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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 1, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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fair bit of rain. youow see wet everybody looks? plenty of celebrations up and down the east coast. in our area families tk to th streets in alexandria to welcome in the new year. thank you for waking up with us this first dayf 2019. i'm chrisawrence. >> happy new year. i'm molette green. it is a holiday but we're still covering the news for you. we want to begin with aheck of the forecast. we have some fog, some wet roads out ther amelia draper has a look at the forecast. happy new year. >> happy new year. i'm tracking that fog around frederick and martinsburg. in the d.c. area, i'm not picking up o fog. everybody is starting off january 1st tdry. look at radar. the rain from yesterday pushed out of the area. that's off to the east. the winds are blowing out of the sout3est at about miles per
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hour. so it's noticeably breezy out there. eck out that temperature. it's a mild start to 2019 at 62 deeees. we'll h near steady or slowly falling temperatures througtout the dayy. it stays mild but also stays breezy. tomorrow the cd air has moved in. it's going to move in overnight tonight. you will notice cooler temperatures out there on your wednesday. it's another dry day thursday, friday, saturday. you'll want to have the umbrella handy, though, with rain chances in the forecast. more details on your forecast and what you can expect for the rest of today hour by hr can temperatures coming up at 4:45. >> thank you very much. happening today, a new year and a new toll on a well traveled local road. dulles toll road rate hikes are now in effect. there's a 75 cent increase at the main tollpl a. bringing the total to $3.25. there's another 50 cent increase at all ramps, bringing the total there to 1.50.
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the rate hikes are being done so that funding for theulles corridor metrorail project can continue as well as maintenance on the roads. the partial government shutdown has just entered its 11 day and the new year. this morning tenre's talk of ei the gridlock on capitol hill but ner side appears will be to concede. >> the house and senate are going back to work thisweek. there will be some new facesn the house as the democratic majority takes over. house speaker leader nancy pelosi is rumored to be discussing ahursday vote to end the shutdown which may force senate majority leade mitch mcconnell to do the same. house democr bill that fully funds the government through next year except the department ofho land security. dhs would be funded through february with a little over a billion dollars. none of that slated for a wall. president trump said he would
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like to see the shutdown end bus mainta border wall is essential through his border security plan. new 4 conti es to work on several crashes in our area. >> one of them claimed a life last night in fairfax county. it happened on fairfax county parkway in burke. two vehicles collided there t sendinee people to the hospital. we're still working to learn the extent of the injuries. no word on what caused that crash. > at least one person w killed after a car crash in charles county, maryland. two other people w were also in the car involved are ecovering from critical injuries. police say this was the only car involved in a krar crash on st. charits parkway. is believed these are young adults. the crash remains under investtation. s 4:33. here's a look at top stories we're following. ws 4 has learned three children killed sunday night in a crash were all siblings. two 5-year-old twins, their
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1-year-old baby brother were all killed. police think a drunk driver crashed i o thecar. the parts were with them in the car at the time. both are in criticalbl but s condition. all metro stations will be open today after are hazmat s at the eastern market station. metro police suspended service yesterday after a main sprinkled a mysterious white powder on some benches. three stations were shut down until tests showed the substance was safe. the ma thomas green, was arrested in connection to the scare a few hours later. district police need help finding this armed robber in northeast d.c. this is veo from friday from a store on rhode island avenue. you can see the man covered with a hoodie point a gun at the tcashier and take entire cash draw. he points the gun one more time before running if you have information about this case, call the d.c. police. we are learning new details about concerns with the new amazon headquarters.
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last year amazon announced it is splitting its second headquarters between new york and virginia. the combinedl locations w generate 50,000 new jobs. nashville,ennessee willlso create 5,000 jobs for its center of excellence. however small business owners i queens, new york are concerned that rent will go up. >> i know tt many o my customers and my employees are concerned about their own rents going up. i know what rent is already likt ins neighborhood for a retail business. i have some conces abo what the long-term looks like. >> amazon says it hopes to lave st part of the new headquarters locations operational by the end of the year. all right. fosk the rs fans out there, after the season you just suffed through,look, you -- >> they died hard. >> they died hard. you can be forgiven for been happy or hoping for a change in leadership, but black monday as
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think call it in the nfl came andwent. so far jay gruden remains the headco ach. the name refers to thethay after regular season finale when coaches are usuallynk handed slips. gruden and his staff remain in place but changes may be comin over text few days. at redskins park, signs of the season ending too soon are everywhere. >> every guy in this locker room felt like this would be that year where we got over that first round of aye plf hump. we had a good t enoughm to be able to do some good things this year. but itid justt happen that way. >> coach gruden says he does expect talks about next season to take place in the coming days. he says he is excited about new players joining the team. if you are looking for a great way to she new year, we may have an answer for you. >> today 4$425 million up for grabs in a new year's day mega millions oudrawing. if y take the cash option,
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that's what i would take, you'll end up with a quarter of a million bucks. that's enough to more than 2800 cartier diamond bracelets. or purchase a porsche for 800 of your closest friends. amelia and chris, you're on the list. maybe a new home is on your wish list. if you win, you could afford this bellaire main shun. the most expensive u.s. home on the market listed for$22 million. >>e could spare a couple bucks for that. >> student loans. >> pay off my kirnt hourrt hous probably buy some more. >> the mega millions jackpot has be growing since october. the odds ofre win 1 in 302 million. >> man a quarter of a billion dollars for the cash option. >> couple of bucks. why not. still ahead a lost wedding ring turns up but in the oddest of sace.
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ae flu cases are on the rise herre in the aa a look warnings bers and new from the cdc. as we head to break, a look at the new ar's eve celebrations in dubai. webal be right . fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth. unhydrogen peroxide that goes tobelow the tooth's surface ite has
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>> we look out to the state of washington, talk about a christmas miracle a woman was reunited with her missing wedding ring and it was caught on vide y johnson lost her wedding ring when she was out shopping in october. a total stranger found it in her brand-new instant pot. she posted it on facebook, and the women actuall met up on
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christmas. >> i was convinced after the first couple of days that i would never s it again. >> you are such an honest on pe thank you! >> for johnson thi christm was already a miracle. four years ago she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. doctors said she only e hadht months to leave. s to live. e certainly has beat the odds. i always lose my wedng ring, but i always find it. >> thanks to the popular instapot for that lady. now a story out o indiana. >> family was able to recover a lost heirloom. josh king lost a medallion while on a rafting trip three years ago. the trinket honored his dead son who died of s.i.d.s. ten years
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ago. years later a fisherman found it. his wife told him to post it on facebook and he did. it went violent ral in a mviral of hours theen two found each other. let's go over to amelia. >> here's a look at current temperatures across the area. mid 40 in frederick and hagers down to mid 60s for washington. i'll let you know what to expect with temperatures today after the break. also ahead, new laws now taking effect in the district what it means for parking, your pocketbook and where you eat. as we head to break a look at the new ye's celebration in paris. we'll be right back.
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♪ look here when big b struck midnight. the night sky over london lit up with an impresse fireworks display. the new year show was put on over the eye of london. hundreds of thousands cam out to enjoy the show. the more i see the celebrations around thed, wo the more i'm like times square is okay. okay. >> it's just beautiful. spectacular. now that the new year is upon us, a series of new laws.
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they're taking effect right hhee indistrict. >> you know, some of them are the result of investigations by the news 4 iteam. scott and jodie show us how these laws will impact parking and your pocketbook. >> restaurant owner becky woo says a new d.c. law passedtht end of the year may save her business. a news4 revealed a parking scheme in her neighborhood, executed by food trucks. outside nasa headquarters, a group o trucks have been squatting on public parking spaces for nearly two years, swapping personal cars at night to held to spot until the next day when they swap back in the food trucks the truck operators said they need to do thi because of a shortage of food truck zones in c., but woo says it crippled r businessg by eliminatin parking for her business. after seeing our investigation,u
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d.c.ncil members approved new law to boost the fines for the truck operators involved. >> local media was fantastic. nbc 4 in particular helped highlight wh the problem was. helped us work toward solutions so i'm grateful for that. >> the need was great when cemeteries told the i-team they could have to t programs or shut down because they couldn't pay a skyrocketing water fee. >> it's hard. it's really hard on us >> we investigated how that fee was calculated and questioned the fairness of using a property square footage that coul rateate runoffs while government-owned roads, alleys and sidewalks wer exempt. >> that is unfair that has to be fixed. te after months of hearing the district and d.c. r budgeted $13 million for bill relief. religious institutions and other nonprofits can get up to 90% of their fees paid for. low and moderate income residents will also get help. >> i think your reporting made a big difference.
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thate're working on storie will impact you in 2019. >> if you have a story for the i-team, visit our app and send us a tip. >> all right. for a look at all our investigations from the past year, just go to our nbc washington app and search investigations. someone could be held responsible for the most destructive wildfires in california's history. the state attorney general says a utility company, pg&e could face murder charges if found liable. multiple lawsuits blame the company for not maintaining its equi but investigators still have not determined the cause of the camp fire. in a statement pg&e says it is committed to public safety and protecting customers from the threat of wildfires. if found responsible the company could face massive fines. this morning we're learning more about 22-year-old alexandra black, she w i theern killed by a lion while working in north
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carolina. she was kille over the weekend. the lion managed to bre through during a routineis cleaning of enclosure. the lion was shot and killed after efforts to tranquilize the officials say they are reviewing how this tragedy happened. black was a graduatef indiana university and started working as an intern there just ten days fore the attacks. there are new safety inspections following the j bridge collapse at bwi marshall airport. chopper 4 flieds over wha left of the scene sad night. you can see part of it dangng. th collapse left some travelers thinking twice. >> when you're standing there, you can't really do anything, right? >> my tught is about our friend we just put on a plane here to ttravel. y found out that a defective metal bracket caused thatap co. the maryland department of transportation says metalei brackets are replaced on five other jet bridges made bye
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the s manufacturer. reagan national and dulles arer hing out to leaders of bwi to see if they have similar equipment on site. bwi leaders say they regularly maintain and inspect those jet bridges. an explosive allegation against ex-cardinal theodore m>>ccarrick. james grein said he was abused for years.ep >>ter: on the cover of james grein's testimony, aot raph of him standing next to ex-cardinal theodore mccarrick. >> when you look at the cover sheet and see that photo, what -- what goes through your mind? i as an innocent boy then. i had probably already been abused three times. if you look at my eyes there, i'm not too happy there. a little awkward. my hands are going straight down
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and his are going around me. to tell you the truth, i am quite grossed out. >> grein says mccrick was a close family friend. he and his six siblings called him uncle hehe started abusing him new jersey when grein w just 11. he says it continued for years. >> he told me he was my pathway to god. that i needed to trust him. >> now 60, he first shared his stter an altar boy accused mccarrick of abuse back in june. that prompted the pope tstrip him of his cardinal title in july, and ordered him to a life ofenance and prayer. >> i would like the see mccarrick get up in front of us in fro of a room where it's just him, a single microphone and he can lean into the microphone and s say, iry, jimmy. because that's what he always called me.
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>> you want him to apologize. >> yes. >> do you think he would ever apologize? >> no. rgrein's story is heading to the vatican, but h focus remains here at home. drafting an open letr to clergy. >> you make your decision today. ng you believe in the institution and b holy to your superior or you're going to be -- have your faith in jesus christ? >> despite the yrs of agony he says he remains determined to see changes made to the catholic church. church backmy >> as for mccarrick, he is currently living in a religious residence in kansas. last weektt hisney said mccarrick looks forward to his right to dueprocess. david culver, news 4. to hr more about james' nbory, head to our website, that's if you want to find more
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coverage, you can find it in the nbc washington app. it's a mild start to the new year. check out current temperatures. 62 degrees in washington. 65 in quantico. cooler in frederick and hageiltown. still for this time of year. these are future temperatures at 9:00 a.m. this morning. check it out. still very comfortable out there. temperures anywhere fro around 52 in hagerstown to 60 in the district. 58 over in annapolis. as we move towards the midday hours, 1:00 p.m., temperatures still pretty m th wherey're at right now, in the mid to upper 50s. as we head intohe evening hours, 7:00, this is when cold air finally starts to move into the area as winds subside around 7:00 p.m. at that point we're tracking a temperature of about 49. 45 in frederick. 48 in culpeper. as we loo to tomorrow morning, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m.,
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temperatures will start off in the 30s to low 40s. a big cooldown in the overnighth to a high temperature today around 60 in the metro area. a high o tomorrow only 47 degrees. now, throughout the day today we will notice the winds. we'll also notice increasing sunshine. nothe case tomorrow. i'm tracking plenty of clouds in the forecast forwe your esday. we keep it dry. here's your rain outlook. completely dry today and tomorrow. as we look to thursday. scattered showers in the forecast as the storm system looks to cp the are during the morning hours. best chance of rain on thursday washington and areas to the south. by thursday afternoon everybody returns to dry weather. on friday, most othe days dry. overnight rain moves in widespread rain in the forecast on your saturday. here's a look atur temper. around 60 today. 47 tomorrow. and thenro highsd 50 degrees thursday, friday and saturday.
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showers likely on saturday, we keep it dry on sunday. pretty comfortable with a high of 55. it will be o bit breez there on sunday. what the forecast is lacking in the next ten days, any real chances for know. >> doesn't look like it with those temperatures. >> not at all. news 4 yourt' health, not only the dawn of a new year you about the middle of flu season. the centers for disease control just released the latest numbers. flu activity is high in nine states including maryland and new jersey. doctors say you still have time to get those flu shots if you have not de so. today is the first day of 2019. if you were out onhe town last night, i was out for just a little bit, i went home in time to get some sleep. >> driving in, ii saw youing out of that club. >> wasn't me. >> it seems like everybody has their own system to prevent
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hangovers or the perfect cure. wiere's a g trend to get something called iv therapy. a company called hyd fuse in annapolis offers the service. it reinfuses your body with the nece naryutrients and >>fluids. oalcohol is a diuretic. so you have go to the restroom more and you're not drinking your water during the me. when that happens you have dehydration and vitamins and minerals being depleted so we fix that problem. >> the treatment takes about an-hour. it costs about $150 to $200. the best way to avoid a hangover, drink lightly, sta hydrated. >> just don't drink at all. >> perfect. fool proof. coming u at5:00 on news 4 today, a busy stretch of i road northern virginia is shedding a confederate general's me. e new name for the jeff erson davis highway. and the announcement wasn't
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a surprise, now senator elizabeth warren is making a clearer picture of the next race for the white hous we'll look t ahe2020 when we'll look t ahe2020 when news 4 today at 5:00 fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth.
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♪ >> the new year is here. massived crowds pac times square to ring in 2019 with a huge party. but if you were watching last night, you might hav missed one
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big part of the new york tradition. >> police say the man responsible for this crash that lled three children may have been drunk at the wheel. this morning he is walking free while the kids parents remain in critical condition. the year starts with the federal government still shutdown. but democrats say they're ready pass a spending plan when they take over the house this week. getting the president to sign it still seems like high hopes. gomd morning. weto the new year. i'm chris laurence. >> i'm mette green. happy new year. we're glad you're starting 2019 with us today. a calm art. look at that picture there. we are thankful to be done with the wettest year of the d.c. area has ever seen. >> yeah. here's to some der weather in the year to come. hot's check on the forecast with amelia. is it looking out there so far? >> we need a


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