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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking now at 11:00. four people dead in that shootout in a chicago hospital. what we know about who the gunman was targeting, and h an officer ended up dead. a new mission for prince george's county executives. his wife's battle with
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alzheimer's disease inspiring his next move. >> it's been a journey, but it's been one that i wouldn't trade for anything in the world. and hailing a ride with your kids? who is responsible for the cara se tonight, news 4 tries to t clea confusion. news 4 at 11:0eabegins with ng news. p. new video just in from police officerting an ambulance carrying the body of a fallen officer tonight. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i jim handly. a gunman and three other people, includin that young officer, dead in a hospital shootout this afternoon. it began as d aestic incident in the parking lot, and spiraled out of ctrol from ther >> leon harris is here to catch us up from the live desk. leon? >> jim and doreen, here's what we know at this pot. two women on the hospital staff were killed, a doctor and a pharmaceutical assistant. one of those women with in a relationship with the gunman.
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police say he shot and killed her outsi in the parking lot and then he ran inside mercy hospital. that man theno got int a shootout with police who responded to the scene. he shot and killed one of those fficers, 28-year-old samuel jimenez. he was a father of three and had recently graduated to become a ful ful full-fledged officer. he had been on the force for less than two years. >> every one of us will celebrate in a few days, time with our fily in a holiday. we have members of the chicago mily who in both this holiday and other milestones in their family wl not be there. >> the gunman died t during shootout with police, but it's unclear if he was hit by t ir bullets or shot himself. police say that if officers hadn't swarmed that building so quickly, a lot morebeeople could urt or dead tonight. jim, doreen, back to you. >> leon, thank you.
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here at hometonight, d.c. police need your help finding a car cod to a sexual assault in adams morgan over the weekend. >> he p's ature of that car. it's a red nissan ultima. and police say it was perating as quote, vehicle for hire. jackie bensen has more onhe story. if this was an uber or ft, it seems police should be able to identify the driver. what do you make of? th >> reporter: well, doreen, it's possible that the victim got into a car that h she not requested. ride share vehicles fill the streets in busy night life areas like adams morgan, especially as the evening draws to an end. police say that about 2:45 saturday morning, a woman gots into ted car, bearing emblems from at least two ride share companies. according to the police report, the driver stopped the car in
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22 2200 block o champlain street and sexually assaulted her. ride share use we spokeo expressed concern that the suspt appeared to be able to circumvent the electronic traceability of a using ride share app. >> you check the make and model of the car and the license number. but that's not blaming anybody for having a terrible experience by any means. >> i usuly ask them their name. i guess that's not probably such a goo idea, either, though. >> reporter: now, that grainy image of the vehicle, the red nissan, was from a security camera that is in thi area police are asking folks who live in and around the 2200 o block champlain street northwest who have a security system to take a look around 2:30, 2:45 on saturday morning. if so, i it has cimages,ontact jaem. ie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. a fire forced metro to suspend service on part of the eeen and yellow l tonight. crews got called to mt. vernon
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square this evening for a fire on a pocket track just outside the station. fire officials tell us they found small smoldering pieces of trash and quickly put out the fiere. metro stopped rail service in that area for about an hour tonight. no one was hurt. doreen? prince george's countyec ive baker only has two more weeks on the job he's held for eight years. soon, he'll hav a n mission. inspired by his wife. news 4's shomari stone rorts tonight on the krista beverly baker foundation. >> reporter: prince george's county executive baker receives a proclamation from montgomer ounty executive ike leg get recognizing his accomplishments. he will now focus on finding a cure for a disease. >> i can't think of anything better to do. >> reporter: tonight, he officially launched the krista beverly bakerfoundation, named
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after his wife. she was diagnosed with an eare storm of dementia eight yes ago and she now has alzheimer's. >> this journey that she's been on has been part of my journey as county executive.w so, i k how difficult it's been for our family. >> reporter: this crowd is pleased to know the foundation has already raised $72,000 and wants to raise more. >> so, i want to make sure that other families,one, don't have to go through this, which is why we want to try to find a cure, but those who going through it, let them know there are places they can seek help. >> reporter: former senator barbara mccull ski commends eebaker. >> we to find a cure or cognitive stretchout forzh mer's and really do that. >> reporter: baker told the crowd his official a last day county executive is december 3rd, and he's ready to start at new chwith the foundation. >> it also provides money for research and for awareness.
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>> reporter: in prince george's county,to shomari, news 4. tonight, a rep for the president's daughter and aiser is defending her use of a personal e-mail account for official government business. "the washington post" first reported that ivanka trump had sent hundreds of e-mails from the account t aides and cabinet officials. a okesman for her attorney sasata s none coned classified information. president trump relentlessly maden' hillary clinto use of a personal e-mail server an issue during the 2016 campaign. often saying clinton belonged in jail. morrow's going to be an extremely busy day on the roads. aaa says the busiest day for driving this week is tuesday,ig and you want to skip driving at night. the most congest time to drive expected to be between 5:00 and 7:00 i.m. supposed to take two and a
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half times longer to get to your thanksgiving destination then. meaning most people are going to be skipping town after work. as for the best time todrive, consider going thanksgiving morning. you should find a lot less traffic then. if you do have to drive tomorrow, wha kind of weather can you expect? doug kammerer is here with a first look at our forecast. doug? >> yeah, driving, guys, actually not all that bad over the nextf couple days. however, tracking a storm system making its way across our area could bring you some showers tonight, though most of us will remain on the dry side. it's a front making its wayh. thro a couple of showers coming into west virginia, some sno to the north, and that's really where i think we could be dealing with some problems tomorr. look at t highs today, only 38 in pittsburgh. even colder in state college. but near 60 in d.c., but that colder air is moving in. tomorrow's going to be a lot cooler. snow to the north in the boston area tomorrow. that's something to think about if you are flying to boston tomorrow or traveng up i-95. but that's really it.
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most of the country on the light side as f as snow i concerned. look at this. cold air, yeah, just in time for thanksgiving. we're talking big-time cold. talk about it i minute. >> oh, boy. we'll see you then, doug. thank you. after thanksgiving, there's another metro closure to worry about. parts of the yellow line will be repaired next week over thepo mac. from next monday to december 9th, there will be no yellow a line servicet all there. the blue line will pick up the slack, running to and from springfield and huntington. metr tells usit's the rails and tracks across the bridge that need to be repaired. again, that w reopen until december 9th. tra iportation officia the district say they've posted new signs as partt of an eff to improve safety in the busy 8th street corridor. we spoed some o the ten new speed limit postings tv-ight. t says it's part of vision zero, a city initiative aimed at curbing fatal crashes with pedestris and cyclists. there have been a number of
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complaints about the streetcar rails on 8th street since a cyclist wound up getting hit and killed by a bus. in a series of twitter responses, d-dot said it is still looking into possible improvements. a little girl's life changed forever after a tragicccident at mgm national harbor. her family filed a lawsuit today after s was electrocuted at the casino back in june. she is now in a wheelchair. her family says she's disabled for life. these picasres re in a county report show m gm's plaza had improper electrical wiring. the family claims the company put bustyess before sa the lawsuit says, in part, defendants in their haste to open their hotel intentionally urged construction workers to finish their jobs quickly at the expense of safety. atd, quote, security video
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showedns appearing to be jolted with electricity when touching the handrail in the y days just before the subject incident. in a statement tonight, mgm c l called the incident a tragic accident and said it is committed to reaching a resolution with the family. a challenge for parents and families with young kids traveling by uber or lyft >> you have to have a car seat. >> next at 11:00, who isbl respon for making sure your child can ride safely? chicken pox outbreak. where a lack of vaccinations is raising concerns about wt else could spread. and dinner for one, hold the frog. a local woman finds a very unusual side dish
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parents do a lot of research to make surhe they get right car seats for their children, but research theules for using one in an uber or lyft car and the answers aren't always clear. >> tonight, adam tuss the car seat confusion, and why no one really knows what the rules are. >> reporter: a sleeping baby is ina beautiful th and a safe baby, well, that's a necessity. ebut when it comes tim to put a little one like 3-month-old lola in an uber or lyft, who provides the car seat? the parent? >> i'm confused if they provide the car seat, so, i've avoided uber and lyft. >> reporter: or the driver? >> when i get there, find out they have a small child. you haveil a small you have to have a car seat. >> reporter: turns out, there's plenty of gray area here. in two-thirds of t u.s., no
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child seat is required in taxis, and the laws are m evendier for ride share. we've read the aws ford.c., maryland and virginia, there's no clear understanding for who is responsible to provide tha car seat. sam higgins is a part-time lyft driver. she says she constantly gets requests for rides where a parent has sll child and not provide a car seat. >> i will not take them. the liabilities are just too much fore. and then it leadso riders being angry, and you just don't know what you're going to get at these days. >> reporter: while you can request some services like uber family tring along a car seat, it's not always an option in all states. this has become such an issue hat virginia tech just put out a newudy. >> there's a lot of confusion to g parents and drivers as when specific laws and rules and regulations apply for child passenger safety. >> reporter: whether or not you provide your own car seat for your child or not, here's the simple fact of the matter, they absolutely work better in protecting your kids.w
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studies shat it works. the centers for disease control and prevention reports car st us reduces the risk of njury in a cash by 80%, compared to beat belts alone. your best well, that would always to be just have a car seat, but that's not always an option. in the meantime, it seems everyone wants a better understanding. >> it's crazy to call people in advance, do you have a child? you can't do that. so, it's just -- i have to pull up and see what i get. >> reporter: hopefully what everyone gets is a safe adam tuss, news 4. >> you can check the laws fr seats and ride share vehicles where you live right now, just go to our nbc shington app and search car seat, and you'll find a link thatreaks down all of it by state. north carolina is home to the state's worst ch0ken pox outbreak in years. officials say most of the children there were notva inated because of a religious exemption allowed under state law. nearly 40 students have come downith the chicken pox, all
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of them attend the same private school. more thanf70% the students there haven't had the chicken poxe. va and now there's concern about what else they might s >> you see chicken pox spread through a community like this because of low vaccination rate. that's a canary inoa the c mine. they're telling us the other deadly diseases could spread easy, as well. >> reporter: the school says it follows state requirements for immunization but recognizes it's the parents' decision to immunize their kids beforest th t school. >> we would like to thank everybody tonight who contributed to our food for families drive. >> we sure would. with your help, we're working to provide means for those in need this thanksgiving. your generosity, up to and including today, helped us raise $56,000 for our dcampaign. an it's not over yet. >> yeah, you can still help us with our goal of sving up more than 4,000 turkey baskets this holiday. visit our nbc washington app to ma a secure tax deductible
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donation through sunday. quite a turnout and hats off to pat once again. >> yes. >> for 15-hour marat >> and hats off to the weather down there today. >> yeah. >> usuallyhe's out there in the freezing cold and the rain and -- >> her hat was off. >> i was. >> it was nice and warm. >> yes. >> okay. >> thank you, everybody, i'll be here all week. actually, i have thursday and friday off. you have to get it while you can. you know, today was actually the first day in quite some time we've had temperatures above average. we hit 59 today. the average high temperature, , 57 degrees. so, a little bit above average days.e first time in ten out there right now, still above average, sitting at 50 degrees. the winds a calm, but they've been out of the south all day. that's allowed the temperatures to stay on the milder side. we'r n still mild right, for this time of year.gaithersburg. our average low, 40. l doreen's stiching over there. all right, radar showing what's
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happening. do have showers back to the west. back along i-81, hea up, you have some showers coming through, but that's it. we're not going t be seeing that much throughout the retsstf the night. a couple of showers contin, but by tomorrow, they'll all be out of here. rain is not the issue over the next couple of days, it's the cold. first off, this storm moving up to the north, so, mbe some ow around the new england area. lake effect snows behind thist up towards places like erie, butch low. if you're driving there during the day tomorrow, that's something to watch out for, but then, it's just the cold. and i'm talking big-ti cold. mild temperatures to the south of this front. to the north, though, we get the jet stream coming all the way down dipping downo our south, and that brings in some arctic cold. the first real taste of winter that we've seen. the first real shot of arctic air, really, as temperaturth, look at. these are the wind chills by thursday morning, 7:00 a.m. 18 for a wind chill in d.c. 13 in frederick. 17 in manassas.
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we probably warm up by noon, well, sure, up to 21 on thursday afternoon. so, yrhanksgiving is going to be on the cold side, guys. the breeze, going to be 20 miler per heads up. going to beomorrow, on the cold side, too, but heads up. it's really thursday andwe frid e really got the cold air. tomorrow, 52. sun and clouds. it will feel a lot cooler because of the breezy conditions with that mixture of sunclnd ds out there. wednesday, upper 40s to around 50. and then, again, thanksgiving, cold. temperature, 32 in the afternoon. would be the coldest in years, since 1996. wind chills in the teens and 20 all day. dry for holiday travel that's good. rain will hold off until turday. if you are traveling on saturday, that's the one day to watch out fur. we're going toekay sunday. could see a half inch to inch an a half on saturday. another rainmaker coming up on monday. that storm system moves out, and yes, we get even colder again next week.
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we've got a lot of systems, this is looking like a very stormy couple o weeks, even as we head into the first week of december, it's looking rather stormy and chilly. we'll continue to watch that for you. >> all right, thank you, do. >> sure. coming up, the redskins trying to move on without alex m ith. plus, the caps with a classic up in canada. classic up in canada. >> sports
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this is a fight. not to the finish. classic up in canada. >> sports but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> moving onto dallas with the pain in the rr view mirror. >> yeah, we've had a lot to deal with. the loss, the injury. by the way, there's a game coming on thanksgiving day. the sack was hard,mo theon was heavy.
11:25 pm
one play and one game, alex smith' season isover. it's the fault line that football players dance on. ant yesterday, in t loss to the texans, a seismic event. smith with two broken bones in his right leg. for the redskins, there's no time for aftershocks. n gam of magnitude is next. thanksgiving day iallas against the cowboys. as for alex smith, he's looking at a lengthymecock. jay gruden saying quarterback underwent successful surgery and is facing a six to eight-month recovery. but espn reporting he suffered a compoundfracture, making that comeback longer. with smith out, colt mccoy gets his chance to shine. mccoy moved the offense when he came i against the texans.rt he'll get the in his home state against the cowboys. a tough loss, a gruesome injurys ahort week. it's a combina test the redskins' resolve. >> we lost a close onee at h we felt like we should have won. you know, we lost our starting quarterback, you know, and we're
11:26 pm
back here on thursday. it will be a good test to seend how we res on the road in a big divise nal game. >>just got to find the best n as quickle to move as we can, because we got another game here in three days and, you know, colt gave us great speech after the gameend told us were in good hands.d colt talking to us ds afterw really was good, we're ready to get to dallas. the redskins signed mark sanchez to back up colt mccoy. certainly a familiar ne to football fans. fifth overall pick by the jets, leading them tohe afc championship game in 2009 and 2010. everyone remember him foyes, the butt fumble. don't worry, sanchez has put that play in view i'll be here all week. please tip your waiters. let's head to canada, huh? the capitals visiting the
11:27 pm
canadiens. the great eight loves the great white north. third period, this is ama twn advantage. ovie with a rocket from hisfi . we're tied at four. final seconds, still tied. caps come up wh a turnover. tom wilson, alex ovechkin, and someone call the mounties, ovechkin robbed by carey price. ovi, all he can do is appreciate price right there. this game is going to overtime. in overtime, braden holtby is in. not showing any rust. a huge save of his own. stopped all 22 shots that he faced. overtime rolls on. this was a classir late the overtime. lars eller hearingto boos night, and he's going to hear some more after this. yes. eller with the game-winne capitals beat the canadie 5-4 in overtime. they finish the road ip, nice job, 3-1 on that four-game road trip. >> all right. like seeing that. >> good stuff. >> a classic on a monday night in montreal. than
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a d.c. woman told us she got quite the surprise when she spotted something in her to-go salad last week. >> yeah, it's green, so it might move been tough to spot until it started ng, perhaps hopping. that's a frog in that bowl, and, yep, it is alive, folks. the american university grad student tells news 4 she ordered the salad at the tinley down
11:32 pm
locatien, yes, do on wipf wi avenue. >> we know the one. >> they're looking into what went wrong. as for the frog, don't you worry. the woman ed it into a wooded area near her apartment. for more on that story, go to our nbc washiton app. i'd say that's a frozen frog now. >> yeah, it woulbe. d
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