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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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o now at 11:00, a severe weather alert. tornadoes,eavy rain and flooding all across the south as the storms move our way. storm team 4 trackg the severe weather. plus crossing the line? a political jabsing one of our
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nation's most painful memories. the tweet from president trump sparkingacklash tonight. and one step closer to defending cue p, the caps pulling out an overtime win. we are hearing from the hero of the game who scored that winning goal. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> a dangerous storm system has turned deadl in texas. at least one tornado touched down in central texas, leaving the town of franklin in ruins and dozens of peopleinjured. and the storm brought tragedy to a family driving along a road in angelina county. this was in east texas. a tree fell on top of their car. it crashedight into their back seat, killing two children. on top of the danger from tornadoes, the severe weather is sparking floods. there's hail, there's damaging winds, the system is cutting a horrific path across the southern states. and it is not over yet. that severe weather headed our way.
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let's get right to storm team 4 meteorogist somara theodore in the storm team center. somara? >> the storm iseaded ouray and it is going to pack a punch tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. the level of severity ranging, but we'lhaget to in a moment. let's look at the radar. the gravity of this system, lk is so far reaching, so eide. you can see that lhere getting ready to move now into alabama. it's going to continue to pull through the dsoutheast, k of riding up into the mid-atlantic. and the cold front on the e leadine of the cold front is where we're going to see some of our severe weather. zooming i now to our area, washington, d.c., dry. we had a few spotty showers, should i say patchy drizzle earlier. tomorrow we are in for a chance of spotty showhrs. thatt holds off until we get close tore sunset. here's the impacts we're looking at. heavy rain, i'm thinking we could see localized flooding in a few spots. damaging wind absolutely. as far as the tordo risk it's on the lower end, but it is
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there nonetheless. we could see a bit of hail as well. i'm going to detail this much more coming up in a moment. i also want to get you through the timing of this tomorrow night. so s around for that. for now, erica, back to you. >> somara, thank y very much. we'll be keeping a close eye on the storm. stay ahead of changes with the app. you can see somara's hour by hour changes any time by using that app. all right, we switch gears now to oop other story, the caps in full swing and they took another step in thectight din with an overtime win this afternoon in d.c. kerry chow in the newsroom with more on the nail biting victor hi, cary. >> nail biting, a disgusting habit. hope y don't do that. the caps are no strangers to close games. in the 14 playoffte gamesof them went to overtime. that's 71%. the caps not taking it easy on our stress and vocal cords. today no different except for the game's hero, a very unlikely
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source. much like game, oneshington jumped out to an early lead against carolina, gettingoals from nicolas backstrom and t.j. oshie to go up 2-0. the caps gave up the lead, t reto and gave it up again as s jordantall forces overtime, th this late goal. and in the extra period it was the grizzl the grisled veteran. giving washington a 2-0 series lead. the series shifts back to carolina where t caps w both times they played there this season. much more on the win includingt re from brooks orpik later on in sports. erica? >> alrighty, thankyou, sir. we will see you then. we'll go to a story you saw on wizards player devin robinson arrested and charged with fighting. it's having implications on his career. d.c. police arrested him early this morning. he illegedly goto a fight
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with philadelphia eagles player jay lynn mills. ey were in a lounge on i street. they are charged with disorderly fray or public fighting. quote, we are aware of the incident this morning involving devin and disappointed in his action. we will not extend him a qualifying offer for the 2019-2020 season, end quote. all right. let's switch gears. we also go to trackin developments this evening along southern avenue at the d.c./maryland line. poce working several violent incidents tonight. first a man stabbed to death on southern avenue near wheeler road in southeast, d.c. this w 2:30 this afternoon when that happened a few hours later prince george's county got word of a shooting. police say that person is expected to survive. police were called back to southern avenue for a shooting parkway.suitland no word on that victim's condings. police say the gunman drove off
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in a b sedan. just this week if you'll remember, leadrs in d.c. and prince george's county announced they will be working together to cut down on crime along their shared border. now we go to the escalating battle between president trump and minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar a supporters on both sides. some say the president crossed 9d t t e line and put omar in jeopardy. >> reporter: already primed to fight, the president -- >> i think she should resign from congress frankly. >> reporter: and a minnesota freshman democrat. >> we finally have a leader in the white house who publicly says, islam hates us. >> reporter: but now 9/11, the ainful national wound politicized in their latest dispute. stoking a fire on social media with thousands of l es and retweets. president trump wrote, we will never forget above a video that
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link the words of democrat ill hann han omar. >> some people did something. >> reporter: taken from a march speech where congresswoman omar who is a seomali refugee as she praised an american advocacy group. >> care was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did somethingnd th all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> reporter: today a number of high-profile democrats came to s om defense. ted, the elosi tw president shouldn't use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack. 2020 candidates reacted. >> this is an incitement to violence against congresswoman omar. >> reporter: bernie sanders wrote, the disgusting and against hertacks
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must end. and congresswoman omar responded, in part, no one person -- matter how corrupt, inept, or vicious -- can threaten m unwavering love f america. >> that's kelly o'donnell reporting there. also kellyng repor that the congresswoman has not attempted to clarify the remarks ud in the president's video tweet. and in a week in which he hasmo d the top leadership at the department of homeland security, the president has been at the center of an immigrati battle. chuck todd will bring you the latest news on that ons" "meet e promorrow morning. that's at 10:30 right here on downtown today celebrations marking the end of a dark hapter in history, it is the 157th anniversary of emancipation d, the day that abraham lincoln freed more than 3,000 enslafrm people who lived in the district. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and
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eleanore holmes norton took part in a parade followed by a concert at freedom plaza. it wasn't earth dat but was good neighbor day that brought people out across greater college park today. nearly a thousand peoplect in volunteers took part in service projects like this one in cleaning up and tre planting at lake artamesia. this is the 8th annual good neighbor d and the project is organized by the city of maryland. the national capital park planning commission. a reminder later this month, newsor isng for you. see how climate change is impacting your income and commute. it airs at 7:30 right here on news 4. and newworking for you with aecall alert, melon leaving dozens sickened. up next we're goi to have the four popular grocery stores being impacted by this, and it'o quiet ght, but as we take a look at the radar, all of that
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directior a live look at the storm team 4 radar this evening. we're going to have mucar more from sstill ahead. >> hi, guys. e i'a stone and i'm hosting saturday night live with musical saturday night live with musical guest bts and we're ont.
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saturday night live with musical guest bts and we're ont. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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new4 is working for your health. the cdc is warningo not eat certain kinds of melon because of a salmonella outbreak. it is an indianapolis-based company called kato foods. they have it at walmart, trader
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joe's, target, whole foods and at least 9people haveotten sick in 16 states including west virginia. so if you recently bought any lon, you want to check the package. if it reads kato, you should throw it out. and4 newso working for your money tonight. monday is the deadline to file 2 your8 individual tax returns, but the irs says more than 50 million taxpayers still haven't filed. a total of about 153 million individual tax returns are expected this year and the average refund to date is about ,800.>> dangerous and deadly storms sweeping across the south. storm team 4 is tracking what the system is bringing us tomorrow. and we'll show you a live look from new york at the snl stage. have a new saturday night live with host emma stone coming up right after new4 at 11:00.s
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down in charlottesville, they are still celebrating eva's glorious national championship win. l [ cheers and applause ] universityf virginia fans packed scott stadium to honor the cavaliers taking the ncaa title. this is their firsamnational chpionship team for the men's title. the fans showed how much theap eciated the team bringing that title back home to arlottesville. and then right here in d.c., a different kind of parade. thousands of people lining constitution avenue to catch ath glimpse of annual cherry ossom festival parade. there were balloons, there were floats, there was music, and, of course, a lot of dance
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performances as well. if the parade wasn't enough fun, the japanese street festival was also held today. vendors traveled from all over the world to attend and celebrat japanese culture here in d.c. very cool. it was a ptty nice day to do it, especially if you had to pick between the two days because now tomorrow we are starting to talk about severe weather and so somara is here tt talk a timing of all this. when will we start seeing the rst sign of rain and storms tomorrow? >> yes, it's going to be a couple of times we're going to see this. when we start off in the morning we are going t a see chance for spotty shower or two. but that real rain maker and the severe threat i holding off until after sunset. let's go ahead and take a l tk system that's bringing us all this rain, wet weather and he potential for sever weather. this is it right now. i mean, it's just really been so interesting to watch t it was so well defined a little bit earlier. still, though, seeing that line of storms ripping through right now, headed towards alabama into
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georgia, and it is goingp to right through the southeast up into the mid-atlantic. that cold front is going t bring us some storms. so right now i'm taking you a little bit closer t home. radar dry. possibilities for spotty showers tomorrowr morning. e most part, i think we're good. for brunch, 60s. like i said, we could see spotty shower pop up. if that's the case, just have the umbrella handy. i really don't think it'son a reo skip out on any brunch plans tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, that's a different story. temperatures rising to the upper 70s. it's gng to be a humid soupy day and we are going to see the threat for some storms after 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. r gameeally think it's f for the atmosphere at that point, but more widespread severe weather holds offto unti rrow night. oh, i hope i updated these time stamps. okay. i'm pushing here's 10:00 p.m. on sunday night. notice how this model in particular is still pretty dry for the most part and showers.ew spotty and that baby right there is
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what i'm tracking. it it's to be a line of heavy rain ahead of the cold front ripping through..m between 10:00 and 3:00 a.m., that's really our window for the line of s storms that could be impacting the area. by monday morning, we're dry, we're clearing just those hitting the road in the afternoon, a little on the breezy side, but nothing to worry about there. storm plea dixon center still keeps us in the yellowwh zone h means a slight risk for weather which turns up to be an isolated thunderstorm or two popping up. the impact you can expect,ineavy tomorrow, some damaging winds, and we do have a chance, a low chance, but a chance for an isolate tornado. so that is something to watch for. make sure you download our nbc washington app andt's not enough to just do that. i want you sure your push notifications are on because if anything happens tomorrow night and we get a tornado warning, i need you guys to be able to wake up so that n pushification alerts you.
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it gets unsettled again. stick
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>> announcer: thihe xfinity sports desk. >> it's been a long journey for tonight's hero caps defense manor pick. the 38-year-old term for dad was traded this off season helping the team win the cup last year. he was bought out of his contract by lodo, then re-signed by the caps. now, entering the day he played in 150 postseason games in 17 seasons with only three playoff goals. that changed. it took more than 60 minutes for alex ovechkin and the caps to
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get a series lead. ovie is known for scoring but he can drop some dimes. nice pass to nicolas backstrom. it's 1-0 caps. carolina tied. it in the third tom wilson reclaims the lead for the another aist for ovie and it's t2. five minutes le hurricanes on the power play, jordan stall defles this one in. it's the canes first power play goal in nine tries. tied at 3. go into overtime. less than two minutes into the extra period, the unlikely hero with the game winner. orpik! just theourth career playoff goal for the veteran, and it was a big one. caps win 4-3. for more on the game to win and hero, here's dave johnson. >> what is it about broolkz orpik? on saturday he gets the carolina hurricanes. listen, an overtime game winner
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zoer is special. but extra special when it's scored by the oldest player on the roster. d for is good for us, g him. it's always fun to see a guy score, especially in overtime. a huge goal. not counted on for too many goals. if you want to have long runs, you nee everybody chipping and doing things they don't o. normally >> guys like that, leaders that don't score a ton of goals, they come up in big moments for youx itra special, you get excited to gond in a jump on them and give them a hug. >> reporter: now the capitals team heads to carolina with a 2-1 series lead. there's more work to be done. at the capital arena, dave johnson, news 4ports. >> davie martinez and nats wh the pirates. curt suzuki looking to change
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that. he drives home anthony randon. we're tied at the 8th. down again. adam eaton ties it with this swing. his second jacket of the season. next tter, howie kendrick, he goes yard as well. the caps not o the onlys trying to go back to back. b of the year. that be the difference, the bull pen strong, nats win 3-2. d.c. unite ed inad color for a date with the rapids. lorado struck first in this one. the rest of the opening half dominated by d.c. costa tied the game in 33 minutes. d you remember ken gave united the lead with the first goal of his career. later lukas rodriguez splits the defense. tackled on another before halftime to make it a 3-1 gain. d.c. wins 3-2. at the masters tiger woods
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squarely in the mix. he did not disappoint. cans the birdie putt on 16. he finishes 5 under for the day, sits at 11 under for the urnament. he's only chasing this guy. francesco mu frances francesco mulinari. almost a hole in one! he shoots 6 under, par for the day, holds a two-shot lead over the field. >> he's a professional. >> not too bad. weather going to push up tee times for the final round tomorrow. t cary,nk you so much. we're going to get extra time hhere to somara because we severe weather moving in here. we need to know about ty.s. >> absolut here's a look at impacts we're expecting. we're going to see damaging winds. wrnado threat is low, but it's there. t you guys to make sure you download the nbc4 washington app and turn on the push notification so we can keep you abreast. over the next couple days once we get past the hurdle that is
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sunday ght, things are shaping up nicely through the top of the week. led we're going to do this w rodeo again at the end of the week. and make sure you follow me on n facebook, twitter. i think if we do have to break in, i'll probably go ahead and live as well on facebook. >> somara, thank you so much. so get your app ready. thank you very much for joining us this evening for news 4 at 11:00. you have saturday nigng live cop next. have a great one. have a great one. we'll see you tomorrow.
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correction [ chnd applause ] >> good luck in there. and, hey, have fun. >> yeah, thanks. i really appreciate tthat. >> wou in here for? >> little armed robbngy. ain't go stick. how about you, littleman? >> what the hell did you just say? hey, both of you all sit down. >> i'm in here for assault, bitch. you want a reenactment. >> hey. what about you, old man? >> old man? son, i'm the craziest dude in here. stabbed my neighborhood to death and then ate his fingers so they couldn't i.d. the body. >> damn, that's insane. >> oh, yeah? you think that's insane? i paid 500 grand to get my daughter into usc. [ cheers and applause ] >> wait, what? g you heard me. i paid 5nd to a women's crew coach to say my daughter was good


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