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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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counsel's office. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins withak bg news. first tonight stories of heartbreak and heroism after a dead fire after a complex in calvert county. >> a woman and her granddaughter died in the fire that also injured several firefighters, but neighbors may have sav others by jumping to action before help arrived. >> derrick is at chesapeake beach talking to members of a community still in shock. >> reporter: wendy and leon, they are. this is a tight knit community here. yo see this memorial just went up on the tree outside of the area. actually inside the fence. you cane s't see it from here. there's teddyom bearsne put up earlier. this is all part of remembering and trying to overcome therief of what happened in the loss in that fire yesterday afternoon. hke a look. this is what folks to say today. families and homes that were still standing were allowed ty salvage whatuld after a
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fire that began yesterday afternoon. ges spread so quickly thwendy and herranddaughter couldn't get out in time. she lost a motndr niece. >> they were together. . they found most of them with their arms around each other. >> they w dt they could. >> we went door-to-door from the second one, third one, fourth one, this e one, that first over here to get people out. >> it was traveling underneath the hou from the first one and it was literally moving underneath and then it engulfed th second one and there was -- it kept on spreading underneath all the houses. and then they actual turned into match sticks. >> now neighbors from the development are doing they can to help the survivors. >> a whole lot of people, people that you would never know was reaching out. >> others like travis showed up to find out why a friend w hadn't showed up for wednesday night bowling league hadn't shown up. now heno lost everything.
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devastating. >> reporter: meanwhile investigators are working to fine out how this tragedy happened and why. >> i don't look to believe they have any suspicious at this time. >> reporter: back with you live, ioust spoke a young woman who lives in this community who took it on herself to spend about $700 for the surviving victims of this fire. and that'sust an indication of how things are here. people have been coming by doing that sort of thing all day. you see the fences up around the property there. they'r bringing some heavy equipment in to knock the houses down and clear away the rubble as the investigati begins. here's something else we need to tell you. ucalvert countyally has the annual easter feflt vstival in ball field. they're going to move it to theu northeast cty center which is just across the street sort of because of this, but they also want to make sure that people who attend bring
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nonperishable food items to help the folks r tover froms fire. of course, the most devastating effect of this is that famil that lost two lives. we are live in calvert county. derric ward, news 4. back to you. >> it's great to see the community trying to pitch in and help out. derrick ward, thank you. now to that breaking news on the bt way this afternoon. a fiery crash on the inner loop near van dorn. >> all lanes of the bell way have been open for a little more than an hour, but here is the crash that caused it all. captured on cvil phone o, the entire rig just going up in flames. >> the timing wasam soiar for some belt way drivers. early in the afternoon one week to the day after that tanker truckea crashed the american legion bridge in mlain. >> new julie carey live at today's crash scene. julie, thankfully, this was not a 12 hour long cleanup situteion. >> repr: no, it was not a repeat performance. in fact, the amazi thing is this is a better than usual rush
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hour. those cleanup crews were in such a hurry to get the bet way reopened, you can see the burned foam insulation, they just shove today offhe belt w and on to the side of the road. when the semi hit the jerseyie ba around 1:40 this afternoon, that insulation provided fuel for the fire. take a look at this cell phone video. it was made just minutes after the crash. flames, a big plume of dark smoke. the semi cab actually wound up lane. outer loop this jumped that jerseyarrier. a load also poured into this lane. fire crews inairfax rushed here to begin dousing the flame. that took about 45 minutes. once the fire was under control, then that big cleanup job began, but for about0 minutes tha afternoon, all lanes, outer loop and inner loop of the belt way, were closed for miles snarling yaffic. but b about 4:45, all lanes
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back open again. another remarkable thing about this crash here today, the driver of that semi truck was not injured. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. they wand to look him over. right now virginia state police, they still have some work to do they need to figure out what caused this crash. back to you in the studio. >> amazing that nobody was hurt. thank you, julie. right now a crowd is starting to form in lafayette park. their battle cry, release the report. the protests outside the white house was organized by a coalition ofes prove groups. they are demanding the full release of the special counsel's report on russian interference in the016 election. and obstruction ofjustice. >> these protests add to growing pressure on attorney general william barr as members ofrt ro mueller's special counsel team vent their frustrations with barr's decion to clear president trump of obstruction. nbc news has confirmed that a "new york times" report that some investigators say their findings are more daging to president trump than barr has
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revealed. "the washington post" adds that some investigators say they believe the evidence is alarming. significant and, quote, much more acute than barr sugtested. 22 months of silence from the special counsel's office, the revelations are widely considered to be a warning shot. the mueller team is watching t what happens t product of their work. blayne alexander at the white house with reaction from there. >> reporter: leon, today sarah sanders said the critics are looking for new ways to attack president trump. meanwhile, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, jerr, nadlent a new letter to the attorney general william barr saying he is b troubled the way mueller's report was handled and he wants bar to immediately release any summary written by the special counsel. a u.s. offial tells nbc news some membersnsf special c robert mueller's team are frustrated that president tr,p's attorney gener william barr, in hisge four summary, cleared president trump of obstructi of justice even
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though mueller reached no conclusion and mueller's teammb mes say the evidence that president trump tried to disrupt the investigation is s than barr suggested. >> i have full confidence in the attorney general andis assessment. >> reporter: the justice department says barr had no choice but to reach a conclusion on obstruction because ruless sy he ultimately in charge of the russia investigation. >> we nd a full accounting of the president's actions. >> reporter: all of it adding fuel to fiery democrats a day after a house committee vote on the subpoena for mueller's full unredacted report. >> we'reoing to fight hard to make sure that the results of that investigation are not buried by tid prt's hand-picked attorney general. >> president trump tweeting nothing we can ever give to the democrats makehem happy calling it presidential harassment. barr has promised to release a redacted version and testify before congress. tmocrats also digging in on president trump's returns. formally filing a request with the treasury department for six
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years worth of the president's tax returns. >> we' under order.un l such time i'm not under order. >> i you're runni in 2020, release your tax returns. >> reporter: sayt would be good for the country. today the justice department said attorney general barr was not trying to summarize the nearly 400 page report but to release the bottom line findings and do so quickly knowing that report would be made public once redacted. back to you. >> blayne alexander reporting house.he white today new threats from president trump to punish mexico for what he calls the crisis at the border. but he appears to be delaying any threat t close the border. the president said mexican authorities have one year to reduce illegal immigration drug trafficking and gang violence or he will take action. that could inc tariffs or border clongs and it has many people in border towns
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concerned. if the drugs don't stop, mexico can stop them if they want, we're going to tear up the cars. the cars are very big. if that doesn't work, we're going to close the border. >> costs will go up. they'll probably go up two or three times. >> the president is headed to california tomorrow to tour part of the border and to view a piece of border barrier which has been upgraded in recent months. he a of the weather now. some clouds moving in as we put e cap on a pretty nice thursday. >> it was nice until we started seeing thoseth clouds. 're bringing some changes for friday, huh, doug? >> those clo cs comingrtesy of our next storm system. out there right now is the warmest it's been all day. 68 degrees the current temperature in d.c. we've got 70s to the south but look to the north. 54 degrees right now in st. college. is is the cooler air that will make its way in fomorrow. not just cooler air that will make tomorrow nasty.
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owit's this storm to the sought. look at the rain sound to the southern portions of the, u.s. co rainy, dreary, just plain nasty for friday. i'll take you hour by hour and show you how the storm impacts your weekend as well. see you back heren about ten minutes. wastingo time in addressing scandals that have plagued the arch diocese. >> wilton gregory says he's up for the task of restoring trust among parishioners here in the nation's capital. >> erika gonzales jning us with a closer look at this historic appointment. >> reporter: this morning's press conference was a glimpse into who gregory is, a man who does not mince rds. he also seemed very sincere. he was very passionate and at times even lighthearted. while this will no doubt be ana uphille for the archbishop, he has pledged his love foris flock and says that
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he will be truthful. >> and i think so much of what we are facing now was a misuse power, an abuse of power, clerical power. power that was intended in too many cases tond dominate destroy lives. >> reporter: the dmv is meeting its new archbishop wil gregory for the first time thday. 71-year-old priest who will be coming from atlanta was put to map out the difficult roa that lies ahead. one, where he will have to reignite hop while he admits he cannot undo the past, he says he will rebuild people's trust. when iha asked w he will do first in his ministry in washington, ggory sai he plans on being in the field visiting the parishes, speaking with priests and lending h to the catholic faithful who are
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willing to share their stories even if they're painful. >> well, we've certainly given our faithful lots of reasons to leave the chwach. to provide a few reasons to stay. >> reporter: the archbishop official installation is set for may 21st. backver to you in the studio. this morning archbishop gregory talked about tod being the anniversary of dr. martin luther king jr.'s assassination. he said he remembers that day 51 years ago and talked about how it changed his life. we'll play that for you andet some perspective on today's announcement with a live interview coming up at 6:30. still to cometonight, a bizarre twist in the case of a man claiming to be a boy who was kidnapped eight years ago. the fbi announced he's not who he says he is. the missi boy's family heartbroken all over again. reacting to this news. there are still students
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the hospital after that tragic crash outside of duval high school. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4, can a program targeting teen driver safety change the culture? altercations caught on camera at a apartment complex involving the same special police officer. xt , the new legal action xt , the new legal action just filed z388pz z16fz
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y388py y16fy
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t snot everybody can be a winner like aldi.tant. their products have won over 400 awards for quality. kind of like cooper's solar system. but hey we did great too. not aldi great, but regular great... beat him... ...plants? know what's really great? the low prices at aldi. save on fremont fish market large cooked shrimp, now just $5.49. aldi. shop differentli. tonightid three d.c. rts are suing a local security mpany and an apartment complex over the alleged actions of one special police officer. >> we want too do something stop this before if t gets worse. >> the news 4 i-team broke this
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story monday night. people upset with how they say that officer treated them and howy couldn't get anybody to listen tots their complain. >> investigative reporter jodier fleischer is with what they want to see happen nic. >> that o had each of those people arrested claiming they assaulted him. prosecutors later dismissed all charges, but they say someone should have hel the officer they're hoping these lawsuits will get the attention of the security company and apartment managers. armed with videos like these, ents are d.c. res hoping to finally get action for incidents they say should never havepened. >> i just want justice to be served. >> ty each spent a night in jail accused of assaulting special police officer john simon. the agent started with trying to remove them or a loved one he believed shouldn't have been on the property he was assigned to protect. >> i know police ofcers have e duty to use reasonable force, but i think we make a
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case for excessive force in these incidents. >> attorney dawn jackson nowll representshree plaintiffs. the lawsuits claim that garden k douglas apartment complex, its management company and a d security all should have taken action sooner to stop what they cavey aggressive behavior. >> the tenants haveomplained. i think we will be able to show that notice was given bth g was done. >> one of the security companies owners, a former mpd officer, failed to show up for a scheduled interview with the steam. officeon drove away when we tried to speak with him. two of the plaintiffs said we have permanent physical injuries and all three told t i-team they were traumatized by that officer. >> it's hurtful. we have some clients that have children that witnessed the sault. witnessed the parents being taken away. unacceptable. >>ss calvin ropends many days
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outside his mom's house andil whe he's not involved in this case, he told the i-team he's seen several encounters withce ofsimon. >> he comes out right away, you don't have a chance to do nothing but take off or let him attack you. so most of them run. >> the lawsuits allege the officer filed false police reports saying the three assaulted him when he actually assaulted them. all three told the i-team they had trouble filing a complai with mpd's security officers management branch. >> they were told that they could not because of the relationship that this company has with the metropolitan police department. >> now a d.c. councilman is considering legislation to he e independent office of police complaints handle the investigation of special police officers. like it does f mpd and housing authority police. the plaintiffs hope their stories make a difference. >> before it does, i want it stopped.o >> accordingd.c. records posted online, that officer n
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longer works for the security company. apartment management told me a & d noonger has that contract. we reached out to all of the companies named in the lawsuits. nne responded with a comment. jodie fleischer,s 4 i-team. >> nice work, jodie. thank you. folks, you watch the i-tiam's entire invtion by visiting our nbc washington app. if you have any information about this story, you can send the team a tip. some new video just in from i-66. you can see the flames in what looks like some kind of a chain reaction crash. hese are the eastbound lanes headed into washington. is video taken just before 6:00 p.m. we have call out for more information, but youee canhe backup it is already causing. this is a look at traffic on 66 right n which is a challenge on a good day. we'll keep you updated as we learn more, but again, that i-66
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headed into d.c. >> six or seven cars in a row. a big change tonight for the rmon church. it is reversing controversial rules that critics say discriminated against the lgbtq community. today the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is realing the ban for parents of gay children and getting rid of the rule that makes gay marriage a sin for expulsion there have been a lot of changes since 2018. this could be the biggest one yet. two students remain in the hospital after this crashir outside t prince george's county high school. the teenagers in the car were not wearing seat belts and county leaders say that is a big problem. they're pushing safety on the orroads as prince 's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us, thatas point driven home to students today. >> reporter: students load into
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the cafeteria for a life-saving discresion. >> youur leaders now. i didn't say future leaders. you are our leaders now. >> reporter: prince georgeil county couoman monique anderson walker is warning these students drive and ride safely. >> we hope in time you will see less and less accidents with our 16, 17, 18-year-olds. >> five students were injured near the school and police say they were cut off by another vehicle last tuesday. while police say the student driver did not appear to be at fault, no one in the car was wearing a sea belt. all of the students are n covering. two are stille hospital. >> i was so sad and i was just really hoping and praying for them that they were okay. >> reporter: today students signed contracts vowing safer driving. the teens we talked to say the pledge to avoid disruptions is right on time. >> for such a tragic accident to happen, sometng that can actually bring the community together and help us actually discuss issues that we k throw under the rug.
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>> we raised over 100 for those students yesterday so the really s a whole i being conscious about it. there's lots of conversation about it. >> anderso walker initially focussed her campaign on young drivers in her district along the indian head highway routeoa 210 area, a considered one of the deadliest in our region. >> there's so many accident that occurred on 210, but this isn't about210. this is about the driving culture d wherever you'ving. >> reporter: the council woman left duval and made the presentation at two oth high schools today. she is hoping this program will go regional moving outsidef o prince george's county. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. well, we all have a festive friday, right? coming up on news 4 at 6:00, a cold rainy, maybe even nasty friday is what we've got coming. >> doug is timing the rain a what o
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warm day that we had to break out the sunglasse and save the um brbrella. >> last night's home opener was really nice. we got a couple good home openers. right now in the 6:00 hour is actually the nicest it has been aly. it's been a pretty nice day. take a look. we've got sunshine out there right now. the temperature the warmest it's been all day. a beautiful day all around really is quite nice here, but once again, this is it. it's not going to last all that long.
6:26 pm
temperatures drop into the 60s.s a very nice night tonight. 63it garsburg. we're on the warm side for most areas. right along the water annapolis at 56. no rain, but you notice a couple of showers trying to show up here. this is all bmause of a sys way back to the west and a little moisture trying to move on in here but not hitting the ground. this is, though. this is a lot of rain down ire our southern of mississippi and alabama. not much in the way of severe weather, but all of this is making the way our way will move in during the day tomorrow. what else is going toove in is cooler air. you've got cool air and rain. that's why i'm callingomorrow a nasty day. jackets and umbrellas.g showers durhe 7:00, 8:00 hour. 52 degrees at recess. rain reset b indoors and the time we pick up our kids, temperature around 55 degrees. a kind o nasty rainy day. a little bit of a dreary day on friday tnd. saturdayunday a lot
6:27 pm
better. saturday maybe an early shower, early clouds,inhen g way to sunshine in the afternoon., stly cloudy on sunday. then watching monday. monday a couple of things happening. we've got strong storm moving our way. we could see a couple thunderstorms with this. ahead of it we get nic and warm, maybe one of the warmest soys we've seen so far this year. areas maybe close to 80. and more much on the rest of that forecast coming up at 6:45. >> t doug,nk you. coming up at 6:30, a family forced to relive the heartbreak of a child disappearing. dna test results not a match for a young man wholaimed to be boy who's been missing since 2011. >> and when we come back, we'll dig deeper into the new appointment for the arch diocese of washington. a live interview about the changes awaiting
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we've certainly givenur faithful a lot of reasons to leave the church. i want to provide a few reasons to stay. but i always have to tell you the truth. and that's going to seem -- i have to tell youhe truth. and i will. >> archbishop wilton gregory addressing scandals and vowing change here as he prepas to take the helm of the washington arch diocese. >> speaking this morning, the archbishop said it's important to rebuild trust among the faithful. >> gregory's t appointment the nation's capital is historic. he becomes the first african-american archbishop for washington. he's been archbhop of atlanta since 2005 and his arrival here
6:31 pm
comes as the arch diocese a the catholic church as a whole cope with snificant controversies. news 4 erika gonzalez reports. >> welcome archbishop wilton gregory, seventh archbishop of washington. >> reporter: a new chapter in washington's arch diocese begins with a show of unity. cardinal donald whirl himself introducing his successor archbishop wilton gregory. >> i accept the -- >> cardinal whirl resigned last fuel when he didn't do enough to stop predator priests in ttsburgh. at this conference, gregory was quick to map out the difficult road ahead. >> i want to offer youop i will reld your trusuild your . i cannot undohe past, but i
6:32 pm
s sincerely believe that together we will not merely address the moments where we have fallen short or failed outright, but we urll model for all the life and teaching of lord jesus christ. >> reporter: the cholic church both globally and locally had been seeped in sexual abuse s n scandal. aor fmer cardinal defrocked. >> i would be naive not to acknowledge the unique tasks -- task that awaits us. i want to come to know you, to hear your stories, to listen to the emotions, expiences and expectations that have shaped your precious catholic faith for better or for worse. >> parishioners have expressed anger and disappointment with church leadership. >> i hope he does the right thing. >> the archbishop will also
6:33 pm
contend with washington politics. >> i was not elected to congress. >> reporter: here's what he had to say when i asked what relationship he might have with those on capitol hill. >> i'm n going to be at any negoating tables. that's not my place. my place is in the pewsith my people. >> news 4 joining us onset to talk more about today's appointment, dr. chad pecknel, a pfessor at cathol catholic university. archbishop gregory introduced on theersary of dr. martin luther king's death. here's what he said about the impact dr. king's death had on him. >> it was a turning point in my life. to have seen this extraordinary erican, this preacher of the gospel, this great humanitarian cut downn hisyouth, it was a
6:34 pm
turning point that allow me t see a modern dayhe martyr for cause of justicend peace. >> can you talk about what it means to be -- to have african-american archbishop for the first time in washington? >> it's a great day for thehu catholich in america. i think, you know, the catholic church has had long history of in the 19th century wead catholics fighting for abolition. we had augustus who celebrated becoming a servant of god who was a black priest and in the 20th century we had catholics fighting for civil rights and leading the charge, even excommunicating e excommunicating people who
6:35 pm
wanted to s segregate. now we have an african-american in our highest office. he's been named archbishop but will probably be named cardinal and be a member, a votingember of the college of cardinals for the next pope. >> that's a big igdeal. >>deal. >> the other big deal is the scandal in the catholic church and that's kind of the elephant in the room today and one of the elephants wasitng right next to him. he's walking into a challenging spot with allf the concern about sexual abuse and the failure to report sexual abuse and the failure t address it. did he - d he address that subject adequately today what can he do to restore people's trust? >> he was very forthright, you know, even in that interview speaking about the need for fraternal correction of bishops,
6:36 pm
because this is a crisis of lost trust. we have a massive -- the catholic faithful have lost trust in their is a terrible thing that he has to heal. it's a very tall order. he a has retiremen 75 so this is a short period of time for a problem th was created over his two predecessors. fill. a tall order to i think the theme that he struck today was truth telling. it's time to tell the truth and this is how we're going to regain the people'trust. >> and he came right out and talked about it right off the bat. >> he sure did. >> what -- with p so manple critical of how the catholic church has addressed issues, what do you think the critics of the catholic church a saying ca
6:37 pm
they sayin about our archbishop. >> every leader has his critics and i think hs a humble man who admits when he makes mistakes, but he's the right pick think for this job because of his eraordinary leadership role in 2002 when he heed draft andeally led the charge for the protection of youth in the 2002 dallas charter when he was president of the s unittes conference of catholic bishops. he actually was the one who marshalled the ideas aroundra zo toe, protocols that drastically reduced the abuse incidents. those critics i think will give him the benefit of ate doubt e can rebuild that trust this time too. >> he's going to have a lot of ey the next -- on him in the coming months. >> a lot of heyes. >> a stepped into a
6:38 pm
challengingatsin. thank you very much for joining us. you canon watch archbishop wi gra gregory's entire news conference, his full remarks from this morning in case you missed it right n on our nbc washington app. he will be officially installed on may 21st. leon. >> doreen, we have got some new reaction coming in just now from the family of that missi boy in illinois. the fbi says the man who claimeb to be thaoy eight years after his disappearance is not who he says he is. we'll have more from police and the family in just a few moments. back toround zero. kind of reliving everything that did happen and renewing the loss. also ahead, a change in virginia law tha aocates say targeted the poor. how it's about to change things for up to a million people. and a big change for tomorrow from nice today,er
6:39 pm
teures in the 60s, close to 70 to the 50s andain. nasty friday moving our way. i'll show you what this storm means to your weekend as well. see you
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
. the fbi has debunched a young man's claim that he is a missing boy. from illinois >> the agency says his dna does not match timmothy pitzen's. that little boy was just 6 yeare old when disappeared in 2011. then yesterday there was a glimmer of hope. >> a young man said that he was 14, had just escaped from kidnapers, and h he sa was timmothy pitzen. now the boy's family is reliving the pain they felt nearly eight years ag > i am hopeful and certainly hope that if tim is in a place where he has communication with e media or a computer that he'll remember us enough to look for us some day. and i h think will.
6:42 pm
he's a very smart guy. >> i feel terrible for thean other and the aunt and the father. as a parpt myseent myself, i fe them that ts is yet another time where they've had their hopes raised potentially. >> and in the strangers of twists, police say the young man who claimed to be timmothy is a 23-year-old man w had just gotten out of prison in ohio. om when we back, doug's got the forecast for a cold, rainy friday and storm chances in the 10-day. >> buthere's better news f
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
relief for nearly a million hdrivers in virginia we had their licenses suspended due to unpaid court fees. they'll ge able to their licenses reinstated now. last night lawmakers voted to get rid of the automatic suspension law. but as news 4 drew wilder explains, that issue come could up again a year from now. n reporter: john chapmas driving to work but for years he couldn't because of a controversial virginia law. >> their policy for suspension ofeche license affted me to the point that i couldn't find a job. >> reporter: john was in a vious cycle that hundreds of thousands of virginians are in right now. in 2009 chapman had six tickets for a family vacation but he had to sell them when money gotgh he put the tickets up for sale on clags likra craigslist, but w enforcement. under obtaining mon false pretenses they told him
6:46 pm
selling tickets as an unlicensed broke zble broker. he spent nine months and jail and had nearly three grand in court fees. if virginia if you can't pay esur court the commonwealth suspends your driver's license. the governor argues if you lose your abio drive to work, it's going to be harder to payoff court fees. wednesday assembly rever >> this was a great opportunity of bipartisanship to see the virginias come together on both sides of the aisle for richer, forpoorer, especially in communities of color where we're most affected by this. >> reporter: the pastor, part of an active group worked to find this change. >> their court fines are going to get paid a lot faster. these guys can get real jobs, a career. >> reporter: this issue far from over. governor northam's solution was introduced and passed as a budget amendment. a budget that will expire n
6:47 pm
t bringing this debate right back to where it sat for years now. reporting in northern virginia, wiew er, news 4. take a lookt this. traffic still backed up on inbound i-66 in fairfax county because of this. some kind of chain reaction crash that led to a fire here. here is the impact. this is aamera that was showing traffic crawling in all of the eastbound we're still working to get more information. ake our word for it, it i mess on i-66 inbound right now even more than on a normal day. >> and there were even cars behind the car that got hit. you saw one that wa on fire. there were cars that had hit that car that were also pulling away from that fire with people still inside. a danger situation out there. >> and all t watchingir cell phones at the same time. >> the bell way on thursday, not
6:48 pm
pretty. >> it just kind of shows you what's happening with all the stuff we've out therela ly. at least the weather has been calm. the traffic people, they've had their hands full. for me i've been kicking back. no problem at all. temperatures 70s yesterday. 50soday. tomorrow, however, the storm team will give us aut wor for sure with all the rain making its way. another gorgeous afternoon. high temperature so far today at 68. thate exactly where are right now. it's the warmest we've been. calm winds. beautiful evening. it is really, really nice tside rightow. maybe you're cooking out on the back patio just inpr case. ty nice conditions. 66 fredericksburg. 68 manassas. 63 in frederick. tomorrow temperatures go down about 10 to potentialro 15 degrees where they were yesterday. combine that with rain. we're talking a nasty friday. out there on thursday no rain to talk about, but you notice some
6:49 pm
es,tul c s wwingal thoup, showing showers trying to move in. they're not hitting the ground. it's with this swath of moisture trying to move our way. you see the storm system from the west moven in. the rain is going to inclerease. the clouds and then the rain. let's timet out f you. 7:00 a.m. most of the rain through parts of northern virginia. round winchester by around 10:00, 11:00. it starts to move in. by noon area wide rainfa. me of that on the moderate side. really heads up tomorrow. you need the jackets and the umbrellas. we're talking the golf this is going to be a little bit of a breeze. 3:00 in the afternoon is when it mes down the heaviest. right during the afternoon into the evening rush. 6:00, still rain along i-95. heading out late night, ye, friday night, late night, everybody. 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, if you're going to be out, it's going to be rainy at that point too. however the rain should start to move out of here.
6:50 pm
tomorrow high temperature 56. that's w i'm calling tomorrow cool and nasty with periods o rain. the umbrellas and jackets. next couple of days, we get to 56t tomorrow. rick to 70. this is what happens this time of year. we see the storms move in, cooler weather. could see a shower early saturday but most of the day hey. more sun in afternoon. more clouds again on sunday. high temperature of 71. really looking nice there. monday is the day to watch. 60% chance of storms. we couldee thunderstorm action. maybe even close to 80 degrees.l 76 tuesdking really good here and then on wednesday high temperature of 62. we're going back down tosd 58 o th and then we see another chance of storms next friday. that storm i pretty potent storm system about eight, nine, ten days ay. next weekend looking a lot cooler. i'm hoping to cnge that. this weekend looks better than
6:51 pm
next weekend. >> take your time. >> but i'm on spring break next week so i don't rcally . >> okay. thank you, doug. coming up,
6:52 pm
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available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> wou were away, we fixed the nats. we sen tm to new york. >> their first road trip, taking a train up. little team boninding. trick.ave done the the nationals starting to look like they're finding their game. theats on the road for the first time this season and a change of ballpark did wonders for washington. opening day for theea mets. a biful day in new york. until they realized they're faci stevenstrasburg. bottom of the fourth, nats already up 1-0. winging away, one of his nine
6:55 pm
strikeouts. he gives uphree hits to the nets. syndergaard to leftenter. a solo home run. nats take a 4-06 lead. victor gives a tip of the cap to the few nats fans. ninth inning, a little insurance. watch out for the hot dog wrapper. not distracted with the bloop single. one photo comes in. nats up 4-0. if you're waiting for bad news about the bullpen, forget it. sean doolittle closing it out. the only happy folks, mr. and mrs. met. there's miles -- morris miles back in the nats clubhouse following back-to-back wins for the first time this season thanks to strong>> pitching. the biggest thing is it's never taken a pitch off. there's a lot of length in the lineup. it's keep making pitches. it really comes down to
6:56 pm
execution, pitching to yourth streng it's easy to look at thesc ting report and try and pitch to their esweakness but your strengths or their strengths. >> well, up i baltimore, yankees visiting for opening day. kickback and relax and enjoy that hot dog. dlttom of the fifth, up 3-1. a shot up the m dwight smith comes home to score. o's lead 4-1 and all of baltimore was happy, especially mr. nunez. but things fall apart. 5-4, top of the ninth it might have a chance. right over his glove. take a look at this. maybe a little bit timed jump and he comes down. with the fans didn't even catch it. o's lose 8-4 in their home opener. cup he reigning stanley capitals opening tonight against
6:57 pm
visiting montreal canadiens wrap up their fourth straight division title. a loss against their old coach barry trotz and the new york islanders is saturday's regular season finale. tonight's game for washington wopit be ease des the canadiens on the outside looking in as of now for the playoffs. montreal is playing feisty hockey trying to muscle their waynto that last spot. es they last two g beat two playoff teams. so with the playoffs actually a week away, t.j. oshie and the capitals expecting, even looking forw ad to playoff atmosphere when the puck drops tonight. >> you just get a little more intensity, a littleore suspense, feeling of each play having a little bit more experience than it does, say, at 15 games ago or even last team wasn't gre for us. so it's gng to be fun to go ad head-to-he with these guys, try to ramp up our game and get
6:58 pm
our identity ingrained here in the last two. the virginia cavaliers first fil four in 35 years. last saturday standing out with more than just the blond hair converting the last second shot tying the gam in regulation. overtime legenory. going roll virginia tech. he's been developing all season. >> at the start of year, i said he's an x factor for us. the way he'slayed all tournament has been significant. farce the hair, if it's like sampson and he's got to do it, so be it. it looks better in person than on tv i couldn't be happier for him. i talkbout all those guys. be grateful for this. keep your edge to compete. you better have an edge to play well against auburn on saturday. >> tony bennett there, virgybia's coach. the blond hair is kind of like a playoff beard. you've got to changeou look and roll with it. >> he can color whatever color
6:59 pm
he wants as long as he kee plpsay
7:00 pm
breaking news tu tonight, the snning twist in a missing child case. the fbi revealing late today dns show the person who claimed to be the long lost boy who vanished eight years ago is not really him. a crushing blow to the family hoping timmothy pitzen has finally been found. tonight, the new mystery unfolding. also developing at this hour, the tense standoff, two police officers shot, the gunman barricade in a home and holding a .child hostage insi new fears about the measles outbreak spreading across the country. where hundreds of people are being warned they may have been exposed to the hily contagious disease. an nbc news exclusive, the 9-year-old miracle survivor from a ho ifying hit and run thankive


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