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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, chopper 4 over chaos and confusion a the walter reed medical center. >> active shooter in building 19 basement. >> your first instinct is that it's real. >> i was really scared. >> tonight, a newti expla for an active shooter false alarm. new reaction to aro
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contversial addition to the redskins. a domestic abuse suspect now on the roster. plus, the typo that cost a guy more than is$1,000. th could have happened to any of us. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. first at 11:00, we've got a weather alert for your morning. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim handly. this flag on our patio out front already getting whipped around tonight, a tomorrow, get ready. we're expecting wind gusts up to 45 milesn ur. >> storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper is in the storm center with what is coming our way tomorrow. that's an ill wind out there tonight, and it getting worse, isn't it? >>absolutely,doreen. it's going to be a bitterly cold start for your wednesday, and e winds strong enough throughout the entire day tomorrow that the national weather service has issued wind advisory for all of the areas here in beige. this begint 6:00 a.m. and it's going to run until 4:00 p.m.
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this including the entire d.c.o me area, loudon, frederick, back aroundounties the i-81 corridor. again, for gusts up to 45 miles an hour. now, with winds that strong and how much rain we've seen, we could see some downed ttrees. andt could lead to some spotty power outages. and we'll have wind chills tomorrow afternoon in the 20s and 30s. now, right now, it's alreadyld 7 degrees, with sustained winds out of the northwest at 1n miles hour. coming up right around 11:15, i'll let you know how cold it ll feel throughout the day, and also, the outlook for rain for the rest of the week o into the weekend. .oreen? >> amelia, thank y breaking news a result in the last race in the midterm elections. nbcs n is reporting that cindy hyde-smith is the winner of today's runoff s in mississippi. chef was expected to win. right now, she has a ten-point ead over the democrat, mike espy. this race gripped the nation in part after hyde-smith praised a supporteing she would,
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quote, attend a public hanging if he invited her. smith apologized f that remark. and last night, president trump held a campaign rally on her behalf. this winep giveslicans a 53-47 seat advantage in the senate next year. now, a new explanation for today's activeer sho scare. iopper 4 flew over walter reed medical center bethesda as people walked out of there with their hands in the air. >> as you can imagine, this was a frightening and confusing. orde a false alert triggered a massive response this afternoon at the facility's building 19. our jackie benn spoke to a maryland congressman who was inside and thought it was an s activeoter situation. >> reporter: montgomery county police, who sent dozens of hnits to the sere, say they did not know that this was a drill or a false alarm fear and concern on the campus
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of walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. >> this is an emergency message. active shooter, active shooter in building 19 basement. >> reporter: images from chopper 4 showed staff and exiting a building with their hands in the air. standard procedure, as law enforcement officers clear a building in order to searchor a shooter. maryland congreman dutch huffers berger spoke to news 4 by >> a lot of people in the room were upset. there was a woman next to me who was crying, because she couldn't go pick up her daughter from school or couldn't get ahold of her husband or anyone. there was a lot of >>emotion. eporter: after a period of confusion as to what prompted the active shooter response, which led to part of rockville nke being shut dow at rush hour, the navyssued a statement through its official twitter account that said, in part, "while preparing for an upcoming drill, the notification drill was inadvertently enacted without containing the words exercise or drill."
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>> i deal with t military a'm lot and going to find out what happened here, because you have to learn from this mistake >>d make sure it doesn't happen again. eporter: it's not clear what measures may be being taken to keep something like thm happening again. in bethesda, jackie bensen, news >> now, we know this mistake happened on the walter reed campus itself. we are working now to learn exactly who is responsible and what consequences that person or people might face. m this kind of incident has happened beforeay remember the scare in hawaii back in january, people ran for cer after a text message went out saying a ballistic missile w about to hit. an employee had accidentally triggered the alarm. that employee was fired. another employee was suspended d a third resigned. a repeat domestic violence suspect is joining the redskins ster. and it is sending shockwaves through our cy tonight.
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at player, reuben foster, his most recent arrest, just saturday. news 4's shomari stone is live for us with split reaction from fans tonight. shomari?te >> rep good evening. well, fans have mixed reactions. i'm outside proper 21 bar here, a sports bar in northwest d.c. now, some fans don't understand why the redskins would acquire linebacker reuben foster that say that he has a string of legal issues. however, some other fans say that it's a smart business ve, that he was not -- he's -- i'm sorry, he has had no convictions. let's take a the s francisco 49ers releaseday reuben fosters ago after a domestic violence arrest involving a woman.ay on su reports came out that police were called on october incident nother between foster and the same woman. th scenior vice president for
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the redskins said, quot the redskins fully understand the severity of the recent allegations made against reuben. if true, you can be sure theses allegatire nothing our organization would ever condone. endquote. fans have miked reactions about reuben foster joining the team. >> i absolutely do not support this decision. >> reporter: why? >> because if you have a hisry ofattery or violent behavior, you should not be involved with any sortf organization, because you pose a risk to that orga fzation and theirlow employees. >> they got a lot of alabama that mightthe roste be able to corral him and be able to utilize him. he's a talent. d hopefully, you know, the situation works out for him as it relateso the domestic violence issue. i don't condone that, but hopefully it will work outor him. >> reporter: now, some fans say that foster is innocent until proven guilty, as for the full redskins statement, you can gon to ournbc washington app
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and read it. live here in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks, shomari. ahead in sports tonight, sherree will be speaking with a forme redskins player, she's got his reaction to this controversy ck. doreen? a pickup truck blew through a school bus stop sign and hit a 7-year-old girl. we're working to get an update her condition. opper 4 was over the scene on oliver shop road in charles countyrnhis afn. deputies say the school bus's stop sign was fully extended at the t of the crash. they say the truck driver stayed on the scene. last check that little girl was in critical condition. new surveillance video victim of a young murde here in the district. this is 20-year-old randall francis. the high school valedictorian was shot several times after leaving a store on benning road in northeast d.c. we talked to a woman today who saw the violence unfold. in her words, here's what she ikmembers. >> just a simultaneous,
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like, pop, pop, pop. i saw him eventually take his last breath. i'm not going to lie to you, it shook me to my core. >> no arrests in this case so far. you've heard hate crimes are on the rise across the country. new numbers confirm a similar trend in our area. the fbi says in virginia and fairfax county, the number of incidents spiked nearly 50% last year. today, community a state leaders gathered to come up with ways to reverse that trend. onan of them, the who heads the jewish community cter in fairfax. the center hasar been a tt of hate twice recently, and he says the synagoe massacre in pittsburgh is a warning for everyone. >> the fact that pittsburgh happened a week later makes us feel like spray paint is the tip of the iceberg and that anything is possible no >> also at the table today, virginia attorney general mar herring. he is working to strengthen laws against hate crimes in the commonwealth. tomorrow, the trial is expected to begin for the man who drove into a crowd of
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protesters in charlottsville. and n 4 will be there. youesay remember fields. he's charg with killing heather higher and hurting hundreds of os when he drove into a group demonstrating against a white nationalist gathering in 2017. our northern virginia bureau chief will have reports from ll charlottes look for them starting tomorrow afternoon, right here on news 4. the trump administration is escalating its fight to impose new restrictions on alum seekers. the administration wants to refuse asylum to migrants who cross into the u.s. illegally, but current law says anybody must be considered for asylum, regardless of how they got into the country. last week, a judge banned the administration from changing the rules, but tonight, the justice department has asked that that federal judge lifts the order. if the judge doesn't act, the case could quickly escalate to the supreme court.eo harris here at the live
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desk with breaking news details on the tensions between former trump campaign manager paul manafort and the special counsel's office. a day after prosecutors accused manafort of lying and violating his plea deal, there's a new kreport from "the new y times," and it says after agreeing to cooperate with the special cown semi, one of manafort's lawyers aively started briefing the president's attorneys on what manafort told the special counsel. "the times" describes this move as unusual, but not illegal. "the times" alsoudays r giuliani actually acknowledged the arrangement. again, this comes a day after the special counsel ended manafort's plea deal, accusing him of lying, and it comes on the same day as a "guardian" report this alleges manafort had secreteetings with julian assange around the time he joined the trump campaign. manafort denied that report and even threatened to sue "the guardian" over it. bc news has not confirmed the details of either report. today, the president, once again, attacked mueller,hi callg
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a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue. leon harris in the newsroom, news 4. a ,ty so easy to make, it could happen to any of us. >> i was a simple mistake, one letter missing. >> next at 11:00, the ,000 mistake that this man wants to make sure you don't make next time you booa flight. metro's new plan to make extra cash. >> book your ticket with and why it may inspire you to buy another pair of headphones. plus, a milestone in medicine. ossible breakthrough in the fight against
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a new kind of drug is e offering new ho people with cancer. tonight, the fda just approved the first drug that targets a tumor based on its dna instead of its location in the dy. nbc news's john torres looks into the impact two daily pills could have on more than a dozen types of cancers. >> reporter: 1-year-old rihanna plaza might be one of the tiniest pioneers in the world of cancer treatment. >> woo! >> reporter: the connecticut girl was born with a rare type of tumor on the outside of her arm. >> my whole world fell apart, i was like, oh, my god, like, why did it have to be my daughter? >> reporter: chemotherapy didn't work and doctors said they would amputate. then, they tried an experimental drug. within three days, something amazing happened. the tumor started to shrink. >> the mass went down drastically and we were like, wow. this stuff is something else. >> reporter: this week, the fda approved that drug.
11:16 pm
the first to treat at least 12t s of cancer that all have the same specific tumor mutation, including breast, lung and colon. >> it works regardless of where the cancer came from, as long as it has this specific mutation. ter: a small number have this mutation, less than 1%, but those who have been successfully treated with t drug have seen astounding results, including derek edlowry, tre for a rare stage 4 cancer that spread throughout his body. within a week of taking the drug, the tumors, these black dots, started to disappear. >> for patients that have this mutation, it is a revolution. >> we got a scan just last month and everything is clear. exciting. >> reporter: a drug opening up a new frontier that doctors believe could help many more patients in the future. >> that was dr. john torres reporting. hey, if you want to ride in silence on metro buses, bring your headphones. >> book you ticket with mug
11:17 pm >> metro is testing out new ads on some of its buses. these ads will also be tho-targeted. means when a bus passes a certain location, for example, a store, that will trigger the commercial toplay. this could make metro a lot of money. the firsttr cont loan worth at least a quarter of a million. metro items us it could eventually play the ads n trains. imagine a simple typo costing you hundreds of dollars. recently, a man noticed he had accidentally added a lette to s daughter's last name, making the ticket invalid. he reached out to expedia and the airlines for his flight, but no one could help. expedia told him he'd have topo up 1,400 bucks for a new ticket. >> i feel this is a robbery. it's not fair. it's a mistake. >> there'so easy fix if you
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book airline tickets through a third party site like exdia. if buy directly from the aiayine, they can a fix the typo for you, so it's recommended, if you are going overseas or booking an expensive flight, that you buy it directly from the airline.ay don't we didn't warn you. the national tree lighting is tomorrow night, 4:30, and roads near the white house will be closed starting at noon until 8:00. parking restrictions will be in effect, too. every year, the event jams up traffic. might be a good idea to take metro, work from home or just work late. for a full list of roads that will be closed and the times, too, just search national tree leichting in our nbc washington p. better yet, just watch it on tv. we'll all be here. >> and it will beuch warmer and you won't have to anchor yourself down to the grou. >>right, you're not going to have to tether yourself, because the winds are still going to be out there tomorrow around 4:30, even on thursday, we're stl going to be breezy. but tomorrow is going to be
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extremely windy. so much so that we're declaring tomorrow a storm team 4 weather alerty. chuck's going to have the latest on news 4 today, starting at 4:00 a.m.n, but ag that weather alert is for the high winds. nds strong enough coupled with all the rain we've had, so bring down some trees, potentially, across the area, maybe lead to spotty power outages. not widespread damage by any means, but going to be noticing thoseds howling womorrow from start to finish. i know they woke me up early in the morning, might be doing the same for you on your wednesday morning. it's still a bit breezy out there on thursday, and then t watchi weekend for rain chances. right now, saturday's not looking s great. sunday's starting to improve rain-wise. here's the latest on the wind advisory. it's in effect for everybody here in beige. this starts tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and goes until 4:00 p.m. we're goingo have wind chill temperatures tomorrow morning that are just brutal. and an afternoon high temperature of only degrees. 43, the kind of high we would
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expect in january, not november. all in all, cloud cover tomorrow will be party sunny withneore sunsater in the day. but this is 6:00 a.m. this is notco ortable, unless you have the gloves, the scarf and the warm jacket, because it's feeling about 19 degrees in washington and gaithersburg. the kids getting on the school s, temperatures still feeling like they're in the teens and low 20s. around wlunchtime, have wind chills mainly in the mid 20s to low 30s 31 in annapolis. at noontime tomorrow, the afternoon ho'ss, still feeling extremely chilly out there. 8:00 p.m., we have wind chill temperatures out there in the 20s. now, checking out the weekend recast, on saturday, 50 for a high. on sunday, 64. so, sunday is looking like the warmer of the two weekendys. rain is likely saturday. buuld be dry for saturday morning. once we hit the late morning and midday hours, rain does look to move into the area is rain is looking likely for your saturday afternoon and evening. maybe a showear out there sunday morning, but the bulk of
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the day is looking aidry. and overall warmer. so, if you are trying to figure out when to get the tree oreang oliday lights, i would recommend sunday. here is a look at our ten-day forecast. again, 43 tomorrow. a very cold and windy day. we look to ursday, still a bit breezy. highs in the 40s. on friday, highs in the upper 40s. a shower or two out anthere. by the time we hit tuesday, if all the rain chances materialize, we're definitel the wettest year on record. we could hit that before tuesday. >> okay. >> it's going to fall for sure. >> very early december. >> yeah, absolutely. >> ay. thanks, amelia. coming up, a redskins legend weighs in onheir controversial
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this is the xfinity sports desk.
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>> we, it blowing up on social media. redskins still taking some heat tonight. >> yeah, one of the top trending topics on twitter tonight. fan reactions split after a controversial addition to the redskins roster. washington, the only team to put in a waiver claim forme f san francisco 49er reuben foster. online, mor backlash, as the linebacker cut less than 72 hours ago, joins the burgundy and gold following his arrest for a domestic violence char. the nfl placing foster on the mm cosi oommissioner's exempt list. he won't be abl practice or play with that designatio but will be paid. this weekend was the linebacker's third arrest sy.ce janu the redskins saying in a statement they understand the severity of the allegations, an, if true the franchise will not conde those actions. the team says they talked to some of his former alabama teammates currently on the roer, and they wer supportive of the move, but on the other side, redskins legend bryan mitchell perplexed.
11:26 pm
look at this guy, yes, he's a talent. unbelievable talent. but inis short career, he's already made some bad and now when we look at this, he's still involved with the same person, andoe that't mean that he has to do it. reuben foster has put himself in a situation now whe he can be suspended, but the redskins now have him on their team. are they e hipped todle a person with these type of situations? listen, i understand when guys have great talent, we overlook things, but domestic violence is ou can't that overlook. that's the highest of the highs of things that can get you removed from the nfl. and reuben foster had one canted and at was this incident again. we don't know did he touch her or not? but the fact that you're involved with two situations says a lot. and inderstand that they feel like they have people from alabama on this football team, gt you know what in those g? those guys are nting in trouble. if you are a gi who makes bad decisions, you're probably going
11:27 pm
to continue to make them. >> goo points there from b-mitch. one of college basketball's longest rivalries renewed tomorrow. maryland andvirginia. two 6-0 top 25 teams squaring off in the big 10/acc challe tonight, 13th ranked virginia tech on the floor against penn state. the nittany lions hosting buzz williams and t hokies. skipping ahead, second hatch, penn state up two, and here come pe hokies. niceass to ty outlaw. points off the bench for him. virginia tech ties this one at 58. now, later, penn state back up by one. josheeves decides to just take this one himself. kisses it off the glass and in. rech reeves had six. final seconds of the game, one.inia tech down justin robinson for three -- is no good. the rebound doesn't go. s petate holds on for the upset, beating 13th ranked virginia tech 63-62.
11:28 pm
and one other local score to report. american university takes down vmi on the road, 74-64. eagles now 6-1, excuse me, 4-1, off to their best start since the 2010-11 season. and just to follow up on redskins, they have practice tomorrow, so, head coach jay gruden going to be up at that podium having to answer - a >> getti lot of questions. >> why they added reuben foster. >> and good forry mitchell. a great messag
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