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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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zbrs news four at 6:00 starts now. >> and right now a 6:00 a day of thanksgiving and all the nickings served today with a side dish of cold. >> yes. >> i'm leon hair zblies and i'm susan hogan. we hit the temperature high at midnight and gone dounl from there. t not enough to put a damper on the day as family anden f came together to zbleev meanwhile, tomorrow is black friday. and that's the shoppingunlready r way. we have team coverage for you, starting with what expect in the forecast. >> our meteorologist in the storm center with the first look at the weather. happy thanksgiving, clay. >> happy a thanksgiving to yo to all of you that joined us in the washington area.
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it's cold everywhere you look, started out definitely inside the belt with and outside the beltway. normally we have warmer temperatures here in washington and to our east right now we have just dipped below the freezing mark at 31 degrees. annapolis usually warmer because of the bay. but temperatures at midnight 42 and thenrogressively colde throughout the day. out to the west temperatures in the 20s and with that as wetalk ab what to expect over the next several days and for yes, the coldest thanksgiving in quite a while, everyone. wind chills in the teens and 20s. but the key is the black friday forecast. i'll have that f you and more in just a few minut. >> all right, clay. thank you. >> thousands of people started thanksving braving the cold and burning off caloriesay tod >> all right let's do this. you've got this. >> you've got this. runners bundling up for the
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turkey kmas in bethese thda. is is a thanksgiving staple going back years. we talk to families across the dmv keeping the tradition alive despite the bitter cold. >> on a day when food and family warm our hearts, the mercury took a deep dive across the dmv area. >> it's leunseason >> pretty co. >>hether walking, working, or whatever this guy is doing, you felt it. >> w kept looking at the forecast appear said high of 30 and low of 20 that seemed unreasonable. >> it nearly ruined a 15-year tradition for the sisters who make it a annual affair. >> the coffee woke us. >> with the signature head gear it was off to the races. >> the two of us run and she leaves me in the dust. she breaks off at paul bakery and stops there. >> over at the national mal. henrik and carsonot a firm reminder the annual vacation
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took them out of the climate comfort zone. >> what was it like when youa. left ariz >> like 60, 70. >> across the river a similar story. most people dressing appropriately, some did noit >> it's ae bit miss reasonable. i could do with a ski mask. >> but for the buddies here the best way to warm up is get out and burn calorie. >> we're out building up an appetite trying to getgr hun here. got two thanksgiving lunches and for rs got to be hungry both. >> food, family and oh, yeah, football. it's what thanksgiving is made even if the weather made it feel a l more like christmas. corey smith, news 4. >> by the way, the district has acd the cold monk plan with overnight warming sheltero for who need a warm place. >> susan despite tr bit temperatures and high wind the annual macynk tiving day parade rolled through. the crowds went out and lined the seets seeing the marching
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bands and singers. and the famous giant balloons. strong winds forced them to the keep the balloons close to the tround. but that did dampen the mood. >> the atmosphere is nice even though balloons aren't that>> high. the floats are so cool. >> we thought it was going to be cold and windy and went and got long hnjo >> this was the coldest since 1901, the 92nd year the parade is held. beginning back in 1924. and celebrating family and prayin those who may be alone during the holidays. that was t message at the thanksgiving mass in arlington. people gathering at theed cathl. elling hop of arlington the congregation that thanksgiving is a holiday inn in which we come together to celebrate the changing of the seasons and share what we have with those in need. >> well the residence who survived that massive fire at the senior citizens apartment building we saw elier swriting what they have to be thankful
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for. this was the scene two months ago at the arthuapra apartments in d.c. flames ripping through the building. day a thanksgiving dinner for victims and families. news 4 reporte with the anthem on theho warmth welcomed t. >> the people having thanksgiving lunch in this room have lost so much but you wouldn't know it. they are truly thaful forhe chance to be with family and to see their neighbors again after a fire forced them from homes bertha crumble wouldn't have missed it. >> good. i'm living in the hotel right now. and i got someplace to eat. appreciate it. >> many of the people seated heret the anthem in southwest d.c. lost t erything, living the senior apartments that burned down in september. for many it was the first time connecting with former neighbors since the blaze displaced hundreds of residents. >> what did it mean to you today to see some of the residents. >> real warm inside.
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and i appreciate it. and i'm glad to see everybody. >> the apartment buildg owners teamed up with other groups to arrange the lunch to make sure residents had a good holiday and didn't spend it alone. >> what we did is called all of our friends in edgewood and the anthem and a bunch of landlords and got together to make sure this is a gre event. >> everything. >> they served up the traditional thanksgiving meal with turkey, stu aing all the trimmings. every single the resident was invited to attend in thanksgiving celebration and to bring their entire familiesnd ny of them did. and it took dozens of volunteers to make this all happen. ruth anne killian is one of eneoy. >> the pple are so friendly and so happy. >> four generations were represented in this family, all pporting dolores byrd also living in a hotel for now. >> just wanted to beere with all the people that we have gone through so much together. an there iso other place i would rather be than here
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sharing in the blessings that has been given to us. >> in the district, darcy spencer, news 4. and the owners of that apartment building tell us they hope to have it reopened before the end of 2020. susan. well your family may be chouing down on the turkey about now. but some people are getting hungry fck a b friday deal and heading out shortly. one place that just opened in the last fewminutes, the tanker outlets at the harbor. that's where which find jackie bensen. i guess the turkey hasn't had the affect yet. >> there are plenty of people lined up. these folks are waiting for the nike store which i can tell you looking through the window is offering 4 off in addition to other discounts. so you can see why people would be interested. you are second in line. tell me why did you come -- leave the house and after thanksgivie and ct here. >> i just wanted to come for my
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son so he just like very good deal. i always every othere came here and by some shoes >> 40% off is good. >> right. that's going to be a very good deal. >> tnk you so much. hopefully they open up soon. people- supposed to open at 6:00 people in line saying it's cold out here we'd like to -- excuse me like you to open up the doors. obviously these are getting a mp on black friday. i understand from the folks at tanker that this shopping center is open overnight all the way into tomorrow. that's certainly something quite impressive. and fully staled. i can tou the starbucks is just getting ready to open up. the cfee is going to feely ver good roubt. >> all right jackie stay warm and thanks. well president trump spending part of his thanksgiving day honoring the nation's service members. the president helping to handout holiday mealst a u.s. coast guard stationra in rivie beach, florida. thatal about a h hour away from his mar-a-lago resort where the fst family istaying.
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earlier in the day the president held a thanksgiving te conference to deliver a message to the troops. >> i say to our great, great warriors hello and happy thanksgiving. melania and i want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make to defend our nation. >> the president went on to address each military thanking members of the army, navy, marines and u.s. coast guard. >> the the touch of magic th a harry potter theme feasts. a hit with the troops especially ose who loved the movie. >> i'm a harry potter fan and i like how the command were serving. >> it's helping a bit. to make it through not alone. >> although there are thousand of miles away today's celebration certainly mad feel closer to home. >> good thing they didn't have to eat with a . wa
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>> right. >> or sit on a broom that would get messy. i >> it wouldnches a community comes together duringime of irreplaceable loss. >> some of those who lost everything in the wildfires in california are c findingomfort from strangers and a determination to carry on. > this here gives up hope, you know just we know that each other is here. none of us alone. >>eighbor helping neighbor. >> and a local feast that'sth about more just food. ahead, a labor of love meets the end of an era at food and friends. i'm shomari stone with black friday shoppers wrapped in blankets because it's cold. tthey're determined to deal. playing video games. playing video games. i'll l you ketno
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james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidneyo maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny.ja i'm mes brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learnnore about kidney donat visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney centerwk or call 1-833-kidney3.
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d.c. lice, firefighters and first responders all getting a warmale li mealn the job this evening. part of the 19th annual thanksgiving of the may flower even at the 4 season he is hotel. all afternoon a truck was parked outside with full of food. the crews wble a to stop by throughout the day and keep it moving. the event helped provide more than 5 meals to the d.c. public servants. >> across the country salvation arted its annual feast, volunteers from the cheese cake factory prepared meals. in our areaer they wered to
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people at the sermon avenue community cente in northwest d.c. omniing the trims and pumpkin cheese cake. >> and the d.c. non-profit food to friends offering a fee our area. volunteers delivering 700 cooked thanksgiving meals. our reporter went along on an early delivery. >> not just anyck delivery kno at the door. >> good morning. >> volunteer cindy stiehl hands hover a feast like no other to andrew tjones. >>his is such a blessing. >> he unpacks all the side first and then the turkey. >> oh, my d. this is the beauty of it all. and after living here 30 years not knowing whether age will kill me this year and then okay i'm really going to live. >> it's about more than food. longtime friendships aren the menu. that's why volunteers get up early to pack, ander del meals.
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700 dinners on this day. >> speaking of people who change the world i would like tood ine my successor, carrie. >> this one is also a bittersweet labor of love.ti lo executive director craig snyderman oversees his la holiday run, retiring after 23 years. >> this is hard i mean, this has been my life. jones the reason andrew says he too can keep going. in northeast, molette green, news 4. 700 today. but they deliver nearly a million meelts like that ery >> and we want to talk about something that we are thankful for and that is all of you who have helped us with our annual food for families effort. >> that's right. our goal was toak help m sure those in need this time of year have a good meal during the holidays. last check we are 20,000 short of the goal. >> but the good news le, it's not too late.
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$20 buys a turkey and fixings for a family senior or or veteran. >> you can search f for families number four in our nbc. washington you can make a tax ductable collecting re through sunday and you can check in. >> another thanksgiving tradition is football. but for a college student i meant more. a rhode isld football player donated bone marrow to a 6-year-old boy he didn't know. >> wow. >> six years ago they held the be the match drive. offensive lineman, patrick took a cotton swab test and learned this august he was a match. he didn't hesitate even though it meant missing the last two games of hean. >> you know, you really think of him in the back of your mind the enti k way,wing that if you can get through a couple weeks of recovery for his entire life then it will beell worth it. >> patrick says he willen ally learn the name of the
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child whose life he helps saved. >> is that humbling. >> yes. >> gifting up 20 bucks versus the bone marrow. wonderful people out tre. >> for sure. >> holiday shopping off to an early start. dozens of stores getting a jump on black friday. earlier today shomari stone met up with people who skipt turkey and went out for safgts. >> i'm wrapped in a blanket, chilly, here with the black friday shoppers what e are you doing. >> playing fortnite. >> playing video games waiting for best buy. they weren't the only ones here on thanksgiving we also went to anotr store. let's take a look. >> i shop every thanksgiving morning. >> joanne ray koulter is a die hard black friday shop sfleer you aays need a new purse. that's for me. >> she does the same thing thksgiving day every year. >> shop first at kmart then i go to work and feed the homeless
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veterans. >> she is not the o bargain hunter. look at these folks in line shopping on the hyped dayf the year. as most of you black friday is no longer one day. now you might ask, why these people at home cooking? >> my husband makes the turkeyl and the other stuff. i shop. and the deals are great. >>re ilers try to entice you with the deals. this place has 25% some items. a fine jewelry sale. deals on christmas trees. shoes, kitchen appliances. snoopy along withredskins, cowboys and steelers merchandise. some shoppers told me stores don't offer the best deal but others is a say they doen it's nice to get out. >> i'm. >> she is eating dinner later on and thankful for a lot including the station that works for. >> you i'm thankful for channel 4 news. >> oh, that's sweet. >> and i'm m thankful toeet shomari.
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i see you on the news. >> back out here at best buy, people tell me the hot item is the flat screen television. they hope to get god deals. good luck and happy thanksgiving. >> see what they don't know is that shomari travels with his fan club and go everywhere with him. that's no surprise. >> that's his mom. >> that best buy in rock hill is open unt 1:00 this morning. reopening at 8:00 a.m. for black friday. we have a full listing of the mall and store hours around the d.c. area. go to the nbc a washington and search black friday. meanwhile focusedn deals and crook are looking for oays to makeff with money. how local police are keeping you safe when you shop. and when will what can you expect when you head out the door to to
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now susan is therunner. >> i am. but i skipped. >> they have the turkey trot was there. >> you warm up pretty quickrt of. >> and make sure you have something over your head. >> right. >> you have the hat, gloves, gloves, hot. leon that's what you do.
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>> gloves ouhat. >> need more layers than that. >> that's true. and for thanksgiving in the washington area, one of the coldest in a long, long time across our area. but you know what good news. we will start to that you out over the next several days look at the evening planner outside now showing temperatures. dipped below freezing in the washington area. those in the northern and western suburbing you are saying clay we know tt. yes it's definitely cold outside once again but not bad though yocess. for the evening i are going out to visit and have the extra pie and desert it will be abouta 30 degrees 8:00 p.m. 10:00 tonight if you are out celebrating tempeuetures conto fall throughout the evening. midnight and the overnight win i chills asaid hat and gloves, because wind chills will be in the teens to 20s and temperatures, they will nb the 20s as well everyone. with that black friday, yes going shopping what will it feel like and look when i go out
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in 9:00 a.m. noon to four p.m. temperatures risetarting below freezing but by the amp you have a bag of goodies d andls and 40 degrees will be the temperatures. across the area as wsaid below freezing everywhere you. 25 in gagters burg.en annapolis coming in at 31 degrees. what should you wear? we talked abo that, whether shopping tonight or tomorrow, you know that favorite coas sometihat leather coat you enjoy that leather coat but you may want something that puts tha warm a insulation. the umbrella for saturday rain showers coming in. anda then s just keep the jacket. with that we talk about where the rain showers are coming from. theyoming from the west, earn, as you notice from friday into saturday the clouds do increase. a little bit of freezing prescriptionhe onther side of the river highlands but we show the rain move into the washington area by saturday. but it will be in and out as we continue on with the weekend. with that, the forecast everyone
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for the next several .da as i said keep an eye on saturday morning. 33 degrees in town but could be freezing precipitaten. . mperatures in the 30s here. and countries warm we will get through. >> thanks, clay. >> while this holiday brings many families together first responders have have to spend it apart from loved oads. >> just tonight, how the local firefighters honors those working on this day. also ahead right here on news 4, you think it's a big sales aracting the crowds here at tiesen's corn center. we will tell you wha
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>> announcer: you're watching 6:00. at all right, you know the tril. fter the caulkky and pie comes what? the shopping bag. >> yes. >> and the gift receipts, right. >> that's right. and some stores are already open d offering blackriday bargains. northerna virgi bureau reporter is live in the tyson's corps whereer sho are in search or a deal. >> or black friday p orid thursday whatever you want to call it. david you've been out there before. how do the crowds compare this time. >> you know leon i starts earlier and earlier. here we are inhanksgiving. blurring the loins clearly.
6:29 pm
shis is the thing about tyso corner. when you talk about brick and mortar and some people say they are seeing the end of brick and mortar. tyson's corner constantly approves against that. this brings the crowds. and they are able to refresh ithings and keep relevant and make it more of an experience than anything. th's what we see here. big crowds already, a lot of these peoe were here before the stores were hoep open perhaps trying to get out of tho . we can show you that as people making their way around the mall. when it's cold it helps to be indoors. they keep the experience fresh. the decorations are up. and we have seen for a good while. intereing talking to folks here. not everyone is out and about taking advantage of the sales. >> i'm waiting for dacyberm that's when the big sales are for clothing. this isy. but cybermonday is way better. you get like more than 3he off. >> i first walked in the mall today my first intention
6:30 pm
was buy.g stu and when i saw the line i was okay i'm just watching a movie get something to eat. wait until it cools down. the deals will stay going on all today and tomorrow. >> and so a good number of the folks we talked already hereju for the movies, the atertainment, the last guy says he is doingittle bit of the movies and then shopping. he has time too because it's op through the night on into the actual black friday which by the way is still several hours away into tomorrow. a lot of folks out here also eing heavy securitypresence. not only uniformed police haficers when we uncle call the tyson's you. team in fairfax county. you see mall security a then undercover police officers who will look like you and me regular shoppers susan a leen >> lots of extra shoppers means extra targets. >> i will out covering black friday. >> that's right. >> first thing tomorrow morning. yeah, may i defin the short straw. >> i'll be joining you too i'm
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sure. >> both of you get some sleep. >> exactlyhank you. thanks, david. this woke traffic as you know has been awful. that's why it's so important to make sure you have the full tank ofan gas. the secret service is making sure the credit cards are safe when you stop for gas. in a new operation they've made it ao mission find and remove credit card skimming devices stlauld on the pumps. . they canor snag ition get get it to criminals and they can pend your cash np now peshl agents work with local police to stop it. ande local pol are also trying to stay ahead of thieves who are targeting you. and if in fairfaxounty officers have been preparing for weeks for the holiday rush. they're warning you keep the wallet close,ecause it's a perfect time for pick pockets to strike. butny amousingly credit card fraud. counterfeiting and other crimes are a problemtoo. >> an actual iphone that would
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work but it not -- it's completely counterfeit. storede to try and fool a into giving them eitr another ipne or currency in exchange for this. >> and of course if you are going to the mall keep your bags and packages hidden inside your car. >> and an unconscious person was pulled out this townhouse today. firefighters rushed to blake lain and someoned reporpoke pouring from a window. on twitter the fire department said mattress was on fire. and the unconscious person was flown to the hospital we don't know their condition. in prince william county fire tearing through aom today in dunn fry. at news 4 viewers sent this video of the smoke as crews worked. this is and fair fooks fax and duke street. no one was home at the time. the cause of the fire still under investigation. as youaw there many sfoirsd sppd responders have to
6:33 pm
be away from families. today to show his appreciation. d.c. firefighteronathan tate drove to every fire station in d.c. to give enemy a free turkey. news 4's aimee cho rode along and has the story. >>s on a cool thifgt morning maybe a holiday jonathan is har at work. >> glad to serve the firefighters today. >> he makes his way to every rehouse in d.c. >> i want to show our appreciation. >> 34 of them. >> goerpg, good morning. >> to make sure ty get a fresh turkey and a huge helping of gratitude. >> happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. w y'all dooing. what's that home boy everything good? we thank you all for y'all's service and being here today. o pound a sweet pot cake. you have a blessed thanksgiving. we appreciate what you do for us ever gday. >> it'at for the department. great for us. and yeah, makes our shopping a little bit easier today. >> it's part of john's
6:34 pm
non-profit called food on the stove. >> we provided food and resources for firefighters to live a healthy life. >> his father was a d.c. firefighter who passed away after battling cancer and three heart attacks. >> that's important to me that another boy doesn't have a dad pass premature. >> he honors those who serve w. don't mind. >> on this thanksgiving day and every day. >> oh, sir, how you doing. >> in the district, aimee cho, news 4. and by the way, all of the food was donated by families and small businesses. tate says he hopes to expand next year and deliver turkeys to the fire arwhouses in myland and virginia. them.d for food and foo all. two big parts of thanksgiving. and let's talk about both in d.c.'s turkey bowl. ahead, the surprising discovery we made when asking the crowd about the mayor's recent
6:35 pm
comments about mumble o sauce. >> plus a showdown and shutdown, why president trump i turning up the heat on congress on plans to build a border waft. a cold thanksgiving we have a chilly black friday all the details of the forecast a the details of the forecast a areview of the weekend i an on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross.
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yes for less. football is a longstanding part of thanksgiving age tradition. in the district the annual turkey bowl decides the s publi hiool football championship. as news 4's markeagraves explains. thile therowd was talking turkey. were focused on another tradition. mumbo sauce. >> it wa a rematch of last year's turkey bowl. h.d. woodson facing baloo. itterd fought game in the cold. many on hand for the game were well aware of the mayor's
6:38 pm
facebook posting yesterday, slamming anoer d.c. tradition. mumbo sauce. >> if you are from d.c. you a g to knout the sauce. >> turkey bowl or the sauce which is a bigad are ion. >> turkey bowl. i hate to say it turkey bowl. >> noticeabl absent from the turkey bowl were the mayor mo tayed with her new baby and mumbo sauce even with all the fried fish and chicken sold we couldn't find the mumbo sauce. >> where is the mumbo wsauce. >> don't have it today. >> while theas mayor wt on hand, the councilmembers representing the neighborhoods lwre on the sidelines. >> it's aays love it's always love it's for the kids. >> it's the east end bowl, man. >> ather d.c. tradition on display today, the baloo marching band under the direction of this man, darryl
6:39 pm
watson, the past 24rs yea as for the turkey bowl played in the shadow of mumbo sauce controversy. >> i can believe with all the challenges we have for the district of columbia, the sauce has become the the centralssoint of discun. >> the game would go to over-theith h.d. woodsonop warriors on for the the school's 16th trophy. you were transplanted you become familiar with either the turkey bowl or mumbo sauce. >> last time they said the the tuce. t was from chicago. i don't get it. >> you don't become official until youet baptized with mumbo sauce. >> got it. >> make sure you get some. speaking of the turkey bowl game itself you'll recall last yeart woodson l because they had to play without 18 players who were suspended aft a fight during a game a week or two before that. today the woodson coach said the
6:40 pm
win here went a long way toward redeeming the team. congratulations. >> yes. a government shutdown could be on the wat presidump warning of the possibility today of congress facing a deadline next monthfu the federal government. the president says if lawmakers refuse to provideor moneyis border wall with mexico he may talks. budget >> could happen. yeah, over border security. the wall is just a part of border security. very important part probably the most important part. but could there be a shutdown? there could. and it will be about border security of which the wall is a part. >> so that border wall still a majortickingoint for democrats. and after winning control of the hous party leaders say they are even less motivated than before to meet the president's demands. a fight between a husband an wife in wood bridge turning deadly on thanksgiving eve. the wife is now in jail charged withde m crime scene tape still surrounds
6:41 pm
the ho. prince william county police say rene drake shot her husband after an argument. she is charged with second degree murder. no word on what the couple was arguing bo. nd a teenager is under arrest for a murder at a gas station in stafford tips came pouring in after the sheriff's office released these pictures ofct the sus and the get away car. they say 18-year-old jewels morgan killed someone after an argument at an eon station last sunday. now u.s. marshals caughtp with him in harrisburg, pennsylvania. also arresting 19-year-old charging him with being an accessory. ell for hundreds of families affected by a deadly wildfire in california, it is ything but a normal thanksgiving for them. ahead, how volunteers are stepping up to ser us a small slice of comfort. and unseasonably cold mperatures greet thelack friday shoppers here. friday shoppers here. clays
6:42 pm
james: t jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating herkidney to, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penn i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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chts if you spent any time outside today, you know it feels more lik christmas than thanksgiving. and this cold spe will be with us as shoppero head te malls friday.k but the weather didn't slow this tradition. runners in the annual turkey chase. >> great folks. >> they are. >> thanksgiving isn't over yet. butck the b friday shopping already has begun. thousands of stores are open tonight with the special thanksgiving deals. we found a handful of shoppers who spent the day waiti i in linef you believe that. find the full listing of store hour onhe nbc washington app. >> a warm mea o thanksgiving
6:45 pm
for victims of a apartment fire. the wharf welcome the victims of the arthur capper apartment. ma of the people you see seat tld lost everything. taking dozens of volunteering to make this happen. owners a ever thertment building hope to reopen before the end of 2020. > for most of this month, parts of northern and southern california have looked like this behind us here. ssive flames fro the deadly wildfires. >> that's right. the wildfires kled 86 people across the state. today volunteers prepare 15,000 thanksgiving meals. >> vikki gonzalez here with what a warm meal meant for those who lost weverything. e need nine, a table for nine. >> in butte county >> here you go. >> the turkey and fixings have a deeper meaning. healing from the camp fi. 's trau >> for about five hours i didn't
6:46 pm
know if my children were safe. it was the scareyest time of my . >> being sootinged with compassion. v >> i'my blessed that they're okay. and i will feel forll the families that are still missing loved ones. they're still missing. sorry. it was hard. >> and touchg generosity. >> and i'm thankful for everybody here. >> this fire department nourishing >> the teacher i work for lost everything. friends lost their whole home. it's just devastation everywhere. >> at a time of irreplaceable , lo breaking bread as neighbors. >> and that people that lost everything will give their time to us when they don't even know what they're doing next is very, very uching. >> proving gratitude is grounded by community. >> this right here gives up hope, you know, to not think
6:47 pm
about ourselves b thi about others and to come together, and just so we know tha each other is here. none of usbu alone. e county is a wonderful little community, you know, all of our towns together is just -- people don't see the beauty in our towns. it's a beautiful place. >> that was vikki gonzalezn reporting orville, california. 83 of the 86 pele killed in ie fires in california. weren the northern part of the state. three people in the woolsey fires in los angeles. here.reme weather out and here we are dealing with cold weather right now. >> we continue to be fortunate here on t east coast. we had a bit of snow earlier in the week. yes. >> then cold temperatures but otherwise for us, we should have a lot to be thankful for across the area. with that we say happy thanksgiving to you. pap thank you for joining us. outside right now yes cold across the area.
6:48 pm
but believe it or not warmer than this morning. we will talk ateut the eratures today. the high temperature for thanksgiving for after midnightc s. after that temperatures dropped and continued to drop right after that. so for that, 31 degrees we are z below fg here inside the beltway. we show you many areas into the 20s tonight. temperatures continue to plummet. which midnight temperatures will be about 23 degrees with wind chills in the teens. again shopping tomorrow morning you're waking up below continuing into the noon hour. but a dry friday, albeit cold with a high temperature in town close to 40 degrees. across the eastern thirdor lf of our nation. no rain except down in florida. for is dry across the immedarte . in town, again we show you radar, not a problem. no rain drops, no snow flakes to speak up fromnnolis to win chester. the temperatures continue, high
6:49 pm
temperatures- at midnight already in the 30s and then to the 20s. the change in 24 hos, 15 degreechange. we should be normally in the mid-50s across our area. future cast in motion, when will we see rhe nextnd of showers across the area? they're gradually moving in from the west to east. a dhans for a bit of sleet out to the west awos the highlands and high count but then the rain moves in saturday and as passes with warmer temperatures into sunday. the forecast for u as we talk about traveling, traveling weather for tomorrow we talkedem aboutratures rising near 40 degrees. saturday into sunday, sunday, a good travel day for the east coast process. after rain for susaturday. ay looks good. temperatures in the 50s. winds from the southwest. low temperatures above freezing. so more rain showers back to work, back to school, everyone. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, still below average.
6:50 pm
we have kohl spots here and there. but i think the body will g used to it as we make sure to wear the december attire, meaning, the scarf, gloves and hot as we talk about colder air as it moves across the area. even next weekend we warm up to 50. but notice the warm temperatures do not hang around. doesn't make much to drop us back to the mid-40s and down to the freezing mark again. so, guys,e do have kind of a roller coaster. colder roller coaster rather than warmer. back to you. >> all righty. thank you, clay. cong up. defense steals the show in today's first nfl game. les see how the bears did and the back up qb had the right moves
6:51 pm
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>> announcer: this is xfinity sports desk. the most important thing for most folks is. >> football, foon
6:54 pm
>> there you go redskins cowboys football to be spefb. and in action right now. colt mccoy making the first start with the season eing injury to alex smith. right now dallas leading 17-13. amary cooper. two touchdowns one interception a 53 yard td to vernon davis and a third quarter touchdown pass to trai quinn. now the bears playing in the first game today. also played the backup quarterback number 4 you see chase danl. he started in place of injured mitcll trubisky. his third krer start today but you wouldn't know a oeadyne touchdown pass. here is another, 4 yards. lions taking a lead. daniel passes for two touchdowns no interception as help from tfense. . ndide at 16 with mat stafford
6:55 pm
going back a intercepted by eddie jackson taking it 41 yards to the house. the pick six put chicago up 23-16. this group ves celebration. >> love it. on stafford though he is seeing the celebrati in the nightmares becau on the next tie. going for the intercepted by virginia tech hokeky fuller bears win the fifth straight 23-16 the fin there. the 49th annual turkey bowl here in our tone h.d. woodson and the black and. first quarter baloo aaron penny to the end zoneed deflecto the hands of anthony martin. nice to get on the board first. this game goes to over-the-. and in o.t. woodson's christopher roberts would not be denied. picking up. 17 yards laertd warriors ahead. the defense feel the win with then intercept as hd wins
6:56 pm
18-12. that comes as revenge after a loss to baloo last year in the turkeybo wl, a game ou might recall 18 players wereus suspend be of a fight the week before in another game. here is coach greg fuller with our reporter afterwards. >> looking at last year's agam ittle bit. we got the respe. the 18 we lot hurt ust they had resilience. ogey cameether. keep working, the developing young man that's what it's about. making the young men accountable to society. >> never give up. the redskinsan playing on giving but no doubt feasting after the game or perhaps when they return from dallas. before the tea left sheri burruss talked with the players and the favorite foods. >> my go to isams.
6:57 pm
yams always good. >> big turkey guy. >> no, no turkey i don't care about a turkey. >> who do you think would be the funniest guest h if y them over for thanksgiving. >> ryan anderson for sure. >> ryan aerson. he can -- he got a lot of a loty jokes that a lot of people don't understand. but i'm -- i'm -- i'm from down ere so i get -- i know a lot of stuff he is saying. tinds. >> who would you have to kick down to the kid table because of misbehaving. >> that's a good question. >> zach brunn. zach brown. he definitely probably has to be burped down. >> probably zach brunn. >> zach. zach for sure no question. >> i am most thapgful for the life, ful people in my that inspire me to be better. >> family, friends. got a little girl on the way. i'm very thankful for that. i might give you hard time but trust me every moment that i'm inhis locker room and i have the opportunity to talk to y'all i enjoy it because you know it's just another day just
6:58 pm
living out a droem as i always say. >> right now they are living out a nightmare just late work now just gave up 90 yards a touchdown play from dak prescott to amari cooper, the skins dow behind by two touchdowns. the nfl on nbc tight falcons and saints. news 4 follows the game and sheri wl beive from texas and the reaction of a the game against the c tboys hopefuly put it together. >> we know what you can do when you -- you ever loseour day job. >> not going to happen. not going to >> he was into it. he was like do this. n sherri isecause w here toing it i'm doing the same thing. >> all right. >> all right folks. >> happy thanksgiving to all of you we sur hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day. >> we are thankful youhose to spend it with us. stay tuned here nightly news
6:59 pm
starts in 60 seconds. >> and we will see you at 11:00. >> take care.
7:00 pm
tonight, giving thanks and taking heat. the president draws controversy this thanksgiving by authorizing troops along the u.s. mexico border to use deadly force to stop migrants, if necessary. >> if they have to, they can use force. >> the question tonight, is it legal? holiday , more than a million people turn out to celebrate the macy's thanksgiving day parade despite record cold temperatures. how long will the bitter blast last? shoppers hit the stores and web to find n eep discounts what's expected to be the biggest retail season ever. what should you buy now? a missionary is killed. the keys tlivi


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