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tv   News 13 5  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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witnesses are still testifying at this hour. katie, it doesn't look like there will be a verdict today? >> reporter: not today -- [inaudible] >> danner: here is what we know about this case right now. both the defense the commonwealth agree there is no forensic or dna evidence that links vincent spinner to his father-in-law so the commonwealth is relying things heavily on cell phone records and nature of the stab wound to prosecute the case. spinner was married to payne's adopted daughter tamara. payne helped them both financially over the years and came out in court that she had battle a crack cocaine addiction and was in rehab. spinner planned to leave her after she relapsed and disappeared with her 15-year-old son. the day of the killing, friends testified he smacked crack cocaine with them and then he said he was going to the atm and came back an hour later
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different clothes. phone records put spinner in the area payne's home at the time. the prosecutor said spinner did not have a checking account to use an atm. our crew is going back into the court room right now, and tonight at 6:00, we will tell you what else is coming out. police call it one of the worst things a community has to deal with, and right now there is still no sign of 13-year-old nichole lovell of blacksburg. annie andersen has the latest for a news conference held just a few hours ago. >> reporter: blacksburg police set this up as master control as they search for 13-year-old nichole lovelle. she went missing between midshe went missing between midnight and 7 a.m. yesterday morning. the army corps of virginia tech are walking behind me. they joined in on the search as multiple local agencies, the state police and the fbi.
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her daughter snuck out the bedroom window. left with water bottles and minion blanket and didn't take any of her medication. that is really scary and when she was 10 months old she had a liver transplant and she could reject the liver. >> she is going on 36 hours not being on the medication, so we are praying for her recovery and being brought back to the community. >> reporter: blacksburg police are asking anybody with any information to give them a callinformation to give them a call. now they stress that no information is too small and anything can help them make a break in this case. in blacksburg, annie andersen, abc 13 news. a judge is refuse a judge is refusing to bar a jury from seeing pictures of the body of a 5-year-old boy found dead in a septic tank. a pulaski county judge rejected a motion filed by ashley the roanoke times. white is charged with felony
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noah thomas found dead last march. a judge ruled photos of noah's body in the septic tank immediately after it was removed and later at the medical examiner's office are recommend haven't. noah's father pope thomas is facing felony abuse charges. his trial set for march. 2350eu6 years in prison, that's how long a danville woman will be behind bars for are texting and driving. a commonwealth attorney said nikki johnson was texting and driving at more than 80 miles per hour when she hit another driver from behind killing him in october of 2014. the impact so hard the victim's suv flipped. last weekend's blizzard is officially the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 yearsnortheast in more than 60 years. that is according to noaa tonight. this storm affected more than 3this storm affected more than 300 million people and covered 434,000 square miles in 26 states.
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so-called storm of the century back in '93. that storm dropped more than 30 inches in places from mississippi to maine. chief meteorologist george flickinger is in the weather center, and george, we are still seeing some of those roads refreeze tonight from last week's storm. >> george: that's right, danner. a lot of leftover know from that winter storm and the temperatures barely made it above freezing in some places and we didn't see that much melting. 38 in lynchburg with lower 40s in danville and roanoke. right now we are looking live out over danville where more of that snow does continue to meltthat snow does continue to melt. we will see some refreezing tonight as all of us will be dropping below freezing. 20s in the morning. coming up a little later, we will let you know when we will see much warmer weather for virginia. happening now, more than 60 students and adults are being treated for exposure to carbon monoxide at a school in texas. two buses filled with students came to the hospital where doctors and nurses immediately started triagestarted triaging them. now this was at a middle school
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a school spokesperson said a leak started from a boiler at the school, but right now no other details have been released. we will stay on top of it for you. the family of a patient shot by a centra security guard at lynchburg general hospital is calling for an independent investigation according to paul b elvois the attorney representing jonathan warner. belvois says wes gillespie the security guard involved is a former police officer and deep deputy commonwealth attorney's wife works as a clinical psychologist at the hospital creates a conflict interest of. but we talked to attorney mike ducette who said his office will decide if any charges will be filed. happening right now, there is an urgent call to stop the spread of the zika virus. the world health organization says the virus spreading explosively. there is at least one confirmed case even right here in virginia.
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development and joins news the newsroom. >> mark: that's right, 20 people have been diagnosed in several states including virginia. 19 cases in puerto rico alone. president obama met with cdc officials at the white house to emphasize the need for a vaccine. they believe the u.s. cases were contracted abroad and now a travel advisory for pregnant women. they are being told to avoid 24 areas where sglishtion ka have been detected. health officials say that virus which is not contagious is less serious for others and usually causes mild symptoms such as a fever and rash. >> we need to take actions now. whatever we can do in terms of vector control and environmental control. >> mark: whatever they can do. the danger from the virus is real in el salvador. they asked women not to have babies until 2018. the virus linked to a birth defect. it causes paebs to be born with
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result in serious developmental delays and other life-long effects. officials from the pan-american health organization say they expect 3 million to 4 million people will be infected with the zika virus. in the newsroom, mark spain, abc 13 news. >> danner: that is a fluid situation we will continue to watch for you. right now crews are out counting the home unless our area and they are helping to put much-needed essentials in the hands of people. the continuum of care is teaming up with the salvation army in lynchburg to provide winter clothing, hats, coats, gloves, even blankets, a way to help organizers get an accurate count of the homeless in the city which determines the necessary to help them, but a much-needed hand from the local community. >> from this community and to see people really care for those less fortunate than them, come together for a common cause to try to help those who are less fortunate to give them
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>> danner: the event has been going on for an hour and going until 8:00 at the salvation army community center on park avenue. get ready to add to that grocery list that you are making right now. if you were looking to lose weight, you will want to make
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plus, see how our
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parking ban when the big snowparking ban when the big snowstorm hit. the so the snow plows could get through the street. since then the city has handed over $1 million in fines. $1 million in fines. the "washington post" reports as of yesterday afternoonernoon, the city has issued more than 5,000 tickets. the city also towed 700 vehiclethe city also towed 700 vehicles. but just a couple of hours ago, the mayor said she will void 2800 those because so many have not known about all those restrictions. so they are giving a few people a break, but, man, lots of citations out there. i guess should get out on the road. >> george: unexpected money maker. >> danner: i heard in that area people are getting territorial about parking places that you shoveled. if you park on a place that someone else shoveled not that somebody's name -- if you park in one of those places you get a dirty note. >> george: it is implied if you clear that spot, it is yours. some freezing overnight and you may have noticed that this morning as we saw some of that melted snow refreeze and we saw
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we will do it again tomorrow morning and between now and friday at 7:00, it will be cold and dry and we have 20s in the morning between 25 and 29. so be aware that there could be some slippery sidewalks and parking lots in the morning. temperatures had a tough time warming up this afternoon due to the clouds. we have briefly reached the lower 40s in lynchburg, and right now down to 38 degrees. and you can see a lot of clouds and we look out toward the western sky. south breeze at 7 miles per hour. around the rest of the area.the mix of 30s and 40s. charlottesville, 40. roanoke, 41. if you were watching us from south boston, 41. if you are watching us from near clarksville, right now your temperature is at 41. here is what it looks like across virginia. we are dry and areas of rain to the south in the carolinas and that rain will remain to the south. for tomorrow, we are going to be tracking a fast-moving cold front. it is a clipper-type cold front that is going to move into our area until it is going to be windy and cold tomorrow.
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be shinebe shining and the temperatures going to be similar to today, it is going to feel colder due to the wind. so here is what it looks like for you also on the other side of the mountain, especially as you work your way into west virginia. we will be seeing some snow, and it is possible there could be light snow and snow flurries along i-81 near blacksburg. the rest of us will be staying dry. during the afternoon tomorrow, sunshine, but it is going to feel cold with the wind, then jumping ahead toward saturday, on saturday, that is when the warm-up is going to begin. all of it well into the 50s with lower 60s toward the south side. the forecast for this evening, mostly cloudy, cold and dry, 20s. if you were watching us from madison heights, amherst, 27. toward concord and appomattox, 28. altavista, gretna in the upper 20s and upper 20s to smith mountain lake and danville. we will remain below freezing through 9 a.m. on your friday and between 9 and noon, make it above freezing. lots of sunshine and even with
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too cold day with the wind, we will see highs reaching the lower 40s. around the rest of the area tomorrow, roanoke, you will reach 43. appomattox, 45. altavista, 44. and danville climbing toward 47and danville climbing toward 47. the warm-up begins on saturday after a cold morning on 23 on saturday morning. see a high of 55. then all of us making a run toward the 60s for sunday and monday. we will see rain returning next week. by tuesday, a few showers are possible, then rain likely by wednesday.
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you m we are going to look ahead to your weekend and iyou have something planned either day for your saturday or sunday. saturday will be colder. we will have 20s in the morning and a high in the mid-50s, 60s for sunday. the next time you go to the doctor for a check-up, you might be asked to reveal something new. the initial screening isn't just about past surgeries, medications and allergymedications and allergies anymore, there are new recommendations out this week that say primary care doctors should be screening every adult for depression. some doctors are already asking these questions, and psychiatrist dr. mary lang say it is reaches people who may not seek her out for help. >> a lot of people will never
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lifetime but everybody goes to their primary -- psychiatrist in their lifetime but everybody goes to their primary care doctor. it is important in a health goes. >> 16 million adults in the u.s. suffer from depression. by putting the simple screening
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therapy to those abc 13 is giving away good food for free. it is called the good eats contest. from today through monday, log on to for your chance to win. if you scroll down the home page, it is under trending, and you can get your information on the abc 13 facebook fan page. like us there. today we are giving away a $75 gift card to the crown sterlinggift card to the crown sterling. watch for those different prizes each day. best of luck. next at 5:30 -- >> the countdown is on to the final republican debate before
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donald trump is a no show. brandy hit in des moines with the latest straight ahead. plus -- >> local departments with the orange line. here we go. >> reporter: inside the new exhibit at the danville science center that the executive director says is the best yet. and -- >> today is a day for mourning and remembrance. >> danner: 30 years ago the challenger went down. we will take you back to that day. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. >> it is a big night for gop hopefuls for president. >> mark: the last time they will face off before the iowa caucuses. brandy hit has the very latest as the candidates prepare to hit the stage in less than three hours. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: it is the final republican faceoff before the iowa caucuses. [cheering]
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is boycottingis boycotting the event telling bill o'reilly that the fox netbill o'reilly that the fox network treated him badly. >> i say how much do i take. i have zero respect for megan kelly. >> reporter: sparred with trump five months ago. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, slobs, dogs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: the latest poll show trump leading in iowa seven points ahead of ted cruz that offer this challenge to the gop front runner. >> one on one debate, mano y mano. with trump out, cruz is center stage which could make him a target. >> marco rubio is gaining mow mentism in iowa and if he is not careful, marco rubio could finish second. >> reporter: a underdog debate and trump is holding a rally nearby for veterans. >> we will raise a lot of money
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>> reporter: each candidate
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