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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the what could be one o coldest thanksgivings this years in the dmv. doug kammerer will lead our coverage in a couple minutes. but first, effective, shoddy and reckless, those are words ed in a lawsuit filed today by the family of a young girl who was shocked by a handrail at the mgm national harbor.>> zynae green was electrocuted in june when she grab bed the ra -- grabbed the railing. she hasn been i i tnjuries and will require permanent long te care for the rest of her life. an investigation found important corners were cut during construction of that area incling improperlectrical wiring. mgm called the findings disturbing. tracee wilkins will dig deeper into the lawsuit ahead. a definitevedevastatitevede
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injury for the quarterback. >> you had to see the iy are he dallas with colt mccoy. >> but it was somber sunday as alth suffered a broken nasty br. >> and smith is fout for the se, but a critical game coming up thursday. shaerry burris is joining usli . what is the update from out there today? >> reporter: leathere is ftill lot tball left to play and this is meaningful football, four of the six that they have left this season igast a division opponent. and as we learned last night, it will be without alex smith. so just in the last hour, head coach jay gruden up at thisli podium t us that alex smith's surgery on that right leg w well and he is expected to make a full full recovery int six to eight months. but as you said it, a
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devastating injury as the redskins currently a playoff p team haveossibly the biggest game of the season in three days against the rival cowboys. colt mccoy takes over at starting quarterback, he has been a starter before. and he has won in dallas before. the team alr rallying behind thr new starter as coach grudeny says t continue to accept smith's injury. >> wre all sick and heart broken over alex, no doubt about it. such a great leader and teammate and a joy toh. co but when something like this happen you have to moveon. on.we are going to move and colt is going to do just fine. i know the players will respond to him ae still have a chunk of our season left, lot to play for. we are first place in our division still. we have big ge thursday, big monday night football and a l of key match-ups. but it starts thursday afternoon agnst dallas turkey day and i know everybody is geeked up and ready to go.
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>> reporter: also he told us that they signed mark sanchez as the backup quarterback. but i got to tell you, in that locker room, a much different el today compared to yesterday with that injury. coming up at 5:00, one who also suffered a similar season ending injury talks about the impact of what alex smits jury could have moving forward. back to you. >> and in a weird way, this may be the thing that they need because they canha focus on instead of focusing on the horrible thing that happened yesterday. >> thanks. and also right now, firefighters in northern ealifornia, they are bracing for rain. et weather good for the fire. it is forecastedn both the southern and northern parts of the state. again, good news for those battling t deadly wildfires. but as we saw in santa barbara earlier this year, can be dangerous because they can cause
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mudslides and tha will make it more difficult as re could ykco crews search for 1,000 still missing. 80 are confirmed dead, most from the camp fire to the north. and in theou, the woolsey fire. it could be fully contained by thanksgiving. and daes d.c. amal control investigating a pitbull attack on h street earlier this morning. police responded to the scene and theyctually had to tase the dog twice before it ran off into another home. neighbors say the dog is owned by a friend of the victim. ise victim has severe rmces nla and dy, but he is expected to recover. animal control took the dog the president plans to get off a major h task off desk. >> he is expected to submit his written answers to the list of questions from robert mueller regarding the r
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sti inveorigation. >> rr: blayne alexander is on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: yeah, any day now, we could reall see a turning point in that mueller investigation. rhat is because mueller is expected to h at least in writing from the president himself. a short holiday week for president trump, but a full plate before thanksgiving in what could be a cruci few day for on robert mueller's russia investigation. dent trump saying that he has finished answering mueller's questions . >> we gave very, very complete answer to a lot of questions that i shouldn't have even been asked. >> rorter: his written answers will likely be submitted to mueller before thanksgiving t sourls nbc news. president trump stressing those answers came from him, not his team. >> i'm the one that does the answers. >> reporter: but answering i question person he says likely off the table. >> i think we've wasted enough
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time on this witch hunt. >> reporter: it comes as three senate democrats are suing to have matthew whitaker aeying ateneral and the man overseeing mueller removed from his post saying tha his appointment isst uncutional because he was never senate akconfirmed. wh has been critical of mueller in the past ensuggesting ways to stop his >> he could slow the investigation down just by he and his folks could just take more time approving things. >> reporter: and president trump facing criticism for taking aim at retired navy s.e.a.l. admiral bill mccraven, the maned who the raid killing osama bin laden. mccraven has been critical of the president who fired back with this. >> wouldn't it have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner? >> reporter: today calls for the presidt to apologize to mccraven and his entire team. and those comments about mccraven from the president come as he proses a new show of support for the military,owing
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that he will visit troops in a combat zone, something he has >> thank you, blaine alexander. the next white house correspondents dinner wiot have the typical comedic edge as in years past. today organizers announced that for the first time in decades, there will be no comedian at the event. now, you may recall lastear michelle wolf garnered a lot of criticism for her jokes abo the appearance of press secretar sarah huckabee nders. and this year they have invited presidential biography ron chernow to speak about the press. ready or not the great tu gey dayaway is kicking into high gear. >> more than 50 billion measures r more, sol 50 miles you know that it will be a crowded commute out there on the roads and also in the air. but the vast majority 48 million will be clogging the road, that is up 5% from last year. and it is fueled by theli f gas prices.
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the national average for unleaded is now $2.63 a gallon. the important thing is it is down 20 centsn one month. >> heading the right direction there. and there will also be big crowding at the nation's airports, a record 30 millionen passrs expected to hit the air through next tuesday. airlines adding some 158,000 seats per day a restricted military air space is being opened up for commercial planes. >> t busiest travel days forra airvel is this wednesday and then next suny as everyone tries to fly home all at once. but the which busiest travel da the road start today through wednesday and then again on sunday. the lightest travel day is actually thanksgiving itself. >> and doug damage e kammerer i things will be clear, but cold. >> cold is the operative word for sure. we are talking probablne of the coldest thanksgivings we've
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seen in 20, 25 years. it is going to be brutal. out there right now, we have mild aircross our area. but the cold, not too far away. we have it just to the north here. so for us, we've seen some oud cover mo in after what has been a pretty nice day, tempatures close to 60, first day above average in 11 days. but snow just the snort north state college and look now, it is 57 in d.c., 34 in state college. that is where some of the cooler air is. but it will wait to make its way down re. if you are traveling let's say tomorrow, yes, some snow showers up along the great lakes and also the storm that i just showed y will be up around the boston area. so if you are traveling to new england, watch out for a bit of a mess there. really by wednesday, most of the nation athually is o quiet side. the only that i think we're watching on wednesday, again, i-95 no problem, it is this right here, this cold front which brings in the extremely
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cold air. talk about cold for thanks giving? guys, we may f go a high temperature lesshan freezing in many areas. one person i know is not excited about that, but is excited about today, pat lawson muse dow food 4 families. and pat, i got to tell you, some nice weather finally for f you this event. >> reporter: the best weather ever. thank you so much. it has been a -- [ inaudible ] >> the weather was so good that she just wants to enjoy it. pat is down there, we are collecting reod, w collecting checks. and collecting hugs in. so go down in chinatown. so please go down and help us make thanksgiving a wonderful thing for families in need. >> and youan also call into the phone bank as well.
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just go to the nbc washington app and you will get all the in many different ways that you can help other families. >> and we'll be check back in with p throughout the hour. in the meantime, coming up next an early look at black friday. >> susan hogan will tell you ho to finthe best deals and hw f you are actually getting the best price. and we have another meat recall to warn you about just in time for the thanksgiving holiday. and this is a bigone. and an update on that midterm mess in prince george's county. the news 4 iteam looking into what happened. and we also have new information, why so many people were left standing in line for hours. hours.
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james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. do jane is also a kidner. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal ayactivities in just a few and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny.s i'm jaown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn me about kidney donatio visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney centerid at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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looks like the weather will cooperate for those of you traveling this thanksgiving, but it will be windy and cold. hemperatures could be coldest we've seen in decades. doug will be back with more on that in three minutes with the forecast for the week and the next chance for rain. but we'llhe let countdown begin to black friday. >> this holiday shopping season expected to be the biggest ever topping $720 billion. already got some of hers. susan he hog hogan is working f with some tips. >> that's right, we will on average spend about $1,000 over the next holiday ason. and we are here to help you get the biggest bang for your buck.
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ready, set, save. ♪ taet's black friday ad says it all, but you don't have to wait until the day a ternksgiving to find good deals. >> you can even snatch up some of those deals right now before the holiday weekend comes. >> reporter: so how do you know if you are reall getting a good price? the national retail federation sayso youresearch now and head to the store before thursday to see the item in person. ,> really make sure it is what you wa check out all the features that you can compare when you at looking different d rices. orter: and while those door buster deals can be appealing, don't plan your shopping around them asuthey sell fast. instead look for retailers that offer guarantees. and toys are typically cheaper you willcember and
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find better deems on clothes and appliances in january. back toyou. >> i'm not even looking at receipts until january. and as you get ready toook your holiday meal, news 4 is working for your health with meat recall. nearly 100,000 pounds of ground bheef co ef could be contaminated. it is from the swift beef company produced on october 24. no one has gotten sk so far. and david's bridal announced today that it will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy production but the company says that all of its 300y stores will s in business during the process. and all dress orders and alterations will be completed. the bankruptcy filing will wipe out more than on00 miln debt for the company.
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>> sorry, as a him would, -- woman, even at myage, you put wedding ghouns gowns in front that was pretty. but you will be wearing something more that this weekend. kind of disappointing. a beautiful day today, temperature got close to 60. it was really nice. but, yeah, the coldmi is . guess what else is coming? more rain out there too. but not forour thanksgiving. however, we'll get to that in a second. right now the clouds have moved in after what we saw earlier from some sunshine that allowed us to get to near 60. now 57, winds out of thesouth. around the region, its vary abi 59 toward fredericksburg, charlottesville. and really nice mild air all ahead of storm system.
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there is nothing around our area now, but that storm system is just to our north and west. even showers down around the carolinas. we are stuckn between the two. so we have the cloud cover and the storm system is making its way across our region this will move in overnight tonight. can't rule out a stray shower or two, but most of us will stay on the dry side. big deal for us -- or the north is chance for snow over the next couple dayshere. and then we get back to the west and we are talking about a cold ont. the jet stream pattern right now dipping into the middle part of country. so chicago, minneapolis around 24. mild through t south. atlanta close to 70. but the cold air takes over and by wednesday into thursday, the jet stream moves all the wayur down toouth and we are talking cold. and not just ld, coldest thanksgiving since 1996. it is really going to be a cold day outside. this is the feels like ilmperatures, the wind at 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. 17.
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10 inmartinsburg. 9 in hagerstown. 16 manassas. maybe if you forgot to gosh toe grocery store for the cranberry sauce, 17 ins gaithersburg t is at noon. and how about by the time we're sitting down at the table, only in the 20s for thanksgiving. so agaier a cold day for sure if you are going to get out and play football or going to some of the games, it will be a coldne. let's talk about tomorrow. not too bad. breezy and cooler because of the breeze that we have outthere. temperature around 52. winds gusting 20 to 30 hour tomorrow. 50 on your wednesday. thanksgiving is the cold day. and then cold sticks ound. friday will be a miserable day too because we will start off cold and we have cloud cover on ghiday. not much wind th and then just plain rain on saturday. maybe upwards of an inch to an inch and a half. again, another soaker onsa rday into sunday looking okay for travelers.
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i think sunday will be okaybe een our next storm which comes on monday. and then guess what, it getsld gain next tuesday and wednesday. i am full of good news here. yeah, i don't have any. >> just sto talking. >> you've done enough. well, you did give us some good weather today. >> yeah, that was nice. >> and pat is takingge advan of that collecting food for families. >> it is our annual food drive.l de on how you can contribute. there is our phone bank. just got a big donation probably. pat is back
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you can help nbc 4 and telemundo 44 feed families in need this thanksgiving. >> pat law soon muse hson muse leading our campaign for more >>an 20 years. nd she is outside the capital one arena where you have had beautiful weather and i know you've met someou fab people. >> reporter: lots of fabulous people, 2 1/2 hours and counting, we've been collecting all day. andake a look, the bins are
4:24 pm
overflowing. but we still need morena ons. what we need you to do right now is go to our phone bank,ou call phone bank, 202-885-4949. call up our volunteers and make a donation to food 4 families. all day we've had lots of great s coming by. earlier the blue knights bike club came by and donated because they believe in helping people in need. >> we're all law enforcement officers and it is just our chance to do a little bit more for the community. >> yeah, this is great. that is why i'm here. this is what it is all about. i told my wife this morning i want to kick start the week by riding with the blue knights down to the food bank. a this is great feeling. the bonus is that you guy are here. just wonderful tsee everybody. >> reporter: it is wonderful.
4:25 pm
and wonderful to see these folks. th is donna washington here along with veronica santos. did n donna has brought up a nice donation. >> yes, we are so excited to be here. nbc 4 is an amazing communityr partiving back to the washington dmv in such amazingy or years. and so we're just excited to lay a small role with this $5,000 donation to help you all in your efforts to feed families in need this holiday. season >> it is such a wonderful thing see people pulling together, isn't it? >> it is wonderful. from all the food donations to the cash donations to our small check that will hopefully b a few more turkeys this holiday season. we can't thank you enough. there is still a great need out there. our goal is to feed 5,000 families and it takes a lot of food, a lot of helpers and a lot of money to do that.s
4:26 pm
so there still time to give. give at, search community. the reason we doec this isse we believe in helping others in need. and we know that there are a loe of fam out there who otherwise would not have a hot meal foran giving. so we thank you in advance for your donations. but please give, go online, make that call, and help us feed some more families. back to you in the studio. >> they have never let us down. ever. >> good stuff. >> thank you, pat. and thank you comcast. if you are traveling somewhere to celebrate hanksgiving, you will have lot of company. >> and more people leaving earlier this year. we'll tellou the bestnd worst ti -- and worst times to hit the road. and a devastated mother finding it in
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now as we hit 4:30, our food full lies drive is in swing and we're taking your calls. how you can give to make sure local families in need have food on the table. and it is a favorite winter tradition. the holiday themed pop-u back this year. the themes vary black and white, we'll explain.
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and the thanksgiving rush is in full gear. so gas up, packp and let the holiday traveling begin. >> experts say the roads and airports will be packed with the most travelers in more than a decade. >> and we have team coverage to kick off this thanksgiving week for you beginning with wendy woolfork keeping an eye on thingss the holiday rush begins. >> reporter: today is going tot st the busiest travel week for theroadways. and that is because of a very stro economy and lower gas prices. no matter how you get there, thrsksgiving traveill have lots ofny com this year. >> 54 million americans will be traveling more than 50 miles f awm home. >> reporter: starting today ehrough wednesday, the vast majority will to the roads. along the way,il driversl find gas prices 20 cents cheaper than a month ago. the national average, $2.63 per
4:31 pm
gallon. >> and any money that you can save getting gast somewhere outside of the city will contribute to the amount of presents that we are able buy. >> reporter: but if you bought plane ticket for this thanksgiving holiday, you are noan alone. estimated 4.2 million others did the same thing. >> not too b this year. i'd had far worse. >> reporter: at the peak of morning rush at o'hare international aiort, the longest wait for packed security lines only 12 minutes. >> we will have additional transportation security officers at the very beginning of the lanes to hp people thatight not be frequent travelers. >> reporter: adding more staff to accommodate bigger crowd seems to be working. >> normally we stay home. normally we don't mess with the traffic or the lines. but it's been great. nice and easy. >> reporter: and that istohe way ick off the holiday travel season.
4:32 pm
whether your preference isro th ways or the airways, the best day to travel this week, early thursday morning. the worst by far, sunday. that is the latest live here in chico, i'm going t toss it back to washington, d.c. and my news 4 colleagued a adam tuss. >> reporter: that's right, wendy, and here were above the southeast/southwest freeway in d.c. whereas you can see tonight the rush is under way and this is certainly going to be a busy travel period over the next cole of days and people are getting out of town here to go wherever they are going. and take a look, these are the worst times it drive. wendy was talking a little bit about that, but the worst time to drive accding to aaa is going to be tomorrow in our area. actually between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. that will be the worst timeth t be o road around here. it could take you 2 1/2 times longer to get wheredou n to go during that time.
4:33 pm
the best day as wendy was hu mentioning isday to hit the road. now flying, the busiest days actually will be wednesday. and listen to one woman who we talked to who already flew in and her own experience. >> the plane was canceled due to ice storms in denver. and so i had to spend the night in albuquerque, it was a pain in the rear end. and then get up super early, but here i am with my high school friends d, we've bee since we were 17. >> reporter: and you are spending thanksgiving together? >> you bet. >> reporter: back o here live you see people going to maryland, virginia, d.c., wherever, listen,t will be busy the next couple days. you have to be patient out here. we'll be monitoring the thanksgiving travel as it develops over the next couple days. and we'll report any problems to but we are well under way. unbelievable that thanksgiving ishis thursday. isn't it in just seemed like it got here too fast. >> i think takes week early,
4:34 pm
isn't it usually like the 27th or 28th? feels like a week early. >> all right. thanks, folks, let us help make your travel as smooth aspossible. open up the nbc washington app and search travel tips. there you will find ten have also thew best routes for you to take. and the most famous turkeys in america are awaiting president trump to pardon them so that they can hang out on thanksgiving. their names are peas and carrots. the white house is running a twitter poll, which turkey should be pardoned. and right now it is a tie. and it wouldn'tatter anyway because both will bepared. >> looks like they are offo college. and their dorm will be- >> they are literally off to college and it isle cald gobbler's rest on the campus of virginia tech where they will
4:35 pm
join the other pardone turkeys. >> good for them. nice work if you can getit since christmas is now just around the corner, d.c.'s newest pop-up bar is ready to get you in the spirit with a little help from some spirits. also from one of the most popular faces in the district, bei bei. this year miracle on septembven street isanda themed. pens up this friday and if you swing by, maksure you try t the santa bei bei. >> i get it. >> a o mix tequila, lime and vanilla soda. >> i think i need to anchor the 5:00 show from there like i did the royal pop up bar. fhat was fun. >> a little out control. >> just a little. working for you in the community. >> pat lawson mus o is there. >> reporter: and we're still collecting food 4ie fam and we need your help. just a couple more hours to go.
4:36 pm
we'll tell anu how you donate when we come back. n and gloves, no hat today, but you will need it for nangs gi thanksgiving cold. we'll break it down for you and talk about some of the after a high temperature near 60 today. high temperature near 60 today. cut that in half for on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours turday and sunday. yes for less. james: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousanes in the dc area with kdisease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healthy and enjoying meet my friends,life.i'm james d alana and reginald - soon to be parents of two. to learn more about kidney donion, visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney centerey
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at gw kirg or call 1-833-kidney3.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?it's time yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. you can help ghnbc 4 feed families in need. >> patn law muse has been leading our annual food 4 families campaign for more than nd20 years she is doing it again today. >> and she is outside the capital one arena. how is it >> reporter: it is going well. you know something, let me tell you how we do there are more than 85 organizations, we're talking churcheses synago community centers, social service agencies and nonprofits all working
4:40 pm
together to help us make this happen. they identify the families a t thy help us deliver the food to the families. that is how we collect food for families every year. and we can't do itithout them. they have helped us collects all this food, we have a couple more hours to we still need cash to buy more food for families. so go to the phones and call our phone bank at 202-885-4949. our volunteers want to talk to e you and t your donation by phone. rye now the i wa right now i want to introduce you to jackie bradford, president and general manager of nbc 4. and what do y think of this outpouring today? able, pat. 30 years as you've said that we have been giving food back to the commity. such a momentous occasion i wrote empoem. food 4 families, please donate food or cash no working for you yes. >> way to go.
4:41 pm
way to go. haiku from jackie bradford. watching thepe community its hearts and pocketbook is a wonderful thing. >> and you have a fan base back here. so thank you. >> and we believe in helping people. even the nbc peacock believes in doing it. the other thing that i want you all to know, all the for aed at you see here, we do the collecting here, but the heavy lifting happens at the boys and girls club in northeast washington. literally an army of volunteers over there, they box it all up and they workday and night until they get the turkeys and all the trimmings packed up in those boxes and then they deliver from one door to ext until the last turkey is delivered to the lasttable. that is what this is all about. so we hope that you will help a couple more hours t go, we
4:42 pm
still need cash because we have o pay for the turkeys. so call phone bank, 202-885-4949. or donate online. every dollar you donate goes to buy food. a $20 donation will fee an entire family or maybe a senior citizen or veteran, someone in need. o help us provide food for families and make families happy for thanksgiving. and thank you jackie forer poetry. >> and this doesn't get her off the hook for giving us poetry in our christmas party. >> one of the many reasons why we love her. >> and pat lawson muse of course has been the leading read for the food 4 families for more than 20 years, so check out these wonderfulpictures. a lovely retrospective through the years. we have aook back at all of pat's hard work and all of your
4:43 pm
rosity, everything that you need to know to donate you will find at and thank you in advance for all that you continue to do. >> want to see the rest of those pictures. > a retrospective on pat's hair coming up next, storm team 4 has your thanksgiving week forecast. >> a this week could be the coldest thanksgiving in decades. and we also have your next chance for, yecp, more rain. and a mother pleads for freedom for her daughter's boyfriend. >> my tdaughter, i wim to be with us because that will make him happy dtoo. th cannot live because she is waiting for my daughter to is waiting for my daughter to me fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network es not only downloads fup to 2, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability.
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fo if we stand together one cause. him. expert care for ery new beginning.
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a tragedy in wood bridge tonight, a couple crashes, a
4:47 pm
young woman dies. >> and now her boyfriend is charged with manslaughter. this happened i woodbridge on dale boulevard about that. >> darcy spencer spoke with the victim's mom and she says she forgives her daughter's boyfriend. >> i don't know what i'll do without my daughter. this is a nightmare that i want to wp and i want to see my daughter. >> reporter: family members gather at the place where her daughter died over the weekend. her name was diana vasquez flores, but everyone knew her as elas. she was ridingn a car that smashed in to a tractor trailer shoulder.parked on a >> i just want to die. i ask god why take my kid,s she uch a beautiful young lady. she helped everybody. she was there for everybody. theeporter: the man behind wheel was antonio gonzez, elsa's boyfriend.
4:48 pm
they had been together for five years and they both lived with he mom. flores says she got the news death from ughter's gonzalez himself, he called her from the crash scene. >> hem,ay alk to her, shlaes she she's sleeping. so i was toic --l tr to wake up. >> reporter: he has been charged with dwi. and she considers him herso and she wants him out of jail and back ho. >> my daughter love him and my daughter is happy. i want him to be with usth becae will make my happy too. she have a dog, the dog cannot live because she can waiting for my daughter toome home every night. >> reporter: flores told me that she hopes gonzalez will be released soon so he can attend her daughter's woodbridge, darc ne4. and today gonzalez was ordered to be held without bond.
4:49 pm
the o driverthe tractor trailer was cited for parking on the shoulder and not uncng emer equipment. dozens of children will spend the thanksgiving holiday for the first time with their forever families. barbara harrisonosted the annual ceremony at d.c. superior court. in all 27 children now have permanent homes. barbara caught up with one cole who have already adopted a daughter and this weekend they added a son to the family. >> we adopt ella in 2015 and bobby.e have >> what did bobby become today? he is your -- >> my little brother. >> congratulations t the whole family. >> see, that is what love looks right nity is looking cke. for families for 75 more children currently in t d.c. foster care system. so if you have room in your home and your heart, might want it step up and think about it. >> and this is the moster
4:50 pm
wol event. barbara has done this for like 20 plus anyears. it is just wonderful. just the best. you just can't watch it without crying. just beautiful. and the weather will make you cry as well a little bit. >> for different reasons. >> i knew that was coming. you know, it wais. looking back, these temperatures will be some of the coldest that we've seen in decades for thanksgiving day especially thanksgiving afternoon. yeah, we're talking 20s for some of you. you may not get t 30or a high temperature in the afternoon on thursday. out there right now, we got to 60 today. well, 59. not quite 60. the last then days have been colder thae. aver the longest below average streak since march. at least below averageda . today it was quite nice, 59, we saw some sunshine early. now re57, tempera dropping through the 50s into the upper 40s by around 11:00 tonight.
4:51 pm
a lot o c clouder here and there, so that will keep a blanket on us again,o we won't get all that cold tonight, but cool. no rain to talk about thousand. but y -- now, but you see just down h to our s and west and south and east as well. down in southwest, watchin these showers new through west virginia, and snow to the north of state college. he very cold air associated with this system. and this front will move through and it will make things a little colder tomorrow. you will nice a difference, high temperature tomorrow will feel about 10 degrees cooler. we're still 52, but rather breezy. it will be a cooler day with a mix of sun and clouds. winds 20 or 25 miles per hour. wednesday clouds on the nd rease, temperatures ar 50. so we are chilly there too. and then look at thanksgiving, a highf onl32 in the afternoon. we could be higher than that just after that. dry horiday
4:52 pm
travel. and into saturday, rain hold off until saturday, so saturday will be wet, but if you are driving on t thursday,t should be okay too. how about friday? a lot of activitiesn. going o friday will be a great one, but it will be a cold one. out there toward the rest ton holiday parade, it is a cool parade, i'll be out there. angie goff wille out there with me. but dress warm. she will look a lot better than me, s has great clothes for cold weather. i t wear same coat i always do. 34 by 11:00, 38 by00 it starts at 11:00, but there are festivities all. day lo santa claus, mrs. claus will be out there. they have no problem with the cold. but again, coats and coats and coats. nextcouple days in towards week, rain coming up on
4:53 pm
saturday. and that could be on the heavy side over an inch. and guess what, another rainmaker on monday. next, the news wiews 4 itea updates usn o election day. >> many people re waiting in line for hours. what the county is tling the iteam about the midterm messup. but first a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> it is a busy monday. you may have already seen the black friday deals. and now is the time to cash in the holiday shopping season ramps up. ahead, what local police are doing to keep you safe in those malls. plus a group of strangers come together to take on a business owner. they say that he was supposed to deliver medical equipment but walked away with thousands of thei dollars instead. only on news 4 tonight, a coupler report, see what susan hogan uncovered and how these families are trying to make sure others don't have to deal with
4:54 pm
the frustration they went through. and we're getting word of a br situation in chicago. a report of a shooting inside mercy hospital. these are live pictures, police say that there are reports of multiple victims. 're gathering new information right now. stay tuned for updates i a few stay tuned for updates i a few minutes onews 4 at 5:00. n
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant withn active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, w ja back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james meet my friends ja and maurice. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help n meone in need and you o. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw rer and joy paul kidney ce at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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nearly two weeks after the midterm elections, prince george's county leaders still don'ny know why so precincts ran out of ballots. the iteam has tracked down complaints in at least 30 places. and jodie fleischer here with what the county has to say. george's e prince county elections administrator told me that she will launch an investigation beginning next week to analyze what went wrong and why it took s long to get extra ballots to the places that ran out. the iteam has compiled reports from at least 30 precincts. we dug into the data and foundf
4:58 pm
most those had more voters in this miss term election tha in the 2016 presidential election which is rare. we started hearing from voters 0 around on election day complaining of long lines that weren't moving. me places only had o working electronic machine making it even harder t vote once the paper ballots ran out. the county scrambled to deliver additional ballots, but some ters left without voting. others were still waiting long after the polls closed, which delayed the posting of the statewide results. the elections administrator told me her review of what went wrong ould take about two weeks and the county will have a report by mid-december. coming up at00 we got a hold of some internal e-mails from the electio y office and will see what we found inside of those. thenews continues right now. a frigid forecast that will give you gobblersse gbumps.
4:59 pm
>> we are talking cold for than thanksgiving. plus a local business owner is accused of taking thousands of dollars from seniors. >> to steal from people who are in dire straits? that is one step lower >> susan hogan with the story nlthat you will oy see on news 4. and the family's fht for the first time we hear from the parents of the little girl electrocuted this summer while at mgm national harbor. we start with breaking news, report of a shooting at a hospital in chicago. >>his story is changing by the second. but here's what we know right now. police incago say that there could be multiple victims here mercy hospital. these are live pictures. the shots were first are trepor
5:00 pm
about a half hour ago be. >> polave asked people to avoid this area. we'll stay on top of the situation and give you a update as soon as we learn more about this. but we did want to bring you to a local story now on a family's legal fight after their little girl's life was changed forever. >> for the first time folks, we are seeing pictures of little zynae green, the 7-year-old touche a railing at the casino you will recall back in june. she was ewther he can troh cuted, she was left permanently disabled. and now her family is suing the casino and contractors. >>lk tracee s has a closer look. >> reporter: zynae green just turned 7 years old yesterday. i spoke with the family's attorney and he tells me that he had a conversation with mgm national harbor, he asked them to pay this


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