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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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plus details on the end of jeff bazos' marriage and what could be the most expensive divorce in history. okay, snow lovers you can nowoice. >> you are seeing it right here for yourself first on 4:00, the first snowflakes of the new year, real pretty. big festive flakes out ththere. k you for joining us. >> don't get too excited right now but that isefinitely a si sign of what's to come for the weekend. >> we got those snowrs sho coming up through the area. that will continue for the next couple of hours. actually have them coming through our region right now. it's happening again oouside of studios. and a few more snow showers back to the west courtesy of the great lakes and the colder air now making way throu our
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region. right towards our area, this shows you the cold t airt's moving in here. you do not get aet like this without getting cold air. wind chill 24 in d.c., 11 in pittsburgh. that's the colder air that's going to be making its way in here tonight. we've seen winds gusting over0 ales per hour toda . w we so if you think a it's little chilly today, it's going to be a lotore tomorrow. take a look.nd yes, weenow chances, increasing. and i'm talking about getting the sleds out, everybody. the chances of what you can see, the chances of seeing that accumulated snowfall we'll see that here in about ten minutes. we're going to go now to some late breaking developments the partial government shutdown. 800,000 federal government workers in financial limbo, either furloughed or working
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without pay. >> and with ripple effects. you've been downtown you know it's like a ghost towown there. this is day 19 and no end in sight. in fact congressional leaders met at the white houo try to find a way arfo and president trump just walked out of the meeting. t s h oorf the table and when leader pelosi said she didn't agree with the wall, she just walked out and said we have nothing to discuss. >> we heard once again that democratre leaders unwilling to even negotiate. >> if you are waiting for a paycheck on friday this does not sound very promising. we go to blaine ale nder with the very latest on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: not promising at all. we heard there from democrats speaking after what they talked about essentially was the complete falling apart of this
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meeti meeting. and we saw this kind of split screen where we saw vice president pence reiterating the factsi the pnt will not accept nothing short of the border wall. it's very clear, guys, this latest round of talks is going nowhere. president trump taking hisl border w argument to capitol hill. >> the republicans are unified. we want border surity. we want safety for our country. >> reporter: looking to make a show of unitymong republicans after five gop senators publicly called for the shutdown to end. >> the republican party i can say, and i just left an hour meeting with them, great time, actually. there was no discussion about anything other than soli nrity. we wanional security and border security for our country. >> reporter: but just today signs that some housere republicans bending. >> if this is indeed a crisis, the people that are dealing the crisis should get paid. >> the white house seems to move the goal post eveime they
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come with a proposal. if we can come to some agreement we want it in writing so the public can see it so it doesn't change. >> reporter: the political pressure on both sides will likely ramp up friday. that's when thousands of federal employees wil miss their first paycheck. >> we are the faces behind this shutdown. stop playing chicken with our lives. >> reporter: but from president trump -- >> how long are you willing to let the shutdn last, mr. president? >> whenever it's fixed. > reporter: no signs this shutdown on day 19 will end anytime soon. and today the house again voting on measures that would reopen parts of the government. but remember those are going noere in the senate without support from president trump. leon and erika. okay, we'll see what plays out later on. thanks. see you on. >> the longer this drags on the more concern about the ripple fect of the shutdown making its way through airports around the country. some reports suggest more tsa agents could call out sickf
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they don't paid on friy. reagan airport with that story. >> reporter: so far most people we've talked to say there's no noticeable impact here at the airport. certainly you c see today the security checkpoint lines are still moving pretty well. but the concern is the longer this goes on, if tsa emparyees st missing a paycheck, then they might stop showing up forw . at the airport -- >> the questio is who are you going to blame for it. >> reporter: all the talks about the shutdown. but yet most here say there's no noticeable difference yet wh tsa employees. airport leaders tell us they're continually mitoring the impact to service here. >> that's correct. we don't kw what's going t happen. we don't know how long it's going to last. >> reporter: tsa has been disputing there's been any impact nationwide so far. the agency said just yesterday
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99.9% of all travelers waited less than 30 minutes i line. and tsa precheck customers n waited less tive minutes. but even outside of airport government workers there are other government workers affected. >> yeah, i'm not working and i don't think i'm going to be getting paid. >> reporter: jas hardy wouldn't say which agency he's workin forut is affected by the shutdown like any. >> they don'tm seeto be meeting as much. >> reporter: waiting to see if there's a true impact and as always you're being told a familiar refrain. >> you want to definitely givee yourself somxtra time to make sure you can make it through the security line >> the shutdown means the feds on't be paying their water bill telling d.c. water they'll only be paying part of their quarterly bil leaving about $5 million of it unpaid. in a recentoard meeting d.c.
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water officials were joking about cutting off the water to the white house for nonpayment. while a utility has never done that before, the said they could charge the federal government a late fee. this afternoon d.c. water said they will not shutoff the water, but that late fee is still under consideration. our coverage of day 19 of this shutdown just getting started. we just have a lot of content on the washington app for you.t a lf deals and freebies for furlghed federal workers. just go to our site and search shutdown. another news now developing at 4:00, a source close to rod rasenstein tells nbc news the deputy attorney ge is planning to stay on at the justice department until the ecial counsel finishes its report on the russia investigation. that could be more evidence that robert mueller is close to wrapping things up. several legal forcesav said they expect the mueller team tb its report in february,
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although that time line could change. officials say he's not being pushed out by the whi house. lawmakers in maryland and virginia are back to work this afternoon with both general assemblies convening. >> we have team coverage of what at stake. >> reporter: this is the so-called j short sessit 45 days. but lawmakers are packing a lot in. at the top ofhe list, tax reform. how to deal with the fall out from the federal tax cut that was put in place. both republicans and democrats have different to deliver a state tax cut, too. teacher pay hikes also getting some bipartisan support. democrats will once again introduce a package of gun control measures and there's a big push to have lawmakers make virginia the 38th and final ate needed to ratify the era, the equal rights amendment. supporters geted lawmakers with signs, chants ander che and packed in at the bill guidance first hearing.
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>> reporter: this is chris rdon covering the maryland generalbly. >> education is one of the areas that is our first priority. focusing on school construction funding. >> reporter: montgomounty wants money foragyication, too, and transportation improvements. >> i think you've got to prioritize the american because it stops there. >> reporter: there may be opposition from republicans who want to help businesses grow. >> trying to come u with ways to make, you know, the work force or companies in this state more profitable so they can hire yere emplo and putore people to work. >> reporter: the maryland governor is urging bipartisan cooperation. >> the governor has his own legislative agenda. on his list education,
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redistricting and money to reduce crime. sears is on its final lifeline. chairman lamp rt had a 4:00 p.m. deadline to come u with $120 million so he could take part in the liquidation. sears also owns k mart. the company's 126 years old and filed for bankruptcyben oc speaking of high stakes liquidation amazon's ceo a founder jeff bazos is divorcing his wife of a quart century and it's unclear how the richest man in the wor is going to be dividing his assets. saying theove came after a trial separation. they vow to remain cherished friends. bazos is worth about $140 billion. his marriage to mckenzie played a role in the creation of amazon. changes to protect students in the classroom. a new law requires toughernd
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backgrhecks when hiring new teachers. >> that's the result of a new i-team investigation. >> reporter: a new law makes many changes including a new requirement for d.c. schools. they have t do better background checks before hiring new teachers. checking all priorrs emplo for the pastar 20 s. this comes on the heels of a news 4 i-team investigation which shod region wide several teachers have slipped through the cracks admittingr being accused of sex misconduct but finding new teaching jobsn other local school districts including a prominent case in d.c. where a charter schoolteacher ended u in prison for sex misconduct with a former student. the changes ordered by d.c. council and approved by the mayor's office. >> we nt to make sure that adults also know if something haens they're going to be caught and we're going to know
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about it and we're going to report them tohe authorities. >> reporter: for more on what is changing and the other laws passed recently because of our investigation, tonight on news 4 beginning at 5:00. two men accused ofar tgeting elderly homewn os in a tree cutting scheme have their day in court. >> it's a story our consumer eporter has been following for years. we're anxiety. and we're talng about the consequences and benefits of growing up in the. digital a and the first flakes of 2019 and there's more on the way. storm team 4 tracking the return
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that snow that we've been telling you that was coming, well, it came a little early for parts of our area. chk out the flakes in front of the white house just about an hour ago. back in three minutes when our text chance for snow isnd how cold it's going to get. a major i developmenta news 4 consumer investigation. wave been following this for more than a year. susan hogan working for you with the latest on the alleged tree cutting scheme that targeted elderly home owners. >> these two men you see right there behind me michael jackson and john lker, well, they were arrested after our undercover
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investigation this week. they reached plea deals in their cases, and we werehere as they appeed before a judge. this is related to a story we first told you about in october of 2017. police say jackson and his company, savannah's tree and yard expert preyed on elderly home owners takinghousands of dollars for tree removal jobs they didn't finish and tricking them intoaying for roofing serviceshey didn' need. rose was one of those home owners. sh says walker tried to get her to pay $14,000 to fix her roono she calledther company for a se snd opinion andhe was told her roof never had any damage to begin d with. youo roofing, too? hen we confronted jackson he denied even knowing walker or rose. you don't remember going over to her house? o's john walker? >> i don't know. >> reporter: he also told us he
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was aicensed contractor. and you're all insured? turned out he wasn' and this wk pleaded no contest to a charge of working without the proper helicense. as sentenced to 12 months in jail with all the timede susp john walker was facing four charges as part of his plea deal, prosecutors dismissed three of them. and walker is expected to plead guilty to a felony charge next month. we're told he will be ordered to pay restitution to rose and one other victim. theedudge r aside whether he served any time in jail. do you have anything to say to either of these women? after the hearing we tried to talk to walker, but he didn't have anything to say. now, remember, anyre time you a contractor to do any work at your home, make sure they have the appropriate licenses and also permits. never pay in cash, and don't ever hand overl the f amount up front. always remember one third, one
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third. back to you guys. >> susan, thank you. >> all right, so doug is joining us now to talk some snow coming up this weekend. i went to amazon i got the snow ooom. because it crept u me in november. i wasn't ready for that november i was asking folks in the parking lot to shovel snow off my car and i'm ready tnow. t's a very good key because you don't want toe t something that's supposed to be on yourar off your car. that's snow comingow it jt came through downtown. you're about to get some of that snowfall coming on dow in your area. right now here's the current radar showing that area of snow. making its way through the d.c. area. coming in through leesberg and
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winchester area down towards warrenton. most of this is all on the light side. it's goi to continue to be a we move on throu. nt's all snow. frederick coming out of leesberg, manchester, martinberg, tewart take a look at the wider picture here and you notice look at all the lake effect streamers here. and we're going to see a little upper level system that came through this afternoon. we're goingo seeot only this but much colder air moving in. tomorrow we've got chills back towards fitchberg. right now we're at 39. degre 2nds out of the northwest at miles an hour.
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look at the wind gusts up to 3 to 34 miles per hour. 31 in d.c., 31 miles an hour in camp springs. wind chills right now in the 20s. 11:00, around 19 in d.c. wind chills in the lower teens by 7:00 a.m. so you're really going to need the coat. k ths at the bus stop tomorrow they haven't needed everything. they will need them tomorrow. even in d.c.e're in the 20s for wind chills. andrn tomorrow afn we're staying in the 20s all day. tomorrow is going to be the coldest day we've s fn so all winter as far as the wind chill is concerned. now we move onto the snow not friday but saturday. it's really going to be overnight saturday night into the day on sunday. and look at this. everybody getst. so are we going to seee snow in
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threa for the weekend? yes. how much are we going to s s? thatll the big thing. but i still think it's going to be enough to cover the grass. especiallyrom d.c. southward, i think, frericksberg could still be the area that see the most. coming up at 4:45, a little bit more what to expect from this storm. but the big deal first of all the cold air tomorrow and friday and the snow for the weekend. muchore on this in the xtended ten day forecast at 4:45. coming up next we'll introduce you to a really incredible and inspiring young man. >> how this local high school football player is tackling cancer in a remarkabl y. and would you believe thousands of letters and e-mails sent to kim kardashian's inbox every single day from inmates. c -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand.
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♪ [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answerlain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthd card. it's a high honor.
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if you have teens in yourho ehold then you know just how often their on social media, well, tonight we're working for
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your health. a new study looked into whether or not there's a b linkween social media use and symptoms of depression. and it found the longer you're on social media the worse it impact is, and for girls they are more likely to be negatively impacted than for boys. speaking with a psychologist about social media and how it impacts teens. tu what the found and what authors think it really in a way ils down mostly to a harassment issue and the sleep issue. because kids are on excessively they're expose today the blue light late at night, keeps them up, they're also thinking about things more often. tting upset. that makes them harder to calm down, be able to go to sleep. i think it's really in many ways the sleep is one of the driving forces. of course all these other things play a role, though. s he saysocial media usage really impacts teens around 14 and 15 years of age so it's important to keep an eye on
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them. we are hearing thef story a local high school football player who tac cedcer in a pretty important way. >> about a teen who used his diagnosis as a motivation too return the field stronger than ever before. >> reporter: sebastian is used to be tackled by players on the football field. he's appong s and a linebackeren in virginia. about a yr and a half ago his life took an unexpected turn, forcing him to tackle something much more serious, cancer. >> i was pretty scared, but i was just wondering if i could t back tolaying sports, if i uld get back to being able to walk. >> reporter: he wased diagnos with a rare bone cancer. he had toave his foot amputated. but now he's walking and running, even swimming with he from a speci prosthetic. >> i built the device, i make sure it works, but he's
4:26 pm
he one that takes that to the next level. >> reporter: it's a remarkable marriage of science and strength. yming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, we'll take inside the northern virginia lab that made osble and how they're helping to change lives around the world. >> can't wait to see the rest of the that story. that's great. you can check all the rest of us 4 telemundo e nbc health and fitness expo. >> it is this weekend at the washington convention center. and there's going to be lots of health screenings. we'll have expts on hand to answer any of the questions you might have. and of course we'll all be there as well, and if that wasn't enough, it's also trfree. coming u at 4:30, bad news for government workers waiting on a paycheck >> president trump walked out of a meeting with congressional leaders at the white house today. neither side willing to budge. nbc's kelly o'donald joins us to
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talk about where we go from here. >> with each passing day of a government shutdown the budget for federal employees is really starting to get tight. starting to get tight. we'll go to maror xfinity xfi. a m powerful way to stay connected.
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and now at 4:30, how long will this shutdownlast? president trump says whatever it takes. insisting that he will not back
4:30 pm
down r andepublicans are on his side. how kim kardashian h become a fairy godmother of sorts for inmates. >> and snow falling today around marts of t dmz. >> we'veeen some snow showers and even some gropo otherwise known as snow pellets that bounces. now some other snow showers continuing to come into parts of the area. d.c. connuing toee it move through. but now around frederick, back towards winchester, and wave got more where that came from. lake effect snow making its way through our area. we're going to continue to watch this through the evening hours. and anotherng thing we're g to continue to watch, the very cold air. how cold? well, take a a look these wind chills. 28 the current wind chill in d.c. but 11 back towards pittsburgh. 11 in west virginia.
4:31 pm
19 in collins. we're in for a much colder day tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a heck of a lot colder. same deal on friday. a very cold day on friday before the snow. so windy and cold tomorrow. wind chills in the 20s both thursday and friday. and right on throughoohe weekend, weekend snow chances increasing. now, how much snow? we're going to take auch closer look at this. amilia jns me with what you can expect on your saturday and your sunday. storm team 4, we're all on this for you. meanwhile the attory of the family whose little girl suffered an electric shock at mgm national harbor is now blasting the company. the family sued, and now they say mgm is using after sheocas d on the property last june. the burea chiefith how the company is responding to the
4:32 pm
allegations. >> this is tragedy that mgm is making worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: the attorney representing the family in the civil suit against mgm national harbor after the 7-year-old was severely shocked and critically injured on the casino's outdoor patio last summer. >> she unfortunately can't speak, can't do anything. >> reporter: cnty inspeckers say 120 volts of electricity irculated through her little body as she held one charged railing and placed her tiny feet on another. the railings were improperly st ledviting a number of building codes. the family has filed sui now the attorney is saying mgm is not responding to the lawsuit and stalling at the family's expense. >> the mom is working three jobs and now she's not working at all because she's spent so much time at thehospital. >> reporter: on monday the family found an additional motion to move the cas forward.
4:33 pm
in the statement mgm said we were disappoted we wereunable to reach an agreement last november when the lawsuit was filed but continue to communicate with their representatives to try and reach an amicable solution. inspectors tell me mgm is up to code and patio is safe. mgm spokesperson tells me they're in the process of replacing the railihat shocked rene. d.c. water is offering some relief to federal workers dealing with the government edshutdown, callingal workers, quote, unintended victims. so the utility says it will work with anybody affected by the shutdown with a p paymentn or other options for paying their bill. d.c. water also said it has multiplet programs to ass customers struggling to pay theirs. bi we're working for you in the community. details on how you can give up starting tomorroworning a
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4:00 a.m. right here. nbc's hit drama "this is us" is getting a new addition to the cast. >> look at our calendar and find a time when one of us can takey >> she's going to play the mother of susan watson's beth.ter she's best known for playing clara hukstable. so look forward to seeing her. and what's not tove . after years of allegations r. kelly appears to be facing the music. the backlash after a revealing docu series as victims are being encouraged to come forward. one man has designed a new etyle of bike helmet to encourage peopl to wear it while riding and his i sister an inspiration. >> why sister was riding her bike when she was hit by a car l
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>>'s turn now to a stunning turn in a high profile case of a teenager sent to prison for the rest of her life. p.r crime, killing her p san toya brown claims it was ine -defense. prosecutors called her a cold-blooded killer. now after 15 years in prison the governor of tennessee granting her clemency.
4:38 pm
thio is her rea after learning that news this week. >> thank you, governor foreing a man of god and for showing mercy. >> boy, a documentary abo brown's life and her life sentence rather is what helped bring her story up to the orefront and the national spotligh what are your listeners saying about this? >> first of all it's finally justice for her. a lot of our listeners also feel she was abused twice. at age 15 by her pump and for 15 years with our criminal justice system. and then we have people who feel like alicia from mitchellville. >> i'm excited than she'll be out of prison soon. this is something we all have been watching closely, and this will really shine a light on so ny other cases that girls have been facing for quite some time. so'm lookingforward to what's going to happen for her in the
4:39 pm
future. >> still a tragic case. >> b we have to say you have to give credit where credit is due. th may not have happened had it not been for kim kardashian. that gave it a lot of extra exposure, and she actually now is being calledriheess of prison reform. id she's being called this by peopleide the system and among the. inmates as we what do your listeners have to say about that? >> she's going to use h celebrity to help girls who don't have a voice and they support her to be honest with you they think it's a good usof her time instead of what she's been doing for the last couple of years. >> can't urg with tst. leet back to talking about thisum dtary series on r. kelly. it's gotten so muchti att. it's brought the decades long sexual abuse and assault allegations tt have beenade about him over the years, accused of doing things with
4:40 pm
underage girls or the years, it's all broug it back now. and even got se celebrities who supported him ove the years that.izing for what are your listeners saying out this series? >> many of our listeners are like what took so long and why now? and of course we have some listeners like indira who sred her thoughts. >> i think what this weekend did is, yes, we've known about these allegations and we've known about the abuse for decades. for advocates for folks who have been doing this work we've been talking abou long time. really what this weekend did, it was really the first time in which a main streamedia outlet really up lifted and centered the voices of black women and girls who are survivors of sexual violence. >> and you can be sure our listeners are going to be watching how the media locally and nationally covers thistctory
4:41 pm
and the e. >> particularly now with these new investigationshey've started, this is going to go on for some time. thank you so much for coming in. many people live paycheck to paycheck. now some federal workers may be doing without that paycheck come friday. next, how many around the dmv are finding ways to pay their bills on day 19 of this government shutdown. and for some of us this evening it'sooking like a snowbelt outside with some scattered like snow showers moving through the area. these come to an end overnight tonight. and we're not going to track any accumulation tonight. but by the weekend snow is going have a lot of deadlines in your business, right? we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. what if you lost your network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪
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today president trump met with republican senators and id they they are, quote, totally unified on his push for
4:44 pm
border security. >> and then he walked out of a meetinwith congressional leaders. less than 24 hours after addressing the nation. right now we are joined by nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell. thank youo much for being with us live inside the white house briefing room on day 19 ofhis shutdown. so where do we stand on this declaringe president a national emergency? >> well, the president says he has that power, may usehat power. so far has not exercised thawh may bring him closer to it, perhaps is the mess that occurred today. after being on capitol hill where he was talking about unity and solidarity about among republicans he walked out of a meeting with senate democrats across t table. there were republicans there as well, abruptly. and then democrats came out to the cameras and called it a temper tantrum. and then the vice president came out along with the secretary of homeland security to say that it was very different. that this was a case where nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, told the president she would
4:45 pm
give no money towards border wallng fun the president then saying there's nothing for us to talk about. so it has devolved on day 19 into something they're not even able to stay in the same room for an amount of time or have a constructive edialogue. white house saying if that were to happen, they would never come backround to border wall funding. so the president says heits sticking his position that he wants a wall. will he go to national emergency as a lev of power that he can use to try to bring this crisis to an end? today he said he would thi aboutthat, it's within his reach. but he has notat said conditions would need to be met for him to dot that or how quickly he would do that. but certainly negotiating did not go well today. the president had said he had hoped for a legislative answer to bring an end to the shutdown and restore paychks to 800,000 federal workers across the country. right now it seeo there is movement on either side but plenty ofecrimination.
4:46 pm
erika? >> all right kelly o'donnell inside the white house briefing room for us tonight. :00 nbc nightly news with lester holt who's in washington as a matter of fact, he's goi to bring you a closer look at the showdown on capitol hill. businesses downtown are offering freebies to furloughed sederal employees, and pizza offering free pies to government workers between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. jose andres is giving fre sandwiches. and national building museum is offering free admission. for more open up our nbc washington app and search shutdowns. our nbc 4 health and business expo is thisan weekend. as we get ready to get fit, what you thought were the fitness programs around, and so he checked o a fierce work out at pulse fitness in northwest. let's see.
4:47 pm
>> as we're getting for health and fitness, we setout to find the most fierce fitness here at pulse. you came up with the climbing studio in d.c. why is it so fierce? >> first of all, thanks for coming out and hanging out with us today. it's so fierce because we literally meet everyone where they are. we're going too start march together. you're going to find the pulse of the beat. so you're just moving. the great thing about the climber is it really mimics the body's natural motion of what you're doing. just think about it like you're taking a march, like you're taking a little stroll here. >> this is one of those work outs where you find muscles you didn't know you had later. >> now you're going to body roll right side. right, left, right. >> usually all kinds of celebrities are into the climbing movement. >> lady gaga was actually huge
4:48 pm
on a climber. it has zero impact to everything you're doing. four, three, two, let's go. four, three, two, to the left. right sid make it bigger. two counts, right side. two, two. >> if you want to get a little fierce pulse is right here on new york avenue in northwest. what he said. 4.e, news >> come on down to the convention center this weekend. nbc 4 telemundo 44 health and fitness expo is going to have the very latest in health, free s and training to answer all of your questions, and best of all it's all free. and maybe by tt time he would have found t beat.
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>> if there was music it might have been -- >> that's true. you've got to feel the rhythm. >>hey talk to you -- >> like it's so risy. allt, doug is here to talk to us what we like to call around these parts conversational snow we had today and the real stuff at the end of this week. >> nothing today. it's not going to amount to anything. however, how much we're going it get on this weekend, thah, i k it's going to be enough to get out of the sleds, evedbody. clover across the area. and yes, we have seen some snow sh 39 degrees the current temperature. still windy, too. we're seeing gusts up to 39 miles an hour. snowhowers off and on right on through the evening tonight. look at these wind chills.
4:50 pm
23 the current wind chill in th berg, 23 over towards cambridge. the temperature cattinues, and ill continue tomorrow as well. i think it's even colder during the day tomorro especially t kids at the bus stop, they will need the extra h coat, ands and gloves tomorrow. look back to the west. a lot more. martinsburg, around anleesburg, let's zoom into this area. around 56 and you can see that for marshal right over towar front royal. once again it is going to continue to call and maybe reduced visibility at times all because of the cold air coming in. very cold air. that sets the stage. the cold air is in place, so we kn we're goio get snow and we also know that snow will cumulate starting on saturday. so what are the chances getting accumuted snowfall in your area? emilia, it's looking better.
4:51 pm
>> yeah,ut absy. we're likely at least going to see an inch of snow around here and we think even aittle bit more. here's what you can expect right now. snow moves into the area later on saturday. i was just showing this graphic to our weather producer, snow could move in during the afternoon hours or eold off into the evening hours. we're still working on refining that time. but snow continues saturday night and on into the day onnd . accumulation is looking likely, and this event is shaping up to be a modere impact event. the timing now a little bit later. so we could see some effects out there. the chance of at least 1 inch of snow is pretty high, guys, at 70%. the chances of 4 inches of snow comi in at 40%. and this is from the d.c. metro the chances of 8enches of snow, less than 10%. it's likely we're going to chanceinch and there's a some of us could even see
4:52 pm
8 inches. you meant to make sure to tune in for that. but right now this event having a moderate to even high impact on your sunday. roads and sidewalks will need to be maybe you can away with using the broom for some of us, but i think some of us be pulling out the shovel and maybe not once but twice. heading out to church likely snowing at points. so if you don't like to drive in the , probably want to consider staying home. the bread meter, is going up. you might want to grab a loaf to be on the safe side. >> we're talking about saturday, sunday and continuing into monday for some areas with snow on the roadways. big thing is going to be the snow on the weekend. coldir and cold wind chills tomorrow into friday. d look at the cold air sticking around all the way to it middle of next week.
4:53 pm
but all eyes on the snow. we'll continue to track it for you right here. i've got new information coming in right now. i'll have that information next at we'll be rig back.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a man on a mission to save lives after a tragedy hits home. his effort could soon o appea top of your head.
4:56 pm
nbc's dray clark reports. a >> reportet first glance it looks like a baseballcap, but this a bicycle helmet. it's sleek, stylish and ts according to designer, one of the safest helmets you can buy. >> helmets are uncomfortable, big, bulky, not sportable and they don't look good. >> reporter: david hall and his business partner, david coastline, two former spacex engineers have created aew one of a kind helmet they believe will inspire more people to wear the lifesaving headgear. the helmet t bears brand name park and diamond. it's a location near the templeu university c that's deeply personal and once very painful to david. >>ight here at the inteection of park and diamo three years ago my sister was riding her bike when she was hit by a car. >> reporter: 22-year-old rache, ha member of temple
4:57 pm
university's lacrosse team was hit and nearly killed. rachel was rushedit to the ho with severe head trauma w she was notearing a helmet. she spent four months in a coma, and miraculously she survived. >> what really came out of that is just t question, why wouldn't you wear a bike helmet? >> reporter: he knew he had to engineer a bike helmet people would wear, starting a crowd fund effort and raa ed more than million dollars. >> not only does our helmet meet federal regulations it surpasses that. >> reporter: more than 90% of bicycling fatalities occur whe he rider is not wearing a helmet. yet in almost any big city or small town in america you'll find people with no protection, putting their lives on the lin every day. and usually they won't wear a helmet for two reasons. it's uncomfortable and
4:58 pm
inconvenient. >> so here you havhe the et, you see it's formfitting, it collapses like that. and then pops back up. >> reporter: the collapsle cap costs just under $100. but the true value, david says, is in its protection. rachel is still recovering and she remains a big source of inspiration and she's happy her brother turned her tragedy into advocacy. >> that was dray clark reporting from our sister station in philadelphia. actually saving ourve >> yeah, exactly. i want to get one. love that idea. leon, thanks so much. and news a 4 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, snow showers on storm team 4 radar and coldether moving in. we're tracking snow still for the weekend. >> saturday and sunday we have snow in the forecast. we're going to have timing and impact coming up. plus shutdown stalemate. whatever it takes. >> the president jndt got up a walked out.
4:59 pm
>> president trump heads to the hill and then invites thede crats to the white house. >> as both sides try to fd a way forward in the battle over the government shutdown. and we're going to have a whole lot mor on the shutdown in just a couple of minutes. but first t yight have seen any? we saw a few. a lot of folks all over our area watched the first flakes of this new year fall today. >> eveone was taking pictures out the window. the snow started and then it stopped. but we're not quite done with it yet. >> speakin of excitement, you're looking ahead to the weekend and you're off the charts. this brutal cold, though, first. tomorrow, friday? >> it's coming ino right gym. eve when you came in this afternoon, it's starting. the snow showers, well they
5:00 pm
continue across t region. now most of the snow showers in the d.c. area are done. however, there areorback to the west around frederick, the winchester area, west virginia, jefferson county. oving down towards the fredericksburg area. it's not going to amount to anything. what this means these are all lake effect snows. this means very cold air is coming unin from canada. and look at the wind chills right now. current wind chill in d.c. 30 degrees. but 11 in pittsburgh. and that a colde continues to move across our region. t will be a very cold and windy dayorrow. we've seen winds gusting to 40 miles per hour today. tomorrow they could gust up to 45iles per hour. wind chills in the 20s all day, and yes, the weekendnow chances increasing. we're talking about accumulating snowfall. and the kids will have a chance to get out


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