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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of the week after today, but the wind will be blowing. our nexthance for rain after today arrives just in time for the weekend. right now, your monday morning starting out cloudy for all and already rainy forsome. those raindrops in central virginia are coming our way towards the d.c. metro are so everyone in the news 4 nation today needs to grab the umbrella. we're in the mid to upper 40s now so it won't be cold but it will be be wet. dog walking foreca toda dogs are here. if you ever had a dog you know the cone of sham dogs are having to wear the cone of shame this rning. a little cloudy this morning, rain midday and drying out for this evening. more about the cold wind in the next couple minutes. coming on over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. taking a look at chopper 4 right here. the bound bw parkway has left lane blocked by a crash. both lanes are open, northbound and southbound, everything is
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moving but we have volume from the earlier incident. in laurel, southbound 95 before 198 crash with vehicles on both shoulders. main lines look to be open here this mning. looks like i'm brad. i like that. inland suitland parkway, left laneoc bd by a crash. arlington southbound gw parkway, that has cleared out of the way northbound 395 at washington boulevard have report of an he incident . guys. >> melissa, thank you. starting today, you may need an alternate route and more time for your commute. >> that's because metro's yellow line will be shut down for two weeks. justin finch is live with more. justin, this will c a lot of problems for commuters. problems ee a lot of if you're not careful. you want to mark your calendars if you ride the yellow line because you won't have service from day untilsunday, december 9.
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here is a look at what you can expect. we're talking about the blue line hee. the brain very much taking overuch of the slack left over for these repairs here. they will still make their stops but bear in mind you will likely see longer wait times, travel times and fewer trains on the blue line between d.c. and virginia. you'll also see the blue line dropping its capacity to half at rush hour as well. this will allowor metro crews to work on the l yelle bridge over the potomac. the work will include structural repairs as well as track work and fo the next 14 days, that means riders will have to adapts to t new normal. >> since i travel every week, i have to make sure i have th enough time to go to the airport and come back and sometimes i have to -- instead of take the subway ie will have to t the uber. >> reporter: what yl be seeing at yellow line stations
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starting today is metro workers to assist and guide you to shutt e busessted nearby. they are free. we have more information on that on our nbc washington app, just search "metro." justin finch, news 4. at the reagan national irport, traffic is pretty busy this morning but nothing like last night, one ofhe biggest times of the year for travel. construction on the lower level forced aars on to the upper level. you know what a headache that was. this area was packed with people coming and going home from the thanksgiving holiday. >> i'm so frustrated. it so bad. i don't know what's going on about the traffic but i've never seen it like this. >> a lot of people tried to avoid the mess by taking metro. still, it was rougher for traffic moving through there. traffic was ough acrosse country. it was made especially worse in delaware when aal chemeak
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forced the closure of the delaware memorial bridge. wee told it was a highly flammable gas that leaked from a nearby chemical plant. that bridge connects delaware and new jersey. traffic authority wasable to reopen the bridge late last night. it wasn't a gas leak or airport construction that caused a nightmare travel scenario out wet, it was a major snowstorm. that's kansas city behind me. missouri's govern closed part of a major interstate. the same storm fell in colorado. in wyoming more than 40 inches of snow fell. and in chicago, the storm forced the cancellation of 800 flights at chicago o'hare. according to flight aware, about 1200 flightseaded to or from the u.s. were canceled at the height of the storm.
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a violent confrontation at the u.s./mexico border led to the arrest of more than three dozenho ndurans. they now face deportatiom f mexico. angie goff is in the live desk with the latest on the chaos developing there. good morning. >> reporter:ood morning. the group started a peaceful march to appeal for the u.s. to speed processing of asylum. migrants made a run for it crossing under a bridge through a river filled with raw sewage. they carried hand-painted american and honduran flags while chanting "we are not criminals, we are international workers."bi many had and children but u.s. border agents still fired tear gas. this specific port of entry is the border's busiest crossing. it sees about 0,000 people entering the u.s. everyday. this morning, we know that more than 5,000ignts are waking up at a sports complex in tijuana and are worried president trump will make them stay in mexico.>
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we have new details on the death of a virginia police officer killed on the b. winchester police officer hunter edwards crashed his cruiser y night. he was responding to a 911 call for a fight. the city of winchester tweeted this picture showing fellow officers saluting edwards' casket yestday. his cruiser is draped with black bunting and on display for mourners to leave tributes. ralph northam ordered u.s. and virginia flags to f.half-st the trump administration is pushing back on the accusation that deliberately picked black friday to release a new report on climate change hoping the public would be too busy to notice it. the report is devastating. it says evidence humans ar causing climate change is overwhelming and it predicts increasingly dire consequences in the years to come. president trump's policies continue to be at odds with
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science. 's applauded the fossil fuel industry and continued to roll back rules put in place to a decrese pollution. today george papadopoulo will head prison. he begins his two week sentence. last year he pled guilty to lying to federal agents about his interactions with russian officialsr a majo milestone in the brexit saga. the terms of britain's split om the european unioere given the green light. brexit supporters have slammed a clean f not being break from the eu. british prime minister theresa may says this was the best and only deal on lee ta parliament is expected to vote on this before christmas. medical marijuavi is p o be a much bigger business in maryland than predicted. the baltimore "sun" reports in the first nine months of legal sales, medical marijuana sales totalled $67 million. a market resech firm predicted sales would reach $46 million the first year.
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sales have already surpassed that number and predictions are being recalculated. now medical marijuana sales a expected to hit $100 million in ecember. itoks like not as many people physically shopped till they dropped this black friday. researchers say foot traffic was down by 1% from 2017 but online sales are where the money is made. black friday sales reached a record $6.2 billion. people also spent another $3.7 billion on thanksgiving day. that number is 28% from a year ago. more busy saypping are ahead, they know it, they include the third saturday in sundayefore christmas, that's december 23 when everyone starts getting their last-minute shopping done. 29 days until christmas, ladies and gentlemen. fromto black friday cyber monday, today is expected to be a record-breaking day for shopping. 's predicted $7.8illion
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will be spent online today. but numbers out this weekend show shopperare not waiting until cyber monday to shop from their computers and phones. ohl's set a new one-day online sales record on thanksgiving day. still, cyber monday spending is expected to spike 18% over st year. in a few minutes, chris lawrencs wiow us how to protect our information while we shop online today and all year long. and with the flip o a switch, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas,ks fo the capitol hill neighborhood christmas tree was lit for the holiday season. there. see it right a 20-foot ever green tree. it stands in the eastern market metro plaza at pennsylvania and eighth in southeast d.c. >> great day for a tree lightiny terday. very beautiful. >> it will be nice to see. still ahead, what doctors say is a major cause of a child developing asthma. plus videoou have to see.
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a shark attacks ale diver wh cameras are rolling. this morning, the survivor speaks out about ts experience. chuck? we'll be dealing with rain o drops on monday. the good news is, we'll be dry for most of the remainder of the week. the bad news w, itl be blustery and colder. five day forecast coming right up. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd chrs ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love.
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take a look at this scene. this is the aftermath of a sinkhole opening up in the middle of an italian village. days rf torrentialn caused the sinkhole. the town is also dealing with major we feel we've had so much rain in this area and the
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flooding to go with it. >> nothing that severe sinkhole wise. rough for them. we're hearing from a man who survived a shark attack in the baham ilahamas. krauss was spear fishing when this happed. suddenly a shark bit the back his head and neck. you see it right there. krauss says he felt the impact but didn't process it was a shark until hed researce surface. krauss said he's more grateful than ever. >> it reminds me that god's in control. for something like this. it's given me a new perspective on how i want toive the rest of my life. >> the shark might argue that krauss attackedfirst. he had a spear. he says he's doing okay and itn cha his life forever. >> as it should. i hope het doesn'go back into shark-invested waters. obesity may linked to childhood asthma.
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it may be to blame for nearly a quarter of childhood asthma cases. kids who are overweight are much more likely to be w diagnosh asthma than those in a normal weight range. the study1 suggests of childhood asthma cases could be prevented by mainining a healthy weight. if you end to throw out your leftovers, you're not alrae. the a family wastes nearly one-third of their food purchases. it adds up to 250 pounds of food thrown away annually. how can you help your family use more and waste less? experts suggest freezing your leftovers. if you can't use them right away, just don't forget about it. then you're cleaning out your freezer and you haveod from a year ago. >> have you been in my freezer? >> organizur refrigeratod. often fos in the back get ot fon. first in first out is aood
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rule. some people label their foods. >> dates and things like ttit. >> sos i just look at it and say yeah, that's old. >> my motr tried that. it doesn't help. not in my house. after being i operation for more than 100 years, lord & taylor will close its flagshi store in new york city after one last major sale. >> for thousands of people, the landmark store on avenue has been a part of the holiday t fun but store is one of 10 being closed by cates aid innian-based owners. ty say lord & taylor will cu increase f on digital opportunities and improving process. in the age of amazon, brick-and-moar retailers are turning to technology to keep folks in their stores. macy's will use mobil checkouts in its stores for the first time. old navy, gap andan ban republic are equipping employees at most locations with devices toomers on the
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spot and at walmart, a che out with me feature lets customers check out. 27% ofhoppers say they would tap into alternate options like using a smartphone to scan and pay. process ng to make the go faster. if only they could save us morey m that's what i want. can you offer me a bigger discount? >> i'm with you on that. no doubt. the leaves on our little street all came down at once and yout jt a picture on instagram. >> the same thing. all the yellow leaves. >> all the beautiful ginko leaves were hanging on as bes they could but that hard freeze on thankativing day meant t when i woke up friday morning this was themyiew from bedroom window. three inches of fallen leaves ee.m the ginko about three inches deep there. then it rained saturday so everything was stuck to the ground and sidewalk. you can always find and follow me on my itagram at
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forecast4you. often i tweet about the forecast which today will include clouds nd rain chances. southerly breezes will mean it won't be a cold rain like saturday but rain nonetheless. current temperatures are mostly in the up 4s to near 50. 40 in annapolis, 46 in loudoun county. there's your planner. off-and-on chances for rain. rain most likely betwee 10:00 in the morning up to 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. rain should taper to showers later in the afternoon and pe lly all the rain will be done by about 6:00 this evening. if you're still trying to get out of our local airports and have flights y,to more significant delays in andout of chicago, into the detroit area evuld see slow going around pittsburgh and cand so not a pretty day for travel. rain across muchof northern virginia and northern maryland. this is coming in towards the city if it's not raining at your house yet, don't worry,
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mother nature o plans to rain you at some point during the morning hours. future weather, there' 9:30 hitting the showers pretty much all across the area. steadiest o the rain arou noontime in to about 2:00 or 3:00 time frame then after 4:00, 5:00, things tapering off and by 7:00 or 8:00 all the ra will be done. that's good news. but take your raincoat and youra umbreon your way out the door. at least you won't need the heavytuty rain gear because won't rain that hard and it won't be that cold but colder weatheromes behind the rain. a breezy day tomorrow, highs in the mid-40s. flat out windy aund here on wednesday. northwest winds 20 to 30 mileshr per hourgh the day wednesday. staying breezy and chilly thursday and maybe another erance for showers late friday. let's go o to first 4 traffic's very own melissa mollet. >> chopper 4 was headed to the problem inbou suitland parkway, got there, not seeing anything.
6:20 am
right now the beltway through this area is looking good. district heights inbound suitland parkway, left side was blocked and it seemed like that is out of the way. hyattsvill eastbound columbia park road, water main break in the eastbound lanes. afford northbound 95 near garrisonville road we have a brand new crash. looking at your travel time, 66 inbound, 95 northbound, no big oooblem there is. 70 looks so does the top of the beltway. listen to enwtop w you hop in your car today. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:20 and cyber monday. today millions of people are expected get online searching for holiday deals. to we're showing you how keep your personal information safe while you shop and be sure to catch "ellen" at 3:00 on nbc 4. and stick around for news 4 at 4:0ri we will be ght back. i can't believe it.
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here's a scam you'll want to steer clear of. the secret sister exchange is back on facebook this year. it promises you'll get upto 36 gifts in return for buying just one by recruiting others to participate in the gift exchange. the better business bureau says. the u.s. postal inspection service says these exchanges are illegal gambling and participants could be subject to mail fraud penalties. of you receive an invitation, ignore it, r it to facebook. the holiday shopping is in fullwing now, and today millions of americans will take ivantage of cyber monday deals. >> but what the best way to protect yourself from online hackers? news 4'sce chris lawr is working for you with tips on how to protect yo identity while online shopping.
6:24 am
>> reporter: americans are doing more holiday shoppinge onl and could spend more than $150 billion. >> where theor's onity, where there's money you'll find bad actrs. >> rep: kevin coleman is executive director of the national cyber security alliance. they've launched initiative with intel and microsoft urging holiday shoppers to beef up their log-in information. >> it's akin to having a weak house. your door at the the weaker the lock, the more opportunity the thief has to coin. >> reporter: coleman says it's worth a few extra seconds to type one of those 14 character passwords with special characters. >> as opposed to sending a year two trying to figure out what happened to your account or yr money. >> reporter: don't use debit cards online. they don't provide as much protection. on your computer's browser,or looksthe "https" locked signal which encrypts communic tions. shop fhe vendor's own app
6:25 am
if you' buying on your phone and d't get too curious when you're bombded by online ads. >> when in doubt, throw it out. >> reporter: bad guys can add a small piece of code within an app that looks legit and when you clickou on itut your entire operating system at risk. >> you have literally just said come on in. >> reporter: a recent survey from capital one reveals holiday shoppers in d.c. are concerned about overspending but they're far more worried about identity theft and financial fraud. you don't want your personal info thbe the gift t keeps on ng. chris lawrence, news 4. your time is 6:25. comi, you now know how to stay safe on cyber monday. now to scoringhe best deals. what to buy today and the expensive items you want to put off buying until tomorrow. chuck? as far as rain chances go, it will rain on w you today but have a couple dry days in a row tuesday, wednesday, thursday look good but just in time for
6:26 am
the weekend, rain chances return. full ten-day forecast in the next half hour. plus, a deadly shooting during black friday shopping. a man kille by police amid the holiday rush. we are hearing from his family about what happened.
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6:29 as we take a live look outside. time to get up and get moving as we get back into the swing of things after a long holiday e nd. >> i'm still digesting all the food. >>l there's st food to be eaten. there's pie left. >> bring it to my house, it wiln be gone five minutes. >> no. i'm eating that pie. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're working to help make the transition from the holiday weesnd as easy possible. melissa mollet is here with a look at the roads. need to check in with chuck bell because we have more rain on the way. >> not something anyone wanted to hear more about but rain chances are back so rainy days and monday. there's a live picture over national airport. there's a tiny little brightness
6:30 am
in the sky there. don't expect that to be the case for much longer as clouds are rolling in fast and rain is going to follow very shortly behind the cloud cover. big area of stormines to our west. it will unlock noticeably colder air. it stts arriving tonight. at least it will take the rain away. for now most of theain is in loudoun county, prince william county, fauquier county. this is coming into montgomery county, arlington,the district and prince george's. it's not freezing cold outside. we're in the mid to upper 40s to get your monday started but clouds and rain chances will seal out much of a warmup. we'll be around 50 degrees much of the afternoon. rain should taper off to therl parts of this evening. more about the dry, windy and colder weather to come in just a few more minutes. good morning, melissa. >> taking a look at chopper 4, we stil have th issue 202, it looks likes that's clearing out of theway. we'll hillcrest heights
6:31 am
involving a bus. we'll be there in just a minute. a water main break, stafford at garrissonville, still have that crash hanging around. outer loop as you're approaching georgia and inner loop approaching the woodrow wilson bridge. more on the problem with the bus crashn just a minute. >> melissa, thank you. happening today, another metro closure as you return from the long holiday and begin your work week. the yellow line will shut down for two weeks. here's a live look l'enfant plaza, we'll check in with justin finch live the reason behind this shutdown. >> also today, you may hear sirens and explosions along wisconsin avenue in bethesda. >> that's because of construction on maryland's purple lin chris lawrence is live in bethesda now with more on what's going on. >> aaron, this is probably going
6:32 am
to hpen around 9:30 or 1:30 in the afternoon. what they've got to dos blast out some rock from its shaft, part of what will eventually be a second entrance to the bethesda metro station and the connector to the purple line. the thing is, you could be impacted by this obvious if you don'tve or work here. you can get a sense of howx compis work is. the purple line, privately funded, will feature 21s sto across 16 miles of light rail from bethesda to new carrollton. it will open in 2022 if cstruction stays on schedule but until then, folks will have to live with constant disruption. again, thend uground blasting will be proceeded by a loud
6:33 am
siren, it will be weak days through january and the explosions will be so powerful metro may have to temporarily suspend seofice -- stop some the rains nearby until after the explosion and restarthem again so even if you don't live or work here, you could be impacted by what goes on. live in bethesda, chris lawrence, news 4. >> chris, thank you. 6:33 today there will be a bond review hearing for four local high school laotballrs charged in a hazing case. andplayers are 15 years old a student adams cus high school. they allegedly raped several teammates on the jv football team. police say they assaulted their teammates with a broick in what is said to be a hang ritual. the teens have been charged as adults wh first degree rape. a sixth student has been charged but as a juvenile. other top stories at 6:33, jury selection is set to begin in the murder trial for james
6:34 am
fields jr., investigators say he was one of the white nationalists protesting the removal of a statue of erconfederate general r e. lee in charlottesville last year. police they afternoon fields rammed his c into a crowd of counterprotesters at the unite the right rally and killed 33-year-old heather heyer. hundreds of migrants fleeing violence in central america ran from tear gas at the u.s./mexico border near san diego yesterday. u.s. officials say border agents used tear gas and pepper spray after several migrant threw rocks at the border agents, hitting hem. other migrants tried to make a run for it, crossing through a river filled withag raw se with children in tow. all of this caused the border'st busiest of entry to shut down for hours. the campre fne cont this is video showing the destruction left behind by that fire. in less than a month it destroyed more than 13,000 homes and killed at least 85 people.
6:35 am
near 34ri 00 peop nearly 300 people have unaccounted for and the sherif ts office says remains may never be recovered because of the severity of the fire. adobe analytics predicts il $7.8 billionbe spent online today. that's a lot of shopping. >> expecting to set a new record as the largest online shopping day of the year. this despite the fact most of us will be at work while we shop. a survey from robert hous technology found 64% of professionals plan to look at online sales toda a the office. the biggest markdownswill be on tvs, lalops,hing and beauty products but you may want to save the airfare shopping for tomorrow. experts sayn that's whe prices will be at the lowest of the big sales week. it's 6:35. coming up, mission to mars. exploring the red planet becomes reality day. we'll tell you about the first of its kind landing for nasa. first, are you still waiting on the invite for your company
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a bar dedicated to pandas and christmas,yeah! it really is a dream and now it's a reality in d.cta a look. those are adorable pandas, we just throwhese in for good measure. this is a pop-up bar that opened friday and will be opened until new year's eve. you can head over and sip on a signaturerink like santa bae-bae. head people are interest interested in it so people wait in longl es to look and take pictures. hundreds of companies are rethinking the traditional office party. >> it has more do with a movement than money.
6:40 am
a survey done by challenger, gray and christmas says the me too movement is cancelling company parties across the country. >> companies are worried about potential lawsuitsfr stemming inappropriate behavior that happens typically at holiday part y parties when alcohol is flowing. >> companies are also eliminating alcohol served as office es. now to your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning, i'm frank holland. apple goesbefore the supreme court to defend the way it sells apps against claims by consumers it's unairly dominating the market. it's seeking an end to au antitr lawsuit that could have the commissioner whose productare soldexclusively to the company's app store. apple says it doesn't own the apps or sell thames but thesu l claims apple has control
6:41 am
over that process. and that includes a reqrement that the prices end in 99 cents. i'm frank holland. rain chances goingup with time. temperatures today stuck around 50 grees. we'll be talking ten-day temperatures coming ch 4 checking out a grash in prince george's county. in this one be gone but we have a couple other problems. we'll talk about travel times coming up.
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6:44 am
hereve the li desk with breaking news. look at this video here that ukrainian authorities posted to twitter it appears to show a russian ship ramming right there into the ukrainian tug boat. we should mention that this video is purportly srt f a russian vessel and it's not
6:45 am
known how ukraine obtained it. russia confirmed it attacked and seized three ukrainian boats yesterday, injuring sever sailors. moscow said they illegally entered russia's territorial aters. ukraine mobilized its navy in response and called a meeting among its war cabint. we know the u.s. ambassador to the united nationsha nikkey says the security council will hold an emergency meeting about this latest clash between ukraine and russia. now back to you. gie, thank you. 6:45. our time right now, president trump up andet tg. he just sent out this tweet about the migrant situation at the u.s./mexico border. he says, quote,ou mexico move the flag-waving migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. do it by plane, do it by bus, it any way you want, but they are not coming into the usa. we will close the border permantly if need be,
6:46 am
congress, fund t wall. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is live at the white house with more on this reaction. tweet, a defiant the president is on this issue. he's long held a hard line stance and the trump administration is in talks with mexico to allow migrants applying for asylum in the uned states to rema in mexico while waiting for a decision instead of the u.s. the number of migrants feeing poverty and violence in central america has surged in recent month. on sunday the trump administration closed the port of entry between san diego and bejuana for a period of time citing large n of migrants, some of whom tried to breach the fence while threw projectiles. while in response, u.s. border patrol officers fired tear gas canisters at some of the migrants. ho homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen writing dhs will not tol ate this type of
6:47 am
lawlessness. president trump indicating the new asylum policy is a done deal but a top mexican official contradicted the president say nothing final decision has been reached yet. president trump also threatening to close the entire u.s. boardea if this son worsens. we'll have more coming up o today including the president's threat of a government shutdown over this issue. back to you. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. happening today, another major closure as youn ret from the long holiday and begin your work week. starting today the yellow line will shut down for a couple weeks. >> justin finch is live at l'enfant plaza with the reason for this closure. >> reporter: there are going to be repairs. we're on day one of 14 and service will be knocked out on the yellow line until next month. so here for the next 14 days is what riders will have to deal with. primarily the blue line if you travel between d.c. and
6:48 am
virginia. it will pick up the slack, if you will, for the yellow l being out but you can expect longer lines, wait times, evenar fewer on the tracks at times as well. metro swiing service drop down to half around rush hour in the meantime this will give t crews time work on their task atha nd which is the yellow line bridge which overgoes the potomac. they're make regular pairs to rack as well as the structure, too, so if all goes well, the yellow line will beliack o by december 9 but also if you like the yellow train, buses will be filling in the gaps f service. you can also go to the nbc washington app and get a look at unother work a for you, too. just search "metro."i' m justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. if yourve holiday t took you up north for the weekend, we
6:49 am
hope you didn't get snuck this mess on the way home. the delaware memorial bridge was shut down for hours as a precaution after a chemical spill at a nearby plant. because it's main route to the new jersey turnpike, the closure caused backups for travelers in delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania, and maryland. the bridge reopened around 11:30 last night, more than sixours after it was it's 6:49. the family of a man mistakenly shot and killed by police in c alabama isling on the department to release all videos of the shooting. hat shooting happened on thanksgiving during the pre-black friday rush in a mall outside of birmingham. >> officers thought 21-year-old e.j. bradrd, jr., fired shots that injured two people during a fight in the mall t after further investigation the hoover police department announced bradford was not the shooterth may have been involved in the altercation. this morning bradford's parents say the department rushed to judgment in this shooting.
6:50 am
>> they bacally said he wa walking around the mall waving the run, running, trying to escape. that wasn't my child. >> the family learned bradford died on immediate issi died on immediate issisocial me the city of winchester tweeted this picture showing fellow officers diluting hunter edwards casket yesterday. his cruiser is draped in black bunting and on display so mourners can leave tributes. officer edwards was responding to a 911 call saturday when he was killed in crash. virginia governor ralph northam ordered the u.s.nd virginia flags to be lowered to half-staff on the day edwardss buried. we head back over to chuck bell for more on them storm t 4 forecast for today. a wet one. >> more rain coming our way. when you factor in the inch and a half of rain that we had ons urday that brought our yearly
6:51 am
nalttly i60 washing inches of r. that's fourth-wettest year on record in washington and just a sliver or two behind second and third place. another tenth of inch of rain possible should put us into third place and likely more in this weekend should be able to get us above the mark set i 2003. the all time record, 61.3 back in 1889 before there was an i ernational airport, before there was even manned flight, let alone. so with so much time left between now and the end of the year, i think it's all but a foregone conclusion we'll have the rainie record in washington. 48 in d.c., light wind out of the south at six miles per hour, ty, 46prince george's co in morton, virginia. 43 in maryland. so temperatures stuc in the upper 40s and low 50s all day. most of the rain i think will come during the middle parts of the day, rain tapering back to mainly showers late in the
6:52 am
afteron. travelers today, if you have plans going in and out of chicago or detroitleorland could still have significant weather-related delays there. nfor us, snow to worry about but plenty of rain coming in. b the firstch of rain coming inside the capital beltway and our future weaths keep this high rain chance around through the late morning and into the early parts of the afternoon. but look here. towards the tail ef the day, yain tapering back to just a few isolated showers 5:00 and most of the rain will be done by about 7:00 or 8:00. that's good news. we'll be dry for the next couple of das. blustery and breezy and windy but dry. highsnly in the 40s. more rain, of course, likely just in time for the weekend.> all right, melissa mollet, how are things in first 4 traffic? >> chopper showing you 50 at 202. looking good. no big complaints on my part. a couple of problems. hyattsville eastbound columbia
6:53 am
park road at south club drive, water main break blocking the eastbound lanes. you can see radar showing you where it's raining. the beltway stayingretty good. nice light volume. southbound on 270 not the ce. going 24 mile per hour through rockville and down to the spur. stafford, northbound 95 at garrisonville road, that crash with delays inbound andnbound through woodbridge a little slow as well. 66, fairfax unty parkway to the beltway 39 miles per hour. 95 northil 38 per hour. taking a look at 270, 33 miles per hour as you head southbound on e top ofe beltway outer loon 95 to 270. remember to list to wtop 103.5 phenomen phenomeno fm when you hop in your car. a nasa spacecraft is expected to make a touchdown on mars today. thinsight lander will arrive on the red planet later
6:54 am
designed to explore mars' surface and the core of t planet for the first time ever. the spacecraft launched in may and is the first to make a mars landing since the "curiosity" rover in 2012. >> very cool. i remember him. >> you can watch the landing online at 2:00 p.m. it will be interesting to see what information comes back after it get there is. >> we'll figure w out when can move up there. >> visit. sure sign of the holidays in washington, d.c., the city center d.c.gree light ceremony was saturday night. i lit the tree once again, this is the fifth year i've done in the a row. it was pouring rain . they put the tent up for electrical wires but the e was successful. people turned out with their umbrellas and hoped to have a successful holiday seas in the area. it's great to see the trees, not
6:55 am
just here but the one on capitol hill and the ellipse. loveit. make sure yourcell phone is charged up. it's cyber monday an the deals are probably hitting your inboxes. >> sales are expected to exceed black friday when a record $6.2 billion was spent at stores across the sales onlre expected to be $7.2 billion. that would be an 18% increase from last year. the tip we've been seeing from the expert, while it's smart to take advantage of most deals today, if you're looking for cheaper airfare, wait until tomorrow to buy that. here are the four things to know. a former trump campaign advisere ised to prison. george papadopoulos begins a two-week stray behind bars later this morning. the exicforeign p adviser pled guilty to lying to federal ageints about hisraction with russian officials. there will be a bond reviewr hearing for local high school students charged in a case. the players are 15-year-old
6:56 am
students at damascus high school. police say theyd raeveral teammates in what is said to be a hazing ritual. the teens aras charged adults. today you may hear explos n ruplosions in bethesda as part of conions for maryland's purple line. they'll start at maryland avenue and elm street. each explosion should only last a few seconds but could cause trains to stop momentarily. the metro yellow line is closed for two weeks. repair crews are working on the bridge over the potomac river. the blue line will try to pick up the slack. for more on this, go to e nbc washington app, all the details are there. here's your ten-day not too terriblycl cold. moatesb noticeably chillier and blustery and breezy. the coldest day of the week will be wednesday and rain looking morend more likely again this weekend. chopper 4 over this problem inhyattsville, this is columbia
6:57 am
park road. water main break,e have some lanes blocked. the holiday season is ofnocially here. that thanksgiving has done check out this home in marylandu you can send a message on twitter, facebook or instagram to let us know where to see other amazing ol day-themed homes. only 29 days until tmchrs, people. >> good luck doing that display right >> my three string of lights. but regardless of what your display, is the spirit of christmas, the holiday, being together and giving of yourself. >> all that. >> tsnks for joining us t morning. the "today" show is next. >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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good roads and at the airports. overnight, a snow emergency declared for parts of the radwest. highways littered shes, thousands of flights canceled or delayed, and wait for it. there's more treacherous travel for miions in the northeast today. al has the lates u.s. agents firedear gas at hundreds of migrants trying to rush into this country illegally.or the busyr crossing near san diego shut down. this morning, what's next in the growing crisis. demaing answers. a family's emotional plea after


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