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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bridge. a known trouble spot. and you can see how it looks right now. meanwhile, adam tuss is at route 50. what is it like out ere? it is not fun on the road for anyone. stay put over the next few hours. we are trying toake our way to route 28 south in thehantilly area. it is a bit of a crawl out here. i'm hearing about a tough road at dulles international airport some of the peoe are sayingt is taking a half-hour just to get to the terminal and some ople are ditching their cars. we talked with ivs. >> it will go from horrible to
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utterly horrible. >>ly utt horrible. >> i'm not looking forward to . it is going to be long and >> and here we are taking a live look at the drive cam. let's throw it out tobr . what is it looking like there? >> already a rough ride. northbound, 95 coming past, absolute bumper-to-bumper delays. this is one of the heaviest traveled roads. expected to be one of the busiest corridors in the region. aa suggesting that upwards of 5% increase. tout two and a half tim time for your commute. so we're keeping an eye on this
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what is it looking like for you? >> we are still sck in traffic. it is bad where you are andll across the area. if you don't to have travel tonight, tomorrow, you can and wait untiling morning,sgivnk thh is the best time to be out and about. you are free to move about the n udio. >> you're parking lo okay. thanks for that. >> and let's look at the rails.l of people are heading to amtrak. last year, they saw their largest customer count. more than 770,000 passengers across the country. and amtrak is expecting it to be just as busy. we're keeping an eye on the airports. not too pad at dulles but a
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lion passengers are expected to take a flight through next tuesday. and i think adam told us, people werehe abandoning cars in the parking lot and running to catch their flights so this is what you misse by not leaving five hours sooner. a record 39 milli passengers expected to be flying through next thursday. the busiest air travel days again will be tomorro and sunday. i am detecting a trend. turning to the forecast and theigh airressure system. we've got some frigid numbers coming our way. >> i'm looking at the windchill. it will be that cold out there thursday and again on freeway.
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ou there now, it is chilly but image this. we'll be about .ha 48 goes to no24. take a look at the travel forecast. this was earlier today. the snow to the north. notice tomorrow, not much at all as far as significant weather goes. counwiy . i-95, no problem. if you're driving 70, you could ome snow showers toward the pittsburgh area. but then cold air comes in and you said it correctly. high pinssureg in from canada. >> we want to remind to you deep nbc washington app close this holiday season. keep up to date on the forecast. you can get traffic alerts sent to you whenare not on the
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air. as you're figuring out what to eat, the cdc says leave romae lettuce off your menu altogeer. an yee. coli outbreak that has people. 32 million the cdc says you should throw out any form of romaine in bags or boxes, even if people haven't gotten sick. they haven't been able to om identify an grower or supplier or distributor. the man who opened fire in that chicago hospital yesterday killing three peadle. heeen fired from the city's fire academy for bullying female cadets. and before filing for di his ex-wife had filed for a protection order against him. it started in the parking lot. the man opened fire on them and then headed inside a started
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shooting atrandom. among those attacked, a pharmacist, a doctor and a police officer. the first person killed was kr o'neil. she was engaged to him at one point. usher from our sister station in chicago has the story. >> we lost a bright star st day. >> those who knew her said she had a heart of gold. >> she had so many dreams and aspirations. >> they say she had a commit top caring for the most vulnerable patients. >> she alwaysad a smile on her face. always willing to jump in and give back.
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on monday, she became the patient. one of her attendi physicians in the e.r., a former colleague from their residencydays. >> we got used to dealing with trma, with the emotions that come with it. dealing with the faly's emotions. being able to help them cope. >> those who knew her say they want her to be remembere f how she lived and not how she died. >> she was genuine in her compassion for the service in the community. i'll remember her style and just remember just how she loved people. >> i love you. and i miss you. i'll be sure to honor your memory. > the gunman also died i yesterday's attack but police
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are not sure if an officer killed him or ifd he d from a self-inflicted gunshot. attacked and terrified. one of the most violent crimes prosecutors have ever seen. three of the five suspects have been sentenced a will now be serving decades behind bars. >> five young men posing as painters commit a violent crime in silver spring. the familyinside, husband, wife, 7-year-old son and two grand s.pare they are held prison nerve, tied up, attacked and threatened with the motive was to rob this cash depot where the mother of the family worked. >> what they intended to do was to kidnap her and force her to give them entry by use af the codethe check cashing
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place. >> returning to the apartment, he usedse knives to cut david's throat, despite the ugly wound, he was able to get free and send the suspects free. >> they said they are still suffering more than a year later. >> thebohe has talked it. he came into court. he is having adjustment problems. >> he is sentenced to 50 years prison. another is given 45 severe. bobby johnson will serve 40 years. two other defendants previously pleaded guilty and are serving their sentences. the victims nor lon live here. the mother lost her job and she is looking for work. the judge said this family is resilient and he hopes they can pu this night of terror behind
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them. >> the sentences were meant to punish a gang of hoodlums. theudge said he is trying to protect the fram future rampages. we have breaking news from the stock market. it is having the worst time since 2011. all three maimijor indices are n and all three have now erased any gains they made this year. tech stocks leading this decline with investors ccerned about increased regulations, and of course, the ongoing trade tensions. for three years, the news4 i-team has been breaking stories about predators in our classrooms. now a new angle as we learn about female teachers. and a safety alert.
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>> if the school is investigated, people shk about it. >> we uncover a string of teachers, stripped of their licenses f misconduct with students. nearas every has remained a secret, unknown to parents. but someorry because there's a dangerous double standard. a local choir director is facing sex charges. >> sadly it has become almost week living news. >> he is acced of sending to children. >> the i-team will show you why there are many more t casest never make it to the airwaves,
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until now. >> is it almost always men? >> no. about 30% areemale staff members. >> sheryl has led studies on misconduct cases and says there is a double standard when the victim male. >> people are more likely to think that a male who ases a female student, that is is more harmful than a female who sexually abuses a male student. when we looked into 20 recents, ca we found six involve male students. >> he attended lee high school in fairfax quhoit the district said his former math teacher admitted sending rac pictures of herself in thong to a male student in 2017. >> you hear about past students
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who graduated that have some sort of relationship with her. >> the school district found out. >> there were aor lot of r that this had happened. >> teacher resigned andre nquished her license but others never heard about it. authorities say theyidn't have enough evidence to file criminal charges. >> to wld have your parents have liked to have seen that? >> ei believe they would have really preshld seeing that. >> another sent pictures of herself to a male the case hit a brick the student not agreeing to help the drekt detective. still, the teacher resigned. >> one, they are questioning themselves. they say, well, gee, r thislly upsets me. i'm supposed to be happy about it.
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and so they're afraid of ridicule. and then they're afraid that they'll get in setrouble. >> t cases reveal something else, too. as n if a school district enough evidence to revoke a license for misconduct, you might not hear about it. ev if you have a child in that. scho we surveyed every school and each said they would not notify parents unless there was a criminal arrest. virgin state law says it pro hiblts without the teacher's permission. >> a loudoun county teacher -- >> like the teacher.e expected in court in january. we found at least six otherre nt cases with a female teacher accused of sex misconduct that remained a secret and seven of theos 14 recent cases involving male teachers were never publicly reported by schools.
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and we found sometimes truth doesn't come out for years. >> the stereo type that every boy wants to have sex when he's a teenager and getting to have a sex with teach order a staff member is like bonus for the boy. >> last year, police investigated a fairfax teach here admitted having intersection a stu ten years ago. that student in his mid 20s revealed the relationship with his teacher while taking job with a polygraph. it said it was admitted to. but the hok police didn't pursue charges because he is now married to her. >> the i-team spent months trying on reach her and her husband for comment. we tried calls and even a hand written letter but nevereard back. she has since sought a teaching
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license in missouri. and another one, she says she is not guilty and plans to plead not guilty. >> that's interesting. the whole thing, the fact it is kept secret. i'm surehe are a lot of disturbed parents. let's turn to doug now. if you thought it was cold today, just you wait. a couple more days until it gets on record territory. >> the cold a is moving in. tomorrow night, into thursday, thanksgiving, black friday, really chilly. we saw lastni t, about 60 degrees today. the high was actually 56 but it felt lot cooler. the wind has been gusting 30 to
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even 40 miles per hour. 42 right now. temperatures under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. we see some clearing. they should get down into the 30s. and not looking at any rain any time soon. some lake effect activity and some snow, winter weather advisories around boston. that was about it. morew coming into parts of michigan but not a lot of significant weather. if you're driving tonight, tomorrow, i think you're looking a-okay. then we get the colair. wis is thursday afternoon. all the down toward richmond and the raleigh area. we're talking some really cold air.
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these, disea these, you see 11. ok.. that's co how about mean? d.c. 15 in annapolis. mean the gaithersburg. this is thursday moing. and even about noon, if you're out and about, in the car, heading out, windchills in the teens earlyur ay. tomorrow, wednesday, if you're thinking about getting out of wn, okaytomorrow. sun and clouds on the chilly side. more clouds in the afteitoon. ae chilly. most of us in the 40s. 33 degrees, the coldest in years. it could be the coldestince 1996 and could be one of the coldest ever, top five. dry for holiday travel.y, wednesthursday, friday. the rain o holds until saturday. there is the rain.
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saturday morning, it could be cold enoughur in western zones. we could start off with some freezing rainnd the change over the all rain. we're back sow the 50s. another chanc of showers on monday and another cold front coming in next. thursday hey, tomorrow could be one of the busiest days for fliers. how to pack like a pro so youh can save b space and monday. plus, she didn't pick up a gun and she wasn't on the scene. d.c. woman is the latest person charged in the murder of a 10-year-old girl what pol.ic
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a student hasd d as a result of the adennovirus. we don't know how the student may have contracted the virus. it is a common cause of theth cd and respiratory symptoms but severe strains can be deadly for some. people with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable. this same children has killed 11 children in new jersey in an in patient facility
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at least five additional cases have been reported on the campus. the treatment typically includes rest and fluids and fever reducing medicines but it is a virus. ere is no cure and no vaccine for it. that's t it f live desk. thank you. >> a sixth person is now under arrest in question, the death of ma kia wilson. police arrest ad cwoman,rged with obstructing justice. wilson was killed on july 16th after four men jumped out of that car and opened fire on a grp of people in northeast washington. four other people including wilson18-year-old sister were also shot and wounded. it is what it is, the words of president trump regarding the death of jamal khashoggi. he called it a complicated
5:27 pm
matter. the president called e world a, quote, very dangerous plane. the murder was, quote, a terrible thing. he also mentioned the military deal wit the saudis and destiny bite discovering that the crown prince didder to execution, the president wrote, mbe did he and maybe he didn't. woman is hit and killed at a busy intersection. one thi confusing for both drivers and pedestrians, what we're learning about a deadly crash. crash. a racist rant that went
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an james: this is she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her n amal activities in juew days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny.i'
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james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center or call 1-833-kidney3. upper 50s down to theouth and temperates did cool. we'll make o way through the next coupledays. it will be a cold one. if you're getting outhe to do turkey trots, in bethesda, it will be cold one. 8:00 in the morning. coats,oa coats and.
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the windchills in the teens and 20s all day. continuing our coverage of the thanksgivin headline. if you're hitting the road,yo d better pack some patience. things not f much better those of you heading south. take a look in virginia near route 123. >> and people try getaway. >> yeah. it is not a pleasant situation here at the airport at the fment. a lot people are trying to catch flight. you can see the traffic is stacked up. the traffic to get to the terminal has been pretty abrut.
5:32 pm
trying to make our way around here and time it out. it takes 20 to three minutes. definitely a tough situation. >> it is a troubling trend 13 s destrians killed. >> just tmorning, a woman was hit while crossing the road gaithersburg across the street from the marc train station. >> well, that woman's name is lee jang. old.ears the 13th victim this year. there are only 11 victims last year. it has many people wondering, what has really changed? >> a lot has changed since the
5:33 pm
owned the restaurant. but the traffic has been a constant. >> all the traffic is bad in these parts. >> theixture of trains andca pedestrianmake moving around difficult. today it turned deadly vooflt-year-old lee jang was killed morning. it was only a matter of time before something bad edhapp >> the cars rushing topass. the people -- >> this man didn't feel like waiting for the train so he went around the stoparms. just as berp to introduce the sergeant, he spoke ave d who was illegally parked in the crosswalk. >> they shoot across directly across from the station.
5:34 pm
>> police are using surveillance video to determine whether he was at faul >> stoplights, cross signals and warning lights do not stop cars. make sur the cars see you and th'll stop. make sure they seeou as you cross the street. that's the they know that will keep you safe. >> she did ultimately talk to police and return to the scene. >> the white woman who admitted to calling a black manam a has retired. after the video of this inciden went viral on social media, the
5:35 pm
school system began an investigation. >> after it went viral, there werealls for her to be fired. now we've learned that she is retiring. this a the school system ceo is saying she wel change s things so this doesn't happen again did you just call myhu and the n word in front of my children? >> obviously i was not happy to see the video and know that was one of our prince george's puic school employees. >> the interim ceo is addressing this vid of her now former employee, aitting to calling an african-american the n word in aalmart parking lot last week. the video went viral and people were outraged after learning it was the librarian at the public school. we are a school grikt
5:36 pm
supports 90% children of coloe we don't h a place for people who do not celebrate and value that. >> news4 has learned that she retired. this after call for her to be fired. >> the person who posted the video told us she was shocked erat the woman taught children. >> you nev know who tse closet racists are. >> she is working with labor unnso provide training for all e ployees. >> our goal is from the beginning of this school year egd thening of the next, they'll have that training. >> we're told theibrian is now on leave until her retirement begins in december. she is no longerorking in the school. her retirement closes the door on any further discipline and she is expected toeceive her full state benefits. prince george's
5:37 pm
sharon baker's last day in ofce isn't until last week but he already has a plan of the he officially launched his foundation for alzheimer's. it is named after his wife who was diagnosed with an early stage form of dementia eight years ago and now has alzheimer's. the foundation has already raised $72,000 and baker plans to raiseore money. baker's last day in office is december 3rd. some give out your personal info.
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expert care for every new beginning. some cool new things to leeck out. they unv a new super heroes exhibit. it feares comic books, original art pieces, costumes too. it includes items from the tv show inhe 1950s. eat up on thanksgiving because you'll need all ofhat comfort food to keep yourself warm. get ready forl what w feel
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like the coldest thanksgiving in decades. >> we'll talk about why itill be so cold for our thanksgiving. notice this area of blue. this is a huge area of high pressure i canada that has extremely cold air with it. a cold front will move through our area wednesday night and that will dislodge our cool air, allowing to it move into our area as well. we're talking about an extremely cold thksgiving. parts of the northeast will be colder than parts of antarctica and alaska for thursday into friday. some of the larger close may have to is it out. it will be the coldest
5:42 pm
thanksgiving in about00 years. we're casting temperatures at 37 'sdegrees. th at midnight. we'll cool through the day. so we're comparing to it 1996 when we hit 35 degrees for a high. >> all right. thank you. a new quarterback for the redskins as theeam heads to dallas with firste place on line. how colt mccoy said he is handling the expectations.
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this is a look at the live map from flight aware.
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yikes! it looks like the fourth of july. big crowds expected on sunday as well as everyone tries to get home. >> you can't even tell where we are on that map. >> if you are one of those flying, don't expect to get out of paying to checkn you bag. >> here's a promise to help you conquer our packing problems. >> we are talking about rolling. it is possible. i ask my daughter and it is not possible for her. she has so manyoe as you know, some yarls have recentlypdated their fees are $25 to $30 for a checked so are some space saving you ng techniques to save some cash. >> probably with ten things i out.d have taken >> take a little less. >> if this sounds familiar, it
5:46 pm
is time maximizspace and learn to pack efficiently. >> the number one thing is to make a list of your esession >> include everything. documents your like passports. forget about a separate outfit for eachday. mix and match. three tops to go with one pair of pants and stick with three pairs of shoes. >> big things like shoes should go in the bottom. >> pack them toe to heel for stability. roll, don't fold. >> stuff your socks into your shoes. >> into your toiletry bag, too. save last. lay them flatn the top and try to use outside pockets for things like itineraries and computers. an one more important note. not all rrons are created
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equal. check when you bk your ticket. it don't want to have to check . >> te it out. >> you sit on it. it helps to smush it. >> still. >> there you have it. all right. >> hey,he skins are heading for a business trip on dallas. a chance to stay first place in the divisionh with s a big game on the line, players know they need to do their part to get this win.t >> c a great quarterback. a winning arterback.
5:48 pm
have a lot of confidenc with him. just find a way to get more. >> i didn't give him a chance. he knows the offense in and out. >> i'm thankful to get the opportunity to play.d i on get guys the ball. get adrian peterson going. spreadhe field. >> he is very familiar with the offense. he has been in longer than anyone so we have confidence that he can get it done. >> i like his competitive natu. >> he's made our team better.or >> rr: the redskins beat
5:49 pm
the cowboys once already this seems and they go for the sweep to stay in first place. from redskins park. news4. a big thanksgiving surprise for some deserving d.c. school kids. check them out. there are some newech gadgets. they delivered 75 laptops and 45 tablets. and they announced the sch l will get a makeover courtesy of e the team. each will get $100 for eve that. the money will go toward making improvements. boy, every student wanted to pat him on the back. that was the kinder, gentle r
5:50 pm
side. >> we won't have a sudden warm-up, will we? >> no. this is r realllly cold. we're talking about some freezing. they calls one of the busiest travel days of the year. look at that. that is the beltway. that's 355. this is the intersection over the 355 in the beltway. this is always one of the slow spots but this will be on the slow side the next couple hours. the outer loop loong a little
5:51 pm
better. 48 degrees now. 46, 7:00. going to about 39. going to be a chilly night. the mountains helping us get a little warmer. it gave us what is called down slope. it helps tohi heats up for us. we were about 15 on 20 degrees no rain. if you are traveling tonight, the onlypr lem,it ae snow. 33 in the afternoon. windchills in the 20s. freeway friday. and rain on saturday. a little more about black friday and your saturday. let's to go amelia. >> it will be a cold start for
5:52 pm
the black friday shoppers. you definitely want the puppy co , cold. we hit our high that with tremendous here's future weather. e green is rain and the pink is a chance for around the i-81 corridor, the shenandoahval, after that, we track a rainy day. make sure you bring the umbrella for rainy wave.
5:53 pm
going to be we're on areas south std it is just a rainy day.m getting into the attic and getting the decorations down. i'm going to back yards, front yards most of the timg looking at the best holiday displays in the area. u can go to the website to come look. >> .ok we'll make a few toys are on the
5:54 pm
consumer reports. the toxin in some sli products could be dangerous. and so far only one slime maker, kangaroo manufacturing, h responded saying its product responded saying its product does pass u. standards.
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i'm james brow meet my friends jane and maurice. she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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. the councilmember host the central veaway at the baptist church in anacostia today. some 1,600 residents signed up to receive a free turkeyhis year. a local man says he has a great deal to be thankful f this holiday. >> a local organization helped him rebuild h life when it was falling apart. >> he is thankful. >> i have to count mygs bless on thanksgiving i'm alive. >> he's seen it all. as a father and a civilian adviser to the
5:58 pm
>> even though i did not do actual fighting, i saw a lot. >> he spent 11 months out of the year in that country for nine years. >> it was a struggle to reintegrate into society. on to was ptsd, addic prescription medication. >> and i became depressed.te >> rep with you he found his saving hograce. >> whi friendsp place i wouldn't be here. r >>eporter: it gave him help with his srch for employment and stabilit >> humanity,io compass and grace. reporter: just days away from thanksgiving, they are adding to the friendship of the season having already given.
5:59 pm
>> he is one of the many success stsies. he sta his new job in the new year and for that he is thankful. now seeing the end of the darkness. >> no matr what happens in life, don't give up. keep going. take a live lookrom chopper 4. heading housands are out for the holiday. you are looking at the beltway in i-270 in bethesda. yoeecan she traffic is jammed in both directions. if you haven't left yet, consider sying put. experts say the bsest travel time is between now and 7:00.
6:00 pm
>> let's start out with adam tuss. how is it looking out there? the traffic is going at now about seven miles an hour. people are heading to the airport orp picking people out and about. plus, the cut through traffic. it is just absolutely alow roll. take a look at some drivers who say they are dreading this time of year.


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