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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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have you seen theid out of alaska tonight? after a massiveocarthquake r anchorage. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jimandillyhandly. this 7.0 earthquake caused serious damage to all the roads. >> and people living there are getting the aftershocks and aftershocks and they are bracing for more. here isne chris polloith a closer look. >> reporter: it happened around 8:30 local time, the ground in anchorage started rumbling. >> we doave a massive earthquake that was felt early this morning about 8:30. >> reporter: when it s over, people there flooded social media with pictures and videos of damage to buiingsnd roads. >> we see the ground is cracked, windows are shatteredout. and we peeked inside and it looks like part of the ceiling came down. >> reporter: the local affiliate captured the moments it struck a local courthouse. the shaking lasted nearly a full
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.inu attorneys and spectators dove under desks for cover. the quake broke glass, knocks things off shelves and buckled roads. schoolchildren hid under desks. it was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, the epicenter a few miles north of anchorage. >> people should expec be feeling aftershockst m of today. nd potentially for a longer time >> reporter: there was a tsunami warning for the coast later canceled as the threat subsided. white house staffers briefed president trump about the earthquake as he attended the g-20 summit in argentina. trumpreweeted to the people of alaska, you have been hi by a big one, your federal government will spare no expense. >> this is a very significant earthquake obviously as everyone knows. >> reporter: the best news, the mayor of anchorage says so far no reports much deaort eports o injuries. chris pollone, nbc news.
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and amelia draper is in the stormenter with details on the impacts. and thetheach is much f than just alaska. >> impacts were felt 40 miles outside of the epicenter. t epicenter was about 7 miles north o anchorage. back here in 2011, we had a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, which is considered smalln the richter scale. the richter scalehe we grade tornadoes is exponential. as the g numbers up, the damage increases dramatically with each number. right after that major earthquakees happened,than ten minutes helater, tre was another earthquake what we call an aftershock of 5.7 even closer to chorage. now, this earthquake having a lot of impact on alaska because of its closeness to anchorage. they have aot of population in
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anchorage. and this is the usgs, these blue dots are all the ethquakes thin the last week in alaska. so earthquakes in alaska noton unco in fact the state has about 40,000 earthquakes a year. more than all 49 states combined. and again, so far today we' had about seven after shocks greater than a mnitude four. and alaska has six or seven 6 or 7 magnitude earthquakes a year. and so i'le have m the weather here in about 15 minutes. and we'll have much more throughout this hour on this developing situation in anchage. and new details on the damage there. ming up at 6:00, as the governor of alaska is looking at the destroyed roads and highways all over thatregion. and we are following more breaking news for you tonight in our aree we h scene in damascus,
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maryland. we have learned that were hurt after a car crashed into an apartment buildingn brigadier place aboutand beth.d ro the tow truck has shown up to get the car that is fully inside that building nicole jacobs is on the way there and we'll have more when she arrives on the scene. >> and mhte breaking news r now closer to home, a stiff sentence for the man who jacked a metrobus while high on pcp and then took it on a deadly joy ride through the streets of washington. today there is new video of that bizarre ride. ke a look. and the police takedown tt followed. meagan fitzgerald is live outside d.c. superio court with today's developments. >> reporter: yeah, loving stood before the court and said that he was saddened by the entire ordealnd moments later he was
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sentenced for this deadly rampage that was captured ono vi that we are seeing for the very first time. for the first te, we're seeing this video which captures the moments keith loving hijacked this metrobus before killing a 40-year-old man. it happened in may of 2016. this video shows loving getting on the bus on j street in northeast. moments later, he is attking the bus driver with needle nose pliers. the driver getsaway. and thene hijacks the bus. you can see he stops in between two pumps at this gas station and waits eight seconds. ke a look at that trash can. you will see the employee had just taken the trash out before loving steps on the gas steering the bus right intohim. pane dies on scene.
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moments later, police arrive with guns drawn and try to arrest loving who refuses their commands. police use in use pepper spray to take him down before anyone else is harmed. now, loving was sentenced to 21/2 years as well as being ordered to undergo mental healta treatmen substance abuse counseling while in prison. back to you. >> compelling video there. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. th hijacked bus did not have a protective shield to keep drivers and passengers separated. but metro is adding safety shields to f their entireet of buses now. we checked in with them today for a progress report and a spokespeon tells us nearly two-thirds of metrobuses now have safety shields. and they expect to have 100% of their fleet completed withi seven months. and there is a consumer alert about that massive data
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breach involving marriott hotels. this could o potentially be of the biggest breaches in history. trriott says that the information of u a half a billion guests may have been exposed. and the unauthorized access dates back four years. r let's getht to susan hogan live at marriott's world headquar trs tol us what do we do now?'l >> reporter: tell you, this is a biggie., bottom line f you stayed at a marriott hotel within the past four year, chances are this breach impacts you. the world's largest hotel chain now fing one of the largest data breaches. marriott international says that their recent investigation discovered there had been unauthorized access to its starwood guest reservation database. since 14 11 properties worldwide are impacted including the w hotel, shaeraton and the
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weston. information of about 500 million guests was exposed across the globe. the company believes the information stolen includes credit card numbers, addresses, phone number, e-mail, birth dates and passport and travel information. while some of that data would have been encrypted, marriott cannot rule out that it was decoded. and that information could expose you to identity theft. >> i am a preferred guest account holder. i'm not really worried a if they have my name or address. you can google that anyway. >> i think that t dy have to a better job. that kind of data is proprietary. >> reporter: marriott is offering one year of free credit monitoring for those of you worried that yourmanformation have been breached. now, earlier today, that link to th fry credit monitoring service was down. we did just check and it is back
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up and running. one other thi that you should do if you haven't done it already is take advantage of the free credit freezes on all three credit burrows. back to you. >> and again, marriott has set up a website t answer any questions that you might have. and it will also help you locate hose free credit monitoring site we have a link for o you our washington app, just search marriott. annc alarmingase in pedestrian fatalities in fair tax coufairfax county. so iffar there have been 124 wi 14 being killed. the most recent was a man trying to cross route 1. julie carey reportser residents are calling for safety improvements. >> reporter: this is the dangerous crossing charles bailey f makesm his home across route 1 t catch the bus every day. his wife makes the trip at 4:00 a.m. to get to work.
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>> once she gets on the other me , i tell her to call because this street is so hard to cross and god forbid anything happened to mywife. >> reporter: but he and other residents in the area are troubled to learn aan lost his life here this morning trying to cross, struck by a southbound ford explor. >> just the fact that somebody passed away, i meanow i'mven more worried. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the spray paint marking the accident f scene is justt away from this cross erected to mark the spot where a woman was hit and killed just a year ago. >> to have two in one year and none before that is pretty shocking. >> reporter: leslie serth has been for two decades and watched as more residents have moved in with more on the way. she has contacted elected leaders asking for some kind of a crosswalk. >> there is just no safe way to cross this street unless youwa wa down there, but there is no sidewalk here. >> reporter: no sidewalk for folks who would t te thee to hike all the way down to the
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lighted intersection. fairfax county police say that is what they should be doing to stay safe they aren't sure why there has been a spike in pedestrian fatalitiesrs but say dri have a role to play in bringing the numbers down. >> speed has always been our number one nemesis throughout ae county i think. people justn't vigilant about the posted speed limits. >> reporter: but police say pedestrians to be more vigilant too about wearibr ight colored clothing or carry a l tht and keep phones down and earbuds s out. the victim this morning was charles robinson of woodbridge. making any safety improvement here would be up to vdot, but i checked in with the county supervisor for this area and his office tells me he is now asking for an updated pedestrian roady an. back to you in the studio. >> let's hope they get thoseov ements. and a local marching band
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was suspended after membe say that her hay they were hazed. we'll have new developments as we learn more about what happened and who is being held accountable. and there is new effort to take gs away from those who have not broken thelaw, but might be a threa to themselves or others. and nuptials are supposed to be memorable, right? but not for this kind of reason. we talk to the man who was fo e forced to prove new mexico was a forced to prove new mexico was a state.
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a criminal investigation is under way on the bowie state campus after allegations of hazing surfaced. today the university announced that theph sy of soul band has been put on probation for one year and its director i no longer with the university. corey smith talked with band sembers. >> reporter: toda announcement brought many band members to tears. yes, they c a performin on a limited basis, but what hurts most is thef losseir director, dr. adolph wright. bandmateshe watchedress conference after meeting with the university president as a he says dr. wright was more than a band leader. >> for myself who has lost male figure in my biological family, dr. wright is the leader
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for me. he is the male figure in my fe. and a bunch of other people can say the same thing. university's the investigation found hazing is prevalent in the band. violations included constitution outlining discipline misconduct, requiring new band memrs to do certain acts of service for other members, harassment and alleged >> it was definitely hazing. >> reporter: band they say knew about it. she says the university must now change that. >> when you begin to create tt cultur of dependency where people lose their individuality and it is about the group. and you s the grou and we have to come back from thatnd and help them understand thatt is a culture that is not a good thing to have. >> reporter: and these distraught band members say they do ft know what is next the symphony of soul. >> and when y'all finish suspending us, you're not going to have a band because it's
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already not a band. >> reporter: corey smith, news 4. in addition to t year probation, no new students will be able to join until 20. so far no individual students have been disciplined, but tha could change fendidepending on outcome of the criminal investigation. you could find m nico on a man, it is right next to texas on the other side of arizona, up abe is colorado. it is on our map. one man had a really hard time explaining to the d.c. marriage bureau that new mexico is a state that is in fact part of our united states. erika gonzalez has the number one story on theas site. >> oh, it is there. it is there on the map. dr. gavin clarkson and his soon to be bride went to get their marriage license but when gavin handed over his new mexico i.d., he says that the clerk told himt they didn't acntinternational
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driver's licenses and he needed to show a passport. and the room started to fill very quickly in laughter. >> once they recognized that it was a state, they we very apologetic. and yes, your english is good. do you speak spanish? of course. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the story is that much better because he is that much of a character. after about 20 minutes, dwr clarks -- dr. clarkson who actually ran for new mexico secretary of state got their license and they got married and they had a good laugh. you can read and share this story by searching new mexico in our nbc washington app. they even told him his english was really good. >> they were messing with the wrong man there. well, snapping selfs, doing pushups, even flossing just a few of the good luck
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efforts incoming house members tried as theyid a lottery park for their congressional office assignments today. in most cases it didn't work. they didn't do any dances, but our area three representatives faired pretty well. david trone ther a jennifer wexton wound up with number 19. she seems happy about it. the d.c. council istooised ass new gun laws before the end of the year in an t effort curve the rising homicide rate and one of the new laws will make i easier for police to c confiscate guns w s from people have not broken any laws but may behreat to themselves or others. this is the red flag laws which are already on the books in
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maryland. >> reporter: ever since the school shooting in parkland, florida wre 19-year-old who was known to police killed 17 l peopt year, red flag laws have been getting a lot of attention across the country. now the d.c. council is set to vote on its own v sion of the law that will allow family members, health professiona police to ask a judge for permission to have a person's guns seized they are a threat to themselves or others. even if no crime has been committed. >> we're trying to sure that we are finding ways to help prevent violence before it takes place. >> reporter: 13 states including maryland and delaware already have red flag laws. three other states haveed flag legislation pending. montgomery county sheriff says that the new law has already made a big differencen maryland. >> seizure of weapons during a short period of time when somebody was in either a mental health crisis or an immediate danger to themselves or others. >> reporter: since taking effect in october of last year, aboute
5:21 pm
200 peo have had their guns taken from them. >> no doubt in my mind that from what we have seen in machiontgo county so far, it is saving lives. >>seporter: d.c. law provi immunity for the person if they own a gun illegally.un >> thatas used in a robbery, a crime, a homicide, that immunity is gone. >> reporter: the choun still will ao vote on laws banning bump stocks and increasing the penalty for high capacit magazines that hold more than ten rounds. like the ones used in the deadly shooting that killed makiyah wilson. the new laws are expected to pass next week when the council takes their first vote. those laws could go into effect early next year.ic in the dis mark sea xwraf sea griaves news 4. ahead, the plan one local school system has come up with to address a shortage of school bus driver.
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a w amelial be back with dalook at what you can expect
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it is f and the end of hurricane season. >> yeah. >> it's been a bit of a rough one. >> yeah, it has. when that hurricane forecast a comes othe beginning of
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the year, we try to get an idea of the storms, but it doesn't include the impact. here is more on hurricane . seas it officially begins june 1 and runs through november 30th, but we had a hurricane form in late may this year. so we can is havene hurri occur anytime of year really, but again the official season coming to annd today. and i cannot believe tomorrow is the start of december. and of course when we think baca to hur season, we think to florence and michael that brght significant damage to the southeast. and as we continue to track the hues and how they stack up you, here is how the noaa average amount of hurricanes stacked upo 2018. so we three major hurricanes at category 3 or higher. this year we had two. on. >> a, we see about circumstance and canes cat 1 to cat 5 this year we had eight. and named storms, we were above
5:26 pm
average with15, and on average we seebout 12. kurnt currently our temperatures are in the mid-40s. 44 manassas. we're mainly dry. i can't real out ae bit of drizzle, but for the most part, we are looking dry. no rain rlly in the forecast. and as we look at future weather, starting you out tomoeow morning, we dry. some showers well back in parts of virginia and the panel handle of wt virginia. as we move toward 11:00 a.m., we start it see impacting northern virginia. and thenoon through southern maryland. toward the late afternoon hours, maybe a bit of a break. but skies stay cloudily. and overnight,ee we pretty steady rain. as we move toward about 8:00, 9:00 a.m. sunday, showers start to push out of the area and the sunshine breaks out and our temperatures warm up nicely on sunday. but tomorrow another chilly day
5:27 pm
with a high of 46 degrees. and again showers atme but dry time as well. and it will be cloudy and cool out there when it is not raining. if you need to get something done outdoors this weekend, do it tomorrow morning or sunday afternoon. and check it out, a high on sunday of 66 degrees. 20 degrees warmer than saturday. asmoe look to ay, a high of 58, so a little cooler, but still prettyle comfort with clouds and sunshine. temperatures continue to tumble on tuesday withig a of 49. i'll have more on next weekend ming up because at this point we arenticipating maybe a bit of a wintry mix that includes some snow i'll haveore on that coming up at 5:. news has been working for you, leon harris has been featurin organizations who up lift others in his harris' heros feature. an update ononight we hav groups using their exposure to
5:28 pm
make even more of a difference. nd a74-year-old woman killed crossing the street. she was on her way home. she is a nanny. tonight family is speaking to news 4 about this tragedy. t i want see my sister. t i want see my sister.
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youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. we've learned that nanny who
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loved working with children was killed last night as she was tryingo cross t street in bethesda. >> her sister tells us she was just trying to get mohome and toy that sister shared these pictures of donna. and she tells cis gordon her sister came out of retirement to be a nanny. >> shes the very best friend and my best sister. >> reporter: tough her tears she tells me she is devastated by her sister's death. the 74-year-old worked as a nanny since coming to the u.s. 24 yearsing g ago. she was killed crossing the road walking to a bus stop for the ride home to rockville. >> somebody knocked on the door and it was t police, police talk about my sister's accident.
5:32 pm
i can't believehat happened, i think it is a mistake. >> reporter: her siser died at hospital, this suv shows damage apparently from the impact. the driver stayed on the scene. people tl us that there are no street lamps on this block and that thelk cross across old georgetown road are a distance from the bus stop. >> lighting is an issue. we're looking at what color her clothes were,er whethhe was visible. my understanding iskn the dus hours of the evening when the crash happened, visibility is obviously a factor. >> reporter: donna is the 14th pedestrian death so far this year in montgomery county. that is more than all of last year. her sister shares h grief with us hoping that it will lead to accountability. >> somebody killed my thisy youngster. >> reporter: she says for her family, sadness hasla rd the joy of thisas holiday .
5:33 pm
chris gordon, news 4. >> tragic. >> tears and tributes today as family and friends say a finalo ye to police officer hunter edwards. his fellow officers and f responders filling the pews here at his funeral. officer edwards was responding to a call last friday when he lost control of his patrol car and crashed. day he is being remembered for his dedication to his family and his passion for police work. officer edwards was a cop's cop. he didn't just did what was asked of him, he truly went above the call of duty. a hero is defined as a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble causes. officer edwards is our hero. >> he and his wife had been married for just three months. he was inss the proce of adopting her son. iprince george's county,
5:34 pm
residents of a gated apartment complex say crime is getting out of control. police confirm that they are investigating a numr of break-ins and one armed robbery at the camnargo town center. all have occurred in the last three months. after complaints fromeople who live there, the complex just hired securityrd g last night, but residents say it is not enough. >> my concernot is outside of this community, it is when i come home, that is when i get nervousnd i have to sit in my car and look over my shoulder and make sure that everything is okay and if i seeomne walking, just stay in my car extra time. >> the company that manages the complex tells us that they have improved security, they arh working w the police department to make it safer and the county pice say that their officers will start patrolling part-time at the complex and that starts this weekend. he used to measure pounds of turkey at th safeway deli
5:35 pm
county and nownd p for pound jarrett herd is one of the best inhe mboxing world. now the story. >> reporter: his left jab is dangerous. his right hook devastating. and his 22-0 records impeck bl. he is jarrett hurd, pride and joy of a small city. >> and not a lot of people -- not a lot of people come from and for me to be one of the first and only guys from accokeek to become a world champion, let alone unified world champion, it speaks volumes. >> reporter:he man known as swift is coming off the two mpggest wins of h career. unified world cn in the 154 pounds, but not so long ago, he had a different type of job in hisocal community.
5:36 pm
>> safeway down in ft. washorgton. i wasng there as the deli clerk. and i was making sandwiches, flying chicken tenders. working there gave me a mindset to want more. >> reporter: he still lives at home, and he says the real pressure to think a future came from his mother. >> she was like if you want to do it, i'll givyou three years. if you show me some type of progress in three years, then we can talk. >> and i said so i'm giving you to 25 to choose a profession and make a success of it or you got go. ee reporter: now with thr or four titles around his waist, this champion is working hard to inspire kids with a similar story. >> i wasn't this guy that you would pick out of a crowd to say he willecome a world champion, but i never let that stop me, i always had the drive to say i wi become that. n ando matter, don't let it stop
5:37 pm
you. >> we'll be rooting for you. tomorrow hurd will defend his titles in a match in los angeles. a young marine from suburban maryland killed in action in world war ii. 74 years later, he is coming home. tonight his family shares his story. plus teachers behind the wheel, the new pla being embraced to deal with a shortage of school bus drivers in one
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the female dallas police soifr w officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own apartment was indicted on a murder charge. amber guyger was ini shrested on a manslaughter charge. told investigators that she mistook jean's apartment for heo own,ht that he was an intruder when she walked in and she shot him. allegedly. guyger was released from jail on $300,000 bond the same day she was arrested. she was also fired from the dallas police departmen n to a bittersweet home coming decades in themaking. a marine killed during world war 2 will finally be ld to rest. sergeant richard murphy went missing in action in the pacific, and yesterday his remains arrived at mbwishall with relatives waiting. lisa robinson with our baltimore
5:41 pm
station spoke with the family about his long journey home. >> reporter: after 74 years missing in action, sergeant i murp back home. the chevy chase maryland marine was killed o in june 1944. he had just turned 26. family membersor who were to r he died came to bwi welcome him. >> how he was killed, as a hero, in world war ii trying to help a fellow. marine >> reporter: while his uncle was working to help that marine, the two were hit with shell fire and tlled. they got know him through stories told over the years. >> he was always with us because he was that handsome marine looking out of the picture fram e he was thety compare at thanksgiving. >> reporter: similar against murder are if i's remains were
5:42 pm
found by tedsarcy who opera a research group that specializes in identifyings remains of the war dead. he used dental records to match him with the remains of the unidentified soldier who had been buried in t philippines. and then the dental records were matched with the family's dna. and this is bringing the family closure. >> it is bringing our family gether and it is a happy upbeat kind o event. >> i feel when i received the flag on saturday, i'm stand-in for hismother. >> sergeant mury will be his mother t to omorrow following funeral services. still to come tonight on news 4 at 5:00 -- >> reporter: there is a unique partnership that is lettiho folks are homeless workal gside parks employees for a
5:43 pm
paycheck. i'll tell you more coming up. and it is aam pilot pro here in prince william county that has teachers going from the class room to behind the wheel of a school bus. i'm david culver, i'll exain the doplub
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
we continue to follow breaking news right now, two people injured after a car here slams into this apartment building in damascus. moments ago go, ts ago a tow tr the vehicle out. nicoleacobs just g an interview with a man who says that i was struck. stayun for her live report in about 15 minutes. and teachers have a big responsibility educating students, but a new voluntary program in prince william county would have them doing double duty. a chance tearn some extra
5:46 pm
money by training them as bus drivers, shuttling students to and from school. david culver explains why some teachers are actually eager to jump behind the wheel. >> i'm going to demonstrate for you. >> reporter: she is explaining school bus >> you have your panel to the left of you, you can see there arwi o rteeretu l a o alsot af teacher. angela works at park side middle school. she teaches 6th grade history and math support and starting next year, she will be busing her students to and from school. >> it is not that much time out of my day to learn how to drive and then h take theme quick and i can still get home to my family. reporter: the county school system has a shortage of bus drivers. angela noticed that trickling down to her students. >> lot of kids were outside waiting for a bus io come and know that is frustrating and how long a day already it is.te >> rep which is why when
5:47 pm
any announced the pilot program, angela and other teachers seemed intrigued. >> i thought maybe 20 would bes inte, but 75 teachers were waiting to s how the first group goes before they sign up for the next round. >> it is voluntary without pay, so that helps, right? >> reporter: nine park side staff members are in the training. it lasts several weeks and requires understanding a bus' mechanics. >> i didn't realize how much really bus drivers do. if anything, it has given me a lot of respect for what they do because they are not just driving. there is a lot more work. >> reporter: the added work, worth it for angela who thinks that it will also comfort her students. >> they know they are in a safe place and they can go to their school wyh someb that they already know or trust or care for. >> reporter: creatg an educational experience from door to door. in prince williamcounty, david
5:48 pm
culver, news 4. >> teachers will be paid during training and when they start driving. hey have receive a bus driver's pay of $18.21 an hour. >>ng one way we're wor for you is by introducing you to great people aio organiz making a difference in their community. >> for this week'sharris' heros, we want to unipdate you some of the here rows. >> o -- heros. >> one of the great things we love is the exposure that these analler organizations get out of this. it can really make a big difference helping them accomplish their goals. we first introduced you to bright beginnings last month. that center provides free care for parents who are homeless. we took you inside their brand new facility i southeast d.c. and a viewer noticed that there wen't any computers in their new business center. and they stepped up and offered evto donateeral macs. dave am his t at mac recycle clinic dropped off those new commuters this week. moms and dads can use them to
5:49 pm
look for jobs or even get job b training while the staff looks after their little ones. great stuff there. now to a big award for mentoring to manhood. for 13 years, this program has helped young men keep from t falling throu cracks. they provide ipmentor academic a tutorin well. and thanks to your votes, the organization just received a $100,000 grant from the chick-fil-fo dation. one of the group's founders told us that interest in the mentorg programncreased after they were featured on harris' heros. h they hav nine new mentors and four new students sign up since our piece aired. thanks to all of you to making that happen. if you would like to learn more out any of these organizations or any of our other great harris' heros or if you want to nominate one yourself, just check out the nbc washington app and search harris' heros. >> greatstuff.
5:50 pm
thank you. if you love the sweets and savories at the renowned red virginia,ry out in now you can make them at home. the creative mastermind has released his first cookbook. the pictures alone will make your mouth water. last night brian and i had a really fun q and a at union market in northeast d.c. brians as delightful as his confections. in his book he talks about the time john wayne made him a few in a sandwich. and his bakeries are truly a destination for people. president trump and oprah among his big fans and sore we. and brian just unveiled -- >> i love this cake. >> a lexington, kentucky bourbon caf. a portionhe sales of this cake will go to the southern boys alliance.ul it is a wondegroup, i'm a member of em, they cument, study and celebrate the diverse
5:51 pm
food cultures of the american south. and all of brian's treats can be ordered on lined a red truck >> and the way i eat it, i can get -- you can smell the bourbon, taste it. they go outo lexington all the time for samplings. >> he goes everywhere. and he also makre a use of all of the purveyors out in the shenandoah area. >> and it is so worth the trip becaus you never know who you will run into although president obama has his delivered to his house. >> and we'll burn off all of these sweets because it will be cold and we'll be clenching, our muscles will be working. >> and that looks delightful. a slice of that looks devine. but yeah, the cold might get yo? si that is not true, but it does burn calories but we're not talking about too muc we head into the weekend.
5:52 pm
temperatures tomorrow similar to tohey. and on sunday, we'll have highs in the mid-60s. oh, yeah, jim is having bite of the cake already. storm team 4 radar is dry in our area, but looking baco the west, western virginia, north carolina and further bac starting to see rain out that way and this is heading in to the areaig ove and arriving mainly later in the day tomorrow. right now we're a 45 with winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. plenty of clouds out there. we're mainly dry tonight. i can't rule out patchy drizzle tonight. but for the most part, i'm not toooncerned about tha it will be a dry start tomorrow morning, but plenty of clouds. by lunchtime, scattered showers out there and we're around 44. once we warm into the mid-40s, we kind of hang out there for thay rest of theven into the overnight hours. we'll have near steady or slowly trying temperatures friday night on into saturday. showers out there at 4:00 p.m.
5:53 pm
with a temperature aund 45. 44 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and at that point a steadierain impacting the area. so if you are heading out for dinner tomorrow night, you definitely want to bring the umbrella. early sunday, still some showers ou there until about 9:00 a.m. after that, we'll have some clearing and we warm up nicely, 66 degrees for a high on sunday. as we look to the weekend, the weather having a low impact if you pick the right time. if you arehe getting tree or hanging up the holiday lights, doom itrow morning or sunday afternoon. we have the walk to end rrhiv to and it is looking nice and dry for that. but you will want to bundle up. and winter fest at nats park saturday and sunday, recommend going on sunday with rain in the forecast later on saturday. a pretty good chance that you will be dealing tomorrow at about 80%. on monday, a high of 58, still t too bad. it starts to get chilly on tuesday. next en it is cold
5:54 pm
wednesday, thursday and friday with highs only in the low to mid-40s. and then next weekend, are you traveling, are you staying local, do you have a holiday party? right now we have a wintry mix luand that incdes thehance for luand that incdes thehance for c james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn'know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or ll 1-833-kidney3.
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5:56 pm
when we think of homeless shelter, we think of plays that provide meals and sometimes housing. >> but in fairfax, there is a
5:57 pm
pilot program putting homeless men and women to work for the city. >> julie carey takes a closer look at how it is working.rt . >> reporter: a frigid morning outside this shelter as guests line up for eakfast. but about a dozen men and women here are heading right back in to the cold by choice, jumping in a van, putting on reflective vests and gloves and getting to work. >> how is everyone doing? an reporter: a fairfax county parks departmenter gives the marching orders, a big job is ahead. corating 200 downtown lamp posts with wreathes. >> they hang right on these bnd thes will be out one on this side, one on this side. >>eporter: it doesn't tak long before this team are expert at it. eric has a place to live for the time being, but still counts on the center for help. he jumped at the chance to work. >> it is up tose us to ch what
5:58 pm
to do with that opportunity. we can either bury it or invest ourselves in it. >> reporter: the city makg an investment too, through this rilot program with the cen are providing two half days a week paying tenuc an hour. >> this has resulted in a number of guests at the center finding meaningful work, being mpensated and giving human dignity. >> reporter: and a payoff for the staff as well. >> my staff gets to feel like they are doing something good as well. reporter: when they are not putting up christmas decorations, they will be working inhearks blowing leaves or maintaining trails. there is work to be done all winter long, work that could lead to some type of long term employment with the city or elsewhere. >> my goal is spectrum of employment that helps people have some form of stability. >> reporter:ramon's disability keeps him from full-time work, but he wants. more of th >> it makes me feel good about myself. and then also i feel good about
5:59 pm
being around good folk. >>eporter: and they know this work may also change how others view the homeless. >> they are doing something, you know, trying to make not only their own lives better, but the city better. >> repter: bette on this day and much brighter. julie carey, news 4. dramatic new video into our newsroom after a major earthquake rocks alaska. it happened near anchorage during the morning commute. hours later the damage is becoming clear. roads buckled, parts buildings crumbled. >> and video shows people in a courtroom taking thcover. quake also knocked tv stations off the air. om the sky, incredible drone video shows cracks on the lake
6:00 pm
that was thick enough yesterday to hold 6500 pounds. >> tonight crews are assessing the damage. erika gonzalez is at our live desk. >> anda this was major earthquake, but into reports of any deaths or serious injuries. but the damage is extensive. you can see roadways are buckled and collapsed and we also know that some bridges and buildings have been severely damaged and closed tonight. governor bill walker issuing a disaster declaration.declarat we spoke with a homeowner. > there was broken glass and bottles of beet juice and, you know, canned goods and just glass everywhere. and all the cabinetsere open. >> the epicenter was about 8 miles north of anchorage. and the quaas


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