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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hundreds a year. get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking welcome to news4 at 11:00. we begin with that breaking news. two separate active investigations going on right now. >> prince georges county detectives extremely busy tonight. in suitland they're
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investigating a man found shot to death in ar. he was discovered here this evening on ryan drive. >> a different shoveing igation is under way in riverdale park. that case involves a home invasion. news4's jackie bensen is live there tonight. jackie, what are police telling you? >> reporter: well, they have a mystery on their hands right we now. now that a gunshot was fired. we do not know if anyone was struck. here is some video of what it looked like earlier tonight. police called here about 5:30. the home, the front porch, throughout this eveni w processed as a shooting scene. detectives rs told that a man tried to break into the front door of his home here on 59th enue. the homeowner told them he fired a shot from his gun and the burglar took off. what police are dealing with right now, ty are not sure anyone was struck by the gunfire. they're trying to find the
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burglar, and obviously there are a lot ofue unansweredions at this point. live in prince georges county, jackie bensen, news4. >> okay, jackie, thank you. more on the other scene in suitland, a man was found shot to death inside his car. police officers found just before 7:00 along ryan drive. so far no word about possible motive or any arrest t we'll contin follow both of these stories tonight. we'll bring you any updates here and on our nbc washington app. we have anat u on the man investigates say plotted an isis-inspiredttack in our area. today he wased ferally indicted. it's alleged he stole a u-haul van inex dria. he planned to use it to plow into as many as possible. he drovet to dulles international, only ditching hie plan when theren't enough people there. that's when he made h way to
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national moharbor. he was later arrested after breaking into a boat. he's being held w>hout bond. n arrest has finally been made in the murder of two teenagers way back in 1973. 80-year-old ernest broadnax allegedly killed the -year-old friends who were vacationing from pittsburgh. they were found murdered in an oceanfront cottage. police haven't said howli they ed the suspect to the killings, only that they followed up on leads and used new advancements in technology to crack this cold case. broadnax's arrestho ising neighbors who say he seemed harmless. >> he was very calm. i never seen him violent. i never seen him say arkicious to anyone. but you just never know who you're with. >> the cottage where the girls re killed was torn down years ago. broadnax is awaiting extradition to virginia. new at 11:00 tonight, a man from laytonsedlle is convi of molesting a little girl that he and his wife adopted when she was just 2 years old.
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a jury in montgomery county found 49-year-old daniel gross ilty on three charges, including child sexual abuse. court documents say that the abuse began when the girl was 5 and lasted for years, until she told her biological grandmother. >> we know from the adoption records what mr. gross reall wanted was initially he wanted a teen, he wanted to adopt a teen girl,ot an infant child. the abuse did not begin immediately, it began once shea d the age of 5. >> gross, who had been free on bond a since hisest back in 2015, had his bond immediately revoked by t judge. he faces at least 15 years in prison. he'll be sentenced july. the little girl has since been adopted by another family. right now d.c. police are asking for your help in identifying anyone in thisvi surveillanceo. >> they're accused of stealing thousands of dollars oftuff in a airbnb.
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news4's shomari stone shows us thage left behind. >> it feels like a sense of safety was violated. >> reporter: she's upset after an airbnb nightmare. police say these are the persons of interest, captured on survllance video. we rented out the house for two nights toha looked like very official, legitimate airbnb guts. and in return they ended up a robbin vandalizing the house. >> reporter: she's managing the house on leroy place northwest near connecticut a friend who is out of the country. take a look at the home surveiance video from last month. eight people go in the house. a few walk in the backyard and take pictures. these photos show what's left of what they allegedly stole. tvs off the walls. speakers. appliances. clothes. shoes. electronics. more than $5,000 worth of goods. oh, and they trashed the house, leaving pizza, wine bottles,
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chicken wings and ashes behind. >> in ct they calle me from the property in thee middl their rental period telling me hhow wonderful these was and how thankful they are. >> reporter: while police search for the group, eli beth hopes they make arrests. >> i hope it doesn't happen to any oth airbnb property managers or property owners. >> reporter: an airbnb official tells us he's investigating and talking to tlizabeth to and resolve the issue. meanwhile, d.c. police are offering a reward u of to $1,000 for information that leads tanrrest in this case. in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. doug and i had a tough day at the office. take a look at our beautiful location on the csapeake bay at sunset for an earth day special report on climate change. >> s mething tells doug picked what day to go, right? >> yes, he had something to do with it. >> our wheel, in fact, at nbc 4
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is working on th. we're already experiencing some effects of climate change and we want to discuss what to about it. >> doug, can we hope for another gorgeousrrpring day to? >> it really was gorgeous today. yeah, i think we'll see another day rrto. cooler, we're on the eastern shore, a lot cooler than it was d.c. because of the westerly component to the wind. 72 degrees right now, that was the high temperature today. r average high today is 64, so we're well above that. 68n hagerstown, 76 towards richmond. all eyes on a big storm to the west. we're tracking thatrm system making its way our way, eventually getting here on friday heret is, blizzard conditions, big time snows, and a line of thunderstorms. eventually those showers and storms move our way. i'll show it what it means for your friday and your weekend, coming up. >> sound good, doug, thank you. we're learning more about the deadly gas explosion that killed one person and hurt more than a dozen others. >> the streets of downtown
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durham, north carolina were shaken a today after contractor doing work caused the gas leak and triggered that explosion. leon harris joins us noweo with the vnd an update. this was quite a scene, leon. >> it really was, jim and doreen. this video is 17 people hurt, including a firefighter. and the owner of a coffee shop in that area died. but it could have been a whole lot worse.he afterontractor hit the gas line, police quickly evacuated as many people as they could from the area. and in less than 30 minutes, the massive explosion. >> it was a really loud boom. you could hear the explosion all e way on the other side of town. >> a building partially collapsed and five others were damaged. and the streets of downtown durham likely still have debris on them tonight. >> the whole apartment shook. ceilings like fell down, the windows blew out. it's just cry. >> i got rattled completely out of bed.
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my dog freaked out. >> this brought to f mind us several major gas explosions that happened in pretty populated areas in the last few years like this one in san francisco. damage ther five buildings. and just last year dozens of explosions erupted in three towns outside of boston. you can see those homes were completely destroyed. and in 2013, 14 people were hurt when buildin caught fire in kansas city, missouri. a good time to remind you, the word from officials is if you wherever you are immediately and call 911.xp let theerts handle it. jim, doreen, back to you. >> all right, leon, thank you. new at 11:00, the cause of this deadly townhome fire in chesapeake beach last week will remain undetermined. thearyland state fire marshal just finished his hiinvestigati. office believes that the fire was sparked by discarded cigarette in the mulch. small winds helped to fuel those flames. a woman and her granddaughter
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were killed here. the fire displaced a dozent families and caused a million dollars' worth of dama>. tonight we're hearing from drivers who witnessed that devastating crash involving a prince georges county school bus and a tractor trailer. this dash cam video shows the moment of impact. it appears the tractor trailer ran aht red l some 15 seconds after the light turned red. one woman died. several others were injured. this all unfolded this morning here on branch avenue and serratts road in clinton. it left on't knoonlookers shock. >> when it happened, it sealed like everyone was ocked. no one moved. no one panicked. it was dead si tnce. bus was headed to charles flowers high school. two students on the bus and t hers who were hurt are expected to be okay. no one has been charged in the crash yet. tomorrow, victor angry will
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be sworn into office as prince williams county's first person of color to serve on the board of supervisors. the seat was held by long-timrv suor john jenkins who died earlier this year. angry won't have much time to h enjo victory, he'll have run in the democratic primary in june. also tomorrow the continue in shaw. plenty of people are happy that go go music is coming ba. yes, they are. you've seen it here and all over social media, rallies ipo s after the metro pcs store was told to turn off its iconic sounds. today they got word to bring back the go go. >> it was announced this music will continue on florida avenue. >> the music stopped after the parent company was threatened with a lawsuit by someone who lives nearby. others living in shaw say if you move into the neighborhood, you need to embrace its culture. >> if you're moving into communities and not embracing
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the culture, not trying to attach to the culture, it's incredibly alarming. >> there's going to be a town hall meeting tomorrow evening at check it enterprises on martive luther kinge to discuss changes in the neighborhood. that's from 6:00 to 8:00. the news4 i-team exposed a shocking mistake. >> they did so instie a body do program. >> a renter saidme to at my house, that it wasme a . >> when we come right back at 11:00 tonight, the changes state 11:00 tonight, the changes state officialsell us t w ♪ here i go again on my own
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taryland state program that handles bodies donated to science says its modernizing its system to prevent the kind of mistakes news4 was first to tell about you last fall. >> a news4 i-team investigation found the agency mishandled t remains of some donors and in at least one case, it gave the wrong remains to a grieving family. >> scott mcfarland is here with more about what the state is doing to make sure this never happens again. >> the maryland anatomy board says it is changing the way it tracks donations and authorizes cremations. it's been six months since
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carmen last visited this maryland ceremony. >> i miss h s much. >> the drive she used to make each wk to talk to her late husband,ecause carmen doesn't know who is buried beneath his grave stone or how to make sense a senseless mixup. >> i would like to know what really happened. >> brian died in 2015 from als and chose to donate his body to science as more than 900 people each year don ryland. more than two years after his death, an administrator with the anatomy board called carmen with news.atin the ashes she was given were not her husband's. >> it's been just hell for me. >> when the news4i-team obtained internal maryland department of health memos, we founne last year alerting stateia off to a serious inventory program. it details a case of frd, a former board employee allegedly produced a bod for cremation and gave those ashes to the family.
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>> it was disheartening to learn such errors had occurred. >> the sta anatomy board met publicly last year and discussed a case of missing remains. the board has reviewed 1,200 case files and found no evidence there were other mishandled donated remains like brian's. >> the rordkeeping is very 19th century, i have to say. >> state senator paul pinsky chairs committee which ov overseioverse oversees the department of health. >> alleople around the table said it shouldn't have happened, it did, we own it. these are theteps we're taking. and i feel they were pretty principled about it. >> anatomy board officials did not agree to an interview but said the brd is moving to a new information and material management system that will use auditing measures to generate cremation authorations. they declined to comment on the case but said the board is committed to ensuring the
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mistake doesn't happen again. >> in the last few months, while the state has been investigating, did they calskyou or you any questions? >> no, absolutely not. >> after the mixup, the gave carmen a second set of remains and they say this box is her husband's. she's unsure whether to pay to dig up the remains she already buried here and wonders if she's truly the only one to suffer from an amtomy board mistake. >> you don't believe it's just you? >> no. because the director said to me that it was a mess. >> the state department of health says its review is ongoing. will be a hearing in front of his committee as well. >> open the nbc washington app to see their previous coverage. sech "i-team." the folks in minnesota got slammed today by a spring inowstorm. and they alone.
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six states in the central u.s. are under a blizzard warning tonigh >> goodness. >> parts of colorado here could get up to two feet ofth snow. snow is also affecting a rite of spring. we're talking baseball, the game betweenhe colorado rockies and snowed nta braves was out amid near white-out conditions. doug, you've played your share of baseball in colorado. have you ever seen it like that in mid-april? >> in the snow, absolutely. g i had e where the snow was coming down pretty good out there. the most amazing thing about ahi storm like in colorado, it was near 80 degrees yesterday in denver. right now it is 18. >> unbelievable. >> we talk about big time changes heref 20 to0 degrees, you're talking 65 degrees. st amazing what they' dealing with. and that storm system is moving our way. we'll see it as it gets here later this week. today we saw a beautiful afternoon, high temperature of 72 degrees. rit now still looking pretty good across our area. mostly clear winds out of the southeast at heree miles per hour.
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around rest of the area, mid-and low 50s. frederic 61 in annapolis. 50 towards huntingtown. in patuxent river. a cool night t to. many of you in the low to e'd-40s tomorrow, a chilly day compared to where been the last couple. 58 at recess 66, rather pleasant tomorrow afternoon, a pretty night dayh even tho we'll see more clouds. nothing on the radar right now, nothing tonight or tomorrow. friday is the day, because of that storm bac to the west. here it is spinning back to the west. blizzard warnings. we've seen a lot of snow along i-70 around the denver area a little bit earlier. look how many states here are advisory, kind of an whether it's wind or blizzard or winter storm or fire weather. it's incredible how much of the untry this storm is impacting. and it will impact us too. here is the storm. we've got wm airo the south. the snow is back to the west.
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for us, we'll be tracking this front righthere. this is the one that's going to have some showers and a thunderstormociated with it. severe weather right now going on. tomorrow we'll see tt severe weather move in to chicago andl st. uis. friday evening, it's around our area. we do get warmer but again, we have that chance of storms coming up during the dayfriday. the next couple of days, pretty 66 degrees as the capitals play here tomorrow night in the playoffs. 72 breezy conditions on friday, about a 60% chance of showers or thunderstorms. not much chance of severe o weather, or two strong storms can't be ruled out. it. too worried about saturday looks good, if you're heading down to the capitals game, a pretty good day to be out, most of the day good with a high of 76. 75 on sunday asto another system moves in, giving us a chance of showers or thunderstorms on sunday. monday, chance of rain remains earlier. then wee see s really nice
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weather next week, back to the upper 60s on tuesday. s on wednesday and thursday. so once again, guys, r nol cool air anywhere. today was cooler than yesterday. tomorrow will be cooler than today. but hey, a orage high 65. and we're still one degree above that. >> okay. >> that's a good sign. thank you, doug. coming up,ne more sleep until the caps playoffs. plus the nats ring the phillys' bells. first, here's jimmy rellon. barrymore is my guest tonight, lilys, collin director telly
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>> announcer: this is the xfiny sports desk. i liked sherree's purple coat. this year you're going red. >> it's a new series, we have to see what happens. the capitals are the reigning champions. they know what it takes toin. the playoffs are starting for eye capitals tomorrow. the j to defend their title starts. it's all smiles at practice
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today. hosting the hurricanes in game one tomorro it's a tale of two teams, the hurricanes in thplayoffs for the first time since 2009. the caps on the other hand have missed the ayploffs just once since 2008. time out, kuzimiling alert. the caps know just how lucky they've been with the playoffs over the years. >> we're a little spoiled because we've been making it every year, recently. so you kind of just look past the regar season a bit.ou kind of inevitably do.t you this is what we play for, this is what we're all about now. i can't wait for it to start. nationals t visiting phillies. victor robles one of last night's heroes tonight. anthony rondon decided to wear the cape. randon crushing the ball to center. three-run double for randon.
11:26 pm
in the fifth, robles staying hot. man on for the rookie. why nos he smack this one deep to center. pitcher jerem hallicson showing off the wheels, coming all the way around here comes thew. th hallicson beats it out. an rbi triple for robles. nats up 8-0. hallicson, bottom sixth, bryce harper on first, the inning-endingou dble play.t hallicson shu out six. nats pound phillies 15-1 and we series, yes. orioles fans kicking back. w krish a "k" launching this into the fifth, two homers.d oaklp 7-0. a continug bright spot for the
11:27 pm
birds, mancini smacking a solo shot to right center this guy they call boom-boom with his sixth her of the season. a's teeing off on baltimore pitching. five home runs in the game. nat chapman had three rbis. as beat the birds 10-3. big crot augusta for the masters par three en, i think jordan spieth stole your move on this one. spieth skims it across the water. amazing that it even reach land. and check this out, the ball heading for the cup. unfortunately for spieth it doesn't but in but it does stop a feweet away fro it, an amazing shot from spieth. doubt we'll seethat, though, in the tournament morrow, which tees off tomorrow. didn't you say you've done this before, doreen? >> no! i couldn't even get it close to the entire tee. >> the green.
11:28 pm
>> the green, the green. whatever. how do you even do that with a golf ball? >> you havee to practy yourself. then you bust out that kind of move once there's finally a crow and you're like, oh, no problem. >> that was crazy. >> he needs a stone to skip on the water.
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all right, sherree's going to sends off with sweet dreams
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masters menu here >> a pimento cheese sandwich is ly $1.50, a georgia peach ice $ sandwich for only >> that sounds delicious. >> about the same as a
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