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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  January 11, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EST

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everyone is asking me. like i have to call chuck bell every second. springfield, silver spring,he gaburg. >> people are getting excited about this. >> good morning. m eun ng. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. the storm doesn't lk as b e as it didlier in the week. roads are being treated. that's a good thing. that's despite a government shutdown, as well. there's ace plan in phat have roads under national parks treated., to be >> we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what are we dogging about here? >> we're talking about snow. we haven't had to pl the rug from under this forecast just yet. it never looked like it would be a big blizzard. it sll doesn't. it's a high chance to get a couple inches of snow here. it's coming a us in two parts. part number one in missouri and arkansas. parttw numbe across west
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texas and new mexico. when things come out in pieces, it makes our forecast more tricky to explain. our best chance for everyone to see snow will be tomorrow afternoon and evening. the best chanceos for the snow will be the second wave of energy. that will be focused to the uth of washington. t the onlng we have for advisories is the winter storm c for the southern-most parts in the nation. i fully expect at least winter weather advisory to be issued. snow totals,ik looks 1-3, for everybody during the day tomorrow. an additional snow on sunday, could leave a total of 3-5 inches south and west of the area i'll give you a look at future fath weather and a better look at the forecast, sunny, quiet and bree. woodbridge, northbound route
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1, left lane only thing getting by the fire cleanup at meadows farmnd nursery. southbound is open and unaffected. still doing cleanup from an earlier fire. fairfax, eastbound 66 at 123. woef zone, lanes, two of them getting by. a look at the beltway, after pennsylvania avenue, one left lane blocked. >> thank you. the government shutdown has enred its 21st day. today marks a tough milestone for many of the furloughed workers. it is the first paydayhe since gridlock began and no paychecks will be given out. >>early 1 milli workers now face the reality of making mortgage payments or paying rent and utilities without that paycheck. for workers, includi machinists, treasury employees anden workers that hav worked since before christmas, some of them protested. theyathered around the afl-cio headquarters and then went to the white house. paycheck,lying cry, no
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no peace. >> i feel like a bum. today makes two weeks since the last time that i worked. it's only so muchou can do. i'm literally unemployed. >> we're trying to cut back on expenses. just trying to make it through. >> along with frustration, man in t crowd expressed hopelessness. they don't see many signs that tpublicans and democrats can find common grouend the shutdown. to help the thousands of itrloughed workers in our area, the c area food bank is having five free pop-up markets. without paychecks, sub boa s cu getting >> it's a tough january for many families in our communit the budgets are stretched tight. with a missing paycheck or o, it makes it harder to make ends meet. and often what we're seeing food is that part of the budget
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that people tend to squeeze. >> theil markets wl be open from 9:00 in the morning until noon. all you have tos do bring your federal or federal contractor i.d. stay tuned, we'll have more on this in the next hour. since the shutdown bega d.c. police works and -- d.c. public works and community groups have pitched in to help keep parks clean. that ends today. the national park service will resume picking up trash on thet al mall and other parks. bathroom cleanup will also resume today and road repairs. the money from fees collected at parks nationwide will bese to pay crews. the president is digging inm mr. says that shutdown will continue until he gets $5 billion for a wall along the southern u.s. border. yesterday, he took his message to the front lines and visited the border in south texas. he praised border patro agents and met with victims of crime of
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undocumented immigrants. exclusive fphotos show aegular saw was able to cut through the prototype. the president says that will be fixed before the wall goes up. >> common sense. they need a barrier. they need a wall. if you don't have it, it will be nothing but hard work and grueling problems. and by the way, and death. and death. a lot of >> the president says if the stalemate continues, he will declare a national emergency and redirect already appropriated money toward the border wall. more on the shutdown coming up throughout this broadcast. we have resources on our nbcgt wash app for struggling furloughed workers. five minutes after the hour. we learned late yesterday that president trump's former lawyer and fixer, michael cohen, will publicly testify in front of the house oversight and reforme. committe that's scheduled for february 7th. last month, cohen was sentenced to three years in prison.
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his crimes includeakg secret fa payments to two women who say they had affairs with president trump and dealings with russia. his blind loyalty to the president helped him cover up the dirty deeds. he archdiocese of washington confirms that cardinal donald wuerl knew of sexual miscondu allegations against theodore mccarrick more than a decade ago. that's despite wuerl's insistence that he had no knowledge of the abuse. the archdiocese of washi wton sarl reported an allegation of mccarrick to the vatican in 2004. that allegation came from a former priest who reached a settlement with the church in 2005 for alleged abuse by mccarrick. in a statement to nbc news, the archdiocese says that wuerl's previous statements about mccarrick refer to, quote, claims of sexual abuse of a
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minor, not the cliaims made by the former priest. but the cardinal stands by the statements that were notin nded to be imprecise. washington-lee high school will be known as washgton-liberty high school. the board voted to remove robert e. lee's name from the school tt following thek in charlottesville. three brothers will be in prison for their partoln a r that left a police officer dead. elijah and malik ford recorded their brother, michael, opening fire on prince george's county police. michael called it an attempt of suicide by cop. yesterda a he receive 195-year sentence. his brothers received 20 and 12 years. detective colson was shot and killed by taylor krauss. krauss mistook colson for the
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suspect. the colsons allege that the police chief and ther for state attorney protected krauss charges.minal brooks is the county executive. she released a statement saying, timately a grand jury of 23 prince georgians reviewed the indictment and brought in officer krauss. krauss is employed by the police department, which would not comment on colson's accusations. after 4:00, a shockin development out of wisconsin this morning. >> a teen that went missing has been found alive.jayme oss was found. look for updates in the nbc washington app. a m using the state's controversial stand your ground
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dense is set to be in court. micha michael draka is in court for shooting and killing someone over a parking spao . it seems tow him going for a gun after he was pushed down. his lawyer says his client was acting in self-defense and the shooting was justified. new technology helped police ina pennsylvani nap a man suspected of kidnapping and raping a little girl 20 years ago. police say the meunna 10-year-old was natched at gunpoint in somerset county. she wpp d off near the maryland border. 50-year-old timothy nelson is charged with this crime, after the fbi was able to lift a fingerprint a get dna preserved from the crime scene. the case haunted a pennsylvania state trooper all these years. he carriedic are of the victim with him. more than two decades later, he is glad he was able to givhe
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victim and the family the news. i never forgot her. if it's the closure and i helped in that,it's worth it. >> nelsonas arrested in marynd. dna linked nelson to t attempted kidnappings in n haigerstn 1998. study, the opioid epidemic is affecting middle rate.omen at a shocking overdoses have quadrupled. the biggest increases included inthreatic opioids. most people who die from overdoses first use opioids after a legitimate prescription from a doctor. the birthrate is plummeting across the country, but especially here in the dmv. a new studye from c, says the fertility rate is 16% below dat is nee for the
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population toeplenish itself. d.c. has the lowest fertility rate in the country. only two states, south dakota and utah, have rates above t replacement level. researchers say economics and fewer teen pregnancies may play a role in the lower birthrate. lot of people say in this area, women wait longer to get maied and have families because they're busy going to school and getting jobs. it affects the birthrate in the end. >> words for thought. loweris your of serious illness. what doctorsouay y need more cancer a look at a new eatment and the local woman who says it changed her life. good morning, everybody. dog walking forecast time. hammer here, a little bea mix, 3 years old. he is available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. hammer and all dogs will want you to keep the pace up this morning. it is cold ay bre on your friday.
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still watching for a chance for snow over the weekend. more onht that fecast straig or
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today.etching news 4 >> every needs an annual checkup with their edoctor,n hubert the lion. >> he is stretched out, boy. h >> i mean,s a lion. he's 7 years old, under anesesia for the doctors' sake, right? he slept through hisk wellness chsterday. hubert lives at the oklahoma city zoo. >> that's a little close for comfor >> all of a sudden the anesthesia wears off and your hand is in his mouth. >> an anesthesiologist is never more important. y>> that's why t get paid the big bucks. >> a many of us addicted to our smartphones. >> it can be hard to put t phone down. but there's a new trend to put
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phone-free zones. lockinge cell phone cases made by a company called yonder. middle sch in durham, north carolina, have been using these. and the students s the cases work. >> it's locked in a pouch. you can't be as attached to your phone as you were. >> by using eryo it helps us keep away from the bad negativity. the principal at this school says theheost of t pouches was a few dollar per student. >> makes a whole lot of sense. trl s largest tobacco company is going smoke-free. the company behind morarlboro a other brands says it will eventually stop making cigarettes. philip morris international says will focus on smoke-free products in the long term. the company n is going tobacco-free just yet, saying finding committing to less harmfulalternatives. no word on when it will phase
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out cigarettes. bu those nonsmoke cigarettes are addictive, as well. eating more fiber can help death.t people that ate fiber every day, have lower rates of heart disease and colon cancer. the study was conducted by the world health>> organization. a promising, new treatment is giving hope to cancer patients in our area. >> a maryland woman battled lymphoma for years, but after a new careprocedure that uses a patient's own cells to fight cancer, she is in complete remission. amy choas herstory. >> i love seeing your smile. i know everything is okay. >> reporter: it's tough not to smile when you meet daisy. >> i don pain >> reporter: this grandma seeing the best in any situation.
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even gettingedical records. >> i would like to look them over. >> reporter: a few days ago,s daisife looked a lot different. she was diagnosis with lymphoma and tried chemotherapy with two years and it never worked >> the chemo waso hard to through. >> reporter: she decided to try something new. the cell treatment had never been done at georgetown but daisy had faith. >> a remarkable recovery. >> reporter: lg that her cancer show no, sir signs of returning. >> things are looking i'm very, very pleased with this result. >> so am i. >> yes. >> reporter: daisy, now looking forward to spending more time with her grandkids and doing it all with her signature smile. >> i'm just s happy. >> reporter: in georgetown, amy cho -- >> y deserve it. you've come a long way. >> reporter: -- news 4. reminder that our annual health & fitness expo begins tomorrow. it is at the washington convention center.
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there will be plenty of demonstratide demonstrations and health care professionals offering screenings and awering questions. everything is free. check it out. i think you're moderating a possible. you're answeriuestions about the weather. i'm doing a cooking demo. >> i don't need the health and fitness expo to do that. every time i gory to the gro store. >> i e-mailed chuck yesterday. when is it going to snow? i hav plans. day cancel dinner? do i make it out. what do? >> it's as though you didn't sit next to me for three-consecutive hours. >> every day thi week. >> i know. i want a timeline. i want specifics. >> i know you do. everybody does. the snow weut on the forecast ac monday, on my first day back fromion from florida, is the same snow we're tracking for your weekend. yo h friday, youe all day today to do whatever you want to do withoutny hangups from the weather. now, in washington, 29 degrees.
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that northwest wind, which was biting yesterday, is nibbling today. 20 miles per hour, has the windchills down in the teens across the area. don't be fooled. temperatures in the mid-20s. windchills everywhere between 10 and 18 degrees. your friday planner, there you go. nothing to worry about for today. sunshine but staying cold and breezy. temperatures onlymid-30s. the storm we've been watching all week is trying to come at u in pieces. piece number one will bring everybody the pebest chance for snow. piece two looks to be favoring the southern half of the news 4 nation. we'll keep you posted on that. it's all about the quiet. winter storm watches have been issued for the stououthern tier our counties. there's no advisories yet. the way the weather service issues advisories, you have to be within a timeframe. the european model thinks a solid 2o 4 inches across the
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area. the american model, 2 to a favoring down toward the southern half. here's what i think. 1-3, maybe 4, mostly during the day tomorrow. and additional chances for snow, brings snow totals south of town. frederickburg more likely to get snow than frederick, maryland, on sunday. everyone should be aware of snon s tomorrow and tomorrow night. another lingering chance of snow on sunday. let's go over to meliss >> look atwoodbridge. still have situation. northbound route 1 before prince william parkway. the left lane is getting by that fire cleanup and investigation from earlier. a nursery had a fire earlier today. eastbound 66 near 123. work zone in fairfax. two left lanes are getting by thfe. the rest6 looks good. inner loop and outer loop, wo zones there and nothing that's slowing you down. and 270 from frederick down to the spur, 65 miles per hour.
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could see you there in 28 minutes. ll shead, if you're 1 of the 800,000 federal workers missing a paycheck today, you're figuring out how to pay the bills. >> we're showing you the steps to take show to help. and later on "ellen," timothee chalat stops by to talk "beautiful boy" and working with steve carell. with steve carell. fact: some of your favorite folis stain teeth. ordinary whitening toothpaste, colgate optic white has hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly wher! colgate optic white. whitening that works. about if you're age 50-8program. here to tell you and looking to buy life insurancet, on a fixed budremember the . the three what? the three p's? what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fed budget are price, price, and price.
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so you can time your pmium due date to work with your budget. options start at $9.95 a month, plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. ee so call now for nformation. and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner, and it's yours just for calling.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome back. starbucks is making big changes in an attempt to make its shops safer for workpas. the c is installing needle disposal bes in restrooms in certain locations. many say it's raising concerns about health-related risks discarded needles.properly starbucks believes the boxesct will prote customers and inployees. this g, hundreds of thousands ofederal workers will not be receiving a paycheck because of the government shutdown. to help, major wireless carriers are offering assistance, including at&t, sprint, t-mobile and verizon. each of those carriers are offering payment options. check with those folks for the best option for you. there's a lot of variety
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among the federal workers right now. >> so many of the workers are worried about theinances and the domino shutdown this can create. susan hogan is working 4 you to see what you can do to lessen the ow. >> reporter: that's right. a majority of furloughed workers don't have enough savings. a recent turvey foundt 78% of americans live for those of you with a mortgage, some lenders are offering aistancerograms to federal employees impacted by the shutdown, such as waiving late fees. but you need to contact your let them ediately to know of the situation. for those of you who rent, contact property managers or your landlord and see if you c o wo a payment plan with them or at the very least ask il they w waive a late fee for you, as well. the same thi goes with credit card companies. don't wait until you payment is due. talk to them n and see if they will waive your late fee. and consider talking out a
4:26 am
short-term loan. so banks are offering furlough loans to those employees who have paychecks deposited into a checking or savings account. these loans don'tui r a credit check and have 0% interest, as well. cut a unnecessary spending. we cannot stress this enough. bee proact and talk to your creditors now. >> good advi. it's 4:26. coming up, a doged r after a life ofabuse. new video may show the peoplend case. and hundreds of tires tossed out in public places. where they came from and what is being done to clean them up. good morning, everybody. emilia draper's ead-o-meter has been moved a step down. go if you need bread, i the pantry is empty. pantry is empty.
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fact: some of your favorite foods stain teeth. unlike ordinarlgwhitening toothpaste, e optic white has hydrogen peroxide that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades visibly whiter!
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colgate optic orite. whitening that w. news 4 today starts now.
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>>it's 4:29. it's early. it's friday. ieahink we're for the weekend. >> whatever it brings. >> can you tell from the live lookt is goingo be a frigid friday. you probably can't tell. it is trusme. we walked outside to get into the building and it was cold. >> we put the temperature on the screen. tell.n >> 29 degrees out there. it feels colder thanhat. if you bundle up, make sure you have t extra layers because you need them today. >> the cold weather comes as we prepare for another blast of wintry weather. many of the roads in our area have been pretreated ahead of tomorroget we want to check in with chuck for a look at the forecast. get us ready. >> you have all day today to get done whatever you need to get done. any snow chances don't alive until noontime tomorrow. and our s


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