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tv   News 13 6  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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falwell's decision to endorse trump yesterday, but they aren't sure if the billionaire businessman exemplifies christian values. they say trump made choice words and embarrassed and falwell's father will be disappointed. when we asked students, we got mixed reaction whether they think trump lives by christian values. >> he does and in some ways he doesn't. we are all sinners. we value our faults. but ultimately i hope he is willing to realize. >> he made bad decisions and good decisions just like we all have -- how are we to judge to be honest, you know what i am saying. that is just my opinion, but i don't think he really should as a christian. we all view the christian side of it, but that's just my opinion. >> reporter: students we talk
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trump said 2 corinthian instead of second corinthian speaking at the first convocation, but at least he tried to make an effort to relate to the back ground of the university. live in lynchburg, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. a lynchburg man will spend life in prison for committing what a judge called one of the most violent murders that the city has ever seen. 24-year-old dominic moss was arrested in 2014 after a month-long manhunt for killing shawn moss. prosecutors say he ambushed shawn moss on 11th and polk street and shot him six to seven times. at one point moss's mother took the stand to say not only did she lose a son but a 13-year-old boy lost a father. moss apologized to shawn moss's family and claimed to be a changed man, but when the judge handed down his sentence, he threatened to shoot the prosecutor in the face. >> shot him while he was standing up and stood over top
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continued to pump bullets into his defenseless body. >> mark: moss also got an additional two years in prison for punching a blue ridge regional jail officer. we just made another check with blacksburg police and they are still looking for a missing teenager who they believe is in danger. this is 13-year-old nichole this is 13-year-old nichole lovell. she disappeared from her apartment between midnight and 7:00 this morning. her mom tells us she doesn't have some very important medication with her. when lovell was 10 months old she had a liver transplant and has to take anti-rejection meds twice a day. her mom didn't want to go on camera and told us that she thinks lovell climbed out of her bedroom window with water bottles and her minion blanket and not her medicine so she already missed a dose at this point >> the child in question is on medication that requires a daily dosage. if she is not able to get that daily doses, it can do
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system and we want to make sure she can get back and get her medication as quickly as possible. >> noreen: they are asking for anyone with information to call them. you can call or you can call anonymously at 540-961-1819. tonight is going to be colder than what we had this morning, which means we are going to see temperatures below freezing and 20s coming up by tomorrow morning. this means that some of the snow that did melt today is going to refreeze. 37 now. with a fairly thin clouds that are on top of us. temperatures will drop on off tonight. martinsville, you are already near freezing at 33. danville at 40 and blacksburg at 35. watch out for ice -- or snow to rather refreeze into ice by morning with lows falling into the 20s. coming up a little later, we will have way out wednesday, a long range weather outlook for february. right now, the snow is melting but the city is asking that your sidewalks be clear.
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city attorney the sidewalk ordinance and she is live in lynchburg tonight with more. katie? >> reporter: well, mark, as you can see back here behind me in lynchburg, this sidewalk is still covered with some snow, and this can really be a hazard, so if yours isn't shoveled, be sure to do that as soon as you can. city attorney walter irvin said that the city had an ordinance requiring people to shovel sidewalks in front of their home. this is a rule meant to be followed, he tells me that they have never cited anyone for not complying. more of a request to not clean up. laura said she shoveled her sidewalk on sunday after the snow stopped falling and she noticed people doing the same and some patches of sidewalks -- it is important that they say clean since she carried her kids to the car on the sidewalkkids to the car on the sidewalk. >> i would say on our street it is about 50/50 is about 50/50. some people have gotten out and cleared. a lot of older people or
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or can't do it, so they just ignore it. >> reporter: city attorney tell>> reporter: city attorney tells me they do not endorse the fine -- enforce the fine for a few reasons, a matter of resources. you can public works is too busy cleaning the streets. the police department who would hand out citations are busy with accidents or weatherwith accidents or weather-related calls. third, some people are physically unable to shovel. says please, if you are able, get out there and get the sidewalks cleaned. mark, noreen. >> noreen: thank you, katie. many of you and your kids are probably a little bit stir crazy right about now. the kids have been out of school for quite a few days now most places, and you can only stay outside for so long. the folks at amazement square say they have found tons of kids come through there. in fact they have been telling us they have seen triple the amount of kids each day. normally they see the younger ones during the school day and
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school-aged kids learning and giving parents a break. >> it is great and after a while, burn off a little energy. >> noreen: amazement square had to carbon monoxide their superhero event healthy heroes because of the snow. that is scheduled for this saturday. already school delays to report. you can catch the entire list on our web site at and make sure that you keep checking back, because that list is constantly updated. abc 13 has just learned that the nelson county commonwealth attorney anthony martin has resigned. he was first elected into office in 2011 and reelected this past november. martin was the prosecutor in the randy taylor case you might remember. assistant commonwealth attorney will serve as the interim commonwealth attorney until a special election can be held. another candidate has entered the race for the 5 entered the race for the 5th
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joseph whited from rappahannock county is vying for the senate seat. he is a 10-year navy veteran and served as advisor to the assistant deck of defense for international security affairs and led efforts to analyze foreign military capabilities. he says he is running because he believes that america is less safe than it ought to be. the head of the jubilee family development center is ready to take a seat on city council. he announced he is running forseeser johnson's ward 2 seat since johnson announced he was not running for reelection. in the facebook campaign page that he wants to facilitate growth and passionate about lynchburg's future. a long-time radio personality that suddenly passed away yesterday will be laid to rest tomorrow. according to his obituary, bob abbott's family at water lick chaple from 6 until 8 p.m. he will be followed by a celebration of life service at 11 a.m. on friday at highland heights baptist church.
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radio market since 1996. he retired two years ago. his co-workers say passed away. and he was 65. we will let you know when we will get more information. we are digging deep into an age-old discussion. >> my husband, yeah. >> i think he is. >> no, definitely not. >> i think so so for sure. >> in tonight's health check, the science between who complains more when they are sick. and a local cancer center is trying to lift the spirits
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ard-winning coverage you can count on. it is cold and flu season, so there is a chance the virus may be working its way through your house, but who winds more about those sniffles, aches and pain. >> i have an idea. is it men omen? what do you think? danner evans may have the
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behind it in tonight's health check. >> reporter: when the miserable congestive snooez, coughing crud hits, it can bring othercrud hits, it can bring otherwise strong people to their knees. who is the worst, in the battle of the sexes a new study is out that has a lot of people declaring it is true. do it be that men actually feel worse when they are sick? well, you this difference between men and women. women produce estrogen and might have added estrogen to birth control pills and therapy and that estrogen may help women fair better during cold and flu season. >> this study really is looking at, okay, here are nasal cells infected with a flu virus. we exposed some to estrogen, some not. and looks like these little cells can eradicate the infection faster if they are exposed to estrogen. >> danner: estrogen is an amazing thing apparently. the doctor says his practice
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men seem worse off when they come to see him, but young men are the least likely to go to the doctor at all, and when it comes to h1n1 and the avian flu, younger women have the most severe symptoms. and we are taking this battle of the sexes to our facebook page tonight. where we are asking, who do you think complains more when they are sick, men or women? here is what you have to say. it is overwhelming here. 81% of you say men. 11% say women. 8% says there no difference. there you have it. mark. >> mark: and the margin of error for that poll is what, 70%? the cancer center want to make patients feel upbeat by adding tunes to their lobby. they are inviting musicians and school groups to perform. so far we are told the response has been great, but they are still looking for volunteers.
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school band, chorus group, drummer, guitarist and even a belly dancer. >> so to have some uplifting music and not such a clinical and sterile environment a more of a happy place to come to and feel welcomed when you come to the cancer center, and that is what we strive to do here to make it be a home environment and everybody -- a support group with the family. while they are going through their journey. >> mark: a lot of the musicians have been impacted by cancer and want to give back to the community. most enjoy the music down in the lobby and many hear it playing when receiving treatment in the exam room. >> noreen: must sob soothing to hear that. another warning for icy roads. the temperatures are going to drop below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. >> mark: but we are looking ahead to more welcome news. chief meteorologist george
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for tonight's way out wednesday, we will give you a long-range weather outlook and here a look at what to expect for february. first off the averages -- the average high and low 49 and 27 which is slightly warmer than what we have in january. we average 5 inches of snow and three inches of rain and that includes melted-down snow. overall, it does look like that february is going to be warmer than what we had for january.
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it also look like that it is going to trend to be a wettergoing to trend to be a wetter-than-normal month for virginia with very wet conditions -- very wet conditions throughout the southconditions throughout the south. drier-than-normal weather for the great lakes and that means less snow toward the chicago area and the great lakes. as far as the temperatures, we will be near normal to warmer than normal also notice the warmer-than-normal conditions through the east and northeast. this is telling us that -- that it is going be too warmer month and much of that very cold air is going to be staying up to our north in canada. cooler-than-normal weather throughout the south and this is largely going to be from the rain. so in summary, here is a look at what we are tracking for you for december. we will begin the month with warmer-than-normal temperatureswarmer-than-normal temperatures, and then before valentine's, near normal to colder than normal. as far as precipitation, we are going to see rain likely on february 3. that is seven days away, and you will see that on the seven-day, the snow in the mountains. as far as a winter storm, we don't see anything looming, we will be watching for february
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so that is the weather summary of what we are tracking for you on february. and when we do see another winter storm developing, we will certainly keep you advised on it and its tracks. now the weather forecast for now looks very good for your outdoor plans coming up. as for seeing more melting snow over the next few days. if you were traveling south, we will be driving into the carolinas and chances for rain tomorrow, but we will stay dry, jumping ahead to your friday, looks like another dry day. we are going to see cold temperatures in the mornings. we will see refreezing of that melting snow. and during the afternoon, highs reaching into the 40s. so tonight is going to be colder than what we have seen the last few nights. into the 20s. so we will see some refreezing. good thing is, a lot of the roads have been cleared. bedford dropping to 25. appomattox, 27. altavista, 27. and upper 20s toward south side. your hourly weather for tomorrow show that after 9 a.m., we will be above freezinga.m., we will be above freezing. watch out for black ice during the morning.
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mid- to upper 40s which is about where we were today and falling back into the 30s by 7 p.m. around the rest of our area, partly cloudy, cool and dry. highs in the mid- to upper 40s closer to 50 if you were watching us from danville. overall the seven-day forecast show two more cool to cold days to get through and a really nice weekend coming up. you will want to play outside and watch the snow melt away for saturday and sunday and highs in the 60s on sunday, and then toward wednesday around february 3, increasing rain for all of us. >> mark: sports is next. nascar has lost a broadcast legend. >> noreen: former hokies star
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sunday's pro hi, everybody, barney hall the man known by millions of race fans known as the voice of nascar passed away at the age of 83. the north carolina native covered nascar for 55 years through seven decades. his easy conversational delivery made you feel like you were listening to a close friend. he painted a great picture of the race through radio. hall called his first daytona00 in 1960. he join the racing network first as a turn announcer and moved to the booth in the late '70s where he had been a fixture since 2014.
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most trusted man in the garage saying drivers felt comfortable talking to him. campbell added he wishes we had more like barney. it is came of the week wednesday with high schools missing a loft time since the weekend snow. we will change gears today and spotlight a college team. after last night's late heroics at wake forest, that team has got to be uva men's basketball. the cavaliers were headed to a fourth straight loss on the road down 10 with only 1:20 left in the game but malcolm left in the game but malcolm brogan with a rally and scored 19 points in up two seconds. under heavy pressure banked in a one-handed 3 at the buzzer to win. the cavs steal one at wake, 7the cavs steal one at wake, in the acc. >> i didn't even see it go in actually. fell on the ground and i happen
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teammates running over to me jumping up and down. i guess i got a shot. >> a great feeling to get the win especially on the road since haven't had one in a long time. >> had a hand in sort of the -- the lane that he was going to shoot it and he adjusted and shot it with one hand and i was like, oh, man. and it was just surreal. >> the cavs play at louisville at 1:00. speaking of the louisville cardinals they are in blacksburg to face virginia tech. an 8:00 tip at castle coliseum. we told but cedric pearman and taylor being added to rosters for this sunday's prorosters for this sunday's pro-bowl in hawaii. here is what taylor said about playing in the pro bowl. >> of course you want to be playing for the super bowl. hats off to the guys who make it to the super bowl. definitely excited about this opportunity to get a chance to play against some of the better guys in the league. so looking forward to it. carolina panthers gerard
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arizona due a foot injury but admits he is ready to play in the first super bowl a week from sunday. >> honestly i don't feel it at all. i run -- it is easier to run than walk. i just go out there and play. it really feels -- it is great. no limitations. >> dennis: he is probably hurting but will never admit it because he wants to play in th [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular
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hillary clinton says none of the e-mails sent during her time as secretary of state were classified. well tonight at 7:00, two experts weigh in on exactly what gives an e-mail that title. plus, a common complication in newborns. what a parent of triplets says every new mom needs to be aware of tonight, the no-show. five days to iowa, and donald
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he says he will not appear in
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