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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking right now at 6:00, a bizarre death investigation involving burning porta potties outside raven stadium ine. baltim a security guard says he saw a man on fire run from the bathrooms and then collapse. take a look at this storm system. and the vatican removed from the ccar ririck priesthood. >> news4 at 6:00 starts now. a winter weather advisory in effect for parts of our area. good evening. i'm erika gonzales.
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storm team 4 shows us sleet ie what som of us are dealing with right now. >> exactly. it is going to turn to just rain throughout the night so it's no getting worse are dealing with sleet. let's look at the radar. areas in pink you want to look for. that's where we're seeing sleet mixing in with lighter rain falling in leeurg. look jus to the north as we head closer towards fairfax, we're also seeing some sleet move in, as well, zooming in a little bit closer. what's going to happen is all os thisctually going to change into rain as we head through the overnight hours. butreas that could see this last a little longer, possibly some fezing rain, little farther north where the winter weather advisory is until 1:00 a.m. we have a big winter storm that could havor a m impact on wednesda. stick arou i have the details on that. youa, back to breaking news out of baltimore where police found a person dead outside of m&t bank
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stadium whereenhe rav play. fire officials say three portable bathrooms were fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived there this afternoon. investigators say a stadium security guard saw a man running from the portable bathrooms. officers say that man w on fire. he collapsed and died at the scene. investigators a n't sure how the man caught fire. more details on this breaking story as they bome available us. we've got new information just t on a shooting outside the mall that caused widespread panic and hundreds of calls about a possie active shooter. anne arundel county police are looking for 17-year-oldar jamy hammond. they tell us he pulle g out aun and shot a man at one of thetr ces of the mall last night after getting into some sort of a fight with that person. it's unclear what that fight was over. investigators say the pair did not know each other prior to the shooting. >> this was a targeted incident. it resulted from an altercation. so it was a shooting at the
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mall, not a mall shooting. and thaos very important clarify, as well. >> the man who was shot walked to the hospital, as expected to be okay. the white house is digging in for a fight over president trump's national emergency declaration. democrats are planning to introducees aution disapproving of the declaration and several republican senators already signaling they'll vote against the president. today white house senior adviser stephen miller saying the president is prepared to issue his first veto if congress tries to block it. meanwhile,nu lawmakers con to debate whether this is a manufactured crisis to get billions of dollars for the border wall. >> this is a real problem. it's way more tn just a policy crisis. it is a humanitarian crisis. >> it is playing politics with taxpayer resources. it is about creating a crisis of hiown making. >> president trump on friday said he's prepared to fight the legal challenges all the way to the supreme cot.
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chicago police say they cannot confirm, deny or comme on claims that actor jesse smollett orchestrated and paid for t alleged hate crime attack that he had reported. but as nbc's morgan radford shows us, the "empire" star's attorney is shooting down those new acorsations. >> rr: breaking overnight. a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation tells nbc news that chicago police are now looking into whether "empire" actor jesse smollett actually paid two men to fake an attack against him. the chicago police confirming in a statement that new information has, in fact, shifted the trajectory of the investigation. smollett's attorneys furious, saying he has now been further victimized by claims attributed to these alleged perpe jators thatse played a role in his own attack. nothing is further from the truth, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. the release of grainy surveillance photos from the night of theeg a attack
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raising questions that smollett addressed in an interview with abc news. >> i don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them. >> reporter: smollett stood by his story, even as the case has faced growingcriny. >> he said, "this maga countryp [ blee]" and punches me in the face. so i punched him back. i noticed the rope around my neck and started screaming. nbc news r: that rop has learned was purchased at a hardware store by the two men involved in the alleged attack. the two men are brothers and smollett follows their share instagram account. smollett's attorneys stating, one of these purported suspects was jesse's personal trainer. it is impossiblee to beli this person could have played a role in the crime or would falsely claim jesse's complicity. police say that upon searching the brothers' home, investigators found a black ski mask, bottles of bleach and an "empire" script. police sources telling nbc one of the men worked as an extra on
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the tv show. a police source tells nbc news, investigators have no clear motive as to why smollett would concoct the story, which he has described in detail. >> you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> that was morgan radford reporting. today police say they want to talk to smollett again. aer virginia transge student fought to use the boys' bathroom at school. why the t casehat sparked national headlines could end before it even goes ao trial. local baker t beathe brits at their own game, winning a british competition.
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a beloved pastor of a mega church in prince george's county passed away saturday. they announcedth the d of dr. john cherry. he and his wife founded the church in suitland back in 1981. the church's website says he died from complications relat to a recent exploratory procedure. dr. cherr was 79 years old. a former virginia high school transgender student may have won a fight over a school district's bathroom policy. gavin grim sued the school board in 2015. the district bandrom using the boys' restroom. last we grimm expanded his
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chase. a federal judge ruled last week that grimm can sue the board over its refusal to cnge his gender on his high school transcript. the board will hold a public meeting this tuesday to discuss allowing transgender ss to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity. w knew the best british bakery is actually right here i, vienna virginia? t outasty company b hundreds of competitors at the world pasty chaationships. th's a thing. this year they are getting ready to defend their title pasts a british pastry. the baker staed thinking about his entry for the last year. right after he won the last one. . >> it will be what will be. but we'll have fun while thedo g it, that's for definite. i'm expecting there is going to
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be a lot of good-natured banter abt it. >> the pastees will be judged both on looks and taste. the contest takes place on march 2nd. we want to give you a live look at the eagle cam. liberty lays her second egg, but it appears the father has flown the coop! and now some prospective mates are trying to claim his turf. more reaction from local catholics after the former archbishop of washington learns archbishop of washington learns
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. you're watching news4 at 6:00. as catholics across the country head to sunday serviceso the news former archbishop of washington, theodore mccarrick,eing expelled from the church, is starting to sink in. news4 news4's derrick ward talked t about whas means for the church moving forward. >> reporter: the news is starting to sink in. while mccarrick hasn't been archbishop since 2006 as revelations of hisnvvement in the church sex scandal deepened, his official role in the church diminished.e last summer, was relieved of the authority to conduct public mass, and he also resigned from the college of cardinals. his defrocking completed the fall from grace. >> it's not that i want any revenge or anything. i pray for him. i hopeak that he heaven and all the rest of them too. >> reporter: at a rally outside the vatican embassy i northwest earlier, there was already an
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eyed turned towhat lies ahead for the church. >> i think we can get a holier leader, like the type we've read about in the lives of the saints. >> reporter: but today at the national shrine of the immaculate conception, a kind of ground zero for local catholicism, catholics we spoke to were a bit less forgiving. >> he let all of us down. >> reporter: and this man says it sends a message. >> it gives all of us hope that even bishops can bci dined by the hierarchy. >> reporter: and a lot of what we heard from folks leaving mass here today was a sense of relief that something has been done, but also a sense ofl. betra it's going to be hard to overcome. especially, they say, considering the actions the church cited. s so. >> why in 2019 has he been defrocked when it's been almost 40eeears this has going on and it's hard to be a catholic now and i struggle every week coming to mass.
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>> reporter: derrick w news4. >> in vatican city today, pope francis is asking prayers, calling the church sex abuse scandal, quote, an urgent challenge of ourfr time. cis has summoned bishops from around the worldva to th conditi ccan for a summit thising week. the pontiff wants to chart a path forward after decades of sexual abuse by priests. stay with our nbc washingtonpp for continuing coverage on the mccarrick scandal for more o what led the vatican to defrock the former cardinal. you can open the app and search mccarrick. we're going to switch gears now. we've gotome egg drama playing ut at the earth conservation corps. a bald eagle named liberty laid her second egg last night. last we're going to show you some live pictures of her in her nest looking beautiful majestic as ever. scientists say it takes a little over a month for theggs to hatch. okay. but one of the most, you know, bigger discussions that's going eron has been over justice. he is liberty's mate and hasn't
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been seen in more than a week. but a newe m eagle named aaron bird arrived and has even attempted to mate with liberty. this is like a bad mry povich episode. justice, you are the father! >> stop it. i cannot think. >> justice thought the grass wat greener on other side or there were more branches in the nest elsewhere, came back, found the door locked. >> that's right. that's h we doing it in 2019, ladies. >> don't leave your woman unattended. >> all right. >> somara is here to talk about our wintry mix and cold temperatures tonight. >> even a big winner storm. a lot to talk about. and we do have some action on the radar right now. some areas are under a winter weather advisory. not the d.c. metro area, but areas in purple. that includes parts of loudoun county, frederick, back ang i-81, northern montgomery, howard county als under the winter weather advisory. it began at 1:00 p.m. ands sti
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around until 1:00 a.m. and we're in for rain in the metro with traces of sleet and areas back north and west we see freeng rain and sleet. let's go ahead and take a look at the radar right now. so we're looking at the washington, d.c., metro area. what you want look at is the green denoting the rain and the pink could be some rain with some sleet mixing in. so we are seeing some sleet the farther north you head up5 into parts of laurel, and then the bigger picture here shows not much action goin along the mason dixon line, but as we head through the teening, eratures drop a bit. we could be in for freezing rain the farther north you hd. but b i would say midnight or so, we are going to start to see all of it really changing over to rain. so that's the good ns. temperatures tonight, hovering, playing with the freezing line. o stay ity much going the low 30s as we head through the overnight hours in the district. urhere's a look at the f cast. turning this on to show you how it went from pink and white to all green, meaning all of this changing into rain, closer to the midnight hour. and then by daybreak tomorrow,
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we're actually going to see a lot of this moving out, drying out. some clouds lingering behind. and that snow stays to our west. but you can see there going to see breaks in the clouds, as well. so a good amount of sunshine for your presidents' day.t i do wo walk you through that a little bit more. and thenes y, you can see tuesday morning, we are not just driving, but also very clear. plenty of sunshine on the way to the top of the week. so presidents' day. temperatures tomorrow are going to peak in thepper 40s near 50 degrees. but here's the caveat. it's going to feel cooler. that's because we are looking a gusty conditions tomorrow afternoon with winds roaring out of the northwest upo 25, 35 miles per hour at times. switching gears, did that pretty quick, i want to talk about wednesday. tuesday night into wednesday, really. because this could be a major talker. will we see accumulating this one in the forecast, it's looking likely. as far as ice, that could also cumulate, especially the further north and west you go along the trees and power lines. so we'll have to watch for that. if this happens, we are talking school closures. that's also looking like a
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possibility along with some delays, as well. the good news is, it does turn all toeain as move towards wednesday night into thursday. storm team ten-day outlook. check it out, folks. late-night tuesday into wednesday, have the pn b ready to go. thursday, things are looking better. we'll be improving. u should be fine thursday. temperatures kind of varying outside of wednesday, really, in the 50s. not bad. >> thank you very much. still ahead, someamiliar faces reporting to spring training early. but all the talk about the nats is about who isn't
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> hey, there a notable name missing from the national spring training. it rhymes with thrice barper. his chats with the phillies have intensified. why don't we talk about the nats chayers who are employed? pitchers and cs back down to work in west palm beach. ome of their buddies on the way. and the full squad reports tomorrow. antho anthony rendrone on hand for the first full squad workout
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tuesday. many agents don't know where they'll be heading, including mr. thrice tharper. >> i don't think it takes a genius to see something is going on. i don't know what it is, or -- but there are too many good players out there that aren't on teams. and, you know, this is an entertainment business. listen, i'm not going to sit here anday it's one side'st faul more than the other. i think there is fault on sides. but i t justnk for the game and for the fans and for everyone who watches game, you deserve to see the best people play. and i don't know if that's happening right now. >> big z keeping it real. questio when you were a kid in elementary school, were you ever picked last on team in pe for kick ball, dodgeball, steal the n? >> i tried to put that back in the recesses of my mind. >> don't feel bad abo it, erika. because it also happens to nba
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all stars bradley beal was picked last tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. highlights at. 11: these guys at george mason last. picked unlike you, erika. tonight the patriots -- lofton makes it0. 1 later in the half, mason inching their way back. jarederroyt inside to jordan miller, making it a ten-point game. the pats down 17 at the half. second half, the freshman with the hoop, fell and flex. season high 32 points for him as the bonis roll over george mason. om-56. homing fores brenda fre to take the hawkeyes. we pick it up in the fourth quarter. terps down three. the steal and the bucket! a one-point game. later, mike sill, again, gives the terps the lead. the freshman had 14 points.
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freese fired up. like most teams, the terps did not have an answer for megan she had 24 of her game-high 31 in the second half, and iowa upsets maryland 86-73. the hawkeyes' first win over the terps sin 1992. staying with that theme of not being picked last, maryland football landed a localecruit e whole nation wanted earlier this week. csafety nickss. initially a florida state commitment, cross decommitted and signed with the terps. d it's all part of new head coach's dmv t umd movement to keep wnhome-gtalent. >> the whole saying is you mow your lawn before you do neighbor's. job e've got to do a goo in knowing and evaluating who the top plaers are in th dmv. this is a great area for high school football. i've seen a lot of programs. some that have been on the national stage. i.e.,omalabama, who havee
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here to take players away. when i was here in the past any we were r good, it was built with kids who were and bred right here in the dmv. and we've got to keep the top talent here at home. and if we're able tthat, we'll be able to compete against ybody, anywhere. >> more from the new terps head coach when he joins sherry burris on the round table tonight on "sports final" after the news right here on nbc 4. so today is national cabbage day. at the hell is national cabbage day, you say? >> you tell me. >> it's a day we celebrate that leafy vegetable rich in vitamin c and k. and when i say "we," iean nobody except the washington nationals. national cabbage day apparently very popular down in west palm beach. they had a cabbage toss. >> i have never heard i >> pretty intense. the emphatic slam on the cabbage on the first run. doolittle tweeting out this video with the caption, quote, when the server asks if i want a side salad or french fries.
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>> oh! >> saying, taking that cabbage, i doare if it's national cabbage day. max scherzer's team ended up victorious in that one. so the capitals in the middle of a six-game road trip coming off a huge win over one of the best teams in the league. they take on the ducks ld er tonight 'll have highlights. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. that does it for us. ,bc nightly news" is nend we will see you again tonight for news4 at 11:00. good night, everybody.
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tonight, the dramatic new twist in a bizarre case, whether the attack on actor jussie a hollet was hoax created by him, despiteis denials. what happens now to he thousands of captured foreign m fighters,y from europe, who joined the nks? what president trump says about their arte. we on the front lines in a largely forgotten war, involving iaruss. why it matters to the united . stat they're bringing their bibles, and their guns to church. >> you ow, we pray that nothing ever, everhappens, b if it does, you've got to be prepared. >> the growing number o


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