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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 23, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EST

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potential for some rain. >> all right. it's a tradeoff. w.t.o.p. jack taylor is standing by with a check on your commute, but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the rain is back, chuck. >> the best things in life are free, eun, just so you know. >> okay. >> it is indeed less cold this morning. temperatures are hovering around th freezingmark. so it's not like it's balmy or anything. south winds have wind chills in the mid 20s, though. tracking a chance for few showers rolling in this evening, but the real concern that we're focusseder on are strong winds moving in tonight and heavy rains will affect your thursday morning. right now temperature 32 in fairfax. 33 in springfield, virginia. 35 in bever beach. 32 in colombia, maryland. school day forecast then for today, it will be cold. it will be cloudy here for the morning hours. we might get a little sun first thing, but mostly afternoon. temperatures in the 40s for most of the day. we'll rise into the 50s after the sun goes down tonight.
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today's high will happen just before midnight. and i'll be tweeting out more about the impacts of tomorrow's big storm comin up. so follow me on chuck bell 4 on twitter and also find me on instagram at forecast 4 you. jack taylor, we'll be bracing for impact tomorrow. what do you got for us toda >> it's going to be tough. chopper 4 is over the north wund baltimorhington parkway up near 197 as we're used to the big potholes opened up again. couple vehicles with flat tires on the shoulders. unfortunately there's damage being done. you'll also find inbound new york avenue before florida avenue right lane is blocked off. d. dot is thute. 50 at the bay bridge we are dealing with wind warnings. no vehiclehi restrictions yet morning. that will change as chuck has been talking about in the forecast for tomorrow. hearing o new crash out of springfield on the inner loop of the beltway up towards bradock road. chopper 4 will head to the scene. hopefully it will be out of the road quickly before you get on the road. aaron, eun,ack to you. >> jack, thank you.
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new details about the standoff at nova fairfax hospital. police tell us one person has died. officers were called just before 9 last night for a report of a man with a gun. police say that man was a a-year-old patient who was armed holed up in a hospital room. officers tried negotiating with him, but he refusedo come out. a s.w.a.t. team was eventually called in,at but theient shot himself and died. his nameas not been released. no one else was hurt. today, marks day 33 of the partial government shutdown. and as month two of the shutdown payves, so does a secon period with no paycheck for 800,000 federalorkers who a furloughed. >> that means the financial pressure is growing on fa mlies as thee hard choices about what to give up and what to pay. so far, workers have missed out on $5.7 billion in salary. th n does include contractors. ois comes to about $7,600 per furloughed employe roughly 8% of their annual salaries.
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president trump has signed a bill that guarantees back pay for furloughed workers once the government reopens. all eyes on congress and the white house in hopes they'll soon reach a deal. the senate is expected to vote on two competing bills tomorrow. the president's plan allows undocumented immigrants including dreamers to stay in the u.s. for three years. the plan also includes funding for the border wall. the second bill proposed by democrats is a short-termen ng bill that would reopen the government until february 8th. it does not include money for a wall. whmee, president trump's still plans to deliver his state of the union speech next week to a joint session of congress. that despite letters from house speaker nancy pelosi requesting he delay the speech because of the shutdown. the white house has requested a walk-through in anticipation of the january 29th address. as lawmakers debate proposals to reopen the government, financial pressure is mounting for federal workers. so are forced to make heart breaking>>choices. or one maryland woman, 33 days without a paycheck is
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forcing her to choose between her life or her family's home. she has stage 2 cancer. she has worked for the vernment for 11 years. her husband is a postal worker, but as another friday without a check inches closer, she has to decide whether to continue her chemo treatments or pay her rent. >> case scenario, we lose our home. i'll be evicted. and i'll he to go stay with friends or family or mething. that's worst case. and that's next month. can't negotiate with my chemo. that has tohappen. so it's chemo or the rent. wins. >> she says her da hhter's scho been kind enough to let the family delay paying certain fees so they can focus on her healthcare. >> just terrible that families are facing these sorts of decisions. >> s choice to have to make. there is help available for some during the shutdown, though. volunteers have been stepping up to try to help since thewn 33 days ago >> it continues today.
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news 4 justin finch is live in alexandria with details. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. alexandria city public schools are looking for some extra help these days and encouraging apply.hed workers to come take a look here. the details now on your screen. they're holding a job fair this evening from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. looking fornd tutors substitute teachers here for the county -- for the city schoo re. it's being held at george washington middle school here at 1005 mount vernon avenue. also a noon brunch to tell you about as well furloughed workers lled the furloughed workers appreciation brunch a bible study and a b that's being held by the city of praise family ministries at 8501 jerricho city drive. if you missed eher of those pages there we just showed you, i have links to them on myr twit and facebook page as well. something to try to help out furloughed workersnd their families in these tough times. back into you. >> justin, thank you.
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we are uhating our app w resources for federal workers everyday. yo can check t nbc washington app to find out where you can get help and where you can give help. just search shutdown.ow it's 6:06. the weather is taking its toll on our streets. and that is pretty evident here in northwest d.c. look at that. we've been telling you about this issue since yesterday and all morning long. a major sinkhole has opened up at theintersection of 17th and d streets. that's near d.a.r. constitution hall. thiss already causingtrraffic oubles in the area as you can eimagine and you shoulect more of the same today. now look at the beating on the memorial bridge. drivers havng been dod potholes there, after news 4 report, to show up to fix those potholes yesterday. gi f temperatures froze a sprinkler system in a montgomery county scho. it won't keep kids out of the classroom today, though. the frozen system turned into this mess, busted pipes that sent water all through parts of
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wheaten high school and that black-lookin water over there is not sewage but sediment that was building up in the s system. crews were brought in to clean up classrooms and hallway. the school says the air quality hs also tested. no probleme been reported. so sorry, kids, you have to get up and go to school on time. 6:07 right now. this morning a teen is bbrecovering after being s inside a d.c. public charter school. this happened in aathroom at e.l.-haynes yesterday morning. theictim is 15 years old. police arrested a 17-year-old. students we spoke with tell us they were scared and confused. >> t uy just put on lockdown for two hours. no idea what was going on. people were scared. oh, i don't know what to do. >> o letters wen to parents after that stabbing. the letter reads in part, we take the safety ofur students very seriously. we are saddened by this event, and w know thi singular incident is not reflective of our community and o values. this morning, a young man is facing charges for stabbing his father to death in prince
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georges county. police say david flores jr. killed his father at their home in beltsvndle. on , when officers arrived at that house on cedar lane, they foundr. flores s with stab wounds. hospital.t the we're told his son admitted to the crime. no word, though, on a motive. a measure to imdealize fair evasion on metro is one step closer to becoming law. c d.c.ncil voted for the first time to override a veto from mayor muriel bowser. under the new law, if you're caught, you will still pay a $50 fine. however, you will not face jail time and a criminal charge. pporters of decriminalization say stiffer punishment unfairly targets people. major bouzer sided with metro saying they lose between 25 and $50 million a year from fair the bill must now go through a congressional review before be>>ming law. > the arlington county police department has decided that body cameras are too expensiv
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the department opted not to use the cameras after a pilot program vereed the cost would be roughly 00$300 a year. "the washington post" reports that smaller police departments across the country have decided they c afford the programs. they're too expensive to store t and managehe footage. in a statement to news 4 arlington police officials ne expl the challenge is not purchasing the technology. they wrote, quote, it's implementing the program which requires upgrades to existing infrastructure and the need to hire additional staff to support it. >>ti some dra video this morning of a car crushed from both ends in a violence crash iy peania. take a look. this happened yesterday morning about 25 miles south of harrisburg. a box truck rear ended a sller purple car which then rammed it underneath an suv. the truck lriverer said she had choked on some coffee while driving, o blacked and doesn't remember crashing. no one involved in the accident
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was seriously hurt, which isli hard to e looking at the condition of that little car. well,s united airline is reviewing one of its flights that dozens of passengers are calling a nightmare. passengers on board a united flht from newark to hong kong last weekend ended up in goose bay and they were trapped on the tarmac for more than 12 hours. the flight was diverted for a medical emergency, but once on the ground in frigid can a a door froze. crews could n get it shut and canadian customs wasn' staffed, leaving passenger stuck on board. >> frustrated. there was anun immenset of cabin fever. >> a replacement planeal eventu took the passengers back to newark. they didn't make it to hong kong, almost 24ours after they first took off. united says passengers were given reimbursement,co ensation, hotels and meals. but theyer will n get the 12 hours of their life back. >> the inconvenience level on
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thats just amazing. wow. 6:10 now. teis morning the kentucky teen at the c of that viral confrontation is doubling down on his claim did nothing wrong. >> you've seen the video by this point. nicholas sandmann staring down nathan phillips last week. we're hearing fromicholas in an exclusive interview this morning. >> do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology? do you see your own fault in any r y? >> as standing there, i had everyight to do so. my position is that i was not disrespectful to phillips. i respect him. i would like to talk tohim. i mean, in hindsight, i wish we could have walked aw and avoided the whole thing. >> you can see more of savannah interviewexclusive later on this morning on
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"today." watch that right after news 4 toda at 7:00 a.m. > still ahead this morning, the research has been done and many agree social m uia can lead to depression among teens. >> that is especially truemeor young coming up how to fight the trend and help your child stay healthy. chuck, how about our weather? it> all right. kind of on the quiet side here this morning. it will be breezy. heavy rain c more about that coming up in a few minute. i'll show youuture weather in the whole five-day forecast. think about planning the weekend out, i have good news, it should be dry most of the weekend. little on the cold size side for saturday. we'll talk more about the big wind and rain threat tomorrow morning in a fewinutes. all right. we are in the kitchen baking pies. i got my hands all in. it's national pie day and something sweet coming up for furloughed federal workers. we'll talk to the owner,nd we'll talk to the owner,nd we're a b
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news 4 today. welcome back. it's 6:15. there's l apparently ak between excessive social media use and depression among teens. researchers from the uk say while apps can be a helpful tool to conne with their friends, too much time on social media can come with downsides. the connection is much stronger for girls than boys. many teens spend nearly five hours a dayed to their phones. experts say those teens showed a 35% increase in depressive sympto among bo a. an 50% increase among girls. the study says a lack of sleep due to social media could also play a role in depressive symptoms. experts recommend setting a charging station in your home so that cell phones are not charged in the bedroom, which can also lead to distractions. 6:15 your time right now. break out the rolng pins. it is national pie day. >> molette green is rolling up
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her sleeves at mom'spple pie shop in prince william county to celebrate this special day. in my ok, everyda can be pie day, molette. >> national pie day. who thght it. we are in the bake shop right here at mom's apple pie shop. the mayor has joined us and jumped right in with a fork into that apple pie that we tasted earlier. delicious. we've got everybody from the ke shop in here from the pie shop. we have debby, the owner, avis, he her son tyson all in on baking this pie and felix over here working on the apple ere. yum yum. okay. so avis, talk to us about national pie da everyday of the year is pie day for you. >> everyday is pie day for us, but januard is a good day to have a recelebration, if you will. you're done with the holidays. it l been atle dull drum in the beginning of januar y hereou are again ready to celebrate the best of e best, which is pie. >> so you have all the fixes .laid out here
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tyson is lea wngh the crust. this is the crumb topping. we're going to make, what? what are we making here? >> we have got apple and strawberry rhubarb. the strawberries from our farm last spring, too. >> avis,alk to us abouthe sweetness that you're thinking of furloughed federal workers on this day as we enter int another day of a lot of folks ng paid. >> we would like to offer a sweet deal to the furloughed workers. a lot of them are our customers. a lot of ts particular area is workers, f furloughed which is -- it's upsetting. but we are happy to have the first five furloughed workers that come in, please come in, pick outhe pie of your choice to take home on national pie day and weheope it's beginning of the end. right? >> the beginning of the end. >> that's what wewant. >> all right. oh my goodness. and it is delicious. okay. we got apl sg of that apple before the mayor jumped in on
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it. so we're going to b back later on in the hour with more for federal furloughed workers on news 4 today. stay with us. keep on moving. >> yeah. >> nice to see they're doing something for the federal workers who are being impacted by the shutdown. that pie looks delicious for sure. >> molette, >>thanks. let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell and talk about what to expect from the weather today. >> did someone say pie? >> i hope so. >> i'm reallyraving it now. >> do we get a piece of pie? what do we need to know about the next couple days.n chances for r showers rolling on later on in the day today. tomorrow it's all about the wind and the rain. both in abundance tomorrow. then go back to cold sunshine for friday and cold weather hangs around into the weekend. your wednesday, though, getting off to nots bitter cold of a start. 34 for a tempeture but 24 for the wind chill this morning. winds out of the south averaging 15 miles per hour so even though temperatures are
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indeed warmer than we've been, wind chills, which is what you really need to prepare for are in the mid 20s this yomorning. need your warm coat. planning out your day today. or most loudy but dry of the daylight hours. sun is down just after 5:00 p.m. i think they'llill b a few showers arriving between 5 and temperatures today in the 40s all day. we're likely to jump into the mid 50s just before midnight tonight. and be in the 50s when we start off tomorrowmorning. down load our nbc washington a f and and follow me on social media there. more details on what could be a very busy weather day toarrrow. r shows not much going on around here this morning. has already atch been issued for late tonight through tomorrow. one to maybe locally as much as two inches of rain. and winds could be gusting over 50 miles per hour. here is the way future weath handles it all through the day today clouds on the increase. tle chance for some showers rolling in during the evening. no heavy rain until probably cle to midnight tonight. then, by early tomorrow morning,
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here is 7:00 a.m. at is a powerful cold front coming on to the i-95 corrido justbout this time tomorrow morning. so, wind andai driving for sure. i promise you, the thursday morning commute will take a lot longer. set your alarm earlier before you go to b tonight. that heavy rain pushes on out of wee area. rain tapers to s that will continue through about the noon hours. and hopefully by mid to afternoon tomorrow the rain will be gone. it will be a gusty northwest wind behind the front, a whole lot going on for tomorrow. here is our five-day forecast then. for today, rising temperatures with thickening clouds and showers this evening. heav rain and strong winds tonight into the morning commute tomorrow. fall from theil mid to upper 50s, probably before the sun is even up tomorrow into the mid 30s by later on in the day. then chilly but drier wther stays around for friday, saturday and sunday. i'll give you the whole ten-day mutlook in the next half hour. let's hear f jack taylor now. >> hey, chuck.
6:21 am
thank you. we have chopper 4 headed to virginia inner loop crorh. just b you get to bradock road. only two left lanes getting by and causing early and abrupt slowdown, unusual at this hour with vume pretty light. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway just after route 100, accident activity st got moved over safely to theight shoulder. you see the red line caused a delay. hopefully that will ease prettyl qu inbound on new york avenue before you get to the lights of florida avenue through that stastch of nort had a crash blocking the right lane causing a bit of delay inbound. d. dot is there and nhopefully ove it on to the florida avenue before you hit the roadway. roadway. 6:
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>> announcer you're watching wws 4 today. come back it's 6:24. if your new year's resolution cise, you knowex that sometimes music can help you push through those hard workouts, motivate you to get moving. >> yeah. equall important, though, t headphones you're using during that workout. our consumer reporter hogan is working for you with some tips to find the right t headphones f gym. >> for working out, i prefer wired headphones. >> i don't mind if there's a wire or not a wire. >> o fell o and broke on the concrete. >> i'm not a huge fan of the over ear big >> reporter: everyone has a preference when it comes to headphones for working out.
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consumer repor should know. they test dozens of models each year for sound quality, features, comfort and fit. >> that's especially important, the fit factor. f when you're o a run or at the gym, you don't want to find out 20 minutes into your workout that you're getting pain in your ears. >> reporter: if you can, try on headphones to see h they fit before you buy them. more and more consumers are choothng wireless blue t models. >> a lot of headphones that are marketed as wireless still actually have a cable or cord that connects the two ear pieces. but there are some which are called true wireless headphones. true wireless headphones don't have aab cord or a connecting the two ear pieces, which gives you even more flexibility. >> reporter: the downside to true wireless headphones is they typically have a shorter battery life and they'reie e to lose when it comes to buying headphones, consider the type of exercise you mayse them for. >> if you're going to run outside, some noise canceling headphones are adjustable so you can let in more or less sound from your environment. >> if you want a pair io take
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the pool, consumer reports recommendations this 90 dollar pair from jbl. they're designed for swimming and have dependable sound ality. if you work out at a gym but you don't really like the music that they play, these $90 headphones from sony received very good scores from consumer reports for noise canceling and sound quality. >> now, if you do wear headphones while you're outside running or walking, make sure that you keep the volume down low so you can hear all of the noise around you. we of course want you to stay safe. back to you. o >> somthe higher rated ones are more expensive. 6:26 now. finding a prime parking space is about toost you more. the d.c. neighborhood where leaving your car will cost you nearly $7 an. ho plus, roving robots. self-driving delivery robotsar rive in our area. a look at how they work and where you can find them. chuck? all right. look at this cute little girl right here. this is bryn, has a paint job like a black and white cookie.
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available for adoption and be added to your family through humane rescuece alli chilly this morning, cloudy all
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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. it is 6:30. welcome back as we take a live loside on this wednesday morning. the capitol wheel in the distance. the good news is yo won't need as many layers. >> oh. >> as you get dressed today. still asome, but not many. you will also need to grab the umbrella becse rain is moving in. >> not just a little rain, drenching, pouring rain. >> a lot of rain is coming our way. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we will check in with chuck bell and update you on yr commute th wtop jack taylor in your first 4 traffic. how much rain are we talking about, chuck? >> an inch or more of rain and the worst of it, the heaviest of the rain and the strongest of e winds will be here about this time tomorrow morning. so, a low impact weather day today. highimpact weather day coming up for tomorrow. four things you need to kw about t forecast, it is indeed nowhere near as cold this morning as it's been the last few mornings. last couple days, everybody was in the teens.
6:31 am
we're in the 30s thimorning. tracking a chance for showers by the evening, but it's the strong winds and the heavy rains that arrive tonight into tomorrow morning that have all of the weather headlines. 37 now in front royal. 31 inclinton, maryland. 32 in gaithersburg. when you factor in the even though it's a south wind, it still causes a wind chill. winds chire in the mid 20s for most areas this morning. as you hit the road today, you won't need the wipers after 5 or 6:00 p.m. temperatures will ben the 40s all day. then climb into the 50s late tonight and into earlyto rrow. we could be near 60 with heavy rain and gusts of wind near 50 thursday hour for your morning commute. i'll show you a future weather coming up in just a bit with more about that, but for now, let's find out about thesd th commute from jack. >> hey, chuck, thank you. we'll sta chopper over our beltway crash on the inner loop comingut of the springfield interchange. two lanes safely to the left have been getting by. the express lanes were unaffected. authorities trying to give you back potentially more lanes but
6:32 am
for now a delay that's built back into solid out of the springfield interchange. couple problems on the topside of the beltway outer loop after new hampshire avenue a crashg alhe right side of the roadway and outer loop before georgiavenue a crash reported along the left side of the roadway. do use caution. metro early this morning the blue line trains are single trking between fnconia and van doran. back into you. >> thau. 6:32 right now as day 33 of the government shutdown begins thousands of federal employees are preparing for another friday without a. payche >> for the past month, we've heard heart breaking stories act families having to choose between putting gas in the car or food on the table. parents who were making a good wage are now forced to shop at food banks dr takeations to keep the lights on. meanwhile, congress doesn't seem any cloder to a . the senate is expected to vote on two competing bills tomorrow. neither has a chancef passing. coming up, we'll have team coverage of the fesources for
6:33 am
ral workers and what the president wants to do even though the shutdown continues. your morning commute should be a little smoother if you travel emorial bridge. it is one of many areasby affecd all of the snow and ice resulting in massive potholes. news 4 nicole jacobs is driving the bridge for us this morning. she tas s on the work we'll see today. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. a couple of days ago onia mem bridge it was packed with potholes, but now today it's a bit of an improvement. let's look here, the national park services sen o crews yesterday and they have patched up the holes. massive holes, chunks of asphalt covered yesterday those crews came outeste the partial government shutdown. our cameras captured drivers spilling over into lanes on oncoming traffic to avoid holes that were down to the rebar in previous days.h but of that has been fixed.
6:34 am
park services hado restock their ready made asphalt in order to patch up the work. i should add there are a few more areas on the road that doo need be filled, but don't worry at all. the park services are sending another crew down at some point today. back to you. >> nicole jacobs for us on the ad. nicole, thanks. it's 6:34 now this morningn in northirginia communities are coming together after a terrible crash killed a warr county high school cheerleader. she was throwfrom an suv when it crashed in maryland on sunday. the 15-year-old was on her way to a cheering competition in delaware. the crash l three other cheerleaders hurt. new details this morning on the two saudi sisters from virginia found dead in the hudson river in new york last . ye now the medical examiner says the 23-year-old and 16r-old sisters died s bteyrs travelled from a shelter in
6:35 am
virginia to new york last fall. this believe the srs duct taped themselves togetherefore going into the river. detectives say the two were desperate not to return to saudi arabia. >> new this morning, a judge is giving lawyers more time to put gether an insanity defense for the man accused of killing five peoplet the capitol gazette newspaper this morning. jerome ramos was indicted on 23 counts including murder. yesterday in court, extended the deadline a judge extended the deadline forinsanity plea in the case. meaning ramos could serve out his sentence in a mental health facility rather than prison. s poli ramos held a grudge since 2011 when the paper publishedbo an articut a 2011 harassment .convicti in other top stories, 6:35, say a teen's mother convinced him to turn himself in after seeing this video on then . we're told that this is 16-year-old andrews and 17-year-old heartridge, attacking a dog walker.
6:36 am
teensigators say the two nere behind two other attacks in the shaw hborhood. they're both being charged as adults. singer chris brown is out ot jail a being accused of rape in paris. brown and two others wer arrested yesterday on suspicion of aggravated rape and a drug offense after a woman filed a compla mt. all three were released from custody late yesterday and were not charged. french prosecutors said brown is allowed to leave thetr co he has denied the accusations. one major teacher strike is over as another one is about to begin. a deal will be formalized today to send teachers in los angeles back to class. that strike lasted seven days. meanwhile, in denver, teachers voted to strike over their base pay. that strike could start as soon as monday. more details on both strikes ead on "today show". the major of south bend indiana pete buttigieg is eyeing the white house. he posted on twitter this morning saying he has launched an exploratory committee for the 2020 presidential bid. according to h website, he
6:37 am
served as a lieutenant in the navyreserve during deployment to afghanistan and earned the joint service medal. coming up, the teen at the center of a viral video speaking out. hear his side of the story and why he says he's not aying sorry. plus, it is national pie ey. molereen is doing the honors, grabbing a slice tobr cey. hey, molette. >> hey, guys. look at us. we're baking pies from scratch for -- >> our furloughed federal workers. >> something sweetoming c
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. >> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. the next time you drive by george masonniversity in virginia you might catch one of these little guys crossinghe reet. they're part of a new self-driving robot deliveryrv e for students. now, anyone on campus will be
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able to order fcem p like starbucks or dunken donuts if you need that caffeine fix, download the starship deliveries app and place your order. this school says the robots will deliver0ood within minutes. george mason is the first college campus to use thiste nology. i imagine the little robots will pop up in other places too. >> apparently you can fitbout three pizzas in there. it will be popular. >> yes, indeed. well, no one likes to hear it but you will have to dig deeper to pay for par ong in of the busiest parts of the driblgt. >> talking about the penn quarter area in particular. depending on which portion of the day you choose to park there, it now could cost as much as $6.5 an hour to park at a metered spot. >> that's a ot ofmoney. >> they have been working on a programhere they charge more to park during peak events. the idea isreo help cate turnover and free up more parking spaces. >> see, i imagine the businesses in penn quarter aren'ou happy it because people go to other neighborhoods. now here is your cnbc
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morning business report. good morning. uber is rolling out its rewards program in 25 u.s. cities and metro areas today and that includes washington, d.c. it calculates how much you spend on uber and uber eats in the pastix months and awards per such as no fee canllations if you rebook your ride,nt guad prices between your twoit favors sp and upgrade cars. look for the the invitation to sign up onhe home page. i'm frank holland. >> tnk you, frank. also want to say thank you to all the staff and faculty and students. i was talking to fourth grade yesterday. lots of great questions. the daily grade for today, satisfactory. a lot of clouds around and chances for rain going upith time. temperatures way lp with a of wind and rain tomorrow. ten day forecast straight ahead. >> chopper 4 flying beltway springfield inner loop trying to get up into lannendale.
6:42 am
st along the right side the crash. we have three lanes getting by on the mane line. express lanes unaffected but your delays back in springfield. it's tough. news 4 will continue rig
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6:44 am
today marks day 33 of theme partial gove shutdown. and as month two of the shutdown arrives, so does a second pay period with no paycheck for 800,000 federal workers who are furloughed. >> that means the financial pressure is growing on families as they make hard choices about what to give up andha to pay.
6:45 am
so far workers have missed out on 7. -- $5.7 billion in salary and tott does include contractors. that comes to about $7,600 perg furl employee. roughly 8% of their annual salaries. president trump has signed a bill tha guarantees back pay for federal employees once the government s.reop and 15 before the hour, we have team coverage on this historic goverent shutdown. news 4 justin finch has tips on how to get the help you may need >>right now. but we begin with kristen welker live at the white house with the pushback from the esident to hold his state of the union address. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, good morning to both of you. that is right. as the urgency builds to end the shutdown. president trump seems determined give his state of the union address despite house speaker nancy peli asking himo reschedule it, due to what she called security concerns. those are concerns the white house has dismissed. this morning the white house says it is moving forward with the state of the union address
6:46 am
next tuesday at the capitol as planned sending a letter to the house sergeant at arms asking for a dry run for the speech all comes as senate leaders search for an exit ramp for the shutdown in its fifthweek. mitch mcconnell scheduling a vote tomorrow on mr. trump's reopen theo government which would restore protections for three years for young, undocumented immigrants known as dreamers in exchange.7 for billion for a border wall. but democrats insist that's dead on arrival. the senate also set to vote tomorrow on a second cr deic-backed proposal that would reopen the government for two weeks without funding for be wall, that's also likely to fail. bottom line, there is still non clearn sight for this historic government shutdown. with 800,000 federal workers paychecks at stake. guys, back to you. ins you can see more from kristen welker c up on "today show." kristen thank you. news 4 is working for y as the shutdown continues. >> news 4 justin finch continues our teamngoverage this mor
6:47 am
in alexandria. justin, what's going on there today? >> reporter: hey there, aaron and eun. alexandria public schools hosting a job fair this evening from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. george washington middle school at mount vernon avenue here. they're looking for tutors and substitute teachers and encouraging furloughed workers to apply. also chef jose andres announcing his chefs for feds resource center will be open from a.m. to 5:00 p.m. day. that's 701 pennsylvania avenue in northw they're giving away food for furloughed workers and their families and we also found that furloughed workers are there, too, volunteering. >> it's devastating. it really is. it's going to take a long time for us to recover from this as a country. >> reporter: and looking now at furloughed workers brunch is being held today at noon put on by the city of praise family
6:48 am
ministries hoping to help those with aible study and brunch these furloughed workers and their families as they gethi through time at 80501 jerricho drive, jerricho city drive. again, that'sng happe today at noon. the chef also saying he's hoping to eisand chefs for feds fforts to 12 states including puerto rico. we're live here in alexandria, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. we're updating our app with resources for furloughed federal workers everyday. check the nbc washington app to find out where you can get help and where you can. give he search shutdown. 6:48. new this morning, a man is dead after astandoff at a nova fairfax hospital. officers were called just before 9 last night for a report of a man with gun. police say a d64-year- patient was armed and holed up in a hospital room. officers tried to negotiate with him, but he refused to come out. the man eventually shot himself died. no one else was hurt. and this morning, the kentucky teen at thef center a
6:49 am
viral video confrontation is doubling down on his claim that he did not wrong. >> you've probably seen the video that is nicholas sandmann staring down native american elder nathan phillips near the lincoln memorial last week. this morning we're hearing from samann in an exclusive interview. >> do you feel from this experience that ydy owe any an apology? do you see your own fault in any way? >> as far as standing there, i had every right to do my pos is that i was not disrespectful to mr. phillips. i respect him. i would like to talk to him. mean, in hindsight, i wish we could have walked away andoi d the whole thing. later this morning on "today" g savannahhrie will have more on thatxc elusive interview with nicholas nd
6:50 am
sann. you can watch it at 7:00 a.m.of pro that frigid ome eratures can do big-time damage. take a look at whahappened wh a frozen pipe burst a wheaten high school yesterday. that black-looking water is noth sewage, ough, it's sediment buildingerp in the sprinkl system. the school says air quality was testednd crews were brought in to clean up things there. school is open today. and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is telling us we're going to need those umbrellas to swap out before the extra layers, chuck. >> absolutely right. you'll probably still need your puffy coat this morning. it's nowhere nr as cold the last three mornings in a row we've been down in the teens. we're s0rting off in thes this morning. so less cold. still plenty chilly, showers m in this evening. strong winds tonight and early tomorrow and heavy rain for the thursday morning commute. right nnow, downtown, with mostly cloudy skies, it's 34 degrees temperature wise. south wind already up to 15 miles per hour. so the wind chill down to 24 degrees. so, mid 30s for temperatures.
6:51 am
mid 20s for win chill. so that's what you should be preparing for. there's your hour by hour forecast and fortoday, temperatures near 40 by noon. mid 40s later on in the day and notice unusually sohe temperatures will continue to increase after sunt tonight. a howling south wind will bring temperatures into the mid 50s overnight. we could be as high as about 58 degrees byw 7:00 a.m. tomor morning. however, that comes with a possibility of winds gusting to between 40 and 50 or so miles per hour. and then staying very windy through the morning hours and breezy and falling temperatures fast tomorrow afternoon. we'll be in the mid 50s tomorron afn, mid 30s by l er on in theday. all of this is available on our nbc washington app and also posting and tweetg about it on my social media pages. here is the storm. look at all the rain now. if y t're flyingay through cincinnati or memphis, down to atlanta as well, there could be some flight delays at some of those biggerorai. a flood watch already issued for tonight into tomorrow. rainfall an inch for almost
6:52 am
everyone. one or two spots could get maybe as much as two inches of rain. so, futureeather again mainly just cloudy for today. showers moving in this evenin then bega bam, there's that chance for heavy rain and strond right through the core of the thursday morning commute. back to just breezynd chilly. second half of next week a another shot of cold air. jack taylor with w.p.o.t. >> thank you, chuck. our troubles are in springfield. chopper 4as been flying on the inner loop before braddock road. three now to the left are getting my on then line. the delays coming north out of the innerp lf the beltway riding through the springfield interchange. troubles out in sterling. sterling boulevard sounds like a pretty serious crash authorities are on scene. you'll be under police direction. welso havessues on the blue line this morning. trains are single tracking between franconia and van dorn.
6:53 am
there's a signal problem outside franconia. this will cause delays in both directions. back to you. >> jack, thank you. 6:52, apple, sweet potatoes, blueberry, i like all of those. it's national pie day. >> news 4 molet green is live in prince williamnt crolling up his sleeves at mom's apple pie shop. molette, good morning. >> yeporter: good morning t guys. listen, our first federal workee has com into the shop to pick up her free pie. she can't show herself on tv but we've got that pie and we are so happy she has come in. mom's apple pie shop here celebrating national pie day and al, of course, offering something sweet for our feral workers who are going for a tough tim right now. we've got everybody here in the kitchen. we've got debby, the mayor porter right here who is fl off eating a whole pie pretty e and owner avis right h her son tyson and felix over here.
6:54 am
tyson, so tell me, what are we making right here? >> right here is our strawberry rhubarb pie. that starts in the field on or farm where we grow our strawberries. >> made from scratch. this is what you pride yourself. >> every last thing is made from scratch. >> what do you think about national pie day being this day? >> you know, i'll take any day to cebrate pie. but it's a nice little rejuvenation after the busy holiday season. >> yeah. >> to bet back into it. >> i love that you guys are opening your hearts and pies to federal workers. >> absolutely. you know, eghryone goes thr struggles, so any little thing we can do to help a few people that are having a difficult time right now. >> okay. and y know what, the first few customers who come into the shop, they get a freepie, right? >> absolutely. >> our want our anchors to talk about the pie that they have fore them which is the strawberry pie, right? the strawberry pie we're goi to pull out to that shot as you put the crumbs on this apple e. >> finisp this pie. >> guys, have you cut into the pie? >> uh-huh.
6:55 am
>> this is the strawberr rhubarb, right? >> they're moaning and groaning. >> they muir be. >> the time i ever tasted this kind of pie. this is good. it's really good. >> it's a classic. >> therust is delicious, too. >> good. >> thumb up from aaron and eun, thumbs up. >> we haveo come up for air long enough to finish the newscast now. >> reporter: okay. i'm going to try the strawberry, too. i'mien apple girl, but i'm willing to jump in. i'll do that as soon as we're off air. back int you. >> hard work, molette, thank you so much. it is go, though. >> it is. >> we got to finish work. i'll finish that in a it's 6:55 right now. we do want to tell you about four things to know this two drones forced federal aviation officials to issue a grnd stop for flights to newark airport last night. the culprits have not beenut caught they could face criminal penalties and fines. nbc's mdgan radf will have more on the danger of drones next on "today". this sinkhole shut down traffic at 17ndth d streets in
6:56 am
northwest d.c. road crews are expected to be back out today to fix the problem. the mayor of south bend indiana pete buttigieg is exploring a bid for the white house. he posted this video on twitter saying he launched an exploratory committee for 2020. look for more on "today". >> all eyes on congress and the hwhite house ines they will soon reach a deal to end the government shutdown. the senate is e on two competing bills tomorrow. more on the bills coming up next on "today." and your five-day uforecast ay want to take the umbrella as a precautionary tale. we have chance for s primarily not until after 5 or 6:00 p.m. heavy rain and strong winds overnight tonight and through the first half of your thursday. tomorrow will be a storm teamhe we alert day. tempaturesill plummet, upper t 50sorrow morning and 30s by the afternoon. we are keeping an eye on the first 4 traffic alert from chopper 4 this morning. this is the inner loop before
6:57 am
braddock road ine'virginia, w tracking four miles of backups in this area. you can follow first 4 traffic on twitter for updat on that. and that is the news for today. we appreciate you wakingp with us. >> "today show" is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for any local ws, traffic and weather. happy national pie day. >> that's right. eat up. enjoy yourday. >> make it a great we understand, everybody. >> it will be a good day now. >> oh, yes.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning, collision course, lawmake . good morning. collision course. lawmakers on capitol hill set to vote on a competing billsimed at finally ending the government shutdown. 33 days in the impact hitting even harder. the fbi saying it's made the country less safe. >> the failure to fund the fbi is making itor more difficult us to the our jobs. >> millions of families facing yet another week without paychecks. >> we're sorry you're going through this. >> we are, too. >> today exclusive. center of the storm. theooentucky high sch student involved in that confrontation caught on tape tells his side of the story for the very first time. this


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