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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the busiest land border crossing in the entiret world shudown. hundreds of migrants shut the u.s./mexico border after they were prevented from protesting. local police officer mourning one of their own after an officer was killed in a crash. we're live with the traffic nightmare at reagan national. announcer: news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. welcome to news4 at 6:00. busiest right now the border crossing in the world connects the u.s. and mexico and tonight it is shut down. this is why. some of the migrants from the caravan stopped in tijuana, rushed the fence today at the crossing.
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they ran down a ravine and up a steep concrete hill. some of them were hit with tear gas fired by u.s. agents. we explain why these people seeking asylum are still in limbo. >> repter: this was the sce today along the u.s./mexico border near san diego. hundreds of migrants raced toward the border wall while u.s. authorities closed are the port ofy. en this happened after the migrants triedo rush the border crossing where they hoped to seek asylum. >> they turn us back fro where they are, so it is it not make any sense for them -- and if you try to ask them the explanation they don't talk. th remain quiet. >> reporter: the mood in tijuana has been tense. some 5,000 central american migrants arrived there in recent days and conditions have been described as dire. tijuana's mayor says the city is facing a humanitarian crisis and
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he's appealed to the u.n. for help. "the washington post" reported there is a potential deal between the u.s. and mexico that would keep the migrants in considers e the u.s. their asylum claims. a process that could take years of the mexico's government denies any uchagreement. a white house spokesperson did not comment directly but said they are lookingorward to working with the incoming mexican president on a wide range of issues. r now, migrants can do little but protest and wait. dan schenn amen, nbc news w childree screaming and coughing in the mayhem after u.s. agents useear gas. much more on this breaking stogh on "nbc tly news" right after this newscast. a busy travel day is getting better for some of us. this is what things looked like in kansas city, missouri as a blizzard pound that region. it is causi flight delays at
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airports across the united states. ne 4 amy choe is live at reagan national where getting to the airport itself has been frustrating for many. >> repter: the traffic out here has been insane. i want to give you a look at the situation right now. it is bumperpe to b practically a parking lot out here. it tsk an hour and a half to get here from northwest d.c. because of the construction on the lower level, almost all of the airport traffic is having to squeeze on to this level, dropoffs, shuttle buss and lifts all on this o road people have told us they have waited what seems like for their ubers and lifnly to have the drivers cancel and they have to start the waiting process all over again, so a lot of frustration out wehere. lso spoke to one traveler who just flew in from chicago barely escaped that winter storm and now he has to deal with all of this. >> i got here at 3:00 p.m. its aboutho twos. its still bad. i don't know what's going on
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about the traffic, but i never seen it like this. >> reporter: and you may recall it was just two weeks ago that reagan national airport hadve a similar situation, the metro station was shutdown, traffic at a standstill a it took people hours to get here. this frustration is becoming a too many for travelers here and if you have flight out of reagan, you want to budget of extra time. they're expecting traffic to get better after 8:00 p.m. corey? >> all right. live for us at a very crowded t, airp thank you so much. now your storm team 4 forecast. and temperatures today soared into the 50s and 60s. ng at day we were loo heavy downpours across our area but today the sun came out and brout us some excellent weather and a great way to end the holiday weekend. temperatures now, e though the sun has set, notice we're
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looking at temperatures in the 50s across the board. 48 degrees for gaithersburg. temperatures in the 50s now. thee going to talk abo change that's coming. that's right. there's going to be a change from the warm weather and a little bit more i'll give you all those ils. i have the complete forecast for thn next several days i just a few moments. >> all right. tonight the family of a virginia police officer faces the heartbreak of planning his funeral. hunter edwards was on duty with thee winchester polpartment saturday night when his cruiser crashed. he was responding to a 9-1-1 call for a fight. his car was t only one involved in the accident. officer edwards was 30 years old. he leaves behind a wife and a stepson. a passenger who was thrown from a vehicle in a wreck has died. oscar rivas mccaul was driving in maryland l wt nightn his car left the roadway, slammed into an embankment and then rolled over. his passenger died at the hospital. mcca is sti recovering
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tonight. investigators believe a dark colored ford mustang may have been involved in that crash and ey want to speak with the driver. be sure to call police if you have any ioinformat medical marijuana is much more popular in maryland than predicted. "the baltimore sun" reporting in the first nine months, medical marijuana sales totalledmi $6ion. a market research firm predicted sales would reach $46 milli the first year. since sales have already passed that number, the predictions are being recalculated. medical marijuana sales in maryland are expected to hit $100 million in december. we have new details on the deadlyhoolice sing in alabama. the message a grieving father has for the police chief. and its decision day for a former trump campaign aide whou pleated gy in connection to the russian investigation. we'll l
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the family of an alabama man slled by police at a mall wants video of theoting released. hoover police admitted that e.jw bradford not the gunman they were searching for after a double shooting left two people wounded. demonstrators protested this weekend. police say he was seen running away from the scene armed with a gun and investigators s he had en involved in a fight. sday his fatheraid his son had a concealed carry permit and asked the pole chief t clear his name. >> that was unacceptable and it never will be acceptable by my
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book, you know. it hurts me to the coreon my is gone. i can't get him back. but you vilifying my son like he's a criminal. >> the mun gan in the original shooting has still not beenug . bradford's family plans to hold a rally tomorrow night at the hoover city jail reiterating that the videos bele ed. a foreign adviser is preparing for a short stint in a prison cell. george papadop to prison. port he pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal agents about his interactions with russian officials. papadopoulos is expected to spend two weeks in prison. metrs yellow lin shutting down starting tomorrow. we'll tell you what you need to know to get around. e, a nd for the first t local family sharing their story after a beloved mother was kied
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you're watching news4 at 6: 6:00. a young mother's life is cut short in car crash now detectives are trying to figure crashed.she the woman's family is trying to figure out what's next for her daughter. >> reporter: a family gathers outside their home but there's someon missing a glaring absent that they're struggling to deal with. 28-year-old la shay porter, she died last week in a single car
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crash. >> right after the holidays, the called killed all of >>us. just called her that night so we could go shopping betck friday tr and i missed her. i missed her b a few hours. >> reporter: it was friday morning around 7:19. porter was a on post thanksgiving errand taking a plate to a friend. those who knew her said that was the kind of person she was, willing to help and well-liked but no one was more important tn her t her 3-year-old daughter morgan. >> sometimes she worked two and three job at one time so she can provide for her child. >> we come from a very large mily and we never had nothing tragic like thisen ha >> reporter: the grief is complicated by the practical matters, buryi expenses and caring for the young daughter. >> she was 28 and she was establishing herself.e id not -- we never had the conversation about life ra insue. >> reporter: investigators say road conditions, ice or ponding water and speed may have been factors in the crash. its still uinernd stigation.
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>> we just hating that this h happened like that. >> reporter: they want to hear from anyone that witnessed the crash. meanwhile t family has established a gofundme account to help wit burial expenses and the care of a little girl who will never again no her mother's tbrace. if you wan donate, be sure to open the washington app to find a link to the gofundme page. we want to circle back to our top story tonight. let's take a lek at l pictures from the u.s./mexico border. the u.s. government shut down the busiest land border crossing in the world. the move came after migrants rushed torder after they were prevented from protesting. homeland security kirstjen nielsen said dhs will notra to lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons. back here at home, a big change for your commute if you're taking the metro. the yellow line will be shut down for two weeks. re
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ir crews will be working on the bridge over the potomac river. there are no issues with the bridge itself, but the repairs are for the rails and the tracks. the blue line will pick up the slack taking riders to and from francona springfield and huntington stations. the shutdown lts until december 9th. christmas comes to one washington d. neighborhood with the flip of a switch. the capitol hill christmas tree was lit for the verye first t this holiday season. there it is. the 20 foot ever gregreen stand the eastern market metro plaza. its known as the founding president of the capital business improvement district. such a pretty sight to see. now yourtorm team 4 forecast. and you know its going to stt to feel lik christmas before the middle of the week. how's that for a preview, yone? outside right now, 55 degrees. the reason we had some warm temperatures today is because the winds right nowoming from the south. we've had southerly bre throughout the day today and it
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ushered in very warm temperatures. how warm is itight no we're looking at temperatures. hagerstown, martinsburg the same for winchester in the mid-to-upper 40s. j remembt a couple days ago they had temperatures this time of the evening in the 30s. even now temperatures here in washington, d.c., 55 degrees as we said. 52 degrees for annapolis. as the warm air, the southwesterly breezes continue to bring in the warm air so with the sunshine and wlue skies had tonight, no threats of really any freezing across our area. highratures as i said, let's take a look at the high temperatures for today. they include dulles camen at 16 degrees, west virginia after all the heavy rain, all weas needed sunshine. temperatures have warmed up into the 60s for high temperatures today. so many of us experienced temperatures that we normally have just for annapolis across the bay with high temperatures in the 60s. now let's start talking about
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what we should expect. as i said, a change is coming, everyone 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, rain showers by predawn, all of us will see rain as we go back towork, back to school. about 41 degrees for the high temperatures t we'll rise about the low, possibly mid-50s but then in thn afn the commute, the rain will start to taper off from west to east so it'lltart to see drying to our west but here in town still some rain drops till about 5:00 to 6:00 then we'll start to dry out. heree e futurecast in motion. the rain starts to the west, a i said, moves across our area. a'll put the maps in motion. rain showersoss the region. in the afternoon, yes, we won't have the deluge o the very heavy rain that we experienced aier 24 hours ago but we will have some across the area. so we'll keep an eye on that. let's talk aboutor theast for our area for tomorrow, 54 degrees, rain showers through the middle of the afternoon. let's extend the forecast and
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talk about cold air that wl be on the way. breezy conditions tuesday into . wednes 43 degrees for a high, 41 degrees for a high for wednesday but again notice, 31/28 degrees. that cold airn will settle by the middle of the week. we'll keep an eye on that. we'll start to warm up a bit for the weekend. otherwise we're temperatures. ld we'll keep that jacket and those gloves handy, back to you. >> thank you very >>much. still ahead on news4 at still ahead on news4 at 6:00, a classic comebk for theac
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. announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. eo redskins g today but still a big one in the afc. >> y show up in town and things get interesting. now anxietyidden and nervous. welcome. thanks a lot for showing up, but seriously, welcome. hold the leftovers. the redskins sharing first place in thenfc east. has nothing to do with the spirit of thanksgiving and has everything to doh w a defense that has become far too given. suddenly its a cluttered division bothhe
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redskins/cowboys are both 6 and 5. and it was wild. so wild, that wming up before the game is going to kick field goal. he's ready if they need him. they didn't need him. first quarter eli manning to barkley, you kw what he's going to do. 13 yard touchdown for bark liz. giants go for two, 6-0. why not give it to that guy barkley. rookie out of pennat st gone, 51 yards for thetouchdown. barkley with 142 total yards, two touchdowns. giantsp 19-3. what could go wrong? much like rocky bal bowa, philly doesn't quit. carson wentz had to getthere, bowls his way in for the score, eagles some life now. we'll skip ahead. tied at 22. fourth and one. eagles going for it. nt z finds algalore 12 yards and a first down. philly rolls on with 25 seconds left. jake elliott over to you now.
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a 43 yard field goal he puts it right down the middle, the eagles beat the giants5-22, fifth straight win against new york. eagles now 5 and 6. up next against redskins andso clay and celebrating over there. one game redskins fans are watching. seahawks takin on the panthers. both teams in wild card contention. stipulate to the fourth. cam newton is going to find ade open christian mccaffrey. two touchdown. pantrs at 27-20 lead. a fourthnd three for the seahawks. good. y' he wants more than three. goes for david moore, hau it in, 35 yard toucown, the ahawks tie this one back up in 27 after graham gadot, seahawks driving thi and ve. time. buys tyler locket. you do the rest. russell, doesn't like the short yardage stuff. cam newton all he can do is
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watch and say what's going on. in come the 40-year-old, 31 yards, came winning field goal is good. so the seahawkbeat the panthers 30-27. the redskins hold the tiebreaker righteynow. sit in the final wild card spot. let's go baumer. amar jackson, special teams special. this is jones second quarter turning the punt. jones on the sidene from gilman school in baltimore. stays in bounds, 70 yard punt. first of his career and actually on the patriots earlier this season, nice pose. raven up 10-7. remember, former raider, eight yard touchdown, raven 10-point lead. later in the quarter, john gruden is going for it. dereck carr under pressure. grab it.
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pi it up. showing off some of those moves been wting to do that. 43 yards into the end zone. that seals it ravens beat the raiders 34-17. they are 6 and 5. bills hosting the guars. blake bortles puts the pass up and wallace comes down with it, eventually rule the catch but it gets persona real quicknd jaguars running back fournette and lawson exchange ows. bolayers thrown out and you know what? they leave in the same tunnel. who came up with that idea wrestlings vince mcmahon. buffalo beats jacksonville 24-21. no doubt you've heard the saying,t? ri defense wins championships and offense sells tickets. based on that, last night's game in the colge station g more
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than their money's worth. 18 touchdowns. seven overtimesnd 146 points. oh, yea, history, the highest scoring college football game i think defense had the night off in college station. this game finishing sunday morning. tes combining o over 1,000 yards of offense. every touchdown was answered. the game tieing the fcs cord. a two point conversion to win this game 74-72 the final. the highest scoring fcs game ever. unfortunately in this one, i took the -- somebody had to explain to me how that worked. seven overtimes, 18 touchdowns an defense wins championships but -- >> i left the newsroom last night. the game was still on when i got home. >> that's why we did that, just so you could see the ending. >> thanks, dave the holiday forecast looking pretty good to end it. >> we saved the best foras as far as the temperatures were
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concerned. wasn't it a great day for a sunday today?ty plf sunshine to go around. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it will be nicef we could put that in a time capsule and use it for tuesday, wednesday a thursday. unfortunately its not going to happen. as quick as the storm system mo id out yesterday, looks like we'll have another system that will bring us some rain and the rain's going to hang around, after the rain comes thecold. some temperatures highs only about 40, 41 grs. >> that monday commute might be a little sloppy. >> ouch. >> that's the new for now. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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tonight on one of the busiest travel days of the year, tens of millions underwi er weather alerts in a big part of the country. roads closed, hundreds of flights cancelled, and it's going to get worse. chaotic scenes as hundreds of migrants in mexico rush towards the u.s. border. the american officials respond by closing a busy border crossing. a family's plea for answers and justice. >> release the video, all video, body cam, mall video. >> after a police officer shoots and killed a 21-year-old man in alabama, and police admit he was likely the wrong man. e the extreme diet that has people counting every calorie and could be adding years to the


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