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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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morning. >> anything that lands on the ground and is wet is going to freeze. >> tracking a deep freeze later this week. >> announcer: news4 beginsit a storm team 4 weather alert. steady snow falling on us for hours now. the back edge starting to move out if you're on the west side of the beltway. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harr. roads all over the area are wet right now. temperatures, though, are dropping and that could lead to problems tonight and tomorrow morning. >> we have team coverage starting with doug and amelia in storm center 4. >> the snow came down quick, some areas picking up aouple inches in a couple hours. and we're still seeing heavy bands of snow through the metro region now. >> but the snow is winding down and temperatures dip into the teens and 20s for overnight lows. >> that's why we think tomorrow morning a going to be tough go of things. the snow has ended in areas like frederick, leesburg, warnton,
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fairfax ending. just walked outside here at our studios we're still seeing the snow. the sidewalks a snow covered. very slick if you're not wearing the right shoes forsure. here's the rain snow line, over towardsdeal, an rundle. starting to see the changeover in that location. but again most of us starting to see the pull out of here, the big deal will be the cold temperatures toght, thereeze overnight tonight. so a lot of areas secondary roads are covered like around gaithersburg and leesburg, that's why we think we could see close sures in areas. look at these wind chills, 29 i. 4 in pittsburgh. 8, in elki west virginia. our wind chills could drop 30 to 40 degrees from where they are now bye this t tomorrow night. we'll talk more about the arctic invasion coming our way. >> sounds painful.
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>> it will be. we know firsthand how bad rush hour can get around here when even a little bit of snow falls at the wrong time. melissa joining us with the traffic. how are things looking? >> not well. look at this camera, we are talking about 11 miles worth of backups. this is 66 outbound there atfa fa county parkway. it is very slow. westbound at the res area there in manassas, also have a crash reported there. a lot of delays between 66 and the beltway. really slowre h. in fair faction westbound 50 at 66 crash blocking all inlanes. headin maryland, 270, right side blocked by a brand accident there. you can see the road looks like a sheen on it. you don't see too mh snow because of the prior treatment. still slow in a lot of spots. beltway at 50, look here you can
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see volume the beltway, when you look at the map, i have to tell you the delays are easingo from 4:00 5:00, everybody getting home from work and school early gave tl that rush a lbit earlier. it looks a little bit better now but therouble spot rig now on the wilson bridge. delays easing on the potomac crossing, that is helpful. the roosevelt bridge is still packed up. if you can stay home, do so. i know i'm see you in the morning. >> we know you have an early call. >> thanks for staying up to help us out here. we have the storm team 4 by cand twoeras out there checking on road conditions. >> here's a look at cditions near downtown fairfax. the snow slowing down here just a few wet flakes hitting the windshield but these roads are still wet. >> go into maryland, this is german town. more snow on the side streets.
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you can see how well it's sticking w to the grass l. but again, snow not falling as heavy as it was earlier. chris gordon continues ourv ge in fairfax county. >> how do things look as the temperatures continue to fall throughout the evening hours re? >> reporter: doreen and leon, it has been snowing for five hours now here fairfax. you see the accumulation on the sidewalk and crass, not so much here on west ox road, but people in this area areeady tfoinr whakatever comes next. here at costco in fairfax, cars line up get gas for the snow that's here and the frigid cold that's coming. >> are you worried about any traffic tonight? >> sure. that's probably why the federal early.ment gave us two hours off early release, too. so yeah. >> reporter: schoolsghout the area let out early. students, teachers and staff
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sent home. school buses trying to get off the roads before the snow causes problems. >> i teach at navy elementary. i'm assuming there's a good chance we're probably not going to be in school tomorrow and a lot of people think we'll have delay on thursday. so we'll have to see. >> reporter: highway trucks along west ox road n are yet plowing. they're spreading salt. >> anything that lands on the groundnd is wet overnight is going to freeze into ice. so we'll have an ice issue tomorrow morning. ou reporter: frigid temperatures in the forecast be dangerous if you don't dress appropriately. >> cover all t surfaces to minimize exposure, inmize exposure to being frost bit and opportunities and risk of being hypo thermi >> the parking lots are crowded as people stock hup. >>e groceries, gauze and netflix. >> your trifecta. >> definitely. >> reporter: if you look at the
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trees here. it looks like a winter wonderland. we have had a lot of snow, but none accumulating her on west ox road. we have seen plow trucks, they have not dropped their plows, they're simply spreading salt. but the question is if it remains wet, what will drivers be facing if it fezes tomorrow morning? that'she latest live in fairfax. back to you doreen and leon. >>thanks, chris. netflix is going to get a workout over the next couple days.ta storm team 4ng on top of the storm all night long for u. get up to date school closures ands del on our app. and doug and amelia areth trackg impact in your neighborhood to 7:00 toght. n a bizarre twist in a story we brought you last night at 11:00.
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what was a crash is now a double homicide. news4 pat collins joinsro us white oak with the new developments in this case. pat? reporter: doreen, one was in the driver's seat w and o in the passenger's seat, two good friends. basketball ddies. shot and killed. a strange crime scene here in white oak. was there a loud bang? >> it was ahit. like a hit. >> reporter: this woman lives nearby. she heard a big noise and saw a lot of action. >> next thing i know it was probably channel 4 and the helicopter, and all this stuff going on. >> at first it looked ldee a fender b but when the cops got closer they realized it was far me serious than that. yo see this suv comes down the road bumping into parked cars here and over there and then down there. finally it comes to a stop.
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when police get to the scene, they're thinking accident. but then they look inside and realize this was a case of murder. 24-year-old uv, christian roberts and 23-year-old jordan radway. they were good friends. teammates. they played basketball together at paint branch hi school. police say both men have been shot to death. today i talked to jordan's god mother. >> what has this done to the family? >> crushed them. crushed them. crushe >> reporter: what are you going to remember most about jo fan? >> h-loving personality. his sweetness.te
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>> rep there's a vigil planned for the two victims iday at paint branch high school after the basketball game. leon, back to you. >> thank you, pat. pat collins reporting live. also in montgomery county, a man in custody ton ahtused of killing his own mother. police found the victim dead at their home in aspen hill. family members identified the victim, the tell us s worked at a hotel downtown and officers went to the he this morning after she didn't show up for work. news4 talked with the victim's nieced who she was everything you'd want in an aunt. >> jus being such a warm individual., just so niloving, hardworking. it's heartbreaking. i'm stillrying to process it. >> what has it done to the family? >> it's going to rlly break e family. it's going to tear us apart. >> we're told the victi and her
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son both lived at the home. police have not said how she died and they have not revealed any possible motive. roger stone has been involved in republican politics since richard nixon was president. t we've never seen him quite like,this walking into federal court in downtown washington to be arraigned on charges related to the russia investigation. there was a lot of passion on both sides in the crowd that greeted him. stone loyaltyist chanting he's done nothing wrong. critics repurposed a line from trump's mpaign, they shouted lock h up. us>> reporter: no words jt a wave from roger stone. pleading not guilty to seven charges stemming from robert mueller's special counsel investigation. stone quiet outside of court but later calling into info wars. >> i'm charged witherjury and lying to congress, which i'm not
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guilty of. >> reporter: according to the indictment stone repeatedly spoke with and was praised by senior campaign officials in had 2016 about wikileaks,n sto democratic party e-mails and information that could be damaging to hillary >> the r is that the roger stone indictment leaves a lot o threads unpulled. it looks to me like there is moreo come. >> reporter: but the man overseeing the investigation, acting attorney general matt whitaker has this prediction. >> i thinkon the informa is close to being completed and i hope we can get the report from director mueller as soon as possibly. >> reporter: lawmakers in both parties not iconvinced. as surprised he felt compelled to make a public statement. >> i don't know why he knows that. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham one of president trump's strongest allies promising mueller will be allowed to finish his job. and next week, michael cohen
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will testify on capitol hill behind closeds. do doreen and leon. >> thank you, blayne. some extreme cold coming our way later this week. >>ad tonight it's alin the dakota minnesota, michigan. coming up next we take you to chicago. wind chills at 15 below zero. also ahead, an actor on the a show "empire" attked in what may have beate crime. andla a for the bottleneck in virginia unveiled. the colder air moves in and we're going to see a lot of icing overnight into tomorrow.
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just getting word that fauquier county schools areg go to be closed tomorrow. fauquier county andwe're not done with the snow yet tonight. here's a look at i-66 still moving at a crawl. more delays and cancellations possible as we move closer to wednesday morning. >> let's check in with news4 shomari stone in the storm team 4 by 4. where are you right now, man? >> reporter: it's all good, anyway, we are on the beltway and we e approaching river road right now. in the betheseda area and i must tell you there are a lot of drivers t, but one thing is clear, we have not come across any major cidents. there aren't as many people on
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theyo roadwaywould never know this was the evening commute right now. but one thing is clear, there is a lot w of roadway, a lot of water on the roadway and that, course, is expected to refreeze overnight. so make sure that you're extra careful. while we were driving we came across some salt trucks and we continue just tomrive past t to give them plenty of room so the crews can do what they need to do. if you come across salt trucks make sure you give them room as . back here in storm team 4 by 4, make sure you're caref out here on the roadways. back to you. >> i just revealed your super here name. shomari storm. >> yes, absolutely. >> alleight. we'll ou when you get back here. drive carefully. forecasters are calling the eep freeze the coldest in a generation. chicago is expected to be colder
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than the south pole tomorrow. we have a report on the cold in chicago, that's already there tonight. >> reporter: chica knows all about the cold. but this is something the city hasn't experienced. >> it feels terrible. my face isburning. >> it's freezing cold already. just imagine tomorrow. >> reporter: the high on wednesday is expected to hover around 13 below zero. to go se who still have to work, they're not happy about the commute. know.really don't i want to try uber but i know it's goi t to ce as much. >> others are putting their faith in a higher ipower. >>l make it by god's will, got to bundle up. got to keep going. >> reporter: cta plans on running its normal schedule during thisti potenally historic cold. me plans to keep a reduced schedule and reduce seats after
6:18 pm
2014 polar vortex metra is trying something different. >> the idea ito change the schedule so you're not using the switches as frequently. the are a vulnerable point in our system even on a regularly cold day but extreme cold days those are prone to rfailure. >>orter: while some will make the commute like this. >> i have on leggings, pants, two jackets, a long sleeve shirt, and my long a jacke two starves. dressed er: others are like richard rodriguez. >> i'm fine. i live here 24 yearsalready. this is nothing for me. >> reporter: but will he be dressed like this tomorrow? >> i'm going to stay home. >> reporter: that is probably the best idea. in chicago, news4. we get it thisold coming our way is no joke. >> it's not. we go to chic po,ces like that, it is seriously dangerously cold up there. really amazing i'm seeing 40, 50 below zero at times just to the
6:19 pm
northwest of chicago. for us we'll be below zero here too it comes tomorow night i the day on thursday after the arctic air moves in, after thea ic front moves in if tomorrow afternoon. today's front, look whatt brought us. sterling, 3 inches of know. leesburg at 3 inches. 2.5 winchester. 1.5 at gaithersburg. not nearly as much to the south ecause of the rain/snow line across the d.c. metro area. ven if d.c. at the airport not much but here northwest we saw 1.2 esin i went out and measured it with my pat collins snow tstick. doell pat i used it. but it's there. out there today, the innow line just south and east of the washington area. this is all ending west to east, so the snow is over in frederick, leesburg, winchester. in around the metro area, waldorf changing to snow.
6:20 pm
a mix towards01towards fredericksburg. that's why we're not worried about these areas tovernight. system moves through, it gets colder but the real csd air tomorrow. 30 in gaithersburg, 32 in leesburg. north and west of the city we'r below freezing. and this is where temperatures drop into t0s tonight. even though is snow is get lg out of here we're seeing the problems with the roadways. tomorrow morning could be a mess especially north and west of the city. >> ys because temperatu are falling to the mid teens. so slick spets tomorrow. ally the secondary roads. and we think it'sorth and west of washington where you saw more snow and moisture and water to workwith. by tomorrow night the area should be returning to business as usual no problems.
6:21 pm
but with the icy spots tomorrow, school delays and cancellations are possible. at the bus stop there will be icy spots. i think the main roads should be okay. recess, it's windy out there, make sure they have the warmest cket, scarf, gloves, hats. we'lldave the w chills in the teens for smsal. we can't rule out a brief burst of snow around the midday hou a tomorr an arctic front moves through. here's the homework meter. for most of ure wide, delays are looking likely, especially north and west ofon washin and north and west we're going n that might want to turn the pjs inside out, check news 4 delay this morning. you may seehe delay change to a cancellation. in washington, areas south and east, you want to finish the big projects and get the studying done because we think we'll be in school. 15 degrees is the feels liketo
6:22 pm
temperaturerrow. tomorrow morning is dangerously cold and during the afternoon hours it's feeling 10 degrees out there. >> one other thing, i was agoutside a minute if you're thinking of making a snowman or afi snowball t. it's now because it's a nice wet snow. tonight it's going to freeze and it'll be block of ice tomorrow. 36 wednesday, 26 on your thursday. a chance of a snow shower on friday, not much. saturday. so cold the next four days. what about aft that? how do the 60s sound? >> wow.ds so great! >> stay tuned. >> that sounds great. sy with us for team coverage tonight. we're keeping an eye on the road conditions across the region, tracee wilkins and shomari stone back to update us at 6:30. and a mother of three hit the a cancer diagnose and government shutdown took away her paycheck in the middle of
6:23 pm
key mow therapy. how sangers got htrer
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6:25 pm
the temporary government a tdown came to a close not moment too soon for a local woman. she was forced to pay for rent or pay for chemo therapy. nicoleob j met with her today to learn how strangers came forward to help h out. ♪ >> it was just a whole pin power moment. >> reporter: a 43-year-old mother of three. >> all of my besties came.
6:26 pm
this is it frank? >> reporter: youay remember her from last week. today she's rejoicing, over 20 chemo therapy treatments completed. she shaved her head and a that comes with this horrible disease until it brought her to tears. >> chemo is rough. day-to-day you d you're going to feel, if you're going to be okay. >> reporter: she didn't know if she'd be okay especially when the longest government shutdown nt on andon. >> a very scary moment for me, having toe m a choice between what i'm gonna -- what i'm not going to pay in order to keep m healthy. >> reporter: last friday president trump's decision to open it for at least three weeks gave her reservations. >> i'm holding on to every llar i have, because i just do not -- i don't trust it at this point. >> reporter: because choosing between rent and treatment was a no-brainer, chemo therapy ran out and when her pocketbook fell
6:27 pm
short. >> someone called into the arhospital and took of my account. they wiped out my entire balance. >> reporter: even paying her feuary rent. it's the kindness of strangers. it is a lessings and bright side to this, i thank god for it. >> reporter: when the divide on capitol hill runs deep, there is a silver lining one she hopes can transcend through the country's difficult hour. nicole jacobs, news4. >> just beautiful. >> great to see that. a lot of people lking out for other people during the governmeil shutdown. >>ng to step up and help out. we have good people out there. s we do. anotherool closing, manassas city schools will be closed tomorrow. these are live pictures of the wet roads inannandale. >> we'll check in with tracee
6:28 pm
wilkins. >> rorter: i'm julie carey in wood bridge where there is big news for commuter the i 95
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
a storm team 4 weather alert now at 6:30. snnd temperatures still dropping. >> a live look here at i-270 in germantown. ntreated surfaces will creat problems tonight and tomorrow morning. our team coverage continues starting with our chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> still seeing snow around
6:31 pm
uthern maryland and fredericksburg. you can see what i'm talking about on the radar. most of us have seen the snow and the accumulating sno is just about done for everybody, been it is snowing, you've on the wet side all day, it's mostly been on the rainy side so any snow that falls is going to melt. you may see a coati on grassy surfaces but that's it. the rest of the region is on the still snows in parts of washington but bethesda, gaithersburg we are dry. here's another shot. this isnt 270 and gern road. notice they have the crews out here getting ready in case of this turns to ice. we do expect that to happen tonight. shomari stone out in the storm team 4 by 4. arlier we were calling you shomari storm. we'll have to do it more often. enso often you h seen a lot of problems on those roads?>> eporter: i haven't seen
6:32 pm
those problems i have nothing wrong with shomari storm. let's roll, beth brown isoi to show you georgia avenue as we make our way northbound. we're in this silver spring, we have not come across any major accidents as we started in northwestd.c., prince george's county, virginia, now we're in silver spring. not a lot of drivers on the e roads, they traveling aoothly, being safe, slowing down, and that'ood thing. the concern right now is that, hey, as you can see, as the, you know, the reflection of the light off the roadway, it is wet out here. doug, you've been telling people it's going to refreeze overnight so people need to make sure they're careful. come back on me with the camera. next thing you want to make sure you know when you come out mahe, sure you're careful. if you can stay inside tonight, just welax andch news4. back to you guys. >> good advice. good advice.
6:33 pm
>> thank you, shomari. >> thanks, man. as he mentioned the concern right now wet roads freezing overs temperatures drop rapidly tonight. news4 tracee wilkins o continues coverage live in prince george's county. how do things look there, tracee? >> reporter: we are here in college park off of route 1 we have a light covering of snow here. nothing coming out of the sky right now but you look at the wet road, this is what we're concerned about. and what'sap going ton to surfaces that have not been treated overnight. see you later alligator. reporter: at whitehall elementary, parents and buses were lined up to pick up two horls the prince george's county school system announced it would be closing early yesterday. >> it's a little inconvenient but better safe than >>sorry. think they made a safe decision in case everything was to ice upnd then snow over top of the ice. >> we' in for the rest of th day.
6:34 pm
that's it. hot chocolate, homework, and fun. >> what are you going to do? >> eat at wegman'ss >> reporter: promised the snow began during the start of afternoon ruche. over the university of maryland ents crowded at bus stops waiting for a ride home. the school closed at 2:00 p.m. today due to weather. some students were happy about that. >> no classes good? >> ye >> others not so much. >> i'm from new jersey and this is standard winter weather.he from i come from, if there have inches of snow we'd school so this is silly. >> i'm glad they gave us off and they're it s they care about their students making sure not only the students that live on campus are safe but students that are commuting. >>eporter: here in the county they have some 200 crews on the roads trying to get down as much salt and sand as they can out here. now because of the kind of s was with that rain coming in, they weren't
6:35 pm
able to pretreat the roads s th idea is get mostly what's going to be sand and salt on the road and prepare for the freeze that we're expecting overnight. reporting live in college park i'm tracee wilkins back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. more relief from congestion is coming to northern virginia commuters. as ball doillion dollars of new projects are about to get underway. julie carey reports, some will go to fix one of the biggest bottlenecks around. >> reporter: if you travel on i-95 south through prince william, you know the spot right around the bridge, even early afternoon it can look like rush hour. howard harris can tell you the probm. >> there nowhere to merge. you have two or three exits getting on 95 and that's what's congesting all the traffic back. >> reporter: and you lose a lane? >> yeah.ep >>ter: in richmond governor ralph northam alongside
6:36 pm
the transportation secretary designeg four projects to reduce congestion. one of them wouldreak open this bottleneck by adding a lane from i-95 south running to the prince william county parkwari >> anybodyng on this on a day-to-day bis has been so frustrat frustrated. it's fantastic. >> reporter: the construction to break this log jam could start as early as 2020, that's five to it t years ahead of when might be funded. some commuters wondering about the heck of more. constructi >> i think it will definitely help but how long will it takeu and howh more traffic will add? >> reporter: there's news on the i-95 express lanes, a new ramp is coming. and the deal with the company that operates those lanes, transurban, moving aheado add the final ten miles to fredericksburg. over on the beltway a green
6:37 pm
light to b tld final 2.5 miles taking the expressways to theegion bridge. something likely to ramp up the pressure on maryland. >> it puts a lss of pe on maryland to step up to the plate and figure it out -- the american legion bridge and figure out their side of the bridge. >> reporter: the construction or the vginia side set to begin in 2021. i'm julie carey, news4. the news4 i team found parking passes getting sold on the black market. coming up, the changes coming from our inv atigation. >> actor on the tv show "empire" recovering after a brutal assault, why it may have been a hate you've heard us talk about the polar vortex. >> the term isn't new but we've been hearing it la.te as we go to break, chuck bell explains what it means. the polar vortex is a swirl
6:38 pm
of wind above both the north and the south pole. not at the surface but 10 to 30 miles hi. we usually hear about it in the winter time, like we are now with historic record-breakinmp teatures sweeping through the midwest. when it gets off balance it when it gets off balance it
6:39 pm
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tcall a medigap specialis now to learn more. and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. possible hate crime attack on a star of the show "empire" police say t jtsie smollett was walking along a street in when o early this morning two people attacked and beat him. the assailants reportedly put a rope around his neck and poured a chemical on him tha they believe is bleach. the actor got himself to a hospital and tonight he's reported to be in good resurge
6:41 pm
causg concern acros the country and in washington, the governor calle a health emergency. nearly 200 people in new york have contracted the virus since september. public health officials are trying to take steps to contain the disee. it's highly contagious with serious complications but it's preventable with safevaccine. however vaccination rates are dropping changes comg for a parking program the i team found was beinab ed. >> it's not to make tlls a sma business or cot tank industry. >> reporter: the i team found passes sold on the black markett we remain in storm team 4 weather alert mode but showers starting to move out of the aea. the col is moving in and
6:42 pm
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big changes for parking program in the district after the focus of a news4 i team investigation. we found passes clogging up neighborhood streets. >> as scott macfarlane shows us a new law could crack down on those profiting off ofd.c.'s parking squeeze. >> reporter: circling for a spot in the district, you might have spotted these pking passes stuffed into dash boards, cars.
6:45 pm
people who live in d.c. can obtain these permits from d.c. police stations from their guests. they have to be renewed every two weeks but there's no limit ew getting one. and we found that's led to abuse. >> we're not talking one extra car? >> no. we're talking seven. >> last year we heard from frustrated homeowners about neighbors using the passes over and over for their own vehicles for months at a time. >> how much? >> 30. >> reporter: weven found this man profited off the program. >> calle at the last date and i'll get you a new one. illegally selling the passesdo thetown area. >> the idea is not to make this a small business selling tickets. >> reporter: after our redrts, pam s things in improved in her neighborhood for a while. >> a fewks w there were people who you had identified, they kind of like disappeared. but then i guess when the heat died down, they came back. >> reporter: at a recent
6:46 pm
advisory neighborhood commission, she said the passes have popped up again. >> are you going to do anything. >> rorter: but new legislation introduced by charle sallen coulp those exploiting the passes. >> the reason this bill i necessary, there's nothing in the code that stops them or prohibits mpd from reuping the days. >> reporter: the new bill sets a limit on the passes, people can use them for 90 dayscan a ndar year. >> it's not official. >> reporter: the i team found there's other changes coming too. the district transportation department is looking to take over the program from the d.c. police. that could mean an electronic stem that people can go online to get the passes rightow it's a paper program. the new digital program would make enforcement easier. >> it might curtail it. >> reporter: a spokesperson said
6:47 pm
the new plan is expected to be in place in 2020. parking space. tes to get a >> reporter: a plan that can't come soon enough for people like kim. you can watch theteam's undercover investigation into the parking program by visiting our nbc washington app. you can alsoen s them a tip straight from your phone or tablet. we have a lot of concern about icing tomorrow morning because the temperatures are ing to be bottoming out. is tomorrow morning and later tonight. hat right, doug? >> yes. we don't have the cold air rushing in tonight. t that arctic front that comes in tomorrow but we expect temperatures to fall into the 20s. we're seeing that. that's the problem wh ice. >> the arctic air moves in in the mid district attornday hour. and maybe a burst of snow. >> andtu the tempes will be falling rapidly tomorrow afternoon. we've seen the front move
6:48 pm
through, this is a front that arme through with rain and snow through the d.c.. you can see what's happening now, mostly rain down into la southern ma, some areas of snow around waldorf, not expecting any more accumulation in this area, maybe on grassy surfaces but that's about it. here we'll see temperatures below freezing by tomorrow so we could see problems onrea roadways. you see the snow coming through, the snow and rain coming through, colder air behind that, that's why we veissues. this is 28 around the dulles town center. notice the roads, extreme wet here and anything that goes below freezing -- notel just freezing but down into the 20s. 28 right now in win chester. 30 in gaithersburg. once we get down to the upper 20s, that's when everything will freeze pretty quickly here. d.c. at 34. we think tomorrow morning we'll run iome problems. we've heard a couple school delays and closures out here.
6:49 pm
and amelias here with look at other areas we think may close. >> cancellations have come in for manassas, prince william and fauquier. look at the map. the counties in red i also think are likely to see delays a maybe even cancellations. this is just a forecast based on wh we're seeing out there. we're seeing the potential for some cancellations or delays in montgomery, loudon, frederick county in maryland as well as in vi through carol county. this is potential for delays maybe even a few cancellations back around thei-81 corridor through the panhandle of west virginia. here as where delays are possible but i'm not seeing any cancellaons. this includes fairfax, we have potential for delays in charles county, prince george's county anne arundel county you're on a two-hour delay. the big concern tomorrow morning is going to be icy spots. it is going to be cold tomorrow. wind chills 5 degrees to 25
6:50 pm
degrees. look at thursday morning. it is brutal out there. wind chills coulde as low as 15 degrees below zero. we don't see much in the way of improvement as we head into thursday afternoon. and another cold day on friday with the cold in the forecast tomorrow and thursday are going to be storm team 4 weather alert days. with school this we, the main concern is icy spots out there tomorrow morning. daerously cold air for thursday morning for the kids at the bus stop. so that could alsod l to a few school delays. and friday,old maybe sno showers but they're looking to area. low impact on the the weekend not that bad. >> we're getting through the snow right now, really the cold comes in tomorrow aswe're talking about. look at the wind chills. 29 d.c., 1 below in cleveland. 19 below in schick. 45 below zero in minneapolis. that's the arctic air moving across the country and into our area. forecast.he
6:51 pm
26 on thursday. a cold day. the chance of snow showers on, not a big deal but 42 on sad'turday. thhe cold side, too, or chilly side. and then look at this. we flip the pattern upside down. we go from 20 degrees below average to 20 degrees above ag av by this time next week talking about temperatures of 61 on tuesday, 65 on wednesday ahead of another storm system. asar expected w looking at a big flip flop. you got it. if you like the warmer air, just hold on. >> we can think warm thoughts as we suffer through the polar vortex. still ahead is bryce harper heading to philly? sherree burruss says maybe but maybe not the way you think. she's back with sports next. here's lester holt with a nbc at what's ahead on "nightly news." >> tonight we talk with a is-year-old whosevery has
6:52 pm
apple rushing to fix a feature on its iphones. weear from the stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier ... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> bryce harper, what's gng to happen? >> on twitter we were alerted to ew aware bryce harper coming, may day. just want to sayin ther of the bryce harper sweep stakes is bryce harper apparently. the ball is still in his court as we're waiting to see where he signs next. rumors taking over social media that harper was going to sign with the phillies today but only bit of news came from that.ic philadelphia p tweeting a picture of harper in uniform saying yes, the rors are true, he's coming to philadelphia police is a deal worth $51,245
6:56 pm
per year with a city option to continue annually they forwarded questions about manny machado to the fire department. and then d.c. police tweeted nice try, philly. at least someone is haerng fun out we are still just waiting. have to wait and see how it works out. after speculation that defensive line coach was on his way out, the team announcing his for the third season. also matt cavanaugh will be a senior offensive assistant taking over as oc as kevin o'connell. washington making moves with the hopes of getting where an assistant coach is now, the super bowl. o'connell isan the next se mcvay. red skin fans have to hope that,
6:57 pm
he's been t talk of the league for two years. he's the yngest coach in super bowl history. mcvay spent seven seasons with the redskins, three of them as offensive coordinator under jay gruden, a big boost to his career that he's still grateful for. >> you know, jay and i are so close weou keep in all the time. jay is as big a reason asyb anody why i've had the opportunities. nobody else would have given me a chanc to be an offensive coordinator. the confidence tha he instilled me, the -- you know, the ability to be able to learn and grow under his leadership and kw idance, i couldn't be grateful to jay gruden. there wouldn't be an opportunity if it wasn't for him. the third ranked team the virginia cavaliers have beenll roing this year with a record of18-1. coming off a win at notre ndme
6:58 pm
this weend tonight another road test this one against 23rd ranked nc state. we know about the upset over virginia at last year's ncaa tournament and tony bennett said their success has been all their approach since then. >> the response is in how hard the guys wked in spring, summer and faow, and h we're trying to play will teams chant umbc, of course you hear that stuff. but the focus is how can we be as good as we can and be better and approach each game to our fullest. wizards on the road taking on cleveland. despite the fact that the university of maryland closed early, the game is a go. so are people going to have getting home from the game. temperatures falling below freezing after that point, so i think theyokhould be . hopefully with a win. they need a win. >> they do need a win, rebound.
6:59 pm
>> thank you for
7:00 pm
tonight, states of emergency. the coldest blast in two decades has arrived. chicago colder than antarctica, and 85% of the country below freezing. in some places it feels like 50 below. >> your corneas can actually freeze, and contacts can freeze to your eyes. >> and the big chill is set to get even worse. a shocking aush on the star of tv's "empire" who says he was beaten by men hurling racist and homophobic slurs while wrapping a rope around hois neck. tonighywood rallying around advocating civilgh ri as authorities investigate. the nation's intelligence chiefs contradicting the president north korea on nukes, on isis r


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