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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 2, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EST

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this is a live look outside on thond day of 2019. going to take a while to get t us that number. some schools reopen and many of you head back to work after the long holiday, you may need to bundle that welcome we had yesterday was short lived. we knew it couldn't last. >> 60 grease on the first day of january. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. lauren ricketts is in for chuck. lauren, a little chillier out there today. >> a little cooler, absolutely ght, chris. yesterday, you're right, 64 degrees. 64 degrees at10 0 in the morning. today will be mild but it will be seasonable for this time of year. temperatures at 43. will drop a little bit as we sun startsonce that to come up. been coming up about 7:30. theip temperatures will into the 30s.
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we'll start heading back into the 40s. we have plenty of cloud cover out there. 47 will be our daytime high. we do have rain later on today. that's going to be moving in likely through the afternoon and into this evening. that's when we could see it. down through texas, this will bring rai into our area. just a few showers w as get towards the cooldown. let's talk about traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning,lauren. 95 near the beltway,verything is cleared out. no worries as you're approaching the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, no problems. everything is nice and green. k road wor in the way. that's a nice 2019gift. 270 southbound, 70 to the spur. 60 miles per hour. you'll be there in 27 minutes.
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>>nk melissa, tyou. developing this morning, students and parents will notice increased security at three prince gorges cnty schools. >> threats were made yesterday and they are adding at william wurt middle olsc blade denseberg high school and park high ol. police telling us none of the threats are credible. it is day 12f the partial government shutdown. today people planning to vanit of the smithsonian museums or the national zoo will have t change. throws cases are officially closed until the shutdown iser they have been moving prior year funds to stay open to the public until now. coming up on news 4, tracie potts will have more on the bipartisan meeting taking placeu to help keep with this matter. praying after a devastating
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crash left three children dead in prince gorges county. yeerday more than 100 people prayed for the media family. someone slammed into their amily's car on indian head highway. their parents are still covering in the hospital. police think the driver may have been driving drunk. >> everyone is devas tted becausy were special people for us and the church. and it's a story that's really sad. tragic. >> nothing can bring back those children, but as of thisaorning go fund me page to help the family has raised more than $55,000. we've also learned a teenager was the victim of a deadly crash in charlestown. she's in the hospital fighting for her life. three girls were in the car when a driver lost control onsaint char parkway.
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the car slid down an embankment, smashed into a tree. 21-year-old nadia natage was driving and was rushed to the hospital in critical itcoion. a 15-year-old died at th scene. her cousine was in car. >> going into the trees. that was the last thing i remember. >> she was not seriously hurt in the crash. she s a freshman at north point high schoolho dreamed . a suspect escaped an area hospital. he got away from twon bondsmen fairfax county. officers arrested him yesterday and took him to the hospital h
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wher escaped. he was wanted on felony warrants across northern virginia. around 3:00 thisorning police tweeted out that they picked him up again. it's now 4:35. here are the other top stories this morning. officials tell news 4 of a gunshot that killed a marine inside the barracks on capitol hill was not self-inflicted. we're told the marine was on duty and in uniform when he died yesterday from a single gunshot wod to the head. right now the marine corps is investigating. a man is in critical condition after being shot in the hea inorthwest d.c. fe was a bystander, the unintended target a violent shooting. this happened tuesday afternoon on first and kennedy street. police are hoping this will help theirinvestigation. today the new acting defense secretary patrick shanahan beginsis first day o the job. shanahan will take on the j
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pentagon's top after the former secretary of defense, mes mattis, resigned last month because of disagreements with president trump over hisfo reign relation policies. we just learned the winning $425 million mega millio ticket was sold in long land, new york. the winning ticket matched all five numbers and the gold s gaball in the new yea drawing. became the eighth largest jackpot in mega millions history. cash option, right around a quarter of a billion dollars. new vid just into the newsroom this morning showing a scare during yesterday's rose bowl parade in california that you likely didn't see on tv. look at this, agh float c fire during the parade. the flames were blamed on an electrical sue. the float commemorated the chinese-american railroad workers was shut down. no one onoard or in the crowd
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was hurt. 4:36. two of the best tennis stars in the world faced off for a match fans will always remember. >> yeah. the first time roger federer played serena williams in a mixed doubles match in australia. team u.s.a. versus team itzerland at the hoffman cup. this time federer won the rights.g yesterday the swiss duo overcame williams and her partner 2-1. believe it or not, this match also had some ties to our area. >> williams's partner, they didn'tet a whole lot of attention, but francis tiafo p frnce gorges county, big fan, weni recd him. >> no. >> williams came up short, hebe desc playing against federer as the match of her career. >> i know they got 40 grand slam ties between the two of them. >> it's like the goat versus the goat. incredible. it's now 4:37. coming up, a near fight on the
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football field and not involving the players. the mascots match up, that is going viral this mo ming. >> money's on the bigger one but, first, baby new year. a new year, a new life. we'll introduce you to fi2019's t new resident of ouarea.r
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you're watching "news 4 today." a thief caught on camera and he wasn't at a bank, a house or a car. some of the usual places you might expect a thief to be. this one thought i would be good idea to hit up a police station. come on now. >> it all went down in gladstone, oregon. trying to steal a bike. >> from the police station? >> yeah, idn't gowell. police officer confronts him. he tries to run but, yeah,at not going to go over well either. the officer calls for backup and they take him into custody.
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>> not the smartest. >> no. while the rest of the world welcomed the new year with fireworks and champaign, one local family was rushing to the hospital. >> they we counting the time between contractions. 34 seconds into the new year melanie morales was born. look at the little angel. she's believed to be the first cal baby of th new year. she took her first breath insidh shady grove medical center in rockville. mom wasn't due until january 13th. >> she was in a rush to come for some reason. >> pretty amazing. it's incredible. t're just very happy, blessed. really happyt she's healthy. >> melanie has an older sibling who just turned 1 on december 23rd. oh, boy. pray for those parents. 1-year-old and newborn. she's beautiful. the baby came in weighing 5 pounds 15 ounces. >>'ve beenrying to convince my wife to have another kid?
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>>yes. >> a fourth child. >> she's being very selfish. >> you're being very greedy. >> greedy. they don't make moms like they used to,lauren. >> i've got no dog in this fight. >> you kno what, your wife doesn't want to do it, guess what, you're not having anothery >> not having another one. >> that's how it works. >> temperatures today when you walk outside this morning, not that bad. temperatures around degrees. seasonable today but we have rain on the way. rain on the way. we'll talk more a
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you're watching "news 4 today."
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on this 12th day of the government shutdown, you will not get to g see thent pandas or any of the smithsonian museum the national zoo and the museums are closed. >> news 4's tcie potts is live on capitol hill. we know congressional leaders are coming to the white house today. is it a done deal that they're actually going to meet with the presid t? >> reporte, it's not a done deal. we don't know. i guess the question there is are the democrats actually going to show up? you would think they might because they haven't had a sitdown with the president since is began but are they going to make any progress? that we don't know. b this isng billed as a briefing on the border wall. $5 billion that the president wants for the wall that's at the center of the shutdown showdown. it's not clear if there's any movement there. the presidents supposed to come and talk about the wall one democratic aide said they're skeptical that this is a stunt and the president isn't ready to negotiate. on the other side, you have democrats taking over half of congress.
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when they take over the house they have a couple o plans that would reopen the government but f republicans on the other side don't go forit, it's not clear any of those plans will reach the present's desk and actually get people back to work. stay tuned to see what happens at the white house tay and on capitol hill starting tomorrow. >> tracie potts live onit c hill. thank you. starting to see the impact of that shutdown as well. > coming upn the next hour, amy cho will be live with t smithsonian and national zoo closures. in the day ahead, catholic bishops will be addressing the issue of the crisis. the u.s. creholic cone did not give them enough time to review the proposal it outlined plans for an investigative body and a code of conduct. now to a story we are following in russia.
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at least 14 peoplere dead including one child following a explosion that caused an aparent building to collapse on monday in southern russia. authorities say they rescued six people alive including two children. 27 people are still unaccounted for. emergency crs. >> a u.s. citizen is being held in russia who is accused of being a u.s.spy. russian federal security says he as caught last week during an alleged espionage operation. weland h a twin brother david and he said paul was not involved in espionage. he was in moscow to celebrate friend's wedding. >> there's no way paul was a spy. he had a law enforcement career before his marine career, he was in corporate tysecu he would be the one who would know the risks of being sideways
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in foreign law. >> they're ccerned he could become a political pawn. you can watch the full interview coming up at o7:00 the "today" show. as the new year gets rolling, some major ansportation projects in our area will be taking shape as well. news a4'sm tuss will be looking at some of the biggests impaou could be facing. >> reporter: all we want for the new year is a better commute. first the construction. let's start ina virgi along the entire length of i-66 where wo is ongoing inside and outside the beltway. the most disruptive workill absolutely be outside the beltway where two new toll lanes are being added in eachn. direct all of this is happening next to free flowing traffic. >> we really want drirs to be aware and to take their time hr when travelinggh these areas. >> over in maryland, tunnels being built, the earth is moving as the purple line continues to reshape the landscape pontgomery
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annce gorges counties. remember, this line will connect thea bethe and new carrollton metro station but there's plenty of work to do. >> we're super sensnoive. we we're loud. >> in the district you'll soon see a lot of new no right turn on red sists. that's f reported about 100 inteceptiosections will get no ed signs. that will increase pedestrian andyyclist saf as the city begins to grow. >> we think the mayor has heard the calls frohathe public we are at a crisis for traffic safety. >> reporter: on metro, s ll a lot to figure out but lots of construction on motap. na notably stations south of ragan nl airport will be shut down during the summer to rebuildplatforms. >> adam also says a few other traffic changes areto in for the new year. route 1 through alexaria is now known as richmond highway.
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it used to be called the jefferson davis highway in favor of the confederate leader. they renamed it in june after three years of public input. u if you the dulles toll road it will cost you more. f5 cents goes to the main toll plaza. ramps up 50 cents. that's an increase of $1.25 each way. the last increase on the dulles toll came about four years ago. the next one is scheduled four years from now. it's 4:50 w. muriel bowser will start her second term as d.c. mayor. she'll be sworn in later this morning at the washington convention center. road closures around the center begint 6: a.m. l street will be closed between 7th and 9th street until 6:00 tonight. there will be parking restrictions in the area all day. >> 3, 2, 1!
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>> the mayor kicked o inauguration events yesterday with the fresh start 5k with her daughter miranda. she ran along with other participants in the fifth annual utce. >> they're all there in shorts, t-shirts. >> that's what i was wondering. was that yesterday? >> yes. >> you thought you had to wear leggings and fleece, you were shedding layers. >> january 1st. 64 degrees at 10:25. ril.ay not see that until >> sorry. >> it willy probabl be 90 degrees and 0 after. st ebbs and flows. >> temperatu back to seasonable conditions which is about the mid 40s for this time of year.e and then go up a little bit as we head into next week, but we do have some rain chances. it won't be rain all day. break it down. today, cloudy. rain showers coming in later on tonight. any timeer a 5:00 between 5:00
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and midnight we'll see some rain especially if you're south and east ofd.c. some of those showers will linger into tomorrow morning and then itutill scoot right of here. we'll have some clearing tomorrow. we'll have clearing on iday. more rain arrives friday night. that will continue through saturday morning until thatwa moves by saturday afternoon. no rain out there right now. temperatures are ithe upper 30s and lower 40s right now and to taken, will continue those temperatures in the mid to upper 40ed today. as you walk out the door this morning, grab themall umbrella. you'll be out and not get a chance to get back to t. hat, gloves and scarves maybe. it's not that bad out there right now. in the 4s. it is a little bit chilly. temperatures he down to the upper 30s before sunrise and head back to the no rain right no always looking for this area that will roll into our region as we head into tonight. again, that will be bringing
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rain into our area. a lot of thi rain, d.c. seems to be on the northern end r of thn. if you're south and east of d.c., you'll have a better ain to the eeing north and west. this is slipping to the south of us. widen out the view. you canee we're dry today just a little on the cloudy side. any time after 5:00 maybe a few spotty showers. later on tonight then you can start to see that rain moving in here. look at tha sharp cutoff line. d.c., we may not even see rain. we'll have s to how far north that line goes. even a few showers early tomorrow mning and it tapers off tomorrow. we're looking better and dryer as we head into tomorrow afternoon. breezy tomorrow. chan of rai increase on friday night into saturday morning and then were dry with temperatures warming through mid next week. a look on traffic. good morning. >> good morning. i likehe dry weather. college park, outer loop near route 1, lef side blocked by debris. sounds like a report of a ladder
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down in the roadway. they might be sending a crew to get that out of the way. the rest of the beltway looks good. inner loop, outer loop. still have the joint situation there. uneven payment through that. 95 in virginia as you're headed northbound. earlier crashes out of the way. quantico going 65 miles per hour. headed inbounds on 395, gng to take you 14 minutes into downtown d.c. eun? >> melissa,. thank y 4:54. with the new year there is hope that 2019 could be the year that the nationals become world ampions. the fate of bryce harper is up in the air. the free agent could end up in chicago with the cubs. and as new year celebrations are eping those celebrations
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going. some fans in chicago are hopeful that it's a sign for the future. it's not clear whether the cubs will have the money to sign. the 'skins season is i did that game, too. that silly game. >> you did? >> yes. beuse i wante- >> you and three other people. >> i wanted it to win so the eagles wouldn't make it into the >> make you can route for lamar jackson. >> he'll be quarterbacking baltimore. at 21 years old he'll be thest younuarterback to ever start an nfl playoff game. here he was this past sunday when the ravens narrowly got y the browns. this sunday he will lead the ravens against the chargers up wild timore for the afc card match-up. he turns 22 on monday. he'd like to be celebrating t
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big win. the university of texas pulled off an upset in the allstate sugar bowl. last night they topped the, the quarterback was on fire. for bled into the end zone three touchdowns. the longhornseam have been on fire. it's the first time they won. this is why chuck bell might not be here. >> one of the most talked about games didn't invol a player. bibo wener aft the bulldog. itot did n go well. that steers wei 1500 pounds. he started charging towards ugga. >> bibo had to be restrainedil lu didn't get out of control. i give it to ugga, he moves quickly. >> the handlers got him out of there quickly. a little bit of a size >>difference. o one was hurt.
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>> clearly bad blood. you get the full s ory that. "news 4 today," a freshman republican senator going after president trump on the froge of "the washington post." a loc man shot in the head while walking to lunch. while walking to lunch. evidence
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"news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chr lrence in for aaron this morning. the holidays are officiallyr even though 2019 is less than 48 hours old, we have plenty of news to cover. >> nothing bigger than the
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government shutdown still impacting our area. the national zoo andmithsonian have run out of backup funds. both of them now closed 'll be looking at the ssibility of a deal to end this gridlock this morning. first though, we do want to begin with a check on your nd commut our melissa mollet is standing by but we beginith storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts. much cooler today, lauren. er.much co temperatures yesterday, 64 degrees. i keep reminding everybody. we don't have any 60s on the ten day forecast we have 50s. not today. temperatures today will be closer to seasonable. in the mid 40 for this time of year. you can see the temperatures the 40s right now will slip a little bit as we head through the morning. we'll start to move thete eratures back up. we're dry through much of the day. we have rain on the way later on throughout the evening and even into tonight. no rain out there right we are dry but an area of low pressure right out of texas will move into our a


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