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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> apparently the temperatures aring if toake a dive into a place that we've not seen i guess in over a year ricketts is saying. >> lauryn has a smile on her face as always. >> we're not smiling, nlauryn. hing to smile about. >> i'm cold. i'm aeady col thinking about how cold it's going to be later on this afisrnoon. s nothing to joke about because those temperatures will continue to drop throughout t day, dangerously cold. i would not spend any additional time outside if you do not need to. it's been at least a year, and i've got to tell you i don't remembhe last time i forecasted windchills this cold. again, it's been several years since i kind of remember doing d , but really don't remember exactly a time perere it was this cold and these temperatures are only going to drop and windchills asdsell. clre moving and that's that frontal system moving on out of here. you can see the clouds pushing away. we will see some sunshine later on today, but as these clouds push away winds pick up and
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temperatures drop. the last little bit of rain moving through our area right now. in fact we've got at flood warning for right around t r bull area where some snow melt and rain isng cau products, fairfax, prince william and portions of loudoun county, and light shower activity moving through with the frontal system and n winds are picking u.look at this. wind gusts up to 44 miles per hour in martinsburg. that winds will increase as temperatures decrease. below zero. i'll throw that out there. we'll talk about that and the ten-day forecast coming up. >> the president presented his plan to hopefully end the government shutdown. >> yeah, but it was quickly rejected by the democrats which means day 30 of the shutdown will not be the final day. president trump spoke from the white house not long after verseeing had a naturalization ceremony. the president demanded almost $6 billion for a southern border
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wall. in exchange he would be givin daca citizens and people with protected status, also known as s, an extra three years of protection. >> whaver i can do i will promise you this that my first duty and it ultimate loyalty is you, the american people. democrat leadership said the plan is dead on arrival. nancy pleasing sayveg the ment should be reopened before any negotiation. the president did not say anything abouthe 800,000 federal workers who are feeling the financial strain as the shutdown stretches into its fifth week, folks. it's also -- it's a deal -- i d thl isn't reached by midnight on tuesday, those workers will miss another paycheck. court-appointed special advocates for d.c. is firing back after the president's announcement. they released a statement saying
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in a racist speech filled with factual misrepresentations trump continued to treat us casa members with tps and daca like n negotichip. later this hour moderator chuck todd of "meet the press" will stop by to talk about what's coming up on the show. >> and if you're traveling through airport during the shutdown, brace for a lot of lines at security, a security checkpoint at the airport closed yesterday because of tsa employees calling out sick. the transportation and securit administration sent a tweet stating that the checkpoint closed a around 5:30. passengers are being asked to leave early for evening flights. some checkpoints also closed at dues international airport on monday. and have you seen the latest video? that's blowing up on social media sparking outrage. the foota has gone viral
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showing teenagers wearing maga hatsg taunt an elder native american. last night supporters held a rally in support of nathan phillips, the man being harassed in the video. phillips was singing and playing a drum at the rally when thede teens surro him. it's believed some of the students were from covington catly, an all male high school in kentucky. they were in town for the life i an-abortion rally. their actions are being widely criticized. phillips who is as vietnam teran explained the meeting behind the song he was singing as he was unted. >> khaled the aim song, american indian song that could bring strength and it courage and healin a the drum and the
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john, i was putting myself many in god's protection and understanding. >> in a joint statement the rowmatholic diocese of coverington and covington high school apologized to phillips. officials read a statement saying in part ofdee c the actions of the covington catholic high school students. the matter is being investigated t and wake appropriate action up to and including expulsion. reaction to the video continues to pour in, including from one native american lawmaker. you can find that reaction in our nbc washingtonapp, and we've also posted the viral video for you. just search viral video. >> well, worre learning about a deadly hit-and-run crash in fairfaxy. cou chopper 4 was over the seen on arlington boulevard. the 93-year-old man who was killed waserles apostolou who was crossing the road when he was struck. right now polic are trying t figure out who was behind the
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wheel and why the driver did not stop. they say the driver sped off in a dark-colored pickup truck with an open bed. >> a young man is dead after being gunne down in the district. on friday officers were called to ahooting on jasper street in southwest, d.c., miles the metro heights station where they found 21-year-old tlafs dayvon root. he was shotultipleimes and was shot dead. reward forook for a information on his arrest. the alleged attackers of a dog walker wasot the only victim recall. police say 16-year-old kavon andrews and thadduse hartridge beat the woman with a pipe after trying to stealer car. they also victimiled other
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pe in the same neighborhood. they are being charged as a result. >> yesterday at the women'he march butre was some controversy. theyocused on hatred, racism and also the border wall and since last year there's been tension as the organizer tamika mallory has shown support for nation of islam leader louis farrakhan who made a lot of comments about a lot of folks they may consider anti-semitic. mallory denounced farrakhan's lemments. rega, it was enough for others to hold a small accept rat march on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. >> there was a split in the women's movemen we wanted to make comfortable space for everyone to come. >> now if you're breasting at the capital, it wants to focus
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on -- >> some parts of the midwest had 7 inches of snow. in upstate new york and the new england area steady snowfall covered much of the sky and into the night. meanwhile parts of syracuse accumulated up to 14 inches of snow. that storm is expected to continue throughout the morning and into the amidday. they can keep that snow. >> yeah. >> i don't want it. >> have all of it. >> oicials are callingt a housing emergency. complexes in suchad shape at eight of every ten apartments. repairs.d critical ahead plan to fix all this crumbling property and why some say it's not in the city's intest to do so. we'll right back. this is not a bed.
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in t district there about $1 billion worth of reirs to do when it comes to public housing. >> last week the city housing authority declared an emergency as conditions are so bad. news 4's derrick ward has more on the steps they are taking. >> reporter: thege is an emy in public housing in d.c. amid all the new developments, most of what public housing there is need lots of work. >> they let things fall apart for sndmany years, they say we care too much to leave you all here. >> the d.c. housing authority has taken its first steps at address the issue. they have adopted a framework for improvement. >> i think we're at a good point right now. based on our board meeting right now, the board of commissioners have entrusted tor housing auy to come back to them with ideas and thoughts. >> reporter: but advocates and public housingen res worry that when the issue is addressed, this -- this is what happened, like what youave here. another example is barry farm in southwt d.c., among the first such developments to be built and among first to be torn downe res were given vouchers that would allow them to move
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elsewhere, but residents fin at landlords don't always honor them. >> they think it's just open market and it's going to be an easy process and it wasn't. >> the plan is for those residents to return to a redeveloped barry farm, but housing advocate said that doesn't always work out. >> there are a residen over the city. their communities completely wiped out. >> the executive director says the agency looking at all the options whether it's moving residents back to rebuild or ts rehabilitate ur relocating them. there's a bit of a rush. summer, are in place by more local and federal funds would be available. >> nothing is off the table. oowe're going to what's in the best interest of the residents themselves and the agency. >> reporter: dcha hopes to have an outlinetf what's n within the next 30 days. derrick ward, news 4. >> all right. we want to give you a live loo outside the nbc washington studios. you can see the flags flapping in t
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welcomehe back. by end. day we're going to know who is playing super bowl liii. i'm going for the saints. >>o. am, >> you might want to consider one of these games. >> sports betting won'tave lable in d.c., maryland or virginia in time for sunday but you cane still m a local bet
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but as news 4's mark segraves reports you'll have to take a very long drive to doit. >> reporter: sports betting is definitely coming to d.c., possibly in time for baseball season. maryland and virginia still have to pass legislation allowing it so it cld be a year or more for those states, but about 90 minutes from the nation'sta ca not far from harper's ferry in west virginia. >> your total is $430. >> reporter: sports betting is in full swing. hollywood casino inst charn is one of several sports books here in west vininia. >> tur that into $44,000. >> reporter: a member of hollywood casino says people are bettingve onrything from football and basketbsl to l popular sports like darts and cricket. >> football has been a littl more popular than cricket and darts having started on september 1st. football has carried the day. about f 70%e bets have been on football and two-thirds of that on pro football. ni>> reporter: and since o their sports book here back in eptember, they have been doing a brisk business. >> through the end of 2018 from september 1sto the end, we
9:17 am
took about $40 million in sports bets. >> reporter: wednesday when thee sports book o at 10:00 a.m. betters like matt who drives an ur from his home i virginia were lining up to place their bets. he says jurisdictions like d.c., maryland and virginia are missing out onti the . >> there would be so much tax money and revenue they wouldn't know what to do,ith it, yeah, they are passing up a lot of money. o reporter: for now you actually have tgo to a casino in west virginia to place a best, but like d.c. they hope to have the option of placing betsm from aile app sometime this year. at the hollywood casino in westn vi, mark segraves, news 4. >> you can simply mail in your winning ticket a mail you a check. >> let's get to reality, right? >> yeah. >> we've got freezing cole t temperatures tre coming through. no one is looking forward to this. >> no. oldest airme of the that we've seen in quite some time around the area.
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definitely the colst that we've seen this year and pretty much last year. >> yeah. >> wow. >> it's going to bitterly cold, dangerously cold out there. >> let's go ahead and talk abo what to expect because the winds are going to continue to pick up asemperatures continue to come on down. weather alert today, weather alert toght and weather ale through the day tomorrow because of the dangerously cold conditions that we're going to ae. let's goad and take a look outside right now. we doer have the cloud c out there right now and it's not looking too bad, but the winds are startg to pickp. let's see if you can see the wind on the trees, i can see them outside the studio, the winds haven't picked up in d.c. just to the west and the frontal system moved through the area, and they are definitely starting to pick up. you can see the clouds moving pretty swiftly that's the frontal system. we'll get the sunine latn but you can see the clouds are on the way out and that's all with the frontal system sweeping through. behind this arctic cold air ming in, temperatures falling
9:19 am
through the afternoon and, again, the wind spes increasing are, so what to expect in the next 48 hours as the winds are picking up by thio afte they will be gusting up to 50 miles per hour. windchills will be dropping as wellecause the temperatures are dropping so we're talking about windchills in the teenst, toni'm sorry, this afternoon. tonight single digitsnd overnight winds will be pretty gusty with windchills below zero. we'ls have power outa with tree is down. some icy spots and the winds may do a littleit to d out the roadways especially 50 miles per hour and some of the hidden spots, isolated icy spots and those are going to be long gone with theinds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. >> with the area of low pressure that broughts some rain and wintry mix, it's passing through our area right now moving up into pennsylvania, it will continue to england area and it will bring 12 to 18 inches of snow to the new england s are thank goodness we didn't see that. here's the colt front and we
9:20 am
actually sort it had to the 50s and the cold front is comingth ugh but a high pressure and arctic pressure coming in to play and between the two competing areas of pressure we get the winds and tight pressure gradient, winds around the high pressure going clockwise around the areas of counterclockwise and with the tight gradient that speeds u the wind and we get the northwest breezy wind and that's what we' seeing today whole we're seeing a bunch of numbers on there. these winds are no joke, especially with temperatures dropping. our feels like temperature in the 20s and 30 and still in the i-59n annapolis east of where the wind hasn't picked up yet and that wind is starting to pick up for everybody and that feel like factor through the ternoon again in the teens. and then tonight single digits and below zero during t overnight. wind advisory in effect, gusts up to 50iles per hour for
9:21 am
everybody and windchill advisory in effect for tonight into tomorrow morning for everybody because it's going to feel like anywhere from about negative 5 to negative 15 below zero overnight through tomorrow morning. now here's the last little bit of rain showers moving through with that frontal system so the winds pick up behi this. we do have some flood warnings for some snow and ice melt down arou bull run and and those g until tomorrow morning or this afternoon, depending on where you r.but, again,itrly cold conditions. that's why the weather alert.ou please limit time outside. again, becoming windy and temperatures dropping. look at our overnight lows, single digits to teens tomorrow and in the teens and 20s and plenty of rain. t sunshiorrow and, again, the windchills tomorrow, single digits, that is it. winds settle down by 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night and tuesday it's going to feel like smer. lighter winds and low to mid-30s
9:22 am
which is below ormal for i time of year. temperatures soar to around 50 degreesnd then a cold front is coming through and that will change from rain to snow o thursday and once again we get breezy on thursday and temperatures drop friday and omturday and going to have a chance for s rain and maybe some snow on sunday. >> t partial government shutdown is taking its toll. >> the biggest toll, of course, is on the 800,000 federal e workerher forced to stay home from work or forced to work without a paychec a without knowing when the next one isng comi either. >> but there's also been a big political toll and the person taki the brunt of iteems to be the president of the united states. >> at least five recent polls have shown president trump's approval rating down since last month and now it seems to be hovering aund 38%, down from the low 40s before the utwn began. >> the good news for trump is that his base continues to cheer
9:23 am
him on and support for a border wall has ticked up though it r overall.popu >> but trump is lose support everywhere else and 38% is not a aod place to be he prepares to run for re-eltion. ec
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it was launched for a secret mission from california yesterday morning. the lau bh hadn delayed several times for many reasons, includingleydrogen s, high winds and communication problems. the lnch was streamed but it -- it was cut after about six minus or so to help keep the mission a secret. >> asra we for more frigid temperatures and brutal winds here, just think it could be a lot worse. chicago had about 8 inches of snow and causing scary moment on the runway. a united airlines plane flying from phoenix slid off the runway at o'hare international airport and unfortunately no one was injured. all 129 passengers were on board and there were about 1,000 flights at chicagoirport thus far because of that. >> valentine's day is around the corner and hheans aren't t only species looking to make a lo>> connection. et romeo, he's the world'
9:27 am frog and don't he'll soon meet his juliet. romeo lives at the nationaor hi museum in bolivia. the only one of his kind in captivitynd the internet does amazing things and online dating for him raised t money raise field exbedigses to search for a mate. >> earlier this month a feel mail was b broughtk to the museum and experts want mommio to mate to hp save the species and the current plan is for them to mt on valentine's day. >> a beautiful blind date. >> no pressure, romeo. no pressure. >> let's take a live look outside of ourindow to give you a look at what the day is going to look le. that's lauryn ricketts' job. she will come in to let yth know temperatus arere
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happy sunday morning to you. i'm corey smith. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. want to get straight to lauryn ricketts because we're in weather alert mode. 're expecting dangerous cold temperatures moving through our area. when can we expect it, lauryn? >> temperatures are starting to drop, meagan and cory and we're starting to see the winds pick up as a frontal system is moving right across ourrea from the west to the east. if you're et of i-95 the temperatures are in the 50s now. temperatures are falling into
9:31 am
the 30s and eventually the 20s. we'll bottom o in th single digits and teens now. that's not going to matter because the winds are really what's going to be the main story as they are going to continue to increase. we'll see gusts up to 50 miles an hour throughout the day, and can you see the winds are picking up right now, and we'll coheinue to see increase, so we do have a wind advisory. the winds are picking up after 00, and that's what we're seeing right now. winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour for everybody shaded in this brown color which is pretty much o eire viewing area. now it's going to be a pretty blustery this afternoon. tonight it's also going to be very blustery and cold, the coldest air that weave seen yet this season, probably in the last couple of years. power outages are possible, and even through the day tomorrow extremely cd wit windchills below zero, anywhere from negative 5 to negative 15. we'll talk about when those wis start to calm dow and we'll see what we find on the ten-day forecast or maybe some
9:32 am
snow. mething for everybody. we'll show that you in 15 minutes. >> all right, lawyer yip, thank you. the president presented his plan to hopefully end the government shutdown. >> yeah, but it was pretty much dead on arrival when it was met with rejec by democrats. that means day 3 9 shutdown is not going to be the final day of the shutdown. president trump spoke from the white hous not long after overseeing a naturalization ceremony. the president is demanding $6io bi for a southern border wall. in exchange giving daca recipients and people with tps an extra three years of protection. >> whatever we do, i can promise you this. i will never forget that my first duty and ultimatety loy is for you the american people. >> democrat leadership said the plan dead. house speaker nancy pelosi gays theernment should be reopened before any border negotiations take place. now the president also did not say anythingbout the 800 now affected fedal workers who continue to feel the financial
9:33 am
strain as the shutdown stret ies in fifth week now. if the deal is not reached by midnight on tuesday, those workers will miss an paycheck. >> montgomery county iserng up free breakfast for government workers impacted by the government shutdown. ifou're interestedead over to greenwood elementary school in brookville they are raveling off gift cards for restaurants and grocery stores in the area. just make sur to bring your government i.d. it started at 8:30 this morning, and it goes until 10:30. idhe prt's lawyer rudy giuliani will join chuck todd on "meet the press" later this morning to talk about the russia probe and also later this morning chuck is going to stop by the studio to give us a preview of the show there. will plenty to talk about and that's later on "news 4 today." >> by now you've likely seen, it a video blowing up on socialpa media anding a lot of outrage across the country and it involves thee nat american elder being taunted by teens wearing maga hats. you cringe. makes they mocked him on the steps of the lincoln memorial during a
9:34 am
indigenous people's march. news 4's darcy spencer spoke to the man targeted. >> supporters held a rally in support of this man nathan phillips. >> he's the native american show in a video being harass and jeered by some catholic high school stunts wearing make america great again hats. phillips was singing and playing a drum at the indigenous people's rally on friday near the lincoln morial when it happened. others in the crowd did not participate and it's unclear if everyone there was from that scol. >> ias scared, i feared. >> look. no buts. we haveta to s strong. >> the video has gone viral in the actions of the students ho came to life for the
9:35 am
anti-abortion rally are bng dely criticized. phillips i considered an elder in thendigenous community and he's a vietnam veteran. >> can this be a turning point, a point of where hatred is stopped? >> the group of supporters marched at the steps of the shrine of the immaculate conception. >> to have him a raced on that level it's awful. >> he's the most kind heard sweetest person and to see what i saw happen to him is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the diocese of covington and covington catholic high schoolssued a statement saying we condemn the actions of the covington high school udents and the matter is being investigated and we willap take opriate action up to and
9:36 am
including expulsion. >> i asked nathan phillips what he is his thud happen with students who participated in this and it's not up to him to say. it's up to their parent andoo their s administration. at the basilica, darcy center, today. >> for him keepi the composure. reaction continues to pour in from one native american lawmakers. find it in our nbc washington app and see the video there. just searchiral video. >> d.c. police have arrested two teens in a brutal attack on a 69-year-old dog walk their took place in broayl ht, and they say the woman is not their only victim. officers say 16-year-old kaveyon andrews and 17-year-old thadduse hartridge were trying to steal the dog walker's car on euclid street on thursday. one of them hit the woman over the head with a pipe. police say the teens also robbed two other people in that same neighborhood. they are both being charged as adults. >> a father and father said a
9:37 am
the three-bye to young children. all three were killed in it a devastating car crash in point. their car hit by a suspected drunk driver. alexandra and rosa mejia were 5 years old and their brother isaac 1-year-old. yesterday family and friendste ed the funeral in falls church. a pickup driver rear ended the family's car in oxen hill. a lot of people attended the wake for t children on friday night. their parents survived the crash and are still recovering from their injuries. a gofundme page though for the family has been set up and it's raised more than $100,000. the death toll in mexico continues to rise. right now it stands at 73 after a huge explosion. reportedly 76 people were injured and more than 80 people are still missing. that explosion happened on friday at the site of a fuel pipeline that had about ruptured by these. mexico is currently suffering from a gas shortage right now, and it's veryxpsive. this happened just weeks after
9:38 am
mexico's president announced a ackdown on fuel theft gangs. yesterday he vowed to intensify that fight. and happening tomorrow, the annual dr. martin luther king jr. parade in the district. if you would like to rticipate, here's what you need to know. it starts at 10:00.m at the anacostia arts center. it will start at noon at the tersection of mlk jr. avenue and good hope road. the parade will proceed downtown and will go until 2:00 p.m. he just turned 21 years old, and hous tearing t the australian open. did you see him? francis tiafoe.ed he fff against the 20th seedr grego gheetoff. today is his birthday. >> tiafoe handleded the first two sets, dropped the third and was able to recover and the win the match in rte fset. >> tiafoe is now set to take on
9:39 am
rafael nadal, the number two plther in the world ie next round. we wish him luck. >> and a young woman'se bat against cancer inspires her to find a way to make things better for others. in just a few moments we'll ♪ ♪ ♪ rhythm is a dancer ♪ it's a soul companion ♪ you can feel it everywhere
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♪ lift your hands and voices ♪ free your mind and join us ♪ you can feel it in the air ♪ oh sorry, we were running late. no problem, come on in. ♪
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because they let me to customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything. like my bike and my calves. so you only pa what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ today marks the start of teen cancer awareness week, so we want to introduce you to a cancer survivor who tk her experience as motivation to make treatment easier for others. >> her name is nikkierro who was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid canche, and found out there weren't enough support resources gearedowards tee with the disease so she decided to do something about that and that's why nikki is hair's's hero. >> today nikki ferraro is visiting a patient with cancer at the hospital. >> reporter: and you wish somebody was doing that when were you in the hospital. >> i do.
9:42 am
>> reporter: she here to han out a support bag. >> thank you. i hope you enjoy it. we picked items had a hopefully, you know, can help make the time here a little easier into she came up with the idea after t spending so mue herself in the hospital battling a rare form of cancer. >> people would bee sending gifts and stuffed animals and ow, ring books and, you obviously i appreciated that, it wasn really targeted towards me at 17. >> reporter: so these goody bags are designed with teens in mind. >> stress ball, adult coloring book. we have a journal, anoer thing to pass the time, sudoku orbook >> repter: eight years after the first idea h organization taken bite me cancer has off and they head out bags to patients at 115 hospitals in 45 states. >> you use like the cardsnd th games. they were just good to pass the time. >> i want to be able to relate to them and know they are not in this alonend i've been through
9:43 am
it and i'll beappy when they t it. >> the most mnieangful moment, they come from her te spent with the patients. >> had a teen who was diagnosed when she was in high school, and -- and her peers were just so mean to r, like didn't believe that she actually had cancer. i jemt rr talking to her, and she was telling me that i'm such this light for her. >> i was jus like me, like i'm inspiring to you, and -- and her having to put up with all of that just really spoke to me and i was like, okay, what i'm doing has -- is making a difference. i've made a difference. >> reporter: hue courageous is she. bite me cancer initiated the c first teecer awareness weekend in virginia way back in
9:44 am
2015. >> if you woulde lo get more involved and learn more about bite mecancer's issues search harris' heroes on the n t app. weather looks like a pretty nice day out there, some cloud cover. >> believe it. ut the temperatures -- >> don't believe the pictures. do not go outside today. lauren will be back to telyou why. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them.
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we welcome you back with an amazing rescue. during the peak of last we end's snow storm we saw people snapping incredible photos. went news 4's erica gonzalez talks to the reporter who risked h life to help a woman who fell into the water. >> they say timing is everything. case in point, this next story. >> this is where it all unfolded. you recognize the voice, don't you? wtop's dave dildine isor a r hefg you navigate the commute. >> dave was navigatingomething else, the ice waters of rock creek. he jumped in to save a mas life. >> it was peaceful and all of a sudden chaos. >> dave a prafer in herpare time was there to get a snowy shot. he waits forhe sun to go down and snaps this pick. he tells me he then pauses to take in th quiet beauty of his
9:48 am
surroundings. that's when he heard hhr. >> cuttinggh the silence screaming, yelling, cries for help. a look over the bridge railing and there she is. in the water. >> a female jogger alsoto tryin ake a picture had fallen over the bridge and down an embankment and into the icy waters. dave didn't think twice. he jumped in afterher. >> i knew that she was under and i knew i needed to bring her underrfhe e. didn't know if she was actually drowning around. luckily she coughed and i knew that was a good thg, dragged her on the shore and laid in the snow huddling together, wet, soaking wet, knowing that seconds were ticking away. >> he called 911 once they were out of the water and given his experience in traffic he was able tol t dispatch their exact location. >> if you can try to take in someandmarks, you know, a point, a milerk , you never know when you might need to access that >> 27-year-old sara kirkpatrick
9:49 am
is okay. just look at her smile. >> thank you. thank you. >> very good to see you. out of the was hospital she stopped by wto radio to personal thanksaave for ng her life. >> oh, my god. oh, my k you so much. >> and this, this is there pic dave says that saved the day. a gift to sarah, the gt of life. >> erica gonzalez, news 4. >> wow. >> iincredible. bsolutely -- i worked with day. i absimutely love one of the best people in the world. i was on vacation and i saw this pop up on facebook. did not shock me at all that he went into that water to get this woman and waitednd there called police and calmed her down. it's the most incredible story, and dave is one. most incredible people. he's on airight now. >> everything happens for a reason. he happened to be in theht r
9:50 am
place. right place right time to save her. >>ou andl see him sometimes in traffic and he'll always give me weather advice. love him. >> amen. >> i can't imagine how cd that water was. >> i was about to say. >> about colder. >> could it ice ove >> absolutely. it's going to be bitterly cold th b afternoon and i'ven telling you guys all morning. i don't remember the last time i forecasted windchills this low. it's been a long time, so, again, get ready for a big shock to the system because it's coming and dangerously cold air is coming our way. you're not going to want to spend any time outside, but, again, make sure the pets are inside and make sure you're checking on your neighbors and your elrly, and especially for those who don't have heat. my goness, it' going to be just so extremely and dangerously cold out there throughout the day and tonight and tomorrow morning and omorrow through the next 48 hours. >> i know we need a few showers out there.
9:51 am
that's the last hurrah. the frontal system will move through and we're talking about drying conditions and maybe a little sunshine lat on. dangerously cold. just talked about that. i'm going to show you how cold it's going to get. some roads and sidewalks, your deck could be slick, especially if the wind doesn't reach the area. winds at 50 miles per hour should do enough to dry out the roadways, but there's going to be slick areas northwest where we got the snow and wintry mix and please be careful and i do believe there's going to be power outages. with the winds up to 50 miles r hour. we'll see trees down and power outages overnight and through the day tomorrow. winds are starting to pick up right now. youee can the red right 30 miles per hour and gusts throughout the afternoon. national weather service put us in a wind advisory forlverybody un late tonight and they have to extend that and windy this afternoon, windy overnight with those power outages possible and extremely cold and windy tomorrow. gusts up to 40 miles an hour,
9:52 am
but all throughout the day tomorrow windchills below zero to the single digits.he here are few rain showers we were talking about. a few flurries up through frederick county, but this is it. once this passes through, all this is light stuff, notct exg additional actinglation. once this passes through, then bout very ly talking cold conditions. we have some flood warnings up in the eastern panhandle and down by bull run.t some of t water is coming up out of their banks so be careful if you're around those areas. mainly from the rain and snowpack won't do much to melt though. temperatures out there in the 30s and 20 as it will feel later in the teens to 30s across the board hasn quite reached southern maryland yet but you're almost there. already 19 degrees is what it feels like in a winchester as we go through this afternoon everybody will feel li teens throughout the southeast and then tonight, this is 6:00 nnm., time. it's going to be right around zero degrees in some spot.od ever below negative as we get into this evening, and those
9:53 am
temperatures do not improve during the overnight. the feel-like factor will be in the negative through lunchtime tomorrow, so, again, bitterly cold and dangeusly cold conditions. we'll have sunshine tomorrow, but we're weather alertmo ow night temperatures in the throw mid-30s onin tuesday. possible wednesday and temperatures fall through the day on thursday and rain could changeo snow late thursday night and not expecting any accumulation to watch and maybe another little chance of rain and know on sunday. we've got more news right after we've got more news right after this
9:54 am
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following some breaking news in arlington county? an early morning fight sent one to the hospital and an investigation is causing som road choeshures. news 4's derrick ward is live from the scene with what we know right now. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. we're ater iction of arlington and canmore. police are wrapping up and wha could be described as an evidence collection operation. this all started at 4:52 this morning. we're t td it's verbal altercation or verbal confrontation among two individuals got physical and one person was assaulted. a suspect is in custody and they have been holdi the scene since about 4:53 this morning. according to a press release from arlington county police,
9:57 am
they are not for reasons involving state l talk about the relationship between the suspect and the victim. they can only say that this is an evidence collection operation. again, one person taken into operation and another suffering life-threateningnjuries after verbal confrontation among two people got physical and that's what we're looking at bacher. >> derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> want to give you a live look outside. we are in weather alert mode and dangerously cold tempeurtures into area.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
the present lays out a plan to put federal employees back to work, but a quick and cold leaves n from democrats both sides no closer to ending the government shutdown. >> teens fromy kentuck going vira after they are seen mocking a native american walking in the native american indigenous march. >> a major dropemnratures today could create problems for your monday morning commute. lawy lauryn ricketts is traing t changes on your sunday morning. >> good morning to you. i'm >> and i'm meagan fer


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