy end to h aigh school football game. gonzaga beadematha 46-47 for the wcac title. this is huge. nzaga fans celebrated to hard the fence broke in the student section of the stands. look at this. everyone was okay. but what a wild and memorable
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night. s ky diver got caught in e fencing. the windy conditions didn't keep the sky divers from jumping out of the plane, but they were stro enough to blow them far away from their landing spot. and everybody is okay. >> black frida is still a few days away but who wants to wait that long to go tishopping. >>ll ahead, the best deals that you c find right now. plus a major blow to the redskins seasonnd potentially the career of quarterback alex smith. looking at that devastating sunday injury and hearing from the fans. news 4 today will be right back.
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>> first chuck bell and storm team e4. >> i h good news for holiday travellers. no big storms coming our way for the first part of the week. if this is w yourk to sneak out of town and go see the relatives, g tdveling weather between now and the thanksgiving holidays.
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all is quite. 40 degrees in washington. sun is up to 6:55 this morning. mostly in the 30s. we'll make tour our day in more than a maweek. e a sprinkle or two this evening. and it's looking very cold here on thanksginng. aftern highs barely in the low to mid 30s. >> that outside football we always try to do that might not happen on thanksgiving this year. derwood, muncaster road here. all lanes blocked. pedestrian crash investigation. we'll have a live report coming up in just


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