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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 25, 2018 8:00am-9:00am EST

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it would be a terrible mistake. >> really warms our hearts. >> make sure that you're not buying any romaine. >> i got here at 4:30 a.m. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this november 25th. i'm willie geist. i hope you had a great vi thanksging. as you head out on the roads or airport, you may face nasty weather. there are winter weather w advisorih some areas forecast for half a ft of snow. dylan will have everything you need to know before you get going >today. >>plus, president trump claiming victory on a new immigration policy.
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the president declaring that migrants seeking alum in the united states will have to remain in mexico while they wait for a court hearing in the u.s. it would be a major change, but has mexico agreed to the idea or not? we'll sort it out with chuck todd just ahead. and later, a sunday sitdow with hugh jackman on a career that spans "wolverine," "p.t. barnum" and now a real life politician as we pull back the curtain to revl the real hugh jackman. >> people talk about you as the nicest star in hollywood. isn't that just a facade, hugh? >> i'm ready to breaksi the nce now, willie. can'tlay "wolverine" without having a little bit of that inside you somewhe. >> a sunday sitdown with hugh jackman and harry smith andhe an life well lived all later in the show. let's begin with the end of the lonin thanksg day eather and the major
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expected to impact tens of yollions of dylan is tracking all of that for us. good morning. >> today is not only the end of a long holiday weekend, it's the busiest day for thanksgiving travel an estimated 54 million americans are traveling 50 miles or more this mofing. most you are heading home today. you should definitely plan on giving yourself extra tim for the trip back. there's also some pretty nasty weather to contend with and 29 million people from colorado to michigan are dealing with wintry weather today. this was the scene out in colorado yesterday when i-70 was shut down because of a 20-car pileup near frisco due to the snow. we could be seeing a similar scene today,th especially in e midwest with more snow on the way. that also means bad news for air travel. you can see the i scenethe skies right now thanks to flight are's live flight tracker. that's all the planes in the sky as we speak. alreadyts256 fligh have been canceledno and aer 235 have been delayed and it's mainly
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because of this s moving into the midwest.e not only areeing heavy snowfall, but winds have the potential to gust up to 40 miles per hour. that will create whiteout nditions on the roads and it will reduce visibilitygreatly. we have last night's rain. that system is continuing to move throu w new englandh snow through down east maine. it's this zone right in through here that includes southern wisconsin, kauchnsas and nebras where wel see snowy weather and gusty wind. that will naturally createt delays the airports especially for minneapolis and st. paul. this zone i here could see significant delays but even atlanta as the rain mov in, we could see delays there. if you are traveling today or icanning to travel on i-80 from omaha to o, i want to tell you right now your best bet is to wait until tomorrow because it is going very, very dangerous on the roads. i-35 from minneapolis to oklahoma city looks pretty bad. we are going to see the poss ility of whiteout conditions.
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it's an area you might just want to avoid if you can today, willie. >> another day inside with the family for some folks there. dylan, thanks very much.'l get to the rest of the country's forecast in a minute. meanwhile, president trump d iseclaring a done deal on a new policy towards migrants seeking asym in thenited states. the president tweeting overnight that the migrants would have to remain mexico while awaiting a hearing in the u.s. it would mark a change in policy, but the incoming mican administration says there is no deal yet. nbc's white house crespondent kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president in florida. she's near his estate in west palm beach. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the president appears getting ahead of himself using his twitter feed to try tose publicly che deal on this immigration plan, but the trouble is the newly elected mexican administration doesn't come into power until the first of the month. white house officials tell me that the negotiations on this are still going forward but president trump appears to be trying to put pressure on the
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new mexican president before he takes office. the president's fury over immigration. >> we're not letting them come into ourun cotry. >> reporter: could soon up end rules for asylum seekers in a major change to immigration policy. officials say the administration is negotiating withmexico's incoming government to house certain migrants who seek asylum protection. turday night the president declared on twitter, migrants at the southern border will not be allowed into the united states until their claims are individually approved in court. all will sy in mexico. the president cplains that asylum is too often abused by some who do not qualify. >> the alum system makes a mockery of our immigration system. >> reporter: president wants to change policy that has allowed asylum seekers to wait inside the u.s. while their case is moved through the courr. afte he made caravans from
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central america an incendiary campaign issue, the president sent signals about this plan tuesday. >> i appreciate what mexico isg do they can do more, but i appreciate what they're doing. >> reporter: u.s. officials caution that legal and operational details must still be worked out. n mexico's president takes office december 1st. saturday the incoming interior minister denied any deal was made. the president repeated his threat to lock downou theern border if necessary. >> we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. >> reporter: so what difference would a week make if the new mexican administration come in until december 1st? well, then i give you tuesday. there's act runoff en in mississippi and this morning the already tweeted about his trip to two placesn mississippi tomorrow to campaign for the republican candidate there and the first thing president trump mentions about cindy hyde smith is that she ih ton the border.
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willie? >> kelly o'donnell traveling with the president in florida. thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director and of course moderator of "meet the press." good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's t tk first about new asylum policy. there's first the question of whether or not mexico is going to go along with this idea. we can puthat to the side for a moment but for a president who started his campaig on june 15th, 2016, talking about immigrationrom the beginning. isn't this just a piece with the border wall, car a vans and separation policy. this is his issue, immigration? >> reporter: it absolutely is. i wouldn't set this asid p if thesident is able to get this deal with the new mexican government, this is a -- this is not a small deal for him. that's a big win to get mexico's cooperation in some of this. it certainly could hp alleviate some of the burden that falls on government -- on u.s. government agencies to deal
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with these folks they're here. he would perhaps preclude need for that child separation policy that they put in. so i will say this, if he is ablect to const some sort of deal that keeps asylum seekers mexico before their court date, that's probay the most significant policy victory the president would have had on immigration t, date. >> there's no question about it. i meant set to the side about wh mherico is going to go along with it. this week there were several episides, several its where the president was contradicted by his own people inside the administration. >>right. >> and at different agencies across the country. first contradicting the cia's apparent conclusion that the crown prince of saudi arabiaas behi the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. the president got into a debate with the chief justice and also wondered about climate change just a couple of days before 13 federal agencies cameut and
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said, the problem is urgent. which of those three strikes you as the mostt? signific >> reporter: well, look, they're all significant in different ways. i guess t the factt chief justice roberts felt the need to respond to him makestt thek on the courts most significant, but, willie, i'm taking a step back here and looking at it from this perspective. the president still is not acknowledging the voter rebuke he received in the mid term elections, right? you look at previous presidents, president obama called what happened to him in 2010 a shellacking. president clinton pivoted to prepare for h re-election. this president is not acknowledging any voter rebuk and ifnything is doubling down on the same things he's been doing that led to tha suburban revolt in the first place. attacking institutions, going after the, a you know,rican institutions like the cia and backing authoritarian leaders like the crown prince in saudi
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arabia. i think a lot of thiss if you're a member of the republican party hoping these elections would change t president, you've got to be panicked now because it's clear nothing is going to penetra this president and get him to change. >> the mid terms, chuck, aren't over just yet. on tuesday we have the runoff election. the president is tweeting about it today calling the republican cindy hyde-smith quote, an mtstanding person. she has hady bumps in the evad, let's put it that way, in the pastal weeks. does a democrat mike espy have ? chan >> it's unlikely. mi's a state very polarized by race. espy, the one-time agriculture secretary for bill clinton, a political legacy in that state. his family has won. he was i think the first modern day african-amectcan e to congress there when he was elected in the early '90s. you know, there hasn't been the sameng galvani around his
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candidacy as you saw around stacy abrams or andrewgillum. that's why in the back of my mind i'm thinking he's going to struggleo get over 45. something has been missing in the galvanizing. he has not wanted to be as racially polarizing. >> the president will be there tuesday in mississippi to try to close the de chuck, thank you very much. we'll look for much more on"m t the press" when chuck discusses a president on the attack with elija cummings andp ican senator mike lee. more than 17 years after the attacks of september 11th, americans still are dying in afghanistan. department of defense announced on saturday the death of a u.s. service member there without yet giving details. according tose the def department, at least ten u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistanhis year and more than 2400 have died since the war began. just thiin mo some big news for great britain and europe. this he have agreed t approve
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british prime ministersa may's brexit deal. it would allow the e.u. to leave brittain. after the vote they called it a anl did i tragedy. prime minister may has to win over a skeptical parliament to approve the the texas a&m aggies are celebrating in knocking off the tigers in a 74-72 thriller. they were playing football. texas a&m tied the game atd the enf regulation and then tea two tms traded scores to t remad through six overtimes. finally in the seventh overtime the aggies convert on a walk-off two-point conversion for, once again, a 74-72 victory. and dylan is back now with a look at the rest of the that's a lot of points. >> didn't ohio state get 62 points yesterday? >> on michigan, the most they've ever scored in that rivalry. >> what's going on? >> rivals.
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>> we do have this storm i want talk about in the midwest. heavy snow is falling and it will only get worse. we have blizzard warnings in effecten pur here. 29 million people under some sort of winter weather this will move into the chicago area. at first it was looking like chago would be on the line. now it's looking snowier and we could end up with four to six, maybe eight inches of snow across the midwest. now here's a peek out your window. finally we are warming out there today. plenty of sunshine outhere today and temperatures in the 50s. the rain returns tomo uow, we'll pi a quarter of an inch. tomorrow morning's commute could be on the swery side and we dry out tuesday and wednesday as st get more sunshine in the area. l frozen icy issues, especially around spotsylvaniata county andord county. you're dealing with that andog this morning but otherwise not too b
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and that' your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. straight ahead, the highs and ws of the week including thanksgiving in the middle of the worst wildfire in ndcalifornia's history the famous shelves wd ban together to make a feast there. plus, a big college rivalry falls to the way side as a marching bandlays the ponent's fight song in a show of support after a terrible accident. and later, a stunning trip to the front lines of the syrian civil war wre one group is in a life and death fight to save the relics of the shattered country's past with the help of a pro back here in the u.s.f >> a these are part of a much wid and greater history that represents us all. it's all coming up on "sunday today." a brand new version of an old favorite as tom the turkey leads the way at the 92nd annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new y
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8:19 am
special thanksgiving feast for thousands of people whose lives wereeft in ruins by the wildfires in california. stille the rain, it's burning this morning although it is vomtually cetely contained. the camp fire has claimed more than 13,000 homes since it began the sweep across northern california two and a half weeks ago. that means many families without a place to gather for thanksgiving. enter chefs jose andres, guy fietti and tyler florenug. th the world central kitchen, 100 shelves and nearly as many volunteers cooked 15,000 meals for fire victims and first responders. former california governor arnowa arnold senegger came by. it's a group they've dubbed chefs for california in toreswildre >>'mpo tnk rfules for everynsth that the c tmunity has done reach out to us and to help us in our time of need ando share
8:20 am
what they have. to me that is the biggest blessing that i've ever seen and the most amazing form of love that there is. >> hats off to first responders who got aes meal theyved and to those chefs. jose andres rushed into puert rico and served meals for months there too. our next high goes to the unlikely friendship that began by mistake but keeps growing. you may remember two yrs ago told you about wanda dench and jamal. nda mistakenly included the phone number of a complete jaranger named l. he posted the exchange on twitter and asked who was texting him. wanda replied, your grandma. after she sent a photo and said, you're not my grandma. can i still get a plate tho? she quickly said yes. ajamal, wanda her family had a lovely thanksgiving together i at their hom mesa, arizona. we're happy to report the traditioncontinues. r a third straight year now
8:21 am
jamal had thanksgiving at wanda's place. he posted photos of the two ending the holiday together and added a heart emoji at the end. i love that story and i love that it wasn't a flash in the pan. >> i wonder if she keeps inviting him or he shows up? >> he's part of the family. >> our next high goes to the cougar marching band act an of solidarity with the school's biggest rival. on friday the washington state football team was knocked off at home in a blizzard by the university of washington huskies in the annual rivalry game known as the apple cup, but the game was not front and center in everyo on thursday a bus carrying the hus husky's band flipped on the highway sending 47 people to the hospital. luckily no life threatening t injuries but band couldn't make it to the big game so the host washington state band got together to d the previously unthinkable, to learn and play its rival's fightsong, "bow down to washington."
8:22 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> the cougar band learned the song the afternoon of the game and played it before. theto university of washi tweeted thank you for putting rivalry aside and showing your . supp classy move by washington state. >> our final logos to a daily affirmation from snoop dogg. snoop received the high honor of a star on the hollywood walk of fame this week. the h-hop star is one of the greatest and most influential artists of th last 25 years and that fact is not lost on snoop. >> i want to thank me for believing in me. i want to thank me for doing all this hard i to thank me for having no days off. i want to thank me forever quitting. i want to thank me for always being a giver gnd trying toe more than i receive. i want to thank me for trying to
8:23 am
do more ronht than i want to thank me for just being me atllimes. >> for being me at all times. amen, snoop. he did thank his family, fries,usic partners before getting to the real hero who of course is snoop. >> howften do we thank ourselves. >> it's true. >> we put in a lot of work. >> he's -- everything he said is correct. congratulations. >> good for him. coming up next, a sunday sitdown with hugh jackman on the latest role and a superstar career that has him playing former presidential candidate gary hart in the middle of an infamous scandal. later "bon appetit's" latest accolades and it drew harry smith. dylan and i willou answer strange questions. send your best and weirdest
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s goodday morning to you, i'm david culver. we'll start you w offh work
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week work on the metro. this is happening after the holiday weekend. this is important if you're riding the yellow line in particular, shutting own for tweks. repair crews will be working on the bridge over the potomac ver, the blue line will pick up the slack and take you from the anconia-springfield and the huntington stations. the shutdown will last until december 9. happening in just a few hours in the district, the lights are set to go on for capitol hill christmas tree. the tree lighting was rescheduled due to some b weather. it's set to start at 5:30 this evening at the northeast part of the eastern market metro plaza. there will be hot chocolate and doughnuts, holiday songs, thosee courtesy of washington youth choir. choir. we'll have a check
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some messy weather for some yesterday. lauryn ricketts, some may have eo deal with severe flooding, too? >> had flooding that was ongoing yesterday afternoon where everybody received almost an inch and a half of rain. still some flo warningsut there right now. but most of that should dry out today. look at that temperature, 57 degrees. now enjoy it, we'll be in the mid-50stomorrow. we have rain and drop into the 40s as we head into the middles part of t week. still the 30s and 40s right now. icy spots on bridges and overpasses. be careful. if you're decorating later this afternoon, this is the time to do atit, throughout the afternoon. it will be beautiful with temperatures in the mid to upper
8:30 am
50s today. here's your flood warnings out there. be careful. david? >> lauryn, thanks. we have 90 min ♪ ♪ ♪ that is hugh jackman as med ring master p.t. barnum in last year's monsterie hit m "the greatest showman." jackman personally lobbied skeptical hollywood studios to ge film made. his instincts were good. "the greatest showman" has $400 million at the box office. this morning two different versionsref the sound track at the top of the itunes chart nearly a year after the oscar-nominated movie came out. hugh and i got together here in
8:31 am
new york f a sunday sitdown to talk about a year that startedh with greatest showman" and to end with a performance that has awards season. around eo pple talk about you a the nicest star in hollywood. n'is ttt just a cade, gh? >> totally. i'm ready to break the silence w, willie. ahhhh. can't play "wolverine" without having a little bit of that inside you somewhere. >> hugh jackman is a man of many talents. he can make you laugh almost as well as he can fight like a ripped super hero or dazzle as the leadi sonan and d man. in his latest film "the front-runner," the australian e rn actor finds himself in center of another circus, american politics. >> start with the shoulder in a little. >> name is gary hart, i'm running for president. >> jackman pys gary hart, the
8:32 am
charismatic former senator considered the leading candidate in 1988. >> hart is getting aot of attention. >> hart is considered to be the democratic front-runner in the campaign. >> until reports of an extramarital affair led him tow draw from the race. >> i didn't know much about the story. i was on a gap year ru predominantly in 1987. as soon as i read the script i was like, wow. >> senator, did you hav sex with that woman? >> you can't be serious. >> i know full well what my responsibilities are. >> how did we get here? how did we geo this pola polarizati polarization? how did we get to this media coverage? this three weeks of politics in 1987 is very telling. >> to prepare for the role jackman visited hart in colorado. >> i was nervous because i had never played someone alive who i know is going to sit down and watch the film. >> w p there anyt of him that said, must we d dge this ain? >> i'm sure part of him would
8:33 am
love the world to know kind of what reaappened at the same time bringing it up is l.pain in the end the you, me, story,dy watching our who we are, how we are eemembered is probably one of the most valuahings to us, you know? >> as for his own story, jackman may be remembered best for "wolverine" the clawed mutant he's playe in nine x men films. >> what kind of monster are you? >> the wolverine. >> but his r turn asing master p.t. barnum in last year's smash hit he greatest mashow" has given the marvell mutant a run for its mone >> i get stopped by a lot of pele for "wolverine" but all of a sudden i was getting young kids and their parents stopping me about showman and also my mates. my mates in australia, they were like, this is the best everything else, terrible, but
8:34 am
this -- it has been beyond any expectation i had. i tooknspiration from barnum and i used to constantly say to myself and to th h team, wee to believe in this fully. believe we're making movie that speaks to everybody and music they're going to love. >> jackman has been honing those vocal chords since he was a young boy growing up in dney, australia. amelot" for the school concert. i was 6. the song ♪ ♪ burning camelot that main song. i putn a cardboard crown and about halfway through the song thearoard crown fell down to here. and then i heard this mess of ughter, then i suppose in your dna you are either someone who freaksut or you go, all right, this is cool. i'm the latter. >> the showust go on you learned that at 6?
8:35 am
>> right. right. >> jackman followed that passion to graduate school. he was opposite an actress namea de lee ferness. meetingw two weeks into deb that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. >> just fou weeks after meeting jackman proposed. they married the following year and have two children together. hi>> isn't there som to be said foreeting someone that early in your career. >> i was a nobody whenhe fell in love with me, you know? so in the end what do you want om your life partner? you want to be fully seen and you want to be able to fully see them for exactly who you really are. deb and i hadhat from the beginning. >> even as movies made jackmanol hod name, he continued to stage. to the in 2004 he won a tony award for the musical "t boy from oz." then in 2012 he scored one of musical theater's most
8:36 am
prestigious roles in the film "l "lesmiserables snm." it earned him an oscar nomination. >> that's one of the great parts ever written and i was very nervous to play it. i almost pulled out. >> did you,ly re >> yeah. i had a feeling. i was like, i don't think i can live up to thisbe i rem confessing this to my wife and she said, good. if you don't havehat sense of doubt or humility about playing the role, then you're not the right person to play it. with , all right, i'll go that. >> so, hugh tell me about "laughing man" where the idea came from >>ne second. if you can walk a few -- >> he's moving, he's moving. >> beyond the blockbuster movies, hugh jackman also is famous for giving back. 2011 he gco-founded laugh
8:37 am
man coffee, a philanthropic coffee company whose proceeds go to programs that ben it fair trade farmers in africa. >> i am an idactor. it bring a wallet. maybe you brought some money. >> should we do flat wise, mate. >> very good. >> ver good. >> to be able to have this platform is amazing. as soon as i'm notfamous, you know, bring in chris. hugh's movie "the front-runner" is in theaters now. utthanks to america tribeca restaurant for hosting you learn more at laughing man to hear hugh respond to some ribbing given to him by hisya buddy reynolds, check out our web extras at
8:38 am a go back and forth. don't forget tobe subsco the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the entire unedited podcast with hugh jackman. and nextweek, a sunday sitdown with oscar nominee benedict cumberbatch on his affinity for playing real life characters. his latest holiday role as the grinch and, yes, that stash he's wearing. benedict cumberbatch o "sunday today." dylan and i will answer your questions. use sundaytoday on fatwitter, cebook and instagram. we will get to as many as we can. dylan isth back with a look at the weather. >> hey, willie. we arexpting whiteout conditions. this area in deeper red. that's where we could end up with six toht inches of sn
8:39 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. we'll see you in just a minute. next on "sunday today," the
8:40 am
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8:42 am
some of the brave people there and here in the united states trying to save the country's history. >> reporter: damascus, the world's oldest city. home to some of its mostus precio historical sites. the grand mosque, once a templ to the god jupiter, shows its roman roots. legend says the remains of st. john the baptist are buried here ein what was a cathedral. these sites remarkably untouched by war but all around thisnc regionnt cities and monuments are under threat like never before. we traveled outside damascus to palmiera, an ancient economic powerhouse where traders from the east and west would meet, arabs, greeks, persians, christians, jews, romans and pagans. this was palme ria, this is how
8:43 am
it l today. they made headlines in 015 when isisinvaded, killing locals, destroying its heritage. managed to escape with some of the pieces but his father who dedicated his life stayed. his glasses are all that, rema his son told me. isis killed him. his body disappeared. the damage to the city he loved was monumental. ancient arches toppled. the sites most famous temple blown up. this is what the temple of bellk used to l like and that's the temple now. on the arch is still standing. and it's not just here. there are similar scenes across the. regi in yemen the 11th century old city of sana'a bombed. in iraq 3,000-year-old freezes and sculptures gone.
8:44 am
afghanartan , blown up by the taliban. unesco lists 50 sites in danger around the world, all six in syria. 3,000 miles in portland, ohio, a history professor heard a cry for help. >> this damage was just inongo and relentless and these helleagues, friends, local people from t own communities were reaching out to anybody who would be able to answer them and say, okhey, what can i do to step in. >> reporter: a sian opposition activist started a group called the day after whosedv workises people in war zones how s toe ancient treasures from bombs. at this museum in idlib syria they've saved early christian mosaics from three bombing raids,sing nothing more than sand aags. the guys going out rking their lives almost every day.
8:45 am
>> the group is currently overseeing tenprojects. the hope that through small grassroots efforts t world's culturale heritan be protected from palmeria's fate until the bombs stop falling. >> all of these are part of a much wider, much greater historr thatresents us all. >> for "sunday today," kelly cobiella today, palmeria. thank you so much. next, harry smith goes foraging through theh oklahoma woods w the chefs at the surprise hottest new restaunt in america. >> wow is that good! and later, a life well lived. lived. the oldest american survivor
8:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low-tracking litter, your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh. one of the brutal realities of the restaurant busess is at a single review can make you or break you. when that review is in the pages of the famed "bon appetit" c magazine i change your life. in our sunday closer, a visit to n appetit's" best new restaurant in america. aan resta called none such
8:49 am
where you have to be harry smith to get a table. here. is so pretty back in an unusually damp oklahoma autumn has filled the forest with fungus. what o earth these? >> those are woier mushrooms. >> these are the most of these we've found in a while. >> the chefs are teaching me how to forage. >> can we eat them raw? >> you can. >> i don't hea much enthusiasm. >> but the real treat this morning comes from the 'some wood tree. >> give it a shake. >> this is a persimmon. wow is that good. so nice. >> wahoo. >> stringer and wolf are theow key opposites of what we often think of when we think of chefs. oklahomans who did not go to culinary school. they are self-taught savants.
8:50 am
zealous proponents of all things natural and wild. >> purple basil. >> we love to cook, taste it with modern food. we love to eat this way so it was like why not bring it to oklahoma cty and see how i goes. >> anybody tell you you were nuts? >> oh, yeah. >> the guys were killing it, restauranteur and entrepreneur todd woodruff came to eat. >> i went rushing back to restaurant the next day to tell my manager, i want to work with day. kids some >> woodruff offered to help build a platform he felt the chefs deserved. thus, none such. >> we're asking you to come in, trust us, spend a few hours with us in our home and you're going experience. ecial >> these are masitakis. these are pine mush toms. >>y say it smells like red hot candies and feet. >> and as dinner time neared, i had the opportuni to tast >> so this is potato. >> uh-huh.
8:51 am
>> egg yolk, garlic chief and caviar. >> wow. you guys are like some kind of food madmen back here. this is so crazy good. >> grass fed oklahoma bison. believe it. >> that's great. oh, my god. i can' it didn't takeon lg for us to understand why "bon appetit" named non such the best new restaurant in america. >> off the charts. it's like dessert and it's like breakfast and something else all the same time. and when "bon appetit" declares you are the tbest, can change your life. >> there's still like that bit of shock and every now and again when i'm sitting by myself i'll think, oh, my god. >> we did that. >> this i -- we did this? >> yeah, they did. for "sunday today," harry smith, oklahoma city. > maybe harry can hook us up reservation. thank youer vmuy ch. this week we highlight
8:52 am
another life well lived. on december 7 we will mark the 77th anniversary of the japanest ck on pearl harbor which drew the united states intorl wowar ii. 2,335 u.s. military personnel and 68 civilians were killed on what president roosevelt called -- >> a date which willive in infamy. >> ray chavez was one of the survivor seaman first class chavez was aboard the american min sweep "u.s.s. condor" in the early morning hours that day when his crewpotted the perry scope and a destroyer was called in to sink the sub. r hehed to the harbor. he spent nine straight days sifting through the wreckage.
8:53 am
he was the son of mexicangr imts and he left the navy at the end of the war in 1945. hr 30 yearswas a grounds keeper at the university of california san diego and later started his own landscaping business. chavez's family says he did not mentionis experience a pearl harbor until 1991 when he returned there for a 50th anniversary ceremony. in may of this year chavez was a guest of the president atz the white hous chavez said recently of his experience on december 7th, 1941, i still feel a loss. we were all together. we were friends and brothers. ray chavez, theri oldest an military survivor of the attack on pearl harbor died this week in poway, california. in poway, california. he was 106 years old. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head
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w close this morning as promised with a look at our your mail where we take questions from twitter and facebook. our first question comes from david in rhode island. david, apparently like a lot of people, asking what shoes i was wearing ding the hugh jackman interview. they are on fire. thank you, david. they are on fire or ice cold i don't know what you want to call those. those are pumas.y like all pumas, i think i got them for 29.99t the tanger outlet. those are the 1968 collection. 50th anniversary of puma. our next question is from lisa. she wants to know what's the best orra the worst you've ever played. we were just talking about this. i'm not a big prank guy but you have good ones. >> i'm not a big prank person i think because i've failed so much in the past. my brother and i thought it would be nny. ourrandmother used to live
8:58 am
above our garage. we thought it would be fun to swap our dogs not realizing that each dre would out and go to the bathroom all over respective houses. it turned into this total disaster that weou -- >> have a lot of stories that involve pranking grandma in one way or other. >> do. same grandma, same brother. >> running theme here. >> finally, gary from texas asks, what are your go-to day off comfort clothes. what have you got, dylan? >> i will get into comfy clothes as soon as i got home. i happened to wear it today.y it's old rutgers sweatshirt, plaid pants. >> go scarlet knights. >> i wore it to work today. the cket's falling off. i mean -- >> you'll never let that one go? >> i have a pair of gray sweatpants that look like that andig a old man grandpa sweater. >> in front of a fire. >> now you know us in our coazy clothes. 'll see you
8:59 am
heavy rains washed out parts of montgomery county washed out inhe wa more than a year after this dead lly attack on counterprotesters, the man behind the wheel is set to go on trial. and after black friday, small business saturday, we have tips for you to get ready f e big cyber monday deals. >> that's the topic of our facebook ve.
9:00 am
>>there's a strategy to shopping on cyber monday. >> yes, there's a strategy to and lauryn ricketts, today is b lookingter. >> we have plenty of sunshine, the sun came up, it wasbe a tiful sun rise i documented it on my twitter andoo fac page. it was a stunning site and still a stunning site out there today. compared to yesterday we got the sunshining down on the washington monument. if you're traveling. temperatures are coming up now that the sun is coming down and you can see that temperatures close to that freezing mark down towards the fredericksburg area, spotsylvanty co


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