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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it appears to be moving on now. onot quite out the woods yet. we're staying o i top of approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron lchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we remain in weather alert. the threat of strong gts remains. >> you may find branches and leaves on the road. give yourself extra time. melissa mollet is standing by with a check othe commute and rod closures. >> we'll start with lauren ricketts in nature chuck bell. what are w talking about? >> you what were downed trees, some ponding on the roadways. as you walk outg, this morn the rain is over. thank goodness. hese storms lasted from yesterday evening and then we had another round overnight. even a few tornado warnings overnight at 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. hour in through southern maryland. that's over, thank goodness. we're just looking at the aftermath. not expected any more rain. we are expecting winds out ere. man, this was a big system and
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has pushed to the east coast. that's pretty muc whereit's going to stay ads it moves up and out ca sea. towardda. listen, the wind advisory in place. they're not strong now. but the next two, three hours you'll feel them pick up. wind atsory for areas in brown. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. sustained winds u to 30 miles per hour. that's wt we're dealing with after the rain. more rain on the way. plus a holiday weekend ahead. let's talk about the traffic and the roads. melissa mollet? >> good morning. inner loop at eisenhower. chopper on the way. right slide is blocked because of anus earlier small fire. we just got off the phone, just ther was on the small bus. doesn't sound like injuries, but a quarry situation. 4 should be there, afternoon after river road. right side blocked.
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inner loop and outer loop have problems clearing the shoulder and mld at arlington and glebe, a and-new crash. cheverly,roblem, southbound bw parkway near 202. hearing inner loop has cleared out of the way. aaron? >> thank you. 6:02. as you head out, keep in mind as melissano the roads are rough, slick from the rain. this is market street. you can see how soaked that was. continuing on our team coverage now, let's head out to see how things are looking on the>>road. ental health is live for us in prince george's county. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing some improvement here over the last hour, hour and a half or so. that's good news here. we're on 0 in the oxon hill area headed to the report of standing water on wa0 near fort
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ington we'll check that out. that's causing issues. we also have see problems with fallen trees. look at this i have yo. we shot this earlier this morning at 197 in the bowie area, near old laurel-bowie road. they had a treedown, all of the lanes of traffic. 197 was close frded for aime -- closed for a time, but now it is all clear. we have some issues here and there all aund the dmv including standing water. we're on ourhi way to location. if it's stillknow a problem. we haven't had rain for a while. so we are seeing that improvement even with the standing water. cross your fingers the commute won't be too bad for too much longer. we'll let you know, back to you. >> tha s you. ong winds did knock down this tree branch in southeast deet.c. it took down a power o.line, to
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this is the 3700 block. you see at least one car was maged. the same system bringing us severe weather has reeked havoc across the south. >> at least eavht people been killed by the line of storms. a tornado touched down in alabama yesterday. mississippi is still recovering from a line of spear storms. in texas tornadoes caused a bath of destruction self hos. some people are shankful they made it out alive. >> it's ours house, it's gone. but i am so tlafl to be alive. the nbcwashington.coms s an e.3 with winds killed at least one person in texas. people i chicago are dealing with winter weather. look more than five inches of snow fell yesterday. it marked one of the highest april tals in the city's
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history. this was only the third time chicago saw three on or more inches of snow this late t in season. wow. that is too much. be the first to know who severe weather moves into your neighborhood you whe are. the nbc washington app will track conditions and send you warnings from our team. 6:06. the mayor of front royal, virginia, will be in court fighti a charge of soliciting a prostitute. hallits tharpe sid it stemsrom a visit to a masseuse last year. he said it was not sexual and called the suit baseless. documents say this happened last may. tharpe became mayor in 2017. over the weekend we reached out. his attorney adviced us against commenting this morning we will see a redacted issue of the report. they are blacking out intelligence that expose
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intelligence sourc or compromised ongoing investigations. barr summarized it in a four-page letter to congress last month. according to a senior official, he told in a matter of obstruction of justice, the government is more trikt otebar. >> rep> hey, hey -- >> reporter: protesters from different ends of the political spectrum showed up to confront governor ralph northan. he was -- ralph northam. he was running to support local members, and the gop showed one embers -- showed up with members. >> he's affiliated with the ku klux klan. >> it is the late-term abortion bill. but he admitted to being ithe
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yearbook folder and took it back. >> rarth norman had asked him to stem down, but in his yearbook showed someone next to a kkk robe. he admitted to darkening h face in a michael jackson contest. two more names are added to the list of pre hopefuls. south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg officially announced his presidential campai. y name is pete buttigie they call me "mayor pete." i'm a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i amunning for president of the united states. [ cheers ] >> he made the announcement in front of anc enthusiasowd. he's 37 yieears old, gay, and married. he would become youngest
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peeve and first gay president. california congressman swalwell made his announcement at his i former high schooln dublin. the 38-year-old is four-term house member. yesterday afternoon he told supportive members in california that the country needs an everyonehat works for 6:08. today two former members a penn state fraternity will sentenced in the hazing death of d pledge. timothy piazza dfter a ight of drinking at the beta theta pi how to in 2017. jonah newman and nick lou uspiaa pled guilty. no one immediately called for help after piazza fell downstairs. an autopsy s he had consumed several times the legal limit of alcohol. several other fratbers have already been sentenced. today greg craig will be back in court. the former obama white house counsel pled not guilty to misleading the pounds's office about work on behalf of foreign
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government. he was indicted last week. the charges grew out of the review of paul manafort's lobbying actities. he's accused of lying on behalf of the pro-russian president of ukraine in 2012, a few years after he left the white house. ivanka trump is promoting a message of women empowerment in hope to. the president'sldest daughter met with members of the coffee association yesterday. trump pledged and reiterated his support for the group and othert tups. she's on a four-day trip to promote a global women's initiative. looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this was a scene in bral. you see that? >> wow. >> a meteor zeked theodore roosevelt the sty. ape camera caught the image early friday morning. >> very cool.
6:10 am nice we can catch that. today is the day, april 15th, tax da you have until the enddaf the to file your return and pay what you owe. you can still file for aut extension, bou made it to get the check in the mail. as of yesterday, 50 million taxpayers still need to file their returns. you can find free e-filing options and payment norgz -- information on the washington capitals took another step in their request to defend the cup. takes they're in erics, pleaing game three. accepts went went overtime. they bested the canes 4-3. you can on nbc sports warren and check out "news4 today" at 11:00 for highlights. >> if you win the two two, we'll
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--l wrapped upyist like that. wrapped up like that. and now we're talking about the return of tiger woods. wods wir his f -- woods won his first masters since 2005. he was thinking about giving up golf a few month ago. his mom and son charlie were there. krauds went wild. looka that. >>hi t was 15 5 win. he is 43. he is now the oldest masters champion since nicklaus won in 1986. >> and you remember 20-plus years ago. in high school they won the first masters. his father was there. you saw the hug with tiger and his son. >> whether or not you're a man, many, many sports fans and experts say a he's had tremendous impact on the sport. >> yeah. >> so many players credit tiger for being their inspiration.
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what an incredible story. has been through ups and downs for sure. >> got to expect it. >> late-night snackers, we're working for you. some evening treats are preventing you from getting a good night's sleep may help you drive offo sleep. plus, save money on fuel without having to sign up or explain a new gas station. we'llxplain next. lauren? the storms are pushing out of the region.yo do not need the umbrella as you head out the door. need the wi gbreaker. windting up to 50 miles per hour later this afternoon. more coming up.
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some alarming new numbers this morning about teens and tho kindf text messages they send sexting is becoming more common. this is from the university of new mexitu. the s found that more than a quarter of teens had received a sext, and another 15% say they've sent one. some experts dismiss this as modern-day flirting butexting canland someone in legal trouble. prosecutors in 23 statesan w.h.o. sex t under -- teens wh sex t under child pornography laws. f you wake up feeling irritable and groggy debts might sleeping for a full eight hours, it could be a sign you're eating the wrong foods before bed. serotonin helps with a good night's the bodyces the hormone which will relax you. but if your cklate-night snag foods are high in sugar or saturated fats, the good things, you could be diminishing the sire -- seratonin levels.
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that doesn't mean you'll automatically be enrolled. sign up for medicare occurs three months b oorer after your 65th birthday. most people don't know there are other insurance options that go e and beyond spacecraft medicare, though. what you're being taxed for is medicare a, for hospital stays after age 65. b is the government insuru'ce need pay doctors and other providers after retirement. a complete break down of what to know is available on lauren ricketts is here with the weather forecast. >> we're watching stots push of the region and out to sea. they're moving off the easterno se after bringing not only a line of severe weather to our area but ao to the eastern shore, out to delaware. now pushing up toward philly and ving on out o our region. as you make your way out the door, you're not going to meet the umbrella. we have strong winds that are going to replace the rain that we had. there's thatine of storms.
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look at that lightning right there. they're continuing to intensify. we have three tornado ernings, esterday evening in frederick county, maryland. two this afternoon - this afternoon? earlier during the overnight, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. in souther maryland area. you could see maybe a light shower but that's it, the next hour or so. for the most part, the rn is done, severe weather threat is over. winds are the main story for today. taat means more power s. we already have power outages from the rain we got yesterday and overnight. now winds are going to be gusting tour0 miles per we have another chance for power outages across the region. and look --o even i southern maryland, northern neck, you guys are not in the wind supervisor. you'll still have gusts up to 45 miles per hour. a windy day. 63 is thetemperature. we'll continue to drop that with much of the day in the 50s and low 60s acrossbo the ds. winds will start to pick up after 8:00 a.m. out ee the temperatures
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there now across the region. that's pretty much where they'll stay. we got the high just after midnight with temperatures in the 70s. again, temperatures. fall as we go through the morning. 61 will be the day time ohio with the winds being the main story.k tomorrow, b in the upper 60s. not as windy. see the low temperatures tomorrow. a slight chance of showers on wednesday. stay ahead of the weather, follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram. we're all over it. o all of meteorologists are over it. a chance of a passing shower on wednesday. thursday, dry, temperatures go up. we have scattered storms on friday. and more chances ofome passing showers as we get into the holidayweekend. melissa? >> very busy. near the eisenhower connector, veryw because of an earlier bus fire. brad up in chopper 4 circling the situation. you see the burnt out bus.
6:20 am
no injuries but a six-mile bac up. the bus accident will take a while to get by. showing delays. northbound also southbound, dumfries at 634 -- 234, i should say, right side blocked by that crash. cheverly southbound bw parkway, 202, flooding along the right si o. inner looper loop, you see the slowdown here at the bottom. inner loop crossing over the bridge. then outer loop near georgia avenue. moreoming up. c
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♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ welcome back. 6:23. perhaps you've eaten truffle fries or used truffle oil. have youre ever had truflts? >> they're a delicacy grown in
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europe and enjoyed worldwide. as justin finch reports, there's a truffle trend springing up in virginia. where are the truffles, good boy? >> reporter: truffles aren't a crop you just go out and pick. >> did you find one? did you find one? a it there? >> reporter: it tagood nose like his to sniff them out. >> let's look. oh, good boy. >> reporter: this was a drill. the target of berry frozen truffle practiced toeep welly and that nose primed for truffle season which runs from december to just before spring. >> there's another. we found them a good six inches down. >> reporter: olivia taylor knows just what to look for as she led a tour of her family's orchard called virginia trufflesjust terth of culpeper. once inside, a blook at what we found. >> if it was a nice round truffle, this is what the restaurants like to buy. >> reporter: judging by looks, the truffle is no conventional beauty.
6:25 am
by taste, you can get why foodies crave them and why they're used in everything from ntgs to seasonings. >> earthy, it's anesting flavor. it's really, really nice. there's almost a fruity factor to it. >> reporter: virginia happens to have a good trufe-growing climate. partly why olivia, her mom pat, and pat's husband john chose the commonwealth to grow the black truffle whiccan go for hundreds per pound at market. the family built the farm from the ground up ten years ago.le from cing land to prepping the soil to finding the right trees to sustain their truffle. >> one must always take the long view when getting into this. keeping in mind, yeah, it's going to be a significant investment. itt it is interesting. it's different, ane can make it happen, it will pay off. >> reporter: and they're on track. virginia truffles are among the first truffle growers in the commonwealth to see a harvest. and they're planning now for many mor >> five-year plan, i would say that this farm is producing
6:26 am
hopefully close to 30 pounds an acre of truffle. i also would like to expand so that we have multiple products as opposed to just truffle. >> reporter: so with each season, each search --ff >> is that a t, buddy? >> reporter: virginia truffles comes closer to a future many can't waito taste. justin finch, news4. >> i think we should all have shaved truffles on pasta and call it a y. >> you paying? >> sure, why not? 6:26. coming up, summer travel troubles. more flights grounded in the wake of the max jet investigation. what it could mean for youron vacaplans. bikeshare bewarey wh capital bikeshare is pulling somef its fleet off the streets for safety. and iot know we've a lot of kids on spring break. those that are going to school, you put kids on the bus stops, winds areetting higher.
6:27 am
winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour throughout the day. more coming up.
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weaver in storm team 4 weather alert -- we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode. calmer than aew hours ago. >> the storms that may have woken you up overnight areou moving it was a busy about few hours of thunderstorms, tornado warnings and tornado watches in maryland. we've seen troubles on the roadsncluding a fire on the beltway. police tell us a small bus ignited around 5:50 on the inner dop near eisenhower avenue. we know only thever was on board at the time. it does not appear that anyone was hurt. traffic is moving slowly in that area. we have a lot to get to on this monday morning. melissa will have more in the first 4 traffic warnings. >> first, sto team four lauren ricketts in -- storm team 4 lauren ricketts inor chuck bell. >> samarra handed the baton off to me a little after 1:00 a.m. this morning.
6:31 am
i've been working for youhi wa the storms push out. we're left with a beautiful s sunrise. clouds the push off, and we'll be left with sunshine. wasn't clear last night. we had storms roll in across the area. they were strong, packing a punch, three tornado warnings. two that were in st. mary's -- outhern maryland, in st. mary's county during the overnight hours. as you make your way out the door, you're not going to need the umbrella. we are gng to be dry as the rain goes is off the eastern seaboard. severe threat is over, but the winds are going to pick up. we're trading t rain for the winds. winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. that means more power outages possible. we'llssert that outoming up in a bit. i'll talk abouthe easter weekend, we've got more rain in the ten day. we'll show you that and the roadways with melissa mollet. good morning. good morning. first 4 traffic alert because of slowdowns around town, this is one at i'm at eisenhower avenue. chopper 4 over the problem. this is thee burr fe were
6:32 am
talk -- bus require we were talking about. a five to six-mile back up. chopperho can you the delays. it is typically slow, this is just addg to thi this morning. going to see quite the slowdown there back to the bruj. thank you. northbound 95 after prince william pay. on the left side. a slowdown northbound. southbnd, as rwell. 23ht side blacked. cheverly, bw parkway, flooding. trees down. falls church, leesburgike at tholl road, a crash reported there. eun? >> thank you. 6:32. we have team coverage o the mass after the storm -- the mess after the storm. >> nicole jacobs is live in d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there has been a little bit more movement in this section of d.c. now that y the sun is up can get a better picture of the
6:33 am
damage. you see strong winds toppled that large branch. it fell over on to the power lines there. appears as if there's just one funding that willing have to trouble getting out of its parking spot. the small suv there. the 37 block of d is blocked off. several cars have had to turn aroundse again bec crease have not cleared up the mess. when t iy do, should be an easy move. things will get back to normal. back to you. >>jacobs, thank you. nd the same storm system that brought damage and closures has wreaked havoc across the south. look at dnchlg in shelby, ohio -- damage in shelby, ohio. >> at leas t people were injured. at least eight people were kill killed by storms in other places. one of the fatalitasies a
6:34 am
13-year-old boy. sheriff's deputies need your help solving a sexual assault inside a nightclub in loudoun county. pened at the rio in sterling early sunday morning. a woman said a man she didn't know began kissing and groping he in a stairwell and pulled her into a private room. call the loudoun county if you have any information. a man is aftering -- recovering after being stopped. he was slashed in the head with a pocket knife and threw a b.b. gun at his attacker. the embassy is near washiciton le, an area packed with residents and tourists. police say both men were charged in the fight. today you can pay your left reouects to maryland speaker michael busch. his body will lie in state in the rotunda of theoutate in annapolis. visitation fwrib0 1:0 until 7:00 -- from 1:00 to 7:00 and tomorrow 8:00 to 10:00 tmp.
6:35 am
it will be held at the st. john church. he was of the longest serving speaker in american history. he was 72 years d. 6:35. in other top stories, american airlines is canceling more flights because of the ongoing investigation into the boeing 737 max jet series. the airline says it's canceling hts through august 19th, about 115 flights a day. you can expect increased delays over the busy summerseason. the faa grounded all boeing 737 max updates r jet following two deadly crashes. the push for safer roads in prince george's county continues. enhancedgatersegan in december when three kids were killed on rout210. the car was hit by a suspected derivatipe. of the ior and police chief will discuss enforcement and awareness.
6:36 am
adam tuss will cover the news conference. look forates in the nbc washington app. capital bikeshare is temporarily removing election bikes because of a break issue. ridershe said experienced a bake force on the front we'll. it could cause a fire. lyft owns capital bikeshare. it's also removing bikes in new york and san francisco. ♪ the pass touchdowns -- they score! [ cheers ] >> wouldn't it be so nice if we could relive that ment? at was the incredible overhame inwl t put the taps up 2-1 rounds in defend the stanley cup. two down, 14 to go, and the stanley cup will stay here. just that easy. tonight the tough task of winning on the road begins. the best of sev serie heads to raleigh. >> game three against the hurricanes on home ice for them.
6:37 am
shari buries is there looking ahead to thegame. she spoke with nbc sports washington and former caps flair alan may about the extra -- player alan may about the extra challenge they might face. >> reporter: what do you think it will sounds like? >> i hope it's rabbids, and i hopehey'rei having fun. hope it's raucous, as loudwe as 've everkn heard. ow, we want -- i make no bones about it. want the capitals to win. i hope they can silence the crowd. i'm looking forwards to an considered as read atmosphere. >> game three begins a:0 on our sister station, nbc sports weight watchers. be sureeo t in to news4 at 11:00 as sharree breaks down the game and what's next. theh tomorrow, we'll have height lights. still ahead this morning, itit ae it's beingilled arizona a it's
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the 12rd boston marathon will kick off in a few hours. this will be the first time that event falls on the same day that the bombings happened back in 2013. more than a million people are expected to attend that 26.2-mile marathon despite a pretty rainyor forecast boston. and a recent race here in d.c. fell short ofec etions literally. the cherry blossom ten-mile run wasot ten mil after all. >> uh-oh. our partners at wtop report a
6:41 am
turnaround in west potomac mark was misplaced. the race turned out to be 80 yard shorter than the full ten miles. that negates what were thought to be record times including the new american recd for t fastest ten miler ever, right. that makes you didn't actually run ten miles. if you did run, you can have your results haveviewed. you must submit an request line e the end of month. good morning, i'm frank holland. today is tax day, a you can take advantage of freebies skpls deals as you complete filing return. boston market has a meal for $10.40. it's half a chicken, two sides, cornbread, and adrink. macy it'sffering $40% offer when you buy two or more pairs. and offic max and depot are offering up to five pounds of free taper and documently from today through april 7th.
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with your business report, i'm francois hollande. we continue to watch the rain move you on, but we'rel steather alert -- move on out, but we're still weather alert because winds are picking up. we'll talk about the impact coming up. and right now, some delays around town. one pretty big here. inner loop a eisenhower avenue. chopper 4 over this earlier bus mre. we haveiles of delays. we'll also look at your travel times coming up. a reminder, news4's working 4 you with ann depth special. --
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♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun. ♪ ♪ ♪ oooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. ♪ i'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeewwww. ♪ 6:45. we are in weather alert mode as you wake up this monday. the worstthe storms that may have awangened you -- awakened you have moved out of the area. >> it may look nice, but it is going to be really windy. spotsylvania county schools just
6:46 am
announced all schools will be closed todayecause so many power outages across the countriment again, spotsylvania schools are closed. storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts is working one forecast. we can also have team coverage with crews on the road and melissa mollet in the first 4 traffic with a look at the commute. that's all coming up in a few minutes. a beautiful sky toake up with. >> absolutely. new overnight, president trump's re-electionund-raising campaign seems to be bucking all tradition. according to "associated press," more than $30 milon have bee raided in the -- raised in the first few months of the campaign. the majority of the donations were $200 or less. the moneyaid so far is more than the to tweak gilks dick roifls combi-- the money raised far is more than the two others combined. and some rejecting presid t president's ide of sending
6:47 am
migrants to sanctuary cities around the country. >> reporter: onimmigration, president trump is pressing ahead, selling an idea that his own administration describes only as an option. transporting migrants released from dention at the border to sanctuary cities around the country where local officials do not enfor federal immigration laws. rehoekting migrants is -- relocating migrants is a proposal that had been rejected as unlawful and logtically challenging. the white house it looking at it anyhow the president says a surge of migrants and asylum-seekers has grown so large that border towns can willing handle the flow anymore. out democratic strong holds to share in the burden. we'll have much more coming up on "today." the may f ofnt royal will be in court today fighting a charge of soliciting a prostitute. hallits tharpe says it's after
6:48 am
an encounter at a masseuse last year. he called the charge baseless. it happened last may. the mayor's attorney advised him against commenting. overnor ralph northam is still feeling the heat over a racist picture in his year -- yearbook prrs from different end of the principle spectrum showed up in virginia to confront the governor. heth canceled a last month. he was to sustained a fundraiser for sta senator dave marsden, running for re-election in 2019. members of the naacp and the lope gop showed one messages for the governor. >> governor is associated with the ku klux klan. d that's not ay. and that should not be okay. thingouple it is the late-term abortion bill. that obviously kick-started the whole thing. he admitted to being in the
6:49 am
yearbook photo and took it back. >> reporter: as for state senator marsden, he was among those calling for north i can't go -- northam to step down. there's a page in the yearbook showing sun in black face next to someone in a kkk robe. he denies being in the picture t said he darkened his face once in a michael jackson contest. the same stormm sys bringing damage and closures to the area has wreaked havoc across the south. this is damage in shelby, ohio. officials say no one was killed, but as many as ten people are injured. and yells where, at least eight ople have been killed by the line of storms. that system caused a mission for our area. >> nicole jacobs is live in southeast d.c. with the covege. what's the situation? >> reporter: now that the ig sunl is up, you can see the damage left behind by the
6:50 am
overnight storm. strong winds toppled a branch of the tree. it is lying oneshe power l now. we're in the -- live in the 3700 block of d street. and that mess has caused kwiebt of surprise drivers who have come down this treat and had to turn around. neighbors taking a look at the damage, as well. one neighbor tells me that she has no power. that's likely the case for most residents along this strip. back to you. >> nicole, thank you. now to a look at what's ahead in weather, restrict resticcts. that's a way to start. >> you. uh-huh. the clouds and rain moved out during the overnight hours. sunny skies, but we were dealing wi a mess starting yesterday evoing and continuing ihe overnight. we did have a couple of tornado warnings. one in frederick county, maryland. yesterday at 6:00 in the evading. then we two out there during
6:51 am
the overnight hours. and we've been with you allt ni working for you to make sure that you are safe during all of this. again, this is pushing out of here. you're only dealing ome cloud cover in spot out there. for the most part we're looking atnd drying ions. we will be looking at windy conditions as we continue through the afternoon. here's that line of storms right there. if you got friends in boston that are marathon, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds and strong, heavy rain out there. it's not going to goodor marathoning. listen, this morning you're dealing with downed tre and ponded roadways. this evening, very windy conditions, gusts up to 50 miles per hour. sunshine delaysnto your tuesday morning. as we go through the day, continues will improve, we're just looking at ver windy conditions. winds will pick up after aut 8:00 a.m. we could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. south, that's where we'll see gusts up to about 45 miles per hour.
6:52 am
either way, we'll have a windchill. we at this -- as he wen could as well windchills in the shenandoah valley in the 40s and 50s out there. temperatures will continue to drop. most of the day is going to be spent in the 50s and low 60s. again, with gusts up to about 50 miles per hour, it's going to feel chilly out there. we will have plenty s ofshine today. you can leave the umbrella at home. do believe there will be additional power outa 68 will be the daytime high today. not too bad out there. a looking at -- we are looking at -- into your fr more rain. we have a few scattered showers on your wednesday. more rain, scaered storms on friday. we'll talk more about the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. let's talk about tay roadws with melissa. good morning. good morning. t first foffic alert. inner loop on this left side, the right side of the roadways. you see that was a bus fire that we were dealing with. now we have a five-mile back up. chopper 4 showing delays through
6:53 am
the alexandria area here this morning. as we loo elsewhere, northbound 95 after prince william parkway, enthusiasts an earlier issue. it's on the left side. seeing delays in the northbound laneer southbound a34, right side blocked by a crash. laurel, northbound 95 at 216, crash in the northbound lanes. debris s in thethbound latinas. we're seeing delays both directions here this mo falls church, leesburg pike at the toll road, a crash reported there. beltway looking okay with the exception, obviously, of inner loop near eisenhower avenue. virginia travel times, 66,he bound 95 found. quantico to the beway, not bad. top of the beltway, outes loop, 27 mer hour. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in the car today. >> thank you. 6:53 now. your drive on the baltimore-washington parkway may be ait faste this morning. the national parks service raised the speed limit back up
6:54 am
to 55 miles per hourro between e 197 and route 31 over the weekend. the speed limit had been lowed la month because of huge potholes on the parkway. the secrery of of the interior told us his department need to up its game when it comes to t maintenance backlog. whether you are a fan of go or not, today you're going to be hearing a loter about t woods. >> he is the back on top. his game. he won the game by one stroke. his manager and son were cheering for hims he won the rst major tournament since 2008. he was going to give up golf. he's just three minimum wage wins of tying jack nikos' regular. he's the oldest mast evers champ inon 19 -- oldest masters
6:55 am
champion since 1986. > the story all the more interesting. 6:55. rre are fou things to know -- tonight the caps are in north carolina playing the hurricanes game three. the caps are leading the series with two back-to-back wins. you can watch tonight's game n nbc sports washington. then check n outr at 11:00 for a live report from rally. >> wrap this baby up. today is the deadline for getting taxes in. e-filers have until 11:59 to submit tonight. if you're mailing them eget them postmarked today. extension guests must be in by the deadline. and you need to pay the taxes to avoid the fans. we have numbers onreebies i the nbc washington app. today the body of maryland house speakeus michael will lie in state at the state house in annapolis. tomorrow, as well. buschhe wasock -- last majorid
6:56 am
cae. an oversevere weather alert. al overnight severe weather alert. spots vaylvania schools are closed because of power outages. use extra caution and follow first 4 traffic onit r. and we could have additional s,wer outa wind gups up to 50 across the area. even though southern manner, north effect. the wind picking up now will pick up through the 8:00 a.m. hour. the advisory expires at 8:00 p.m. tonight. i don't see the winds dying down until after11:00. winds lighter tomorrow, passing showerda on wednesy. more storms possible on friday. could have rain around for this holiday weekend. >> all right. on the roads, an alert because of the oob at eisenhower. you see on the right side of the road, an earlier bus hire fir is
6:57 am
cleared. that is slow, so is 95 because. earlier accident there. >> busy this early on a monday. >> a little much for me. >> all the weather. the weather that messes things up. >> that will do it. tha is the "news4 today." we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. seeou in 25 minutes for weather, traffic, and any local news.
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good morning. killer storms. >> knits shelby right now. >> at least eightnorthwest. rnado, high winds and heavy rain leading to major damage and states of emergency. where the threat mov next just ahead. it has to stop. congresswoman ilhan omar fires back saying she's received death threats about her controversial comments over 9/11. fatal fall. a florida university student ing from the u clock tower. was she taking part in a rite of passage for seniors weeks before graduation? all


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