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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EST

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deadly deep freeze. tens ofouillions from the sth to the northeast waking up to another day of dangerously cold weather. >> i have likenour layers o right now, but it's not really helping. >> al is tracking a new winter storm that could become the next travel nightmare. new misery, theovernment shutdown entering an unprecedented second month. airport delays growing. the tsa dealing with a record number of workers calling out sick. millions of americans facing another week of zero dollar paychecks. pressure mounting on both sides to finally reach a deal that appears nowhere in> sight. canceled, the kentucky school at the center of that confrontation video gone viral
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calls off classes. we're there live as students who were involved break their silenc the american in russiacu sed of being a spy now in court. chris brown arrested in paris overnight accraed of . we'll have the very latest. golden morning. nominations for the academy awards being revealed in hollywood. we'll break down all the today tuesday, january 22nd, m019. >> announcer: fbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on thio tuesdaying. we had a long holiday weekend. >> longerom fore than others.
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>> i was in a sta of depregsz. that saints game. can we just say no, no, no. ease don't show it in slow motion. we'll discuss this a little lar. >> did y enjoy your national day of mourning yesterday? >> i did. tens of millions facing brutal temperatures, high winds d a new storm is developing. we're coving it all starting with mr. roker at the wall. hey, al. >> as we takeno a look righ the windchill advisories down a bit lankfully. st windchills into ohio into new england. anywhererom 15 to 30 degrees below zero. feels like 1 below in new york city, 10 belowsy in racuse, zero incleveland. we've got milder airorng its way in. so one more day of cold air from
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boston down to jacksonville. but temperatures get above normal from texas into parts of ohio.ow tomo burlington, d.c., wilmington, atlanta all warmer than usual. but there's another batch of cold air coming in from st. louis, little rock, houston. look at this.hi later week, we had the warm air in the east, but then temperatures start to plummet. friday, chicago is at 5, new york city is 30 on saturday, 31 nashville. now to problems tied to this deep freeze. nbc's kathy park is in frigid albany, new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. millions areaking up to bitter cold. there is some improvement today. the high in albany expected to reach 20 degrees, compared to four degreesyesterday. how cold is it behind me? that's the hudson river with a thick layer of ice. from the plains tmi the est, all the way to upstate new york and new england, even the
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simplest tasks burdenso. >> getting out of the house and into the car, liken extra half hour. >> reporter: parts of the northeast seeing windchills as much as 40 below zero. so how cold is it? take a look. watch what happens to boiling water? >> in jersey the atlantic freezing solid trapping a hunter on an offshore island prompting a coast guard rescue. in pittsburgh, truck losing control and flipping over. in connecticut, the weight of al dthe ice bringingn trees and power lines. >> it's been really windy. obviously everything is freezing on t trees and the wind is forcing things to break. >>ti a ulity worker killed after repairing a downed line and a
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tree fell on him. a 12-year-old girl outside of chicago died after a snow fort collapsed on her on sunday. >> wre tryingo also every half or so just cycle crews out so hypothermia doesn't set in. >> reporter: the first big storm of the new year coming in strong. >> it's like an eternity right now. it's really, really cold. >> reporter: folks looking forward to some relief by midwee it still feels like 9 degrees below zero. inside.y, go back thank you very much. today marks another grim deadline, now stretching into a second month. the financial pain is really starting to hit home. if it lasts another week, it will cost theu. more than $7 llion, more than the money the president wanted for the wall.
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we have aom report bc's tom costello. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. midnight is a critical deadline. that's the deadline for paychecks this week. if congres and theresident don't come to an agreement by midnight, that means another missed paychk for many federal workers, among them tsa officers. that means on day 31, and right now there's no end in sight. a goad and grab your other bags. >> reporter: this morning, the front lines ofat aion security are feeling the pressur with 51,000 tsa employees on the job but still not getting paid. it's starting to take a toll. the tsa says the number of workers calling out has spiked. now up to 10% of the workforce nationwide. compare that to 3.1% last year. the tsa saysany officers are blaming financial hardship for not showing up.
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the tsa acknowledging staffing issues at jfk, laguardia, miami, newarknd atlanta. checkpoints in baltimore and houston were forced to not just at the airports. five weeks into the shutdown the ripple effts are being felt across theom ec small business loans not being process processed, fda cutting back on inspections at some facilities. the fda limiting investigations into this accident in ohio on monday. if stretched into another week, the shutdown will cost theu.s. $7.1 billion. for some americans, the only relief is coming inhe chu and non-profits, food banks and free giveways is the only answer. >> it's hard, n being able to
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pay bills and you have to call and ask people can i skip this payment and move to next. >> reporter: without money coming in, a analyst michelle scott has already applied to food stamps andno doesn't how she'll come up with the rent beyond febr'vry. >> been working since i was 13 very consistently. that's all i know. i didn't have a plan b. i didn't know what a plan b looked like. >> so devastating for so many families, tom. going back to the folks whoin a to the airports. if they're going to see those tsa glines, how l do you think they'll be waiting? >> tuesday in i janua usually a slowdown. let me give you an example what happened on sunday. most of the country we had airport wait times under the tsa max of 30 minutes. however, minneapolis-st. paul had times of 35 minutes there, st. louis had a wait time -- i'm sorry, not st. louis, new orleans had a wft time 45
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minutes. keep in mind new orleans had ths game onday soy thad a big airport crush. sunday we had laguardia, tampa, chicago o'hare getting close to th 30-minute wait. tuesdays in january usually od.tty the answer, as more and more officers call out sick, might g these wait timw longer. let's go to washington right now and what is being done t end the stalemate. both sides have made offers. votes are expected on capitol hill. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander hof the politics this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. t is now day 32 of the shutdown. again, still no resolution in sight as congress prepares to take up competing bills to reopen the government. president trump and speaker nancy pelosi have not spoken to each other in nearlek two
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though, so this week the house expected to open a series of spendi bills that would offer no money for the wallhile the senate takes up thet' presid plan. the shutdown in its second month and neither side isng waveri president trump paying a brief visit to the martin luthe king jr. memorial. on twitter again lashing out at dem cracks demanding they agree to fund a wall or steel barrier tweeting, stop playing games. most americans believe the president and congressional republicans for the impasse. this week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell ixpted to bring the president's latest propose all up for a vote. it restores protection for three years for undocumented immigrants known as dreamers in exchange for $5.7 billion for a
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border wall. >> the radical left can never control our rders. i will never l it happen. republicans senat are largely standing behind the president, but democrats having addeli $1 b in border security to their offer are dismissing the president's proposal as a arnon-r. >> we want the similar bom bol of america to remain t statue of liberty, equality, not a divisive wall and we will fight for that. fight for that we pewill. >> r, i guess the question is, what are the pressure points? any side looking like maybe it's time to make a deal? >> reporter: given it's 15 degrees in washington, nobody is feeling the heat. the frigid temperatures represent the stalemate that's frozen in place. despite the real impacts on americans, both sides a in. dug they're pointing to poll numbers that show their supporters don't
7:12 am
want them to cave. many republicans feel like what the president said over the ekend gives them a chance to go out, talk to their constituents to say they're the ones looking to addressim gration in a broader comprehensive way, but not a single democrat came ut to support the president's proposal. nearly the concern right now is there is middle ground. savannah and hoda? >> turning now to craig following another story. >> good morning to you as well. the american being held in russia accused of spying appeared i a moscow courtroom overnight. a key ruling was made by his fate while he awaits trial. senior international correspondent keir simmons has more on that. >> reporter: this morning, paul williams' lawyer telling journalists he's doing pretty well and he's, quote, maintaining his dignity. in the past f hours, a russian judge denying the decision to deny himself, meaning he'll stay
7:13 am
inrison until his trial. paul whelann appeared a glass enclosure surrounded by russian security, their faces covered. wearing a blue button shirt, he stood, at times straining to hear his lawyer. the judge ruling againstre asing the michigan native charged with espionage. mr. whelan was arrested in december, his famy insisting he is not a spy.on after almost a they have very little information. >> nobody knows the detai other than the russian vernment about why he was charged as an alleged spy. the family insists he was in russia for awedding, whi according to russian media he was found with fake secrets. some suspect the former marine is a pawn in ama dipc game with the russians hoping to exchange him for maria butina
7:14 am
who pled guilty. >> sounds very much like a russian entrapment. >> what's your message to president pun? >> let my brother go. the charges are false and he needsiso be back with family. >> reporter: this morning, paul whelan's lawyer saying he wasit found a thumb drive that the prosecution sayta c state secrets. that lawyer saying paul whelan didot know what was on that thumb drive. that same lawyer is saying he does not believe this case is good andd. motiva days after the white house revealedlans for a second nuclear summit with north carolina, researchers are saying they discovered a secretisle site in north korea that couldm cate things. >> no surprise that north korea en't revealingrything it should.
7:15 am
it's a state almost defined by secrecy. president trump is due to meet kim jong-un again for another nuclear summit in about four years. the failure to disclose this critical missile site or any site means the key question for the smit and the year is can you ever really trust north korea? it's the missile site north korea doesn't want the world to e. new satellite images show bunkers, shelters, headquarters buildings, but its existence has never been declared, not in seven months of talks since president trump's summit with kim jong-un, even though it's a base that developed the medium-range missiles that ce threaten u.s.s and a japan. north korea a made show of lowing up the entrance to one base last year. >> trying to trade things they did either i the past, like old
7:16 am
test sites, while leaving capabilities like these completely untestified. >> reporter: kim jong-un is preparing for a second summit with president trump next month. >> we have made a lot of progress as far as denuclearization isbloncerned rean north korea has declared nothing so far. no sissills, n sites, no nuclear warheads. >> we can't negotiate denuclearization over things they have not declared like these missile sites. >> nothing declared by north korea despite talking secretly to the cia for ten years. former deputy director michael morrell visiting pyongyang twice, confirmed to nbc news by u.s. officials. kim is talking to t chinese, preparing for more u.s. summit pressure while still eveloping weapons, officials say.
7:17 am
adding to his arsenal, but showing no signs of destroying it. >> that summit with president trump will likely take place towards the end of next month. no word yet where or whether the u.s. is demanding an inventory of these new sites or of course anyn that the north koreans might come clean. guys? >> bill, thank you so much. let's bring in al for the rest of the forecast. good morning again. what you got? >> we've got another area of heavy rain coming into he pacific northwest. snow starting to intensify, moving out of the rockies and into the upper plains and upper midwest. south of that, a lot of heavy rain pushing east. then a looki sunshine along the eastern seaboard. chilly but temperatures will start to moderate. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning everybody. clear skies overhead. a light wind out of the north averaging ten miles an hour. a very cold start. 16 degrees in washington right now. windchills down in the singleo numbers around ten. you'll definitely need your heavy winter coat for day. your planner, plenty of sunshine. from teens to low 30s this afternoon. tomorrow, another day withsl ht improvement. showers in the afternoonnd then rain on thursday. coming up, the kentucky high
7:19 am
school and that val confrontational video canceling classes overnight. we'r there live and talking to students involved. why they tell us do not rush to judgment. then new outrage aimed at the nfl and its referees over that controversial non-call that helped keep the saints out of the super bowl. this morning, what the league could be planning to do a it. first this is "today" on nbc. >> do we still have a chance? >> no, i don't think so. david: "life is complicated. choosing a health care provider doesn't have to be."
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-right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. this tuesday, january 22nd, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm molette green. many schoolsren the are delaying start times including prince george's, fairfax and prince william counties. >> they're psychology at the bottom of your screen and posted in the nbc washington app. now let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> it looks cold and feels cold outside. windchills in the single numbers to around 10. put your warmest winter coat on today. temperatures will climb from the mid teens where we are nowith plenty of sunshine. tomorrow skies will turn mostly cloudy andf a likelihoodain
7:27 am
later today. heavy rain early on thursday. >> all right, chuck. thank you, all week news 4's tommy mcflet isng you ready for change. >> tonight at 5:00, tommy will give us tips on the art of quitting if you're looking to career d.c.'s mayor and council a set to clash over people right metro and don't pay. look for updates in the nbc washington app. a check of your forecast coming up next.
7:28 am
i'm melissa mollet with look at traffic. zooming in a lit; you can see 295 still slow southbound inbound on 50 slow as well. two earlier crashes there. inbound canal road near
7:29 am
fletcher's boathouse. an animal was hit and lanes blocked on both sides. >> another local news update in 25 minutes. we're back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪ ♪ you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. one more way we go beyond. call today and pay just $49.95 a month for fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast.
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quicksnap. brees. pass is incomplete. no flag. >> we're back now with the nightmare thatee hoda has b having for the last two days. that it bhe hearts of a lot of saints fans. so many people saying what happened, why wasn't that called as pass interference. >> look at that. >> he also could have called him for helmet-to-helmet, too. >> something about watching it 8,000 times in slow motion makes it more painful. >> i don't think the therapist would recommend that. >> they're oddly having one with it in new orleans. they have a way to use human
7:31 am
moore toir defuse t pain. >> the nfl said they got it wrong. >> they fessed up. >> we'll look at whether changes might be coming to the nfl. >> okay. nam namiste. parts of the northeast are saying windchills as low as 40 below zero. in jersey, the atlantic freezing solid, trapping a hunter onann offshore i prompting a coast guard rescue. in new england, the weight of the ice i bringing down trees and power lines. winter weather blamed for at least five deaths. the got shutdown stretching into its 30th day. without a deal, the workers will miss a second paycheck. taking a toll ontyirport
7:32 am
secu 51,000 tsa employees are on the job not getting paid. the agency says the number of workers calng in sick has spiked, up to 10% of the workforce which means big problems, delays in some of the world's busiest airports. dramatic video shows a man in an excavator destroying a hotel lobby on the day it was supposed to open it went down in liverpool, england. you can see the digger smashing windows and furniture. while no official reason has been given so fa a itears to be a dispute over wages. at one point you can hear a man yell, quote, that's what happens when you don't pay wages. high school students from kentucky at the center of ana onal firestorm after appearing to taunt a native american elder in a now viral video are speaking out and fighting back and saying it's not all what you see right there.
7:33 am
they're supposed to return to school today, but the plans have to change overnight because ofa th against them. nbc's gape gutierrezas the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. areas of schools in this have closed due to the cold weather. this all comes amid a firestorm. ny people here saying these videos should be a lesson in not rushing to the viral encounter has thrust this kentucky community into a politically charged debate that has police here on high alert. this morning classes are canceled at covington catholic high. students were scheduled to return today, for the first time since some of them found themselves at the center of a viral video that sparked intense anger online. authorities now say led to threats against the teens and the school in kentucky. this showing student nick sandmann face-to-face with native american veteran phillips. man students d.c. for the
7:34 am
march for life wearing the make america great again year. some seen making racis gestures. a new e-mail from the principal to parts says the incident is being fully investigated by an independent third party investigator. the schoo and local diocese had previously condemned the kids' action saying they were looking at possible expulsion. the defenders of the students say there was a rush to judgment, a fuller picture coming toview. a student whose parents did not want his facein shown sayg they were using the school chants to drown out insults from men identified as -- >> a bun of babies made out of headsets. >> one of those men said it all started when the students mocked
7:35 am
them. chants continuing when phillips entered the picture. >> there was three nativean amer people. one of them was jumping up and down. our guys were dancing with them, jumping up and down. i just don't see how we were -- they were going along with wha they thought was fun. >> reporter: nick nnsand blasted what he called outright lies writing in part, i belie by remaining motionless and calm i was helping to defuse the situation saying he had singled me out for confrontation adding a chaperone gave him permission ptoform the school chants. diillips' account has been skberpted erently. on saturday he said he felt threatened by the teens and they swarmed around him. when he tried to leave, the guy in the hat wouldn't let him retreat. he also told the "detroit free press" that he decided to intervene, calling the moment he put himself between beast and
7:36 am
prey. he said sandmann should accept responsibility and face consequees. >> instead of being expelled, the student should go through some kind of sensitivity training, cultural education of some kind, and if they don't, then don't graduate. >> reporter: presihint trump we in on the controversy overnight tweeting the students were treatedit unfairly early judgments proving to being false smred by media. meanwhile, at thedi nearby ese, the american indian movement plans to hold what it calls a peaceful vigil. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. let's switch gears and talk about the snow coming out of tho ies. already snowing pretty good in denver, pueblo, colorado, as i makes its way to the east, we'll be watching for winter storm advisories, watches, even blizzard warnings. 43 million people stretching
7:37 am
from the rockies all the way into michigan, parts of northern indiana and ohio. as the system makes its way out today, snow in the plains, the upper midwest, kansas city, chicago, you're right on the for instance there. oklahoma city you're out of it. as we continue to the east, tomorrow great lakes and new england witow, but along the east coast, looking at warmer air, so that's going to mostly be rain. behind it gusty winds. snfall amounts six t eight inches. about four to six inches f stretchim central iowa all the way in to northern michigan and lighter snow amounts in northern new york and new england, about an inch or so, maybe two inches of rain along that's what's going on around the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the >>woods. good morning. looks beautiful outside. plenty of sunshine and nearly clear sky bunow. it is a very cold start. 16 degrees now at national airport with a national windchill of four. ndchills are down near ten and into the single numbers across
7:38 am
region.the be ready for a very bracing chill on your way out the door this mornin highs today will get back above 30 degrees with plenty of ne suns tomorrow, clouds thickening up, a risk of showers in the day.f most the rain comes early thursday morning. >> that's your latesthe weat savannah. coming up, the creepy new obsession on netflix. we'll talk topenn badgley in this sensation of a show. the birds, the bees, t boomers. upria shriveroi j us to tell us how the gro that drove the sexual revolution is at it again. the donation sensation that's overwhelming thrift stor thanks to organizing expert marie nfl reps under fire overat th infamous non-call that helped end the saints' season. will it lead to changes?
7:39 am
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we're back in depth today, an d we're back. sorry, hoda, this is going to . >> i'm glad i'm not reading this lead-in. >> super bowl liii kicks in on february 3rd. ms. kotb, your be n loved orleans saints will be watching from home. frustrated players and fans putting aot of blame on that missed call in sunday's championship game against the rams, putting the blame on that ref.c' stephanie gosk has more of the reaction from thedi ppointed who dat nation. this is one of those calls people will talk about for decades. >> no one wants to be that ref. pass interference callsre often subjective, but this one, from experts to occasional fans, there was nodoubt. but the ref didn't throw a flag, the saints aren'toing to the super bowl and the league is rattled. this morning a rare rebuke,
7:44 am
saints owner gail benson issuing a heartfe statement to the fan base, writing she had been in touch with the league aboutng chants policies adding, quote, the nfl must always commit to providing the most basic of expectations, fairness integrity. it comes as an online petition calling for a rematch has already garnered more than half a million signatures. one source close to the nfl telling "the washington post" that making pass interference l reviewable wile discussed at length this offseason. all of this backlash for the not call seen arod the world. >> crowd going crazy as there's no flag on the saints sideline. rams defender nicole man committing what many s was obviously passntference against saints receiver tom any lee lewis latquin the fourth ter. no penalty was called. by rule, pass interference cannot be reviewed. >> they blew the call.
7:45 am
there were a lester holt of portunities, that call puts us first and ten. it's a game changing call. >> obviously in a situation like that where it seemed like everybody in the world saw , that's tough. >> reporter: as l.a. celebrated their super bowl berth, soc media erupted. hall of fame coach tony dungy tweeting, thatass interference has to be called. kurt warner and lebron james d. stunne it didn't end there. one popular new orleans bakery debuting no ref cookies while a louisian doctor jokingly offering free eye exams for nfl officials. >> one of the worst blown calls i've seen if not the worst. >> reporter: referees are enbject to i scrutiny, especially when the stakes are high. infamous calls and non-calls have impacted outcomes inports for generations. as rams fans anticipate a super bowl showdown against tom brady
7:46 am
and the patriots, saints supporters can't shake the feeling that one got away. >> it really hurts. i love my team. it hurts and i'm not even a saints fan. >> once the rams defender saw the hreplay, even admitted it was pass interference. e headline in the "new orleans times-picayne" "reffing unbelievable." you must be reffing heartbroken. >> i was watching it and we couldn't believe what we were looking at. savannah said something to me last week, something her pastor said when his team lost and it resonated with me and it wasik something when you love something a lot, it can be painful. >> his bears los to the eagles. i said i'm so sorry. he said, it's p thece of love. it's the risk of love. >> at the same time you cannot believe something as blatantly obvious as that was missed. >> so there's an obscure rule
7:47 am
that the nfl cmissioner can actually overrule the outcome of the game and call for a rematch. >> i thereny pos snblt. >> here is what's even cooler? i'm a huge new england patriots fan. >> how did you get assigned to this sre sfli. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. up next, the greatest party that never happened. the new look inside the infamous and disaster fyre festival as the man who organized it breaks his silence from jail. as a home instead caregiver, for everything that i give, i get so much in return. hearing all of stanley's stories about his home, and everything that he's learned over the years, it reminds me that this is as much for him as it is for me. join our family of home instead caregivers
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7:56 is your time now on this tuesday, january 22nd, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. many schools in our are are delaying their start times due to this very cold weather. the list includes prince george's, fairfax and prince william county schools. all the delays are scrolling at the bottom of your screen and availabl in the nbc4 news app. the sun is shining. that's good news. it feels like only 4 degrees here in the washington metroea nd single number windchills all over the place. bundle up today. u'll need your heavy coat for sure. we'll be above freezing for a few hours this afternoon. cloudy with a risk of showers later in the day tomorrow. heavy rain thursday with temperatures in the 50s, falling into the 30s by thursday afternoon, eun. we'll take a break and check
7:57 am
your traffic when we come back. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. the morning commute kicking in, little delayed because of chools. chevy chase outer loop is blocked. more news, weather and traffic straight ahead.
8:00 am
it's o 8:00n "today brutally cold. tens of millions waking up to another day of freezing >>mperurat. aan likec an eternity right now. it's really, really cold. >> al tells us when to expect warmer temperatures and the next big winter storm.lus watching "you." >> hello, there, i'm joe. penn badgley is stopping by to talk about his popular netflix series, "you." and the fan obsession with his eepy character. the nominees are, a breakdown of thi year's oscar nominations. the surprises that will have
8:01 am
movie fans talking. today tuesday, january 22nd, 2019. >> gos. bobcat >> from melbourne, florida, hey jason, hi lauren. >> hi, watching the "day" show here in buffalo, new york. >> sending love to my mom watching in orlando. >> happy birthday to my best friend dobby. >> traveled across the country from orville, california. hi, mom. >> welcome back to "today" on thisce cold tuesday morning. look at people out there on that kind of day. >> troopers. >> you've got your hats and glovesk on. thu for waking up with us. >> we love having you out there. there's a warmer way to do this, from home. s take you have to do out that phone, record a video, let us know where you are, give
8:02 am
a quick shout-out, then yous #mytodayplaza so we can find you. right to your nts 8:00. snow, ice, repeat. a new winter storm is hitting hard. why millions of americans shiver through another day of bitter deep freeze. al has a closer look. >> good rning. look at these windchills, feels like 8 below in ashtabula, ohio, 3 in new york city. usalbany, m 9. bangor, 14 below is the wind nill. the goos is, one more day of that. we've got the cold air along the east coast, then turning mild. below normal temperatures boston and d.c., down to jacksonville.t houston chicago, above normal temperatures. wednesday, the warmth makes its way to the east coast. another surge of cold air coming in behind at. you look later this week,
8:03 am
brutally cold temperatures, chicago on fridayt you're 5. 31 in nashville, 30 in new yorks city onurday and even jackson looking at 46 degrees on frid. an avalanche near aspen, colorado has left a back country skier dead. thean was with a group of six skiers. mountain rescue team applied cpr but were not able to revive him. the other members of his group are safe. money is getting really tight as nearly a million federal workers face the prospect of a second missed paycheck this week. nbc's tom costello is looking at the growing impact of the government shutdown on those workers, the pub thaek they serve as the country as a whole. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. midnight tonight is a critical deadline. if there's no agreement, this could be another missed pay riod for federal workers including tsa officers
8:04 am
800,000 workers nationwide, 51,000 tsa workers going without a paycheck. many of themdmitting they live paycheck to paycheck when they only me $30,000 a year. missing two becomes a critical situatio the family finances. we have food banks set up, credit bureaus an berks og low-interest loans to people can pay their bills and get through the week. this is becoming a critical financial situation for many mi es. i flew within the last through days through a bunch of airports from the easto coast out the west coast back to the east coast, and i've got to tell you, eatry turn the tsa officers were verysiprofal, many people thanking them for working without pay. that said, one in ten has now called out -- not sick,ut called out because of financial difficulties, not showing up to workn sunday. the concern is that number could increase. savannah, back to you. >> tom costello, thank you. grammy winning singer chris
8:05 am
brown has been detained in paris for questioning in an alleged case of details e emerging this morning. it's not the fst time brown has faced eghigh-profileal issues. this morning chrisrown is in custody, a judicial source confirming to nabs news the r&b singer accused ofte aggrad rape and drug offenses in paris. police have detained the singer overnight,wn amid claims raped a woman in a hotel last week. the 24-year-old womang say she met brown and his friends at a club befe heading the the hotel. the r&b star has fed legal trouble in the past. infamously pleading guilty in e felly assault of his then girlfriend rihanna. he completed probation in that case in 2015. another ex-girlfriend of brown's was granted five-year restraining order against him in
8:06 am
17. they were involved in a tumultuous relationship on and off for four years eing in 2015. >> we have reached out to brown's representatives for comments. we have not heard back. we've covered the news of the day. boosbout a lissttle nobody likes to hear somebody laugh at their golf swing, unless this wittle guy got a kick out of watching his dad in action. [ laughing ]. >> mom says this is the baby's first time on the cours with e family. the best ever. >> how badan the swing be? just ahead, anne hathaway a opening uut why she's giving up drinking.
8:07 am
plus penn badgley stars in "you." we'll get a take on his thriller and his message to fans who are totallybssed with his creepy character right after this. and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] su -"box, have a greaer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this for you. with a special discount for a special girl. for mild-to-moderate eczema, it's steroid-free.a. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients.
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8:10 am
who are you? ad "you" is the thriller series originally bst on lifetime, now streaming on netflix which has gained millions of viewers. >> everyone calls me bet. >> and there you were. every account set to public. you want to be seen, heard, known. of course, i obliged. >> it tls the tale of a new york city bank storeer named joe who exploits today's technology to at first talk and then woo the object of his obsession, a youriter named beth. >> tell me who you really are and i'll find you. >> as joe transforms himself from behind the scenes stalker lto in rife boyfriend, he'll do whatever it takes to eliminate all obstacles standing in his way even if it means murder. >> it scares me to love someone so completely and nothe have love you back. >> surprisingly some fans of the show are loving him back despite
8:11 am
his character being a stalker, murderer and straight up serial killer. one twitter fan asking badgley to kidnap me, please. badgley simply replying, no thanks. >> there are scary people in the world. >> i'm on to you. >> jealousy got theest of me. >> set in today's 24/7 hyperconnectedso ety, "you" taps into fears how vulnerable we can be, sharing our lives with the world. >> are you watching me? >> maybe. >> uh-oh,stalker. >> you don't seem creepy. >> you seemeike a n guy. >> just wait. >> can you believe this? wholes a show that had a life on lifetime. now it's on netflix and it's blown up. why do you think that is? >> i mean, that says a lot about the way youth consume media. it's like the internet is changing everything. >> it's changing stalking.
8:12 am
>> making it a lot easier. >> you come off, you start off the show seeming like a nice guy. we're not really on to you all the way. talk about the revolution of your character. >> it's interesting the way people are talking aut it because i don't feel it addictive because i have to be him. he's a pretty rehenceable guy. you start to discover his true motives early on. a guy whoabs c of stalking, murder, a lot of manipulation. so it's this really interesting thing whe you're seeing the trajectory of a soul of a man, and he's completely obsessive and compulsive and believing he's operating byog the of a true romantic. so i think what he does is he takes the tropes we've seen in romantic co mdies,ies and
8:13 am
shows i've been a part of, many of my colleagues and totally subverts them b actually following them closely and he omes to this terrifying conclusion. >> that's how he pulls it off, this scam. here is what's weird, people are starting to tweet you. you're a total soulless, psychopathic killer. >> in real life. >> on the show. people say penn badgley is sexy and joe is a whole new level. >> penn badgley is breaking my heart again as joe. you write back, he's a murderer. >> you're telling people, maybe you should find a n object of attention. >> that's disingenerous from my point. i don't see him as a portrayal of a real person. i see him as a representation of the part ofs that identifies,
8:14 am
the part us that is a troll, the part of us that is victim blaminha the part of us is privileged and blind. i think we're meant to identify th them i was doing that on twitter very tongue and cheek. i reached out to that woman, her name is novia. we were dming. >> what did she say? >> she's very intelligent, she's on the right track. >> viewers are having fun, too. >> ias having fun. they were having fun. i think what's funny is peoplem on the joe train and were trolling her. oh, wait, that's not what i intended at interesting. >> do you seek these kinds of roles out or do ty come t you? >> it's like i'm two f two in ten years, 12 years. i'm 32 now. do no.
8:15 am
they f me. >> is your wife like, why are we playing these roles again or does she get a kick out of it? >> it's both. she wanted me to take s. i like, i don't know if i can play this guy. she wanted me to take it. >> it makes you think about everything you put out there on social media and how someone c really get to knowou y terrifyi. >> it is. the whole point is that joe is not actually a mastermind. he's in some ways extremely average. >> he jus has an internet connection. >> yeah. >> penn badgley, lots of people are watching. congratulations on the show. "you" is streaming on netflix. we'll turn to al for a check he the start in the east, temperatures ll start to mod rate. we're looking at snow intensifyings this low pressure system mak its way out of the rockies. heavy rain making its way along the pacific northwest. that's what's going on
8:16 am
the country. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. cold sunshine in the's nati capital. u.s. capitol building downtown sitting in a chilly 17 degrees. windchill down to 4. you'lleed heaviest winter coat today. s will be less of a factor later in the day and eventually come around to the south. milder weather the next couple days. near 50 tomorrow, showers around late in the day. a rainy andild thursday morning and then temperatures falling thursday afternoon to the 30s. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> all is right with the world because maria is here with are ly interesting story in a mont. first dylan has "popstart." >> first up, anne hathaway, the actress sat down to talk about her new movie "serenity" but become open and candid when the
8:17 am
talk show host asked her why she quit drinking. >> i quit drinking in october. i'm going to stop drinking while my son is living in my house. i did one school run one day -- i wasn't i was hung over. that was enough for me. >> anothereason i don want kids. >> hathaway said jonathan is almost 2 years old and a lot of people can resonate making changes for your kids. in othernews, jillian anderson, best known for her breakoutole as age dana scully in the x files, she's looking to return to tv in a royally bigway. reports say that anderson is currently working on a deal in which she'dtr p former
8:18 am
british prime minister margaret thatcher in "the crown." the series has been renewed for season four ahead of season three's release. know olivia coleman is set to portray queen elizabeth ii. the release date for season three of "the crown" has not been announced. most dogs love ae good g of fetch. thestwo redreefrs were ready to chase after their tennis ball. once it was tossed, they took nof running and immediately determined how works. check out the determination. he keeps digging through. his buddy satack and let him do the heavy lifting. they might haveo wait until summer to find that ball. >> thank you, dylan.
8:19 am
before we start, we should mention this is a sensitive topic, might not be suitable fon r ears. have you ever had a warning like that. >> talking about sex after 50. >> and that's sensitive. many people think the older you get, the less sexual you become and that your sex life pretty much dies. e reality i older people are often having better sex than young people. don't believe it? keep watching. >> they're the generation behind the sexual revolution of t 60s and stees. for dirty talk on "grace and franky," to sex as advice -- >> wrapped myself up with saran wrap. >> no, youdidn't. >> yes i did. >>rs boome are changing our perception of sex. >> how would you describe sex for you. liberating. >> fun. >> reporter: we gathered this group of married couples and
8:20 am
divorced singles for an honest and eye opening chat about sex at 50 plus. with four grown sons, romy and john say they have more time for sex, but after 30 years of marriage keeping things h means getting creative. >> one thing i do is persona when i want to be in the mood, i put on the costume. she's called romet. she's sexy. she wld put on an outfit she would not normally put on. >> takes requests, too. and liz couple chris say they have an active sex life even though they no longer have sex at all. >> i think of sex being two different things.e s the wrestling and contortions and things. the other is holding hands when you're together, cudding under the quilt. >> do you y considerrselves to be in a sexless marriage? >> no. we touch constantly.
8:21 am
>> we still sleep in the nude. we lhee feel of each other. sex isn't so much the act as your intimacy, your trust with each other. >> boomers are redefining sex when you're single,too. mark says many of the post menopausal women he meets online are raring to go even faster than he is. >> sexually, w they'ting action, you find them wanting action quick. >> feel the second date they're checking what's the compatibility. i'm thinking, well, we like the same movies. and they're thinking, how is this going to orhappen. >> rr: in fact, among singles over 50, most desire sex ateast seven times a month. 45% are open to friends with nefits relationships and boomers are one of the fastest growing dem in online dating. >> talking to sites like our time, a dating app for older
8:22 am
singles. >> our expiration date doesn't expire when you turn 50. >> she gave this singl girl me tips in dating profile etiquette. number one, your photos are worth a thousand words. juli says don't post misleading, younger pics of yourself or group shots. >> who in the top photo to show up on the date? d potentiae want know exactly who i am. >> reporter: instead post photos doing activities you love. that leads to tip number two. focus on the positive. you said your profile is the beston ver of you and you're saying this is the worst version. i don't like cping or road trips. >> i call this my negative fancy profile. people want to see a positive upbeat person. >> julie picked out m pics. >> i love this i photo becau
8:23 am
is the full body shot photo. it shows you care about beingapn and you're not afraid to show all of you. >> she helps me sck to tip number three, keep your wish list short and sweet. >> time to pick out your profilo and talk who you're looking for. >> what am i lking for? i think probably what everybody is looking for, kind, fun, funny, smart person. i told that to my brother the other day he said, jesus, maria, that's so much. >> ie think peo may surmise by watching the end of that piece -- >> i was the example so they would know what to do. i learnedtohat p i use on my website, that i'm actually looking into people's eyes when had no idea. >> that's a good thing,right? >> right. >> i did find this inspiring. boomers a continuing to break models all over the place.
8:24 am
they're actually having a lot more sex and they're much more creative and much more inspiring than i think younger people are who have younger toddlers who are having no wasex. >> i interesting to hear that couple talk about their definition of sex.ho >> iht that was super inspiring. people are saying it's a big subject, it can be emotional, spiritual, physical. >> maybe romance is a better word for it. >> the new definition of sex, romance, intimacy. i think that couple was superir ing and interesting. when the interview was over, everyo w got up andt over and talked to them. i want to be like you, how did you do that? how do you work that out? what does connection mean? >> it makes sense. you're older, more confident, at peace. don't have kids hanging on to your knees. >> you'reetting more sleep. that's what's interesting. the young people are the ones really struggling. >> wow.
8:25 am
>> thereou go. >> you're allsuffering. >> so mean. >> just a wkend in the bahamas with the wife. >> the cayman islands. >> a candid new inside look at the disastrous fyre festival. >> plus a look at this year's oscarti nomis, all coming up after your local weather.
8:26 am
good morning. it's tuesday, january 22nd i'm molette green. following a very bad crash in montgomery county. let's get right to melissa mollet in first four traffic. >> chopper 4 on the way right now. plwe'll be there in a c minutes. here is what we know at this point. 27 shut down both wrs n brown church road. this is an investigation. again, lanes shut down for this serious crash. capitol heights, one lane getting by a crash there. inbound 66 in fairfax after 50, right lane is blocked. this just in. carroll county schools are closed now. many schools areau delayed b of this very cold weather and those schools areli scr at
8:27 am
the bottom of your screen and posted in our nbc washington app. we'll get to the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:28 am
temperatures are in the mid teens as you step out the door this morning. bundleup. 's going to be a cold day
8:29 am
today, but not quite as bad as yesterday. r heavy rain comes in early thursday before more cold follows that into the weekend.
8:30 am
welcome back, hi welcome back.n 8:30 o 24 tuesday morning, january 22. it was so cold -- >> how cold was it? we broughto cold everybody inside. >> yes, we did. about 16 degrees outside. look at you guys. thank you for coming in. we should mention savannah has to leave a little early. sometimes people say i was going to wake up for the "today" show but i slept in. >> we're still going to do our crowd moment. >> we've got a crowd moment.
8:31 am
mary ann, where are you? bring your people up. how are you? >> good and you. >> what brings you to new york? >> aubrey's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> put your hat on. i want folks to see this. >> this is unmistakable. >> what happened in 1996, mary ann. >> hoda gave t commencement address at my communication studies graduation and handed me my diploma. >> what's your name? >> mary ann bowman. should we do a little hokey, hokey. >> houck key, houck key, houck key high, tech, tech, vpi. >> do you remember what she said in '96. >> really just keep pursuing your shdreams. told us how she keptpu uing everything and didn't take no for an answer. >> i thought everyone was
8:32 am
hungover, you never expect anyone remembers. thank you for coming. happy birthday, 'saubrey. >> soing to the american girl store. is.of course she >> how come you got fogorn leg horn? >> coming up, snubs andse surp breaking down the oscarhi nominations morning with the best guy to do that. >> the only guy in america who has seen every movie. >> also, the cold weather comes for comfort food. this chef knows a lot about that. he'llre s recipes for his grandmother's ravioliis and a to warm up your family inside and out. pop star christina perry is in the artt lounge with a new take on her hit song "a thousand years." >> before all this, mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> i say, i say, come on over and show you what we've got. frigid start in the east.
8:33 am
the next storm comingcross the east, through the rockies, making its way into the uer ains and upper midwest. south of it, heavy rain. another big storm into t cific northwest. today we're looking at plenty of sunshine along the west coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. frigid and cold sunshine this washington. current temperatures still below 20 degrees with a windchill of plus 4. a very cold start to the mornin m only 10 intgomery county, 14 in fredricksburg and 14 in clinton, ghmaryland. today around 34 degrees. the good news is the sun will be out. the bad muse is it won't stick around for long. skies mostly cloudy tomorrow with showers late in the day. could be heavy rain early on thursday morning. now to the d shining a new light on the infamous fyre music festival. >> the 2017 event was billed as a luxurious party in the bahamas
8:34 am
with top music acts. i it turneo a debacle that landed its main promote in jail. gadi schwartz has more. >> reporter: thefyre festival was an epic fail, customers scammed out of a lot of money. two documentaries are showingw t all happened. the fyre festival wastoupposed be a dream vacation, luxury accommodations, meals prepared by celebrity chefs and top music acts. customers shelled out big money showed upn the spring of 2017, they found tents with wettt sses, cheese sandwiches and canceled concerts. >> a lot of people thought maybe we're psing through this area. it was theus driver who said, oh, no, that's where you're aystg. it was like, oh, my god! >> people were freaking out. no one had their room. no one knew where their bags
8:35 am
we. >> two documentaries set out to show how it promoted. promoter billy mcfar land is s servin years in prison for destrauding investors and customers out of $26 million. he appeared unapologetic. >> what were you indicted for? >> i'm not going to comment on any onng criminal proceedings. >> the cultural experience of the decade. >> his partner has been named in a class action lawsuit but norg criminal c filed against him. he granted nobody died, but we did lie to public about what we were giving them. that's fraud. >> that's not fraud. that's not fraud. thats -- i'll call that false advertising. >> months of planning went into bthe festivalut the
8:36 am
documentary says most of it went to hyped up marketing aimed at millennials. >> a pipe dream. [ bleep ]. >> social media influencers paid big money to promote it. >> kendall jenner was paid $250,000 just for that one posen >> reporter: local workers and business owners recruited to help complain they wereever paid. one bohemian restaurant says she was stiffed by the organizers. >> i had ten people working with me preparing food all day and hll night. i went thro about $50,000 of my savings. >> no a gofundme page is created to help the restaurant owner get back on herfeet. ja rule posted my heart goes out to thislady, i'm devastated something meant to be amazing turntd out to be such a disaster
8:37 am
for so many people. >> reporter: in that same instagram post, ja ruleay has denied all -- claims mcfarland hijacked his vision and used his name. >> you know the woman athe restaurant. >> that's horrible. >> the documentary is fascinating. realize how social media just kind of -- this thing just spiraled out of just ahead, cooking andmf cot. recipes for the alternate week night to warm you up on a day like is. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back with "today food." the kitchen is heating up. this morning we have the perfect dish for a cozy winter night.
8:40 am
chef andrew just opened up san morelo. great to have you. if thank you. >> bea italian restaurant just opening now. excited to be in detroit. this time of year, it's cold. we're cooking italian food, super comfort. >> what's going to be the must-have item on the menu? >> well,e're making a lamb ank today. that's on the menu. especially sunday, the time to make stuff like this where you have time to do this. the lamb shank here -- >> hoda kotb is not messing around with it. >> we're digging in. so good. >> what do we start th? which ave the lamb shank is the hind shanks of the lamb. this is about flavor and flavor building. it's about onions and sell rhee and tomato paste and bay leaf and citrus. we call lamb alsobuco.
8:41 am
it's got sit prus side, lemon peel, orange peel. it starts witht. searing the m just like vegetables have sugar, it has sugar inside.yo want to caramelize that and get the brown bits in the sauce to build up the sauce. >> you say you have to season these in advance. >> with salt and pepper, it's a little bit in the beginning and then a little b while you're cooking. at the end you put a little more salt and pepper. don't just season at the end. >> if i don't have a lamb shank, what can i swap it out for? >> short rip, lamb stew meat works good if you can't find the shanks again, you have the celery, onions, all that kind of goo stuff. it's about building the flavor. >> garlic? >> the garlic is not like sliced garlic you putn pasta and it
8:42 am
gets burnt. you want to make sure this gets nice a caramelized. that's the shug gan inside the vegetables, very super >> how long do we seer ts thing? >> roasted, like a good roasted steak. put tomato paste inside. again, sugar inside tomatoes. you want to build that a little bit. pet your herbs in there, the, rosemary, fresh bay af, a little fennel seed. mr. roker, what's theic ve >> this is unbelievabl this ti >> citrus, white wine, a little fresh orange juice. >>ng ojuice. you deglaze -- the wine i've heard but the orange juice. >> layer in those flairs. you have the orange peel in there. a little orange juice inside. that's goi to make it super delicious. cover that with chicken stock. put it insid the oven.
8:43 am
>> i want to make sure we geto your grandmother's raviolive here. i'm familiar with grits. when i moved to nyork, everyone is eating palenta. >> this is l oe mac and cheese. it's basically cornmeal cooked a long time. finish with parmesan cleez and butter so it gets creamy. >> could you use stone ground grits? >> you co hd. probablyave to cook them a little longer. my uncle, he makes itth really k and puts it right on the table from the pot. so you can almost cutt a little bit. that's my favorite thing on earth, a great bowl of polenta. >> the ravioli, is this your grandmother's recipe? >> if my grandmother had a team
8:44 am
of professional pasta makers, it's an ode to that sunday meal. a little pork, veal and fresh tomato sauce. >> and the gravy? >> this is what this looks like at thed. lamb shanks that have been in the oven. that sauce getsal , really juicy and kind of shiny a little bit. there's all that natural gelatin from the meat inside which is the good stuff. >> it's a pretty dish. >> i've got try it. >> get in there. >> chef andrew, con gratd lagstion on the new restaurant. >> thank very much. >> next time you're in detroit, check it out. for recipes, up next, dave carter in the use breaking dow this morning's oscar nominations. first this is "today" on nbc. er hit's a long-distance journey, psoriasis is not always easy. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record
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wbut did you know you could be saving even more?. with the tjx rewards credit card - every time you shop at our stores, you earn 5% back in rewards. tjx rewards credit card. an even better value every day.
8:47 am
we ark on a very big morning out in hollywood. ominations for the 91st annual academy awards just decided. >> to break itown for us correspondent dave carter, literally announced a couples minuago. you've got them all? >> yes. >> actor in a supporting role. >> i'm happy for sam elliot for "a star is born." i was thrilled he got nominated. he's been around for so long, never nominated before. sam rockwell who plays george w. bush in "vice," adam driver. >> john david washington not nominated? >> efs up for lead actor, but not nominated. >> amyms a from "vice" nominated six times and never won. could this be her time? possibly. two ofhe ladies which got the
8:48 am
most, rachel vice anda e stone. the surpris here is marina de tavira. >> can you talkbout "the favorite," some people are like, what is it? >> a great costume comedy with emma stone, rachel weisz. it's a delicious, fun,out rage ous, beautiful to look at movie with fantastic performances top to bottom. >> actor in a leading role. >> bradley cooper got nominated. he got three nominations today or producing, writing and acting in "a star is born." >> he got shut out at the globes. >> yes, three nomination, not bad. if there's a surprise, maybe william defoe. he took the spot from john david washington. i'm sad.e >> who is favorite in that category? >> christian bale for "vice,"
8:49 am
that movie got eight nominations. the academy loves it. >> actress in a leading role. you have glenn close who will win if finally her seventhna noon for "the wife." lady gaga got named for songnd tress. olivia coleman, melissa mrthy and so happy, yalitza aparicio, a preschool teacher from mexico. her performance will slay you. >> you know how the groebs are a precursor for the oscars. >> sometimes. there's no overlap between the golden globe voters and oscar >> netflix had a big morning. >> did very well. >> let's get to directing. >> the big news l here isk who is not there. it's bradley cooper. a lot of people thinking he
8:50 am
would get four nominations for a star is d they nominated pablo for "cold war." spike lee got nominated. >> first nomination, hard to believe. >> first time he's eve gotten this nomination. he's deserved it many, many times i. the past >> looks like every time you look up, there's "the favorite" again. >> best picture? >> eight nominees. if i were to guess the eight, this probably would have been the eight. a loof people will be happy that "black panther" is in there, seven nominations overall. what you're looking at here in comparison to pastyears, movies that people have actually seen. "a star is born" and bohemian rhapsody. if you were talking about snubs, i can't remember whas not nominated. anything standing out? >> i think bradleyr coope not
8:51 am
getting best director. kind of when ben affleck didn't get nominated for "ar go." "if beale strt could talk," didn't get it. it was nominated for regina king for actress. >> the first superheroovie nominated for best picture. >> ever. >> let's get t song. >> lady gaga versus kendrick black panther versus a star is born. it's going to be lady gaga. >> i think glenn close will win best actress. t lady gaga will walk away with an oscar. >> the other people in the running. >> diane warren nominated ten times and got name nominated
8:52 am
from the ruth baderg ginsb movie. leading ory of "roma," the way. if it wins best picture, which e could. irst foreign language film ever to win best picture. it's on netflix. see this movie. >> you know what's also impressive, dave carter's ability to process the information so quickly. literally came in fou or five minutes ago. >> again, the oscars will be handed out this sunday, february 24th. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
ifou're loo if you're looking for more reat stoes head ove to allday. we'll dive into the latest
8:55 am
debate dividingtehe et. what is the right way do draw an x? that's the diagram that everybody is talking out. i'm dfgefinitely nber ven. actor luke benward is opening up about his breakthrough role in "dumpling" why theatilm res with fans. that's all coming up on >> also coming up in the third hour, we'll meet a mother ofwo whoays she has more than nine identities. how she balances her disorder lswhile she's raising a family. coming up at 10:00 miss maria shriver -- coming up on the third hour we're going to have reaction from some of the nominees. i believe spike lee is going to be calling in. >> roker's got contacts.
8:56 am
he's got connections. first your local news. >> roker has everybody on speed dial. 8:56 is your time othis tuesday, january 22nd, 2019. good morning. i'm eun this just into our newsroom. due to a heating outage, glenn ar dense elementary school in rince george's county is closed. glenarden woods elementary school is closed. a bad crash in moving
8:57 am
county. >> thi is mt. airy, 27 and brown church road shut down. chopper 4 sho that view from above. outer loop bore kenilworth is blocked because of a disabled ve cle. >> melissa, thank you. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning everybody. unmperatures in the teens to only a20 degrees now. headed for a high today near 34 degrees. that's a lot warmer than yesterday for sure. tomorrow, up to near 50 with rain showers. mild thursday morning with heavy rain. turning colder and drier for the weekend. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
9:00 am
to help the world keep advancing. from news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and goodmorning, everybody, i'm al. we've got dylan, craig and sheinelle. a number of us had martin ther king day off. >> we got that nice vacation. >> not athitable. >> one of us. >> you're like a teddy bear today. >> . >> it's s soft and like cozy. like you dressed for the weather. >> this could take -- >> where'd you go? >> went to the cayman islands. i wish i was back there right now. given this weather. it wasalled the cayman cookout with eric ra pair at the ritz


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