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tv   News 13 530  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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protect your property. >> if you spend $12 to keep your car from rusting out, you will save yourself thousands. >> reporter: and warmer days ahead right now at 5:30. anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. >> danner: those temperatures got up into the 40s for a lot of us today to melt some of that snow, but a cold front is bringing back some precipitation. >> mark: that's right. right now it is looking like just rain but a chance of snow if it gets cold enough. let's get more from chief meteorologist george flickingermeteorologist george flickinger. >> george: hey, mark. i think most of that snow will be staying closer to the mountain and that will be a lot of good news for a lot of the travel plans that means if the rain for most of us will stay as rain. right now we are looking toward the vine center and route 460, and you can see traffic is moving along smoothly, so a lot of snow cover remains, but this snow shouldn't cause any huge additional problems.
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huge additional problems as temps are above freezing. in lynchburg right now, light to moderate rain moving in. the rain there near the timberlake area toward evanton and russburg, you will be getting rain moving in as well as appomattox. showers in amherst. occasional showers. we will see a little bit more rain develop back behind this. occasional showers for your evening, but it is not goodbye toing a washout. temp -- not going to be a washout. temps above freezing to the upper 30s by 11:00. a little later we will let you know when we will have a big warm-up and more showers returning. imagine being stuck in your car in the snow for the entire weekend. that happened to one woman in maryland. the maryland national guard rescued that woman last night who was trapped in her snowwho was trapped in her snow-covered car since friday. their humvee was able to go down the unplowed road to get to her after someone called for help. >> it was located on -- on a side street that hadn't been plowed. so the humvee was able to get to the vehicle. and the soldiers were able to
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>> danner: oh, thank goodness. the woman was unconscious -- oh, she was conscious and uninjured when she was rescued. no word how she ended up getting stuck. most of us are still in cleanup mode, shoveling drivecleanup mode, shoveling driveways and sidewalks, but that isn't all that needs to be done. annie andersen found something that could cost people thousand it is they forget to do it. she joins us live tonight. annie, what are we talking about here? >> reporter: car washes. you wouldn't think that $12 could end up saving you thousands, but mechanics say it is true. the salt is great for melting salt on the road but also your car's nemesis. if you don't want this, experts say you had better get one of these. >> once the road is clear and your car is covered with salt, you need to get that off as soon as possible. because the salt can damage the car, corrosion, especially underneath. >> reporter: that's why this woman decided she couldn't wait any longer to take in her new car.
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of it from all the weather. because it is a new car, i decided i would go ahead and get it washed. >> reporter: vice president nancy alcorn said people need to make sure they ask for an undercarriage wash. it is a necessity for the salt. >> just going through the car wash if you don't have that high pressure undercarriage coming up underneath the car will not get 234euwill not get any of the salt off. so the underneath of your car could rust out. >> reporter: if you already gotten a car wash, you may need another. until everything is dry, your car is picking up the salt. >> once the snow melts and the water gets back on the road, the salt is still on the roads. so, you know, you are going to drive through it. it is going to get back on your car. you need to come back through. >> reporter: mechanics agree with alcorn who says for the next month or so, people need to come by at least every other week. >> depending on how often you drive. if you were on the roads a lot
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>> reporter: because they are recommending that people go so often for the next month or so many car washes offer discounts if you keep your ticket and time. getting salt off your car is very important, if you haven't, make sure that you get the snow off your car. sitting snow can also cause your car to rust. andersen, abc 13 news. cleaning to do. a sad anniversary for the family of morgan harrington today because marks six years since a albemarle man discovered morgan harrington's remains on his property. the statement says in part jill and i want to thank each of you who have helped us continue terrible journey. morgan harrington went missing from a metallica concert. jessie matthew was charged with her murder and is awaiting trial. a car plowed into a post office in chesapeake. seven people were injured.
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black mercedes and to hit the gas yesterday instead of the brake. one woman was in the post office with her 3-year-old daughter when they nearly got hit by a wooden beam. >> i picked her up, and it came right past me and hit the lady behind me and knocked her out. >> mark: yeah, right now police are investigating, but they say drugs and alcohol were not factors in that crash. charges against the driver are pending. ferrum college's first female president is stepping down were jennifer braten said that she is going to retire in the summer. ferrum's 10th president and president since 2002. the chairman of ferrum's board of trustees said braten has been dealing with family health issues and feels like they are obligation is to be. the board is forming a search committee to find the next president. one family has been through a lot in october when their house caught fire but a way to help them thought weekend.
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northeast meant big business for cable companies this weekend. >> george: i will show you where the rain is falling now, when the rain will end, and also much warmer weather moves in. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i am jonathan elias. boka harum hurt 65 others in cameroon. four attacked a market near the border of nigeria. suicide bombers have killed dozens in that region in the past month. isis has now claimed responsibility for twin bombings in the syrian city of haam. the bombing killed 24 people and injured 100 others. a booby-trapped car exploded at a government checkpoint in the city, and a few minutes after that, a suicide bomber detonatethat, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt in a crowd of people. and an easy jet is report and an easy jet is reporting a fall off in air travel following attacks in paris and the suspected bombing
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easy jet is the second biggest airline in france and said in november business to and from the country have fallen and
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show up for their flights the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement. we want to change the world. d, roanoke and the new river valley. >> mark: all right, take a look at this. we have seen some great views of the snow from drones over the past few days. this is what it looked like in
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advantage of a snow day to go sledding. . >> danner: i have not seen that view y view yet. little ants scurrying all over the place. >> mark: sugar, that's exactly what it is. >> danner: moving fast. >> mark: yes, they are. we don't have to worry about any more snow building up. for now it is now about rain. >> george: that's right. >> danner: and melting. >> mark: and melting. >> george: nothing that really melts away snow than rain. we will take all the rain we can get. not overly heavy but, hey, it is rain, and that will help melt away some of that snow. we are looking out over ward'ss road in lynchburg -- wards road in lynchburg. ands will be above freeze and we don't have to worry about re-freezing. 51 with cloudy skies. southwest winds moving in at 6. and you can see that all of us are above freezing. halifax, lower 50s soaredhalifax, lower 50s toward south boston, danville, lower 50s.
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that is a look at the light to moderate rain that is making its by town. where we see the darker green and that is from lynchburg just southwest and northeast. this indicates a moderate showers that are making its way across town. and zoom in on the city of lynchburg and you can see the showers boonsboro down timberlake, and the rain out toward forest, out 460 we have the rain and madison heights. showers moving east and northeast. toward south side, you have been dry so far, but altavista we can see light rain moving in and chatham small showers. smith mountain lake you have seen some rain. occasional showers for the evening. not going to rain the he tire evening but occasional wet weather for your tuesday evening plans. here is what it looks like for midnight, there is still rain that is showing up, as far as snow, that will mainly be contained to the other side of the mountain in west virginia. when we wake up tomorrow morning, most of the rainmorning, most of the rain for wednesday will will have finishwednesday will will have
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showers possible wednesday at 6showers possible wednesday at 6, but bulk of the rain will have finished, clearing skies tomorrow which means sunshine and a beautiful afternoon for your wednesday, but it is going be too colder day tomorrow. we will have a breezy northwest wind and highs will be in the 40s tomorrow, the lower 40s, looking ahead for your thursdaylooking ahead for your thursday. will also have sunshine and cooler weather with highs in the 40s. for this evening, we will stay above freezing and then by morning, most of us will stay above 32. appomattox a low of 34. south boston, 36. 38 for danville. 33, smith mountain lake. lexington at 31. here is your hourly weather for your wednesday, by 7 a.m., most of the rain of the day will have already finished and we are going to see a few showers anyway. we have temperatures in the 30swe have temperatures in the 30s. by lunchtime, up to 41, and clearing skies and sunshine with those temps in the lower 40s tomorrow. 42 at 3:00, and lower 40s at 5 p.m. a slow snow melt in progress and around the rest of the areaand around the rest of the
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and mid-40s toward danville. amherst you will reach 42. show you the weekend forecast. i think you will really like iti think you will really like it. on saturday sunshine and highs in the upper 50s, and by sunday, we will see highs reaching toward the lower 60s. so once we get out of the next three days with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s for your wednesday night and thursday night, then big-time warm-up. 57 saturday but 60s into sunday and monday. well, history is all around us, especially in this area. one program wants to make sure
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>> mark: we will tell but t well, a program on the south side is taking residents on a tour of hidden gems in the region. history united and danville parks and recreation joined forces to create a program called hometown tours. >> tola adamson talked to the organizers to find out what it was about. live in danville tonight, tola. >> reporter: danner, hometown tours started a few months ago and rounding out the first season with a tour next saturday in gretna. the purpose is to explore rich cultural and historical sites and an interactive way to learn about our area's history.
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to martinsville, chatham, yanceyville, north carolina. they stop at historical landmarks. churches, art centers, schools and museums. examples include competition alley in chatham and at the prizery in south boston. the neck step is in gretna on february 6. the organizers plan to do something a little different from upcoming tours. they are working toward having a theme for each one. >> what are the sites of education in danville and the surrounding area? what are the sites of art. where can we look to find artist studios. what has historically been the art scene in danville. >> reporter: tours cost $8 >> reporter: tours cost $8. if you want to register, we have information at our web site at live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. and a family in pennsylvania county lost their home in a fire last october,
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pitching in to help them rebuild their home. friends of atkins family is holding a fundraiser at the fraternal order of eagles in souther land on saturday. begins at 1 p.m. and runs until midnight. there will be live music, a raffle and brunswick stew for sale. the family of four lived in that home and no one was injured it caught fire on the mom's and teenaged daughter's birthday. >> danner: oh, boy. >> mark: yeah. popularity of streaming
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and we are going to jump ahead to your weekend and i think we are going to enjoy the forecast as you will see a significant warm-up. here is your saturday after a cold start, briefly have 20s early in the morning and 43 at 10:00. highs reaching the upper 50s. and toward south side, lower 60s for your saturday. this past weekend, the storm kept plenty of people inside and that had cable boxes working overtime. comcast officials set a record on saturday with $1.3 million customers watching on demand movies and tv shows at the same time. in baltimore and washington, on demand viewing was up 56% from the week before. most popular tv shows were shades of blue and game of thrones.
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how many people you know with an amazon prime membershipwith an amazon prime membership. apparently you should because according to a new report, nearly half of all of u.s. households have a membership. half. reports estimate that the number of membership jumped 35% last year to 54 million. amazon does not disclose the number of prime members that it had, but it previously said it was in the tens of millions. the membership comes with free shipping on many items and access to amazon streaming video. >> mark: i am guilty. >> danner: me too. a virginia tech research
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if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit a virginia tech researcher who went to flint mr. michigan will present his find information blacksburg. we told but mark edwards group that exposed widespread contamination in the water. edwards will present a overview
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goodwin hall. it will also be broadcast online. president obama has declared a state of emergency in flint. it companies like wal-mart, coke and. he vis donating millions of bottled water to help out with the crisis. gleaning for the world is providing water as well. >> mark: we are planning to be at that meeting. lynchburg is in the process of cleaning up the big mess the snowstorm left behind. next at 6:00, katie brooke checks in with public works on its progress.
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anytime, anywhere, awardanytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. the snow is melting, and tonight, temperatures should stay above freezing. >> noreen: but we are still monitoring the latest in the progress and the cleanup. valerie bragg has hinges covered in danville tonight. meteorologist george flickinger is tracking it all from the weather center.
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standing by in lynchburg.
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