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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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was found about 6:15 this morning. so far, nobody has been arrested. >> we're getting a look at the sight of the tragic amtrak accident. it happened two years ago. the conductor and the trainee had just finishe inspecting a rail car a were walking back to the front of the train on active train tracks. those tracks had trains going at the same time. the ntsb says the csx employees should have had better communications about an oncoming train. his last name may be angry. after an historic vote, the em folks will rber him for a
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diffentreason. victor angry won a special election and will now become the first minority to serve on the county boardf supervisors. he is fig the seat held by long ohme supervisor jenkins who passed away earlier this year. even as he prepares for that, angry will have to get ready for a june primary election. after a few unusually warm ys, we are about to get back to reality. >>et's go cooler. we're not talking cold air even though we hadol a front move through. temperatures about 80 degrees. e last time that happened, it was october. we hit it again today after a high of 84 yesterda 76 in richmond. warm all around our region. notice to the west, into the 60s.
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you can see it, the clearly defined cold front. there it is. bringing in someoor air tomorrow. tomorrow, not bad at all. a pretty nice day. i'll see you back here in a moment. >> thank you. people showed up with a simple message. they made sure it was filled with music here. the rapper w there to push back against an effort to silence go-go music. for decades, speakers have blared the music outside the metro pcs store. that all ended recently after a cot from a neighbor reportedly to the company. no word yet if that music will beba turne on.
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>> it's only tuesday. the city of charlottesville has eniving up friday vibes for the past 24 hours. as they celrate uva's redemption victory. a big crowd on hand to welcome their national champion cavaliers back homiertoday. leon harris joins us with the team's message to thefans. what a welcome! >> it's a message of love. bigtime. the who crew outl in ful force today. .c. area alumni in the already making their plans toow handn for the big celebration this weend. charlottesville are picking up quickly. what a difference a 84 makes in the most embarrassing loss, to taking them to championship title this year. the team getting a here over's welcome as they got off thebus. the virginia star player andal head coachng about the
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redemption and the resilience of the team. >> we have so much confidence in ourselves. >>here's a prof person says a desire accomplished is sweet to the soul. that's the best way to describe it. as far as what that. not just because we won but for a number of reasons. >>today's celebration just a taste of things to come. it will be free and you know there's a huge crowd. the perfect way to cap the season. you can relive the excitement.
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a man received psychiatric treatment between the time police captured him and when the fbi prosecute him. they said he said he wanted to kill as many peoples possible and was prepared to die. court documents say henry stole this u-haul's struck with a mache to run over as many pedestrians as possible. he aegedly targeted dulles international airport first but moved on to national harbor when he couldn't breach security. henry is being hd without bond until his next hearing. >> there are few jobs more dangerous than a firefighter. one is a u.s. marine. and one local man in our area did both fearlessly f decades. he was killed in action in afghanistan yesterday. staff sergeant christopher one of three u.s. service members killed near bagram air field. he was also a firefighter at the
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fire house in kentland. they said he was the guy you wanted next to you on the wayo a call. >> he demanded a lot of respectful he was the person would you >>nt. e spent 15 years in the new york city fire department.oc today fire house put up bunting and saluted him. his funeral arrangements are still pending. local high school students are making sure teenagers killed in school shootings across they counre not forgotten. so they're putting together a year book of theen fa >> it is for the students who never saw their senior prom or graduati graduation. or got to write one las great summer inside the pages of their own year book. from kensington to explain their mission. >> i feel angry.
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i think every person, every student deserves to feel safe. >> 16-year-old eden is upset about gun advice in our neighbor sod. there arutions to this problem. >> even four of her friends are trying to fix the problem -- >> our printer is set. iting for the finished products. templeton.r: at >> i think the white is good. >> reporter: and ethan. >>he this is title page. we just have a little sub title abt what our year book is. >> reporter: the year book of the fallen that confirms their jewish faith. >> this what our year book will look like. >> reporter: it represents the
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people lost. they will pass out 535r y books to members of congress who are responsible for creating gun control laws. it would require background checks for all gun sales in the nation. but the teens wanted to become thw. >> i federal government steps in saying hey, this isn't okay,hen it will drastically decrease the amount of gun violence. >> want it to become a law so i'm not nervous anymore. >> they hope the year books will help. >> ands those stude plan to deliver their year books to capitol hill next month on may 17th. coming up next, one of the first big decisions you make for a new baby, of course, choosing their name. >> what happens when the name you consider so carefully starts
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to take on a new meaning? t nurse said to her, can iy buyou? can you tell me the weather? >> a local family shows us how technology that
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devices like amazon echo can do all sorts of things. it is certainly convenient but what happens when it converges on your identity? >> one local family has just about heard it lall. >> and his wife lisa are parents to this nearly 3-year-old littlegirl. >> she is just very outgoing. very talkative. very sassy. i would call her daddy's girl. >> like most rents, they thought long and hard about what oey namtd their child. they start a name after two grand parents. the thing is that name became really popular. >> tell me about her name. what is your daughter's name. her name is >> see where this is going? now would go a good time to turn off your you you knowwhat. good? okay. let's continue.
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while they had heard of the device before the child's arrival, he this didn't think muchf it. >> who knew what it would become? it was another psing technology and we had fallen in love with the name. we name her alexa which we still hive to day. however, you can imagine the jokes and they're over it. >> it doesn't happen anymore with our friends. they know us now. but all the time with new peasle. when she getting her tonsils out, the nurse actually said to her, your name is lexa. can i buy you? can you tell neverather? >> alexa was one of the top baby names in 2015 just as the device was being released. every year after that, the nse steadily dropped in popularity. the couple says they're now using nicknames. >> what do they say about your name? >> lex. >> wha do mommy and daddy call
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you?xa >> we don't know what is to come. we're sort of taking a bold move to try to alleviate any future issues for her. >> in their house, there's only one alexa and that's the real one. but they do have a google home. they're so concerned, they actually wrote to thounder of zop, jeff bezos, and proposed t renami device. >> i did get a response. >> somebody that works for jeff bezos. they explained it comes from a loib rare that stored the knowledge of the ancient world. while they pass along the couple's suggestions, amazon has no plans on changing the famous name any time soon. >> just this society where these machines are being treated very similarly to the way t wek to each other. and therefore, our kid is being sort of put in that. >> news4.
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>> she's gotd to get u to it. >> she doesn't look like she minds too much. give her some m & ms,he'll be fine. >> did you know you can change the name? you can change it to echo or computer. like star trek. you cannot change to it something like that. unfortunately. >> that's some helpful informatuln. somebody s tell that family that. >> you don't want to name a daughter echo. >> or computer. so anyway, a little change overnight? or just a little. i still think tw will be a beautiful day. i mean a beautiful day. >> when you consider the average high is 64. >> two days in a row at 80. the first w timeve mit since
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october 10 and 11. the cold front made its wayh thrond you probably noticed, if you're out and about, a little breeze out there.we saw a south wind earlier. now it is out of ate north and rison in the cooler air. you can see the front clearly defined right we've got a storm and this is a big one. denver today, close to 80 degrees. tomorrow, blizzard conditions. the blizzard warning fromea milis right on down toward denver. high wind warnings and high wind
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watches. a nasty storm and it will have wan impact on thether it moves across the country. out ahead of it, it brings in warmer air. we're cool today, or rather tomorrow andthursday. we'll get a chance at rumbles of thunder. great for the capitals game. saturday, 3:00 ge downtown. yeah. beautiful for that capitals game. 72 osu ay. a better chance of showers and maybe a thunderstorm there before we starto see thunderstorms in the 60s.
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and then back to the 70s. te thing we do see there. there is no 40s. no 3s. even overnight low temperatures. the coolest we see is >> thank you. coming up, the wizards head into the off-season with plenty of questions. plus, the nats' young stars show up in philly tonight. hey, guys, justin hartley is here. chelsea hammer. al
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he wizards' season is over. another tou blow. john wall said he is not sure if he'll be back next season,m recovering f a torn achilles'. bradley beale becoming the first to average 25 points, five ebounds and five assists per
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game. he had it going early through lane. throwing it down. show.g the fans one last he had 16 pointsn the game. thomas also showing off one last time. a spinis move of h own and a huge slam. the team high, 19 in the game. the wizards wh the high flying highlights. it was rj hunter taking over late. 11 of his 17 opponents in the fourth quarter. this three getting boston a 4-point lead. they beat the wizards 116-110. 32-50. the nats up in philly. 2009' first overall pick. stephen strasburg facing, bottom three. swinging the the chan n-up. the vert pitch. back to change-up. he gets the foul ti the change-up was is time, it didn't work.
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harper crushing it to left central. the fir off strasburg. he fills up 4- the nats down a run. down to the final out. a 2-2 count. and it goes f a ride to the seats. a solo shot for robles. his third of the season. ties the game 6- plenty of reasons to celebrate. in other innings, the other plate.superstar at the on. and this is what they call soda pop. a monster home run. the three-runshot. gives the nats the lead. they never looked back. they went a wild one. 10-6 over phillies. >> now champs are here. the national champion virginia cavaliers arriv back in vi charlottlle. plenty of fans showing show support for the away who haves. saturday at scott stadium. not sure if tony bennett or any
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of the players will take a cue from the fans. to the fan out in force. forcing d.c. united out in impact. not much action. just getting a piece of it. the play opsthe game kee it scoreless and that' how it ends in a 0-0aw we are gearing up for caps playoffs
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. we've been talking food here. we're ready f a midnight snack. >> "the tonight show" is heading youray next. >> good night, everybody.
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