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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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32 in leesburg now. 33 in the mt. vernon section of fairfax county. so your school day forecast, th kids is one of the great weeks you probably have two or .hree days of school this we today, cold at the bus stop this morning, but outdoor recess and afternoon play time today. a shedable layer. winter coat here this morning with temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. won't be that bad d of a to spend time-outside. but thanksgiving is looking much, much colder. >> taking a look at the beltway, falls church, now one lane blocked by the work zone. the rest of the belt way looks good. a little bit slow and crash and response there on the screen.
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a crash and northbod branch avenue before allentown road. an accident there as well. to the north there, everything looking good. >> it's 6:01. breaking news in montgomery county, police say a crash that left two people seriously injuredas not a hit-and-run as they originally stated. the crash happened on lan kcast road last night. a chevy crashed and slipped on its roof. one person was thrown from the car. two people were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. another devastating blow for the redskins. alex smith is out for the brseason. >> he two bones in his
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legs against the houston texans. more on how they're reacting to this devastating loss. justo tough. >> they're shaking their head. there's somethingurreal about a man that goes to work doing what he does week in and week out and then it's over. just like that. the skins were already down 27-7 when he went down with his injury. when a man that fast brings all 285 pounds o crashing down you, it'sg. devastatin nfl players talk a lotbout brotherhood but they show it best in moments like these. the redskins, they fought back and lost a close one and now fans have to put their faith in back u colt mcc.
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i feel for alex smith injury but colt mccoy has the ability to do what he needs to do. >> they bring s many quarterbacks in and don't give him a chance. give him a chance. i think he should deserve a chance. >> we, they got no choice now. joe theismannas in the building. he had a hard time watching what happened. he later teted alex's leg was exactly like mine 33 years ago. comes a long way. rehab that injury and get back out on the field.
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>> deputies found theictim ar the gas pump. the sheriff's officeays the gunman took off in a black nissan. >> the family of a 6-year-old girl who was shocked and critically hurt at mgm national nnrbor is pg to sue. she was electrocuted in june when she grabbed an outdoor hand rail at the hotel. she's been in the hospital ever since. an investigation into that incident found important corners were cut during construction including improper electrical wiring. he mgm said findings show the high standards were not upheld which is very disturbing. the hotel also said it will ewspond to the lawsuit in court. >> breaking this morning, the death toll from the campfire is rising. >> it's now killed at least 77
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people. president trump visited california this weekend and took a look at all the damage in parase. it's actually down about 300 on the list. trump spoke to reports about what he saw. w >> i with the president of finland and he said we have much different -- he called it forrecitatifo forestati trestation. any spent a lot of time on it and they don't have any problem. it's a very small problem. >> it destroyed more than 10,000 homes. on tha same day, the deadly woolsey fire also started outside of l.a. it's now 90% d.contai that brings the statewide death
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toll to op. >> devg this morning, president trump facing a diplomatic dilemma. saudi arabia's crowned prince ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. he repeatedly told the president he was not involved. in an interview that aired yesterday on fox news, the president was slow to place blame on the crowned prince. >> did he lie to you, sir? >> i don't know. who can really know. he has many people now that say he h no knowledge. >> that same -- in that same interview, president tru slammed the retired admiral that is the navy s.e.a.l. that the 2011 raid that killed bin laden. his attack on the press may be the greatest threat to democracy lifetime. >> he's a hilry clinton backer and an obama backer and frankly -- >> he's a navy s.e.a.l.
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>> it would have been nice if had gotten bin laden sooner than that. >> the president did not explain lhow binen could have been captured sooner. yesterday he told cnn he did not support hillary clinton in the election. he said he is a fan of former esidents george w. bush and barrack obama and all presidents that uphold the dilg agnity of office. >> it's 6:07. in january, floridaill have a new u.s. senator. the recount confirmed republican governor rick scott won the senate seat ove democratic incumbent senator bill nelson. the race was very close. in the end scott w by a little more than 10,000 votes. bill nelsonis talked about hopes for the future. >> we have to move beyond a politicsothat aims just to defeat, but to destroy. where tth is treated as
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disposable. where fsehoods abound and that the free press is assaulted as the enemy of the people. >> today the colorado father accused of killing his wife and children will be sentenced. >> he faced three lifeerms in prison. he avoided the death penalty by ng guilty to killing his pregnant wife shannon and their two young daughter authorities aren't sure why he killed his family but there's several reports of infidelity. he changed his story about what happened several times. at one point claiming his wife killed the children. >> 8 minutes after 6:00 the holidays will arrive here in d.c. today. the frazier fur from the tree farm at the mountains of north carolina.
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>> love a frazier. >> still ahead, ready, t, shop. >> if you can't wait we're here deals youth the should check out this week. >> temperatures mostly in the 30s to rightround 40degrees. your commute to and from work today will be nunimpeded by r drops. that's good news. tracking a chance for a few showers this weekend. more about that and the rest of the forecast coming up. >> i'm at the distribution center live this morning where your food for families donations your food for families donations are going to help those in
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family in helping local families in need this thanksgiving. >> we have been able to help families in our food 4 families campaign. >> she is live in d.c. to get this drive off to a good start. >> i look forward to this every year. this is onef the reasons. the chance to put dinner on the amily of thousands of needy families in the washington area. we have done it before. we'll do it again all day today. we're collecting food for families. i want to show you an empty bin. right now there's few items that have been donated so i wanted to start the giving off but we want to fill that up to overflowing before the day is ier. our goal to feed 4,000
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families. and our monetary goal is $80,000. we'll buy turke and a to all the fixings and box it all up and ship it outil to fs around the region. so we know that we can count on you because we haven counted you so many times before and the giving has already started . online $20 will feed an entire family. we hope that you will giv and i want to talk with one of our partners. he's with radio e. have a lot of help down here and you have been here for so many years to help us out. >> why is it so important to you? >> i thanksgivin the time for giving and giving back, and this is a great opportunity for us to give back to the city as a whole. >> thanksgiving is suchl a spec time.
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and the people that get the baskets are so grateful. >> they are and right now we need to make sure that you come down her and give whatou can. it doesn't matter. $5, $20. it needs to happen. >> well said, thank you so much. th heavy lifting happens in northwest d.c. >> good morning toyou. that's right. the food donations come right here to the boys and girls club here on benning road. this is where it will be distributed. we have canned food as far as the eye can see. green beans re. cranberry sauce right here and this is a well organized effort to be able to feed as many families asss pole, more than 4,000. i bnt tong in the project coordinator who can talk. you just had a pick up, oneni
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ortion, one of the 84 to pick up some turkeys and gravys and all the fixings, right? >> that's right. they were here bright andarly this morning. they were our first distribution pick up this morning. i want to talk quickly about the volunteers and the people that are dedicated tohi making happen year after year. you know these folks and their stories. it's amazing. we have retired d.c. police officers and other members of the commuty and then aot of the organizations themselves that are receiving the meals unve vered to help. so a group of volunteers came in at 5:30 thi morning and they'll finish their shift for 1lunteering at 9:00 a.m. and take their meals aside and start distributing to their families in need this morning. >> we're not going to stopcaou e the packing continues. this is a bigfft to be able to serve the families in need this thanksgiving. that's the latest.
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i'll send it back to pat lawson right down there at capital one arena where we're taking the donations, pat. >> that's right. you don't even have to get out of the car. drive up and open the window or pop the trunk and we have volunteers that can take your donation. you can als donate by check or cash or donate online with your uredit or debit card. it's s and it's tax deductible. we know that we can count on so many here in th washington area. as we speak, this is what happens, people drive up and they're ready to drop off what they brought. we're going to unload the car and we'll be here to take your donations as well. let's make it a happy
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thanksgiving. back to you. >> thank you so much. thanks in advance to everyone that comes to donate today.y >> it's v chilly indeed. i'll be dropping off our donation to the food for families around 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. maybe you can see me making our donation. >> right now a dry start. a pretty quite weather week all the way around. everybody carrying 20 to 25 inca fall surpluses today. here's the big picture. no big storms anywhere. but that's good news for everyone traveling for
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thanksgiving. most of this moisture and t little chance forinr weather near columbus iowa will stay north of us. we will be mostly cloudy by 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. you can get a sense here that our forecast model doesn't think too much of the rn drops here into the d.c. metro area. so a 30 to 40% chance of a couple of sprinkles around. afternoon high today, not so bad. 57. 53 tomorrow but a gusty .rthwest wind tomorr that's the leading edge of cooler air that will keep us very cold the coldest day of the week i thanksgiving day. >> wear the mittens as you're going out to the turkey bowl as we do in my family. fairfax, eastbound 50, v fire, we have the roads shutdown
6:20 am
there at this moment. so that is a big problem inbound 9ere on 50. northbound at dale city, looks like we're moving better than we were a short tim ago. we had that lane blocked for the cras this is better though. right side is blocked by a crash there. silver spring now. bel pre road. the crash reportedakndg a look here at other problems. and northbound ranch avenue before allentown road. u. thank 6:20 our time now, it's become almost as big as thanksgiving we're talking about black friday. >> if you don't want to wait until friday, wie have the stor for you. we're breaking down the bestde s you can find this week. >> later on ellen. >> say something that we all know. >> i just feel a bit exposed. >> what if we have the backstreet boys behind you?
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>> emily blunt b stops and does a little duet with the back street boys apparently. if you want to know what they sing, youave to check out the show. ellen airs at 3:00 and thenun stick a for news 4 at 4:00. >> i hope it's i want it that y. we'll bewa r
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he's wearing some sunglasse and ear buds while taking a selfie, of course. the cover alsohe includes phrase, forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway. that seems to have struck a nerve with millennials that called itondescending and out of touch. the game is already out of stock and used versions are selling online for triple the price. somebody wants it. >> all right. the countdown is startinger are four days to go until black friday. >> this holiday shopping season is expecd to be the biggest ever topping $720 billion. susan isor working f you with tips to help you take advantage of the best deals this week. >> so we are expected to spend on average about $1,000 this holiday season. so we are here to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. ready, set, save.
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>> target's black friday adays all. but you don't have to wait until the day after thanksgiving to find good deals. >> you can en snatch upome of the deals right now before up. oliday weekend comes >> so how do you know if you're ly getting a good price? the national retail federation says do your research now ande head to store before thursday to see thetems in person. >> really make sure that it's what you want. chec out all the features that u can compare when you're looking at different devices. >> and while tho door buster deals can be appealing, don't plan your shopping around them as they sell out fast. instead look for retailers offering in stockte guar >> so what should you skip on black friday? well, toys are typically cheaper in mid december and you'll find better deals onlothes and kitchen appliances in january.
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>> all week long news 4 is help rg you getdy for the holidays. we're staying on top of black friday shopping. wee looking at what the big ticket items will be this year. that's tomorrow on news 4 today. >> it's 6:26 and coming up, masterpiece mystery. a picasso painting stolen years ago potentially found. where it was allegedlydd . >> and coach condoleeza. from secretary ofte sta, to the sideline of the football field. the rumor swirling about a possible new gig as an nfl head coach. >> all of this talk of black friday for shoppers, if you're going out early on friday morning, bundle it. going to be cold, cold, cold. tiiday afternoon will recover a bit but awfully chilly. i have your who ten-day i have your who ten-day lefo
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>> we are working for you on this monday morning. we hope you'll help us on our annual food for families drive. 'lr colleagues from telemundo as well. l check in with pat in a coup of minutes here. >> skins fans, we are feeling your pain after alex smith's season ending injury. it was so tough to watch. we'll have much more on what's next for him and the team as we look ahead to the match up against dallas for thanksgiving. weheant to on your forecast and comm se. >> we'lltart with chuck bell and that snowless forecast. >> yeah. no snow in the forecast for this week. bo imagine if we had that little snow problem around here
6:31 am
with peoe traveling fhe holidays. not everyone is going to get rained on and even the folks that do get it, literally a few drops. mid 30s in e suburbs to around 40 degrees downtown. dog walking forecast time. gilda is available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. a good dog walking companion for you. cold this morning. perfect midday weather for walking. a few sprinkles around here after 8:00 or 9:00. more about that and the thanksgiving forecast coming up, melissa. >> taking a look at the roads. rfairfax, 50 n main street. astbound 66 at sudley, brand new crash and take a look at the delays. they started to build pretty quickly here. in the district, 295, southbound before pennsylvania avenue. right side is blocked by a
6:32 am
slow in the normal spots. inner loop across e woodrow wilson bridge. silver springs bell pre road and tw other things happened in maryland. new carrollton westbound good luck. reing news in montgomery mur road is back open after a bad crash there. >> more on the crash police originally thought was a hit-and-run. >> it's now cleared after investigators completely estigation but i i want to get you to video showing you investigators here on the scene trying to piece everything together. this may not have been a hit-and-run crash, but rather a single car crash. it resulte in a chevrolet
6:33 am
flipping on its roof.up one of the ots was ejected from the car. a witness saw the crash happened and also saw a mustang in the area but at this point, montgomery county police have na evidenceoever of this being a hit-and-run crash. the two individuals from that sh f row l vehicle were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. one of them, we're told, critical. >> well, this is a tragic reminder to never drink or drive or ride wth someone t may be impaired. a woman was killed in a crash ie woodbrnd police say she was riding with a drunk driver. this is thehi mak memorial left behind where the accident happened. take a look at the aftermath here. the mini cooper is mangled.
6:34 am
antonio gonzalez slammed into the back of the that was parked on the shoulder without lights or hazard signals. she was a passenger in the car and died at the scene. neither driver was injured. gonzalez was charged with drunk driving. the driver of ther- tracailer was cited for failing to use emergency equipment. >> we are learning new tetails crash that killed a drive to be in pennsylvania. washingtoneorge university graduate on her way to her wedding in pittsburgh. she and her fiancee weren the car when the tractor-trailerd slamnto their car. the couple was killed. three other people were hurt. >> tay the man accused of murdering three people after an argument at a bowie restaurant willearn hisfate. authorities say he worked at the blue sundayllar and g in bowie. in january of 2017 he was
6:35 am
about his pay and fought with three people inside the managers police say he left and then returned with a gun and shot the three men, took the money and left again. the officers tried to arrest him. he shot himself twice but recovered. he faces three life sentences. >> the campfire in northern california now killed at least 77 idople. prest trump visited the california destruction this weekend to survey t damage in paradise. officials say around 1,000 people are still missing. >> the family of a 6-year-old girl shocked and kriicriticallyt at the mgm national harbor is planning to sue. sheas electrocuted in june when she grabbed an outdoor hane rail at hotel. important corners were cut during construction including improper electrocal wiring. >> this morning, skins fans are
6:36 am
trying to shake the image of quarterback alex smithso sean ending injury. he broke two bones in his leg. back up quarterback colt mccoy is taking overn the field. coming up at 6:45, chris lawrence is catching up with fans to hear theirxpectations this we's game against the cowboys. a cra end to a championship high school football game. >> to make a long story ra toe, gonzaga won 46-42 for the title. fans cebrated sohard, a fence actually broke in the student section of the stands. tyou'll see t in a second. we undstand everybody is okay here but jt a wild, memorable night. obviously, good reason to be excited. g congratulations to them. >> this is a storied a huge win.
6:37 am
it's now 6:36. >> we're headi back to th capital one arena where our food for families drive is underway. >> pat lawson muse is leading the charge. good morning. >> good morning, i have here in my hands cut green beans and stuffing as our first $20 . donati we are collecting food for nohable foods all day. and donations. $80,000 is what we need. therest so many ways to donate, od, cash, check. we're here all day long. make it a happy thanksgiving for thousands of needy families for thanksgiving. hopewe green book is the one movie ross the country. awards he's only the greatest piano player in the world.
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>> a fiction writer living in the netherlands said she found it bas on an anonymous tip. experts studied the t drawi determine whether it's real. >> if you see me in rock creek park digging around, i'm trying to find masterpiece. >> good luck with that. >> good news for people that suffer fro peanut allergies. >> they say giving small amounts ofeanut powder every day can desensitize them tiover. they may not have a severe reaction if they eat or are om exposed tohing with peanuts. they're expected to approve the treatmenthex year. now here's your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning. good news for drivers as they hit the road for this thanksgiving holiday, prices at the pum coming down.
6:42 am
the latest data shows the average price of regular unleaded dropped 12 cents over the last two weeks. $2.72 a gallon. it's $2.47 in maryland and $2.39 in virginia. falling oil prices are the main reason the decline. with your cnbc morng business report, i'm frank holland. >> rain chances this week are delig delightfully low. you can take you chances other an the evening drops. an the evening drops. dry weather for most of the
6:43 am
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>> your time is 6:45. from the death investigation surrounding the saudi journalist to white house staff replacement, president trump addressed itigll last on fox news. >> kristen is live outside the white house this morning. who stood out you in the interview?
6:46 am
>> good morning. a lot stood out from this interview. in an interview with fox news on sunday, o of the b headlines, mr. trump saying he would not aoverruleing attorney general matthew whitaker if he should decide to curtail robert mueller's probe into russian meddling.e resident is insisting he was aware of the past statements by alwhitaker. saying last week he completed written answers to questions submitted by the special counsel. now sources tell n bc news he's expected to submit them by thanksgiving. and the president wasressed after several news outlets including nbc news reported that the cia reported that the saudi crowned prince ordered the
6:47 am
killing of jam khashoggi. the crowned prince denied involvement. the president says he knows that the crowned prince told him maybe fiv times that he had nothing to do with the killing and there's many people now that say he has noknowledge. >> president trump saying there could be a few more on the n. horizo we'll have much more coming up in a few minutes on the "today" show. >> thanks. happening now, the stafford county sheriff's office is searching for auspected killer. take a look at this picture here. the sheriff's office saysn this hot and killed someone at the exxon on warrentonye road erday morning. deputies found the victim near the gas pump. the sherifs office say the gunman took off in a black . niss >> 6:47 now, another chaer in e washington redskins on going saga.
6:48 am
the team's latest quarterback is out for the rest of theon seas. >> alex smith broke two bones in his leg after a third quarter stackern yey's loss against the houston texans. two pretty big texans players fell on his leg after the play. one of whom was the nearly 300 pound j.j.watt. it's just tough to watch. so painful. theas team now to rely on colt mccoy. >> chris lawrence is l for us this morning with more reaction to this eloss. >> s folks couldn't even watch. they were covering their eyes like eris. s something surreal about a man that goes the work, doing what he does week in and week out and then all of a sudden it's over just like that. after smith went down, he did well all things considered. redskins fans are waking u to the fact that they have a new quarterba
6:49 am
quarterback. >> i have confidence and i'm a firm believer in his ability to play quarterback ithe national football league. i know the league would like it in different circumstances but, things happen for a reason and this is an opportunity for colt and ie think he'll t advantage of it. >> got no choice now. joe theisman tweetedut alex's leg is just like mine 33 years ago. he never played again after that injury. we'll see i ale smith can come back. back to you. >> chris lawrence for thank you. >> the cleveland browns deny reports that former secretary of state condeleeza rice was a
6:50 am
candidate f their next head coach. the browns say she's not being tnsidered. evugh she is a life-long browns fan, she tweeted she is not ready to coach. she does wish the league would consider more women in coaching roles. rice would have been the first woman to interview for an nfl headoaching job. >> 6:50. we want to turn back to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and your monday morning forecast. >> it's finally time to break a steak we h had going here. we have been colder than average the last ten days in a w. that's the longest stretch of colder than average weather sie march when we had a long stretch there. only one day was average. the rest were all below. right now is a chilly start. 42 at national airport but once you're away from the city it's colder. very quite weather across most of the s. this week. good news for holiday travellers. no major storms to interrupt ur holiday travel. there's a weather front to our north. most of the moisturessociated
6:51 am
with it will stay north of the i mason line but there could be a stray sprinkle or two. 30s in the suburbs to 40 degrees in town clouds thickening up later in the day. 30, maybe 40% chance of a few vening and ing the then tomorrow, after a cloudy start, we get back to sunshine tomorrow. blustery and chillier tomorrow with the northwest winds coming in you can always use your nbc washington app to stay ahead of the forecast and h oe all your travel weather on there as well. early look at thanksgiving, tt's goinbe cold, cold, cold for thanksgiving. daytime highs in the mid 30s and black friday morning for shoppers, that's going to be a chilly one too. your whole ten-day forecast, 57 today, 53 tomorrow, 48 on wednesday, a cold 35 degrees high temperature on thanksgiving and monsoonal weather by saturday evening and sunday. let's go over to first 4 traffic now. >> thank you, chuck.
6:52 am
taking a look at the roads here. southbound new hampshire avenue just after the beltway. we hde the r shutdown now. brand new problems. so you can see the delays in the distance. just south of the beltway, the southbound lanes are closed right now. we'll get you an update as soon as we have one. fairf fairfax, 50 near main street. both ways. eastbound 66, we have a crash there. oxon hill, two left lanes are blocked because of abl di vehicle this morning and your travel time staying in maryland, 270 looking okay right now. top of the beltway, typical slow downs going 22 miles per hour. inbound on 66 and inbound on 95 ia.virg not terrible, 36 miles per hour, remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car, aaron. or thank you. fore than three decadesnbc
6:53 am
4 has proudly been helping families enjoy anksgiving. >> thanks to your generosity through our annual food fordr families e. we have team coverage of this very exciting and important day. mollette is live at abu diston center, but we begin with pat lawson-muse who is live at capital one arena where you can drop off donations. >> they have done it. we have donations. also close to $1,000 in ch donations made online since 5:30 this morning. so people are giving. it's a huge effort. it takes a lot of help. a lot of partners. one of them is magic 102.3. you have been with us for years. >> we will always be with you. we have our whole family with us, we know how important ts is. not everybody has a chance to put together a good holiday dinner and we want to do what we can to make that s happen we're
6:54 am
asking everyone if you're in the vicinity please come out and join g. br what you can. give a piece of your hearthe holiday, canned goods, boxed goods, cash, come on d n and help us support nbc 4. >> thank you, madeline. it takes a lot of help. there's 85 organizations, churches, nagogues, community centers, social service agencies and non-profits that help us get the food to th families. molette is at the distribution center in northeast. >> good morning. this is where all the food ends up. and those organizations pick it up from the boys and girls club. check out the food we have here. the goal is to serve more than 4,000 families this year. i want to talk to the volakteers that all of this happen. one of them with me this rning, mrs.andra baker. why do you do this? >> we have been blessed to be
6:55 am
recipients of food for families and we feel that it's real important for us, every church to give back and to says tha as we receive the blessing of being able to help other families. >> all right. saw some of the turkeys loaded up for the manna organization. they picked up about an hour ago. it's so exciting to be right in the middle of this amazing effort to serve families this holiday. that's the latest live fromhe boys and girls club and this distribution center. back to you. >> we need non-perishable foods, canned vegetables, fruits, boxed mac and chrise, ce, potatoes, d stuffing of course. all of that will be paired with the turkeys and boxed up and sent to the families. a $20n donat will feed an entire family. veterans, senior citizens, the
6:56 am
disabled and others in need. go online, if you can't make it here to donate cash, check. go online to nbc and make your credit card or debit card donation there and help us collect food for families. >> we always see people come and show their generosity. pat we thank you as well for heading the charge. >> thanks, pat. >> it is 6:56. here are four things to know. back open after a bad crash last night. a chevy cobalt slipped on its roof there. two people were t rushedthe hospital with serious injuries. >> president trump is not saying what he will do if saudi arabia's crowned prince lied to him abo the death of jamal khashoggi. the cia concluded therowned prince himself ordered the killing. more coming up on the "today" show. >> the i campfir northern california killed at least 77 people. president trump surveye the wildfire damage over the
6:57 am
weekend. about 1,000 people are still missing. >> skins fans are hoping with quarterback alexsmith's season ending injury, he broke two bones in his leg after yesterday's loss to the texans. colt mccoy will start against the cowboys on thanksgiving day. >> your ay t get the week start today. blustery tomorrow. very cold for thanksgiving and the day after. our next best chance for rain saturday and sunday as everyone is trying to gethome. >> all right, chuck. thanks. that is the news for today. >> the "today" show is next, don't forget to donate to our ilod for fs drive. ilod for fs drive. we'll be at
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> good ding off. president trp taking on his critics in a new interview, suggesting he won't sit down er with robmueller. and sayi this after the general of the capture of osama bin laden questioned his leadership. >> it would be nice if we got osama bin laden a losooner an that. ntuldn't that have been nice? >> and the presiives himself high marks. >> i would give myself an a-plus. is that enough? can i go higher than that? >> the latest from washington, just ahead.sp ate search. nearly 1,000 people still missg in california. the death toll rises overnight.n could a break he weather make the difference this week?er we're the, live. all things thanksgiving. with a record number of traveler


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