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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right? look no further than the tidal basin. the cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom, and thousands of people packed the area this weekend to see them and to snap gorgectures. a live look, even gorgeous in the dark. a pretty sight, and the cold not affecting them too much. >> fortately. e'll begin with a look at the commute and forecast. melissa mollet has more. chuck bell, we don't the cold weather to mess up the blossoms. >> 27 degrees is the magic number. anything above it, the cherry blossoms should be able to withstand that. and eun was probably thinking about aaron all last week. he pool attendant's name w aaron. she said, "aaron, a pina colada, please." it is a winter-like cold this morning. you need walk on the sunny side of the street. it will feel about 15 degrees warmer in t sun as opposed into the shade.
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temperatures near the freezing mark. gaitrsburg, winchester, marketinsburg, below freezing. it is cold outside.o notg to be a big warmup. most areas ino the 40s t 50s. with the wind blowing, it is going to be a chilly monday. >> iad aleece and a big puffy coat coming this this morning. lauren rockets walked in and said it is cold out there. fort washington between head and old fort road, only the left lane is getting by. if you can avoid this,ight be a good idea. as the water main repairs last through the commute, it is very slow through there. outer loop ramp to gw parkway, rit sight islocked by a crash. fort washington, inner loop, local lanes on the wilson bridge, rightlane blocked. 66, 95 no problems. new zoom in to bethesda, issue inbound clara barton parkway.
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the ramp to macarthur, ramp blocked by a big truck that cannot make the turn. >> thank you. as melissa mentioned, a portion of northbound indian head highway between fort washington road andt old f road is back open after a big water main break. >> want to show video from yesterday. water shooting into the air. right now the water main break is affecting more than just nicole jacobs has details on a boil-water advisory for part of prie george's county. nicole? >> reporter: aaron and eun, want to draw your attention to the work takingo place here one 210 as crews work to repair a 36-inch pipe. anxtensive operation here. if you spin around, th lfteft wound lane is open on 210. that gives traffic a little breathing room. as for residents, brushing teeth or having a quick drink of water when you wake up, it will look a
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little different. wss consid wssc issued a boil-water from the washington, d.c., line south to the piscataway cream. 23 customers are under the advisory. the wssc spokesperson told me you should bring your water to a rolling boil for thrutes before consuming. that's washing fruits, vegetables, making baby food or ice, even giving it to your pets. now as you take a live look at the traffic flow here, i can tell you that we are told this traffic tie-up will be at least until the afternoon hours. as for the boil watadvisory, that will be in effect until tomorrow. we have an interactive link or interactive map on our website if y want to be reassured that you are not affected by the boil water advisory. back to you. >> all right.
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nicole jacobs live in prince george's county, thank you. developing this morning, police in prince george's county say the person who shot and iilled a woman still at large. >> ashanti carmon was shot several times in fairmont heights. her body was found saturday in the area of aspen and josh streets. investigators don't have a suspect oris motive at point. it's also unclear whether the fact that ashanti was transgender played a role in her murder. ashanti's fiance, phillip williams, said he can't imagine whe why someone would want to hurt her. >> she didot deserve to leave this earth so early, especially in the way she went out. i'm going to miss her face every day. i'm going to miss hersmile, i'm going to miss every inch of her. >> williams said she went out with friends friday nig according to the national center for transgender equality, transgend people face extraordinary levels of violence and assault, especially women.
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d.c. fire investigators are working to figure out whated can apartment fire in southeast. this is the scene here on r and 27th streets. you see where firefighters hadt reak out the windows on the top floors. one person was rescued. that person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, in stable itcondn, though. no other residents were injured or displaced by the fire. in the district, still no word on what may he caused this fire g oneorgia avenue northwest. we're told the flames sparked in the basement and then quickly spread evenamagingttached buildings. a firefighter was treated for minor injuries, but no one else was hurt. new details about the controversy surunding virgini lieutenant governor justin fairfax. for weeks he's faced allegations from two women, both of whom accuse him of sexual assault. now fairfax says he'sen t a polygraph which he says shows tthose allegations agaiim are false. fairfax says the encounters with boneh professor vaa tyson and
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meredith watson were consensol. ssor tyson said he forced her to perform a sex act during 2004 democratic national convention. she says she avoided him for the rest of the convention and never spoke toim again. during the polygraph, fairfax was asked, quote, after leaving boston, did vanessa contact you and suggest visiting you and meeting her mother? he replied, yes. fairfax's office says the polygraph sho polygraph showed that answer was truthful. professor tyson will be intervied by cbs' gayle king today. overity weekend a portion of -- over the weekend a portion of the interview was relead. >> the video people need to know who it that they elected. they need to know. >> professor tyson's legal team issued this statement in response to thepolygraph. it says in part, quote, this is all the more reason the virginia gislature should take bipartisan action when they meet on wednesday to ensure all side
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are able to testify o the record in public and make their case. president trump's threat to close the u.s.-mexico border till stands, it is not a bluff according to atop white house official. the president made the threat on friday saying if illegal border crossings are not stopped he will close the border and, quote, keep it a closed foti log me. such a shutdowned disrupt millions of legal -- shutdown would disrupt millions of legal crossings. but the white house is not backing down. >> take the president seriously, and here is why -- what he's looking at is that 4,000 migrants apprehended in one day recently. >> the president has announced that he's cutting off american aid to honduras, guatemala, and el salvador. emocrats say that will only make things at the border worse. they argue that as i situations south american countries get worse, more people will want to seek asylum -- rather, seek a new lif in the u.s., in central american countries there.
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democrats are onanding firm demand of their own. party leaders say they want attorney general william barr te rele special counsel robert mueller's report by tomorrow. that may not happen. bar saredactions need to be made, and he's anticipating releasing b the repo mid april. many democrats say they are not satisfied with his summary, d they think they should be able to see mueller's findings themselves. those close to the president say it is time to move on. >> we have a new species of political dinosaurs. the barr redactal. and apparently william barr believes that he can take his time and redact the 300 or 400-page report from robert aeller. >> i know thaot of my friends in the other party are still upset that donald trump is president, but it is time to move on because enough is enough. >> whilere theident has claimed barr's summary exonerates him of any wrgdoing, a new poll suggests the majority of americans siee . different the poll finds 40% of those surveyed think the report does not clear the preside
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29% say it does. 31% are unsure. to a developing story sure to cross yoursocial mediaeed today. grammy-nominated rapper nipsey hussle was shot and killed in los angeles. this happened in front of his clothing store sundme. two othewere hurt. wnong with his music. hussle was knor being a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and lifting up community. >> most of the people in the community knew who he was. you know, he -- he is someone who put our community on the map. we have lost a legend. we have lost someone who has inspired others, who came from e grounds all the way to -- the ground all the way to th top. >> celebrities including steph curry, lebron james, and drake are among those paying tribute to the rapper on social media. so far there have been no arrests. this morning you may noticee a smoother comn the baltimore washington parkway. over the weekend, sections were shut down so that crews cixuld
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potholes. workers focused on the section between routes 197nd 198. this is ler there month the national parks service -- later th month the national parks service will begin a long-term repaving project. if you're acal commuter looking for travel relief it may be on the way. maryland senators have secured $1 0 million for the -- $120 million for the purple line project. senators say the federal money will go toward the light ra. the 16-mile line will run between montgomery andg prince rge's counties. it's expected to open in aut three years. d.c. loves theos cherry blm trees. you can imagine if there was an uproar to chop them down -- not going to happs . thae controversy in nashville. the nfl wants to cut down 21 cherryees toke may for its draft stage. the city approved the plan, but now it's changing course. the treesill be removed but kept intact and replanted in another part of the city.
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the nfl and the city will also plant an additional 200 cherry trees across the city. the draft takes placelater this month. >> i think they came one a good solution. meanwhile, d.c.'s cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom today. huge crowds gathered at the tidal basin over the weekend. even on sunday despite the rain and some wind, gray skies, peopleay could not stay the national parks service says the trees will remain in peak bloom through saturday. you have a week to enjoy the gorgeous blossoms. turns out there's truth to the phrase "you can't always get what you the rolling stones are postponing their upcoming tour so that front man mick jagger can receive medical treatment. the band made the announcemwent over theend. the stones were to play at fedex field on may 31st. if you bought hotickets, on to them. they will be valid for rescheduled dates. tthe band did go into detail about jagger's illness or treatment. >> mick jagger has been performing fcades. and knowing him, he will be
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back. >> yeah. one of those guys that -- y trip up, you bounce back, get back on stage, keep performing. today you may see some new -- try that again.ou todayay begin seeing new ads raising awareness about the dangers of smoking. >> the cters for disease control and prevention is launching a new campaign with help from the family of a television ads will feature the daughter of trektrek's -- of "star trek's" leonard nimoy. before he died he urged people to stop smoking. his daughter is continuing the fight. >> even ough it's really hard to quit, you can't give up. you have to keep trying. and if you -- if you fall backwards, just -- youtart again. >> the nimoy ads are just part of theom tips former smoke campaign. tobacco is blamed for half a million deaths in the u.s. every
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year. those numbers staggering. >> really is amazing. 6:. there appears to be an app for just about everything.t you can free ride, not a free ride, get a ride, you have to pay for it, foo delivered, you can sell anything in your house. >> ahead, an app designed specifically for your pets. chuck? all right. our friends at muirfield gardens, gardening tips, a good time. year to plant erry trees. you can be like the tidal basin and put out the puffy white sh os, there are puffy whites, dark pink, double pink, and those that bloom in autumn. >> reporter: as you can see i'm doing dips here to help out my w-t >> triceps. >> with conversion fitness trainer. coming up next, ishe scale your friend or your enemy? there's the scale beside me.
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welcome back. 6:16. you know gone are the days of a. simple dog pa >> not with these spoiled dogs. it seems like the pet industry is really booming in the u.s. expertssay the industry is worth nearly $72 billion. on-demand services including wag, fetch, and rover help pet owners find dog walkers and pet sitters as needed. you may have also noticed reative s getting more with places for pets and their owners to unwind. there are several dog and cat-friendly cafes in and around the district. tyowe are still with helping you get fit for spring.
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many measure success by what the scale says. our mollet green has a goal to lose 20 pounds. >> how often should you be wearing yourself? mollet is checking in with her trainer trying to answer that, as well. looking good out there. >> reporter: thank you so much. we're finishing up dips. how many sets? >> four sets of 12 to 15. >> rgorter: this is someth you can do any time, anywhere, at the gym or not. here's the question -- to scale or not to scale? to get on the s ale --we've got a scale here on the floor. >> man. >> reporter: you put the numr out, 20 pounds. that has been my lerown is my trainer at fitness for less in nbowie. rsion fitness is your thing. what do you say about the scale? >> if you're just starting out on your fitness and wellness journey and weight has always been a struggle, i wouldn't recommend that you get on the scale every week. it's going to be an roller coaster for you. >> reporter: that's how i feel.
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to tell the truth, i have felt the eotional ride of doing this -- >> yes. >> reporter: but tell us why you should not really do the scale. >> reporter: you do it at the beginning of the goal. >> absolutely. you want to have a target yes. >> reporter: there are so many factors that can throw you of> right. one of the things we talk about is sleep. if you're not getting enough hsleep, if you're notrating properly. then if you're falling off your eating or not training properly, all -- your stress level. all those things can affect your weight. >> it's normal to go up and down. >> weight cycling. sometimes you'll start your fitness lljourney, youlose weight and stop, then you'll gain weig there's a weight cycle as your body gets used to the training regimen. >> thank you so much. leona is going to be leading this free boot camp here in prince george's county coming up on friday, april 12th.'m >> excited. >> we have a whole full-screen graphic for you. get fit for spring with me and
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leona leona. the american heart association, diabetes association. we'll be there at 5:30 sweating it up, getting fit for spring. >> getting fit for i love it. >> you raid for the class? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: you're going to killus-- >> no. >> all fitness levels. we'll talk later inhe hour. we'll give you some exercises you can do anywhere, home, at work or even on travel. back ito you. what are we doing next? >> we can do a little more dips. let's do it. >> reporter: okay. >> we're confident you can handle it. >> good form. she's got it -- >> always checkih in,k bell. >> i'm tired the just listening to that. up, down, give me 20. 34 degrees on a monday mortgage morning. -- monday morning. not enticing you to get out. and the wind continues to blow. northwest winds at 15 mil per hour. it will be a windy to blustery at least first half to three quarters of the day.
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temperatures are all within a whisper of the freezing mark, just barely above in washington. barely below now freezing at the dulles airport and 31 in martinsburg. with the wind blowing, windchills are in the low to mid 20s today. your commute, the good news about the commute, dry roads in, d roads home. nice, bright, and sunny. it's afternoon outside. 52 today. ten degrees colder than average. you can use the nbc washington app to stay ahead of the forecast and find and follow me on social media. just posted the daily picture of the puppies on instagram, the threcast for you. moisture across panhandle of florida will be a developing storm off the georgia coast .later tod then by late tomorrow, that storm will be off the outer bannas of north carol that means that clouds will roll in during the day tomorrow. and there will be a chance for some showers later in the afternoon and evening. the best ra w chancel be along i-95, and points east to the bay and the eastern sho shore. probably going to stay dry tomorrow in the shenandoah valley. a couple of showers possible right here through the d.c.o
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merea. rain likely tomorrow. especially later in the day across sohern maryland. there's your five-day forecast. and sunny today. 53 tomorrow. a chance of showers, mainly south and east of washington. breezyut sunny and bhooimild, h of 67.he survive and rain chances ba-- sunshine and then rain chances improve on friday. fort washington to indiangh head ay between fort washington and the area, construction happening through the afternoon.r and ouloop, right side blocked by an gw parkway. a a ramp to macthur is blocked by a truck that can't make the turn. the top of the beltway, normal
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right now. inbound 66 or 95, no major issues. listen to wtop 103
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welcome back. 6:24. we're rking for you to help your family get ready for college. >> your teen wastend into
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fastweb, niche, and are free. scolly charges a membership feeg the payou pay for determines how many scholarships they'll reveal. we asked them what sets them apart from the free sites. members ge who instantly proofreads their college essays, academic papers and resumes. you can apply to as many h arships as you want. just one big, important thing, pay close attention to the deadlines. because if you miss them, you could be leaving a lot of moy on the table. back to you. coming up, terrifying video of a crazy crash that injured a little girl. this morning, we are hearing from her parents. heir message for the driver coming up. plus, new accusations of inappropriate action, this time former joe biden at the centerm. of th hear from his accuser and bind's response next. chuck? good morning, everybody.
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6:30 as you wake up on this monday. look at that beautifulsky. we lope you enjoy the -- we hope you enjoy the warm weather. as we kick off another work its week, the temperatures have plummeted. >> tthre is good news, ugh. your commute will still be scenic thanks to the sunrise, maybe some cherry blossoms on your way in. the monuments are o.rgeous, today the cherry blossoms are expected to be in peak bloom. we'll check in with news4's aimee cho on the dal basin in a few minutes. first, good morning, everyone. and to you. welcome back. >> thank you odo much. >> o see you back. i know you were enjoying your vacation. we wanted you back, though. good to see you, too. i missed you guys. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. >> thanks foroining us. we are working for you to help you start your monday with everythinyou need to know. it starts with your commute with
6:31 am
melissa mollet and the all-important forecast with chuck bell. there is not okay, chuck. it's april 1st. >> i know but keep in mind the record low for this morning in washington is 15 degrees. seriously. as cold as it is we're notven within a mile of a record. beautiful color in our sky this morning. already a little bit of a cherry blossom pink in thesky. the winds have stayed up all night long. averaging r 15 miles hour. windchills are in the mid 20s this morning. not just around town, but windchills down near 20 in winchester, 21 in manassas. 29 in annapolis. it wie. be a cold happy birthday to the two knuckleheads that managed to get thgough life without workt all. my girl isabella is 6, polka dot lou is turning 1 today. good dog-walking weather. outside of the breeze and the chill, it wndl be bright a sunny from start to finish. look on the bright side. melissa, good morning. we're doing that for
6:32 am
ecially when you see the windchill. inner loop, outer loop, everything has cleared. we look normal. there centreville, eastbound 66 after 29, a crash there on the right side of the roadway. isking a look here at fort washington, this the slow spot causing problems inbound o1 northbound between fort washington road and old fort road, left lane is getting by. though water main repairs right w. it's very slow. if you can do something different, you might want to. that's going to last through the commute. 95 here northbound, southbound, maryland, powder mill, no problems there. aaron? >> all right. thank you. and melissa mentioned this -- a portion of northbdind head highway between fort washington road and old fort road is back opente a water main break. this was yesterday when weaw the water shooting into the air. >> that water main break is inusing a boil-water advisory in a portion of p george's county. 23,000 customers are under the advisory including the fort
6:33 am
washington and national harbor areas. news4's nicole jacobs will be live with more in 15 minutes. the woman accusingormer ce president joe biden of inappropriate behavior is going public. >> lucy flores says biden behaved inappropriately during a 2014 campaign event in nevada. flores says he smelled her hair, putis put his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her head. nbc has not independently verifieded this took place. flores is not saying that anything irtlegal or o sexual happened. she spoke who msnbc's casey hunt last night.he >> are videos. there are photos. there are full-onco compilation. and you can see the discomfort in women's faces. it's been dismissed as if it's just biden be biden, boys will be boys, no big deal. le bidends the early democratic polls in the race for president. he released a statement saying,
6:34 am
quote, i may not recall these moments the same way, and i may be surprised at what i hear. but we have arrived at an im important when women feel they can and they should relate their experiences, and should pay attention. and i will.ew etails about the murder of a university of south carolina student. samantha josephson was killed after getting inhe what s thought was her uber on friday night. police accuse the driver, nathaniel roland, of lling her and dumping her body in a remote area about 65 miles from campus. investigators say the child safety locks on the car were turned on, and that prevented anyone in the back at from getting out of the car. according to the arrest warrant, her body was covered in windows. roland is charged with kidnapping and murder. 6:34. police in georgia are still searching for the driver in a hit and run that nearly kied a 9-year-old girl. this crash was caught on surveillance camera. we should warn you, the video
6:35 am
n be upsetting to watch. this was friday night when that little girl was playing in front of her -- in her front yarden a car failed to turn and instead plowed into the front of her home. she survived, but was badly injured and is in the hospital the driver and passenger took off after the impact. the little girl's fher described the panic that ensued. >> driving to the emergency room, i had her head laying on my lap. and i -- her legs weretrched across the front se. i had my hands on her chest to make sure she was breathing and her heas still beating. >> the family is begging for ths person who isnsible to come forward and take responsibility. you can see more coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. after "news4 today." we're learning new details about the moments leading up to a drowning at a lake in northerr nia. fairfax county police say ingia trin was walking his dog on a path next to lake braddock
6:36 am
saturday. the dog broke loose, went into the water. trin jumped in after it. 40refighters found his bodies minutes later. he had drowned. the dog 6:36 is the time. today is the day blossom watchers have been waiting for, peak bloom. it was busy at the tidal basin this weekend with people posting cherry blossom photos all over social media. the have more on how blooms are looking this morning. it was pretty windy yesterday.h 's it looking? >> reporter: good morning. it's looking great. peak bloom is absolutely beautiful. no matter how many times you see it, it always takes your breathy and i'm joaned this morning by -- joined by mike litters from l the natiarks service. thank you so much for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> it is pretty chilly. do you think this will affect the blossoms? >> it is chi it was chilly yesterday. we had some highin yesterday. the temperatures are still well
6:37 am
above the danger threshold for the blossoms it's got to get to 27 or below before they're danger. we had rain yesterday, high winds. but the blossoms a new enough, strong enough, they're holding on well. we didn't see much in the way of petals falling yesterday. >> reporter: a relief to hear. what are some of your pro tips for people to get the most out of the experience? >> of course, if you get down during the week as opposed to the weekend, that's always best to avoid some of the crowds. and earlier in the day. we alwa see folks coming dow after work or after dinner for a stroll around the blossoms. so middle part of the day. we have a lot of folks trying to crash a sunrise shot with the blossoms in the backgrounds. >> thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. also another pro tip, public to be rtation is going your best friend. there is absolutely nowhere to park here the tidal basin. so heads-up on that. and we've also got a list of the
6:38 am
upcoming festivities in the nbc washington app just search "cherry blossoms." back to you. >> so pretty out there. 6:38. at update on the journey to get fit for spring. olette green is live at the gym. looking good. than i'm with conversion fitness trainer leona. and coming up, we're going to talk about four things, four exercises you can dony ere, work, travel -- >> yes. >> at home. >> yep. >> stawith us. y ♪
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uva is back at home getting fady for the finalur run. >> wow. the video of the team arriving yesterday. here iis. the first time they've been in the final four since 1984, and what a game.
6:41 am
ththiller. cavs beat purdue 80-75 in overtime on saturday. i mean, every minute was uva will take on number-five seed auburn university. they join texas tech and michigan state which beat duke. thank you so much. >> this is texas tech's first time in school history getting into the final four. we're alad because duke beat virginia tech, so we're glad michigan state beat duke, all th stuff. don't final four games will take place there saturday. >> of course, the championship game is set for monday. now here isyour cnbc morning business report. i'm porter: good morning, frank holland at cnbc headquarters. the cheesecake factory is teaming one jordache food. the first custors can claim a reward at cheesecake can get a $25 gift card for an order. i promise this is not anapril fool's prank. with your business report, i'm frank holland.
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and good morning, everybody. sun's coming up on a monday morning. a beautiful, bright and sunny day today. car wash forecast, take your chances for today, no probles. 's a chance for some rain for parts of the area tomorrow. we'll detail who and when comin up. some problems here in prince george's county this morning. inbound 210, a major slowdown. a proberm on 270, a on 66. we'll take a look at your travel times, as well. >> reporter: and a massive repair project is underway here on route 210. it does come with water wirnings.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
yo need extra time this morning if you normally take northbound indian head highway between fort washington ro and old fort road. the water main break tom yesterda repairs are still happening. >> the water main break is affecting more than just drivers. n news4'sole jacobs is live in fort washington now with details on a boil-water advisory affecting thounds of customers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can see t extensive repair project that is underway right now here on route 210. the wsscok person says the in nch main break broke several places, shortly after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. you look to ftleyou can see the northbound lane is open. the left northbound lane now
6:46 am
open. traffic is able to squeeze by, but it wi impact the commute. as a result of the break, wssc says that a water boil is under effect for 23,000 customers. those who live in the 0 to potomac river and from the washington, d.c., line south to the piscataway creek. let's listen to the spokesper n spokesperson. >> that means before consuming your water, you need bring it to a rolling boil for three minutes, anden tet it cool. that's any water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, brushing your truth, even giving to your aypets, baby formula -- making baby formula. that water needs to be boiled and cooled before use. if you're unsure of whether you'r in the area or not, we have an interactive map on our website. >> reporter: thek tie-up will be in effect -- traffic
6:47 am
tie-up will be in effect into well into the afternoon water boil will be in affect until tomorrow afternoon. wssc sa wi keep its customers updated. back to you. >> nicole jacobs for us. thank you. 6:4 now details about the controversy surrounding lieutenant governor justin fairfax of rgia. two women accuse him of sexual assault. and fairfax says the encounters were consensual, and he's taking a polygraph test to prove he is innocent. >> professor tyson says he forced her to perform a sexct during t 2004 democratic national convention. during that polygraph, fairfax was asked, after leaving boston, did vanessa contact you and suggest visiting you and meeting her mother? he replied, yes. fairfax's office says the polygraphh showed answer was truthful. this morning, professor tyson will be interviewed by cbs' gayle king. >> the virginia people need to know who it is that that i elected.
6:48 am
they need -- that they elected. they need to know. >> professor tyson's legal team issued this statement in response to the polygraph. it says in part, quote, this is all the more reason the virginia legislature should take bi rtisan action when thet on wednesday to ensure all sides are able to testify on the record, in public, and makeca their. police in prince george's county say the person whoilhot anded a woman is still at large. ashanti carmen was shot several times, her body was found saturd morning. vestigators don't have a suspect or motive, and it's unclear whether thefact that ashanti was transgender played a role in her murder. her ance, phillip williams, told news4 he can't imagine why someone would want to hurt he >> see that did not deserve to leave this earth so early, especially the way she went out. she did notat deserve i'm going to miss per face every
6:49 am
day. i'm going to miss her i'ile. going to miss every inch of her. >> williams said went out with friends friday night. according to the national center ofnsgender equality, transgender people face extraordinary levels of violence and assault, especially women. 6:49. president trump's threat to close the u.smexico border is week still stands, and it is not a bluff. that's according to top white house officials. the president made the threat oy fri saying if illegal border crossings are not stopped, he'll close the border and, quote, keep it closed for a long timesu ch a shutdown would disrupt millions of leg border crossings and billions in trades. meanwhile, democrats are standing firm their demand that they made last week. party leaders want general william barr to release special counsel mueller's report by tomorrow. it seems that is not likely. barr says he'll release a redacted version of the report d by pril. while the president has claimed
6:50 am
barr's summary exonerates him of anwrongdoing, a new poll suggests the majority of amicans see it differently. an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds 40% of thos surveink the report does not clear the president. 29% say it does. 31% are unsure. it is now 6:50. let's t an back ourtention to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. beautiful look at the sky. cold out ther >> yes, indeed. clear skies overnight have helped allow temperatures to drop down near or below the freezing mark. it had been a lot colder if thed wind eally laid down. here we are at 6:50 in the in mo two or three minutes and the sun will be up, and n.thearm one will be it won't be a big climb. near 30 this morning to near 50 this afternoon. and we're nowhere near the latest freeze dates on record. the last freeze on record in washington happened way befo national airport was a thing, happened before the wright
6:51 am
brothers knew about it.30 degrees on april 29th, 1874. 31 les airport dropped to degrees in may of 2002. may 22ndda. near memorial day weekend. and bwi-marshall, 32 on the of may, 1966. today is only april 1st. we have aong way to go before we can officially say there's no chance for a freeze. 34 this morning. the windchill is down to 24. windchill's down close or nea 20 degrees across much of the area. don't plan on a warm one at ally to the cold wind will be with us all day long. a hard freeze likely for everywhere except the downtown areas for tomorrow morning in bayside. your school day forecast, a cold one today. outdoor recess,whbut a, that's going to be chilly. emperatures staying about ten degrees colder than average. tomorrow clouds will increase. there will be a risk of showers late tomorrow as the storm over the florida panhandle comes up the coast tomorrow.
6:52 am
it isn't going to be a guaranteed rain for everybody. there could be showers tomorrow i-95 eastbound to the bay. then we'll dry back out again oe nesday. a little breezy on wednesday again. with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, no one will care. mid 60s wednesday and thursday, high chance of rain on thfriday. t could be the end of the peak blooming period. melissa, get your cherry blossom photos taken immediately. >> all right. good to ow. you told us. 295 southbound at old 100, you have a crash delays blocking it southbound. they switched the camera to give us a better view. that is good news there. fort washington, northbound indianee head highway be fort washington and old fort road. take a look at that slowdown. left lane is sll the only thing getting by the water main repairs. that's going to last through the afternoon. avoid that if you inoop, outer loop of the beltway, no real complaints there. manassas, eabound 66 after prince william parkway, lanes blocked by a crash there. fairfax, eastbound 50 at nutley, an accident, as well. 95 looking okay.
6:53 am
you can see here on 66 and on 95 no major delays. looking pretty normal. being 40 miles per hour in bound, on both roads of course. 270 southbound from germantown to the spur, picks up the pace a little t. then you're going 37 miles per hour, not crawling like you are at 109. -ter loop, up top, 95 to 295, 30 to 270, 30 miles per hour. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. wn you hop in the car. this morning you may notice a smoother commute on the shington. road crews shut down sections so potholes coulbe patched up. workers focused on the pap between d197 -- the part between 197 and late month there will be a long-term repaving project. people have been worried about that roadway for a long time. if you are following molette green on her journey to get fit for spring, you should be a
6:54 am
little over halfway there by now. >> maybe you're getting bored with your routine. mo fet hasur exercises you can as at thint. >> reporter: i'm doing the dips as i showed you we have leona showing us several other options here. leona, you having what go on? >> we vehe pushups. working the upper body, the chest. actually engaging t core, too. >> reporter: next -- >> the springer crunches. work on the core. a goodr, cardio move as well. >> reporter: i'm doing hadips. wt are you going to show us? >> plank-ups. >> as you know, i'm not doing that live on television. all of these are great at home, work. >> you can do them anywhere. take a break at your job, in the hotel, even do it at the airport. i ywhere. >> reporter: ove it. r want to thank our conversion
6:55 am
fitness traine leona for helping me out. can i please get prince george's county to come on out, leond i and everybody, we're going to be getting fit for spring with a boot camp. it's freeway on apil 12th. >> come, come, come. >> a friday morning at the westphalia community centerment i'm out of breath doing the dips. >> me, too. >> we'llerave more lat on. let's get fit right now. get back to the plankups. >> who's the trainer here? >> great form. great tips. thank u. 6:55. here are four things to know this morning. the search continues for the suspect in rapper psey hussle's murder. he was gunned down outside his clothing store in los angeles yesterday. of on the outpouring support from fans and the entertainment industry coming up next on the "today" show. > a woman accused former vice president joe biden of touching and kissing her during a campaign event inn 2014
6:56 am
nevada. biden released a statement saying he does not recall those moments the same way. you can see the full story coming up "tohey." is a boil-water fovisory in effect forks in portions of southern prince george's county all because of the water main break you see tere. j hoped up yesterday on indian head highway. we've posted an interactive map for the advisory in the nbc washington app. >> reporter: i is peak bloom day for the cherry blossoms. i'm at the tidal basin. this week will be the best to see the ossoms in full oom. roe national cherry blossom festival runs thugh next weekend. find everything you need to know in the nbc washington app. your ten-day forecast, chilly and breezy. likely a hard breeze in the suburbs. 35 downtown. showers late in the dayto orrow. the best chance for everyone to get rain comes on friday. ourlowest spotround town, inbound 210 between fort washington road and o fort
6:57 am
road, left lane the only thing getting by the water main break and the repairs. you were looking at that geyser a while ago. it's going to be slow throughout the day. >> here we are. ok at us. >> ta-da. >> all together again. >> that's right. >> the ng's all re. >> for two weeks. >> right. then vacation. just vacation. that is "news4 today." thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes. enjoy the blossoms.
6:58 am
hi, i'm jeff. in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me, "are those bigger patties?" wolf comes in and sa "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties. fits on a biscuit.
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. good morning, battle lines. president trump's new threat to close the mexican border one esting overnight he's playing nice, while democrats step up the fight to see the entireueller report by tomorrow. we are live in washington with the very latesty never mintention, former viceresident joe biden defends his treatment of women while addressing for the first tim allegations of inappropriate touching. >> i just kept thinking the vice president of the united states is smelling me, the vice president of the united states is touching me. he's kissing me, and i just don't -- i juston't know what to do. >> this morning what it could mean for biden's possible 2020 run. tragic mistake. a young college student


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