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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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plus, ask about 4k ultra hd and packages that include netflix. click, call or visit a store today. a family's world is turned upside down. a friend said their son died in a drive b shooting. how theyeact to news he was actually killed committing a crime. >> feeling really shocked and sad. >> more about the woman who died
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in a crash here in maryland involving a school bus. her neighbors are grieving. >> plus a special surprise for a special olympian. they call her azing grace. the amazing feat her community pulled together in her honor. >> strong way to start. long way to go. the caps kicked o the play off with a big win. live atit c one arena. we begin with brand new information tonight. a bizarre story we told you about lastnight. a shooting at the front door of a prince george county home left a burglar dead. and the homeowner who shot him is facing no charges. >> police say the wholehing was caught an camera. tonight the family of the suspect stillho in s after hearing a much different story. from his friends.
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>> family members say they believe that the story victory frieims told about why they dropped him here at tostal was a lie. >> police say the evidence of what happened at this home on 59th avenue was recorded. by a home security camera they say is clearly shows the homeowner firing at an armed man who kicd in t door. why did the friends who dropped off her nephew at a hospital an hour later say he was the victi of a random drive by shooting. >> the guy said he was shot. my sister ask him by who? his friend said by an unknown pass r by. >> the news herephew who she helped raise was shot committing an armed home invasion comes to
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a shock. as the family geves his death. >> i have never known him to break into sobody's house. during the day. with cameras around. and to steal what. i don't know. this kid has everythin he wants. >> police say the homeowner is not facing charges t thistime. the shooting remains under investigation. by police. >> whether you are out watching the game walking around and or grabbing dinne all you needed washt a l jacket. >> or red sweatshirt. >> we saw those. >> tomorrow folks maybe a whole different story. some rain is rolurng way. how much are we talking? >> a good amount of rain n friday. it's not all day. i don't want you to think you need the um brbrella all day. 65.ertised we were only 62.
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clouds and the east wind. ok to the west. a couple hundred miles 80 degrees in west virginia. 85 around charleston. that warm air will make it towards us tom. clouds around the area courtesy of the big storm still spinning up here towards the plains. tracking this cold front tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms.e we hav another storm for the weekend. >> all right. detectives are combing over security camera footage tonight after aeenage boy was shot and collapsed in front of the neighborhood library. he ran towards the library. then a another young man hurt here near 18th showed up at a nearby hospital. detectives hope the footage will ive them clues to find the gunman a barber has been indicted in connection with fou sexual assaults. 35 year-old julian waste arr
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last month. nirm initial clargharged for th sexual assaults. including two on howard university students. a fourth victim has come forward. investigators say he would lure young women with alcohol. drive them to a house and rape idthem. the it spanned more than a decade back as far as. 20 >> more about the woman killed in a violent crash involving school bus and a tractor trailer. the truck driver ran a red light. in clinton. tonight we talked with a neighbor of the young mother who lost her life in the crash wednesday morning. >> good evening. tonight we talked to passer a friend of the woman who died in the cra. he tells me naerm is grieving understandably so. r neighbors are stunned. >> her neighbor 32 year-old
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brown a married mother of two kids. died in a crash involving a tractor trailer. >> feeling really shock and sad. they're great people. >> she was killed when the truck slammed into herar. video shows the crash unfold on your screen. you can see a school bus passes through anin rsection. then a second bus and several other vehicles were hit by a tractor trailer. several ohs were injured. she has a nice famy. i just actually saw them a couple weeks ago. having a cook out. >> it appears the tractor ran a red light. around 15 seconds after it changed. she prays for her husband and children. >> the family needs peace. the family isoing to nee comfort. >> back out here near the scene. maryland state police are investigating the cause of the crash. >> all right folks.
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game one in the books tight. capitals aggressive out of the gate this evening. to defend the stanley cup with a win. >> they had to make it interesting towards the end. they do now take an early series lead on the hurricanes. >> live fromne capital arena. they came to do battle. >> yes, they did. a remind r how stressful play off hkey is. capitals trying to defend the cup. tonight against the hurricanes. they are one win closer. making one kids day today. throwing him a puck. 27 saves didn't hurt either. the team led by the stars first period. they pass to finding the back of the net. second goal of the game for him. a beautiful feed. caps up 2-0. later in the period a power play. always dangerous. his time flying in cleaning it up. with his first goal of the play offs.
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capitals beat theurricanes 4-2. take a one nothing series lead. this is just a starting point for the team. >> it's always important to have a good start. again, series goes four wins. we have one. we have this game and moving forward. >> so this is going to be an exciting series this just the ginning coming up in sports we'll have more reaction from players after the game. w love reaction when the home ice is ni. all right. don't forget to watch our special this weekend. defending the cup. tune in at 2:30 saturday afternoon right here. followed by caps hurricanes game two live. and news 4 at 6:00. we got you covered saturday. s> that means we have to wear red t again saturday. we're not even working. keep it going. the conversation about go go
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music continues tonight with a town hall. after the neighborhood found out that iconic music can continue to play outside metro. neighbors met tonight to talk about the noise complaint that sparkedes ral they feel it's bigger than that. it's an effort to suppress culture. this weeks rally started after the storesarent company t mobile stopped the music after being threatened with a lawsuit. >> yesterday the company ceo said the music could play. but need to agree on a volume. we have yet to get details for what that means for the neighborhood. >> a charles county teen facing charges afterthreatening to shoot up a high school. students latered schoolo officials a posting on social meeda. police traown the person behind it and determined no credible threat. the 17 year-old ised cha as a juvenile. just a day after another student was arrested f bringing a
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loaded gun to class and the second gun incident at the school in as many months. officials will be addressing concerns about safety and security there. at ang mee next week. tuesday, 7:00 p.m. at the hh school. >> a drama teacher in northern virginia is under arrest. accused of illegally filming the families p aur. the victim found the camera in the vent of her bedroom. he's the theater direct. the alleged incident happened in the house he shares with his wife and children. the court documents also say that au pair took a photograph of the camera and sent it to police. who started to investigate. >> it was added detectives to the cas to comb through the evidence that was collected. the case is still active. >> according to the court documents the au pair confront
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her s.employ the wife says her husband had trust issues and facing four misdemeanors of unlawful filming. he's on leave as police investigate. >> this sketch we'll show you rihere. the s office is trying to identify this man. they say he exposed himself to a teenager and appeared to perform a sex act. the incident unfolding monday evening. in ash burn. the told said she was in parking garage and spotted a naked man behind her car.e sh drove off and contacted the authorities. they need your help. >> the city of chicago once jussie smollet to write them a check. he said no. now they're suing. demanding smollett pay $130,000. that to reimburse them for looking into an aeged hate crime he reported. the mayor says smolletts staged hi own attack and writes the check the memo section should say i'mle account
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prosecutors dropped all 16 felony counts. saying it's not worth t time or money. the actor lawyer says he is owed something. an ap uogy. >> sta with us for the favorite story of the day. they call her a azi a grace. >> she just won a silver medal at the special olympics. world games. >> i have just about that small of an a disability. >> doesn'tother me of who i am. nly on news 4 a surprise celebration for grace from the community she calls home. >> plus a one of a kind experiment. what m nasaay have learned about the ageing process by studying astronaut twins. it's calm out there tonight. changes are coming. >> dou will look at the timing of the rain and weeken
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it's mission accomplished for space ex, super-size rocket launch. check it out. the new and improved falcon heavy had a successful test flight. it hit a milestone. it landed all thr boosters. space exceo tweeting tonight the falcons have landed. the most powerful rocket in use. to if all goes as planned it will set off a mission for t u.s air force later this year. >> more space rated news
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landmark study vealing the impact of space travel on our bodies. stying identicwin brothers. scott and mark kelly over 27 months. scott spent a year in space. nhile his brother stayed here earth. now nasa says they found no long term health effects. there were changes. scott's immune system genes. >>eporter: were very some were still hyper active six months later. ccines in space. scientists found a flu shot on the space statiorked just as well as here on earth. and possibly the weirdest find. had to do wh chromosomes. the tips gradually shorten. butn space, scott grew. most did return to normal eventually. nasa says with no major dna changes they see nothing that would force them to ccel
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longer space treks. like mars. >> pretty cool stuff. neither one grew hair up there. the friendly face that feeds college students at the university of mary washington. part of the family. grace is acio a s olympian. just back from her fourth world om norethern new virginia repor shows us toght, tod grace ann learned how much she means to that campus community. teonorter: grace ann. bo ounexpectuted t celebration. before ses let's go back a few hours. >> behind the counter at the university of mary washington. at work. dishg up lunch. for 22 years on campus. she's been serving up a side of joy. >> positive. just like a ray of sunshine. and happiness. >> basketball players say every
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home game you canount on seeing her in the stands. >> i feel like everyone has their special relationship indivi ally withher. me when ever i see her. i have a handshake.>> he's always there like supporting us and cheering us on. >> reporter: the students are cheering on grace ann. >> i have been golfing for almost 22 years. right after high school. >> she brought home ailver medal in golf. her fourth special olympics world games. >> i have just about that small of a disability. it doesn't bother me. of who i am. and what kind of disability i have. as long as i get mydo job . as long as i can do what i have to do. it mig take m longer. but as long as i get them done i feel fine about it. that's who i am. >> she doesn't feel different here. she's just like everybody else. that's how i wantfe her t. >> her boss of 16 years clearly
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moved. just thinking about what grace means to the community. >> f we're aamily here. wi we love her. >> that loving surprise. a campus gathering. their way of celebrating her accomplishment andhanking her for the joy she spreads. grace ann, thankful too. >> if i had to go back to do another job. i wouldn't. i would say here. this is my community >> a special olympian. back home. where she >> i don't know who is more excited. grace or the students who love her. >> wow. that is just -- >> i love that story. >> can you top that? >> you have had time to work on it. >> i don't have anything that can top that.
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>> the wing st >> the wings. the caps won i d weather. it will rain tomorrow. showers tomorrow afternoon. ion't think you'll need the umbrella. you'll need it tomorrow afternoon. take a look outside. cloudy skies it's been cool all day. 52 degrees. winds out of the east at nine miles per hour. breezy at times too. so heads up for that. it feels temperatures in the 40s to 50s. most everybodyn the 50s. we're not going to drop that much. maybe a couple more deges. but b tomorrow morning we should be okay. nothing on the radar. this is ground clutter. i can turn that off. out there now, satellite picture showing the clouds moving in here. the real area of rain is back to the west. you can see the storm. ntinuing to make its way on through the region. around portions of dakotas. some locations two feet of snow.
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yes the blizzard conditions continue. rea this is the front. making it way from chicago to st. louis. to littlesoock. strong thunderstorms with this. it's going to bring us some rainfall during the day especially tomorrow night. nothing tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. we're fine. aroundoon most of us dry. through about noon. here comes the rain. duringtehe oon. and for the evening rush. i expect some wet roadways. a lot hav games tomorrow night. my kids have games. are they cancelled? it's possible. if we get enough rain we could see it. we see drying conditions at times. it's not all day rain. you may head to dinner around 7:. a linef thunderstorms trying to move many and heavy rain. if you're not in by 10:00 you could get rained on. that moves through. it stalls around our area and showers south ward.
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during the morni hrs and possibly during the day. over toward cambridge. better chance saturdayo seeer sh tomorrow 72 degrees. mostly cloudy. afternoon showers. some thunder tomorrow night. on,saturd if you're heading to the capitals game. it will be dry in the city. for now. watch this forecast. that front moves further north. we could be talking about showers 30% of early showers and afternoon showers 50%. thunderstorms on sunday. chance early showers on monday. and lk at nex week. tuesday wednesday and thursday. all looking good. as a matr of fact i love the numbers. 68 to 78. to 80 degrees. really looking good into next week. dodge shower activity during the weekend again. not a complete wash out. >> we'll take it. >> should have wore my red tie apparently. >> there's still ti. >> you're slipping. >> come up w t hear fromhe
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capitals ability the
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big night the caps face the hurricanes. making they first p off appearance in a decade. so the defending champs have significantly more play off exnerience. and the season on fire like the new game of thrones trailer. that said, nothing is ever easy when it comes to t stanley cup play offs. what an atmosphere. tonight. fans rocking the red. unlike doug. >> wings! >> bac that short for back of the net. first goal of the play offs. caps up one. still in the first on the power play. th feed. it's back strom again. great pass. his second goal. caps up two. later still in the first. another power play for the caps. with his first play offgoal. john karlson assisted all three
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goals tieing a play off record. for assists in a period. caps up 3-0. max scherzer and zimmerman getting ae piece of th action. canes down one. on the power play. check this out. doud laying out to clear the puck. he knows what's at stake. that is play offockey. less than a minute left. extra attacker. empty net. ices this one. caps beat the hurricanes 4-2. and take a 1-0 series lead. for more on the caps big win. we find sherry. just how loud did it get over there? >>s i was trying to talk to our intern. and b couldely hear her speaking normally just like this. it was so loud. particularly early because that momentum that the capitals had it shifted to the late in the game. in the dressing room after the ca caps thankful to get a wane. >> we had a good start.
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and had energy off the goals. over all we got fortunate. they're a good team. aggressive. >> great to see. iey put preure on us. we know we canrove and get better. >> you're happy with a win. but we can play bter than that. and especially five on five for us. >> only one of the goals caps one of the four was during that five on five play. >> great stuff.ia apprecte it as always ready for game two come saturday. more going on in sports of course. round one of the masters. beautiful.d getig this, ter woods. a good day. ng birdie put on 14. this is finding the botm of th cup. two under.
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four off the leader. woods is0 today. is actually the same first round score he's had in three of the four masters wins. so don't wanto quite foreshadow. a reason to watch tiger come this weekeny. >> i'll >> always. >> he's that comfortable. we shall see.
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