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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  January 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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until then, good night. >> danner: coming up, what county employees many bedford can bring to work with them next time they walk through
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and abc-13 obtained a search warrant. and what they're telling us about the day police say a centra security guard shot a patient. >> george: we're tracking light rain as it moves across the heart of virginia. we'll let you know how long you can expect this rain to stick around. >> danner: a live look tonight at wintergreen resort where skiers are enjoying the snow. >> george: danner, we are going to see a few more light showers continue, but we are not expecting any heavy rain. we're looking live out over lynchburg. we've had some areas of light showers make their way across
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the showers are moving off to the east. and we'll see small showers reforming and moving across our area. >> danner: across the area, icy slush is covering a lot of the residential streets out there. public works says that the city can't afford to pretreat those side roads. katie brooke checked in with public works and has more on their progress. >> katie: the director of public works, gaynelle hart, says that they are doing everything to get things back to normal. right now, a plow street has been down every street at least once. they're not stopping their progress anytime soon. >> we're going back and trying to clear again and put a good
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slag and salt mix together. >> katie: there is a possibility that black ice is still out on the roads. that's not just on residentials either. be on the look out for icy dangers and keep off the roads if you can. >> danner: several districts, including lynchburg and danville, cancelled school once again tomorrow. and that can be rough for working parents trying to get a last-minute babysitter. danville parks and recreation sets up a fun day for the kids. parents can drop kids off at the coates recreation center. >> they play games like this in the gym. we have a spark certification which focuses on games that don't eliminate children. so that as soon as you get started, certain children
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because they're out. >> danner: the charge is $20. you can get alerts to your phone on school closings. we have information on as well. the attorney for the patient shot at lynchburg general says that he is shocked by the newly released search warrants. today he gave abc-13 copies of those warrants as well. it is written that jonathan warner attacked gillespie in the dillard building. he was able to take gillespie's taser. after discharging the taser, warner rather than through the center and that was when gillespie opened fire and shot warner several times. and it's that part of that warner's attorney says proved that the officer used
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>> shot four times at close range. that's an excessive and inappropriate use of force. >> danner: abc-13 news got ahold of a centra spokesperson and they said they'll continue to defer all questions to lynchburg police. she says centra is fully cooperating with l.p.d.'s investigation. we have the search warrants with this story at tonight. bedford county employees could show up to work with a concealed weapon today. the board of supervisors passed the measure last night to allow workers to bring concealed firearms into the facility. >> priscilla: officials tell me that the prohibition on weapons for employees is outdated. newly appointed county
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it's alogical progression. he says that it came largely with liberty university's approval to allow students to carry on campus. >> it's a second amendment right. why do we treat the general public in a different fashion than county employees? and certainly for security risks, as much as we see mass shootings in the news, our public employees have a right to defend themselves. >> priscilla: most people we spoke with, employees and citizens, were supportive of the move and said that they felt it made being in county buildings safer. >> danner: a sad anniversary for the family of morgan harrington. today marks six years since an albemarle man discovered morgan's remains on his property.
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statement saying that they want to the thank everybody who has helped them on this difficult journey. jesse matthew is charged with murder and awaiting trial. >> we are learning about an incident in madison heights where a woman attacked her neighbor with hammer. holly jo was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. on sunday, a feud turned physical after they say davis hit andrews several times in the head and chest with that hammer. >> i'm not aware that there was any previous problems between the two neighbors. apparently there was an issue that was observed by someone, the reason why child protective services was notified. >> danner: an abc-13 crew went
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a man answered and said that he didn't want to comment. >> a program on the southside is taking you on the tour of hidden gems in our region. history united, the danville parks and recreation department, both joined forces to create a program called hometown tours. the tours have taken folks to chatham, south boston, milton, and yanceyville. they stop at churches, art centers, and museums. the next stop at in gretna on february 6th. we have more information at and lots to talk about about the new bedford school as supervisors hash out a new budget. supervisors have to decide whether to allocate new funds. the supervisors allocated $30 million, but the school system just came back with a
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supervisors will vote an a new budget on february 8th. first donald trump came, and you he's landed an endorsement from a high
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>> danner: authorities say a homeless woman threw a piece of concrete through the window of the general assembly. the homeless woman was trying to get arrested intentionally to have a place to stay for the night. she was also charged with
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virginia commonwealth student moments before throwing the concrete. no one was injured. today the trump campaign announced that jerry falwell jr. is endorsing trump for president. suri crowe crow spoke with falwell this afternoon. he said that it was trump's business experience that won out over ted cruz. he said that his support is personal and not on behalf of l.u. >> hillary clinton's e-mails are supposed to be released to the public, but the state department says that it needs more time.
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suing the state department. >> reporter: in washington, a delay of games, the state department asking the courts for an extra month to release the final batch of her e-mails, 55,000 pages. that would be after iowa, new hampshire, nevada, and south carolina. >> as secretary of state, her communication as well as other documents, we are entitled to ask for under the freedom of information act. i think the public needs to have that information. >> reporter: jason leopold fired the original freedom of information act a year ago. he says that state department has not shown good cause and that the voters in the primary states will be harmed by not having the information. >> reporter: the state department listed reasons for the extension. first, they found several thousand e-mails that still needed scrutiny. and the second was the weather.
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washington and roads are still locked. >> reporter: it's an issue that comes up time and time again for hillary clinton. >> when you're facing something like that, you need to get the facts. and it takes time to get the facts. >> reporter: one lawmaker saws that it could get worse. >> i have friends that are in the fbi, and they tell me that they're ready to indict. and they also say that if the attorney general doesn't indict, they're going public. >> reporter: how will this play out on the campaign trail? we'll get the first indication next week when iowa voters head to the caucuses. >> george: today we warmed up with 40s and lower 40s across
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>> danner: we have been getting a lot of really g pictures over the last few
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all right. this is from gary blankenship. he sent me the picture of a snow sculpture. it's a dragon. and people are creating all sorts of stuff with the snow. >> george: does that remind you of the calvin && hobbes character? they would go out and create these snow goons. >> danner: yeah. i didn't read calvin && hobbes. >> george: a child with a huge imagenation would create those wild creatures in the snow. we are tracking some showers, not overly heavy. some small areas of green in concord. the showers are moving east
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we are seeing showers towards buchanan and natural bridge. a few small showers are possible and there's still rain out to the west. and we'll see additional small showers in the evening and overnight hours. we're looking out live over lynchburg. cloudy skies. and the bigger story is the temperatures. we're well above freezing and that means that the ice and melt away. a southwest wind at six miles per hour. roanoke 41. virginia tech, blacksburg, 41. charlottesville, 45. 50 in danville, and 44 south boston. in the overnight hours and early morning hours, we'll see a few small showers possible. but the trend is by the time you wake up tomorrow, most of the rain is going to be well to our east. here's a look at 9:00, and even the richmond area is
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morning. throughout the day tomorrow, we're going to see clearing skies and wednesday afternoon, sunshine across the heart of virginia. even though the sun is going to be shining, temperatures are going to be cold. and thursday, we'll have more sunshine as well. some light snow up to the north. we're going to be staying dry for thursday and friday. now, for this evening, we'll see a few small showers possible. cloudy and school. lows in the 30s. amherst 33. appomattox 34. alta vista 34. and bedford 33. and hourly weather for tomorrow, temperatures in the lower 40s by lunchtime. and tomorrow afternoon, shine and cooler. 42 at 3:00. this means we are going to see more of that snow slowly melting away. and a good day in appomattox i 44. saturday forecast, temperatures in the upper 50s during the afternoon with lots
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so we're going to see a big weekend. warming trend begins for saturday. with 60s coming up by your sunday. >> danner: thank you, george. now, that most of us have been able to dig out of the snow. mechanics say that it's time to switch the focus to our cars. while the salt is great at melting snow, if you're careful, it can cause your car to rust. make sure that you get a car wash every other week until the snow and salt is gone. and don't forget to ask for an undercarriage wash.
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asked . >> danner: new tonight, the virginia department of the
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someone here in virginia has patika virus. the person recently travel to a country where the virus is spreading. it's a relatively new virus and it's mosquito born. it's also related to the birth disorder, microsephaly. days after announcing all olympic venues are being inspects and fume indicated, rio is also fumigating the carnival. >> reporter: doctors are now being asked to screen all adults for prevention.
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pregnant and postpartum women in the recommendation. they urge if you're feeling symptoms of depression, to talk to your doctor. abc-13 is giving away good food for free in the good eats contest. log on to or our
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today we are giving away a >> danner: tonight we are looking into why schools are closed or delayed for yet another day. a lot of the roads seem clear, but there are still dangers. marissa para is digging into those details tonight at abc-13 news at 11:00. >> how does a boutique igloo sound.
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one and list it on air bnb. it came with candles to keep you warm. fortunately air b and b took it down. >> george: we are tracking a few showers the evening. we'll see some areas of light rain but nothing overly heavy. at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, all of the rain will be finished. we'll have shine tomorrow afternoon. it will be cooler, but drier once those showers move out. and for the weekend, we'll be nearing 60 on saturday. and all of us making a run for the lower 60s by sunday. >> danner: i'm liking the highs and the lows overnight, too.
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chris hemsworth about i'm not fan of megan kelley. megan kelley really the reason trump could drop out of thursday's livedebate? >> what fox news is saying now as the donald goes off. >> i think i'm going to be treated unfai i do something else. >> if somebody says somet completely outlandish, call them
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