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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 21, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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few blocks away from the friendship heights metro block. it's on the d.c./maryland lines. our justin finch is busy now on the ground gathering the latest information and we'll have that for us live coming up at 5:00. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. it's 4:30now. also at this hour we are getting spady for another busy day of travelially at our local airports. today is expected to be one of the most congested days of the year when it comfl to ng. obviously you see the highways there pretty busy. if you're up early to catch a flight though or if you're will wantt today, you to leave extra time to get to the airport and through security. luckilyeather shouldn't add any extra issues for travelers unless you are heading for florida, you want to bundle up. wouldn't it be nice t head to chuck bell for the storm team 4 forecast. chuck, not quite florida weather for us. no, not at all. welcome to minnesota. that's what it's go feel
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like around here in the next couple of days. here is good news. look at the national map. haly any inclement weather unless you're in far northern california. denver, dallas, chicago, detroit, atlanta, raleigh, no problems at all today. traveling to upstateew york and new england, run into snow showers. around here locally today, dry pavement and sunshine but gusty north wind. it will bechilly. cool, mid to upper 40s. we are talking about high temperatures barely above freezing. whole ten day forecastoming up. melissa? >> thanks, chuck. in bethesda closure here. western avenue and massachusetts avenue, that section. clos lanes blocked because of the fatal house fire there. some overnight could be there for some time. alexandria northbound 395 right
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side still blocked by the disabled vehicle. not really slowing things too much. beltway, nice and light here this morning. if you're leaving any time soon, everything is looking good. now i know a lot of folks you like to travel on wednesday, that is really, really smart. northbound 95 in maryland and southbound nice and clear. eun? >> melissa,hank you. yesterday morning we warned you osh hour traffic would be terrible becausethe mix of thanksgiving travelers and the commuters heading home. take a lookt thisvideo. it was pretty bad out there. this was bumper to traffic on the outer loop last night. as for today the work loads will be i-95 north and travel times could quadruple between 1:15 and 4:15 p.m. this afternoon. the biggest crowds will come today at the airports. aaa expects nearly 100,000 peoplerom the dmv will head to the airport. we're not expecting any bad weather, but you'll still want to check your flight status and
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arrive early. here's part of then why. this was the traffic just to get to the terminal ath,dulles. >> man. >> people were getting out of their cars and walking to the terminal becausehat was faste apparently. itook our crew 30 minutes to get from te toll e to the terminal. >> see, that will make you crazy. now to the warnings from the centers for disease control and prevention about the food that could soon be on your thanksgiving table. the cdc wants you to bef aware two outbreaks. the newest warning is the most serious. it says to stop eating romain lettuce, all of it, until further notice. that is because there is an e. coli outbreak that has made 32 people sick in 11 states. this comes on the heels abowa ings of salmonella in turkey. that has made 164 people sick and killed one person in 35 states this year. 4:33 now. here are our other top stories this morning. a university of maryland
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freshman has dierom adenovirus. he said his daughter became sick earlier this semester. her condition developed into pneumonia. they universays it has five other reported cases of that virus. the president has decided no further action will be taken against saudi arabia in the death of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. intelligence agents say the crown prince ordered khashoggi's murder last month. in a statement released tuesday the o president laid his position that economic deals and a good relationship with the kingdom outweigh the possibility the crown prince ordered the murder last month. we'll have more o the president's controversial position later on "news 4 today." rain is expected in northern califoia today. at is good news and bad news for firefighters battling the the rain could complicate efforts to recoverf remains o those killed. right now the deatholl is at 81 and this morning residents living near the woolsey fire, that's near los angeles, they're preparing f the threat of mudslides.
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4:34. three men will serve decades in prison for a violent silver spring home invasion. the incident happened back in august of 2017. a familyou of was held captive for 12 hours. all four survived but the throat of one of the victims was slassd. five suspe ranging from ages 16 to 26 posed aser pai and talked their way into an apartment. police say the family w targetsed because one of them worked a a check cashing business and the suspect wanted to rob it. the sentences handed down yesterday for the three men range between 40 and 50 years in prison. two otheras suspects in thee pled guilty to charges earlier this month. there is n a sixth person under arrest in connection with the death of makiyah wilson in the district. police arrested 25-year-old twanisha ramsure on nday. she was killed july 16th after four men jumped out ofar a and
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opened fire on a group of people in northeast d.c. four otherpl peoe including makiyah's 18-year-old sister were shot and wounded. o the march gun reform has turned into a peace prize. desmond tutuceresented the p prize. he said the stoneman students showed that children can me the world and compared their fight for gun law reform to other big peace movements. 17 people were killed when a gunman openedt fire a that school in parkland, florida, back on valentine's day. it's one of the biggestlr ris in d.c. sports. we are just one day away before the 'skinow andboys square off. right now the burgundy and gold prepare for their thaing game in dallas. in as quarterback. colt moy this will be the most importa
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game of the season. keep in min the 'skins beat the cowboys exactly one month ago. can't forget that. rit now the 'skin have a one game lead against their arch rivalsn the division. >> and the game kicks off at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. >> it's a big test for colt mccoy. a lot riding on his oulders. 4:37. coming up, trouble in toy land. they are gifts kids want but shouldn't have. we'll have a list of items you'll want to avoid when you start your holiday plus, she was the school librarian caught on camera in a racistrant. new details about her next when nighttime nasal congestion closes in, breathe right strips are designed to simply open your nose right back up. ♪
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fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth. unlike ordinary whitening toothpaste, colgate optic white has hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter! colgate optic white. whitening that works. you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. at 4:40 as you prepare to go shopping this holiday season, a consumer watchdog group is calling on parents to be careful about some toys. >> the u. public interest research group just released its troublen toyland report this
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year. it found big problems with a toxin calleboron in popular slime products. it say it' dangerous if ingested and can cause nausea and some online retailers are failing to properly label toys that might have a choking hazard including amazon and walmart. f at the ende day you shouldn't have to be a detective. you shouldn't have to worry that the toy you're giving a child might be toxic or daerous. >> year off year organizations come out with these reports and they'rilled with false andsl ding information intentionally to scare parents. >> weeached o to several manufacturers and companies listed in the report. so far only one slime manufacturer responded. they said quote, all of our products are tested and either meet or exceed u.s. standards, that's kangaroo manufacturing company. good morning, everybody. it is going to be a very clly
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trip to blacksburg if you're going down for the commonwealt cup. it's friday afternoon between virginia and virginia tech. yours truly still hoping he can find a ticket for this one. going up to morgantown game on friday that will be cloudy and very cold. more about our weekend fore ist whicludes at least a chance for some wier weather. for some wier weather. nt
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it's now 4:45. back to that breaking new in bethesda. two people have been killed in an overnight house fire. iey were foundide a home on western avenue, that's the road that divides maryland and dc. >> news 4's justin finchs on the scene with the latest for us this morning. justin? >> reporter: hey there, aaron, eun. the investigation underway at this time. the home behin a me, take look, completely charred in the front. we're talking about a 2 1/2 sto story home. you can see a pocket where smoke is still rising. hot spots are still being
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knocked ou as you mentioned, we do have two people who are dead in this fire, two adults we are told. we do have some pictures now of the aftermath oft tha fire. heavy smoke is showing from this home. we are told by montgomery county firefighters close to 1:00 a.m. they got a call from across the street of this home in a heavily involved fire. that is jt what crews found when they got to this scene. they attacked the fire from the outside and in the inside and in that search of the home inside they found those two adult victims. they tried to bring them out and revive them, however, they did a diea result of their injuries on this, just the day before thanksgiving. very sad to know that. but as of right now, crews here remaining on scene that most of their work in terms of fighting this fire is done. i did speak with the fire chief here's whame ago and he had to say. take a listen. >> crews were operating from the front. crews were operating from the rear in such a cord nate-- a
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coordinated fashion. they removed one victim and shortly thereafter found the victim and removed that one as well. >> and you can see just b looking at this home what a ferocious fight this was to knock that fire down. again, we do have two adults who have passed away. that is being handled right now as we speak. if you are traveli in the area, you might still find some closures around weste the 4900 block as this investigation continues this morning and, eun, aaron, a very tragic story. two people deadbe on the day re thanksgiving in a house fire here. the cautiose of tire remains under investigation this morning. we are live montgomery county, justin finc news 4. >> thank you. >> 4:47. right now the president is infl ida for the thanksgiving holiday, but before leaving he doubled down on his eight paragraph letter supporting saudi arabia. all as the special counsel received the president's written
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answers on the russia investigation and the new report services saying president trump had to be talked out of prosecuting political rivals hillary clinton and jam comey. >> news 4's susan mcginnis has been tracking the developments om capitol hill. she joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. the president had to be talked out of thisy the white house counsel. is is according to the "new york times" blockbuster report, you can see it today. he is in there talking about wanting the department justice to -- not just to investigate but to prosecute two political rivals, hillary clinton, former presidential director, former fbi james comey. now don mcgann w is the white house counsel at the time, he is gone, talked the president out of this all of this coming from a couple of unnamed sources in "the new york times." mcgann told him this could lead tons accusatf abuse of power and that could leave to impeachment action. that talked the president out of it and from ordering it, but we
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did hear, aaro eun, the president has continued to talk about this prospect since. >> suns mcginnis, thank you. traders on wall street are hoping for some relief when the markets open this morning. the dow jones fell more thanin00 yesterday erasing nearly all the gains for the whole year. the ndaq dropped 5%. te giants like apple and microsoft took hits along with retail stocks after target posted disappointing profits. this allft comes aer big selloffs last month over concerns about rising interest rates and trade tensions. right nowooolice areng for a man who exposed himself to a student on the university of maryland campus. the female student says this happened on mday night at mckeldon library. she and others chased after him but were unable to find him. police are reviewing secury cameras. a woman who admits to using a racial slur on video has retired from her job with the prince gorges county school system. the controversy is far from over though. our county bureau chief tracee
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wilkins broke this story on twitter and tells us what happens next. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who admitted to calling the african-american man the "n" word was works as an elementary school. now she has retired. sources iysthe schoolm say she's on leave and that ecretirement will take e in december. the school system was investigating this incident but sincre her rement, there's pretty much nothing they can do here in terms of discipline. she isxpected to receive her full state benefits, but now the school systemo will unde bias training after this event. the ceo telling us that she wants each employee to have training before the end of this school year, the start of next. in upper marlboro, tractracee wilkins, news 4. today the balloons that will be used in tomorrow's 92nd
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annual macy's parade will be inflated. >> it's going to feature 16 giant balloons and 43 novelty balloons. elf, pets,an fsy chocolate factory, the rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and flashy safari adventure. those are some interesting floats. sorry. parade organizers say they're keeping a close eye on the we based on the city's guidelines no giants character balloon will be operated when there are sustained wind conditions above 23 miles an hou on the parade route. coverage for the parade starts tomorrow morng at 9: right here on nbc 4. snoopy has been my favorite since i was a kid. my very vorite. >> i've never actually gone to that parade. >> me either. watche it on tv. >> probably better on tv anyway. >> especially tomorrow when it'n to be so cold to be standing outside. >> going out there for that parade tomoow, start putting warm layers on now. >> now. keep piling it on.
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>> super cold weather up in new york city for tomorrow. saw thisn my twitter feed. i'm going to retweet it as well. what you're loosng at a picture from nasa. that is the burn scar from theo y fire in southern california, all those brown areas there. just to give you a little perspective how big that area is, that's 152 square miles of burned earth. the entire district of columbia is only 68are miles. it's more than twice the size of the entire district of columbia that was burned in that one fire. that is an enormou burn scar. around here for today it will be breezy. it will be cold and it will be even colder tomorrow. right now 37. not much of a beze yet. those northwest winds will increase. as soon as the sun comes up this morning just before 7:00 a.m. mostte of the w suburbs below freezing this morning. that's the leading edge of the cold air.ow tomo will barely be above freezing for afternoon high temperatures. your planner for today, good get away weather.
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sunshine, breezy, chilly. look at how quiet the weather is coast to coast. los angeles, denver, dallas, st. louis, chicago, atlanta, all the major hubs unaffected by rainfall today. that's good news. what about yourhanksgiving planner? it will be cold all day tomorrow. owe sun will be out but the wind will be g. high tomorrow, only 34 degrees. that would make it the third coldest thanksgiving on record if that were the highte erature. we'll see. we might be warmer than that at midnight, but we'll see. the afternoon highs only in the mid0s. cold again on friday and rain likely on saturday. keeping a close eye on that, melissa. there could be a little sleet early saturday morning but it should not be a major issue. >> chuck, good to know. thank you, thank you. in bethesda, western avenue still closed between river roa and that's because of the fatal fire overnight. northbound 395 before seminary, that's the right side we have blocked by the disabled vehicle has cleared out of the way.
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inner loop and outerloop, no problems there as we zoom into d.c. 295 before malcolm right lane g by that work zone. aaron. 4:54 right now. there are some cool new things to see at the smithsonian americanistorymuseum. the museum unveiled a new super hero exhibit. it features comic books, original art pieces, movie and ha costumes that includes a superman costumewas used during the tv show in the '50s. also includes halle berry's costume. big thanksgiving surprise for some deserve iing students. >> caps players surprised them with some new tech toys. they delivered 75 laptops and 45 tablets to help kids learn and they announced the school will get a makeoverourtesy of the kids can fouation which was
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started by former player mike green. each caps player will donate $50 for every regular season win and $100 for every ploff wi that money will go towards making improvements at henley ementary. >> great idea. >> that wasn't the only good deed the caps did t check this out. the players posed for a calendar with se ver cute friends and the stanley cup. we're still reining champs. all for a good cause. proceeds go to the hometr ward ls animal rescue. here it is. the canine20 calendars are each. here's what they look like. i did notice someplayers, t.j. oshie, braden holtby, tom wlson and c olson have their own page. i was surprised ove had to share his page. ted that. e w >> he's trying to share the spotlight. the other thing that's interesting, we see these guys on the ice with all of their gear. >> yes. >> some of them are unrecognizable. >> in regular clothes? >> this is jay cob ranna.
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>> never heard the name before. d you can fhem on sale at home games and at the team's practice arena in arlington. >> puppies and hockey afternd and santa. >> yeah. >> it's like christmas is happening. >> it's diffent to see an athlete calendar and they're fully clothed. that's a little out of the ordinary. >> you know, maybe caps areo tryingell to families. >> that little graphic means we have to move llon. s ahead on "news 4 today," if you want to find the best deals on black friday, we have a repor you'll want to see. this morning, how to score the holy grail of prizes. are you deep frying your turkey? it's so good likethat. we'll walk you through it. we'll be right back. stay with us. >
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ews 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breakingnews, an overnight deadly house fire in bethesda. i'm aaron gihrist. >> i'm eun yang. the tragedy played out in the 's ciest gate section. news 4's justin finch just arrived on the sc ye. what c tell us? >> reporter: we can tell you right now fire crews are still looking for hot spots trying to tamp down while at the same time trying to figure out where and how this fire begaht that row at this hour is still not yet clear. when you see the home behind me here, you see the extent of damage here that is suffered overnight.
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it broke out close to 1:00 a.m. that was from a neighbor across the street. very here had to make a fast call to not only knock that fire down from the outside but also go inside and search for potential victims and iide they found just that, two adults. they tried to bring them out here into the front, friday to revive them but to no avail. we are told that both adults did pass away from their injuries shortly after being pulled outs from tome here. it's not clear if this happened as a result of cooking or fireplace or space heater. that is under investigation at this time. as you look live at the home perhaps you can see to the left there the pocket where you can see inside not only is that home gutted but there's still some smokeinside. again, crews trying


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